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    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    New season started, realized I hadn't written anything for RWBY, came across a Gamer cross that had potential but couldn't get into it, one thing led to another, etc. Wanted to do things a bit differently and maybe draw some more attention to RWBY and the Gamer. Hopefully, I do it well. :)
    New Game​
    Boss Fight​
    The Games We Play
    New Game
    “Hey, mom?” I said, joining my mother in the kitchen as she watched the sun set outside the window.

    “Hm?” My mother, Isabella, turned towards me slightly, lifting an eyebrow as she made the sound in the back of her throat. “What is it, sweetie?”

    “I, uh…” I scratched my cheek as I frowned slightly. “Well, I guess I’m just unsure about something and I figured you’d know?”


    “Is it…Mom, which would you say is more important, Intelligence or Wisdom?”

    My mom put down the dish she’d been washing, turning to face me fully with her head tilted to the side.

    “I’m not sure I understand the question?” She said questioningly. “Where’d this come from?”

    “Well,” I said, wondering about that a bit myself, if for different reasons. “I was playing a game, I guess. You know, an RPG, right? And it had the usual stats: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Luck. And I never thought about it until a few days ago, but its like, all the others are obviously different, right? I wondered why Intelligence and Wisdom seem to be the exception and I started thinking about whether they were different in real life, too, and how.”

    Mom seemed to ponder that for a minute.

    “Well, I’d say that it’s ideal to have both intelligence and Wisdom,” She said. “Just how it’s better to be strong and fast and tough and lucky, rather than just one in particular, but that’s very rarely possible, is it? If I had to say which was most important…I suppose I’d say Wisdom.”

    “Why?” I asked.

    “Well…If I was to differentiate between Intelligence and Wisdom, I’d say that the former was power and the latter the awareness of how to use that power. I’d say that Wisdom was the ability to make good choices and Intelligence a way to give you more choices. If you’re smart and have a thousand ideas, wisdom would tell you which was the best choice to make and what the long term effects would be.”

    I nodded at her seriously.

    “Then it would be better for me to become wise then become smart, right?” I asked, just to double check.

    Mom put a hand to my cheek and smiled.

    “Oh, Jaune. You’re still young,” She said. “You have time enough to become whatever you want.”

    “Thanks, mom,” I said, smiling honestly. “Then…I promise I’ll become someone great. And, uh, why don’t I handle the dishes?”

    At that, her eyebrows went up again before she chuckled and nodded.

    “I’ll leave it to you then.” She said, patting my cheek again as she turned away. I stared after her for a moment.

    Isabella Arc

    I sighed and turned to the dishes, washing them one by one.

    A skill has been created through a special action! Continuously washing dishes has created the skill ‘Dish Washing’ to quickly clean dishes!

    I just sort of…stared at the blue box that appeared before my eyes for a moment and then exhaled slowly, shaking my head.

    So even stuff like this…

    How do I explain this? I can’t, honestly, which is my I don’t. I didn’t even tell my mom or dad. But if I had to, I guess I could describe this as my special ability. I haven’t had it for very long—just a week, really—but…well, you see, the game I’d told my mom about, that made me wonder about all this? Well…

    “Status,” I muttered.

    Name: Jaune Arc
    Class: The Gamer
    Level: LV2
    HP: 100/100
    MP: 50/50
    STR: 10
    VIT: 10
    DEX: 10
    INT: 10
    WIS: 10
    LUK: 10
    POINTS: 5
    MONEY: 100 Lien

    This window appeared in front of me at the sound of my voice. I’d confirmed I was the only one who could see it by opening it repeatedly in a crowd and not drawing any attention. Initially, I’d wondered if I was just seeing things, but…well, I had an Inventory, too, and I could literally store stuff inside of it and they’d, well, vanish until I could take them out. Hell, I could store more stuff in there then I could physically carry. I could even go on quests and stuff, though most of them were stuff like ‘Set the table,’ ‘Take out the trash,’ and ‘Go get groceries.’ Despite that, they gave me experience points and yesterday I’d even leveled up and gotten points. Given the circumstances, I was willing to operate under the assumption that would work like in a game, too.

