Sparkgate: Agatha and the Grasp of the Serpent God (Girl Genius/SG)

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    [take two on the Sparkgate cross. Less elaborate set up, mainly. Since I'm not nearly as strong on SG, criticism of my portrayal of Jack et al appreciated.]

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    Continued in:
    Sparkgate: Volume 2
    Vol 3



    Doctor Tarsus Beetle caught the ink bottle before it overturned. Any Master of Transylvania Polygnostic University developed keen instincts regarding explosions, acid sprays, electrical discharges, and eruptions of more exotic energies. The old Spark proverb about the "quick and the disintegrated" was taken to heart all over Europa. Glancing outside the window of his office, he scanned for the telltale signs of-- Ah. Smoke curled out of the shattered windows of High Energy Metaphysics Lab. Several clanks of the Watch were already pumping a fire-retardant foam onto scattered blazes.

    Graduate students. Hmmmph.

    The crisis seemed to be over when Doctor Beetle strolled over to the HEM. Just one casualty--a soot-blackened figure carried out a stretcher by bearers from the medical department. Beetle's heart stuttered in his chest when he spotted the lock of strawberry-blonde hair spilling over a pillow. Agatha! No! He needed her! Rushing over, he examined her for any damage. No obvious detached limbs or massive injuries. Something of a miracle when it came to Spark-inspired scientific disasters. The frames of her glasses were twisted by the force of an explosion. And-- Excellent. The Locket was still in place and seemingly undamaged. The loss of that would have been a disaster. With a wave, he dismissed the bearers. They trotted off to the infirmary.

    "That idiot!" Another figure staggered out of the building.

    "Silas." Doctor Beetle raised an eyebrow. "What happened?"

    "The Clay girl, of course." Silas Merlot's spittle hissed when it landed on a patch of burning embers. "I give her a simple job: tidy up the thesis projects in the basement. The clumsy chit managed to bumble even that. She claimed she had one of her 'spells' before the accident. It's more like her incompetence."

    "Is anything damaged?" Beetle frowned. The Locket was supposed to suppress her Spark. Still..

    "Just this." Silas held up a twisted mass of brass, gears, and wiring. "Somehow, Clay combined these two into-- Well, hardly important, it's not as if she could ever create anything that works."

    "Hmmm." Beetle peered through his spectacles at the assemblage. "Oh yes, I recognize these. Van Zandt's Etheric Communicator and Helghast's attempt at a teleportation device. Neither worked."

    "I am going to--" Silas snarled.

    "You will return to working on the assignment of the Baron's." Beetle's voice took the ominous reverbations of a Spark on the verge of anger. "Do not waste my time."

    "I--" Silas' Adams Apple bobbed. "Yes, Master. On my way, Master."

    Doctor Beetle's right-hand man rushed off to work on the Dihoxulator. The Master glared at his retreating back before returning his attention to the...thing. An accident? Perhaps. Or a sign Agatha might be breaking through after all. A few adjustments to her locket's mechanisms while she was unconscious might be in order. He poked the remains of the lab accident. Useless. Handing it to a Watch clank, he ordered to sent to the crusher for disposal. Doctor Beetle considered is no more as he went back to his office. He had more important matters to consider. Especially the artifact that might give him the edge against the Baron.

    After all, with her Spark suppressed, Agatha Clay was merely a bright eighteen year old girl. Nothing would come of it.

    And nothing did.

    In his universe.


    Fish darted through the ruins of the temple. The starlight above did not penetrate the depths hiding the ruins. Shattered marble columns and marble statues were scattered about a mosaic floor covered by slime and silt. Skeletons picked clean of flesh were buried in the mire. The sole intact object was a huge ring of grey stone--or at least, what appeared to be stone--standing canted at an angle by the remains of an altar. Whatever had destroyed the temple would not have scratched it a jot. Its builders had constructed it of a material capable of withstanding the fires of a star. If it had been given intelligence, it could have been said to wait patiently for a signal that likely would never come.

    One did.

    Sealife died within fifty meters of the Stargate as eerie blue lightning crackled around it. Energies not even its creators could have imagined discharged into the exotic circuitry. Yet, the technology of the Ancients was not so easily damaged. Straining under the load, the Stargate did its best to interpret the information dumped into its pattern buffers. The "ka-woosh" of a stablizing wormhole formed. Then collapsed back in on itself. The radiant blue pool that should have appeared stuttered and flickered in and out of existence. Emergency protocols within the Stargate's programming shut down the device before it exploded with the fury of a localized star going nova.

    The Gate waited.

    So did the energy pattern not wiped from its buffers.


    Another planet, another desperate retreat while running from a hail of staff blasts.

    Just another day, Daniel Jackson thought, in SG-1.

