Selene (Underworld) vs Black Widow (The Avengers)

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    I said earlier KB in that outfit is about a close to a perfect match between a woman and an outfit as has ever occurred. She look more attractive on screen in that outfit that Kate Upton in a French Maids outfit while sitting on my lap.
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    aren't hers made of hollow synthetic materials filled with gel?
  3. I'm sorry, you must have mistaken them for Natasha's. You know, the tiny peashooters the size of a peanut.

    But, most of the bullets when fighting the werewolves were made of liquid silver inside capsule bullets.
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    She has special hollow ammo to deliver doses of silver nitrate to lycans, don't know about the weapons themselves.
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    what are you guys talking abou- OH. *ahem* right.

    but anyways. widow's 9mm rounds are the ones -not- made of glass or plastic or whatever. that point matters more in other Vs. matches but still.

    widow's goofy "KO a grown man with gentle love tap" super strength should also be addressed. and will be addressed until someone lets a woman in a movie fight like a fucking person and doesn't make a big deal of it.
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    And while I’m not a doctor, having liquid silver injected into ones bloodstream, doesn’t sound to good for a human ether.:p
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    It ends in hot lesbian sex....the end

    And at the beginning of the 1st movie she was using plain silver bullets
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    No...not the end. There must be at least two sequels and a prequel.
  9. Now you see why I'm disinclined to continue this debate. It's not a debate anymore.
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    That must never happen, men and lesbians' heads would explode from the hot lesbian sex. It would be a tragedy.
  12. Black widow is a max human
    Celene is a 700 year old vampire special forces whos spent those years fighting wear wolves.
    Black widows fast.
    Celene can move so fast you cant see her
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    It's not a debate, it's a... how do you say it... jerk off session.

    Guys. Could you please keep that to appropriate venues (privacy of your own home, special jerk off events, ect.) rather than shooting your load all over Space Battles?

    I'd appreciate that.
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    I'm not a doctor, but having a small metal projectile fired into your body at 1200 mps doesn't sound too good for a human either.
  15. Selene's not human...but then again neither is Black Widow, at least not fully, she's been modified with super soldier serum.
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    Re-read the post I replied and quoted to and then enjoy the irony.
  17. Hehehehe.
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  19. I take that my statement about it being close back. Kate wins easily.

    Selene wins by draining her.
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    oh dear.
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    I was going to do a vs of all the female vamps from live action movies but the problem is the Twilight vampires I think would dominate all of the others
  22. Jared

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    Some "worshipper of Slaanesh" you are! Bah! :)

    Widow in the movie's might be modified, but we don't know the specifics yet.

    Selene isn't that fast until she gets a powerup in Evolutions. I don't think anyone questions that she could mop the floor with Natasha at that point. Before that, it's more of an open question.
  23. shipmastersane

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    twilight vampires are over hyped. they telegraph to a hilarious degree and are not as durable as one would think
  24. Selene doesn't get a powerup until near the end of the second movie. The scene of Selene beating the shit out of the humans in the forest shows just how fast she is, and shows a feat much faster than what Blade has ever done in any of his movies.
  25. I thought that it was impilied that sometime during the first and second movie she had been feeding upon the hybrd Micheal and got a little juice from him?