Shephard. Sheppard. Shepard.

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    Three soldiers from Science Fiction with suspiciously similar last names are taken from their home universes and placed into an abandoned New York City. They are given an M-16 and 200 rounds of ammunition, and clad in camo fatigues. In order to go home, they must defeat their counterparts.

    The contestants are Adrian Shephard from Half-Life, John Sheppard from Stargate, and Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.

    (For fairness, Commander Shepard is a soldier class and is taken from the end of ME1.)

    Only one Shep is Shep enough to survive. Who out Sheps his fellow Sheps?
  2. Jace911

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    Even ignoring the sheer badassery he exudes, Shepard has vastly superior training to the other two.
  3. SICON_Reaper

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    They all have the same equipment.
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    I don't see how anyone can beat Adrian Shephard.

    1) He's actually trained to use the stuff they're using.
    2) He can climb up a ladder backwards while firing a two-handed weapon with perfect accuracy.
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    Which is why I edited my post, once I had read the OP. :p
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    Cool. Now, how about something that's not game mechanics?
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    The last Shep stands victories over the bodies of the others, secure with the fact he is the best Shep. BUT THEN! A single shot fires, Shep is startled and moves to hold his gut as blood begins to pour out.

    As Shep topples over a figure can be seen behind him. That figure is none other then General Shepherd. It was he who set them up to fight eachother and, it is he that has now won. All part of his plan.
  8. Sven

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    Commander Shepard wins. Alliance soldiers recieve genetic enhancements upon enrolling.

    Also, he can bullet-time.:D
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    What fun is that?
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    Well, Adrian Shepard is a one man army. Fighting through Black Mesa, alone, with elite special forces trying to kill him on top of two separate alien invasions is a bit more impressive than anything the other two have survived. Even a War Hero John Shepard beat the blitz with access to superior Mass Effect tech and force multipliers like medigel and shields.

    Adrian Shepard fought off the Race X invasion without either of those advantages. Consequently, any injuries Adrian sustained would've been much more debilitating.

    Then there's how Adrian Shepard has familiarity with the weapons he's using, while John doesn't. Granted the other John Shepard does too, but he's never really done anything nearly as impressive as the other two, so he'll probably end up dying unless he cuts a deal with Adrian.
  11. someguy16

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    Can he bullet time?
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    He doesn't need to, he can gib people with a monkey wrench, and if he puts his strength into it, in one hit. Just think about this, he can cause people to explode into a gibs with a MONKEY WRENCH.
  13. Cpl_Facehugger

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    Can John Shepard outside of game mechanics? And remember, this is pre-lazarus Shep.
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  15. CuriousStranger

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    I'd think Commander Shepard would be vastly disadvantaged here, what with him not knowing much about the M-16 and the lack of Kinetic Barriers. He's used to having infinite ammo with an incredibly light weapon and the ability to shrug off bullets. All those advantages taken away, he'll probably lose.
  16. <<ERROR>>

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    Soldier class at the end of ME1? Doesn't that mean he's got Immunity levelled up enough to have it on all the time. That's a permanent 90% damage reduction right there.
  17. Let's ignore game mechanics for a second here.

    John Sheppard (SGA): Is a former PILOT with limited training. Despite that, he manages to go up against the Wraith, which usually involves hosing them with long bursts at close range. Usually, but doesn't always, have a team to back him up. Seems to have some knowledge of tactics. Smarter than he looks and can think on his feet. Hasn't specifically used an M16 to my knowledge but has used similar firearms. Reasonably tough, and significantly the ONLY one of the group used to fighting with no armor.

    Adrian Shepherd (OpFor): Is a member of an elite combat unit. Intense and pretty brutal training. Went up against Race X and Zen and was able to escape, which should say something about his abilities. Did it alone, but obviously can also work in groups. Can do both cover-based combat and run and gun, but used to being able to take bullets. He can solve simple puzzles, no idea if that makes him smart or an idiot-savant. Probably used an M16 or similar before, and is a hardened soldier.

    Jane Shepard (ME1): Perhaps significantly, the only woman of the group. Was an elite special forces operator, then became a Spectre. Faced off against Saren, an army of Geth, and a sentient machine starship. She always had two (never one or three) teammates. Intelligent and can work with advanced technology- which is also a potential weakness. She's used to fighting with minature railguns and (possibly powered) armor with shields. The comparatively crude technology is going to be a problem for her, and having no kinetic barriers to stop bullets and no medi-gel to deal with the wound is going to be a shock. She's tough for a man or a woman and probably augmented somewhat either biologically or with implants.

    The conclusion? I'm probably going to give this one to Adrian Shepherd. John Sheppard has worked with similar equipment- no armor and crude firearms. However, he's a pilot, not a soldier and his training would reflect that. He also spent five years fighting not humans but aliens. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Jane Shepard is the toughest and strongest of the bunch- artificially of course. But as I said earlier, she's used to fighting with armor that can take anywhere from a few bullets to fifty bullets and highly advanced computerized weapons. Those don't have magazines or charging handles, and it's going to take the Commander a while to figure that out. A lot of this fight is about using your environment, too. Scavenging food, equipment and ammunition. Setting up traps and fortified positions. None of them lived in New York if I remember correctly. Even if they had been, Commander Shepard's New York is a lot different than the one the other two might have visited.

    Of course, there's always the possibility they decide to band together against whatever force is keeping them there, or decide it's just not worth it and refuse to fight each other.
  18. Wrex.
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    You'd only say it like that if you were looking for a reaction. So here you go!

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    I would agree with you about soldier shep in the Blitz but you have too remember that Shepard's enemies also have the same tech Shepard has. He has to deal with their shields and armor. I also doubt that shep would be using better weapons then the batarians on Ellysium since even a weapon with 4,000 rounds will go empty when up against a invasion force of pirates and mercs. He would likely have to use the pirates weaponry also to stay alive.

    I'll give it to Adrian due to him being one of the more wanked FPS characters (Not saying thats a bad thing.) also Commander Shepard is using weaponry that he has no idea how to use.