    "Just once," Jack O'Neill said, going down on one knee to cut down a pursuer with a burst from his P90, "I'd like to meet some nice, friendly Jaffa."

    "I believe I am your friend, JackO'Neill", Teal'c replied. Another of Apophis' soldiers died as the rebel Jaffa hit him with a staff weapon blast.

    "Yeah, but you're not what I'd call 'jolly'." O'Neill shifted to suppressive fire. Mail-clad figures dove for cover further down the forest path. "Next time we meet the Jaffa, can't we swap a few stories, share a beer, talk about--do Jaffa have sports teams?"

    "We may often talk of the latest conquests, " Teal'c said, loosing off another plasma bolt, "of the System Lords."

    "Must be oodles of fun." A slight, economical gesture. "Carter?"

    "Peachy, sir." Samantha Carter threw a grenade into a knot of Jaffa trying to flank them. "Standard hasty E&E? Any preferences this time?"

    "Beach might be nice." A staff blast scorched a tree just to the Colonel's right. "Use one of our agreed-on fallbacks."

    "Pine trees or desert it is, sir."

    Daniel Jackson fired at the alien soldiers. After a year of operations, the light recoil of the stubby weapon was second-nature. The part of himself that was still an idealistic archaeologist fascinated by the life of ancient cultures cringed at the death-scream of the enemy. Daniel suppressed the horror of the death of another sentient being, even one sworn to serve the tyrannical Goa'uld. Not now. Perhaps later. The team needed him to be strong. Too often he was the weight dragging them down, a man of learning among warriors. Learned debate did not work against Jaffa.

    SG-1 charged out into the clearing surrounding the gate of P5C-386. The Jaffa had been sloppy. There was no guard posted by the Chappai. Deprived of cover, the team raced towards the Stargate before Apophis' men could draw a bead on them. Jackson silently thanked the poor ergonomics sense of Goa'uld weapons design as staff blasts narrowly missed them. For once, he was the first to the DHD. Already his fingers danced on the keys. Hasty E&E meant no direct dialing to Earth, no time to hold a gate before a GDO signal could be verified. Before each mission, every SG team member memorized two Gate addresses to planets unlikely to have a Goa'uld presence. The team would ambush anyone coming through the gate until it closed, then dial the Stargate Command's address. It was a new--

    Daniel Jackson stumbled when a staff blast slammed into the ground right by the stone ramp. Dazed, he watched the column of shimmering blue energy emerge from the gate. Wait. Had he dialed the right address? They might be heading into an unknown-- Coughing, he strained to warn the others of a possible misdial. O'Neill seized him by his tac vest. Teal'c and Carter had already dived into the watery pool of the wormhole. The archaeologist's last thought before the gate turned him into an information stream of energy was "I hope Jack gets his beach."

    As it turned out, he was close.
  2. Verry nice
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  3. Dang. Agatha and Sam. :eek::eek::eek: If the former doesn't drive the later nuts trying to figure out how she does it, well blowing up a star will be a parlor trick.
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    Not a bad start.
    We'll wait for it... A . Ga . Th . A . ;7


    Samarkand. Prologue -.BOOM - Dr.Beetle, Silas, ClayGirl, EthericCOMM, Dihoxulator, FishyRuins, Daniel&Jack, Carter&Teal'c, Jaffas, Gated
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    Samarkand. CH_14a -.SGC - Hammond&Weir, TheBrass&BigWigs, Daniel, Agatha&Teal'c, Earth&Home, Higgs&Cassie, Luis&Rhadamanthys
    Samarkand. CH_15a -.SGC - Daniel&Janet, Agatha&Cassie, History, Jack&Sam, Weir&Jack, LvL17, PrimeBING, Slavery, GettysBurgAddr.
    Samarkand. CH_16a -.NORAD - HummingAgatha, Coffee, Daniel, Siler&Felger, CoffeeSpeech, Hammond&Jack, FOOM!, Janet, Teal'c, DanceOfCackle
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    Samarkand. CH_21a -.NORAD - Felger&Sam, DingBots, Tests, Teal'c, GurkhaCap, Abydonians, Jack&Daniel, Kasuf&Sha're
    Samarkand. Omake1 -.NORAD - Sam&Agatha, Jay, MinionDuty, IoFluxTubeRide, Aaaack!, Crowbar&Crisco
    Samarkand. Omake2 -.NORAD - Hammond&Agatha, FootHold, MindTransfer, SilverBackGorilla, Kinsey
    Samarkand. Omake3 -.NORAD - Hammond&Jack, NoUrsusJoke, SamsoniteSuitcase, Strong
    Samarkand. CH_22a -.DC - Weir&Kinsey, Agatha&Colsen, NYC, Mustang&Ship, KatzsDeli, Burp&Foot, Family&Hope, Rhys&PrimeDing

