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    Stargate: Project Arctic Circle is written by Night33.

    Table Of Contents

    First Thread
    Second Thread

    Night33. File-Gate RM. .TFB Origin _Containment Rm, Reinforced wTok'ra Eq., Electromagnetic Clamps, FloodRm., Zat Traps
    Night33. HIS.REF.Goa'uld..Overview _Parasiticus Invasous, PX-0225-97 Homeworld, Gateway Dynasty, Infiltration, Humans, Society&Culture
    Night33. HIS.REF.File-Kestrel .Overview, History, Usage
    Night33. HIS.REF.Industrial Material Clearing

    Night33. Prologue_Ch01 .Jeremiah Rogers -_KIA'd, Siler, Shipped2Canada, Halifax 1991, Artifact, Stargate, Sheridan&PM
    Night33. CH_02 .CFG Origin 94' -_Rocky Mts, LFC & CANSOFCOM, Sgt. Reids, Sheridan, Gating, Scarlett York, M Waves
    Night33. CH_03 .Meet Team -_SG1; Scarlett, Sheridan, Unobtainium, 94' Probe, Col. Mallet, Abydos, RA Arrives, Stevens
    Night33. CH_04 .Plan & Escape -_Col. Mallet&SG1, RA Screams Orders, Stevens Stunned Again, Mallet's Plans, Extracts&Explodes
    Night33. CH_05 .Briefing -_Sheridan, Debriefing, Abydos, RA KIA'd, Goa'uld Snakes, Jaffas, SGC Team Size, Objectives
    Night33. CH_06 .CFG Holding Cell -_Jaffa & Agent Smith, LIAR, insulting, Jaffa Che'fa, Sheridan & CSIS, Goa'uld Worlds, Targets
    Night33. CH_07 .Ltd Disclosure -_Sheridan, Giant Tiger; Prairie Harvest; Secret Door; Drug Store; BFG Outlet; Chop Shop; Coal Station, Saunders, Ops Underpass
    Night33. CH_08 .Ops ChopShop -_SG Teams Recon, Jaffa Tel'taks, Big HONKIN Jaffa Guns, Mallet & Ryan, Assault Run, Captured Tel'taks, Sheridan, Saunders, ARK
    Night33. CH_09_10 .Coal Station -_Harti, Ryan & McGuinness, Ops Negotiator, Morrison, Cronus Pissed, UNDERPASS; Abydos, Davis, CFG Origin, Sheridan, SL
    Night33. CH_11 .Abyodos -_Training Facilities, Teamwork, Warrior Ethos, Kestrel & Sword Training, CFG Origin, Sheridan, Expensive $15,000 Ruler
    Night33. CH_12 .Stop Sign -_Col. Mallet, York, Lt. McGunniess, SG-1, Jaffa Neutralized, CFB Origin, BFG OUTLET, SG Teams Strikes, SFG Iron Ring
    Night33. CH_13 .Disclosure Plan -_Gen. Sheridan, Agent Smith, Goa'uld Threat, Human Commonwealth, SG Teams, Ground & Space Units, Aust, UK, Taiwan
    Night33. CH_14 .Abydos -_Platform to Denmark, UNDERPASS, Mckay & CSIS, Kestrels, Abydonians, SGC Stationed, Agent Saunders
    Night33. CH_15 .Hook&Switch -_PX-0051-94; AUTHOR; SG-1, jaffaland, Mallet & Scarlett, Wasteland, Mallet v Jaffa, Shova Teal'c
    Night33. CH_16 .Teal'c Plan -_Teal'c's Defection; Mallet, Debriefing Teal'c, Gaining Jaffas, Sheridan, Master Bra'tac, Plans, Jaffas Misty
    Night33. CH_17 .Approach&Disclosure -_Ms. Penny, Mr. Ambassador, Mr. Director, Emerson&Mallet, Transport, Teo Ching-Kuo, Robert Casey, Goa'uld Fleet
    Night33. CH_18 .Intro&Meet -_CFB Origin Meeting, Malley Debriefing, Abydos Basing, Earth Off-Limits, Lt. Lee, Scarlett, Teal'c & Bra'tac
    Night33. CH_19 .Vacuum Diagram -_SG-19, Sheridan, Mariam&York, SG19 MIA, SG1, Lee, SG19 TimeTravel, Shanks, HisOwnNotes, Informational Time Paradox
    Night33. CH_20 .Robin Hood -_Little John, Jaffa Training Worlds, Malley & Teal'c, Jaffa Hunts, SG Teams Strikes, Vocuum, Threat From Gaia
    Night33. CH_21 .TFB Iron Ring -_PX0037-95, General Sheridan, General Shin, Jaffa Troops, Mapping The Goa'ulds, Malley, MK.1-CSW
    Night33. CH_22 .TFB Origin -_Sheridan&Teal'c, Al'kesh Salvaged, York&Lee, SG1, Invisibility, Shadow Apophis, Anteaus&Ohper, Escape
    Night33. CH_23 .Alliance Practicality-_SCG, Smith, Free Jaffa, Apophis, Jaffa Policy, Yu & Ra, Sheridan, Engima, Malley, Backlash, Bailout, SG1, Tok'ra
    Night33. CH_24 .PX-0204-97 -_Teal'c&Lee, DEEPEND, York's Avengers, Malley, Hammer Strikes, ThorHologram, HallofMjolnir, Kendra, Unas, Rescue
    Night33. CH_25 .Px-0225-97 -_Sunrise, Dr Strathford, Malley, Teal'c, Unas, Snakes, Zats, Lee, General Sheridan, York, Explanations
    Night33. CH_26 .Abydos -_securityBreaches, Abydos; Skaara&Apophis, Jaffa KREE!, Ra Pretenders, Sheridan, Al'kesh, Stun&Capture, Israel
    Night33. CH_27 .E.Ottawa -_Sheridan&Sonn, Terran Commonwealth, TheTerms, PX-0208-97, Akhetaten, Malley&Lee, Teal'c, Fairy Watch, NW Passage
    Night33. CH_28 .TFB Origin -_10 Countries, SG1, Malley, ArkWorld, York, Tok'ra, Teal'c, Selmak&Cordesh, Garshaw, TNS Inertia, Jolinar
    Night33. CH_29 .TFB Origin -_Chulak, Teal'c, Smith&Sheridan, Ops BigJaffa, Goa'uld Queens, Malley, Hathor, Daniel Jackson, Sarcophagus
    Night33. CH_30 .SGC GateRm -_Malley, Lee, Cirrus, Smog, Teal'c, Lee; Abydos; AdvanceCIV, Omoc, Tollan HighCouncil, Sheridan
    Night33. CH_31 .Siouguluan -_Naqahdah, Malley, PX-0312-97, SG1&13, EnergyPulse, Jaeger, Ryan, Recovering SG1, Abydos, Robots, Harlan Bugger
    Night33. CH_32 .Invite&Imm -_Sheridan&Malley, McGunniess, Camaxtli, Garborone, Sarah&malley, Ryan, Firefight, SG-3, Israel&Palestine
    Night33. CH_33 .Abydos -_Malley&York, StargateProgram, Tel'taks, Al'kesh, Stewart, Teal'c, HomePlate, Sheridan, Bra'tac, Symbiotes
    Night33. CH_34 .TFB Origin -_Agent Smith, MOSSAD, Avi, PickPocketed, Malley&Teal'c, TNS Empirical Data, NeedleThreaderFTR, Tests
    Night33. CH_35 .PowerPlay -_Pilfer&Rock, Abydos, Lee&Teal'c, Malley, BattleRoyale, JaffasKIA'd, Salvage, Sheridan, Dr. DanielJackson SG1
    Night33. CH_36 .TFB Origin -_aDaniel&oDaniel, Malley, Abydos, Sheridan&York, ApophisStarship, Skaara, Militias&Jaffas, Lee, SolSystem
    Night33. CH_37 .TFB Origin -_Malley&Sheridan, Tollans, QuantumMirror, York, Bases, SolBase, Jaeger, Chulak, Bra'tec&Teal'c, Garshaw
    Night33. CH_38 .PX-0312-97 -_Malley, rSG-1, QuantumMirror, PM1-0314-97, York, R-Malley, RUIDs, R-Jack, Kinsey, R-Lee
    Night33. CH_39 .CachePlanet -_Malley&York, Cache, ARK, IronRing, Jaffas, HomePlate, Teal'c, Kel'pakCalak, NewDakara, R-Malley&Lee
    Night33. CH_40 .BeingImpolite -_PX-0312-97, R-Malley&York, R-SG1, Hammond, Lee, TerranCommonwealth, TNS Warspite, Teal'c, Bra'tac, Klorel
    Night33. CH_41 .ReturnAsgard -_TFBOrigin, Sheridan, Cimmeria, Jaeger&Ryan, Jaffas; Abydos; Malley, Jackson&Sarah, Teal'c; Thor; Lee&York
    Night33. CH_42 .QuidProQuo -_Tollans, Omoc&Stevens, Malley&York, Travell, Curia, Talks, TFB IronRing, Shanks, ECHELON, To'kra, Selmak
    Night33. CH_43 .Scale -_GenSheridan, PX050198, Malley&York, Jeager&Teal'c, Lee, Sarah, Fron?, R-Malley, Daniel, DialOut, Asgards
    Night33. CH_44 .Fruition -_TNS Warspite, Lee, SG1, Malley, PX-0601-98, Tok'ra, Inari, Lo'taur, Kharti, Robertson
    Night33. CH_45 .Cognoscor Ergo -_ Malley&AbellDeLenn, SecretMilitaryBase, Commonwealth, JAILBREAK, Rescue, SGTeams, Ba'al, Incoming, Sheridan
    Night33. CH_46 .M-GAIA -_ QuantumMeeting, rMalley&Kinsey, rYork&Carter; Abydos; Goa'uldWeaponsSite, Skaara, Malley, Teal'c, Rak'nor
    Night33. CH_47 .TFB Origin -_ Malley&York, TechSwaps, Kinsey, HAIL, Pentti, FORTRESS, Dr. Jackson, INVADERS, Riddick&Oshu, YuSimulation, Sheridan
    Night33. CH_48 .TFB Island -_ Bermuda, TerranCouncil, InTheKnow, InTheDark, InBetween, SolSys, WatchTower, TFB ERIU
    Night33. CH_49 .MoonBase -_ TNS Warspite, Tollans, LunaBase1, Teal'c&Malley, OuterSpaceTreaty, Concerns, TFB, FEUs, Sheridan, Jeager, Hathor
    Night33. CH_50 .MattersSub -_ ETHANE, Teal'c&York, Malley&Lee, FORTRESS, Re'tu, Jolinar, TER, ARGON, Meeting
    Night33. CH_51 .KnowThyFoe -_ Jaeger, Symbiotes, Re'tu, Reid&Malley, Tok'ra, Goa'uldSvarog, Ogoun, SG1, Riddick&York, Space&GroundBattles
    Night33. CH_52 .ServicesRendered -_ Tok'ra, York&Teal'c, Malley, Jolinar, Lee, OVERLORD, Sheridan, ResearchLab, Boom
    Night33. CH_53 .Consolidation -_ CanadianEconomy, York&Sheridan, Lee&Stevens, Travell&Malley, Exchanges, Pinarius, Sidestep
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    Regular stick, I don’t own the rights to Stargate, Stargate Sg-1, Stargate Atlantis or any other copyrighted showed or material. If any name sounds similar just realize that there are only so many good names for characters or places and I need good names not “Joe smith and Jane Smith”. Or I wanted a similar sounding name to give the story more ties to the original. If you like the my work, comment and keep reading, if you don’t either give good criticism or stop fucking reading it, don’t just bitch for the sake of bitching. I don’t really know where this story is going, writing it on a chapter by chapter basis, so don’t ask for any hints or spoilers cause I just don’t know. If I eventually decided to have it cross-over with another ‘verse, I will admit my biases now and state I like Stargate more than any other show out there. Please don’t turn this thread into a debate between different ‘verses, use the correct forums for that.

    Now plan is to try and keep to the storyline already done (though modified for new situation), so that a continuity of events can be created and so that the needed things from this ‘verse can be explained. Now I am not really going to be interested in a lot of the boring culture stuff, I like technology and fighting. So any background culture stuff will probably be discussed in story. Hopefully not much will be needed.

    Chicago, March 1941

    Why is it always the long term projects that suffer?

    Jeremiah Rogers was furious on having to move his research yet again to make run for some flashy sideshow project called the ‘Manhattan Project’, a project that he knew nothing about but was sure it could not be more important than proof of extra-terrestrials and there visiting earth in the past. After all it was the only explanation that made any sense for the artifact found, a metal or alloy unknown to anyone in the United States of America and had Egyptian hieroglyphic written on it. For Jeremiah it was a setback that would cost him months as he packed up all his equipment and notes and shipped them all to a new site in Nevada. Luckily for him the transit time for all his notes and theories on the possible use of the device could be timed for when he planned to visit his relatives in New York.

    April 19, 1941
    A tragic Train accident kills thirty near Little Falls New York today STOP Among the dead was renowned professor of astronomy Jeremiah Rogers STOP Rogers of the University of Chicago was seen as an expert in his field of astronomical cartography known for his work and theories in ‘Dark Star’ development STOP It has been suggested by members of congress that this train derailment was cause by Nazis or Communist sympathizers END

    Chicago, September 1941

    “We should try to drown those Nazis Bastard in stuff instead of fighting them.” John Siler stated.

    “What?” Mark said

    “You heard me, think of all this stuff we are sending up to Halifax to send to the British, We have trainful’s leaving everyday” John stated this as he stenciled on numbers labeling various shipping containers.

    “Guess your right, but not all of this stuff is going to Europe to hurt Hitler’s boys and girls, that crate over there is going to Nevada” Mark pointed to a crate in the corner from the University of Chicago.

    “Yeah but most is. What number do you want me putting on that beast anyway, that crate has to be 2 car lanes wide”.

    “Alright Number it 1…5…2…1…dash…1………” CHEW mark sneezed at the very end, with all the dust flying around the warehouse his allergies were destroying his nasal passages.

    “What was that last number I couldn’t hear over your sneezing!”

    “Funny man, John, funny like a crutch, the last number was a 1.”

    “Alright, alright” John mumbled “You have been sneezing all day and I though it was funny. Right 1521-11 it is and we are done until after lunch.”

    And with that simple mistake done by two warehouse workers the greatest technological discover left the possession of the United States of America and traveled to the Dominion of Canada.

    Chapter 1- Discovery, Discussion, Deployment

    CFB Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 1991

    “It took 50 years to finally get someone to look at these crates? I mean the P.C.’s are slow doing things but these is ridiculous. What are we suppose to find anyway?”

    “ Mostly World War 2 era ammunitions that was suppose to be sent to the Brits in ’41 but got lost in the clutter and forgotten back here as supplies kept coming in and no ship to send them out cause of the U-boat attacks. Maybe some rations or clothes.”

    “Well, I guess no Nazi gold huh? Alright let’s open this next one and call it a day. Crate 1521-1….1, I thought all these boxes were 5 digit numbers not 6?”

    A massive box standing easily 20 feet high, the two privates of the Canadian Armed Forces began to use crowbars to pry open the front of the crate, to check to see what was in the box for proper disposal or salvaging.

    “Hey what can I tell you, with how much stuff was going through here I’m surprised there only 5 digits. Alright on three; One… Two…Three”

    And as the front of the crate came crashing down a cloud of dust erupted from the crate and the floor covering the two privates and causing part of the warehouse to disappear. As the dust settled the two privates climbed up onto the fallen crate front to see what antique had been sitting around for 50 years, hoping to not find 50 year decomposed ration packs. Staring up into the crate one private had only one thing to say.

    “That’s not ammunition…..”

    2 years later
    Langevin Block, Ottawa, November 4, 1993

    “Mr. Prime Minister, I am hear to give you a briefing on material of the most sensitive manner.”

    “General Sheridan I have already been briefed on all classified project undertaken by the previous government and the military.”

    “Mr. Prime Minister you have not been briefed on Project Arctic Circle. Now the project was started over 2 years ago when two privates at CFB Halifax found a device.”

    “A device.” The Prime minister repeated in a dull suspicious voice

    “Yes a device found in a warehouse of World War 2 era equipment and ammunition, from the notes retrieved along with the device, it was originally being researched by an American scientist who theorized from its advance nature to be not of this world.”

    “Wait are you telling me for two years the Canadian military has had in its possession an alien space ship?”

    “No sir, it is not a space ship, it is believed to be a device used to transport matter instantaneously between here and another such device on another planet, labeled PX-0001-93, this has been determined through a translation of the Egyptian hieroglyphic on a tablet found with the device. To be clear, it is still well in advance of anything we as a nation or even as a planet is capable of, if it indeed works as described it is most positively of extra-terrestrials nature.”

    “You mean you haven’t tested this theory?”

