Spirited Away Better than Princess Mononoke?

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Is Spirited Away Better?

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  1. Yes, Spirited Away is better.

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  2. No, it is not.

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  1. RedWordSmith

    RedWordSmith Beyond Naughty and Nice

  2. Going from the polls and comments seen on IMDb and so on I would have to say this is Miyazaki-san's best piece so far, even though I have yet to see either Mononoke Hime or Spirited Away.

    I'm not much for fantasy animé hence why I never got into Escaflowne (also because the US version killed off Yoko Kanno's excellent music and replaced it with shit techno) but I did like Ninja Scroll and the Shadow Skill film and OAVs.
  3. Gil Hamilton

    Gil Hamilton Burajin Desutoroiyaa!

    It's hard to compare them, since they have different themes, level of maturity, et cetera, but I liked Spirited Away slightly better. The idea that people are controlled by other people owning their identity and the way to being free is remembering who you are hits home for me in a deep way. While Ashitaka's plight was certainly bad and the events in Mononoke Hime were compelling, I could associate with Chihiro more.
  4. phongn


    I didn't see Mononoke Hime, but Spirited Away was amazing.
  5. spacejozilla

    spacejozilla God of Beer RIP

    Haven't seen Spirited away yet, but I own Princess Mononoke on DVD, a must buy after seeing it in the theaters.:)
  6. Posbi

    Posbi Henchman of the State Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    The only reason why I never got into Escaflowne was that whenever I saw one of those guymielefs I couldn't stop thinking about how much an Earth military force would blow the crap out of them...:p
  7. True, plus the film and series are almost totally different. :p

    I'm more a realistic or future fan, Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex and Cowboy Bebop are the two series thrilling me now. Go Yoko Kanno! :D
  8. Posbi

    Posbi Henchman of the State Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Yeah, it was always this feeling like, 'Aww, gimme a bunch of Terran-made military mechs, MBTs, harriers and a couple of tac-nukes, and I'm going to kick all their butts with less than 1,000 men... :D

    Hey, mind telling me a bit about the two you mentioned, AV? :)
  9. GSV Use Psychology

    GSV Use Psychology Malfunctioning Mind

    Tough call. Princess Mononoke totally blew me away when I saw it for the first time, mostly since I saw it on the big screen during a filmfestival. Spirited Away didn't quite match that first experience.

    I think that Mononoke holds together better storywise, but Spirited Away seemed visually more impressive. Although better is a relative term, since they're both excellent movies.

    Still, Spirited away is the movie I'd pick to view right now if I had to choose between the two.
  10. GitS: SC is new in Japan and still showing, essentially it is more loyal to the original manga than the film which was often seen as not a true GitS product, but still good.

    Cowboy Bebop simply rocks, if there is one good thing I have to say about it it is the music easily. Good old fashioned space bounty hunter story.
  11. Shadowhawk

    Shadowhawk Evil Atheist Conspirator

    It's really hard to say which one is specifically better, but I had to choose Spirited Away, if only because it was the only one of the two I managed to see in the theater.
  12. watchdog

    watchdog Artiste-at-large

    I just wish I could see the damn thing, Disney released it in all of 8 theateres here in L.A and since I moved up to the high desert, I can truthfully say its not playing within 50 miles of me :rage:
  13. Xort

    Xort Mahō Shōjo


    Is the perfered name AV:D

    Note the 'A'
  14. mughi3

    mughi3 heavy metal-guru

    each myazaki film is great in it's own right. there is no real way to compare them. i personally prefer the crimson pig above all his films followed closely by nausicca and mononoke hime.
  15. Bah, SAC don't seem right. :p

    I always hated the "GitS" abbreviation (why is abbreviation such a long bloody word?!) as well, gits. :p
  16. Xort

    Xort Mahō Shōjo

    Read it as "Gets sack". ;)
  17. Nice method. :D
  18. Posbi

    Posbi Henchman of the State Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    AV, I've just started bidding for Cowboy Bebop at Ebay, so if I buy it, and it turns out to suck ass, then... *draws breath* ...then I'll come and kill you, kill your friends, kill your family, kill the people who knew your family, burn down their houses, brun down your house and- wait a minute *looks at account statement*, uhm, ah, forget that. :p ;)
  19. The whole series?

    My bro is getting it on DVD at Xmas and he saw the last ep on CNX as I watched the last downloaded ep last night.

    It's a great series, brilliant music, fantastic artwork and a great plot with colourful characters.

    You won't be disappointed.
  20. AltoidMaster

    AltoidMaster Lord of Minty Freshness

    I think they're both good in their own way and comparing these two would be a poor approach to assessing them.
  21. justifier

    justifier 30 squirrels in a mansuit

    And the last episode is kickass!
  22. Yeah, but no spoilers. The whole Vicious arc was brilliant.
  23. dacis2

    dacis2 Bureaucrat Moderator

    Actually, after watching through both, I think they are about level to me.

    Don't ask how I got them in a country with a crappy cable system.