Queen of the Void (ZnT/MtG)

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    Slivers of the Void (ZnT/MtG)

    So HolySeraph wanted to see this. I decided to write it out and give it to SB instead. ;)

    Suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism is much appreciated.


    Louise eyed the egg in her hands and gave a long suffering sigh. The ritual could not be completed. Not even now. Professor Colbert himself forbade it, believing that giving the egg's occupant runes would effectively become it's death sentence. It didn't matter though. Despite summoning something from a mostly successful spell, she was still Louise the Zero. Her egg was her familiar. What rotten luck!

    Shaking her head to clear out the thoughts of taunting and laughter from her fellow classmates, the young mage of virtually nothing set the egg gently in the bed. Shrugging off her clothes and slipping on a nightgown, Louise considered the egg sitting in front of her.

    It was a rather large thing, dull in color, slightly transparent. It held something too blurry to make out. The silvery color shifted slightly as the creature it held inside twitched. Slipping into her bed, she regarded the egg for a few more seconds before succumbing to the advice her professor had given her. Colbert had told her to keep it warm and to make sure it did not become too hot, lest her familiar would be boiled alive inside it's own shell. Deciding sleeping with the egg was the best way to keep it warm, Louise held the egg in her arms and covered both herself and her unborn familiar with a blanket.


    For the next week, Louise ate, read, walked, bathed, took classes, and slept with her egg. It never broke, moved, or did anything. Louise ignored the taunt, threw a few back herself. Kirche had noticed that she always had the egg clutched protectively in her arms, ready to snap at whoever got too close. It was a rather touching sight.

    At one point, Tabitha had passed by, blinked and turned to her familiar, a winged dragon. The creature 'kyuu-ed' and lowered it's head to breathe a small gust of warm air over the egg and a rather bemused Louise.

    When asked what that was for, Tabitha didn't answer, merely gazing at the egg and walking away, her eyes in her book and the dragon crooning.

    Confused, Louise looked down at the egg, seeing for the first time how big the shadowy creature inside had grown. The egg seemed slightly heavier and perhaps a little more hollow? Ecstatic over the good fortune, Louise was in good spirits for the rest of the day, even accepting a small vial of perfume from an overly flustered Guiche after she had bumped into him in the dining hall. She was halfway to her bedroom when trouble ran into her. Like an angry banshee.


    Eye twitching at that ever horrid nickname, the strawberry-blond mage turned around, egg clutched in her arms, "What do you want Montmorency?"

    "Did you really think I wouldn't discover your thievery, Louise?" Screeched the young woman angrily, "That I could not smell my own private perfumes upon your person!"

    "What?" Louise was flummoxed by the sudden accusation thrown at her out of the blue.

    "Don't you dare deny it! That vial of perfume! Give it to me!"

    "Vial of-? You mean this?" Louise pulled out a small vial from her pocket, tossing it at Montmorency, "I didn't steal it. Guiche gave it to me."

    "W-what!" The shock upon the other noblewoman's face faded quickly into an ugly snarl, "Don't lie Zero! Admit it! You were jealous of my scents and stole one of them! As expected from Louise the Zero, who can't so much as magic herself an actual familiar than a simple commoner!"

    "Whatever Montgomery of the Flood," replied Louise, turning away to hide her tensing arms and clenched fists, "I have better things to do than listen to you blather."

    "Oh alright, I'll just let you run along now," declared Montmorency dismissively, "But don't think this is the end of things, Zero. You'll regret stealing whats not yours."

    Steeling herself, Louise continued the rest of the way to Colbert's office, ignoring the fading voices of Montmorency and her gaggle of friends comforting her. Her dorm was just a little bit closer...


    The sudden crack brought her to a full stop, hand on the doorknob of the her dorm.


    Almost instinctively, she looked down.

    A minuscule, an almost tiny crack had formed on the top of the roundish end of the egg. Something tapped against the shell from the inside, and another crack appeared.

    Pushing the door open, she rushed into her bedroom and sat the egg onto her bed, calling for a maid to come quickly.