    “No sir, the military felt it was best to create a secure environment from which to test this device, to that end 15 months ago we began excavation and preparation of a new military base under the Rocky Mountains codenamed Origin. Origin will be where we test this device, called the stargate, and if need be can be destroyed to ensure no beachhead is created in our nation by alien forces. While we do not expect the aliens who created this device to be hostile, if they were it is assumed we would already be enslaved, it is the opinion of the Canadian military that risks of that magnitude should not be ignored but addressed.”

    “Ok. I can understand the reasoning behind that, the military is not some ‘shoot from the hip’ American organization that does things at a reckless pace. But why was the public not informed of this discovery sooner?”

    “Yes sir, when we began this project a second project, codenamed weather station, was started to determine the impact of both the technology and the knowledge of the stargate. It was decided that there would be mass panic if such knowledge of aliens, and aliens having visited earth in the past, was released without groundwork to prepare the world.”

    “Alright so the military has thoroughly thought out the consequence of this….. stargate. What next?”

    “Well assuming it is successful and that a connection this other world is possible, the military is looking to create a new military command, classified of course, to handle matters pertaining to space and alien interaction. This new command, called Space Force, will contain two branches. Exploration and research done through the stargate will be handled through Stargate Command (SGC) and space related endeavors will be handled through Space Command. These will be secretly funded through hidden military funding and extra royalties that will be levied on all oil produced from the Alberta oil sites. We already have a promise of funding from the premiers of all provinces and all we need is your approval. If it is not successful the additional money gained through the royalities will be used to advance the Canadian infrastructure and public works projects. This new command will comprise members from all previous commands and will have a civilian commander for matters not pertaining to nation security”

    “Alright, you have obviously thought this proposal out, I approve in principle this project, why not bring in other nations to increase our ability to utilize this stargate and when are you going to test this thing out?”

    “We plan on testing it early next year, and there are currently no plans to bring other nations into the project for 3 reasons. One, if the project is a failure nothing will happen and it will diminish the respect of Canada abroad if other knew of this failure. Two every single person we tell about this technology is a potential security risk so more countries more risks. Three any joint venture taken with other countries runs the risk of Canada becoming a junior partner at this stage because of our size and power, the military believes that it is not in our best interest to be muscled out of our own project.”

    “Agreed General, if that is all I will let you go and begin this milestone in Canadian History.”

    “Thank you for your time sir. Good day.”

    General Sheridan leaves Langevin Block and quickly telephones and number from his headquarters in Ottawa. The message is a simple one made to ensure that any intelligence agency from other nations cannot understand the significances.

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    Chapter 2- Base, Start-Up, OOOOOOO Pretty, Now What, Next Step

    CFB Origin, 1994

    The base was designed to be hidden from everybody and anybody who might try to find it. Located deep inside the Rocky Mountains near the border between the Yukon and British Columbia, no satellite wind find it and no person would accidentally stumble across it. The nearest settlement was over 100 km way and the nearest REAL town was over 300. Power came from dozens of small glacier feed rivers with purpose made hydroelectric dams nearby. Most food was grown nearby in small plots and harvested by members of the base to keep personnel and access to the site small, and also cheap. With most daily supplies being made on-site, no massive expenditures were needed only the regular pay of the soldiers and the purchase of new pieces of machinery or equipment. With the base conveniently located directly under a flight path to the new diamond mines in the North and also conveniently out of most radar coverage, except the militaries, most needed supplies could be airdropped in without any foreign government knowing. Heavier supplies got shipped in either through old logging roads or a camouflaged airstrip at the base.

    With supposedly nothing interesting happening in Canada, little attention was given to this area from American, French or Russian spy satellites and with no disclosed research being done here, there was no reason to send spies to this northern area. Canadian Rangers patrolled the area, official to stop the growth of illicit drugs always a concern in B.C. with the explosion of ‘B.C. Bud’ being delivered throughout the continent, but really to keep adventure seekers, tourists and everyone else in the public away from the most classified installation in Canada. Internal security was handled by a combination of Land Force Command (LFC) and Canadian Special Operation Forces Command (CANSOFCOM).

    The internals of the CFB Origin were designed for defensive positions against both internal and external threats of all natures. With the gate and gate control room, referred to as ‘gate level’, located 100 metres beneath solid rock and only accessible through 2 elevators and 2 service hatches, it was thought that no threat could easily move from inside the base to outside the base or vice versa. The numerous checkpoints between the two separate parts of the base were independently control on both sides with completely independent controls and weapon systems. With numerous weapon emplacements directed at the stargate, the SGC felt confident it could repel any attack. The best defensive system was actually the gate itself.

    The gate, through translation of the associated Egyptian material, could only have matter go through one way at a time, and anything trying to enter a gate from the wrong side, i.e entering an incoming wormhole, was toasted. The Canadian military saw an easy solution to an invasion problem; if hostile aliens were coming through the gate, lay the gate flat. All incoming matter would enter and fall back into the gate destroying it. This also had the benefit of having any incoming projectiles directed towards the roof and 100 metres of solid Canadian rock.

    The gate was controlled through 3 massive super computers and adjusted the power and ‘dialing’ of the stargate. With the base operational the first testing was planned for the only known stargate address PX-0001-93.

    The first activation would have no one going through the stargate. It was only to see if it was possible to make it work. The next stage was a planned probe to see the environment on the other side of the gate and the qualities of the gate and if information could be sent back and forth. If it worked then a team comprised of members from the Canadian military and selected civilian would be sent through next.

    G-day (February 6, 1994)

    The members of Project Artic Circle waited in anticipation of something. No one knew how the gate would work, or even if it would work. But everyone wanted to be there and see SOMETHING.

    “Sergeant Reids” General Sheridan said “If you would be so kind to start the gate up.”

    “Yes sir. Attention defence teams, attention defence teams, stargate full system test in 10 seconds, weapons hot, weapons hot.”

    As one, multiple weapons emplacements were crewed and pointed towards the gate. As Power was given to the stargate and with the computers working over-time the inner portion of the gate started to moves.

    “Chevron 1 activated and locked” As the first chevron glows and locks into position.

    “Chevron 2 activated and locked”

    “Chevron 3 activated and locked”

    “Chevron 4 activated and locked”

    “Chevron 5 activated and locked”

    “Chevron 6 activated and locked”

    “Chevron 7 activated and locked” and as the final chevron was locked into place a giant explosion of light emitted from the gate. All the soldiers on gate level ducked out of surprise and fear of what the stargate just did.

    “Stargate stable, gate system is activated.” Sergeant Reids announces as the stargate stablizes into a shimmering surface.

    “It’s a stable event horizon for a wormhole! Without any space time distortions outside of the gate, incredible.” Announced Vanessa Temple, the leading physicist on the team directed to study stargate.

    “Alright, so the plan is we will keep it on for 1 hour to monitor the stability of the gate and test for radiation, and other phenomenon. After that we will turn the gate off but cutting power to the gate or trying what we think is the command to terminate.” General Sheridan stated.

    As the gate remained active various scientist brought various devices towards the gate and measure whatever they thought prudent. At a little over 37 minutes an alarmed sounded

    “Sir the gate appears to be preparing to shut itself down. I recommend all personnel evac the gate room.” Vanessa Temple called out over her shoulder as she stared intently at the computer screen.

    “Defence teams, immediate evac of the gate room, immediate evac of the gate room.” Sergeant Reids announced or the P.A. system as the defence teams hustled out of the gate room as blast doors closed. As the last soldier left the gate room the stargate shut down with little fanfare and no adverse effects.

    “Gate is off, repeat Gate is off, General Sheridan to Gate control.”

    “What the hell happened, why did the gate shut down?” Sheridan demanded as he entered the gate control room.

    “No idea sir, perhaps wormholes cannot last for longer than….” Vanessa said as she checked the recorded time “38 minutes 13.8 seconds. It could be a law of wormhole physics.”

    “Or it could be the gate just naturally shutting down on its own timer.” Came a voice from behind a bank of computers.

    “Who was that?” the general asked.

    “Me sir, Scarlett York an engineer assigned to the base. I think it has to do with how special M interacts with energy and the gates own internal, for lack of a better word, ‘software’.”

    “Special M?” the general asked.

    “Sorry sir the stuff the gate is made of, some type of metal, M, a high atomic number material with some very special properties. Ergo ‘Special M’. The stuff is amazing it can significantly boost any energy given through a transformation of its own material, a strange type of previously unknown fission, is incredibly strong and can act as both an electrical conductor and resistor in different situations.”

    “And you got to your claim…….” Vanessa asked.

    “Well in my own study of the gate I realized that when the gate was powered up to the level it needs to sustain a wormhole, Special M vibrates at a precise frequency. And looking over the data collected 38 minutes 13.8 seconds is exactly 4,294,967,296 vibrations of the material. It is the gates own internal clock, we use the vibration of certain materials for time keeping so did the group who built the gate. Since the gate needs some type of fail safe point why make it something easy for the gate to reach. Another point for that is, its 2^32 vibrations or a great number to count to in binary, base 4 or hexadecimal.”

    “Well that is a nicely said argument, and could quite possibly be the answer. So we have a ceiling of time of 38 minutes give or take a bit for anything we want to do with the gate. Prepare a drone to go through and assemble a team to follow if the other side looks habitable.” As the General turned to make a phone call to the Primer Minister he said over his shoulder.

    “Ms. York, two things. One, think up a better name for your metal than ‘Special M’ and two your now on the team for the expedition through the gate. Meet tomorrow at 0900 hrs in the briefing room. You need to meet the rest of SG-1.”
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    Chapter 3- Meet the Team, One Small Step, Humans?, Oops
    CFB Origin Briefing Room 0855 hrs

    Scarlett walked into a very full briefing room and found her assigned seat in the front row. With the room built to hold 35 people, the 50 or so crammed into it felt almost claustrophobically tight. Members from all commands in the unified force were present with an equally large amount of civilian scientists, technicians and engineers also mixed within the room. The room went quiet with the military personnel standing at attention as General Sheridan walked into the room.

    “At ease everyone and take a seat since we are all here let’s get the briefing started right away. This is the first briefing for operation small step, the first interstellar exploration mission in the history of our planet… At least that we know of.”

    Few laughs could be heard coming through the room at this comment, but everyone was tense and hopeful for the up coming mission.

    “You have all been chosen to participate in one form or another with this mission. Please hold your questions or concerns until the appropriate time since we have a lot of material to cover.”

    Shuffling his papers a bit the General continued

    “Now the mission is a joint venture to determine what lies on the other side of that stargate, and to figure out if they are friend or foe. To that end we are sending through 3 sections of soldiers for a total of 24 professional soldiers. SG-1 lead by Lieutenant Colonel Brandon Malley will have overall control. SG-2 and SG-3 lead by Lieutenant Morrison and Lieutenant Stewart respectively will provide support for SG-1. Accompany the team will be 2 Engineers, 2 archeologists, 2 diplomatic ambassadors, a medic and a computer/communication specialist. Their roles are to make peaceful contact with anyone we meet on the other side and to troubleshoot possible problems that might occur in their own area of expertise. Now assuming that peaceful contact can be made our ambassadors are authorized to give cultural and limited technological knowledge of earth. They are also there to learn about possible threats to earth security and to try to start-up the beginning of trade between our 2 peoples. If peaceful contact is not made with an alien power the military will then be tasked with the destruction of the other gate and all signs and material that could point to earth as the location of this expedition.”

    General Sheridan then clicked to another slide on his presentation and continued with the discussion

    “To that end the expedition will carry, along with the proper defensive equipment, 800m of detcord to wrap around and destroy anything deemed necessary. For the gate itself each SG team will have 48 thermite grenades, one for each symbol on the gate and one for each Chevron. Being able to produce temperatures in excess of 2500 C our engineering division over in the research park believes that it should be sufficient to damage…..Ms. York what name have you come up with for the material?” the General asked.

    “Well Sir, I believe that the best names state something about the material, and since the scientist state that this stuff can’t exist and we can’t make it, I suggest the name Unobtainium.” Ms. York stated to a general groan from the scientists on hand and a chuckle from the engineers present.

    “Well then Unobtainium it is… our engineering division over in the research park believes that it should be sufficient to damage Unobtainium. If at all possible everyone will be sent through the gate before the destruction occurs, if not you must all be willing to stay on the planet to ensure the destruction of the gate. If anyone is not comfortable with this idea you are free to leave now.”

    No one even moves to see if others are leaving, the entire assembly continues to face General Sheridan at the front of the room.

    “Alright the mission is planned for 1 month from yesterday. The probe we sent through yesterday, just a camera, transmitter and a few atmospheric devices with enough power for 15 minutes of use shows the immediate area as hot and dry with an earth-like atmosphere, similar to the desert in Egypt. In this month I expect all the nominal non-combatants to be given basic weapons training and squad maneuvering techniques. The clock has started. Dismissed.”

    And with that those final words the briefing ended and the individual members started there assigned task.

    Gate Room, Planned Deployment Date (February 6, 1994)

    The sections waited anxiously in the gate room as the stargate was dialed, the 3 SG teams would lead with the civilians following after the immediate area has been deemed secure.

    “Chevron 7 activated and locked” Sergeant Reids announced as the final chevron was set and the wormhole to PX-0001-93 was established.

    With the wormhole stable a probe was deployed through the gate onto the planet. Showing the immediate area around the gate as empty, the SG teams deployed through the gate and onto the planet.

    “Sir incoming transmission from the planet… It’s Colonel Malley.”

    “Sir, all SG teams are on the planet and ready for the secondary team and supplies to come through the gate. Be advised that the first step is not quite so small as you would think.” Quiet chuckles are heard throughout the gate control room.

    “Understood Colonel, second team move out. Good luck and god speed.”

    And with little fanfare Earths first interstellar travelers in 4000 years leave for parts unknown.

    PX-0001-93 (Abydos)

    The planet was remarkably like an earth desert it just happened to by many light-years away. The stargate was located in a giant pyramid much like the Egyptian pyramids on earth but several orders of magnitude bigger. The most surprising aspect of the entire trip thus far was the humans encountered on the planet. Humans already on the planet, now known as Abydos by the inhabitants, and worshipping the Egyptian sun god Ra. These humans were slaves of Ra who mined unobtainium for him. Nowhere near advance enough to have made the stargate, these people could not even read or write because it had been forbidden by Ra.

    After a few days on-planet a massive sandstorm developed and the expedition learned that this was a sign that Ra was to arrive. Ra had not visited Abydos in many years but was expected because of the growing amount of unobtainium that the slaves had stockpiled for his return. Seeing this as an opportunity to establish contact with an advance race the expedition sent Ambassador Stevens and a single soldier to the pyramid where the gate was and where Ra was expected to arrive. The rest were to remain hidden incase first contact with Ra and his race did not go well. Ambassador Stevens was excited to be the chosen point of contact between the government of Canada and a truly alien race.

    What Stevens saw was beyond his imagination of what first contact could be. A giant spaceship, similar in design to the pyramid the gate resided in, descended from the sky and landed on the gate pyramid. With flashes of electricity and whirlwinds of sand the ship came to rest. Stevens waited anxiously for some sign of life on the enormous ship. Eventually he saw three figures emerging from the doorway that leads to the stargate. Stevens his bodyguard walk towards these figures to announce there presence and to state there intentions of peaceful co-existence.


    As Stevens and his bodyguard close the distance to less than 100 metres a single glob of light is emitted from the Alien space ship and strikes Stevens’ bodyguard in the chest, sending him flying backwards. As this happens Stevens still shocked hears booming from the ship.


    Stevens doesn’t move as more armed guards run from the ship and surround him. The single individual in gold calmly walks up to Stevens

    “Tau’ri Kree, Ba'ja'kakma'te Nowe Renek Swai'c?”

    “I’m sorry I do not understand you. If I have offended you I will leave, there is no need for violence, I come in peace.” Stevens said calmly trying to understand why someone would shoot and kill a man without any reason.

    “Bi'bo Tau’ri, Kree Jaffa.”

    And with that phrase two heavily armed aliens came shot Ambassador Stevens with what appeared to be a coiled snake. Ambassador Stevens dropped to the desert floor and was retrieved by the aliens and carried back towards the ship. All this was seen by Lieutenant Colonel Malley through his binoculars.

    “Opps….. Now what do we do?”
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    Chapter 4—The Explanation, The Plan, The Escape, The Fall
    PX-0001-93 (Abydos)

    “Alright so what do we do now?” Colonel Malley asked the assembled reconnaissance team that had been watching Ambassador Stevens attempt at making peaceful contact with the first aliens encountered by earth.

    “Well Sir, we do have the listening device on the Ambassador. I suggest we first listen into the situation and see what happens. It makes no sense to rush in and try to rescue the Ambassador if this has been a mistake and if the aliens are hostile we need any intel we get.” Lieutenant Morrison stated.

    “Alright I will accept that plan, but there is one other reason to wait and listen into the Ambassador’s experience. Until that ships decides to get off that pyramid we are stranded here on Abydos.”

    Inside Ra’s Ship

    To say that Ambassador Stevens was a little scared was just as accurate as saying that World War II was a little war. Stevens was petrified, these aliens had for no apparent reason gunned down his escort and taken him hostage. Being walked through this ship the Ambassador saw numerous other soldiers marching about. Finally Stevens is lead into a large room dominated by a single sarcophagus in the middle.