    Which had led me to the question I’d asked my mom. My stats were…average. Perfectly so—I wasn’t good or bad at anything, for someone of my level, but I had figured out pretty quickly that I was low leveled. Most of the people in my class had levels like three or four, but I’d started at level one with completely normal stats. It had been kind of depressing to have that thrown in my face, especially since I’d gotten the ability something like a day after I’d failed to get into Signal. Again. And it had hurt. The knowledge, the reminder, the proof right before my eyes hammering in what I already knew—that I was a…

    I’d gone to sleep, woken up, and I’d been like this, which had mainly enabled me to see for myself how weak I was.

    But now, if I had this ability, if it worked how I thought it did, then maybe I could change that. I was sure of it, now—I could do things no one else could do. I had five points right now and I could put them anywhere I wanted. I could make myself stronger, faster, or anything else. Given the raw potential held in these little numbers on my, well, character sheet, it was only a matter of choosing properly to gain strength.

    I had no idea how to do that. I’d considered all my options. I wasn’t sure exactly how the numbers worked, but I could become the strongest in my class in a snap of my fingers by putting them in strength or the fastest by placing them in dexterity. But which was most important? Being strong? Fast? Tough? I’d considered it but after sleeping on it, I realized I just didn’t know. What’s the best choice? Where do I even start?

    And then I realized, if I didn’t know that, wouldn’t making myself smarter and wiser be the best choice? And if Wisdom is the ability to make good choices, then…

    I pressed the arrow beside Wisdom five times and raised it to fifteen. Taking a deep breath, I nodded and closed the window.

    “I’m done with the dishes, mom!” I shouted. “I’m going out for a bit!”


    I organized my thoughts, putting what I already knew in context. I was, essentially, a video game character. I could grow stronger by leveling up—whether that was my own, personal level or the levels of my skills. From what I’d seen, doing one didn’t affect the other, so I had to improve them separately. I already knew how to do both, I’d just been uncertain as to how to go about it.

    Improving my skills was as simple as using them. That in mind, I moved into the forest, took my sword out of my Inventory, and started whacking trees while I was busy thinking. I’d done this a little lately, once I’d developed my ‘Sword Mastery’ skill after practicing for a while. I’d figured out quickly that my skills could be either active or passive, but the method of improvement was the same. What I needed to do then was focus on two things: Leveling up important skills and finding new skills that would be useful.

    I’d gotten ‘Power Strike’ around the same time I’d gotten ‘Sword Mastery.’ I could use the former about fifteen times before I ran out of mp, after which it took about an hour to regain it. It had taken me about two hours to increase it to level two and longer to raise it to level three, entirely because of how long it took to regain my mp. In comparison, I’d been able to raise my Sword Mastery to level five in a single day because I didn’t need mp to use it. From that I could assume that passive abilities were easier to improve then active ones, as well as easier to use—but on the other hand, they were weaker individually and active skills got both stronger and cheaper as they grew more powerful. I needed to get many passive abilities that worked well together but also train my active abilities.

    On the other hand, raising my own level was just as important, because it gave me points to improve my stats. Unfortunately, there were only a few ways to do that—doing quests was the only big one I’d done, though I could get a small bit of experience by studying and working out. But if I thought of the world as a game then presumably I could also do it by killing monsters and defeating enemies. Generally, quests gave more experience than individual monsters in return for taking more time and being more complicated. That all depended on the difficulty; I assumed that taking out the trash gave less experience then killing a Grimm would.

    If I could do it, finding an area full of Grimm and killing them all would probably be the faster way to level up and places like that were easy to find. I could just leave the city boundaries and I’d find them eventually, though the forests close to the residential district were safe. But…I was still only level two and there was no way of knowing what I’d find. Getting stronger first was probably the wiser choice, as was sticking to quests for now.

    Then…could I manufacture quests? If I could get five hundred experience from just doing things like doing chores for my mom, could I volunteer for tasks and do things around the neighborhood? Or did someone have to explicitly ask before I could do something? I’d have to find out. Even if I couldn’t, there had to be a fair number of people who needed stuff done around town.

