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    Greetings and salutations! There has been concern about the recent popup of journal style S.I. threads here in creative writing. These stories revolve around the author being inserted into a world of fiction (usually by a ROB) with a way to communicate with the Spacebattles forum for input as to what to do. As a result, some have been moved to B.R.O.B. due to them better fitting in there as opposed to here. (To debate that, please go here.)

    As such, it has been proposed by Hollewanderer to create an all purpose Self Insert fic index thread. And that's just what we're gonna do, folks! Now this will be for all S.I. fics created here on the CR forum (including those moved to BROB so that readers may find them). So, if you create one, or see one that's not listed, go ahead and PM me or add it to the thread (the same if you wish me to remove a link to your thread for whatever reason). I will try and update as much as possible.

    Edit: Link to the SI Brainstorming List

    The List: (In Alphabetical Order by Writer)
    Acyl: No Dominion (DC)
    AdmiralTigerclaw: Sleeping with the Girls (Current thread, FF.net)
    Aleh: Let's Up the Difficulty a Bit, Shall We? (SI), Third Person (Crack)
    Arcman: I Hear Voices (Ranma 1/2 Insertion)
    Arkane: That First World Hurts (Planeswalker)
    Arkanian: This Ring of Mine is Burning Red (DC)
    Ars Poetica: Self Insert Squared; An S.I. Survival Game, One Foot - Another Multiverse (Multi SI)
    asgard: Interim (Palladium/Worm)
    Avalon Aurora: Song of Unreality (Eldrazi)
    Bailey Matutine: An Adventure, Hopefully (Multiverse)
    Big Steve: "The Power of a Name" (Dr. Who/Multi-crossover)
    Blackraptor: 'Go' my way (Shin Koihime Musou)
    Bluemage: The New Math
    Brain_Caster: Shallow Wish-Fulfillment
    Brian Boru: The Thu'um and the Seven Kingdoms (Skyrim w/ a Twist)
    CaptainUniroginallity: Magus in the Nations (Naruto/FSN)
    Chairtastic: I Want to Play a Game (Teen Titans), A Special Kind of Hell (Pokemans)
    Coeus: These are the Journeys (ST)
    Crazy Tom 2.0: Undaunted (ST)
    Cyclone: Cyclone's Interactive SI
    Dartz: So... A Self Insert. An Evangelion Self Insert, Personal Log
    Darkandus: The lost. (WH40k SI)
    DarthMetool: Skyrim a la Mod
    Delkatar: Gundam Seed Intervention (MSGS), Rogue Knight (SW)
    Deviatesfish: Escaping Phyrexia (MtG), part 2 The Green-Eyed Basilisk (MtG/ASoIaF SI)
    Dimentionist: Survivor (Mega Crossover), Survivor, Life 2 (Worm)
    dragon89: The Fire of War and the Ice that Follows (ASOIAF)
    Drakensis: Centurion (BT)
    Dusel: For Praetoria, and the Emperor! (WH40k SI)
    ecs05norway: Heart of Black (SI)
    Einsieg: Of Light's Progeny (BGC SI)
    Emperor Tippy: Knowledge is Power (ME), A Magical Awakening (HP), Snake Eater (Stargate), The Immortal Throne (aSolaF), Deathly Emergence (BtVS SI), Honest Broker (Honorverse SI), Warped (40K SI)
    Enohthree: Enlightenment (DC)
    Fafyrel: D/elusion (Multi Crossover)
    Felius: A Pox on You Hiver or Jumping the Bandwagon [Exalted SI]
    Fellgar: Knowledge is Power!!!... right? (D&D Modern SI), White Masks (Bleach SI), Adaptive Sealing (Naruto)
    Fission Battery: I Need a Meatshield - I Mean Hero!
    Furiko: Black Magic Woman (MCU)
    gideon020: Steel Tide, Outsider, A Dungeons the Dragoning SI Oneshot
    gladiusone: Of Orcs and Men (D&D)
    GundamChief: Trololo - BT SI
    GunnersGlory: The Gauntlet (Boloverse)
    hance1986: Big Trouble in Smallville (Smallville/DC comics/cartoons/etc)
    Happerry: All the Colors of the Wheel (MtG)
    Heaven Canceler: Unending Terror (Evangelion - Angel SI)
    Historian: The Eagle - Song of Ice and Fire SI, Immortality (Game of Thrones), Our Callings Are Not Chosen (Historical)
    Hitamaru: Demons Awakening
    Hiver: Harry Potter SI, BTVS SI, The Journey SI, Naruto SI, Lost in space(SI), Tau'ri no longer. (SI), A shipload of fools(ST:V SI), Void Gods (EvE Online SI), Evil Overlord are...Wait, What?!, Here Be Dragons (SW), Falmer and Ice (Skyrim), A Difficult Beginning (TNG), The Multiverse is a Big Place, Wand (HP), A small fish in a infinite sea (Multi - Continue of TMiaBP), Feathers and Fire (SW sequel to Here Be Dragons), Dark Tidings (Sequal to A Small Fish), Beware the Nice Ones (SoTS), Caelum (Original World), Not Quite SHODAN (ST), Planechase (Dark Tidings Sequal), Survival of the Fittest (Worm), That First Step..., Dreams of Starfire (ST:TNG), Learning How to Walk (Multi)
    Hypothesis: Hera (nBSG SI)
    hyzmarca: The One with the Dolphin: A Badly Written Trek SI, Insane Violent Power Trip (Multiversal)
    IceWing_mk1: Murphy was an Optimist...(Firefly SI)
    id319: Body of a Fox, Mind of a Tiger [Naruto Reincarnation], Best Siblings Together, Forever Until the End (MLP), On the Wings of a Hawk of Light (Tenchi Muyo!/Multiverse)
    Imperator Pax: HSOTD S.I. short stories (link post with list of stories)
    Jake Crown: Hutt Dawn (SW), Play to Your Best Card (GOT/ASOFAI), The Golden One (Harry Potter)