    “Tau’ri Kree” shouted one of the soldiers present with another forcefully stopping Stevens where he stood.

    “I’m sorry I do not understand”

    “What an interesting language you use Tau’ri. A complex and expandable construct that seems to actually draw from many older dead languages. Now Tau’ri answer my questions and you will be spared so to serve your new God, resist and a thousand deaths shall be your future. What God do you serve and where is your world? Answer now if you value a life without torture.” Ra stated.

    “I serve the government of Canada on the planet of Earth. I represent my governments will for peaceful exploration of this world through the stargate. If my actions have offended or caused harm to you I apologize for my ignorance in your culture, I only wish for a peaceful co-existence between our two people. As to which God I serve, I follow the Catholic faith.” Ambassador Stevens stated as calmly as he could in front of this Ra.


    “My god is not a ‘Goa’uld’ and has not sent me into your domain. As I said, I come from Earth and represent a nation called Canada. We traveled through the Stargate, a device found in the Deserts of Egypt many years” Stevens started to explain until Ra cut his explanation off in mid-sentence.

    “EGYPT. You are truly Tau’ri, you come from the first world? The Chappa'ai has been uncovered after all this time. This is a most interesting development. I shall return to the first world and reclaim that planet for my domain. Your people will once again bow to the one true God, Ra. Bi'bo Tau’ri, Kree Jaffa.” Ra said.

    Ra turned around and left the room, while a soldier came up behind Stevens and shot him with the coiled snake.

    Outside of Ra’s Ship

    “I think that shows hostile intent, don’t you Sir?” one of the Land Force soldiers asked dryly to Colonel Malley.

    “Yes, I do believe that enslaving the planet earth could be considered an unfriendly action. The question to ask is; how will 23 lightly armed soldiers going to stop an advance alien invasion that can travel through space?”

    No one in the group had an answer to that question with all soldiers sitting quietly for several minutes. Finally a suggestion was given to this question not by a soldier but by an engineer, Scarlett York.

    “Why don’t we just stop them from traveling to earth?”

    “How?” came the reply from several members of the expedition simultaneously.

    “Well, first we have to assume that the people back home have taken the right precaution and have set the gate horizontally. Since that means no-one is getting through the gate at least there is only one way for this ‘Ra’ character to get to earth, by the ship. Now we don’t have enough explosives to take out that ship where it is right now. It would take a hundred times the amount we have to do that, we do have one thing going for us. That ship needs to leave this planet to get to earth, meaning it has to have some types of propulsion system. I purpose we sneak into that ship and plant the explosives we do have in the key places around the ship. As the ship lifts off, we blow the explosives causing the ship to fall back to earth. I feel safe in saying that not many things can survive a free fall from 10 kilometers up.” Mrs. York smiled as she said that and continued explaining her plan.

    “Now that will work well but I think we want more damage on that ship to ensure it stays where it belongs, away from earth. In addition to the explosive on the propulsion system we need to have explosives on the actual hull of the ship itself. As the explosives on the engines are blown the others are blown to weaken the ship prior to crashing to try to vent some enemy soldiers out of their ship for their own free fall and ‘sudden deceleration’ maneuvers. Finally any targets of opportunities should be eliminated as well.”

    “Alright” Colonel Malley said “First question: We?”

    “Well I think that as an engineer I have the best chance of figuring out what their propulsion system looks like.”

    “Accepted, next what about the Ambassador? Do how do we rescue him AND still destroy the ship?” The Colonel asked the group assembled in front of him.

    “Actually Sir, rescuing the ambassador can be achieved while planting the explosives on the ship.” Major Everett Davis stated

    “We have been observing that these soldiers barely qualify for the term of soldier. They hardly patrol, do not exhibit proper any type of teamwork in operations and do not create an effective defensive position. I believe we can slip in most of our team into the ship and achieve both objectives. Three groups enter the ship and search for the ambassador while planting explosives on areas of interest when one team find the ambassador, they break the ambassador out and make a fighting retreat out of the ship. With a fighting retreat the enemy should believe that the ambassador was our only objective and that sabotage has not occurred. They then lift off the planet to attach earth and BOOM, down comes the ship.”

    “Sounds like a plan. I want everyone ready for the infiltration and assault in 1 hour, the recon elements will stay behind to help cover our retreat out of the ship.”

    1 Hour later
    Inside Ra’s Ship

    This was how a soldier is suppose to operated thought Colonel Malley; pre-thought plan, speed, precision and room for adapting to anything thrown at them by Mr. Murphy. Infiltrating the ship had been a joke with no external guards and few internal ones to deal with. It seemed these soldiers were trained solely to intimidate less advance cultures. The most difficult part of the mission was finding their way around the ship. The ship seemed to be designed to confuse anyone inside. After placing his last charge of explosives on that Mrs. York said had to be the engines Colonel Malley’s radio buzzed.

    “SG-3 to SG-1, we have found the package and our ready to begin extraction.”

    “SG-1 actual to SG-3, stand by on extraction. SG-1 to SG-2, are you ready for active withdrawal?”

    “SG-2 to SG-1 actual, we are ready and in position, door opener reports no combatants outside the ship.”

    “Acknowledge SG-2, SG-3 you are clear to extract the package.”


    Sounds of gunfire could be heard echoing through the ship as the last radio communication was ended. As all teams made a planned retreat to from the ship they came under an increasing amount of enemy fire. While inside the ship this fire was largely ineffective because of the twisting nature of the corridors, the same could not be said about the retreat outside the ship. As the teams left the confines of the ship a third of their numbers were gunned down before reaching safety. As each individual reached the prepared defensive position of the recon element they added their suppression fire to help the remaining members continue to retreat. Eventually the enemy soldiers realized they could not advance against the SG team’s position and feel back towards the ship.

    As the last enemy soldier entered the ship a deep rumbling occurred and the ship began to take off from the pyramid. Colonel Malley looked at Scarlett York in anticipation of her triggering the explosives on the ship.

    “Not yet Colonel, the ship needs to be high enough that when it falls the crash will destroy it completely.”

    “York, if you wait any longer, I think they will be able to see earth from that ship. Blow that ship out of the sky NOW.”

    “Alright I suggest everyone finds cover, when that ship hits the planet anything in the open will probably be blown away.” Scarlett said


    Pressing the button down a brief series of explosions could be seen erupting from the ship. The enemy ship began to slow its upward motion, stopped briefly and then began to fall towards the ground. During its freefall the ship slowly turned over to have the point of the pyramid at the bottom. With a great explosion of sand the ship impacted the desert and crumpled. Minor secondary explosions could be seen coming from the ship.

    “Now that is a good day’s work. Let’s call it a day and go home.” One of the wounded soldiers said watching the fire ship burn.

    “Easy for you, can you imagine the grief I’m going to get when I explain this to command.”
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    Chapter 5- Briefing, Activation, Abydos, Galaxy, Plan, Disclosure
    CFB Origin, 1 month after

    “Alright this briefing is about to begin. People we have a lot to cover so please keep your questions until the end of the briefing, I hope that everything gets covered in the briefing but I might miss something with all that is being discussed” General Sheridan said to the personnel assembled in front of him.

    “First point of order we are officially become a unit inside the Canadian military. We are the 321st Ranger Regiment (auxiliary). Cover story is an inter-command training site based in Ranger command to smooth the egos of all other commands involved. This allows us to bring in people from all commands on ‘training’ exercises against our standing opposition team, without hopefully arising suspicion about where all these military personnel are going. To that end we will occasionally be holding war game simulations at another base, currently being built now with a completion date 2 years future, against combined teams from the other commands. From those exercises we should be able to selectively choose future personnel to approach about joining our command here at CFB Origin.”

    “Next point is the current situation on Abydos. We have confirmed that the being calling itself Ra is dead. Apparently even ‘gods’ can die when crushed by a 10 ton support beam of a ship. The autopsy of Ra shows a genetic human with this attached to the spine at the base of the skull.”

    General Sheridan displayed a picture of small snakelike creature and an x-ray showing it location wrapped around the spine.

    “From are best intelligence that snake creature is the ‘goa’uld’ thing mentioned by Ra. They seem to over power a normal human and take control of them. This means every human is a potential host for a goa’uld. So after every mission a 4 hour period of isolation will be enacted where anyone through the stargate will be tested and quarantined. Symptoms of a goa’uld infestation include, but are not limited to; glowing eyes, really deep voice, and evil tendencies.”

    The last comment by General Sheridan got a few chuckles from the assembled group.

    “We have captured a few enemy soldiers, called Jaffa, from the site of Ra’s ship. These Jaffa are apparently the main soldiers of the Goa’uld and are implanted with Goa’uld larva to increase their healing abilities and to make them dependent. Without the Gou’ald larva the Jaffa dies within 3 days. These Jaffa have been questioned about the military capabilities of the Gou’ald and the information is discussed later in the briefing.”

    “Teams have been going to Abydos and surveying the surrounding area for cultural and technological items of interest. It seems that the stargate does go to other planets and the reason we have been unable to establish a lock is because are gate is out of synch with the rest of the network. A cartouche has been found on Abydos that has addresses to hundreds of worlds relative to Abydos. Using that as a base point a science team is currently working on correcting for something called stellar drift. This should mean that the SGC should be able to go to other worlds from earth. Unfortunately, even with a dedicated computer system doing the calculations, it still will take 4-5 days to get 1 address. It has been decided that until we calculate a suitable amount of addresses we will not start exploring the galaxy. All gate travel will be to Abydos to recover items of interest and build up a working relationship with the natives who mine the Naqahdah there. Naqahdah is the name given by the gou’ald for the mineral unobtainium. It has been decided, and Mrs. York has agreed, that we will be using Naqahdah as the name from this point forward.

    Next intelligence provided from our not so willing guests. The Gou’ald are a group of ‘gods’ that are constantly fighting each other for territory, resources, or pride and ego. They each rule over different areas of the galaxy and lord over vast populations of human and Jaffa. Each Gou’ald has fleets of ships numbering in the hundreds and controls dozens of planet. It has been decided that even with the entire world involved, we are not strong enough to liberate the countless human populations throughout the galaxy, at our current level of technology and resources.”

    General Sheridan pauses for a drink of water and to change to the next slide of the display.

    “While we cannot win against the Gou’ald now, we plan on winning and liberating those humans later. To that end we plan on conducting low level activities against the gou’ald with the goal of causing them to continue to fight amongst themselves. We will be deploying weapons based on the Jaffa staff weapon, but designed to ACTUALLY hit something. Shown on the screen is the mk.1 advance pulse rifle. Based on two salvaged Jaffa staff weapons shortened down and improved with a proper trigger and aiming system. Stacked one on top of the other the mk.1 has a thicker barrel then your current weaponry but has better ergonomics and shooting it does not require as much training to compensate for bullet drop.

    While not a rapid fire weapon, with a rate of fire of 120 shots a minute, it benefits from a seeming never ending power supply. A prototype has been firing, once every second, for 4 days and counting. Currently we have created 20 of these weapons with enough staff weapons for 50 more. Using these energy weapons means that when we attack we are an unknown, we could be loyal to any Gou’ald, this hides our identity as non-gou’ald soldiers. Also since we don’t have to pay for the ammunition, just keep firing. All teams will be supplied with the pulse rifle eventually, especially since we see no future need for projectile weapons.

    Most teams going through the gate will consist of 2 LFC or SOFCOM soldiers, one cross-trained pilot and 1 technical expert. Special diplomatic and combat teams can be created as required for missions. We expect, once fully operational, to visit 1 new address a week. This time frame should give time to properly explore worlds and to expand at a sustainable pace. This also means that the SGC should have a reserve of personnel for extraction or support purposes.

    Technology we have acquired from Abydos includes 7 salvaged aerospace superiority fighters called death gliders by the Jaffa. Two are being completely disassembled for study and to create our own home-grown version, with the rest to be used to defend earth and train our pilots in space tactics. Examples of ‘ring transporters’ are being shipped to earth to be studied and for use between this base here at CFB Origin and a secret research site located in the Yukon, codenamed IRON RING.

    Our mission, as it stands right now is to gather technologies and allies to defend earth against the Gou’ald and other potential adversaries. The rules of engagement for this command are simple; if its gou’ald property and not tied down, steal it, if it is tied down destroy it. If we encounter other species we try to open a dialogue with the aliens for peaceful existence and trade. If they are non-receptive, we respect that and move on but still keep in touch. If they are hostile we retreat and then same rules as for the gou’ald apply. Areas of special focus are space fighters, FTL drives, heavy weaponry and power generation. I now will answer any questions that anyone has.” General Sheridan finished his briefing wait for questions.

    “Sir, if the Gou’ald are such a threat should we not bring in other governments. While its not great to admit, Canada is not the biggest military power and we could use the help.” A scientist in the back of the room asked the assembly

    “It has been decided that for the short-term Canada shall be the sole nation involved.” General Sheridan stated

    “This is for a number of reasons;
    1) Right now the SGC has more people involved than planets to explore. There is no need for more personnel if most are not engaged in any off-world activity.
    2) The areas that we require personnel are not defined.
    3) Nations brought in most be capable of keep this secret and accepting other nations already involved in the program.
    4) No incentives exist as of yet to keep nations involved from going public or threatening to go public. If the stargate becomes public to soon and there is an effort to place it under the directions of the UN, it is felt that the program will not reach its full potential.

    Eventually nations will be brought into the program as they meet certain conditions and as the program expands. First nations to be involved will be to meet projected man-power requirements of soldiers and special forces. Next as we prepare for more space based operation, critically located nations around the globe will be approached. Finally as we advance to the stage of starships, nations with a strength of large scale building projects and technical research. Only nations that meet these requirements and are considered friendly to Canada and any other nation involved will be approached.

    “So the USA will be approached soon for their abilities?”

    “No, it is the belief of the government that the US will not accept any role in the project other than a major position of power. Nations who are willing to accept a position of equals in the program will be considered.”
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    Chapter 6- Interrogation, Planet Levels, Targets
    CFB Origin, Holding Cell

    A single man enters the holding cell that holds a chained Jaffa sitting down at a table.

    “Hello, I am agent smith and you are?”

    “I will tell you nothing tau’ri scum. I shall not betray my God. You can try your torture on me but it will gain you NOTHING.”

    “I do not think saying your name will betray your God. Second Ra is dead, he was killed in the crash”

    “LIAR, Gods cannot die, when he finds out your deeds here you will wish for a quick death that never comes. I shall be rewarded by killing you with my own hands!”

    “Alright, lets try a different approach to this interview. You should understand that my people do not believe in torture. My people believe in honoring soldiers for the strength they display. But I ask you; do you serve for the good of Ra?”

    “Of course, to say otherwise is insulting.”

    “Well, from my understanding Ra still has enemies that do not see him as the power that he is, in your services of Ra did you not attack these enemies of Ra?”

    “Indeed I did, I attacked whoever my God told me to.”

    “Well we don’t like those individuals either, but right now we do not know where we can attack these groups. You on the other hand know the addresses of these worlds; you could help Ra by helping us attack these groups. If your intelligence against these enemies of Ra is helpful you could even be releases back into his domain to return to serving him. We will even use tactics to confuse the enemy into thinking that other Gou’ald have attacked him.”

    The Jaffa sat there pondering what was just said to him by this human. Any way to serve Ra would be rewarded and when he was released he could continue serving Ra.

    “My name is Che’fa.”

    The scene was the same in dozens of holding cells in the base. Pride and loyalty to Ra was used to give intelligence on worlds of other Gou’ald. By the end of the day, dozens of worlds were identified and the known defences were explained, examined and categorized.

    CFB Origin, Briefing Room

    “So I take it your ‘interviews’ were successful Agent Smith?” General Sheridan asked the CSIS agent as he entered the briefing room and sat down.

    “General if it was any easier I would still be back in training. We have gate addresses to over a hundred different worlds of interest that are being feed into the computer system right now.

    Essentially Gou’ald worlds come in many different levels of defence. Heaviest is home world or level 1 defence. These world are where the Gou’ald ‘gods’ spend most of their time. Major system fleets and large amount of Jaffa’s on the ground. No chance of a successful attack through the gate, the system can only be attacked by other equally large fleets. Next are the industrial worlds, similar type of defence but to a lesser degree. These worlds COULD be attacked by a large gate force but I would recommend against it. Other Gou’ald attack these worlds with ships so it would appear odd to attack by stargate. Then you have training and mining worlds, they are defended only by surface forces and could be attacked by gate forces, which is the common means.

    Then there are the Jaffa or Human worlds controlled by the Gou’ald for food supplies, slaves and soldiers. These worlds have little defensive systems, since the Gou’ald by convention have decided not to attack each others ‘breadbasket’ if you will. Occasional raids do occur but only by lesser Gou’ald powers. Finally are world not claimed by any Gou’ald. They only have the occasional patrol on the surface, just to ensure that everything is by the book.” Agent smith outlined the various world types.

    “Alright and I assume you have found some viable target for our teams?”

