Power Games (Nanoha fanfic)

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  1. Nightblade

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    I'm playing catch up. I just went over the info dumps to make sure i understand everything. Now i have to read game theory.
  2. I feel your pain. Going through 550+ pages of Halkeginia Online isn't easy. Feel mine, too - I have a lot more ground (in discussions) to cover.
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  3. Nightblade

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    Skipped most of that and read the info dumps. I am also glad that game theory is archived on fanfiction.net
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  4. Jonen C

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    If it wasn't for me being busy moving my octogenarian grandfather (paternal) and grandmother (paternal) 15 kilometers from the house they've lived in for the past fifty or so years into an apartment, I would be able to comment far more extensively on this.

    Your timing, like Nanohas, is terrible.

    And Linith is Bestest Familiar.
  5. shanejayell

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    I see a final Game Theory post. :D Might wanna ask the mods to lock it too.
  6. That's how it went in the original, with almost exactly the same sequence of attacks. So it's odd that they feel so different. I think the difference is that in the movie they're always moving as they fight (possibly because they have more animation budget), so it feels continuous. Vita never stands still in that whole scene, except when she's showing off Raketenform.
  7. Myself, I've always been of the opinion that movies of anime series aren't to be watched for the plot. Because, realistically, there's no way you're going to get all the minutiae of a series into one film. What the films ARE to be watched for however, is to see the awesome moments made to look truly amazing. 'Cause I'm not gonna lie, I truly loved seeing the Wolkenritter fighting in the movie.
  8. EarthScorpion

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    A thing to remember. Arf and Vesta were uplifted by the neural mapping of children; they are children themselves in certain ways. Putting them in the same class as Alicia is not just a bodyguard thing.

    Linith is not. And for all that Linith is motherly and nice and overprotective, she is still uplifted using Precia's mind. Whatever killer instinct and the like Vesta had, it comes from "being a cat". The same isn't true of Linith.

    (And even then on the cattishness front, Vesta was a kitten who hadn't really learned to hunt yet and who once bravely retreated from a wild rabbit whose viciously large feet were making a loud noise on the ground clearly showing that it was trying to lure her into a trap. Linith was a mature cat who bought in rabbits, mice, rats and baby birds whose necks she'd broken.)

    She has also had years of having to handle Precia forgetting to eat because she's working, overworking herself, ignoring how far her body can go on, and generally being very prickly. She has learned to coax Precia into doing things. Handling Nanoha is something which she comes already pre-trained for.
  9. Jonen C

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    In summary, Linith is Bestest Familiar.

    Arf and Vesta can have the ambition to inherit the title, and I believe competition will be fierce. Arf has a couple of months to a few years of additional training under Liniths supervision to make up for not being a cat.
  10. EarthScorpion

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    *Aria and Lotte sashay in*

    Lotte: *to Arf* "Bitch, please. You think you have the title? I already beat up Linith. On my own."

    Aria: "To protect the dimensions from devastation."

    Lotte: "To unite all under the administration..."

    Vesta: "Oh no! Our greatest foe yet! Two cats!"
  11. Arf: "And who might your Mistress be?"

    Aria and Lotte *together, outraged* : "It's Master Admiral Gil Graham of TSAB!"

    Vesta *dismissively* : "Oh, nevermind them then. Confused half-tomcats."

    EDIT: Color-coded for your convenience.
  12. Took me a minute to get what you were getting at. Female bodies, but their minds are patterned off a male mind, right?
  13. Jonen C

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    Besides, the Lieze twins are a cheap, no-brand knock off of the Puma sisters.
  14. 75% Certain

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    So does that mean it's generally bad practice to uplift immature creatures, or will Arf and Vesta 'grow up' (perhaps as their masters do)? For that matter, is it bad practice to perform the uplift as a child?
  15. Right.
    I would think not. I mean, supposedly child's neural mapping is flexible and evolved into adult's? I see of no reason the same cannot happen with familiars. I am also sure if it wasn't so, the Priest-King in question who made the Uplift spell for his own convenience (!) would have worked out the kinks after disposing of the failures*.