    John Masaki: Taking a Bat to the Fourth Wall
    John the Strider: Naruto SI
    Keiran Halcyon: A Stranger on the Frontier (ST:DS9)
    Kerrus: This is (Not) a Game (FF.net), Infinite Iterations - This is (Not) a Game AU #1 [HP/SI], Lightbringer (DC)
    kestrel404: Oh, What Webs (Worm)
    Lagrange: A Logical Approach to Magic... Hopefully. An HP SI
    Lolguy: Enter the Citadel: Equestrian Tales (ME/MLP)
    LordsFire: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid...(D'n'D SI)
    Lord K: Dragon Things On (Skyrim S.I.), Core Elements (NGE S.I.), A Pocket Full of Problems (Pokemon SI), Reaping Season (ME)
    Lord Sia: Under a Violent Moon (Multi)
    loserthree: The World Waits on Evil
    Lucemon: Dracula I'm Not (Negima)
    Malbutorius: Eggs (An SI Across The Multiverse)
    Master Basher: Fragile Miracles: Innocent Phantasm of Madness (Nasuverse)
    Mizuki_Stone: This is going to suck. :D (ME SI), Canonfodder (Transformers), Origins Rewritten (D&D), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Journal nBSG/???), I'm Going for a Walk (Multi/MTG)
    Mimas: Up a Creek (Halo SI), Wanderlust and Home (Skyrim)
    Mojtaba: Stargate/SG1/SGA SI
    moynal: Wheel Keeps on Turning... (A WOT SI), The Ivory Tower (WoT SI), Mirrors of the Pattern: A WOT SIdeproject (Almost Quest), Shatterpoint, Wrist Mounted Superweapon... Why Me? (SI)
    Mr Zoat: With This Ring (Young Justice)
    Myraddin: A Garden Under the Sea
    Nei: Adventures in Equestria (MLP:FiM/SI)
    Night_stalker: Beyond the Sea, a SI, Night's Odyssey (A Worm SI)
    Norsefire0110: Mirror (HP)
    OathToOblivion: Pokémon - An Animated Adventure
    okija: Madmen in Winterhold (Skyrim)
    Organic Intelligence: A Great Journey
    Othalan: Through the Darkest Nights (Star Wars)
    Passerby: Where Am I?! Oh Sh-!(SI to the multiple?), Could Be Worse, Could Be Better(SI, Multiverse)
    PsychoSama: Maybe, You'll Think of Me.... A Fallout SI
    Qwaar: For the Great Fail: The Halo SI
    Reece: The long haul (Star Wars SI)
    RevenVrake: Stuck Somewhere Else, a BT SI, Confederate to the Core (SW)
    Ryu Gabriev: Brince of Braves, Zero's Familiar (GGG/Familiar of Zero) (FF.net)
    Samarkand: SML--Spark my Life (A Girl Genius SI)
    Sayle: Naruto Self-Insert (Oneshot), One Ring to Rule Them All (LotR SI), Diamond Kunai (Minecraft SI/Naruto), What is the Measure of a Man (ST), Placement Is Everything (LotR SI One shot)
    shaderic: Tapestry of Fate - Yet Another SI
    Shighaara: I Like Fish...? (Godzilla)
    Shujin: Catalyst.EXE (ME)
    Silver W. King: Breaking Bones, Breaking Walls (Fate/Stay Night), The Correct Methodology to Applying Rage (ZnT/Multiverse)
    Sir Rabby: Welcome to the Hellmouth, or How I found out you can't outrun a vampire (Buffy)
    Slayer Anderson: In Bad Faith (HP)
    sonicfan315: Live, Die, Repeat (Afterlife)
    SotF: Seven Steps from the Sun (A:TLA), So You Want To Be A (Substitute) Supervillian? (Multi)
    spencer1519: In Blackest Night (DC), By the Gods (M:TG)
    spookey316: Don't Need no Credit Card to Ride this Train (Teen Titans)
    Sucal: Change the Galaxy! (40k SI)
    Tabi: Timey Wimey...Eh, Its Complicated [Doctor Who/Self Insert], Roger, Roger (SW), Timey Wimey v2, Ebony, 18 inches, Rather Rigid (HP), And Then I Was a God (CoTG rewrite/SG), Of Will & Prayer (NGE)
    Tachikoma's Uncle: A Yandere, Am I? Now With 20% More Genocide (Mass Effect)
    taralon: SI Fic - Prologue - Movie Verse Ironman
    Taron: Stars (HP Oneshot)
    Taugundrone: An Eternity in Gold (D&D SI)
    Teen Spirit: Fear and Loathing in the Screaming Vortex (40K SI)
    thebrute7: I Am Not A Child's Play Thing (MGLN), Walking into Trouble (M:tG)
    theoreticalchaos: A Drunken Nerd in Janos's boot's (a BattleTech SI)
    Tikitau: 'Ere We Go! (WH40k)
    tkioz: Cruel to be Kind (Multicrossover)
    tomio: Ripped from Reality (MtG/Multicross)
    Uxion: Traveler of the Tundra (Skyrim)
    Valiant: Errant Steel (SI)
    Videocat: A Song of Dragons and Starbucks (Shenanigans)
    Vulpine Fury: Shear Willpower and Audacity (DC)
    Widowmaker: To Ride the Winds (Avatar), Forsaken (Wheel of Time SI), Little Miss Sunshine (Multiversal)
    Winchester: You've got to be shitting me! (NGE SI)
    Wolf of Dawn: A Texan in the Jedi Temple (SW:TOR)
    Xamusel: Awakening: Retold (Fire Emblem) (FFN Link), Awakening: Retold (Again)
    Xeno Major: Aria's Advisor (Mass Effect SI), Fortunate Son (Fallout NV)
    Ze Puffa God: HPAUSI (HP AU SI)
    Zerris: Messy Bookkeeping (SI)
    Zombiesaurous: Inauspicious Beginnings (Exalted)
    Zulaq: That is Not a Dog (DC)
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  2. Perhaps notably (given that it was explicitly discussed in that thread), my thread isn't in this list.
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    Updated (near the top too!). Sorry about that Aleh.
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    This thread, while appreciated, really belongs in The Index instead of CrW.