    Bidding the maid to gather warm water and soft towels, Louise ran back to her familiar's egg. A small beak-like tip was poking through the shell, the egg rocking back and forth as the familiar began breaking through the shell more insistently. A slow keening cry issued from the cracks as the tapping eventually made more cracks that spread from the first hole.

    "Come on now," whispered Louise encouragingly, her excitement mounting, "Thats it..."

    Whether or not the encouragement helped, the creature's shell broke open. It was a odd sight; something virtually unknown. It's body resembled a snake, covered in a number of smooth and flexible plating. It's large diamond-like head bore no eyes, nor any teeth. It's beak issued a pathetic trill as it revealed a pair of blade like forearms as it tried to slither away from the remnants of it's shell.

    Slowly and cautiously, Louise gently pulled away the film and the bits of eggshell scattered around it, picking up her familiar and began to clean it's shivering body. With the maid helping with it's cleaning, her familiar gave a soft sigh and buried it's head into her chest, purring.

    Despite Montmorency's hurtful accusation, despite the rather...unique creature her familiar turned out to be, Louise felt...happy.
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    Chapter 2!

    Chapter 1


    “What do you suppose it is?” Asked Louise breathlessly to the maid, cradling her new familiar in her arms. The maid squeaked and replied softly, “I don’t know, but perhaps one of the professors can tell you.” Gathering the dirty water and towels, the maid left the room.

    She nodded, idly rocking the softly purring creature in her arms, feeling the creature adjust its weight for maximum comfort. Upon closer examination, her familiar’s body was rather boney, with grooves spread evenly across its length like ornate decorations. The familiar’s sightless head rose and ‘looked’ at her, crooning as it nuzzled her chin. Almost instinctively and child-like, Louise bent her neck and kissed it’s flat head.

    A bright light filled her arms as unfamiliar runs emblazoned itself onto the creature’s body, eliciting a shudder from her familiar as it rolled into a shivering ball. Eyes blinking, Louise hugged the bundle in her arms tighter reflexively. The familiar, in pain lashed out with a sharp arm, inflicting a shallow cut on its Master. Dropping the shivering bundle of a familiar to the ground, Louise gasped in dull surprise bringing her hand to her mouth and licked at the stinging palm. Blinking through the spots in her eyes, the young mage looked for her familiar, left hand reaching out to find her injured familiar.

    She found it huddling some feet away, shivering in pain even as she brought it gently into her arms once again. It mewled pathetically, trembling as it folded its blade-like limb over its head.

    ‘Professor Colbert. He’d know what to do!’ The thought sprang to mind as Louise sprang to her feet, her feet carrying to the door and through it in a speed she never imagined possible in her life. She nearly ran into the maid from before, carrying a small blanket.

    “What is the matter milady?” Asked the maid, utterly surprise, “Are you alright?”

    “My familiar is in pain, I don’t know what to do. I’ve got to go to Colbert!” Babbled Louise, tears filling her eyes as she began to panic, the frightening possibility of her familiar dying despite it being born just bare minutes ago!

    “Milday, please, calm down,” urged the maid, “Wrap your familiar around this blanket, I took the liberty of spraying it with it’s essence from the egg shells.”

    “Essence?” Asked Louise, as she did as she was told, wrapping the shivering bundle into the blanket, after some time, the shivering stilled, though it still made pitiful mewling sounds.

    “Newborn animals often seek the shelter of their mothers, often by smell,” explained the maid knowledgably; “I figured this would be the best way for your Familiar to recover-”

    “Thank you!” Blurted out Louise, “I’ve got to find the professor! What was your name?”

    “S-Siesta, ma’am,” replied the flustered maid.

    “Thank you for the blanket Siesta,” said Louise hurriedly as she rushed off, down the stairs three at a time.

    Siesta blinked bemusedly after the pink-haired mage before smiling softly to herself.




    Why was there pain?

    Where was the comfort?

    Where was the warmth?

    Where was Mother?

    This is not Mother, but Not-Mother is like Mother…

    ...What is this scent?