    “Yes, the key is to choose targets that other Gou’ald would want to attack through the gate and to ensure it looks like a Gou’ald attack. This means we need a little bit of deception on our part. When we attack some of the Jaffa killed must be ‘re-inked’ to show then in the service of another Gou’ald. All weaponry must be energy based, and some staff weapons and other material must be left in place. Finally and the most important is that most equipment, even the equipment we attacked for, must be left at the site, either intact or destroyed. Since most Gou’ald have large industrial bases, they do not attack to steal supplies. They attack to destroy bases, I recommend that we take only a third of all equipment found at any base and destroy the rest.”

    “Agreed, our plans must be designed to ensure that no one suspects a new player on the field. So what targets have you picked?”

    “First target; PX-0001-94 codename DUTY FREE, a death glider production and training facility in the domain of the Gou’ald Camulus. Estimated to have light, Jaffa and deathgliders only, defence this planet is ideal for capturing deathgliders to increase earth’s defences. Intelligence also suggests there might even be a cargo ships or Tel’tak at the base. Intelligence has the estimated numbers of death gliders at close to 100 and various personal weapons on the planet surface. Next target; PX-0002-94 codename STOP SIGN, the planet falls under Ba’al’s influence and is used to manufacture armour for Jaffa. While the armour is not an important item, the material it is made of is. Labeled trinium, our scientists think that this metal could be used in the making of space ships. Final target for this discussion is PX-0003-94 codename NEGOTIATOR. A medium-weapon manufacturing site controlled by Bastet, these weapons can be used against all Gou’ald ships up to the Hat’tak size. It is the recommendation that DUTY FREE be attacked first since it offers best chance of success and the greatest immediate reward for the defence of Earth.”

    General Sheridan thought about the recommendations

    “Alright DUTY FREE will be the first target. Give the gate address when it is ready to Sergeant Reids. Agent Smith, give all intelligence available to Colonel Malley of SG-1. Contact chief petty officer Summers to beginning drawing available personnel and material needed for the assault, have him work with Colonel Malley in that regards. Contact Ms. Temple… correction contact Scarlett York and tell her to get her engineers trained in rapidly disassembling a death glider. I want to be able to have a death glider ready for shipment through the gate in 15 minutes. Everyone has until that goal is reached to train and prepare. Dismissed.”

    PX-0001-94 codename DUTY FREE

    It had been too easy really to achieve their objective really. SG teams 1 through 8 along with a squad of combat engineers descended on the base at night and eliminated the few guard Jaffas. The firefight had caused the remainder to become alert but were quickly disposed of with no causalities and only 3 moderate injuries to SG personnel. Some Jaffa were kept alive to be transported back for intelligence purposes while half of the remaining bodies were ‘re-inked’ to show them as servants of Apophis. The only negative was no Tel’tak was present for examination. Though a full 150 death gliders, now called Kestrels by the SGC personnel were at the base. It was planned to have 40 shipped back to Earth and the rest to be destroyed. Also some staff weapons were also taken to allow for the production of more pulse rifles. All in all a very good first strike mission through the gate.
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    Chapter 7 Who’s Next on the menu, Target Goals, Limited Disclosure
    General Sheridan’s Office

    “General as requested the list of best potential Gou’ald targets.” Sergeant Reids said as he entered the Generals office and place a file folder on his desk.

    “How many are there on this list?”

    “7 new targets not discussed in the previous briefing Sir, the choices are based on known defences, Goa’uld in power, chances of success and priority of equipment to be ‘liberated’ from the planet. Also included are some of the known alliances within the Goa’uld society”

    “Thank you Sergeant, that will be all for now.”

    As Sergeant Reids left the office General Sheridan opened the file folder and began to read summaries of the future targets for the SGC.

    PX-0004-94 codename: GIANT TIGER
    System Status: Controlled by Athena (Under Ba’als domain)
    Planet Condition: Tropical with small lakes and rivers. No moons in orbit of planet, 15 hour day. Single yellow Star.
    Interest Points: Jaffa ground soldier training camp. These camps are used to train the Jaffa for the service of both Athena and Ba’al in typical ground combat. Defences are reported to be light; Jaffa and death gliders only. Hat’tak and Al’kesh only visit planet at beginning and end of training cycle to receive new Jaffa. Hidden weapon caches located near training facility.
    Material Objective: Personal weapons. Staff weapons to increase the available numbers ready for conversion to pulse rifles, as well as for use in project DIET. Zat’n’ktel (Zats) a type of personal weapons are requested for use in project SIDEKICK. Intars, a form of non-lethal training weapon used during training of Jaffa, for use in base defence and training purposes. Shock grenade used to stun and knock un-conscious individuals within range.
    Attack Timeline: Suggested to attack at beginning of new training cycle, where Jaffa are least experience and largely unknown to each other. From intelligence gathered new Jaffa are split into two teams and remain separate for duration of training. Attack during a training mission will cause the Jaffa to be armed but only with non-lethal Intars. Headquarters of both teams must be hit quickly to remove Long Range Communication devices for communication with both Athena and Ba’al. Expected yield to be taken from site of 40 Intars, 80 shock grenades, 60 staff weapons, 60 Zats
    Deception Plan: Athena according to intelligence was aligned with Qetesh until a betrayal (alliance and reason unknown at this time). Evidence that Qetesh was responsible for attack is advised. Take less than 1/3 of intars, shock grenades and less than 1/2 of Staff weapons and Zats.

    PX-0015-94 codename: PRAIRIE HARVEST
    System Status: Control by Qetesh (Sole Goa’uld power in system)
    Planet Condition: Planetary desert system. Orbits around binary star system with 2 tidally locked moons, 30 hour day with variable daylight hours.
    Interest Points: Naqahdah mining and refining site, used as punishment duty for Jaffa under Qetesh’s control. Mines and refinery are operated by captured Jaffa of other Goa’uld. Defences are limited to Jaffa and death gliders.
    Material Objective: Refined Naqahdah.
    Attack Timeline: Collection of refined Naqahdah happens on a regular schedule. Increased defence occurs immediately before arrival of Hat’tak to collect Naqahdah. Suggested that planet is kept under long term surveillance to determine schedule of Hat’tak visits, attack during period between visits. Expected yield of 4 tonnes of refined Naqahdah
    Deception Plan: Attackers re-inked to show as Jaffa of Mot. Take 3/4 of refined Naqahdah and use rest to destroy base. Make site appeared to have destroy by accidental Naqahdah explosion during assault. Long term attack plan, large amounts of Naqahdah not needed until large development of SGC program.

    PX-0032-94 codename: SECRET DOOR
    System Status: Control by Nerus (under Ba’als domain)
    Planet Condition: Tropical environment circling a blue dwarf star. No moons in orbit, with a planetary day of 24 hours. Nerus rarely visits planet and administers the planet from Ba’als homeworld.
    Interest Points: Semi-secret advance research site, known to other Goa’ulds but type of research do is not confirmed. Suspected research is advance small scale weaponry based on known projects of Nerus, minor amount of Jaffa present (reason- Jaffa are not to know or understand Goa’uld ‘magic’)
    Material Objective: Hand devices, Takunitahaminituron (Taks), and other small, hand held weaponry.
    Attack Timeline: Stargate attack with full combat team, use stun grenade where possible to take hostages for further interrogation. Site is filled with minor Goa’uld working in service of Nerus in scientific positions. No predictions of yield
    Deception Plan: Attack to be carried out by Cronus Jaffa. Take examples of all technology, as all Goa’uld would want to understand what another one is researching. Leave nothing intact after attack.

    PX-0041-94 codename: DRUG STORE
    System Status: Controlled by Nirrti (personal research planet)
    Planet Condition: Temperate with small Agrarian settlements loyal to Nirrti, single star system with single moon orbiting planet, 20 hour day.
    Interest Points: Based on Nirrti’s focus on biology, research site is thought to be genetics or chemical based site. Exact location of site is not known on the surface of the planet. Nirrti visits planet only by Stargate and no standing force of Jaffa are present.
    Material Objective: Information stored at research site with samples of any drugs or chemicals present.
    Attack Timeline: Long term project, with multiple reconnaissance trips to determine location of research site. After location is found planning for mission will continue. No predicted material.
    Deception Plan: Based on expected defence (negligent) and purpose of the target (samples and information only) mission has focus on zero-detection. If deception is needed Jaffa of Sokar are to be held responsible.

    PX-0057-94 codename: BFG OUTLET
    System Status: Controlled by Cronus
    Planet Condition: Tundra and Artic Conditions, planet beyond liquid ice orbit of star, single orbiting moon, 29 hour days on planet.
    Interest Points: Planet is used to mine material other than Naqahdah and Trinium for use in ship construction. Iron, magnesium, nickel and aluminum ore are minded using staff cannons to break up rock for transport and refining. Hat’taks motherships and death gliders are used for orbital defence with minimal amount of Jaffa on the planets surface. Regular schedule of transport ships arrive at the planet to collect and transport refined metals.
    Material Objective: Staff cannons and any refined metals, items of value. Staff cannons marked for deployment in Project BUG NET.
    Attack Timeline: Separate infiltration of planet by multiple teams over several days with planned simultaneous strikes on many separate mines. Speed is key success factor for mission to ensure that staff cannons are collected before orbital strikes can be called down. Mission leaves planet via stargate to Abydos then onwards to Earth. Expected yield of 32 staff cannons
    Deception Plan: Speed is essential for mission, no time to re-ink bodies. Jaffa on ground must not be allowed to see individuals attacking or weapons used. Each team will be outfitted with shock grenades to quickly neutralize enemy Jaffa.

    PX-0063-94 codename: CHOP SHOP
    System Status: Controlled by Apophis
    Planet Condition: Agrarian world with orbiting Hat’tak size construction yards. Close to boundary between Apophis’ domain and Sokar’s domain. A single star system containing a large asteroid belt, the belt is extensively mined for resources to construct space going vessels.
    Interest Points: Orbiting construction yards are supplied with food from planet below not by ring transporter but by fleet of Tel’tak cargo ships. Estimated numbers of Tel’taks is above 30. Constructions yards work on two Hat’tak vessels at a time, with an estimated construction time of 1 local year. Planet and stargate are left unguarded because of Goa’uld belief that nothing of value resides planetside.
    Material Objective: The Tel’taks present, other articles of interest if opportunity presents itself.
    Attack Timeline: Estimations of work force present on orbiting construction yards as well as the number of Tel’taks present for shuttle purposes suggests that each Tel’tak makes multiple supply runs a day. A coordinated assault on as many Tel’taks present on the surface of the planet as possible for one large quick operation. Interrogation of prisoners for information on flight controls is needed as well as spacecraft expected performance (range, speed, maneuverability, etc.). Expected yield of 4 Tel’taks
    Deception Plan: Captured Tel’taks will be flown towards the domain of Sokar. At a system before border Tel’taks will drop out of hyperspace and change flight plan to Abydos. At Abydos, one Tel’tak will be disassembled and sent through the stargate, the remainder will be stocked for a long duration mission to earth. Tel’taks will enter earth orbit behind the moon and wait until annual Perseids Meteor Shower (operation name FLAK RUN) to land on earth.

    PX-0004-94 codename: COAL STATION
    System Status: Controlled by Zarin (Domain of Heru-ur)
    Planet Condition: Temperate planet with large forest, single yellow star with 1 small moon. 36 hour day.
    Interest Points: Small garrison of Jaffa, the planet is used as a staging site for movement of Heru-ur fleet. Few death gliders and Jaffa patrol seen as only on-site defence
    Material Objective: Ring Transporter
    Attack Timeline: Night raid for single ring transporter, located near stargate used for transportation between surface and orbiting ships. Speed of removal essential to effort.
    Deception Plan: Leave no evidence of group. Attack would not fit any known Goa’uld tactic and effort to frame one particular Goa’uld would be meet with suspicion.

    General Sheridan put down the file folders and relaxed in his chair.

    If even half of these projections are accurate the SGC stands to get a significant amount of resources within the coming 6 months; a spacefleet, the beginning of a global defence grid, and advance weaponry. It will be a hectic time for the SGC.

    The phone rang and startled the General out of his musing.

    “Sir you’re late for the meeting at IRON RING about future strategic direction of the SGC.” Sergeant Mariam relayed over the phone.

    “Thank you Sergeant I will be leaving shortly.”

    The General got up and left for the ring transporter room.

    One great thing about this command, travel is a lot easier.

    General Sheridan was then ringed to the secret research facility in the Northern Yukon.


    “This is the first monthly meeting of the Strategic Defence Council.” Agent Kyle Saunders stated as the various research scientists, soldiers and CSIS agents got into their assigned places.

    “These meetings are to talk of the direction, planning, resources and cover-stories related to projects designed to protect this planet from threats of an extra-terrestrial nature.

    First, target goals, it is hoped to have the first squadron of Kestrel aerospace fighters combat ready in 2 months with a 2nd ready 6 months after that. The 1st squadron will be based out of this base here at SCB IRON RING. The second squadron when deemed combat ready, will be based out of CFB ORIGIN. Right now we have the planes for a third, fourth and fifth squadron but no more security cleared pilots to fly them. A second problem is getting training in ACTUAL space combat without showing the existence of the Kestrel. With such heavy radar coverage over the Northern hemisphere, launches would not go undetected by our friends south of the border.

    We plan on remedying this by starting up a bare bones base somewhere in the southern hemisphere to launch space trials. By launching from almost directly over the southern pole, there is little chance of being detected. Unfortunately this limits the speed that which we can train our pilots for space combat and the size of exercises we can run. Eventually we plan on having 8 separate squadrons around the globe, for a total combat strength of 64 fighters.

    Next project UNDERPASS, to facilitate a global defence network we plan to have rapid mobility. The project plans on putting over 25 ringed transporters around the globe, mainly on uninhabited islands, under the cover of a long term research project of studying global warming. Each site will contain one set of rings and its own internal power supply, while CFB ORIGIN will contain 5 additional sets to act as a hub for the network. With how large, heavy, and rare the ring transporters are within the Goa’uld society we expect to be able to retrieve only 1 set every 8 months. Estimated completion time of the network is over 20 years.

    Next project BUG NET, a land based global defence grid. Each BUG NET will contain a mk1 advance howitzer. The mk1 is designed to be made of 4 stolen staff cannons re-engineered to fit into a single system and be deployable through the UNDERPASS network. Each system will contain a dedicate fire control system. A mk1 is capable of destroying any craft up to the size of an Al’kesh and through combined assault should be able to damage a Hat’tak. A fire rate of 120 rounds a minute sustained or a rate of 30 rounds a minute in heavy assault mode. This last mode is when all 4 staff cannons are fired simultaneously to increase the destructive power hitting a vessel.

    To be clear no mk1 will be placed at an UNDERPASS station unless a threat has been identified. The plan is to have 2 mk1’s at each UNDERPASS station; this means over 200 staff cannons are needed for the completion of the defence grid. Estimated time to retrieve enough staff cannons and build the mk1’s 12 years, with a cost of 25 million per year.

    Next project DIET, a small scale version of BUG NET created with staff weapons instead of staff cannons, called the mk1 auto-pulse cannon. Used for defence of BUG NET and UNDERPASS sites from enemy fighters each howitzer will be paired with 2 auto-pulse cannons. Expected rate of fire is 240 rounds a minute in full assault mode. With the number of sites around the globe, this means the project requires over 400 staff weapons and 100 fire control systems. Estimated time for completion of units is less than 5 years because of the numerous amounts of staff weapons available from the Goa’uld.

    That is the end of the briefing I now open the floor to questions.”

    “Fighters and ground defences are all well and good, but when will we start to build the big ships?” A maritime officer asked from the back of the room.

    “Currently teams are being assembled to look into the design of capital classed warships. The priority to those ships are low for several reasons; 1, The SGC currently does not have a working faster than light propulsion system. 2, Canada does not have a viable place to construct and launch ships that large without been seen by the rest of the world. 3, the military does not have the budget to maintain a fleet of spaceships. Finally we do not have the necessary material to build a large space capable ship yet.

    The plan for Space Command is to continue to use the Kestrel aerospace fighter to patrol above earths atmosphere. After this when a design for a new fighter is finished, Space Command will then develop an improved home-grown space fighter. Larger ships are at planned for after this, no earlier than 5 years, after a limited disclosure occurs. If certain SGC missions are successful Space Command will have a few Tel’tak to use for special operation insertions and to begin developing a cadre of space capable officers and space tactics.”

    “Speaking of disclosure, who will we be approaching and when?”

    “We will approach some selected countries within a year, as to the exact country list that is still being discussed.”
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    Chapter 8 CHOP SHOP, GIANT TIGER, SDC Meeting
    PX-0063-94 codename CHOPSHOP

    The teams had been on world for several local days now observing the Jaffa present, getting use to the conditions and determining the routines of all the interesting parties. Two SG teams had brought small telescopes and were using them to locate and then monitor the orbiting construction yards, as well as gather intelligence about the construction of Ha’tak vessels. It was interesting to note that a Ha’tak was built by first constructing the outer lattice work, and then completing the pyramid in the middle.

