Selene (Underworld) vs Black Widow (The Avengers)

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  1. The Black Widow is out and about in NYC while she notices Selene dealing some death to a Lycan. However, the Lycan is in his human form and the Black Widow believes Selene to be a cold-blooded killer. Outraged, the Widow attempts to arrest her and book her....

    Selene naturally resists....

    What happens? Can the Black Widow capture and if not kill Selene, or will Selene make short work of the Widow?

    (Selene from the first film)
  2. Omanisat

    Omanisat Imperator Protegit

    What version of Selene?
  3. From the first film.
  4. Tribbing decides the winner.
  5. Omanisat

    Omanisat Imperator Protegit

    Well, unless BW is packing ultraviolet light rounds she can't really kill Selene.
  6. thtadthtshldntb

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    Even first movie Selene wrecks her.
  7. Selene breaks her neck? This is so unfair it's not even funny.
  8. All the guys in the audience win but yea Selene kills her the end.
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  9. thtadthtshldntb

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    Kate Beckinsale in that outfit is about one of the most perfect matches of female body to clothing ever.... you have to go back to Diana Riggs and her outfit for something as awesome and KB just seems like well more awesome.
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  10. I think Scarlet gives her a run for it in her Avengers outfitt.
  11. I was catching it on HBO tonight and that backshot of Selene storming the castle is just perfect!!!
  12. That backshot when she was grilling Loki was also perfect....damn.
  13. Jared

    Jared The scalpel.

    Before her powerup in Evolution, she almost died from getting stabbed at the base of the neck. She was bleeding out in the car, passed out, and Speedman had to pull her out of the water.

    Widow might be able to beat here just by having better aim.

    Nitpick, she probably doesn't have the authority to formally arrest anybody.
  14. I think I am going to go watch Underworld again and get Avengers on DVD....
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  15. Jared

    Jared The scalpel.

    Thread is meaningless without pictures...of their equipment...for...research.
  16. Not to mention the fact of where the fight is.

    Muddy field in the rain?
    Jello Factory?
    Pillow Warehouse?
  17. The perversion in this thread is getting disturbing.
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  18. The Nomad

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    Disturbingly low you mean ? ;)
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  19. BeRzErKeR

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    It interests me that you're so easily disturbed by sexual implications. . . while reading a thread about two women straight-up trying to murder each other. Sex is a lot less disturbing than murder to me.

    And yeah, Selene butchers Black Widow.
  20. Dora Milaje

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    Hey, if the posters in this thread were going on and on about how turned on they were getting by the imaginary bloodshed I'd be pretty disturbed by that, too.

    Thing is, it's the CHARACTERS in the thread that are doing the straight-up murdering.

    It's the POSTERS in the thread that are doing the off-topic ogling.

    So yeah, kind of not the same thing at all :p
  21. BeRzErKeR

    BeRzErKeR Perpetually Perplexed Military Mind

    Hey now. Nothing wrong with appreciating a hot actress in tight leather clothes.
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  22. Dora Milaje

    Dora Milaje I've been away a long, long while.

    I'm rather partial to tight leather clothes myself :D But this isn't the place for that appreciation, methinks. Let's stick to the discussion of biggaton yield calcs and absurdly-deadly-ewoks and Swarm-created-Vlad-Tepes-worthy-stompfests and speculations upon what Trek could do with "competence" and answering "how many X to defeat Y" threads with One, at sufficient velocity.

    That's what I came to Space Battles for.
  23. Selene also has better guns.
  24. thtadthtshldntb

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    Some of us actually find the notion of a woman who could literally beat you into paste and enjoy doing it somewhat attractive.
  25. Trust me, I've had the longest crush on Kate Beckensale since the first Underworld movie came out. And honestly? This is hearsay to say this, but Selene looks unholy hot in spandex then Natasha would ever be, holding her peashooters.