    Not-Mother smells of Fear.


    Words. I do not know these words. Not Mother is speaking to me.

    I do not understand these words.

    Why do they comfort me?

    Why is Not-Mother Mother?

    It hurts!

    Make it stop!


    The emblazoned title of ‘Stephen Colbert’ on the plague shone brightly as Louise reached it breathlessly, her chest heaving, familiar bundled up in a blanket as she began knocking rapidly against the door. It was late evening, but Colbert was surely still working on whatever contraption-?

    “Miss Valliere?”

    Never before was Louise so glad to see Colbert’s shiny bald head than ever before.


    The professor blinked at the torrent of words and looked down at the bundle in his student’s arms. Forehead furrowed, he leaned forwards for a closer look.

    “I think you need a cup of tea to calm down and explain to me what just happened,” murmured Colbert softly as he gently pushed Louise inside his office, calling out, “Miss Montmorency, would you mind setting for four instead?”

    "Four, sir? What the- Zero?!"

    Louise blinked. Montmorency blinked.

    What? What are you doing here?!
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    Chapter 3!

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2


    Colbert’s office was a place of clutter. Books, parchment, paper, vellum, and various contraptions in various states of completion were everywhere. Stacks, in shelves, like a veritable maze of things. But that maze was nothing to the glower Montmorency Montmorency the Flood was sending her.

    “Ah, yes, Miss Montmorency arrived to speak to me regarding a theft of sorts,” said Colbert genially as the other student made to pour tea into another pair of cups, “But your familiar’s state of distress is more alarming and takes priority at the moment. Sit down Miss Vallière, and tell me what happened.”

    Louise broke eye contract from a glaring Montgomery and made her way to a chair in the clutter, familiar shivering in the bundle of blanket. The young mage looked so morose that the Water Mage next to Colbert almost felt sad for her, but the righteous vindictiveness Montgomery felt was hidden behind a plastic expression appropriate for the situation at hand.

    With a steaming cup of sweet black tea pushed into her hand, Louise began explaining; about how her familiar had recently hatched out of its egg, how she had been so excited and elated. How when her familiar had rubbed its head against her chin in such an affectionate manner, she had accidentally finished the contract by kissing it.

    “…And then there was a bright light, I was blinded for a moment, my familiar started shrieking. It cut me, then fell to the ground in a ball,” continued Louise, her expression worried as she hugged the shivering bundle that was her familiar, “When my eyes stopped tearing up, I found runes burned into it’s body!”

    “May I see your familiar Miss Valliere?” Asked Colbert, “I want to see the damage done.”

    Montmorency couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of the creature. It was thin and relatively small. Two scythe-like forearms were now poking out as she watched Louise gently coax her familiar from the warm confines of the blanket. Finally, an eyeless tall diamond head was revealed. It still shivered, wrapping around itself. Professor Colbert had leaned forwards in interest, muttering softly to himself as he noted the physical damage done to the creature. He chuckled in slight amusement as the creature attempted to sample the cup of lukewarm tea before it, despite not being able to actually imbibe any of the liquid, or at least that he could tell...

    Serves the Zero right, can’t do anything without blowing something up. Her baby familiar just hatched, and now she comes to…me for help,’ the water mage thought as glee filled Montmorency up inside, as thoughts of refusing Louise just to see her cry sent a thrill through her. The water mage couldn’t believe her luck, knowing the thief would have no choice but to ask her for help, in front of a teacher to boot. The Zero forced to owe the great Montgomery the Fragrance and scoring the good will of a teacher, it was too good to be true!

    “No visible eyes, mouth, or ears….” Murmured Colbert thoughtfully, “Damage doesn’t seem too bad. There shouldn’t be any scarring…”

    Montmorency’s silent planning was cut short and promptly died with that relevation. ‘Oh poo!