    At the first sign of detection from either the Jaffa on the ground or the orbiting construction yards the teams had standing orders to retreat to Abydos and then onto Earth. With the reconnaissance in place the teams began to count the Tel’taks in the various stages of the shuttling missions. The cargo ships worked in miniature fleets. 14 Tel’taks would be loading supplies brought to the Jaffa base for transport. 14 would be unloading at the orbiting construction yards, with 7 at each yard. The time spent in traveling from orbit to ground or ground to orbit was small

    The observations by the teams saw that all 7 Tel’taks would leave together and travel together at the docks. Operations went on during the daylight hours of the planet, with an average time for a total round trip of 6 hours from ground to yard to ground. The two different crews were assigned to each Tel’tak and would alternate trips making each crew do one trip a day. A crew of a Tel’tak did not supervise the loading process, only leaving their tents when summoned by the ground crew. It would often take as long as an half an hour from the time the ship was ready till the time it lifted off. The worst timed response was the first morning trip, with each crew taking an average of an hour to life off.

    The plan was to hit the base in the morning right as the cargo ships finished loading. Of the 7 teams brought along for the trip 2 would be used to in a diversionary attack on the base to draw guards. Another team would be used to defend the stargate and open the gate for the retreating teams to Abydos. As the Jaffa gave chase, an expected outcome, the other three teams would enter the base and steal 4 fully loaded Tel’taks. A Tel’tak was designed to be easy to fly and the controls had been described by humans from Abydos who had seen the cockpit and how the Jaffa had operated them. This information had been check against what the captured Jaffa had already told them about operating the Tel’tak.

    The plan was being adhered to until an unexpected stargate activation where a large contingent of Jaffa had arrived on world guarding several large Ha’tak size cannons. A meeting between the leaders of the various SG teams immediately occurred between following this new development.

    “We should continue on plan and strike now, the diversion teams can handle the increase in Jaffa and if we steal the Tel’taks with THOSE weapons in it we get even more advance hardware. There are enough of Big Honkin Space Guns to arm both of those ships.” Lieutenant Quentin Ryan of SG-9 said.

    “But with such an increase of force the odds of having more guards around the ships is increase, I don’t like that idea. To greedy, the overall plan is a slow build-up so that Earth continues to be unnoticed. We can begin taking risks when are entire way of life is not contained to one essentially defenceless planet. Besides there is always another mission, the Goa’uld are creatures of habit if they bring in those guns from somewhere by gate they will do it again, and next time we will have an ambush ready at the gate instead of trying to shoot from the hip and get them. I say we wait until their either already up on the ships or those extra Jaffa are gone.” Colonel Malley reasoned to the team leaders

    The situation was debated back and forth between the team leaders; while Colonel Malley was in over all command he wanted the input from each team member. Finally the Colonel put the issue to a vote. The vote ended 5-2 in favour of waiting until the weapons were gone, the mission was on standby until then.

    PX-0063-94 codename CHOP SHOP
    Three Days Later

    The Ha’tak cannons were shipped up to the Ha’taks 1 day ago. The extra Jaffa’s had left after the transfer of cannons and the base had returned to its previous lackluster system of defence. The teams were assembled and in there assigned positions. SG-1, 2, 3 and 5 were positioned to assault the Tel’taks. SG-6 was in position to hold the stargate and dial the gate to Abydos. SG-9 and 12 would ‘assault’ the Jaffa base and be ‘repelled’ back towards the stargate. Once the Tel’taks were ready and filled with supplies the attack would commence.

    “Go.” A one word sentence said over the radio by Colonel Malley started the entire assault and the attempt by the Tau’ri to create an interstellar fleet.

    The actual attack was anti-climatic in nature. SG-9 and 12 opened fired against the Jaffa base more for effect than accuracy. Rapidly firing their pulse rifles against all structures and Jaffa seen, the two SG teams created the appearance of having twice the number of soldiers. The Jaffa response to this was predictable and stubborn; most Jaffa within the base began to move towards the perceived threats totally neglecting all over portions of the base. SG-1, 2, 3 and 5 quickly moved towards their assigned targets and quickly took out the few Jaffa still around the Tel’taks.

    The 4 stolen Tel’taks rose unsteadily into the atmosphere and headed into space. As expected the Tel’taks were challenged by the orbiting construction yards because of the sudden departure and the attack occurring on the planet. To delay action taken by the station or the death gliders, SG-5 had the must fluent member of the SGC program in Goa’uld. While not truly fluent in any sense, the deception did allow time for the Tel’taks to jump into hyperspace. The Tau’ri now had the first elements of a space fleet.

    CFB Origin

    “General Sheridan we have received reports from the missions to CHOP SHOP and GIANT TIGER. GIANT TIGER is reporting success with a slightly lower than expected weapons retrieval. SG-4 is reporting minor casualties in the assault with none life threatening. The CHOP SHOP diversionary team is all back on Abydos with no casualties, SG-9 reporting no problems with the hijacking of the Tel’taks.” Sergeant Reids reported to the General as the stargate terminated connection.

    “Thank you sergeant, inform me when the packages have arrived at Abydos.” General Sheridan stated as his left for his office.

    “Yes Sir.”

    1 Week Later

    “Alright let’s starts the meeting.” Agent Saunders said to the assembled members of the SDC.

    “First, an update on the recent off-world missions to the planets GIANT TIGER and CHOP SHOP. The attack on GIANT TIGER yielded 30 intars, 80 shock grenades, 50 staff weapons, 40 zats, and pieces of a communication device. Minor Casualties reported by SG-4, 7, 8, 10 and 11. This was expected with the enemy using mostly intars, a form of non-lethal injury was possible. It is recommended that all future missions for small arms be done against this type of establishment. The staff weapons are to be converted to pulse rifles, bringing are total armament to 95 pulse rifles. Some of the other weaponry will be disassembled for study while the rest will be used by the SG teams. The communication device was badly broken by explosions and little is expected from the research.

    Next, all SG teams have returned to Abydos and have reported no injuries, and a completed and successful mission. 1 Tel’Tak is currently being disassembled for transportation through the stargate for further study with the 2 ring transporter sets to be deployed for project UNDERPASS. The ring transporters will be placed in the network at CFB Halifax, TS-0-02, and CFB Esquimalt, TS-0-03. With TS-0-00 operational at CFB ORIGIN and TS-0-01 operational here at SFB IRON RING, the primary network is 66% complete. After completion of the primary network, network Australia and network Europe are the next to be built.

    2 of the 3 other Tel’taks are being loaded with supplies for travel to Earth. Operation FLAK RUN will be activated when the ships are ready and in Earth orbit. The leader of the SG teams involved, Colonel Malley, made a decision to delay the mission to allow heavily guarded components to enter and leave the Jaffa base. The SG teams from that mission are also reporting praise of the pulse rifle, stating that it allows the team to take on larger formations of Jaffa with a greater chance of success. The final Tel’tak will be used for operations based out of Abydos.

    These attacks have shown the benefits of planned limited strikes on the Goa’uld to sow confusion and to increase our own strengths.”

    “If I may cut in for a moment Mr. Saunders,” a scientist from SFB IRON RING said “the reports say the guarded components were Ha’tak class weapon components. Why did the SG teams not attempt to capture those vital components?”

    “With the increase of guards, the lack of REAL combat experience against the Jaffa and the fact that capture could result in the exposure of earth and an invasion that the planet is not ready for, the military agrees with the on-site commanders. The long-term plan states for a slow methodical build-up hidden from the Goa’uld. Earth has been lost to them for 4,000 years, the military plans on keeping it that way.”

    Now a new project is being initiated, following closely on project BUG NET. Project BUG ZAPPER is an attempt to attack Goa’uld Ha’tak vessels. We had previously estimated that a single advance howitzer could do minor damage against an attack Ha’tak. BUG ZAPPER is a special fire control system to link 5 howitzers together to fire simultaneously and at the same spot of a Goa’uld ship. We are hopeful that 5 howitzers, with the effect firepower of 20 staff cannons should be able to severely damage a Ha’tak. Eventually the system will be designed to control every howitzer in range of the target.

    Next I ask for General Sheridan to report on the plans for expansion of the SG program.”

    Agent Saunders left the podium as General Sheridan got up and went towards it.

    “Alright, this portion of the briefing is about future expansion of the SGC and its subsidiary programs.

    With 95 pulse rifles available for use, the SGC currently has the ability to field roughly 20- 4 person SG teams with a reserve armament supply for training and other uses. The SGC is currently fielding 12 SG teams with another 3 planned within the next 6 months. The SGC is planning on fielding 30 SG teams from Earth when fully operational.

    The SGC is in the planning stages of 2 large operations codenamed MAPMAKER and REAL ESTATE. After the completion of the current missions planned the SGC plans to continue exploring through the stargate to the addresses from the Abydos cartouche and from Jaffa interrogation for worlds not under the domain of the Goa’uld. If the explored world is inhabited and under Goa’uld domain, the team will do a reconnaissance mission and determine the threats and resources of the planet as well as the Goa’uld controlling the planet. If the planet is inhabited and not under the domain of a Goa’uld, peaceful contact with the inhabitants will be initiated. The focus is to determine potential of world as an ally against the Goa’uld or as a trading partner. This is a continual mission labeled MAPMAKER.

    If the world is uninhabited and not used by the Goa’uld operation REAL ESTATE is activated. Operation REAL ESTATE is to find three suitable worlds; 1 for use as a meeting place between the SGC and potential allies codenamed EMBASSY, 1 for use as a planet where SG teams under enemy fire retreat to instead of leading to earth codenamed SAFEHOUSE. The final world is codenamed ARK and will be used as a secret research facility and if needed a refuge from a Goa’uld attack on earth.

    This world will be the most secret installation ever devised. Travel to ARK will only be allowed from Earth. No SG member who travels off-world is allowed to know the gate address to ARK and finally the Gate address will be kept on a separate computer not networked to the rest of the base and guarded at all times. Any time the dialing of the gate to ARK is done only the commanding officer of the SGC can be present. ARK will be the last hope of all humanity if the Goa’uld ever invade Earth.

    With these rather large set of operations it is recommended that the first 3 additional countries be approached about the stargate program within the next 12 to 15 months.”
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    Chapter 9 COAL STATION, NEGOTIATOR, It Begins
    PX-0072-94 codename COAL STATION

    Walking through the gate has to be the biggest leap for mankind EVER. Lieutenant Alexandre Kharti commander of SG-4 thought as he left the stargate after being transmitted over 16,000 light-years in a matter of seconds to a planet that felt much like coastal British Columbia.

    “Alright listen up everybody, the target is 500 metres west of us on a well beaten path. I want SG teams 5 and 9 to form a perimeter around the sight, best defensive cover. SG-8 will be riding shotgun on the gate making sure if we have to fall back we have a door that is open. My team and SG-6 will scout the area and the path leading to the target and from the gate respectively. In 1 hour the gate will be open and if its all clear the diggers will be moved through to retrieve the rings. SG-1 is riding shotgun on the digger teams providing close in support. Move out.” The Lieutenant said to the assembled personnel, all professional in their appearances and actions.

    1 hour later

    It was a hectic hour for the assembled teams as each got into position to cover their respective positions. Just as the lieutenant finished is position his radio crackled to life.

    “SG-8 to SG-4, stargate activation, receiving coded transmission from SGC. Is mission a go?” Lieutenant Max Gance reported in from behind a tree near the stargate.

    “SG-4 is signaling ‘go’. SG teams acknowledge.”

    “SG-5 and 9 signaling go.” Lieutenant Ryan of SG-9 reported.

    “SG-6 signaling go.” Lieutenant Sarah McGuinness reported.

    “SG-4 to SG-8 signal to SGC mission is a go.”

    2 backhoes emerged from the stargate followed by SG-1, a small crane and finally a small flatbed trailer that could be pulled by the crane, for loading the ring platform onto it. The convoy made its way to the ring platform with the two assigned SG teams spread out in a defensive formation.

    4 hours later, the ring platform was loaded onto the trailer and moved through the stargate. The teams began withdrawing from their prepared positions, careful to naturalize the site again. No piece of equipment was to be left behind, no clue as to who had robbed the ‘goddess’ Zarin of one of her ring transporter. Even the defensive positions dug were filled in to prevent the Goa’uld from finding out any tactical information about the operation. All SG teams fell back towards the gate except SG-4, who made a quick reconnaissance of the local Jaffa barracks before returning to earth to report a successful mission for a ring platform. This platform, already designated TS-0-04, was to be installed in CFB Borden as soon as possible.

    PX-0003-94 codename NEGOTIATOR

    While the mission to COAL STATION had gone entirely too smoothly, the same could not be said for the mission for staff cannons. The initial reconnaissance teams, SG 2 and 3 had been on world for 3 days now watching the weapon manufacturing site and preparing the attack profile. The remaining teams from the SGC and the special sleds to transport the stolen cannons were gated to the planet and assembled for the mission. Right at dawn the teams attacked, as planned, and were immediately under heavy enemy fire, an event not planned.

    Now 1 hour later the attack was finally making progress toward the facility. Thankfully the Jaffa kept attacking the same way, charging forward and shooting from the hip. Even with these reckless attacks 1 SG member was glazed by a Jaffa staff blast and in critical condition being transported back towards the stargate. As the final Jaffa were eliminated the realization of the scale of the battle set in. 7 SG teams and 24 combat engineers had attacked and defeated a garrison of over 300 warrior Jaffa with only one critical but stable casualty and minor injuries to some of the remaining personnel.

    Half the team set out to re-ink some of the Jaffa to show them in the service of Cronus while the other provided defence for the engineers loading up the 12 sleds with three staff cannons each. The sleds were designed to be cross-country in nature with the cargo strapped down to the bed of the sleds. Sleds were used so that, if need be, the sleds could be left behind without arising to much suspicion. Two combat engineers would pull each sled while the SG teams protected them, scouted ahead and secured the stargate for travel. With 3 cannons per sled and 12 sleds, the SGC now had 36 staff cannons for project BUG NET, as well as 150 staff weapons to begin the creation of anti-fighter project DIET weapons.

    The teams made it to the gate as 2 Al’keshs flew over the weapons site and began to bomb the plants. Too little to late thought Lieutenant Morrison of SG-2.

    “Now THOSE are the stuff we should be stealing” said the cross-trained pilot assigned to SG-3.

    “Have to crawl before you can walk and before you can run. We have been at this for 3 months; imagine what we will have in 3 years!” Morrison stated to the pilot.

    “Yeah but I still want one.”

    3 weeks later

    “I am please to announce that the first prototypes for project BUG NET and project DIET have been completed and the software is reading problem free.” Reported an engineer to the SDC.

    “How were you able to get those done so fast?”

    “It was a simple exercise, we took the radar and software systems from the Phalanx CIWS used on Maritime Command Halifax Class frigates, reduced the lead factor the computer gather the system for flight time and installed it on a mk1 howitzer, now labeled a global defence howitzer (GDH) and mk1 auto-pulse cannon (APC), as the fire control system. With a slight range modification the system should be able to engage targets up to 1600 kilometers away if in low earth orbit, for the GDH and 10 kilometers away at any altitude for the APC.

    First trials will be held off-world on Abydos next week and barring any problems production of the system begins the week after. If the system works a similar and vastly cheaper radar system, the Kashtan-M, can be bought discreetly on the black market for both projects. Russian in design it is a good radar system paired with a rubbish software system. Our improved system from the Phalanx should create a truly deadly pair of anti-Goa’uld weapons. Unfortunately we now see the need for many more BUG NET sites around the globe, and located at sites not on the planned UNDERPASS network.

    Systems will be installed in all UNDERPASS stations as they become available.”

    “Thank for the briefing, now with how much we have taken in recent months, the SGC will be slowing down major operations. Only missions to do reconnaissance on future targets and to Abydos are planned for the next month. We have just concluded are treaty with the Abydonians, in return for helping them with medical supplies and infrastructure when, they will mine the Naqahdah deposits on the planet with the equipment we provided for 5 local years. This means Earth should be getting Naqahdah within the year. When the SGC does, bigger plans can begin.”

    Chapter 10 Abydos, Reconnaissance, Honour the Sun God, SHOPPING LIST

    It is damn hot, but at least it’s a dry heat. Thought mining engineer Samuel Burnet as he prepared to explain a jackhammer to the natives on Abydos.

    “This,” gesturing to the jackhammer “is designed to replace 10 of those.” gesturing to a pile of primitive pick axes and waiting for the translator to say the same thing. After hearing his claims the natives did not seem impressed or wowed over.

    The Abydonians were quickly shown the power of modern technology when the single electric jackhammer powered by an array of solar panels transformed a boulder into pebbles, a feat that would have taken a single person days to accomplish with a single pick axe. The natives looked stunned that such power could be used by someone other than a ‘god’, and each one looked anxious to try it for themselves. Combining the jackhammer with small skid-steer loaders and a proper electrically powered conveyor system, the ore output of the open pit mine should triple with a 50% reduction in labour.

