Should they remake the eighties dungeons and dragons cartoon show?

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  1. I was watching dungeons and dragons cartoon on youtube recently. Do you think its time they remade it, using todays animation standards?

    If they did what types of kids should they have? This generation they should defintely have an asian and latino kid.

    What character classes should there be?

    The ranger, wizard, barbarian and theif characters are fine. But the acrobat and cavaliar were kind of lame. They should have had a cleric and a knight.

    The new show would still have Venger and Tiamat as the main villians. I would add Bahumut as the pure 5 headed gold, silver, bronze, brass and copper headed dragon as an ally, as well as dungeon master.

    How would you handle a new dungeons and dragons cartoon if you were in charge?
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    It has a Pony as a major character.
    Therefore it is made of epic and win ... and Friendship, so of course a remake is a good idea.
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  3. It could be like the anti- new My Little Pony and pick up an unexpected following with 9 year old girls instead of 20-something DnD players.

    But seriously, I never watched the old show but if they did a remake I'd give it a shot.
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    They'll make it for 9 year old boys, and it'll be a hit with 18-50 year old women. :p
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    Weren't the acrobat and cavalier really supposed to be amazon/barbarian and paladin/fighter? Even though I don't think the character had any weapon, just a shield. Maybe a remake could keep to the standard D&D setting a little better, I might not be remembering well though but I cannot think of an elf ever appearing in the series. And all the orcs were weird pig men.

    Actually I would much rather just have a show that takes place in Faerun or Eberron and stars characters from there that just so happen to be the known class types and interact with other more well known DnD creatures and characters. At least more than a group of random kids that just get lost on a generic fantasy-lite setting that go from village to village righting wrongs and always hoping that the next leap will eventually be the leap home.
  6. The Cavalier role wasn't lame, it was just Eric's personality (played by Donnie Most) who was lame. But he was made lame on purpose, I thought, by some family association consultative group who had input into the story characters. They specified that he was to be the whiny malcontent who always went against the group, only to be later proven wrong. So Eric's assinine behavior was deliberately written in to create a moral message from it.

    I liked his shield weapon - it was defensive and quite effective at times. Sometimes he could extend a shield bubble around himself and the gang.

    Acrobat's best role was in that Starchild episode.
  7. So... MLP:FIM spinoff?

    I imagine if they redid the show, they'd completely reboot it like FIM did for MLP.

    Hmm... I imagining a generic village in a generic fantasy kingdom being discovered to be sitting atop the buried ruins of an ancient city (ie, the Dungeon). A party of diversely talented people (aka the Adventurers) including possibly one talking unicorn are hastily assembled by the Mayor/King/whatever authority figure to explore and chart (and loot) the buried ruins which are not only quite extensive, appear to be inhabited by strange creatures. Each episode has the party explore new parts of the ruins and run into weekly plots.

    Oh and there's a BIG dragon wandering around down there looking for a quiet place to sleep, except our "heroes" keep stumbling across it and waking it back up. It's very cranky.

    "It's a ten foot by ten foot room! HOW DID IT GET IN HERE???"
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    No. It would suck.

    They'd used World of Dungeons and Dragoncraft 4e as the base when writing.
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    "If they make a reboot make it for a :more mature" audience.

    I want to see castmembers die, goblins pleading for their life before being squished, emotional trauma as they wonder if they're doing the right thing, NO FUCKING ALIGNMENT SYSTEM, raids, etc.

    For instance: A powerful lich has his phylactery in a bank. A very well guarded bank. The lich is currently on it's way to kill everyone in a little southside village he's the mayor of.

    In order to prevent him, they have to get to the phylactery, now.

    The only way to get there is through the guards. So they kill them. They did what they had to do, but that doesn't mean that they have to like it.

    Such quandaries as that.

    Also, no female characters are there because of sex appeal. I think this is part of why my little pony is so popular amongst young adult males: Finally females who aren't there only for decoration. In fact, everyone is dressed quite sensibly. The females can be pretty, but they have to be wiry, strong and dirty like everyone else. If you're going to model them of body types, for ONCE think Special Forces, and not "Special" forces.

    Make them use their weapons for maximal brutality and efficiency.
    "Ah, I see you are using [dnd fencer name here] defence against me, eh?"
    "I though it fitt" *is penetrated by spear by teammate* "ing..."

    In short, make it an intelligent violent show that treats it's audience like they're not retarded. And no fucking morals of the week!

    And make it a hit for girls age 9-40!
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    Well, having the show on DVD I actually think that not only the premise but also the characters hold up pretty well. Some silly episodes yes, but as a kid I thought it was awesome.

    I would not be against a virtual shot for shot remake with modern animation (and thus better graphics and sction) for a few of the best episodes, and continuing the show from that point on. Perhaps some more clear DnD references such as paladins etc, but really I think the sow stands up well enough as a KIDS show that little needs to be changed. Remaking it for adults is another story, but I don't see that happening or want a GRIMDARK version floating around.

    Ok, maybe make Eric less whiny/be right once in a while.
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    That might be the hardest part. The 'The Complainer is Always Wrong' trope is fairly important to the sort of groups that like to pressure executives into meddling where they shouldn't. Can't teach kids to go against the collective, after all, they might try to think for themselves, instead of becoming mindless consumers and drone wageslaves! :eek:

    Yeah, I hate that trope.
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    Perhaps its the fact that I haven't had my morning caffeine infusion yet... but for some reason, I now have the mental image of the DnD gang locked in an epic crossover with the Order of the Stick...
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    The Process goes like this...

