Sexiest Woman in Stargate.

Discussion in 'Space Battles Main' started by Inquisitor Kard, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Inquisitor Kard

    Inquisitor Kard Once Inquisitor Ryan

    Who do you consider to be the sexiest woman/women in Stargate?

    for myself?

    Dr Carolyn Lam
    Elizabeth Weir
    Carter. (she's a given methinks...)
  2. mackon

    mackon Missing & Presumed Dead Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Dr Carolyn Lam, hands down no contest.

  3. Adria
    Jennifer Keller
    long hair Sam Carter, don't like her with short hair

    that's preaty much it
  4. savagemonitor

    savagemonitor Your Mom's Open Source!

    I always thought that Dr. Fraiser was hot.

    I also agree with most of the women listed. The woman taken in the series pilot that was rejected for a host was pretty hot as well.

    The Ascended Ancient chick that visited Atlantis should go up there as well.

    Hmm, what about that love interest of Daniel's that discovered a Goa'uld imprisoned on earth and was forced to be its host? I thought she was pretty hot.

    Honestly, for almost any Sci-fi series we should make a list of women that were ugly since it's rare that ugly women are featured for any length of time.
  5. Star Dragon

    Star Dragon Elite Super Robot Pilot

    I kinda had a thing for Anise.

    But also liked Jennifer Haley, and Lam as well in preferance to the other SG women...

    Also so so for the Snake that liked Jonas...
  6. Inquisitor Kard

    Inquisitor Kard Once Inquisitor Ryan

    Oh, and (fuck my pathetic memory)

    The natural vote for Vala Mal Doran.
  7. Entilza

    Entilza Supreme System Lord

    Dr. Carol Lam
    Samantha Carter
    Dr. Jennifer Keller
  8. Cap'n Chryssalid

    Cap'n Chryssalid the armor piercing wang

    I liked Anise, too. Vanessa Angel. Mmmm.

    She'd get my vote for Numba 1
  9. I liked Anise as well but it has got to be Dr Carolyn Lam.
  10. Ladiesman

    Ladiesman Spacebattles Resident Racist

    I'll go with Dr. Lam.

    I think Hathor is worth a mention too. And Osiris....
  11. iBorg

    iBorg Dark Schtroumpf

    Osiris was HOT.
    Dr Keller. Mmmmm.
    Was there even one ugly chick in SG ?
    Oh, and in SGA, the Travellers leader. Larrin !
    Oh, and there's better pics if you just google "Jill Wagner" ;7
  12. Sarpedon

    Sarpedon Shadow Cabal Space Pirate

    Chaya/Athar is superior.
  13. Anopheles

    Anopheles I joke of many things

    Dr Alice Porter (nicola de boer) - and the rest of the all female sg team.


    Jennifer Keller
    Elizabeth Weir
    Sam Carter (but not top of my list)

    The most attractive actress was probably Apollonia Vanova, but she was playing a wraith queen. (She was Silhouette in Watchmen
  14. zzz

    zzz Fuckin' Lurker

    Jennifer Keller hands down, Sam as second place.
  15. Ben Who Devours

    Ben Who Devours devouring the prey

    Carter and Adria, wooo!
  16. Ash's Boomstick

    Ash's Boomstick Very British Enforcer Moderator

    For me it goes

    Dr Jennifer Keller
    Lt Laura Cadman
    Dr Janet Fraiser.
  17. BG45

    BG45 Lurker

    For me:
    1) Adria
    2) Dr. Lam
    3) Anise
    4) Hathor
    5) Sha're
  18. maguado87

    maguado87 Softy

    Carolyn Lam(Rommie) and Jennifer Keller(Kayle)
  19. Both SG-1 female docs, and FRAN.
  20. Spartan303

    Spartan303 In Captain America We Trust! Moderator

    I tend to divide them into regular cast and those who have made a Cameo

    For Cast

    Dr. Caroline Lamb


    Dr. Kellar

    Sam Carter

    For Cameo characters

    I definetly had a thing For Chia Athar

    A seriously close second was Adria

    Then Fran.

    And that chick from the episode with Jonas's homeworld in season 7.

    None of the others are worth mentioning or I just forgot.
  21. l33telboi

    l33telboi Local Rocket Surgeon

  22. FireHazard

    FireHazard He Exists

    Tell me now what episode she was in and who she was playing. NOW!!

    What, I like redheads;7
  23. l33telboi

    l33telboi Local Rocket Surgeon

    A shame she wasn't a readhead in the episode. She's in "The Storm" and "The Eye" as well as one episode before that. Can't rememeber the first episode though.
  24. Hello. ;7
  25. Star Dragon

    Star Dragon Elite Super Robot Pilot

    That's Cadman the SP, she was trapped in Rodney's body after that Wraith beaming accident.

    Funny shit!

    She had a thing for Carson and the moment when she made Rodney KISS HIM was the ultimate moment of all SGA. Especially the shameful facepalm Rodney did right after when he got control back a moment later...


    Before that he was at dinner with the science chick Rodney liked and Carson and he was holding both of them it got really creepy, like a Bi-threesome was about to break out lol!

    laughed my ass off!
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