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    Nice start, glad to see it again.
    Is this before or after Jolinar? ;7

    ps: Like the title, very Girl Genius. :D
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    Huzaah! Sparkiness invades SG1! Let the horrors commence! ;)
  7. Carter: Sir, I think you should know the personnel at Area 51 have errected a shrine to Miss Clay, and Rodney McKay is trying to get me drafted as her 'High Priestess and Chief Minion'.
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    At the very least Agatha needs to find a reason to re-invent the Jägerbräu before SG1 stick her in a boring lab. Maybe the inhabitants of the planet got smacked with a Goa'uld bio-weapon and drastic steps are needed to save some?
  9. It was fascinating!

    Agatha Clay lay against a half-toppled pillar. The past few seconds had been a confusion of terror and shock. One moment she had been doing...well, something in the High Energy Metaphysics lab. Then she had been flung head over heels through the air. Or rather, water. But now she was quite calm, studying the huge stone ring looming above her. Clearly a teleportation device. She must have come through the shimmering turquoise energy field within its perimeter. The chevrons on the outer circle likely served as indicators; the symbols on the inner circle were no doubt a co-ordinate system. They were nothing she had ever seen before outside of Transylvania Poly's small antiquities collection. It didn't resemble the ancient Greek or Roman artifacts from the height of the Daedelian Age. Something--

    Really, the light from the device was soothing. It illuminated the colourful scales of a fish darting past.


    Oh. She wasn't calm. Memories of lectures from the medical department about hypoxia and tunnel vision came to mind.

    Agatha was drowning.

    Four figures burst out of the ring. Agatha's fading sight watched as two quickly shed backpacks that tumbled back into the portal. Another tucked in a neat summersault and swam back. The fourth slid across the silt right towards her. Agatha smiled at the newcomer. Hello! His sensitive features registered shock as he landed on top of her. Then they twisted in pain as he inhaled a fair bit of the surrounding ocean. Blue eyes behind glasses that had somehow stayed on clouded over. He sagged against her. Well. It was nice meeting new people even if it was about to be brief. And fatal.

    A hand jerked back the man's head. Through the haze of oxygen deprivation, Agatha saw a shaven-headed man clad in chainmail lay a dagger against her new friend's throat. Well, that wouldn't do at all! She groped around for a weapon. Her fingers closed around a wrench that she had been holding while doing--well, whatever it was. Bubbles erupted from the second stranger's lips when she slammed the heavy wrench into the side of his head. An inhumanly strong hand closed around her throat. Not that she had any breath to choke the life out of her. Or much life left. She weakly tapped his head again in a vain effort to leave her alone.

    A dark cloud spurt out of her attackers head. Her friend kicked the man away with what was clearly the last of his strength. In his hand was an oddly designed pistol with the top half-slid back. Some sort of reciprocating mechanism? Agatha felt something tear away from her throat. Dimly, she saw the chainmail-clad killer float back into the portal. Most of his body except for one arm was swallowed by it. One arm sheared off the edge of the ring. Clutched in its hand was a golden--


    Her locket!

    She had to get her lock--


    "Good thing about water egress training," Samantha said,lying on the sand. "You don't forget about how to survive suddenly finding yourself under water after getting dumped into a pool a few hundred times."

    "Might have to sign Daniel up for that." Jack slapped Daniel on the back. "I was kidding about the beach."

    "Sorry--" Salt water and the remains of that feast from P5C-386 spewed out of his mouth. "Blast disoriented me mid-dial."

    "Could be worse." Jack gazed out at the waves. "Pretty nice little world here. Maybe I can dig out the survival kit from your pack. Do a little fishing."

    Wiping his lips with the back of his hand, Daniel conceded that they had been lucky ending up where they did after dialing blind. Lucky being a relative term. Having to swim about twenty feet up and two hundred yards of waves and surf to shore had not been easy. Crawling onto land, they had come out onto the golden sand of a beach that followed the arch of a broad bay; headlands could be seen several kilometers north and south. The landscape inland was familiar from family trips as a boy with Mom and Dad: maquis scrub and what appeared to be olive trees. The clink of shovels and whisk brushes came back to him from summer spent on digs in Attica and the Peloponnesus. No buildings or signs of human--or other--habitation. Which was not good...but at least they might get an hour's rest before the inevitable getting chased by angry natives.

    Jack and Sam were huddled by a rock taking stock of supplies. The two of them only had what had been in their tac vests. Both had their P90's--he couldn't imagine anything breaking their weapons retention discipline. His own P90 was slung around about his shoulder, though he'd lost his Beretta when Teal'c had dragged him up. Both he and Teal'c had their packs. The Jaffa because he had been strong enough to swim with one on, Daniel because he had been too confused to shrug it off. At least they had enough MRE's and supplies packed away to survive a few days before finding out if any of the planet's sea or animal life was edible. Who knew what the dip in the sea had done to their radios and other electronics?

