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Star Wars: ROE - Ship and Technology Submissions & Critiques Thread 0

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Rebuilding of Empires' started by Dark Primus, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Tabi

    Tabi Self-Admitted Grammar Nazi

    Found the source on a croatien blog in star wars. Source there was found on concept art leaked on TheForce.Net.
  2. Deathstroke

    Deathstroke Wrecking things in a gracefully way

    It would make a good recon-type corvette or frigate; it could use its sensor arrays to scout ahead of the main forces.

  3. Coyote

    Coyote Ruler of the Sovereign Alliance of Systems

    I'm going to stake some claims:

    Infantry Air Defense droid:

    Heavy Infantry Squad Fire Support droid:

    New Style AT-PT (All-Terrain Personal Transport)"

    All-Terrain Personal Transport/Heavy Weapons (Anti-Tank/Bunker-Buster)
  4. Coyote

    Coyote Ruler of the Sovereign Alliance of Systems

    Droid Tank Walker:

    Fast Recon Droid:

    Droid Coilgun Artillery:

    Droid Air-Defense SPADA:

    Scout & Infantry Fire Support Droid:

    Scout Walker/AT-ST New Type:
  5. Coyote

    Coyote Ruler of the Sovereign Alliance of Systems

    "Monitor" Tank:

    New Repulsorlift Main Battle Tank:

    Another view, in grey camo:

    Light Scout Tank:

    Self-Propelled Coilgun Artillery:

    Infantry Combat Vehicle:
  6. Tabi

    Tabi Self-Admitted Grammar Nazi

    This one died in droves in the early Galactic Civil War.

    Here is a mercenary fighter:
    An Independent/name character owned custom fighter:
    Acclamator Concept Art we can dissect for our own use. ;)
  7. Dark Primus


    Claiming these ships:

    This one, I am pretty certain this ship had been claimed right, it looks so familiar.



    A replacement for the aging Lambda shuttle.

    Passenger Liner


    A new design on the old Sith cruiser.

    A frigate


    New star destroyer design

    I think this could fit as the Ackbar class star destroyer, which I already have, it is official described as an Victory class design, so this ship would fit in nicely.

    System patrol cruiser, or gunship.

    Claiming the Trimiran battle cruiser. The Scythe is already claimed.

    This ship[​IMG]

    Here is another version of the Venator class, its up for grasp for everyone who wants it.

  8. Varezart

    Varezart Princeps Regnum Asturorum

    Didn´t you claim that ship some months ago?
  9. Deathstroke

    Deathstroke Wrecking things in a gracefully way

    This time, it's firearms.

    Plasma pistol, manufactured by WESTAR company; it is going to be exclusively issued to the Greywalkers and its light infantry/commandos.

    I photoshopped the heck out of Forerunner rifle. :p
    It's going to be produced by WESTAR in limited number for regular Mandalorian troops, and it's a particle beam-type blaster which is designed to deal with hostile armored infantry or droids.
  10. Coyote

    Coyote Ruler of the Sovereign Alliance of Systems

    Speel Ya may want to try out the WESTAR anti-materiel sniper rifle at some point, Phantom. ;)

    @Tabi, where is that APC from? You said they died in droves in the early part of the Civil War, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere. I was, in fact, surprised to find it, not having seen it in any EU sources I know of. It looks like it's from a game, and I haven't played all the games, so... In any case, I am using it as a new-made, perhaps reviving a old design with upgrades to make it more battle-worthy. It's the visual I want, mostly.

    It actually looks a lot like the OT-64 SKOT APC designed by the Czhechs & the Poles during the Cold War. The Soviets were pushing the BTR-60 on all their Warsaw Pact allies and the early BTR-60 kind of sucked (two 90-horsepower gasoline engines, seriously?) so they designed the OT-64 which was far superior. The design (boat hull/mid-mounted turret) is stereotypical of standard APC design.