    “Nevertheless,” continued the teacher sternly to Louise, “The shock of the contract to a newborn familiar could have indeed killed it. Thankfully, the creature appears to be relatively well, despite the ordeal it went through…though…these runes…”

    “The runes?” Asked Louise in confusion as her familiar burrowed back into the warm of the blanket, “Wait…you said creature. You don’t know what my familiar is Professor?”

    “I haven’t the foggiest idea,” replied Colbert almost gleefully as he examined the runes on the exposed head of Louise’s Familiar. The creature’s sightless head turned to ‘stare’ at him, prompting him to lean in slightly closer to memorize the last of the rune sequence. “The body structure suggests a leaning towards a reptile, but perhaps more…what do you think, Miss Montmorency?”

    Taken aback by the sudden question and attention to her, Montmorency became flustered as Louise turned her attention to her. Adding to the attention was that ugly familiar of Zero’s.

    “Er…I’m not sure Professor,” she replied lamely, “I’ve never seen anything like it before!”

    “Well, whatever it is,” declared Colbert, “It is your Familiar Miss Vallière. And a freshly hatched one at that. Let it rest for a few days. I’m sure someone will have an idea what it may be.”

    “Sorry about bothering you, Professor,” apologized Louise as she made to get up, “But I was so worried and…”

    “No need Miss Vallière,” replied Colbert genially with a smile, “Your familiar is a most interesting specimen. But the runes on it are most…familiar. Pardon the pun.”

    “Pun pardoned professor,” replied Louise with a small smile, “I’ll see you in at class then. Good night.”

    As the pink-haired girl left, Colbert turned to Montgomery, “Now that that is settled, you had a theft to report, young lady?”

    “Oh no, I’m feeling a little faint from that sad story Louise told us,” replied the water mage, feigning tiredness, “I’ll just submit a report tomorrow.”

    “Of course, good night then Miss Montmorency.”

    “Good night Professor.”

    As she left the office, Montmorency let her anger bleed through. Why that little conniving thief! Not only did she lose her chance to gain credit in the eyes of Colbert, but Zero had to gain sympathy points from that Professor! She couldn’t report the theft, as he’d merely brush it aside after that sob story Louise probably made up!

    Oooooooh that Zero! The water mage fumed as she made her way back to the dorm, swearing to herself she wouldn’t be outmaneuvered like that again! Tomorrow, she'll humiliate Zero and make sure Louise got her just deserts! Just you believe it!


    Louise had decided to bathe, a decision that allowed her Familiar's shivering to cease, and the both of them relaxed in the hot water for some time. She giggled as the thing purred in pleasure, floating on it's back and backpedaling back and forth. Deciding she needed to finish lest she prune, Louise gently caressed her Familiar. It leaned into touch and crooned softly. She picked it up and wrapped it in a soft fluffy towel. The croon became a warble as the Familiar attempted to 'examine' the towel around it. Laughing as it became entangled in the towel, Louise retrived her Familiar and set it upon her bed. While it rolled around, Louise put on her nightgown and pulled a sheet of parchment to her. Dipping her quill in ink, she quickly penned a letter to be delivered tomorrow:

    'Dear Mother,

    Today, the egg I had summoned has hatched. An unfamiliar creature of unknown species came out and the contact was a great success. It looks like a short snake, with two scythe-like forearms, a forked tail, and a tall diamond head. My Familiar is a beautiful creature, and I am curious as to it's origins. No other mage in Tristain has such a unique creature to my or Professor Colbert's knowledge. Come the summer holidays, I shall endeavor to show my Familiar to meet your approval.

    Love, your aspiring daughter, Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière.

    Tucking the letter away, she found her Familiar standing ready, it's blade-like forearms 'washing' it's head kitten-like. She giggled, and stroked it's length, before getting into bed, hugging it. The two cuddled together in bed; Louise holding her Familiar protectively, and the Familiar purring.

    'My Familiar. My utterly Adorable and Cool Familiar! Take that Kirche!'

    With that final triumphant thought, Louise fell asleep. With a soft chirp, so did her Familiar.
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    Part 1 of 2 of Chapter 4!

