Ruby Rose (RWBY) vs Edward Elric (FMA)

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    I feel bad for Sesshomaru...

    Ruby will say he looks like a girl she once knew, and he'll say he's not a girl.
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    Kokurokoki My response to you can be summed up above...

    I think I remember seeing him make cannons. It's been awhile since I watched or read the manga.

    To my knowledge the reason Edward couldn't transmutate the arm was because he misjudged the materials used in its construction. He realizes it quickly afterwards though and is able to transmute it just fine. He just made an honest mistake because he automatically assumed that mostly iron was being used when it was a composite alloy meant to withstand the cold. We've seen him transmutate literally everything else he has come into contact with, which means he knows the exact composition or he is able to guess at least 80-90% of the composition on the fly which implies extensive knowledge beyond his years. My guess is that you don't need to know the exact composition, but a rough estimate of 90% or so will work just fine for rudimentary combat alchemy. Edward is unforunately a prodigy so he likes to troll by putting his own face on his constructs.

    I have no qualms about the rest of this stuff. :)
  3. I didn't say it was useless just that its to slow to be of much use. To create a wall with alchemy Ed has to clap his hands together, then place his palms on the ground or a wall and then the wall has to rise up from whichever surface he's transmuting. In comparison Ruby only needs to point her gun at him and pull the trigger. Even if he somehow managed to raise a wall fast enough to block her first shot she can easily jump over his wall and shot him from above.

    Also if that's the scene you're referring to is this one then I wouldn't put to much stock in it. I'm pretty sure Arakawa stated in an interview that the scenes from back then aren't completely canon because she hadn't finished her work on the alchemy system at that time. For example later in the chapter Ed creates a massive blade by transmuting his entire automail arm but later in the manga he can only transmute part of the arm to create a small blade because not only because he can't make something bigger than the object he's transmuting but he also can't transmute the complex machinery of his automail arm without breaking it.

    Pretty sure that's anime only. I don't think he can create gunpowder without having the necessary materials on hand which is why he makes a big deal out of finding old dynamite when he defeats two chimera by creating a stink bomb.

    We don't really know what materials Crescent Rose is made of though. Plus there's the invisible forcefield thing. Either Crescent Rose is made of absurd spacefuture materials that makes it tough enough to survive the abuse Ruby puts it through without dulling its edge or its coated in her Aura and receives the same protection she does. Either way its extremely unlikely that Ed would be able to transmute it if he gets his hands on it while she's wielding it. Which is another big if considering how fast she is and her crazy recoil based fighting style.

    Finally there's also the fact that even if he destroyed her weapon she could still kick his ass with kung fu. I mean don't get me wrong Ed's a badass martial artist but I don't think that would matter much when any hit that he manages to land on her meets a forcefield capable of blocking bullets.
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    Kokurokoki My response to you can be summed up above...

    Are we not considering the anime to be canon now? :wtf:

    I remember him making a cannon when he took on Mustang. Although I believe that is the original anime only, as if I remember the manga starts off with Edward already being a State Alchemist.

    Do we know that it has a power/energy field, or is this just speculation? Well... as for dulling, we don't exactly know. It's possible that Ruby sharpens it in her spare time or whatnot, the episodes are rather short and usually don't have enough time for too much exposition.

    She has a forcefield that blocks bullets? :wtf:

    Martial arts isn't just about punching and kicking. Based on what Izumi has been shown to use in the series, Edward most likely knows Judo-esque techniques which makes difference in strength almost irrelevant. Outside of her Semblance, I don't think Ruby is so fast that Ed won't be able to keep up with her in hand to hand.
  5. I personally prefer to keep manga and anime separate unless stated otherwise. Similarly I prefer keeping books and movies (such as Harry Potter or The Hobbit) separate because feats from one can vary wildly from the other.

    The episode you're refering to was filler which is why I don't think it should be taken as canon unless the OP says otherwise. In the manga the materials you have to work with determines what you can create unless you have a Philosophers Stone which is why Ed needed old dynamite to create stink bombs and the precise contents of a human body to attempt to rezz his mother among other things.

    Phyrra states the weapons used by Hunters are conduits for Aura (forcefield) which makes sense since we've seen those weapons perform some crazy feats such as sinking into solid rock without problems, cut solid steel with zero difficulty, same with thick trees and the necks of armored Grimm. Plus I doubt Ruby would slam the tip of her scythe into concrete if that meant that she later had to spend hours sharpening it again, plus with the way she cuddles that thing I doubt she'd do something that would damage it unless its strictly necessary.