    EDIT: Yeah, here's an OT-64 on display:

  11. Deathstroke

    Deathstroke Wrecking things in a gracefully way

  12. Dark Primus


    I went back to over a year back and I couldn't see the ship.
  13. Oseng

    Oseng Moderator, Educator Moderator

    I believe I claimed the first one a while back Dark Primus - I don't recall if it got used though. Or at least it looks rather similar to one I planned on claiming.
  14. Coyote

    Coyote Ruler of the Sovereign Alliance of Systems

    Oh, interesting! Should be easy to build, then! :D Yeah, I'll use that as an APC; those little bitty popguns up top don't seem, to me, to be "Tank" category weapons. ;)
  15. Dark Primus


    I thought the ship was familiar, just couldn't place it.
    Time I need to work out on a new OOB list.
  16. Lilith Iden

    Lilith Iden I just want an excuse/reason to write...

    Holy macaroni! decided to look at what more that company have build and I think I found Wall-E's lost big brother! :D

    I am surprised by the few and yet very fine gems that pops up within FR time from time, although I kinda feel it is wasted on me since I can't quite get my head around the tech stuff :p
  17. Darth Invictus

    Darth Invictus Queensguard of House Targaryen

    I'll claim this one, probably use it as a scout or sensor ship
  18. Tabi

    Tabi Self-Admitted Grammar Nazi

    DP, I have made it this week's goal to compile every single claim you I've made in this thread to rub in your face the sheer ungodly amount of claims you've made in this SD.

    Because you've clearly got a problem.
  19. Deathstroke

    Deathstroke Wrecking things in a gracefully way

    I took it from Killzone series and photoshopped it into light repeating blaster.

    This time its for the SAS. :D

    SC-2 Light repeating blaster


    Manufacturer: BlasTech Industries (Druckwell)
    Model: SC-2
    Type: Light repeating blaster
    Cost: 4,000 credits

    Weight: 8.1 kilograms
    Capacity: 8,000 rounds
    Range: 5 kilometers

    The SC-2 light repeating repeater was the newest addition to the SAS infantry arsenal. What make it so different to many other light repeating blasters was that it had an oversized hybrid gas cartridge/power pak that could be only attached externally to the weapon, in front of the pistol grip. The oversized hybrid gas cartridge/power pack carried enough gas and power up to full powered 8000 shots, making it one of most deadly fast-firing blasters in the galaxy.

    The weapon’s construction was designed for sustained fire, utilizing a new alloy based around ostrine and dallorian to absorb far more heat than ordinary repeating blasters.But its unique construction had made the weapon quite expensive compared to the all other light repeating blasters.
  20. Tabi