    EDIT: It may also be prudent to list what it is an SI of for those that do not have it displayed in the thread name.
  5. No problem. :)
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    It'd probably be better in the Index, but I felt it was good to put on the main CrW forum for a spell to let people know what's up (at the very least for casual forum goers and totally because I didn't forget about the Index subforum).
    Took your idea and added a quick explanation. Thanks for it!

    Also a few updates to the list. Again, if there's any I missed just let me know.
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    Thank you.:D
  8. A few things that might be good to add:

    -The type of SI, interactive, etc. or other relevant technical information.
    -Short summaries of the contents
    -Remove "SI" from every link because its redundant

    I'd say sort them by category as well, but I don't think there are quite enough here.
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    You know, this really should be in the index so it doesn't get buried quite so fast.
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    The index can move pretty quickly too, maybe put a link to this thread in the index of the index?

    ... Yo dawg!
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    Bookmarked... Becuase sooner or later it will get buried. XD
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    To bad there isn't a better list. Right now its just a giant hodgepodge of links. No explanation, no this is still active this is dead.
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    Well, as I said, I'm going to give this a week or so of time as a sticky thread to facilitate smooth readership transfer. Might be a bit longer, depending on how long checking and processing everything takes, but generally it will remain here until everything is done and for a while after, to prevent it from being buried.
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    Aaaand updated. Thanks.

    Danke. Hopefully people will find this useful enough and make the transition easier.
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    I appreciate it very much. :)
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    Small update. More added to the list, and I ordered the list by author name. If any of the links appear to be broken, just yell at me and I'll fix em.
  17. when you add new threads, can you make some way for us to know which are the new ones? either listing them in a new post, giving them a 'date added' or something like that?
  18. melavio

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    Sure. That'd probably be the smart thing to do (and probably why I didn't think of it >_> )

    This last time, we've added Sleeping with the Girls by AdmiralTigerclaw and This is (Not) a Game by Kerrus.

    (Edit: Also put the author name first. Probably should have done that in the first place anyway. Meh.)
  19. What butt hurt caused SI to be moved to BROB?
  20. melavio

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    Some of the SIs that were appearing in CrW were more audience participation style. More along the lines of what you find in the BROB forum. So the mods went through and put the threads that fit better in that sub-forum. The archive thread is to help those who didn't know what was going on know it and have a way to find the threads. The discussion is linked in my original post.

    Update: Hiver and Lord K have created Tau'ri no longer and Core Elements, respectively. They've been added to the list.

    Edit: ecs05norway has entered the fray with Heart of Black
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    Hate to double post, but an update time it is:

    Today we are adding The Long Haul by Reece, Shatterpoint by Moynal, One Ring to Rule Them All by Sayle, and Errant Steel by Valiant. Check out their respective links in the index above!

    Thanks for sticking with us, and remember to send me any links to new threads you see!
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  22. Any Halo time travel SIs around ?
  23. Widowmaker

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    You know... that sounds kinda awesome.
  24. I had an idea. It's about a Forerunner survivor waking up in the early 2500s, watching humanity, setting up his own tech company but remains hidden. Then in the year 2525 a Forerunner crystal acts up and causes a hole a dimensional rift that causes a guy from our world to end up in his lab.
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