PRT: Department Sixty Four [Worm Quest]

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  1. Document (PRT FILES)

    Date: 6:24, Feb 1st, 2012

    Director Seneca,

    This email is a formality. We’ve discussed your role and positions, but the PRT likes its records, and you may find it good to have an email for reference, should you need it. I know you have a lot on your plate.

    Following the recent destruction, the PRT provided relief funds for Anchorage and the surrounding area. With this bargaining chip, we are taking a greater role in the redeveloped and reinforced city. The PRT will be setting up shop. You’re not particularly wanted by the locals, but you’ve got a bit of clout.

    Under the PRT’s umbrella, you’ll have charge over a newly formed set of Protectorate and Ward teams. You have two squads of PRT officers, funding for two years guaranteed, as well as a discretionary budget to divide up and use as you see fit.

    Alaska’s a bitch of a place to set up shop. The remoteness of it is only one factor. People who find themselves in a place like that are often getting away from something. It’s not friendly, and a lot of people are happier keeping to themselves. You can’t let things slip on the politics end of things, and you’ll need to keep this in mind when dealing with any of your new capes. Be they ally or enemy.

    The area has a notable criminal presence, though they’re a unique breed. When the harbor was devastated, the criminals called a ceasefire, pulled together, and offered their assistance to see it restored, so they could continue with their business unmolested. Tread lightly.

    You should have access to your accounts by the time this email is sent. You’ll find you have good clearance for all pertinent matters. Conference me if you have any questions,

    Piers Reinhold, Deputy Chief Director of the PRT.

    "You've got basic access?" The technician asks.

    You nod. The sole email to your new account is already visible on the screen.

    "Alright, just got to hook you up to the database and assign permissions. Takes a second, and then you'll be given the password prompt."

    "That's fine," you say.

    The technician shifts restlessly for a moment, then says, "Can I ask, Director Seneca? We've been gearing up for a bit now, but we haven't heard much about the man that's leading us. What did you do, before?"

    (Hint: Your answer determines your capabilities (base numbers, for lack of a better term), the level of respect you get from different departments/areas, can influence the behavior of people working under you, and perhaps most importantly, decides what manner of information you might naturally pick up. A military officer might better identify flagging morale or shoddy discipline and management, while a politician might be more in tune with the moods of people around him.)

    [X] "Military."
    [X] "PRT, squad level."
    [X] "Police, Homicide."
    [X] "Police, Narcotics."
    [X] "FBI."
    [X] "CIA."
    [X] "The PRT, Outside Liason."
    [X] "The PRT, Business."
    [X] "The PRT, Public Relations."
    [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."
    [X] "Politics."

    Author Note:
    I've tried to set this up so someone else can pick up the game & run it (temporarily or permanently) if I stumble a bit or get busier, or so people can start their own, if it takes off. I've got a lot outlined behind the scenes (including all relevant capes), and a few ideas in mind. A quest game focusing on how the PRT operates, priorities, and all of that, from the position of the director.​
    Chances are good I'm going to wind up designating a willing person to tally up votes & make a final call, based on consensus & best arguments, to minimize my own workload. It'd be fun if you roleplayed a bit as staff members communicating to the director, but certainly not obligatory.​
    If it -really- comes down to it, lag is a problem, etc, I may move this off-site and have it mirrored over by someone.​
    This initial section is something of a tutorial & introduction into how things are run. The above decision is the only one you're making in terms of character creation.​
  2. Alectai

    Alectai Mercenary Captain

    Holy crap, Wildbow running a Worm Quest? It's a Chinese New year Miracle!

    [X] "The PRT, Outside Liason."

    The biggest problem in Worm is that people are bad at talking to each other. Let's make someone who's good at that.
  3. Arcanist

    Arcanist Wörk wörk wörk

    [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."

    This is going to be interesting.
  4. Spektrum

    Spektrum Be Thou The Rainbow

    [X] "The PRT, Outside Liason."

    Wildbow Quests! Yay! But what happened to that other quest, the spirit/god one? That was awesome.
  5. [X] "The PRT, Outside Liason."
  6. Rhaka the Red

    Rhaka the Red Temping as IL-Series

    [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."

    Because science is rational, and we need rational choices whenever possible.
  7. Aku-dono

    Aku-dono May or may not update; shrödinger's author

    Sounds like we'll need to play friendly with the local criminals when needed, so put my vote down to

    [X] "Police, Narcotics."

    That said, Oh My God, Wildbow quest. WOO!
  8. [X] "FBI."
  9. Grue

    Grue Mighty Gudaguda XX

    [x]"The PRT, Outside Liason"
  10. [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."
    YES!!! I'm in.
  11. [X] "CIA."
  12. Jace911

    Jace911 Social Justice Slasher Villain

    [X] Outside Liason

    If the people around these parts aren't friendly, then we'll have to make up for it by being downright charming.

    Also +1 "holy shit Wildbow's running a Worm Quest" etc etc.
  13. [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."
  14. MrGazzer

    MrGazzer Reasonable Mad Man

    [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."
  15. Night_stalker

    Night_stalker SB's resident Advocatus Diabolis Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    [X] CIA.

    And we're running the PRT in the most isolated state in the US? Great, we'll be running ragged with force distribution, and that ain't even counting the weather...

    Which means we'll have to work harder then normal to keep the criminal element under control, or at least safeish.
  16. Zen


    [X] "Police, Narcotics."
  17. P.K


    [X] Outside Liason
  18. Lavanya Six

    Lavanya Six Alien Space Bat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

  19. [X]"The PRT, Outside Liason"

    A Worm!Quest by Wildbow! On the workings of the PRT!
  20. [] "The PRT, Outside Liason."

    [joke]"The PRT, Public Relations"

    Technician: Oh God, NO. *is having flashbacks to seeing Glenn*
    Grosstoad likes this.
  21. [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."
  22. [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."

    If only because i want to see Wildbows perspective on how PRT sees capes.
  23. Guile

    Guile all the coins in the kingdom

    Superpowered criminals that can pull together in a crisis, sounds like if we crack down on them too hard there'll be stiff resistance. So playing as Tagg would be a bad idea.

    On the other hand, we could be Glenn Chambers, which would be a hoot. Think on the balance of things though, I'll go with
    [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."
    We can be all confused when people don't behave rationally!
  24. SoftRogue

    SoftRogue Abuser of the semicolon

    So, we're setting up shop in a remote area of the US with about a year an a half before the end of the world...interesting.

    As for my vote...

    [X] FBI
  25. they have seen tinker science... we shall show them spacebattles SCIENCE!! (jk)
  26. New Worm content from the author himself? Praise be unto Wildbow!

    [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."

  27. biigoh

    biigoh Purveyor of Fine Fanfiction

    [X] "CIA."

  28. *checks timeline*

    ...Jeez Louise. A week after Scion and Moord Nag fought off Khonsu? Is that what "the recent destruction" meant? Was Anchorage one of the 163 targets?
  29. Changed
  30. SirLagginton

    SirLagginton 100% Brobot

    [X] "Military."
  31. [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."
  32. Xexilf

    Xexilf Solidarity

    [X] "The PRT, Parahuman science."
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