    Then, that’s where I should start, at least in terms of leveling myself up. For my skills…I should probably make a schedule.

    Besides Power Strike and Sword Mastery, I didn’t have many other skills. I’d gotten ‘Observe’ while watching the higher-level people I’d seen around town and the fights I occasionally saw. And, of course, I’d gotten ‘Dish Washing’ just a while ago, but I think I could exclude that from my list of ‘Important skills to grind.’

    Observe, however, seemed like the type of thing that could be extraordinarily useful. Even at level one, it showed me a lot about whatever I used it on. It was an active skill, but…it didn’t seem to drain mp. Then, if I were to use it on every person I met—no, on everything I saw—I should be able to improve it at a decent rate, right? Did the level or value of the object matter? If it did, I could use it in stores and stuff, and places like that would also have lots of stuff to use it on. A library might be a good place to use it, too, if every single book counted. I could use that whenever I was in the city and I could spend a few hours wandering every day, maybe doing some quests in the process. My Sword Mastery and Power Strike I could train later one, like I was doing now. That would serve to level my existing abilities. As for acquiring new ones…

    Dish Washing served as a reminder of how broad ‘Skills’ could be. If I could get a skill by doing chores, what else would count? Sword Mastery implied that I could get a similar ability with other weapons. It might be more efficient to stick with swords for now, at least in terms of melee, since I’d already put some work into it—but it might be smart to get a longer-range option at some point and maybe see if my hands counted as weapons, just in case. In fact, was there a Shield Mastery? I hadn’t gotten one just by wearing a shield, but then I hadn’t gotten Sword Mastery until I started using my sword. There wasn’t anything nearby to attack me, but…would it count if I bashed something with my shield? I’d bring try it out in a bit.

    Besides that, there were a bunch of things that probably counted. Sneaking around probably counted and if I wanted to reach the Grimm later, I’d need to get past the border guard, to say nothing of any of the other reasons I might need to hide. Something to help me run away, just in case. Ways to defend myself, though my shield might count if that worked, and I could try my armor. I’d focus on them for now and see what other skills I discovered and what came to me. I’d hopefully have some time before anything dangerous happened.

    But what should I focus on, one I leveled up?

    I closed my eyes and frowned. If I was right, then…it should get harder to level up as time went on, so early on I should focus on things I didn’t want to wait for. My mom was completely right—I had time to become whatever I wanted. I could become strong and fast and tough and anything else. But while I could do it easily, I should focus on…

    “Intelligence and Wisdom, huh?” I muttered before nodding to myself. If I was smart and wise, I could figure out how to get stronger or come up with solutions to things I couldn’t face with strength alone. I could make up for weakness with intelligence, but could I make up for being stupid by being strong? Maybe, but it’d probably be harder and I might regret it.

    “It’s a plan, then,” I said, smiling to myself as I drew my shield out of my inventory. “Just watch me—I’m gonna be great someday.”

    I then proceeded to start my path to greatness by repeatedly whacking a tree with a blunt object.

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    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    The Games We Play
    Tutorial Level
    I woke up at six and started working on my homework the moment I rolled out of bed. I’d thought about it last night and had decided for sure—school was going to cut into my time a lot. Not only did I need to spend seven hours a day there when I could be training instead, but there was also stuff like homework I had to do out of class. So, to avoid wasting more time than necessary, I should get this done with as quickly as possible. Hence, waking up early and spending an hour on this week’s homework.

    Diligent studying caused your INT to increase by 1!

    I turned to stare flatly at the notification, wondering why I was even surprised.

    I could increase my stats like that, too?

    That changed things. If it wasn’t just by leveling up—that is, if I could get more than five points per level—then my plans needed to be adjusted accordingly. I’d need to test exactly how it work, experiment to see if how it applied to my other stats and how I could improve each, though I imaged that working out would improve the physical ones. In which case…

    From eight to three I was in school. Taking into account breakfast and the time it would take to reach class, I would have an hour of free time in the morning that I couldn’t use effectively in any other way, so I could study and work out then. At school, I could study and get ahead and nobody should be able to complain. After school, I could stay out until supper, if I told mom I was going to the library—which I was, so it wasn’t even really a lie. I could practice a number of my skills then and after supper I could go into the woods to practice the ones I couldn’t use in town. Mom would want me back by dark, though, at which point I could study and work out some more in my room.