    * What, you really think a Priest-King would not order a servant to test this kind of spell? Because he totally would, it's not a good idea to try and involve your brain structure in spells willy-nilly. I'm sure a hundred or so first test subjects fried their brains, and at least seven ended up uplifting the animal while becoming vegetables.
  16. Bki


    I would say that the Priest-King's master first fried his brain, then the new Priest-King decided that extensive test were in order.
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  17. NHO

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    Meanwhile, good thing that Chrono haven't seen Yuuno (in winter coat) playing in show, right?
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  18. Oh my god, the cuteness, it's too MUCH!
    Lilithium must never see this.
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  19. Endymion

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    I sorta want to replace my avatar with the last one. The idea of a ferret mauling someone is just awesome.
  20. NHO

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  21. NHO

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    And final one. Because I can.
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  22. EarthScorpion

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    Well, given we're talking about animals, let's get started with the first proper infodump of this thread on an animal theme.

    Arf's Genetics

    Arf stands as a good example of a known phenomenon in dimensional space; namely, that the phenomenon of dimensional budding means that cladistics are even more vital for understanding a species true history and relationships as well as its role in making the factual nature of evolution even more blatantly obvious [1]. Each budding event produces separate-yet-identical populations of a given species, which then diverge chaotically.

    In the case of Arf, she is a canine whose evolutionary history is on a Type-1b world with a net divergence from the 1a world-history of less than a million years. Despite her appearance and her species social structure, she's not actually a wolf. Or even a dog. Cladistically, her species is in Vulpini; she's a fox, moderately closely related to the 1a red fox (evolving somewhere in Eurasia). However, her species evolved and ended up taking on a similar evolutionary niche to 1a grey wolves [2].

    As a result, unlike the solitary Vulpini of 97, Arf is a pack-hunting, social fox, with fewer neotenous traits and even more meat-adapted than the red fox. Her ancestral species still wasn't exactly the same as the grey wolf; they were more nocturnal, smaller, and slightly faster on the sprint, but when the Alhazredians found them they were functionally similar to wolves.

    Alhazredians being Alhazredians and also being human, they hunted several populations to extinction because they thought they ate herd animals (they did, but not anywhere near as much as was claimed), while other Alhazredians (also being human) domesticated them. They did cheat slightly; Arf has faint traces of transgenic elements from Alhazredian dogs (which were descended from the grey wolf and so are an independent domestication, but still the same species as the 97er dog) and there may also be some elements from other 1a independent domestications.

    But in the Fall, these 1b fox-dogs went feral in a massive way because civilisation collapsed, and had also been spread across a lot of worlds. Which promptly meant that feral fox-dogs and feral wolf-dog populations (who weren't afraid of humans) started eating people. A lot of the "wolves" in Dimensional Space are actually feral creatures like this; made worse because they're very nearly as invasive a species as cats are [3].

    Hence, Arf - who in the Gamesverse is not actually from Mid because Precia found a better place to hide out than that - is the product of one of those feral packs. Genetically, she's a fox, with transgenic wolf elements, who was domesticated, and then went feral in a civilisation collapse and started "undomesticating". And then chibi!Fate found an abandoned pup when out training with Linith, refused to let go of it even when it tried to bite her through her barrier jacket, fed it and got rid of her fleas and the worms and the like, and Precia let her keep it on the grounds that it was another means of control.

    If Fate didn't do her best, they might have to release poor little Arf into the wilds because it's a lot of work to look after a dog, you know. And remember what you have to do, Fate? We have to be sure you're focussed 100% on your training. If Arf is distracting you, we'd have to let her go. But as long as you work hard and try your best, you can keep her.

    This is almost entirely irrelevant to the main story, of course. The main thing is that to 97er eyes, she's no breed of dog that they recognise (but looks sort of a bit like a wolf and a bit like a fox, so it's not clear how tame she is), and if they actually ran genetic checks on her natural form (which they have no good reason to do so), they'd be very confused.

    [1] You'd have to be even more of a mouth-breathing moron to deny the existence of evolution in dimensional space than you do in the real world, and that's saying something.

    [2] In this way, it's similar to how the maned wolf looks much more like a fox than a wolf and even acts more fox-like, but is still cladistically a wolf.

    [3] Some species of birds have, over the course of history, been wiped out on tens of different worlds by cat predation. [4]

    [4] Of course, on Soviet Dinosaur Planet, bird eat cat! That doesn't stop the cats from eating theropod chicks, of course, but it might make the bereaved parents feel better.
  23. So where does the gem on her forehead come from?
  24. Vehrec

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    You guys have done some pretty pointless infodumps before, but I think this one takes the cake for 'Most pointless Infodump'. It would be like explaining to Fate or Presscia the importance of the Xia dynasty of china, as it relates to the legitimacy of the Chrysanthemum Throne.
  25. 75% Certain

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    You say this like it's a bad thing.
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