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3


    It was to the general surprise of everyone (save for a chuckling Professor Colbert and a grouchy Montmorency) to see that Louise was no longer carrying an egg, but rather a puppy-sized creature that they had never seen before. Now, you have to realize at these times of magic, whether they be magic or not, folks around these parts have seen everything from floating eyeballs, bears with a fly's head and wings, to orcs wearing a tutu and singing a badly pitched mating song to a goose before eating it. Flaming salamanders, dragons, giant moles, leviathans even!

    But this was a strange case. Not only did Louise the Zero accomplish a truly successful spell, her familiar was all but unidentifiable!

    It was a strange familiar, one that looked only vaguely insect-like, with a grooved long diamond-shaped head and a lithe body that ended in a forked tail. Two forearms much like a praying mantis were displayed beneath it's head. As she entered the dining hall, chatter slowly declined. By the time Louise had taken her seat, the entire hall was nearly silent.

    Acting as though everything were perfectly normal, the mage simply tucked into a nice bowl of porridge.

    Murmurs filled the air, and general conversation began buzzing hazily again. But this time, there was a new element present: confusion.

    Louise was just adding some sugar to her bowl when her 'sixth sense' began ringing.

    "Whats this, Louise? You know Familiars aren't allowed in the dining hall!" Announced Montmorency loudly, trying to make herself heard over the din. Eyes flickered in their direction, especially from some of the more curious teachers from their own tables. Behind the blond girl, Guiche appeared to be shamelessly supportive.

    "My familiar just hatched Montmorency," stated Louise with a sniff as she pierced a sausage with a fork and took a dainty bite out of it, "It needs to be taken care of until it matures."

    "Oh? Just like a mother! How utterly adorable!"

    The tone in the water mage's voice forced Louise's hand to involuntarily clench, "It is isn't it?"

    "But that means until your familiar grows up, its useless as a familiar! You do remember why we summon them right?" Taunted Montmorency, "Familiars are supposed to protect the mage, not be protected by the mage! And who knows, maybe it'll take years for your ugly familiar to grow up and actually do something useful!"

    No matter how much vitriol was in those words, they had a point. Louise felt tears well up in her eyes as she looked down at her familiar, the creature tensed and 'looked' back up at her, crooning questioningly.


    Not-Mother smells different. Sadness? Why is Not-Mother sad?

    The Sliver shifted and looked up at it's Not-Mother.

    Why are you sad?

    A drop of liquid fell onto her head, confusing the Sliver.

    What is this? Not-Mother is leaking…is Not-Mother hurt?

    That Other was talking again. The Other smells of anger and vindictiveness! Not-Mother is tensing. That Other thing is hurting Not-Mother!


    Without warning, Louise felt her familiar's body coil up and-


    "-and you'll just be that forever, Louise the Zero!"

    Montmorency finished her speech triumphantly, savoring Louise's angry tears. That should teach the little skank to steal her fragrances! She blinked when something dark flew towards her.

    "What the-!"


    Throwing up her arms just in time, the familiar in Louise's arms flew into her, it's arms glinting in the light. Backpedaling, Montmorency shook the thing off and aimed a kick at it. With a screech, the horrid little creature sailed into the air and landed nimbly onto the floor. It slithered about, it's thin body somehow supporting it's weight as it raised it's bloody blade-like arms and hissed.

    Montmorency blinked and looked at herself. Her arms were crisscrossed in shallow cuts, bleeding slightly. With a cry of anger, she pulled out her wand.

    Behind her Guiche had fallen to his bottom, taken aback by the sudden attack on his girlfriend. He could watch helplessly as he watched Montgomery unsheathe her wand and made to cast a spell to punish Louise's familiar.

    However, before she could so much as a level her wand at the familiar, a bit less than a hundred pounds of angry pink blurred towards her.

    "You are going to regret that Monmorency the Flood," whispered an utterly livid Louise as she leveled her wand on the surprised mage. Behind her, Guiche ran for cover. Imitating him, many of the other students fled to a safer distance. The teachers ran forwards, but it was too late.