    No matter how exhausted my body got, I would recover after thirty minutes of rest. My hp and mp returned more slowly, but even they would be fully restored simply by sleeping in my bed for six hours. As such, no matter how hard I pushed myself at night, it was fine. If I could gain additional stat points at a reasonable rate, it was more than worth it—if I could gain even just one INT per level then even assuming I couldn’t think of any way to get additional Wisdom, I could focus on it and get it to level fifty by level nine and still have an INT of eighteen or higher. If I switched my focus to it afterwards, I could raise INT to fifty as well by the time I was level fifteen.

    I resisted the urge to pump my fist in the air before realizing there was no one around to look at me strangely and doing it anyway.

    Then I went downstairs to make breakfast before Mom woke up.

    The Breakfast of Champions.

    School was boring, as a rule, and it wasn’t made particularly less so by the fact that I spent the whole time studying. My Int didn’t go up again while I was there, which didn’t particularly surprise me since even a week of school and homework hadn’t raised it until this morning. After it let out for the day, I headed towards the library like I’d told mom, Observing everyone and everything that caught my eye on the way there. Most of them were just normal people, but practice was practice, right?

    The library, however, turned out to be a treasure trove. Not just because it turned out that, yes, I could Observe every single book and not just because there were plenty of books there that I could use to study after I finished with my textbooks. Those were nice, but they paled in comparison to the true power of the library. I’m not remotely ashamed to admit that I made a beeline for the section about Hunters and such the moment I entered. I started from the top and went through it alphabetically, taking a book out, Observing it, and putting it back. Each use gave me what amounted to a summary of the book, which got more detailed as I leveled it up again. But as I was approaching the end of ‘A’…

    You obtained the skill book ‘Aura: The Light of Our Souls.’ Would you like to learn this skill?

    It took me a minute to understand what I was look at. When I did…well, if I’d been holding a drink, I would have crushed it right then and I proceeded to press ‘Yes’ about twenty times in the half a second it took for the message to vanish. The book proceeded to fill with a bright golden light before flaking apart into what seemed almost like glowing petals and vanishing completely. As it did, I could feel the knowledge flowing into me and I knew, knew, exactly what Aura was despite having never even heard of it before.

    Aura (Passive & Active) LV1 EXP: 0.00%
    The Manifestation of one’s soul. Long ago, Man, who was born from dust, learned to wield the light of their being against the soulless Grimm. It’s a power that allowed Mankind to reach past their human limits and drive back the darkness, letting them bear their burdens and shielding their hearts. Stat increases depend on the amount of Aura (MP).
    Passively increases STR by 30%.
    Passively increases DEX by 30%.
    Passively increases VIT by 30%.
    Passively increases INT by 30%.
    Passively increases WIS by 30%.
    Additional 30% increase to STR when activated.
    Additional 30% increase to DEX when activated.
    Additional 30% increase to VIT when activated.
    HP regeneration speed increased by 100% when activated.

    …Holy crap that’s broken and it’s only at level one. And all Hunters have this?

    I looked at my hands as they—my entire body, really—started glowing bright white. After a few seconds passed, it began to die down, the power drawing closer to my skill. It was active already, I could feel it, and I had no objections to that whatsoever. This skill was one I wanted to level up as quickly as possible.

    I tried to fight down the urge to start laughing and cheering like a madman and only succeed because I heard footsteps and they reminded me that I had no way of explaining what just happened and, also, I’d just destroyed one of the library’s books which I really didn’t want to explain either. Or, uh, pay for. Because my wallet was anemic.

    Thinking quickly, I dove to the end of the row with my new found speed and turned around the corner, holding my breath in an instinctive attempt to go unnoticed. Someone—another library-goer or a librarian, I didn’t know—stopped near where I’d just been and I silently crept past the thankfully empty row beside the Hunter section and turned down into the one two shelves down, where I spotted another person. I went back to looking at books in a way I hoped was casual, going back to Observing.

