Samus's strength and Zebes's gravity

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  1. I was looking around today and I found this. Now my question, is any of it true?
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    Where'd they get the mass and radius figures from?
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    Maybe Metroid Prime, in the hologram room?


    Its from the Metroid Prime website:

    Mass: 4.8 trillion teratons
    Class: Class XIX,[1] Class 5B.[2]
    Size: 11,700 km diameter [3]
    Atmosphere: Presumably oxygen.
    Distinct features: Massive hollow crust due to Urthic ore.
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    I'm sorry, 865g is just ridiculous. If her body was acclimated to 865g she would literally look more like a very flat sea slug. She wouldn't even look remotely human.
  5. According to those figures Zebes is literally ~730 times the mass of Earth while having a noticeably lower diameter (its about a megameter thinner). This gives it a density of around 5186.47 tonnes per cubic metre, as opposed to Earth's density of 5.515 tonnes per cubic metre.

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    Samus in Zebes' gravity:

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    So how does she demonstrate this suppoed strenght ofworld?
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    I have a theory, what we see as Samus, the suited up female heroine is actually what our minds substitute the horrid unstoppable tentacle blob of doom into. Her conflict with Mother Brain didn't consist so much of jumping through Zebes as oozing into the fortress and emit evil screams of terror as she snatched and devoured the poor lifeforms within.
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  9. The Metroid Prime website is wrong on many levels.
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    Not only does it state that Zebes has this mass, the game does too, and the game mentions multiple planets with this insane mass.

  11. The easiest assumption is that the guy who wrote those screwed up the units, using "tons" when he meant "kilograms" (because terrakilogram just doesn't sound right).
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    Fixed the link.
  13. Teratons!!!

    At last!!!
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    It would be teragrams, kilo is the prefix, tera is also a prefix, so it would be teragrams, not terakilograms(which would actually be 1000xtrillion, also known as a peta :p)
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    she was genetically enhanced by the Chozo.
  16. They enhanced what needed to be enhanced.
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    Can't really tell what's going on in that comic. Bad art.

    And lack of Bewbs.