Sieg Zeon! (Gundam) or Zar Belk! (Space Battleship Yamato 2199)

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Who's cooler?

  1. Zar Belk!

  2. Sieg Zeon!

  1. 100thlurker

    100thlurker Outlander Magistrate and Enemy of the Lie

    A Gamillas taskforce of the Milky Way frontier command, under General Domel, warps to a certain blue planet.


    Waiting for them is the Principality of Zeon at its height.


    Hostilities ensue.

    General Domel only has access to the resources of the Milky Way frontier command and must continue dealing with whatever commitments he already has as commander on the frontier. Lord Deslar will send no reinforcements or aid beyond whatever basic supplies and weapons are needed for the command to continue functioning. The Principality of Zeon has access to the full breadth of resources it commands at its highest point - but no more. Any portions of Earth or other space colonies not directly conquered or aligned with Zeon are to be counted as effectively neutral, even if planet bombed.

    General Domel wins if he either receives Zeon's surrender and incorporates them as Second Class Gamillons or simply annihilates them. The Principality of Zeon wins if they can defeat any and all forces Domel can deploy against them.

    May the best Nazis win.

    Second Scenario: Who's cooler?
  2. EFA

    EFA Silent Fury

    Gamillas capital ships will murder Murai left and right.Those beam cannons of Cosmos Navy is at least as UC particle beam cannons and they do jack shit against Gamillas capital ships. Hell, Domel's superdreadnought will plow right through entire Zeon fleet without scratch seeing it can deflect Yamato's Shock cannons at any range other than at point blank.
    Minovsky paricle trick won't work since Gamilas have FTL sensor.
    Not to mention they can just sit on outer system and use Planetery bombs.

    Sec2: Domes is far cooler than any Zeon commander in OYW.too bad he was sent to death........Damn it!!!
  3. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar?

    Prove it.
  4. EFA

    EFA Silent Fury

    When I think about it,what stop Domel destroy Jupiter and its Energy Fleet then wait for a year!!
    I will be extremely suprised that there is any Zeon ships can still fly.
  5. 100thlurker

    100thlurker Outlander Magistrate and Enemy of the Lie

    If that is too crippling a weakness for Zeon, let's move goalposts a bit and give them a secure supply of He3.