    Seconds past and nobody came after me and I let out a slow breath.

    A skill has been created through a special action! Continuous hiding has created the skill ‘Stealth’ to avoid notice!

    I didn’t react as the notice appeared, focusing on the books. Just in case, I should probably avoid looking at the Hunter section again today, though I could still browse through a few shelves of books. I needed to remember that using skill books came with a lightshow and vanishing books and do it somewhere out of the way.

    Out of the way…

    I spent a minute browsing the shelf I was on, just for show, before minding another empty row. After a few minutes of searching and Observing, as well as some basic thought, I found what I was looking for. A Driver’s Manual—or rather, to me, a driving skill book. I could use this with the push of a button and instantly learn how to drive and all it would take is a destroyed book. And…it may have been selfish of me or said something about me, but the destruction of a book in return for skills like this just didn’t bother me. If anything did, it was simply that I would be taking the book from the library permanently in doing so and maybe a minor fear of being caught. But…

    I took a deep breath and spoke.

    “Inventory,” I said and the window appeared before me. I pushed the book into it and it disappeared into a ripple in space, stored neatly into one of the top slots. And then, I went back to the shelf and started looking for other skill books.

    I’ll pay you back someday, I promised the library as I left a few hours later. As I passed through the threshold, a notification appeared.

    A skill has been created through a special action! Continuous theft has created the skill ‘Theft’ to take things that belong to others!

    Mastery of the skill Theft increases! Theft’s level goes up by one! Theft’s level goes up by one! Theft’s level goes up by one! Theft’s level goes up by one! Theft’s level goes up by one!

    Damn it.

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  3. Enohthree

    Enohthree Hypersane Amicus

    Yes! This is getting a whole thread!
    Also, I very much like Jaune's 'voice' in this. I just really enjoy reading it.
  4. A new snippet and this gets it's own thread. Awesome!

    So, Aura basically gives the equivalent bonuses that the Chunbomoon Technique gives in The Gamer, only even more so (30% passive against 10% passive, IIRC).

    I hadn't thought about it before, but is The Gamer ability Jaune's Semblance?
  5. igfry

    igfry I. SEE. YOU

    So working out gives some Experience but no STR Stat Points? Does that mean it's essentially useless to lift weights, but it's viable to study and gain INT? It would be nice if you clarified that.

    Or re-word it.

    Also, using WIS, it would be good to find out all the ways in which to gain Stat Points without gaining levels.

    And utterly abuse it.
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  6. Spectrum

    Spectrum Zero-nee-sama~


    Noooo Jaune, don't do it. You're going to short circuit your Pyrrha romance path, it's a trap! :p

    Sun path opened olol
  7. The webcomic was unclear on this as well, and before the MC explored it, he just found it easier to kill zombies in droves using his passive skills to gain levels, and then think with calm about what to do with his stat points.
  8. noahgab1133

    noahgab1133 This isn't even my final form

    jaune arc, master thief!

    i like it!
  9. Berserkslash

    Berserkslash Sir Christopher McFarlane

    As always, very interesting.

    Just hoping you can keep the inspiration up to keep this going.
  10. Ryuugi

    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    Pretty much, though Aura is a complex thing.


    Jaune has not yet gotten any STR, VIT, or DEX from working out, but he didn't get any from studying until today either. You can get points that way, it's just very slow--trying is on his to-do list, though.

    Funny you should mention that.

    And also, a link to the ff.net version, for those who care.
  11. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    Will there still be those crazy awesome perks at 50pts in a stat? I imagine if they're still there this guy is going to be grinding hardcore once he finds out about them. The Wisdom perk especially was powerful iirc.
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    I'm honestly wondering, can you only go a certain point into a fic before getting crippling writers block, or do you just get bored and drop the fic for something new?

    This isn't me being sarcastic, just something I've wanted to ask to one of the people that write this way.
  13. MrGazzer

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    You've raised my hopes, good sir.

    We shall see if you dash them against the rocks that is your writing curse.
  14. vel10

    vel10 Seriously?