    The Abydonians would only be using the jackhammers in the near future but in time would learn to run the loaders, with the hope of making the operation almost self sufficient. Only diesel for the loaders would be needed to be brought through the stargate and the occasional replacement part. Eventually larger equipment would be brought in to further the mining operation, but that was years away with the number of requirements the SGC had.

    This self-help type of learning would was also being used to make the Abydonians less awed by the Goa’uld ‘magic powers’. Some Abydonians were even starting to ask for training and a supply of weapons to ‘fight the death bringing Jaffa’ if they ever return. This had brought up the idea in the SGC of having an Abydonian militia that would re-enforce SG missions against the Jaffa and Goa’uld. While the idea would give the SGC a boost in firepower available, it would take years of training before the Abydonians were proficient enough to join SG teams.

    What an age to be living in, I’m mining on another PLANET. Samuel thought as he walked toward the tent that served as his office and field post.

    “So what’s the verdict Sam? When can we expect some of the good refined stuff out of this here ground?” Major Davis of SG-1 immediately asked the engineer as he entered the tent.

    “Well still doing core samples to determine the extent of the deposit, concentration and so forth but within the year, for early small amounts 18 months for full swing operations. If we brought in some real equipment I could cut that in half.”

    “You know that is not going to happen, getting the loaders was hard enough, this place is even a more logistical nightmare then the mines that are planned up in the North West Territories. Electric tools might be more expensive and less efficient but once you get solar panels hooked up that’s all you need to put through the gate. Besides this planet gets ALOT of suntime.”

    “Your reasons all make sense, but I’m use to big op-mining. You get this little amount of ore out of a mine, bosses start asking some very pointed questions. I bet the concentration doesn’t go above 20 ppm for the ore. Any other mineral and this type of operation would be out of business quick.”

    “Yeah but we can’t exactly get this stuff anywhere else, beside what it can do makes it ALL worth while.”

    “Such as…?”

    “Well, the other eggheads are talking about this stuff in hushed terms like it can solve all problems. They think it could be used as a form of compact power generation, used in armour for ships and the one I like the most, pack 1 kilo C-4 with 100 grams of the stuff, and you are should to get a half explosion.”


    “Yep half kiloton explosive you can carry around in a backpack without a radiation suit, imagine the kind of torpedoes we could put into an invading Goa’uld ship, makes you all tingly inside.” Major Davis said with a slightly twisted smile.


    The planet was not a Goa’uld training facility, or a weapons manufacturing site. It held no deposits of Naqahdah or Trinium, according to intelligence and produced no gliders or Ha’taks for the Goa’uld. The only thing that was known about the planet was it belonged to Kali but had previously belonged to Ra and that it had ALOT of desert. The first point meant that it had to be checked out and assessed. SG-2 was checking out the planet for activity and was finding nothing. The mission was good for training and little else at this point until a ring transporter was found, then another… and another…


    “Sir, gate activation… receiving authorization code from… It is SG-2 on PX-0007-94.” Sergeant Reids reported to the General

    “Alright, let them in. Raise the stargate for incoming travelers.”


    The stargate rose quickly from a horizontal position to its active vertical position. SG-2 was given the signal to come through and the gate was quickly lowered and set in its original position. No chances were taken that a Jaffa or Goa’uld could be following the team.

    CFB Origin
    4 hours later

    “Alright so what do we know about this planet?” General Sheridan asked CSIS Agent Smith.

    “Well currently belonging to Kali but until about two years ago was in the domain of Ra. Ra evidently finished mining the easy Naqahdah years ago and was only holding onto the planet for some future base. When Kali took the planet, Ra didn’t really care.”

    “OK, but why does it have 5 ring transporters near the stargate?”

    “Well, back in the day Ra was THEE Supreme system lord. The difference between his military might and the others would be somewhere close to the US compared to Haiti. Ra said jump the rest asked how high, that short of thing. Well Ra evidently liked to show off this power and demanded a yearly meeting between himself and other high Goa’uld, namely Apophis, Seth, Osiris and Tiamat. Since each Goa’uld was a paranoid posturing egomaniac, each demanded their own private ring platform to make sure that no ‘gifts’ could be sent up to their ship.

    After awhile Ra’s power started to fall relative to the other Goa’uld, he was still the strongest but couldn’t boss around the other Goa’uld so easily. The other Goa’ulds stopped listening to Ra and slowly stopped coming to the meetings. Things changed, Seth banished Osiris somewhere, and then disappeared of the political map himself. Tiamat got his territory stolen by Yu and another unnamed Goa’uld and Apophis, well he just stopped pretending to like Ra. The system fell out of use and Ra couldn’t be bothered to move the ring platforms. So we have a world, only recently taken over by another Goa’uld that holds 5 ring transporters, valuable to us, and nothing of value to other Goa’uld.”

    The pause in the conversation was short as everyone thought of the potential that those ring platforms. General Sheridan was the person to break the silence.

    “Lets take them.”

    PX-0007-94 codename SHOPPING LIST

    All available SG teams were brought in to protect the excavation team that was assigned to remove the 5 ring platforms on SHOPPING LIST. It took almost 2 days of continuous operation to remove all 5 platforms because of the shifting sands of the worksite. As each platform was taken out of the ground it was quickly gated back to earth. Two hectic days later and the SGC had pulled off its greatest robbery to date. 3 of the platforms were marked to be given to the first 3 potential ally nations told about the stargate. Another platform designated TS-0-05 was to be installed in a secret installation near Edmonton to protect the oilfields, and to complete the primary network in Canada. The final platform had not been assigned a position but was rumored to be going to a network Europe site.

    Figured Ra would have some type of 'neutral' planet where he could meet the other Egyptian 'gods'. 1 million points to the person who can figure out why COAL STATION is going to be significant.
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    Chapter 11 Abyonian Training and Building, Gate Test, Recon status

    A makeshift weapons range had been created on Abydos to begin training the 1st Abydonian militia, a reinforced-platoon size force tasked with the defence around the Stargate. Targets were painted on rocks and hanging sheets of metal as close as 5 metres and as far away as 500. Eventually pop-up targets would be included to give the Abyodnians a chance at practicing real offensive maneuvers. With so little firepower to spare only 15 staff weapons were given to a militia that comprised 45 individuals, mostly young adults. When the weapons could be found another 15 staff weapons would be made available to the militia. Once the SGC’s own requirements had been filled these weapons would be replaced by pulse rifles on a 1 to 1 basis.

    The goal was to have one 15 person squad at the stargate for 3 day alerts. Each squadron would always have 5 armed individuals in the stargate room with the other 10 within a brief run. These squads would be trained by SGC personnel on how to use the primitive IFF system now emplace at the stargate on Abydos; the IFF was used solely to keep from having friendly fire incidence with young trigger happy militia personnel. Colonel Malley was to give the first lesson and demonstration because of his standing within Abydonian society for killing a ‘god’.

    “Alright let’s begin, until more weapons are made available, training will be done using the staff weapon. While not a weapon for war by any sense, it is better than nothing and does not require ammunition to be brought in from Earth. Practice in team tactics and defensive fire will be practiced at close range and eventually longer range target practice will be taught.

    First is teamwork. Teamwork is what will keep you alive. Skaara, if I told you and your 5 friends there to capture that rock that is guarded by Jaffa how would you do it?” Colonel Malley asked a teenager no older than 16 who wanted to fight the Goa’uld.

    “We run fast and get to rock fast, firing as we went to attack Jaffa.”

    “Yes that could work, BUT odds are most of you and your friends would die before you got the rock.”

    “We die warriors, we afraid not of dying.”

    “That is all well and good, but it is better to live as warriors and make the other guy die. Here is what you do to make sure you WIN and live, NOT die and lose. Called leapfrogging, it allows a group to attack quickly while still maintaining cover fire.”

    The rest of the day was spent showing tactics of team movement and defensive firing. Arguments were yelled between groups about the value of tactics. In the end the discussion was settled by a set of mock battle using intars. Each squad of 15 was given the chance to attack and defend against 1 SG teams. The attacks by the militia squads were quick one-sided battles that resulted in no SG ‘casualties’ and with the Abydonians never reaching the target. The defending battles were longer with the SG teams advancing properly. Only one SG ‘death’ occurred during these battles, with a lucky shot by one of the Abydonians. This brought home the fact that SG tactics worked against Jaffa tactics, full stop. The Abydonians, realizing that the change in tactics was not meant to humiliate them and their ways but to save lives finally started to learn and understand the techniques being taught. The 1st Abydonian militia, named swords of Abydos by the militia, had begun its training. The Abyonians were tasked with defence on the ground; the SGC was tasked with defence in space.

    With the continued contact between the SGC and the people of Abydos, 5 Kestrels were disassembled and sent Abydos for training purposes. All pilots assigned to the 1st or 2nd space fighter squadrons, now dubbed the Space Arrows and Lightning Show, would be cycled through Abydos continuous to train in space combat. Eventually when more Kestrels were available larger training facilities would be created on Abydos. Until then the 5 Kestrels and single Tel’tak stationed on Abydos would be used to created space fleet tactics. Air Command and Maritime Command had already begun pooling resources to determine the future of the space fleet.

    Future ground based defences would use numerous APCs and a single GDH to defend against death gliders and Al’kesh attacks. Because of the need to protect Earth, those weapon systems would not be available for 5 or more years. The eventual emplacement of the APCs and GDH would complement the militia and Kestrel fighters already on Abydos.

    The next day as other members of the SGC trained the sword, Colonel Malley left to check on the olive branch. With the mining supplies now on site, infrastructure supplies promised to the Abydonians were slowly being brought through. A single drill used for groundwater drilling had arrived and was quickly built and in operation, searching for water. Electric pumps, again powered by solar panels would pull the ground water from deep underground aquifers. The most important piece of equipment was the small ultra light aircraft which was to be used for scouting the surrounding area in search of better land for the Abydonian settlement. The current Abydonian settlement could not support a larger population without a substantial decrease in living conditions.

    While this had not been a problem before, the increase life spans projected because of the improvement in medicine and infrastructure predicted a boom in the population size. Also without the threat of Jaffa and the random executions they did in the service of Ra, the population was growing rapidly. The SGC and the Abyonian leaders had agreed that the settlement must be moved. If a more tropical or temperate site could be found the entire population would be relocated with the current settlement to be used as a mining camp for Naqahdah only. With a suitable site, in 50 years a thriving population of triple the current one would be found on Abydos with a population a 19th century infrastructure instead of 4th century. The most beneficial part was this culture would be willing and eager to trade with Earth as well as partake in attacks on the Goa’uld threat.

    CFB Origin

    “So tell me again why you are taking the stargate offline to install some fancy cameras and to watch you shove a REALLY expensive ruler through the stargate.” General Sheridan asked the assembled scientific group in front of him.

    “Well Sir, current wormhole theory suggests that an object needs a small distance beyond the gate before it can rematerialize. There is a captain in the US Air Force that has the background needed to calculate the exact distance, but we can’t risk giving her the problem on the chance it will cause suspicion on what we are doing here. Unfortunately no one with proper security clearance has enough of a handle on the physics to calculate what that distance is. We instead devised a test to determine that distance.”

    “Alright, so this is for science, is there any practical application?”

    “Well depending on the distance if we place an obstruction closer than that critical distance, any object coming through will fail to materialize. This will provide another layer of defence for stargate operation. While the current works well, if something is thrown through at an angle or a missile or energy weapon is fired damage can still be done.”

    “Alright so the $15,000 dollar ruler is to be used to find that distance?”

    “Yes, alternating layers of gold and carbon 10 atoms thick are layered together to create a ‘notch’ approximately 1/500 of a micron thick. This ruler will give a scale for the camera, when the ruler goes through the wormhole from Abydos a small distance will be seen between the rematerializing ruler and the wormhole. We can then empirically determine the interspatial distance and create a barrier designed similar to an iris diaphragm, to block matter and energy from rematerializing.”

    “Your idea is approved; anything that can be used to defend Earth must be investigated. Inform whoever is working the dialing computer when you are ready to test. Sergeant Reids, what is the current status of the reconnaissance missions?”

    “SG teams 2, 3, 7 and 9 are currently off-world and completing long duration observation on targets. SG 4, 6 and 10 are preparing for missions once the stargate is available. All teams currently off-world knows to proceed to Abydos until directed otherwise because of the current science experiment on the stargate. So far 8 of the 12 visited worlds are considered viable targets. 2 others worlds have been deemed long-term targets because of the need to strike at a specific time. The final 2 worlds have been deemed to dangerous to risk a strike through the stargate, based on threat of orbital bombardment. Those worlds will be categorized for future fleet operations.

    Overall planned reconnaissance missions are on schedule and will be completed within the next 10 days. Offensive operations can begin after a rest and recuperation period for all assigned teams. Priority for targets is towards staff weapons and staff cannons with one attack on a trinium source for a strategic reserve of the metal.”

    “Thank you Sergeant Reids that will be all.”
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    Chapter 12 STOP SIGN, BFG OUTLET, SDC June ‘94
    PX-0002-94---codename STOP SIGN

    Colonel Malley disliked many thing but HATED hot weather. Raised in Northern Canada meant that days above 30 degrees Celsius were few and far between, the way it was meant to be. Cold weather was nice and civilized; cold, put on another layer of clothing. Hot weather you couldn’t keep taking off clothing because eventually you get to a layer that does not exist, and you still to warm.

    So Colonel Malley was not enjoying the planet Ba’al had decided to have the Jaffa armour manufacturing plant. If the armour had not been made of trinium, there would not have even been a reason to go a planet that had 30 degree NIGHTS and 50 degree days. The trinium made all the difference to the eggheads back home. Not found on earth, the refined stuff was less dense then aluminum but still at least 10 times stronger than steel. Talk of armour for ships and the new iris to be installed was being discussed in the SGC. Trinium was the reason Colonel Brandon Malley had been on this planet for 5 days. With SG teams 5 to 9 coming through in 12 hours the time was almost over.

    “Tell me again York, why did we need to wait to hit this target? It has maybe 20-30 Jaffa guarding it and no heavy weapons. 2 SG teams and we already have enough firepower to destroy the place.” Colonel Malley growled as he continued to watch the manufacturing site through binoculars.

    “It is stupid to risk capture by the Goa’uld and the discovery of earth because of your impatient attitude. The site is over 2 kilometers wide. By the time we sweep through the entire facility a Jaffa could be calling in an orbital strike. With 6 teams coming in from all directions we can reduce that chance. Beside are you planning and carting off all the trinium yourself? The SGC is expecting close to a 2 tons of the stuff.” Scarlett York replied to the Colonel.

    Colonel Malley continued to grumble about the ‘the stupid blistering heat’ and ‘only Jaffa go out in the mid-day sun’. 12 hours went by for SG-1 and the rest of the attack force cam through the gate and met SG-1 for a final briefing on the target.

    “Alright, 2 k west of us is the target. The target is used to make new Jaffa armour for the legions of Ba’al. There are somewhere between 20 and 30 Jaffa on site, mostly to keep the human slaves who work the machinery in-line. Since we don’t want to be caught, but still not leave any witnesses, we will be going in at night with Zats and pulse rifles. Jaffa get the pulse rifles, slaves get the zats. Every team will get a different bearing to enter the base at and clear the base of Jaffa. SG-1 enters from true north, 000. SG-5 will attack from 060, SG-6 from 120 and so on around the base. Once all the Jaffa are taken care of, we will tie and blindfold the slaves and call in the retrieval teams. All refined trinium and any armour not worn by Jaffa is to be taken. Any staff weapons not in the hands of a Jaffa are also ours. Finally any communication devices, looks like big beach balls or the smaller baseball size ones, are also to be nicked.” Colonel Malley re-iterated to the assembled.

    “How long can we expect the ones we zat to stay unconscious for?” Lieutenant McGunniess asked Colonel Malley.

    “Well, Lieutenant Ryan of SG-9 drew the short straw and ‘volunteered’ to test it. He was under for 6 hours, so we plan on being gone 4 hours after the first shot is taken. The mission is a go in 2 hours, everyone to their assigned infiltration points.

    PX-0002-94---codename STOP SIGN
    2 hours later

    Click, click, click. With 3 quick broadcasts over the radio, SG-1 signaled it was ready for the assault. Other teams chimed in with their own Morse code signal. All SG teams signaled a go for attack on STOP SIGN.

    Click. A final broadcast and the attack and clock for the mission started. Overwhelming force and speed were the focus points. Each SG team quickly spread out to attack the Jaffa on guard throughout the target. The sound of staff weapons going off brought the other Jaffa out of their barracks, but the battle was already lost. The SG attackers had surprise, momentum and tactics on their side. Within 10 minutes all Jaffa on the base had been neutralized. SG-9 was sent back to the gate to signal for the retrieval teams as the other 5 teams used zats on the human slaves to ensure no witnesses to their identities.

    As the retrieval teams entered the base with the pull sleds, the SG teams started to collect the various items of interest from throughout the base.

    “You know, if the Jaffa ever decide to use proper tactics and a decent weapon system, our success rate is going to plummet.” McGunniess of SG-2 said aloud as she loaded the sleds with bars of refined Trinium.