  5. What is the growth rate of a Sliver Queen anyway, and how big can it get? I've seen some pictures that show it bigger than a golem before, but there wasn't anything else to reference it.

    That being said, Louise shouldn't know the explosion spell yet. Everything she did until she learned she was a void mage was to cast a normal spell and get a boom instead.
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    well on the card it has tons of full grow slivers on its neck like scales. so it gets pretty damn big. However how large, how fast, is up to the author.

    I kind of like the possibility that Louise cast that spell instinctively to protect her "Baby" but that might get retconned out by next chapter.
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    Edited to a simple...'Boom!' :D

    Canonical Sliver Queen will be pretty damn big, a lot bigger than the golem Fouquet likes to run around with. Chance are, by the time Albion and Tristain go to merry hell, it'll be as big as a horse.
  8. Same question as before, what does it eat?
    I hope Montmorency is not a bloody mess after the explosion spell.
  9. 'Boom' doesn't work very well. It's a bit too jarring. Try "Fireball". She does that often and gets more or less the same results, just without the burning.

    On the size issue, do remember that Foquets golem was as tall as a multi-storey tower. If the sliver queen grows to be bigger than that....
  10. I thought Explosion worked perfectly. Isn't that what it was in the other thread? I was also assuming it wasn't an actual spell, so much as her directing as much anger and magic as she could and expecting it to explode as always.
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    Just made the ending a little bit more badass.

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    How are you planning on changing certain Game Mechanics into Story Mechanics? Obviously things like "discards cards from hand", "puts cards from the library into the graveyard", and "can be played as an instant" are utter gibberish story-wise, so how would these abilities work "story-wise"?
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    I actually liked "Boom" more, especially since I'm imagining it be said very softly. It comes across as Louise having a cold fury -- she's not going to get mad, she's going to get even, and she's going to kill the one who dares hurt her baby -- as well as her recognizing to herself that while she may not be able to turn lead to gold she can one mean explosion.
  14. Boom sounds too silly though. I liked Explosion the most, and then fireball.
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  15. Robo Jesus

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    Speaking of Fireball...
  16. I like Fireball, since Louise still has no inkling she's a void mage she wouldn't ave instinctively called the spell Explosion, and boom seems sort of :wtf:.
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    Those can be translated into rapid speed/growth/teleportation and things that affect casting spells or mental state. Tvtropes description in eldritch abominations seems to imply that the cards are sort of like the mind of the player.

    From TVTropes:...The deck, generally consisting of 60 cards, represents the player's spell reserve and memory remaining. So, effectively, everytime the Nemesis of Reason even looks at you funny, you lose one sixth of your mind...
  18. Tabi

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    Story wise? It pretty much depends on the Sliver in question. I usually take it from their names and flavor texts. As well as abilities. I may omit some, others possibly as well, but overall the basic structure will remain the same. It'll be a basic reactive adaption until the Sliver Queen becomes smart enough to start making it's own decisions regarding the Hive.
  19. You know, a thought occurs to me. The queen refers to Louise as the not-mother, but still a mother in a fashion. Where would Loiuse fit into the hierarchy scheme once the slivers start being spawned? Would she rank higher?

    Poor Louise, not yet 18 and she's already a grandmother. :D
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  20. remember, there are books to draw from as well
  21. That reminds me. What exactly is the punishment for duels between nobles anyway? Because any way you look at it, that's what's going on.
  22. Cody Fett

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    Well familiars are supposed to have a psychic connection with their masters, right? The most likely solution then is that Louise will end up being the controlling consciousness for the Hive. Kind of like the Borg Queen in Star Trek, only with less freaky body parts.
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    They have to go into the forbidden forest with the grounds keeper to help him find out what it is that keeps eating the game around the castle. At night so as to not interrupt their studies.
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    Oh great. If the Sliver Queen spawns a Crystalline Sliver or the Ward Sliver, Louise WINS. Please avoid the stupidly overpowered ones, Tabi.
  25. duckman

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    He said the bad guys would have counters to those, whether they would be able to counter the collective is another matter.:D