    Tabi Self-Admitted Grammar Nazi

    Armadia Thrustship 1 light cruiser = 1
    Stat Anomaly Light Freighter, Hull-Clamp Fighter Carrier, Heavy Patrol Fighter, Proto B-Wing, CEC Pirate Corvette, Mon Calamari Star Carrier [Blue Driver], Backstabber-Class turned cargo ship, Hammerhead-Class 'light gunship', Trireme Class Corvette, Eta-5, Hammerhead Gun Barge, Delta-Style Jedi FighterBomber, Mon Calamari system patrol cruiser/destroyer, Rendeli Drive Customs Corvette, Herald-Class Shuttle turned System Patrol Ship, Pentastar Alignment TIE 1 Q-ship, 1 light fighter carrier, 4 heavy fighters, 1 very heavy fighter/gunship, 4 corvettes, 1 freighter, 1 cruiser/destroyer, 1 heavy carrier, 1 Chaos TIE. (6 System Patrol Ships) = 16
    Assault Frigate 1 Assault Frigate = 1
    'Light Destroyer' Corvette, TIE Hammer, Crescent Heavy Cruiser, Bantha Class Patrol Gunship, Y-40 Light Freighter, YV-929 Freighter, YZ-900 Transport turned System patrol ship. 1 heavy fighter, 1 heavy cruiser, 1 patrol gunship, 2 freighters, 1 system patrol ship. (2 System Patrol Ships) = 8
    LightStealth-18 Recon Ship 1 Stealth Fighter = 1
    Skuld-Class Frigate 1 Frigate = 1
    Imperious1 battleship = 1
    Steamlined Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser, Heavy Battlecruiser, Heavy Mon Calamari Cruiser, Sith Battlecruiser1 battlecruiser, 2 heavy cruisers, 1 cruiser = 4
    Light Attack Cruiser, Attack Cruiser 2 Light Cruisers = 2
    Scary Mon Calamari Intereceptor 1 fighter = 1
    Heavy SD, Rendili Cargo/Carrier/Assault ship, Replacement for Dreadnought HC - 'Predator' Dreadnought, Guardian Class frigate 1 Heavy Destroyer, 1 multi-type frigate, 1 heavy cruiser, 1 frigate = 4
    Defiant Mon Calamari Corvette, X-Ceptor ugly, Y-Asterisk-Wing Ugly, ??? Ship, 12km Imp-MC Star Dreadnought 1 corvette, 2 ugly fighters, undecided cruiser, star dreadnought = 5
    Big Cruiser, Quarren Heavy Star Cruiser 2 Heavy Cruisers = 2
    Lightning Arc-Class Cruiser 1 Cruiser = 1
    SPS Cruiser, Neo Escort Carrier, Upper shot future Rendeli dreadnought, TT Destroyer oxymoron, Pentastar Alignment Adv TIE droid fighter II, luxury cruiser, Little Different SD, Missile Cruiser, VIP Shuttle, Bayonet Light Cruiser 1 SPS Cruiser, 1 Escort Carrier, 1 Dreadnought, ISD-equiv, 3 light cruisers, 1 VIP shuttle, 1 TIE droid, Troop Transport SD = 10
    Fighter 1 fighter = 1
    2 Undefined Cap Cruisers, 10 assorted fighters/bombers 2 cruisers, 10 fighters/bombers = 12
    Deep Space Research Station, Mon Cal SD, 2seat E-Wing 1 space station, 1 SD, 1 heavy fighter = 3
    2350m fleet carrier 1 supercarrier = 1
    Heavy SD 1 Heavy SD = 1
    Braha'tok light gunship 1 heavy gunship = 1
    D'Astan Fighter for PA 1 Fighter = 1
    TIE Destroyer, TIE Dark Storm, Silent Killer, Super TIE Defender, undefined cap ship, heavy bomber, v49 TIE w/out cloak, Araz-Class Carrier 6 fighters, 1 carrier, 1 capital ship = 8
    future Overlord class SD, gunship, Reigis-Class carrier, frigate trade patrol 1 heavy SD, 1 gunship, 1 carrier, 1 patrol frigate = 4
    Manta Class Assault Fighter, Tapani assault frigate 1 fighter, 1 frigate = 2
    Praetor Heavy SD 1 heavy SD = 1
    I4-Ionizer Starfighter 1 fighter = 1
    Bellator Heavy SD 1 heavy SD = 1
    Calamari/Quarren frigate, Desmond battle frigate, system patrol cruiser, AA corvette, Xavier light cruiser, 2 frigates, 1 corvette, 2 light cruisers = 5
    Troop carrier, corvette, medium fighter, mobile fortress, strike fighter, odd fighter, civ bulk transport 1 TT, 1 corvette, 3 fighters, 1 civ bulk transport, 1 ground mobile fortress = 7
    personal transport, heavy fighter, heavy bomber, system police fighter, Fleet Tender 1 civ transport, 2 fighter/bombers, 1 syspatrol fighter, 1 Fleet Tender = 5
    3200m Mon Calamari cargo ship 1 Cargo ship = 1

    108 and counting...

    DP, you seem to have a quirk where you claim and put multiple and different ships to replace one thing. You also seem to claim the same ship multiple times over the course of these Tech threads...

    I will update as time goes on...
  21. Lightning_Count

    Lightning_Count Shocking Truth!

    Hmm, shiny new Heavy Frigate

  22. Tabi

    Tabi Self-Admitted Grammar Nazi

    I think it was either you or one of our more rash players who claimed that, probably Runic Arbiter.
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  23. Tabi

    Tabi Self-Admitted Grammar Nazi

    No. You have over one hundred different ships that you've claimed so far. I don't think giving you free reign to claim yet another hundred is a good idea at this point.

    It isn't on my list yet, but unofficially, you've well over two hundred as it is.

    And you've claimed the Scythe Cruiser four times already.

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous! :mad:
  24. Darth Invictus

    Darth Invictus Queensguard of House Targaryen

    Perhaps we should all calm down a tad and make lists of what we've claimed but not yet used so we can horse trade a bit and get designs we want?
  25. Lightning_Count

    Lightning_Count Shocking Truth!

    The only design I have claimed but haven't done stats for is this one


    It will serve a valuable future role, but I'm not ready to deploy it yet :)