    “Yeah but when are they going to learn. Every target we choose we have an overwhelming advantage, no Jaffa is left alive to tattle about our tactics to their Goa’uld master and they are stuck in their ways. No one has really challenged them in 5,000 years. All they have worried about is keeping people who think fire is a magic gift from the ‘gods’ in line, not exactly good training.” Malley replied as he threw an unworn piece of armour onto a growing pile.

    “Where is this stuff going again?”

    “First dibs goes to that new Iris thing they want to install at SGC. Makes people go splat if they try to get to earth, without our consent. After that no clue.”

    “We best pitter patter, we have less than 2 hours until we have to leave.”

    The mission to PX-0002-94 came away with 1,700 kg of refined trinium, 100 pieces of armour, 1 long range communication device and 5 staff weapons. The communication device was to be delivered to SFB Iron Ring for study and the staff weapons would be given to the militia on Abydos. The final act of deception was for random staff blasts to be delivered around the base to show a larger, less accurate attacking force. Again deception was used to keep the secret of Earth being in the galaxy again.

    CFB Origin
    Briefing Room

    “Alright this is the final briefing before the mission to PX-0057-94 codename BFG OUTLET.” Lieutenant Morrison explained to the assembled SG teams 2, 3, 10 and 11.

    “The planet in question is used for mining purposes by Cronus. Apparently when wanting to mine stuff faster the Goa’uld just blast the ground with staff cannons. These weapons are what we are after. SG-4 is currently on world with two objectives. First, determine the presence and concentration of Ha’taks and Al’keshs, if there are too many we scrub the mission and find another place to get our toys. Second, find 5 small mining sites near the gate to attack, one for each SG team involved. Perfect sites have no more than 10 Jaffa and are situated in good terrain. Less than 3 sites found and we scrub the mission, not worth risking our people and Earth for.

    Now IF both those are meet we go through and meet up with SG-4 and assign targets. We will co-ordinate timing and strike fast and hard. Remember that there are ships in orbit that can strike you without warning. From first shot fired every team has 15 minutes to get back to the stargate and be heading for Abydos. Speed is essential, so every team is limited to stealing 2 staff cannons. I don’t care if there are a dozen on the ground, you only place two on the sled and move out. We aren’t going to be re-inking any Jaffa, not enough time.

    At the gate SG-2 will hand off their stolen goods and retreat back onto the planet to watch Jaffa activity. We’re looking for their combine forces tactics between ships in orbit and Jaffa on the ground. After observing the Jaffa for 2 weeks SG-2 will return to Earth via Abydos. The mission is scheduled for deployment in 1 hour, dismissed.”

    The assembled SG teams filed out of the briefing room. Another mission was about to begin.

    PX-0057-94 codename BFG OUTLET

    It felt strange to go from 20 degree weather to minus 15 in a single step. This was especially true because that single set took the SG teams 18,000 light-years from earth. The recently arrived SG teams met up with SG-4 and got the final briefings on the targets.

    “We have found 4 ideal sites to attack near the stargate. Each SG team will get one target with SG-4 splitting up to assist at each site. This site here” Lieutenant Kharti pointed to a roughly drawn map of the area “is the closest site to the gate and will be where the extra sled goes. A radio transmitter has been set up near the stargate. First team to get to the stargate will activate the gate and turn on the transmitter to ensure that the stargate remains open. That is the mission, if for any reason your team cannot make it to the stargate, go to ground and retreat to a cave 2 klicks west of the stargate. Good defensive position and should block scans from orbit. The stargate will open after 2 hours to get a briefing on your situation and if an extraction is needed or possible. Wait until the pressure is off and return to Abydos.”

    Each SG team left the meeting area and followed a member of SG-4 to their target. SG-4 had detected 2 orbiting Ha’tak class ships in a single diametrically opposite 90 minute orbit, with telescopes. The telescopes were left on during the raid, watching and recording the sky for future intelligence on the Ha’tak’s capability. Once the raid was over SG-2 would retreat back to the automated telescopes and continue to watch the maneuvers that the Ha’taks did; rate of fire, regular attack altitude and firepower delivered. The raid was to commence once the Ha’taks were the maximum distance from the stargate.

    The individual teams snuck into position in artic white combat gear. The Jaffa working at each site were easily seen with the contrast between Jaffa armour and surrounding snow. Individual targets for each SG member were assigned to ensure a quick strike and limit double targeting. Everyone waited until the sign to begin the assault.

    The assault clock ran down and the first shots were fired across from hidden vantage points. Energy pulses streaked out from the tree line and connected with Jaffa soldiers dropping them where they stood. Even with how quick an assault it had been one site still got off a warning to the orbiting Ha’taks before being silenced by a two round blast from a pulse rifle. The SG personnel knew that a perfect strike would not happen. With at least a dozen other mining sites nearby the shots and shouts could not be missed. Ha’taks got messages about weapons fire nearby and began to change orbit to attack the foolish invaders.

    The race was now on to secure the equipment that the raid was about. As two SG personnel raced down with the sled to each site 3 others watched for trouble from surrounding foliage. Staff cannons were hastily strapped to each sled and immediately hauled towards the gate. SG-3 arrived first and began dialing the gate with SG-2 arriving only to drop off the weaponry and retreat into the forests. As the wormhole formed the remaining teams arrived and began to shuttle the cargo through the gate and onwards toward Abydos.

    SG-2 did not even wait to watch the last members of the SG teams through the gate. The team knew that is the Jaffa were anyway component, which it had to be assumed they were, that a search of the surrounding area would be. SG-2 raced away from the stargate and towards the emplaced telescopes watching for a Ha’tak counterattack. Whatever happened would be recorded and sent back to Abydos to allow the SGC to examine tactics of the Jaffa with regards to ship tactics.

    SG-2 did not have to wait long to find out the destructive nature of Ha’tak attack. The ships came into view lowering into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Without an outer warning the ship began to rain down weapons fire onto the ground, no patterns could be seen, no targets of interest were identified. The Ha’tak was firing randomly towards the ground. Whenever a round struck a small tremor was felt throughout the ground, with the nearest strike against an outcropping of rock less than a kilometer away causing a mini-earthquake. The second Ha’tak entered the area as well with a similar search plan. It took 20 minutes from first shot by the SG teams till the first shot from an orbiting Ha’tak.

    The Jaffa on the planet were acting in a more organized manner than the Ha’taks orbiting above. The Jaffa started at the stargate and began searching outward for intruders or left behind items. While an exhaustive search was undertaken along well used paths and the immediate area around the gate, the effort dropped significantly when searching in the forest. No evidence of communication between Jaffa and Ha’taks were observed, with any areas of interest found by the Jaffa being investigated by the Jaffa. SG-2 continued to monitor the search efforts of both Jaffa and Ha’taks, with secure knowledge that neither would have success. In 1 to 2 weeks SG-2 would return to Earth via Abydos to report on the combined tactics of Jaffa and orbiting ships, the verdict being the tactics left much to be desired.

    SDC Meeting June ‘94

    The monthly meetings of the SDC had grown larger in scope as more individuals from each command and civilians from various agencies were brought into the different projects.

    “Alright, June 1994, SDC meeting beginning 0900 hrs local time. First, the test firing for the first GDH and APC units has occurred on Abydos. Each unit has performed within expected values. Each system had 2 volleys of 4 sounding rockets launched. The GDH was able to track and destroy each sounding rocket out to a range of 1100 kilometers with an altitude of 100 kilometers. The APC unit could track and destroy all 8 sounding rockets launched with 10 second window, with flight profiles directed towards and perpendicular to the unit. Max effective range of 10 kilometers for heavy engagement and 20 kilometers for high altitude targets.

    With the conclusion of these tests, project BUG NET and DIET are considered ready for deployment. First units will be ready within a month, with current supplies of staff cannons and staff weapons meaning that another 8 GDH units and 28 APC units can be produced.” Vanessa Temple reported to the SDC.

    “Thank you Ms. Temple. Next is General Sheridan to report on the ongoing activities of the SGC.”

    “Well, the recent missions to STOP SIGN and BFG OUTLET have concluded with only SG-2 still on PX-0057-94 to monitoring the Jaffa reaction to the raid. Both missions were a success with no casualties and minor injuries. The raid of PX-0057-94 yielded 8 additional staff cannons for conversion to GDH units and the attack on PX-0002-94 yielded 1700 kg of trinium, most which is marked for use in the new Iris for the SGC.

    Next operations are coming online slowly at Abydos for the mining of Naqahdah. Once in full operations it is expected to yield 500 kg/yr of refined Naqahdah for the 5 years of the treaty. Additional capability is possible with a future treaty or heavier machinery, it is estimated that Abydos contains over 2,000 tons of Naqahdah in this deposit alone. Also the 1st Abydonian militia has begun training with 45 recruits. Once combat ready they should allow a reduced number of SGC personnel to ensure the safety of the Abydonian people and the mining facility on the planet. Reconnaissance flights on the planet for a future settlement area for the people of Abydos have failed to find a suitable location within 200 kilometers of the mine but are now widening the search area.

    Finally the first exercise for combined fleet operations will be run on Abydos next week. The Tel’tak will be escorted around the star system by 3 Kestrel fighters. The remaining 2 fighters will be used to simulate attackers on this task force. Each pilot will be given a chance to be both in both aggressor and defender positions. The officers provided by maritime command will be on board the Tel’tak running the operation and preparing for future operations when larger capital ships are available. Eventually both maritime command and Air command will establish a joint training facility on Abydos to train new members for the new space force command.” General Sheridan told the assembly.

    “All in all operations are proceeding well. With these operations underway the beginning of Space Force is well underway and will be ready to integrate other nations into its hierarchy in 6 to 8 months.”
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    Chapter 13 Disclosure Plan
    CFB Origin

    “General Sheridan the presentation on Operation EXPANDED HORIZON is scheduled to start in 15 minutes.” Sergeant Reids said to the general as he read about recent reconnaissance missions.

    “Thank you Sergeant I will be there shortly.”

    15 Minutes Later
    CFB Briefing Room

    “Operation EXPANDED HORIZON” Agent Smith said to the assembled crowd “is the first phase of disclosure to other world governments about the existence of the stargate. This meeting is to detail which points will be disclosed to the chosen nations and which nations have been selected for the disclosure along with a timeline of disclosure. It also details the planned organization that will be discussed and the expected contributions of involved nations. The goal of the operation to is slowly bring the resources of this planet into a footing geared towards defending the world against the Goa’uld threat and any other threat to humanity as well as Earths future colonization of the local star systems.

    This organization, called the Human Commonwealth, will eventually work towards disclosure of the stargate and the unity of Earth and any future colonies under one government, with a democratic semi-free market system. To that end the countries chosen will be asked to work towards standardizing laws, removing trade barriers and integrated governments, economies, and militaries into one supra-national organization. This process will be done slowly with a timeline of 50 to 100 years. It is hoped that with such a long lead time the transition will be smoother than previous failed attempts at integrations.

    Nations involved will be asked to voluntarily reduce trade barriers between nations which are in the know of the program and to reduce subsidies to economic sectors to promote and an open economic environment. Nations willing to participate in the Human Commonwealth will have unrestricted access to technologies retrieved through the stargate and other benefits of the stargate program. Disputes between participating nations over trade, borders and so forth will be handled internally by the Commonwealth first and then ‘resolved’ publicly later.

    The Human Commonwealth will have a military consisting of both ground and space units. Space Command and Ground Command will be completely integrated organizations with individuals working from each involved country. Joint facilities for training and deployment will be created with the eventual goal of complete integration of each country’s military. As of right now the only forces assigned to Ground and Space Commands are the personnel at CFB Origin, SFB Iron Ring and the 1st and 2nd Space Fighter Squadrons respectively.

    At this early stage of the Commonwealth personnel will be taken equally from each involved country. For every one Canadian involved there will be one member from each other participating nation. Each nation pays the salaries of its own members involved and is tasked with building at least one secret Human Commonwealth base on their soil. Nations will direct funds to into a general pool to fund all operations both on the Earth of off-world. These funds will pay for the upkeep of the bases, research and general material costs. For this cost the nation gets primary status for global defence technology, such as fighter squadrons, GDH and APC units and UNDERPASS sites. At this time we are looking at a minimum contribution of 75 million dollars a year from participating nations.

    For SG operations we are looking at expanding the teams and integrating these new members. Each SG team will have its XO removed and replaced with a new member from one of the new countries. These XO will then be place in the XO positions of new SG teams led by member from the new countries. The remaining slots will be filled with other members from any involved country. Additionally on an existing teams either the cross-trained pilot or the technical expert will be removed and replaced with an additional new member from a different new country in that same specialty. This should mean that the number of SG teams should double and each team will be composed of members from most of the involved countries. Specialty teams, such as diplomatic teams or scientific teams, will be comprise of member from all nations when possible.

    This is the basic arrangement from the Human Commonwealth. Details will be decided once the nations are involved. All nations will be approached at the same time on their own soil. Their representative will then be transported by ring platform to this base for a common meeting and explanation. The representative will be able to talk to the Jaffa held on the base and will be taken through the stargate to witness the threats we are facing. By introducing the program in this manner it is hoped that requests will be taken seriously.

    First nation is Australia.

    Australia is another country with a lot of large open and uninhabited spaces from testing, shipyards and flight purposes from Earth. Located in the Southern hemisphere, any space launch will have a lower chance of being seen and questioned. Also with its location being opposite of ours, Kestrel coverage of the world should be optimized. Australia is already an English speaking country with a population slightly smaller than Canada, with a professional military that uses tactics similar to our own. Australia is considered a country that will accept the purposed arrangement of equal partnership and the need for secrecy. With a large supply of natural resources and a moderate industry base, future shipbuilding can be done discretely.

    Second is the United Kingdom.

    The United Kingdom has a larger population base then Canada, with a large ship and plane building capacity. While limited in size to have shipyards the United Kingdom does spread around the globe by the many overseas territories. With their government approval GDH and APC units can be forwarded deployed before the threat of invasion, thus reducing the response time of the network. A GDH and APC site located on the Isles somewhere would also cover a large portion of Europe and the population and industry there.

    Their pool of professional soldiers are first rate and are trained in much the same way as our forces. With already a working relationship with the government and on friendly term through historical means, the concept should be approved as is with an equal representation. Finally the United Kingdom has veto powers in the United Nations, a valuable resource for our program. Major concern is the ‘special relationship’ that the United Kingdom and the US have, a possibility of the UK informing the US before we are ready. To suggest a reason why the US should not be informed the McMahon Act will be reference and the shown that the US has a history of trying to undercut others in power shifting projects.

    Finally the most controversial decision is Taiwan.

    Taiwan, with a population slightly smaller then ours and a well developed electronic industry is seen as a good first candidate within the Pacific Rim. To small for large scale ship deployment, Taiwan is situated to give GDH coverage over large sections of population in China, Korea, and part of Japan. With many large government-run businesses research and development of technologies procured through the stargate should be easily developed. Largest problem is the amount of infiltration by mainland sympathizers; this could lead to the exposure of the stargate to communist China, a government that has been considered dangerous to be informed.

    These three countries would each have an UNDERPASS site, 2 GDH units, 4 APC units and 1 squadron of Kestrel given to them at cost for defence. Since general disclosure will not have occurred yet, training with the Kestrel fighter will be done on Abydos with the 5 stationed fighters. Any weapons testing will also be done on Abydos to limit the likelihood of discovery.

    Date of disclosure is set at January 15, 1995, making disclosure less than 8 months into the future. Each nation will have one selected individual approached and transported to CFB Origin via an UNDERPASS site. The UNDERPASS site will then be moved again to ensure protection of the technology from seizure caused by a ‘knee-jerk reaction’ to the power it represents. If disclosure does not go well and an approached nation goes public with the idea of the stargate the contingency FOCAL POINT will be initiated. If an approached nation does not fully disclose the program be does disclose it to other selected nations contingency SUNSCREEN will be enacted. Hopefully neither contingency will be needed but both situations have been planned for.”
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    Chapter 14- European TS-1-02, approach McKay, Abydos, SDC July ’94
    54°11’N, 13°46’E (Western Baltic Sea)

    Getting the ring platform to the site had been a murder for security reasons. Various ideas had been suggested and rejected all because of the risk of discovery. The platform, weighing in at 12.9 metric tonnes, was too large to be sent in a diplomatic carrier across to Denmark and chartering a special aircraft was considered an extremely dangerous move that could arouse suspicion. Eventually the best idea brought forth was to transfer it by container ship flagged as Canadian.

    Since Canadian ships had the stereotype of being ‘straight shooters’ and by the book operators, most custom inspections were light and half hearted. Once in Denmark the platform was delivered to a Canadian Science Research Council team studying global warming.

    This CSRC team was now on a bird conservation island in the Baltic Sea. The island was classified uninhabited to protect the migrating birds that nested on the island seasonally. The CSRC team would be installing a variety of gear to measure atmospheric pressure, the earth’s magnetic field and other key atmospheric conditions. A small solar panel site was installed to power the site’s instruments and reduce the ecological hardship on the island from continually presence of human scientists.