    Interesting. I shall be watching this, at least for as long as it lasts.
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  15. As one of his internet friends, I think it's just he PLOTS OUT a story while writing it and stops once the plot is set up, then stops writing it and moves on to something else, leaving several hundred thousand words we're not reading. Ryuugi plans VERY far ahead, and usually has more notes on a fic then the fic itself has words.

    There's also the snippets he writes just to get an idea out of his head real quick, but those aren't supposed to go beyond two or three snippets anyway.
  16. I alway think why the mc don't go to library in manwah.
  17. Berserkslash

    Berserkslash Sir Christopher McFarlane

    Probably something to do with Korea culture or the like, plus Shiwoon doesn't seem the type to steal and now that he knows it destroys the book he probably doesn't want to go and steal all their books. Plus, cameras...
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  18. There is also another Manga with a similar theme where the MC reincarnates as a goblin in a fantasy world. Its a little darker in tone but seems to be pretty interesting so far. Re: Monster is the name.

    I'm enjoying the story, and hope the RWBY elements are incorporated well. In my opinion, its mostly the choreography and special weapons that make the series worthwhile, which may be difficult to translate into a written story.
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  19. Have you got a link?
  20. Watch'd. Very interesting idea and I love Gamer crossovers.
  21. Yeah SB should love remonster,Mc can grown his power by eating another monster,human.:p

    I think " eat the moon" is valid tactic in that universe.
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  22. Every single videogame fic I've read-without exception- has annoyed me with the complete disregard of the mechanics they implement. Either they don't keep track of the their own characters' stats, or they find out that the build they've chosen doesn't fit what they want to happen and they handwave or retconned their old stats without even bothering to go back and physically change them. Hopefully, that doesn't happen with this.

    Of course, that would require the story actually reaching a point where you have to keep track of stats...
  23. Ryuugi

    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    The Intelligence Perk you mean? Which was, IIRC, Mana Affinity?

    But yeah, those are still there. Jaune will probably get the Wisdom first, though, at which point, yeah.

    The latter, I suppose? I generally don't get writer's block--that's not to say I don't, because I do sometimes find that I've written myself into a corner, but it's generally rare. Generally, when I write, I do it kind of top-down, I guess? I have an idea and I expand upon it until I think of a really solid moment that I want people to see and then I plot out how to get there. I don't necessarily plot out everything, but I at least go 'This'll happen so this'll happen so that this'll happen' and figure stuff out from there.

    In the few cases I do get writers block, it's not because I don't have these things, but rather because there's a disconnect between two points, generally caused by some part of the setting. Like, this happens a bit with both of my HP/DF crossovers, wherein I have a lot of great ideas in mind, but run into power level issues. And it's not even the big stuff or anything, it's like the Exalted problem where the really powerful shit is built into the basics. Fiendfyre and stuff? Meh, you can deal with that easily. But what about stuff like free long-range teleportation? How do you but the character in a position where he's actually threatened when he can just vanish and come back later without inserting 'And I have this thing to counteract your powers--like everyone else seems to' or throwing Godlike beings at them.

    (The former is bad writing so I attempted the latter, which worked...a little better? But was still not the best idea ever, fun as it was.)

    But generally, I just read stuff I love and when I do that I get ideas and want to write them down in the hope that someone will feel the same about something I wrote and maybe even continue the cycle. But even if they don't, someone, somewhere will always want to write something and I get lucky sometimes and find ones that are good and get inspired. And so it goes.

    Though sometimes I just write stuff to get it out of my head and make it stop bothering me, admittedly.

    Not only have I read it, but I've written two chapters for a PJO/Re:Monster crossover. I actually did that about a week or so ago? Maybe longer. The thing is, with something like Re:M, the set takes awhile and it needs to build up to something or else it's just set up, so I haven't posted it yet--I want to at least get another chapter or two going, which might not be possible until the wind blows towards PJO or Re:Monster again.

    Still, if/when it happens, it should be fun. Just for fun, a sneak peak:

  24. Lancealot

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    • You have been warned for behavior like this several times Lancealot. You're skating on thin ice.
    So you most likely have no intention of finishing anything you write?
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