Rebuild, Revive, Renew-Eva Fic Ideas Pt. 4

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    And shinji?
  2. GreggHL

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    Downside of a healthy childhood for Shinji?

    Inability to synch with a bioengineered cyborg godthing which runs on trauma :3.
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    Paraphrasing a line from the Ultimates comic book regarding getting Bruce Banner to go Hulk seems appropriate for this: "Permission to traumatize Ikari."
  4. No he just has to be Yui's son for it to run. You need a traumatised Shinji for 3rd impact to happen the way you want.
  5. GreggHL

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    Except, now Yui Ikari is no longer Shinji's Mom. Kyoko is. Shinji barely remembers or even connects with the voice in the giant purple people eater- because no matter how much it insists on that subconscious, soul level that I am your mother, that same subconscious of Shinji will respond with You are kidding me, you don't even know german.
  6. Okay, but how does Asuka pilot, then, if Kyoko's alive?
  7. Would Asuka ever let Shinji forgot Kyoko is not his real Mum?
    I think first time he calls Kyoko mum he vists the emergency room. Asuka does not like sharing anything.
    Does the EVA even work like that? The first time they just needed Yui to go momma bear on the Angel. Which won't be effected by Shinji
    being happy or not.
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    Yeah. It's perfectly possible for Shinji to pilot an Eva, but Asuka? That's a real quandary.
  9. Kyoko cloned herself or brainwashed someone to think they were Asukas mother and then tipped them into the EVA.
    Your in evil mad science territory here after all.
  10. Which is fair enough, but it begs the question of why can't Shinji pilot an Eva like that, then? It's really hard to justify Asuka being able to pilot but Shinji not being able to in this scenario.
  11. scriviner

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    Shinji pretending to worse than Asuka in the interests of her NOT smothering him in his sleep?
  12. Doesn't really go with Gregg's sibling rivalry idea, but it's plausible. However, that's not the same thing as Shinji actually being unable to sync and pilot with an Eva while Asuka can.
  13. GreggHL

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    You're assuming that Asuka is piloting canon Unit-02. Remember, Kyoko never got mind-raped by Unit-02. Which means that the situations for Shinji and Asuka are considerably different. Whatever it is that's running the Evangelions in this situation is different in the cases other than Unit-01.

    Also, Asuka is a psychotic tsundere in canon because she saw her mother die. Here, she isn't traumatized.
  14. Fair enough, but then why can't Shinji pilot an Eva that isn't Unit-01?
  15. scriviner

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    It's possible piloting something other than Unit-01 is the only reason he hasn't gotten drummed out of the Eva Corps yet?
  16. GreggHL

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    Asuka was raised as a pilot from when she was five years old. She was enthusiastic about piloting, and wanted nothing more than to be made a pilot. Rei was made to pilot/pull humanity back into the magical eye vagina. Shinji was never intended by anyone other than Yui Ikari to be an Evangelion pilot.

    Gendo would have wanted nothing more in canon than to never shove Shinji into Unit-01. Asuka, especially with a living and sane Kyoko, would only be encouraged to be an even better pilot.

    Why would Shinji want to pilot in the first place?
  17. One could argue that Asuka wanted to pilot so much because she hoped that the accomplishment would make mommy put down the doll and notice her again. Still, that's pretty much splitting hairs.

    I'm fine with this, but I'll note it's saying "Shinji doesn't pilot" as opposed to "Shinji can't pilot" which is what you seemed to be stating before.

    In this case, because Asuka and Rei are. So a desire to not be helpless to aid them in combat and/or wanting to avoid the humiliation that would come with sitting in HQ while his sisters go off to war.
  18. GreggHL

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    Right. Shinji might be able to pilot (hint hint: plot development), but at present he can't synch with Unit-01 and hasn't been tested in the other Evas. Kyoko is very protective of Shinji, encourages Asuka and Rei to do their best, and is also quite doting (as is Gendo), on her youngest daughter.
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    “We have come so far, Ikari.”

    Commander Ikari did not look up from his desk, continuing to hold his trademarked pose of steepled hands.

    “As far as our feet can carry us, and farther still. We must continue.”

    The room was dark, colossal, and vastly empty, save for the desk at its center, and decorated with the glowing, esoteric symbol of the Tree of Life providing the room an ominous demeanor. It was not the original room; that had been long lost, blasted into oblivion by the actions of the deceived. It's replacement was much its equal, however, and in some ways superior. Nineteen years had done much for humanity; even as they raced towards extinction they advanced.

    “But for what end do we continue?”

    Now, faced with that threat, it had fallen to a select few to once again make choices for the whole of humanity. Ikari was not unfamiliar with such things, though; he'd made one such choice long ago and had spent nineteen years dealing with the aftermath of that very same choice.

    “To remind the universe we exist.”

    Many sleepless nights and long hours had been spent agonizing over that choice; had he saved humanity, or doomed them? He had few answers. What he did have was the Deputy Commander, without whom Ikari was unsure he'd have made the proper choice. The silver-haired man had influenced Ikari in startling ways, he'd come to realize.

    “I suppose that is to be expected; it is the desire of all life to progress.”

