Seaquest Vs Seaview

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    The Seaview from Voyage to the bottom of the sea as of season three, appears in Seaquest-verse as of Seaquest season three. The Seaquest, believing it to be an enemy sub engages it, who wins(both sides will fight until one is destroyed)?

    -Seaview gets her flying sub.

    -Seaquest gets it's fighters.

    -No reenforcements for either side.

    -Battlefield is wide open ocean no real cover for either sub. :wtf:
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    The SeaQuest carves the Seaview up like a Christmas Roast!

    The Seaview was 172.93 meters long acording to Wiki while the SeaQuest was 307 meters in length.

    Seaview was designed as a research vessel first while the SeaQuest is a warship with science tacked on.

    Weapons of the Seaview are limited to small VLS systems for anti-air and Polaris missiles. Supposedly it also had a single bow laser of some type besides torpedoes.

    The flying sub never showed any armament if I recall, being only a courier ship.

    SeaQuest was armed with multipul lasers, plasma torpedos, nuclear ballistic missiles, and had two Specter sub fighters. Those had two lasers and torpedoes as weapons, plus being capable of over 200 knots.
  3. Oh yeah, this is gonna be real useful in an UNDERWATER sub vs sub fight.
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    The thing can work underwater.