    Yes its called Aura. Aside from Grimm any living being in the RWBYverse can potentially manifest their soul as a protective forcefield. They can also use it to enhance their strength if Phyrra's "bear our burdens" line and the various showings of super strength is anything to go by.

    Cinder holding out her palm and blocking Ruby's bullets are the clearest example, after that you have various axe gang mooks getting shot and punched in the face by Yang without dying, then there's Ruby herself being shot in the chest by Roman without being injured and Blake taking a wave motion gun to the face without going down.

    Debatable but in order for this to even come up he'd first need to get his hands on her scythe long enough to transmute it (assuming that he can) which doesn't seem very likely considering how she keeps bouncing around with the recoil of her weapon.
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    Against Edward, Ruby would win handily. Against Scar or Wrath, it would be a much more entertaining fight.
  7. You like being late to the train I take it?
  8. You like making snide comments I take it?
    This was the only thread that looked interesting after I got back from work so I decided to comment. Is there something wrong with not having the infinite free time needed to immediately post in every thread as soon as they get made?

    Wrath would be interesting, especially if he has his Eye. Scar doesn't seem like he would do all that well, he mostly deals with gun users by running away or being close and faster than them. In fact there where two chimera that kicked his ass in Briggs because he doesn't have any effective counters against ranged attacks. I'd suggest Greed instead, especially Greed-Lin(g?), the Ultimate Shield would ensure that Ruby can't end the fight in one hit. She'd need to be creative and either immobilize him or get him with an epic slash like she did with the Nevermore.
  9. Calm your tits, I'm referring to the fact that someone already corrected me.

    Is there something wrong with me deciding to joke around about you repeating what already has been noted?
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    Nope, He indeed created Cannons and fire them at Father in chapter 106

    Elward can turn his Automail into new stronger material than steel.

    Scar dodge one of Hawk Eye rifle shot at close range in his first meeting with the brothers.Even with dual pistols, Hawk Eye unlikely win against Scar showing how superhuman he is and Elward with Briggs automail can keep up with him.There is also the fact that the warrior monks in the civil war regularly decimated trained soldiers at close range showing how fast they are
  11. How was I supposed to know that you were talking about the milk thing rather than the thread in general?

    In any case the fact that no one made the "I. Drink. Milk!" joke was quite simply criminal and had to be corrected. :p


    That was after Scar reversed the nationwide transmutation circle and supercharged alchemy inside Amestris though. I don't think those are "real" guns for a given value of real. Instead of using gunpowder to propel the shells I think he just adds the kinetic energy directly with alchemy like Father did when he reversed the attack. I don't think it would work if he didn't have his hands on the ground when firing, otherwise why wouldn't alchemists do stuff like transmute throwing stars or punch debris into spearheads when they could just create guns instead?


    The manga can be a bit weird about which attacks are effective sometimes. Guns are often worthless despite the fact that they really should be better than some of the alchemical tricks used against them. Scar can dodge bullets but a hog shooting spikes at him and a frog spitting slime? Now thats just to much. :D
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    When Ed fought Scar, he was constantly changing the material of his automail to a different material to prevent Scar from blasting it.
  13. Can you link to the chapter? Was this in Briggs or somewhere else?
  14. Tsjoat

    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    It was in the anime, not brotherhood.

    Let me try to find it....

    Will edit it into this post.


    Forgive the crappy music, but it is the best I can find.

    First it shows Ed and Al's defeat to Scar, then it shows that Al got fixed, then Ed got fixed, then it shows Ed's solo rematch against Scar.

    The rematch is at 2:14.
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    Scar can aimdodge gunshots, he's not an actual bullet-timer. He's got extremely good reflexes, but he isn't exactly the Flash.
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  16. See my earlier position on manga and anime continuity.
  17. Tsjoat

    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    Which post?

    And why should we differentiate the sources when OP did not specify which version?
  18. The thread is only four pages long, how hard is it to check something like that?

    Here, saved you two seconds of scrolling up the page :p

    Because the 2003 anime and the manga/Brotherhood are two completely separate universes with separate mechanics behind the magic system. Stuff that would be impossible in the anime happens in the manga and vice versa. Anime Ed and Manga Ed are different people, Anime Ed has feats that manga Ed doesn't but I'm pretty sure manga Ed has better feats overall.
  19. Tsjoat

    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    I thought Brotherhood followed the Manga much more closely then the first Anime?

    Then we need to ask the OP to clarify. Unless he did...

    He did say FMA, but not Brotherhood.

    So it's either the manga or the Anime.

    In which case we need OP to clarify anyway.