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    In this scenario you have the ships and crew from all the major trek series in orbit around rifts Earth. Each has sent down and away team containing the usual people all end up on that ships away team. From their pespective they think something terrible has happened to their Earth so they are trying to get to the bottom of whats going on. They have all beamed down 5 miles outside of Chi Town. What happens from this point forward? :D
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    Where's that "Vlad Tepes Award for Unnecessary Cruelty" when you need it?! :p
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    Well, good for them that phasers on full are definitely going to be MD weapons. Bad for them that they're all going to be effectively unarmed and thus in a fight, 'goo' or 'vapor'. Good for them in that they have orbital support.

    Bad in that all non-humans are going to be considered "DBees" (although once they figure it out, they can transport non-human looking crew out of there).

    If they avoid starting a fight, they might be able to pick up some info (quite a bit maybe since it's not hard to find info in the Burbs, if there is any to find. Plus their tricorders are really good at picking up technical info if that's what they're looking for), but their greatest asset is going to be ships that can work as active support and are unthreatened by anything on Earth short of Atlantis's space force or mages teleporting to the ships (which might be stopped by shields- tech can block magic and vice-versa in Rifts much of the time. If a tech can stop transporters, it can probably stop magical teleportation. Of course, the reverse holds true so mages can likely stop transporters. But being near Chi-town, that's not a huge worry).

    The location is actually a major asset- There won't be any major magic threats or anything near the Coalition's home town, but the Coalition doesn't care if a bunch of humans and near-human DBees are asking questions in the Burbs for the most part.

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    They have to make sure that a certain Klingon starfleet officer doesn't start a bar fight in the burbs. because things will go to hell quick. :D
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    For who? :)

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    For everyone :)
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    Primarily for the starfleet officers unless they called for a quick transporter extraction. No armor in Rifts = baaad, even if you have MD weapons.

    Fortunately for the Rifters, it's not the Mirror-universe who'd then follow it up with a photon bombardment.

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    The mirrorverse versions would have probably bombarded the planet first thinking it was already occupied by enemy forces :D
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    Why would technology be able to stop teleportation via magic. Magic follows completely different rules.
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    The two actually affect each other a lot in Rifts, and anti-(specific effect) stuff tends to work well against both tech and magic that creates (specific effect). Anti-teleportation tech has already be posited to be possible in Rifts and some suspect Chi-Town has it to prevent mage attack.

    They do follow different rules, but just as you can make an anti-energy weapon spell, a tech that stops a specific effect tends to work just as well against the magic version in Rifts.
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    That depends; I've seen lots of fantasy worlds where science and magic work along similar principles. Mercedes Lackey's elves-in-the real-world books come to mind, as does the Final Fantasy games.
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    In general, force fields stop transporters in Star Trek. Some jamming and some environments also restrict transporters.

    There is nothing to indicate that force fields (magical or otherwise) can stop magical teleportation and there are some pretty powerful jamming and they are not listed as being able to stop teleportation.
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    In Rifts, it is impossible to teleport into the inside of a sealed vehicle - to stop people teleporting bombs through a vehicles armor.