    A groan.

    Oh yes. And the girl.

    Teal'c knelt by the young woman who had clocked one of Apophis' Jaffa upside the head. Her strawberry-blonde hair fanned out on the survival blanket spread beneath her. Oddly, a few locks of hair stuck up like cowlicks from the back of her head. Teal'c had taken off the waterlogged green dress and white shirtwaist that wouldn't have been out of place in a Victorian lady's wardrobe; her surprisingly heavy boots were laid out to dry, along with her red-and-white striped stockings. Daniel averted his eyes from the...curvy figure revealed by the wet purple under-vest and pantaloons. SG team members got used to seeing each other in their skivvies. With mixed-sex teams, you quickly learned to politely ignore flashes of skin. Not to mention regularly getting captured by an alien species that thought a few bangles and bits of cloth meant "godly attire".

    Still, with her softly rounded features, she was very--


    He had to remember Sha're.

    "Where do you think she came from?" Jack asked. "Think she's a native?"

    "I-I'm not sure." Daniel adjusted his glasses. "Her clothing is well above the usual cultural level we encounter. It's clearly machine-made, or at least sewn by more than hand. It's similar to Victorian or Edwardian dress."

    "That could be good," Jack said. "We don't usually find those on any world the Goa'uld touched. That was a snakehead temple down there, right?"

    "Actually, it looked like it had interesting Minoan and Mycenean--" Daniel caught himself. "Yes, I saw Goa'uld characters inscribed on the altar by the gate."

    "She could have come out with us, Colonel." Sam finished reassembling her P90 while she come over to join them. "You saw her right after you came through, Daniel. She can't have been under that long, and we didn't see any sign of wreckage on the swim in."

    "Another gate connecting at the same time as we did?" Jack ventured. "I thought that wasn't possible."

    "We really don't know the capabilities of the Stargate," Sam said. "It might have been a one-in-a-million glitch-- Hey. She's talking."

    "Can you make it out?" Jack asked.

    "It's not Goa'uld--" Daniel paused as the girl moaned. "Wait. That's...I think it's--"

    "German." Jack's tone was strangely flat. "I know German when I hear it."

    "It isn't modern Deutsche," Daniel continued, leaning close to catch what she was saying. "I've read several 19th century German archaeological papers. They pioneered the field. Oh, and there's some Romanian mixed in--"

    Brilliant green eyes opened wide behind the lenses of her glasses.

    Daniel smiled.

    "Don't be afraid, we're--"

    That was all he managed before she hit him with a wrench.
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    Interesting, that it is.
  11. So far so good. Oh and freakin' lol at Daniel.:D
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    Cool stream of consciousness as Agatha was drowning I thought it very in character I'm not too sure about the Agatha/Daniel romance that seems to be a big plot point forming.

    All in all it's pretty damn nifty I can only hope you inspire more to write Girl Genius fic and crossovers.
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    WHAT!? You mean Samarkand ships weird pairings sometimes!?

    Say it ain't so.....
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    ah poor poor Daniel another victim of wrench-fu.

    still what happens when the unstoppable Higgs, Teal'c, and Jack are all in the same room?

    I do worry about Sam though. Will the setting cause her to reject it all(hope not), or will the setting itself cause her to become a spark. After all she did blow up a star.

    The thought of O'niell and the jaggermonster trio is too good to pass up as well.
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    Interesting... Very nice too, but didn't you start one like this a while ago?:confused:
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    That one was a idea for adoption, this one means he's adopted it himself. ;7

    You know, Agatha her locket might just be able to subpress a snake. :p
  17. Very nice, good to see this story getting written.
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    yeah, why did you choose to continue it?

    Not that i complain mind :p
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    What a wrenching start for Daniel & Agatha ... :D

    Was Daniel speaking to her in German or English before she 'wrench'd' him??
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    Good to see it back.
  21. Don't wake Agatha when she has a wrench OR a deathray/tunnel drilling device around - ask Moloch von Zinzer...

    Sparks take their sleep very seriously, check out "The sleepy clank" radio play.
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    "You have discovered our secret! LIZARDMEN! REMOVE YOUR DISGUISES AND SLAY THE MAMMALS!"

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    Kmperor Kull of Ktlantis Khallenges the befoul'd Lizardmen of lore... }p:drevil:
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    Now, how long do you think it would take Agatha to turn a Stargate into an energy weapon? Ten, fifteen minutes?
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    No, quite a lot longer. Remember, this is a start of series Agatha, not the modern Agatha.