    Self-awareness was his greatest gift these days; self-awareness and the ability to forgive. These two things kept him sane, even in the face of the choices he made. Well, those two things, his Deputy Commander, and the lead researcher of the revitalized Project E. The lead researcher who was entering his office at this very moment, in fact, long hair flowing behind her. Light flooded in after her, and Ikari could do nothing but grin at her decorum, or lack there of.

    “I can't believe you spend your time sitting around in the dark,” she said, placing a hand on her hip. She grinned wide, “You're turning into him, idiot.”

    The commander simply sighed. That might have hurt a few years ago, but now he knew it was more playful than anything. How mad could be be; she was right after all.

    Commander Ikari pushed his chair back from the desk, glancing back at Deputy Commander Nagisa. He simply shrugged, small smile on his face; despite himself, Kaworu still found humans endlessly fascinating, and Ikari particularly so.

    “It's time,” she said, grin faltering slightly. He nodded, heading off to join her. They would need him on the bridge; it was time to say goodbye, and he was the only one who could do it. At least, the only one who was going with them.

    Shinji Ikari, Commander of Nerv, joined Asuka Langley Soryu, lead researcher of Project E, and began to make his way through the halls of the Exofront, the mothership for humanity, and the ark for their future. The hallway had a massive window, and even having seen it for so long it never-the-less remained an impressive sight as he looked down.

    Filling up the viewport, the blue home of humanity turned slowly. The home they were leaving, so that it could become renewed. They could stay there no longer; there were other places, though Shinji knew quite well what it was they would find there... but it was a future, and nineteen years ago Shinji had a made a promise, to himself, and to Her. He would always move forward.

    He wouldn't run away anymore.
  20. And that's fine. It was really just the notion that Shinji would be completely incapable of piloting an Eva while Asuka could that I was getting into a snit about.
  21. TheFourthman

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    I guessing he wouldn't that would be an Asuka/Rei job to him. I'm not sure even seeing the things in action would make their job real to him until monsters show up. Well atleast the job is in capible trained hands even if they take up too much time in the bathroom every morning.

    But wait this is an NGE fic. So nope Shinji has to fight too for XYZ reasons. And if he botches it? Well there's an empty seat at the dinner table and someone has to explain to the youngest why "X" isn't coming home ever.

    But thats me talking out my ass. I'll read it, if for no other reason then watching everyone bitch about Nobody Dies not getting updated.
  22. GreggHL

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    This ignores the fact that the highly unstable, overpowered prototype which has a large 'PLEASE PILOT ME SHINJI' sign hovering over it. As much as the Scenario has been shoved off the rails because Gendo is tasting ginger, you still have a massively useful anti-angel weapon which doesn't work for anyone, and it would make sense or at some point for Shinji to end up piloting it.

    I wouldn't say that in the teaser snippets, as I am sort of loathe to spoil the entire plot before even writing the story.

    But, then again, I am hesitant to get back to Eva writing in the first place, as Nobody Dies needs to die in a fucking fire.
  23. TheFourthman

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    Yeah. And no I get you what's the point in posting a full on outline before you even write it.

    Also I like ND but people bitch too much for it or about it. I'd love to see you post an outline of what you had planned if you don't feel like continuing on it. But the dream outcome is you pulling an EoE on everyone.

    Either way. Still following your stuff and have a good Christmas on the other side of the world.
  24. GreggHL

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    Well, people in this case more or less means every single person who contacts me about it. I'm still getting people telling me that I absolutely cancelled out all character development with the dream, despite repeatedly showing in the story that it wasn't an outright retcon.

    But Hell. What do I know? I'm the author.

    That's one of the reasons I deleted the word file for ND. Because apparently I just don't know.
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    ...I have no clue what's that about but if it comes right from the author's mouth/keyboard/whatever, it must be really serious.

    Nevermind, ninja'd. Why do you even care what those pricks say? They're like what, two percent of your readers? Just ignore them. Giving constructive criticism is good but that does not fall under said category. It's your story, not theirs; they can't honestly expect that you'll lick their feet with every plot twist.

    Leaving them hanging dry out of spite is a decision I can sympathize with, but I do believe there are several tens of times more people who enjoyed ND. I don't have the right to tell you what to do in this situation, just be aware of both options: if you continue, you will piss off - at worst - a tiny percentage of your readers; if you stop, you will (as far as the vocal minority is concerned) validate their opinion of you.

    I say, fuck 'em. Writers do their thing with the knowledge that people might or might not like their work; but are we going to let some stupid haters bully us for not meeting their shining perfect imaginary standards? Look at what Anno did: after all the shit he received for both the original ending and EoE, he went back anyway and ended up creating the highest-grossing anime movie of 2012. He basically took all that abuse, then stood back up and told the haters to go fuck themselves because this is his story.
  26. ...Gregg, if it's any consolation, I still love your fic.

    Hell, I have dreams that it would be adapted by Gainax into an actual anime with Warren Ellis at the helm and the writers of Gurren Lagann.

    Long story short, I just want to let you know there are fans out there who still know to welcome our Ree overlords, and that I would feel the world would be a little bit less if you decided to stop writing such a wonderful piece of alternate universe literature.