    1-Cartoon Cash In is made by corperations
    2-Cartoon Cash In does well and attracts fanbase
    3-Some of these guys (used in a gender neutral sense) hold onto said Cartoon Cash as fond childhood memories and develop theories and their own ideas for the franchise.
    4-Some of said guys go to film school and get degrees in animation and stuff
    5-Studios decide to bring it back, hiring a few of said fans to work as writers and stuff.
    6-Said guys put TLC into their effort, giving it a heart and a soul and the resulting product is of superior quality.

    To name a few examples of this: Beast Wars, Transformers: Animated, the new He-Man animated series, MLP: FiM, DS9 (not a cartoon, but similar concept). It looks like Thundercats is going to be another example of this. If handled well, i see no reason why this would not work for the DnD cartoon.

    And of course there will always be a minority among the fanbase that hates it. Even if the charecters are all three dimentional and voiced by a set of thespians that preform every last minor sound perfectly, the Drama is deeply moving, the humour could bring even a clinical depressive into joyful bouts of laughter, the world is deep, richly detailed and engaging, each frame is a masterpeice and flows perfectly in motion, the action never fails to get your heart pumping, the Plot and Story work wonderfully and the soundtrack would compell Hans Zimmer and John Williams to hunt down the composer just to take their hats off to him/her in respect. The smaller said minority is the more they will attempt to compensate for lack of numbers by volume in their cries of "YOU RAPED MAH CHILDHOOD".

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    Should they redo it? Certainly.
    Could they? Properly? That is a harder question.

    Gone are the days of bloodless carnage and flat characters. Doing DnD any justice would require the media watch dogs be beaten back long enough to get in some real fighting and moral issues.

    Personally I wouldn’t want to see it redone... till FIM is finished. Doing two shows at once would reduce quality :D
  15. Well assuming you're actually doing a children's show and not some grim darked prime time hour long fantasy drama, bloodless carnage is going to be practically mandatory.

    Which is why my idea for a DnD cartoon focuses less on the fighting and looting aspects (bad moral lessons there) and more on the exploration aspect of DnD.

    And if possible, the adventuring party wouldn't murder everything in the dungeon they come across, getting across a moral about when it's okay and when it's NOT okay to use violence, picking your fights, making friends (and enemies) in new places, etc etc. This would actually be MORE realistic because a group of psychopaths that went down into a dungeon killing everything with hand weapons should realistically get worn out and then killed when the locals band together in overwhelming numbers to get rid of this common threat.

    Hmm... perhaps multiple adventuring parties. One is the protagonist group of good guys. A bunch of Red Shirt parties. And of course the obligatory rival "Evil" party who the protagonist party spends half the episodes fighting off and the other half saving their bacon from some monster they woke up.
  16. Yitzi

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    Ditch the concept of a "D&D cartoon" and instead write (or borrow) a D&D campaign, get permission from WotC, and make a cartoon out of that.

    Rulesets do not make for good fiction; well-written plots and characters make for good fiction.
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    I was actually working on a story concept a while ago, which instead of the one discontent member, it would be more like the Breakfast Club in Fantasy with everyone having real issues that are dealt with during their time.

    First a stereotypical alpha male jock(Barbarian/Fighter) who assumes leadership but it isn't really fit for it yet but unwilling to hand it over to the better-suited members of the group for the sake of maintaining at least one familair thing from home. His ditzy girlfriend(Druid/Cleric) who is smarter than she appears but has low-esteem issues. The nice guy(Cavalier/Paladin) who wants everyone to work together but resents nobody taking him seriously on matters. Than there's a feisty redhead(Ranger), the nice guy's nerdy little brother(Mage) and a same-age female pickpocket(Thief) who actually is from the D&D world and who landed in the real world through the portal in the now-abandoned theme park ride from the original series, stole an Ipod from the little brother in belief it being a magical item, with the following chase ending in them getting sucked into the portal.

    There they get the costumes and weapons, with the Dungeon Master being more of a mysterious Black Mage-type character who is rather snarky and dismissive of their chances of getting home or even survival, due to a tragedic ending with the previous group of young adventurers that crushed his spirit and vowed not to get emotionally attached anymore. The group dynamic is shit at first due to nobody being really being friends at all and large blaming on the Thief for getting them trapped versus putting the blame on those who chased her in the first place, while discussing the need for a guide.

    They also rather suck at fighting and using their abilities to the fullest, with a group of kobolds getting the better of them in the first actual fight, until an expierenced adventurer group comes along and saves them, gives the kids some tips and than are off again.

    Main Bad for the first season would be a corrupt nobleman who rules the lands in which the kids find themselves in, having disposed the ruling royal family with a instigated revolution. The kids manage to help the royalists to overthrow him, but also make sure that the country becomes a constitutional monarchy in return for their aid. Doing so, they've made themselves noticed by the real Big Bad who becomes convinced the kids are on the trail of his plot to rule the world, and declares open season on them.
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    They should just make more series of Record of Lodoss War. The first series was made of win.
  19. Ironically, a good portion of the time the complainer has a pretty good point and is the most realistic in how someone would act in that situation.
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    Get Jeremy Irons to voice an evil wizard, and I'll tune in religiously.
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    Do I want to see more D&D?

    I'll let this fanart speak for itself:
  22. But what about bringing back Venger and Tiamat? You don't want those villians or completely new ones?

  23. Here's the ref from wikipedia:

    There you have it - whiny Ralph Malph as prescribed by the local PTA.

    I recall one episode where he showed more courage than usual, which was when he got a chance to be DungeonMaster for a Day:

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    Don't Grimdark it. For the love of all that's good and just in the universe, don't fuckin' Grimdark it.
  25. Yeah, it's supposed to be a CARTOON.