    While the mission to study global warming was am important and real mission, the second mission global defence was the true world saving idea. A small site located almost in the direct center of the island was found. Shielded from view by trees and a boulder outcropping the location was perfect for a concealed UNDERPASS site. As some members of the team slowly prepared the weather station site, the second group furiously dug into the ground to create the hole where the ring platform would hide until needed for the defence of the planet. As the cover group stopped for breaks the covert group kept going, digging and digging with little repose. Each night after ending the ‘official’ day of work a chartered boat was used to deposit a single element of the ring platform on the island. It was a slow and painful task, made more difficult by the need for absolute secrecy.

    After a week of this pattern the site was ready for its first trial. The first test of the TS-1-02 was a portion of the dirt excavated sent back to SFB IRON RING. With a successful test the remainder of the dirt was removed via ring platform to leave no obvious signs of disturbance that could be visible from a distance. Plants and grass were planted around the site to naturalize the disturbances even more with dirt spread around to complete the camouflage. While the UNDERPASS site would not stay hidden in the event of a dedicate search, a casual viewing would show nothing out of the ordinary on the island.

    Vancouver, Canada

    “Rodney Mckay?” The CSIS Agent asked the man reading a physics Journal while waiting for the next lecture to begin at the conference on extra-dimensional vector relations.

    DR. Rodney Mckay, I got that title while you were working retail on the east side and getting high with other underachieving delinquents. Now my poorly dress associate what do you want?”

    “I represent an organization looking to have you work in advance research and theoretical studies in Canada.”

    “Alright, I can commute back on weekends and work on whatever ‘advance’ math trivia you have.” Rodney said to the man confidently, knowing that no one of importance was doing any type of REAL advance research in Canada. Most groups could have my SISTER doing the work for them Rodney thought.

    “Actually, my organization was looking for a more… exclusive… arrangement, with your time being focused solely on their projects.”

    “If that is what you want, then the answer is NO. Do you know why I left Canada for a research position in the US? It’s because no group in Canada has the money or the resources to do real advance research. Now if you will excuse me the lecture is about to begin.” Rodney Mckay then turned and left the CSIS agent standing alone.

    Scientists, they have egos BIGGER than the earth the CSIS agent thought to himself as he reached into his briefcase to retrieve a cellphone to call General Sheridan at CFB Origin.

    “Sir, Dr. Mckay is not involved. He would not even consider the proposition I gave to him. Without information beyond what is deemed allowable for disclosure, Mckay will never be enticed to work on the program.”

    “Alright Agent I understand, thank you for your time and effort with Dr. Mckay. Contact Agent Saunders at IRON RING for next assignment.”

    Near-Abydos Space

    To date 3 Canadians had been into space with another one planned for 1995. 3 officially had been in space with almost another 2 dozen having flown in space around Abydos on captured Kestrel fighters and Tel’taks. Today would mark the beginning of BLACK FLAG, a monthly fleet wide training to simulate an attack on a planet by a single warship. With the sad fact of that Space Command had no warships of true size to practice against the Tel’tak stationed on Abydos would play the part of attacking ship.

    The exercise was to practice defence from all readiness states. The defending Kestrels would first practice an unready launch from sites on the planet, then an alert launch, then two orbiting interceptions one from the far side of the planet and then from the near side. With each interception a different formation was to be used for the fighters in a simulated attack on the Tel’tak. Results would be monitored and used to formulate the training for the next BLACK FLAG operation.

    For days the Kestrels were launched and intercepted the Tel’tak as it emerged from a short hyperspace jump into orbit. Pilots were cycled through the Kestrels to try every type of interception and to try attack profiles. The results echoed the already excepted idea that the gravity well of a planet was no place to try to intercept a ship from. Already orbiting Kestrels, regardless of position relative to the attacking Tel’tak, always got to the interception point before a planet launched Kestrel. The best results came from Kestrels first entering a higher orbit and then slashing down at extreme speeds to attack the Tel’tak.

    In the future, Human Commonwealth fighters would be placed in orbit around Earth on orbiting stations or ships. Unfortunately that could only happen AFTER disclosure. So the Kestrels continued to plan for interceptions from a planetary gravity well.


    It had taken over a month of aerial surveying but a new, better settlement site had been located for the Abydonians. Located 300 kilometers due east from the stargate, the site was at the end of a massive fresh water river where it met a large salt water sea. The river, dubbed New Nile by the flight crew, was surrounded by savannah grasslands and even contained some grazing animals. The village leader Kasuf was taken aloft to see the site and had deemed it ‘a land without equal’.

    Because of the distance it would take over a year to move the population to the new settlement. Small groups traveling by animal would be guided by SGC personnel following radio markers. The groups of 100 Abydonians would stay together, with 10 such groups on route at a given time. Planning for the trip had each group making 50 kilometers a day for a travel time of 6 days. The most critical necessity would be water for each group, with a single group requiring over 1600 liters a day for the trip, spread between both the travelers and the beast of burden.

    To deliver the amount of water that was needed 400 liter drums were shipped through from Canada to be filled with water from the New Nile River. Delivery of the water would be done by the Kestrel space fighters stationed on Abydos. The Kestrel’s staff cannons were removed and replaced with a specially designed rack system which the water drums would be attached to. Releasable from the cockpit of the Kestrel the ‘water bombs’ would be dropped in front of the target group from a low and slow moving Kestrel. Capable of holding 2 drums per flight, only 2 Kestrel flights per group would be needed per day. With an average mission time of 30 minutes, 2 Kestrels could keep all 10 groups supplied with the daily needed water.

    Once the water drums were empty the Tel’tak would arrive to pick up the empty drums and return them to be filled. The Tel’tak would also be employed to return the SGC guides back to the soon to be former settlement for another batch of travelers. Larger and more perishable items would be transported straight to the new settlement by returning Tel’tak. Once the move was completed the Tel’tak would be employed to shuttle the miners and militia personnel back towards the old settlement for their respective duties every 10 days. It was hoped that eventually a truck convoy could be used to move around the working members and to lessen the requirements on the single Tel’tak available.

    The new settlement itself would be continually worked on to expand and accommodate the influx of people. Large swaths of land would be seeded with Marram grass to stabilize the sand and reduce the amount available for sandstorms. The little farmable land along the sides of the river was to be quickly tilled and planted with crops, with help from the Abydonians who would begin to learn more modern farming techniques. These lessons would allow help change the people of Abydos from a nomadic lifestyle to an agrarian lifestyle that could support their growing numbers. Eventually when needed semi-aquatic farming would be taught and implemented in the settlement.

    Within the settlement rammed earth walls would be constructed to establish houses and outer walls to protect against sandstorms. The Abyodians had decided that the future settlement would be based around a large market square for city meetings and trade, on the west side of the river. The east side of the river, with the exception of farmland would be kept for future development and settlement. Within 20 years the new settlement should be a flourishing city of 70,000.

    SFB July ’94
    SDC Meeting

    “Alright everyone” Agent Saunders said to the assembled group “a quick update off some of the projects currently being undertaken by Space Command.

    The first BLACK FLAG event went off with a hitch, with the Kestrels successfully attacking the incoming Tel’tak. Hopefully the lessons learned can be applied to attacking the larger capital ships of the Goa’uld. Unfortunately with the planned resettlement of the Abydonians the Tel’tak and 2 Kestrels will be unavailable for most of the next year. This means that BLACK FLAG will be running more anti-fighter simulations. To that end the 1st Space Fighter Squadron, the Space Arrows, will be deploying back to Abydos through the gate to allow for larger exercises to occur.

    Next the Abydonian militia is continuing on its training with staff weapons and should be ready to take over completely the guard duties of the stargate in 6 months. It is hoped that within 2 months we will have enough pulse rifles to equip the militia. The Abydonians are also looking at standing up a second militia unit to act as settlement guards once the Swords of Abydos are ready for gate duty.

    Finally the stargate will be offline for the next week as the new Iris is installed. All gate activity will be suspended because of the precision needed in the installation. A trinium-titanium iris will be installed 3 microns away from the event horizon of the stargate. All future teams will be given an ‘iris code’ to allow entry into the base. With the success of iris, a second one will eventually be installed in the stargate at Abydos.”
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    Chapter 15 Recon, Hook and Switch
    SGC Briefing room

    “PX-0051-94 codename AUTHOR, is your target for your next mission SG-1. Simple reconnaissance mission to a temperate planet controlled by Apophis. Intelligence obtained from our Jaffa guests state that the planet is a Jaffa world set aside for raising Jaffa warriors.” The briefing officer stated to the assembled SG team.

    “Your mission, whether you choose to except it or not, is to infiltrate and observe the Jaffa in their natural surroundings, determine how critical these Jaffa world are to the Goa’uld and to locate possible sources of information for future retrieval, dismissed.”

    PX-0051-94 codename AUTHOR

    Why do all these planet remind me of B.C.? Malley thought as he left the gate and quickly headed towards the tree line, to meet up with the rest of his team and proceed with the mission.

    “Alright, so Jaffaland if the paths are any indication is in that direction, probably no more than 2 klicks. We’ll parallel the path about 50 metres off to one side until we reach the settlement and then set up a temporary base from which to observe the settlement. We have 7 days until we are expected back let’s make the most of it.” Malley said to the assembled team as he left.

    SG-1 immediately moved out and began to shadow the path away from the stargate hopefully towards a Jaffa settlement to observe. While the underbrush wasn’t thick the need for stealth and silence limited the forward progress of the team, making them take an hour to get the 2 kilometers to the outskirts of the settlement. The settlement was large with multiple buildings and a population over 25,000. With multiple roadways leading out of the town, it was obviously an important settlement based on its size and proximity to the stargate.

    SG-1’s base was located to oversee both the settlement and the path towards the stargate with hidden foxholes for defensive positions. While a stationary firefight against a large Jaffa contingent was bound to fail, the positions could withstand an assault long enough to allow SG-1 to begin a retreat towards the stargate. With Colonel Malley and Major Davis shadowing patrols and members of the settlement to watch where they went and common routine for patrols, Scarlett York was being body guarded by airman Redderson and was looking for Goa’uld technology to ‘liberate’ and study back at the SGC.

    “Alright, what have we learned about the Jaffa that we didn’t know already?” Malley asked the assembled team during one of their nightly meetings to discuss and summarize their findings.

    “Jaffa patrols, they vary greatly on the diligence put into searching the surrounding area. Most patrol just the paths around the settlement in a set marching fashion. One particular one though, led by a large bald black Jaffa is a concern for our position here, he often sends Jaffa into the surrounding woods and tries to vary the patrol path to keep his subordinates sharp. Biggest concern is that these roving patrols stumble upon our base camp here and call down the wraith of air support on us. This one patrol seems to actually understand the idea of combined actions.” Major Davis briefed the team.

    “Technology wise” Scarlett continued “this planet is essentially a wasteland. The Goa’ulds obviously don’t want their foot soldiers with anything that might improve their life and make then not want to stop fighting. I have no wish list of items to lift and no technology to mark for future observation. Best part of this mission from my point is the fresh air and the delightful tan I am getting while wishing for an internet connection.”

    “Alright so this planet is in no need for a future visit. Airman Redderson, please take first watch while the rest of the team gets some sleep, I will relieve in 4 hours. After my shift Major Davis is next with our resident table knocker having the last shift. We will one last long patrol tomorrow and then make for the gate the day after.”

    Next Day

    “Rise and shine campers, it’s another beautiful day in the galaxy”. Malley said to the rest of SG-1 as he rose from his sleep position.

    “It might be a beautiful day, but it is also a COLD day, why can’t we get the tropical worlds to recon?” Scarlett complained as she rose from the frozen ground.

    “Because it builds character York.”

    “Fuck character, I wanna wake up without have frost on my sleeping bag, just once.”

    “Well one more sleep and you can be back to a climate controlled bedroom, but until then we have a mission, let’s move out.”

    Several Hours later

    “Another eventful mission on planet ARTHUR, 4 hours shadowing a Jaffa patrol that doesn’t know the difference between a bullet and a stick. Let’s pack up and move out, Davis where did you put the notebooks and the flashlight? I can’t seem to find them where you said they would be.”

    “They should be there sir” Major Davis said as he went around looking for the items in question, “unless somebody moved them…” The realization of the reason for why they weren’t there hit the team as the sound of deploying Zat guns did.


    Undetermined Time Later


    A bucket of water was thrown on Colonel Malley’s face to wake. Malley bolts awake and tries to jump to his feet only to find feet and hands bound.

    “Human, KREE.” The big black Jaffa they had observed several times yelled at him. Strangely only one Jaffa is present the rest seem having left the immediate area.

    “Jaffa, SIT” Malley yelled back at the Jaffa hoping to give the big Jaffa pause enough so that he could think of some action to take. The punch to the stomach did not make him think he got anywhere.

    “You do not command here human. I do, now answer my questions, swear allegiance to the Goa’uld Apophis and you shall live. Deceive me in anyway and I shall kill you where you sit. First your name and the Goa’uld you serve.”

    “The name is Bond, James Bond, and I serve no Goa’uld. I serve many snakes who think they are gods but not any actual snakes. So why do you?” another punch to the stomach was his reward.

    “Do not play games with me human, which Goa’uld do you serve. You have technology that is not Goa’uld design. What Goa’uld has found such technology.”

    “No Goa’uld technology, human technology. We come from a world that has not been ruled by the Goa’uld for thousands of years. We traveled through the Stargate and tried to make peaceful contact with the Goa’uld Ra, he then threatened our planet so we took care of him. And if your God Apophis tries anything against us he will meet a similar fate.”

    “Impossible, no world can stand against the Goa’uld. They are force without equal in this galaxy.”

    “It is possible it withstand them, they proclaim to be gods, yet they need slaves and armies of Jaffa. They are not gods, they are slimey snakes.”

    “Your words ring hollow without proof, Bond. The Goa’uld will eventually crush world and make it bow before their might. Your lies will only seal your fate.”

    “And yet you do not kill me where I sit, as you promised. I also noticed that you always refer to them as Goa’uld, not ‘gods’ like other Jaffa. Could it be you want my words to be true.”

    “SILENCE!” the Jaffa screamed as he pulled out his Zat gun.

    “Just a thought.” Malley managed to say before being zatted again.

    As the human fell to the ground an argument was forming in the Jaffa’s mind.

    Could it be true that these humans are free of the false Gods? I know of so few worlds that proclaim that and they do not travel through Chappa’ai to Goa’uld worlds. They can withstand the will of the false gods but do not fight against them only defend. These human actually ATTACK the Goa’uld not just react.

    But how could these primitives have defeated Ra. He was the strongest amongst the Goa’uld. Yet he has not been heard or seen for quite awhile. Did these humans realized he was no longer involved and are taking credit for another’s action? But no one would dare lie about killing Ra unless they knew for sure he was did, would they? These human claim to have killed a false god and no one has spoken out against it. It must be true then. Apophis himself is planning to explore Ra’s territory soon for hosts and resources.

    No, many have said they can defeat the false gods but all have failed.

    So why do I contemplate helping them? Because no matter how small a chance these humans have, it is larger then my chance alone.

    With this realization he got up to make plans to help the humans.

    Several Hours Later

    By sending his fellow Jaffa on patrol to find other human intruders, he was left alone with the captured humans. Quickly retrieving their weapons and supplies he brought them closer, but still not within reach, of the humans and got ready to wake them.


    Malley was once again woken by the big black Jaffa by a bucket of ice cold water to the face.

    “Bond, I awaken you again to deliver a purposal.”

    “I am not going to bow to Apophis, the snake is nothing but a... well he’s a snake.”

    “It is not that Bond, it is your freedom.”

    “Come again.” said the very shocked Colonel Malley.

    “I believe you and your people have the ability to overthrow the Goa’uld and free the humans and Jaffa of this galaxy.”


    “The Jaffa are as much slaves of the Goa’uld as the humans of this galaxy. The Goa’uld control the implantation and supply of symbiotes. Once a Jaffa reaches the age of adulthood they are implanted with a Goa’uld, after that point any Jaffa without one for a substantial length of time will die.”

    “Alright I’ll bite, what’s the plan?”

    “I have sent my Jaffa away to look for other human intruders, with them gone you can exact your escape.”

    “That simple eh, what happens to you? Look my people have been watching you guys for a long time, but on this world and other throughout the Goa’uld territory. We even have some ‘guest’ back on our world for information purposes. Now I know the Goa’uld do not take kindly to failure, and our escape is going to look like a failure to them of you.”

    “My fate is irrelevant in this matter. What matters is your return to your world and the continual fight against the Goa’uld.”

    “Ok how about a small tweak to this well thought out and elaborate plan. You come with us back through the stargate and help us.”

    “I cannot Bond, if it is known that I helped you escape and left with you I would become a ‘shova’, a traitor. My family would be dishonoured and cast out of the settlement.”

    “But, if you die in battle or are thought to have died in battle they are left alone right?”


    “Then revision 2.1 on the battle plan. You free us and return our weapons. We hide and ambush your other Jaffa coming back from looking for humans. We eliminate them and make it look like you perished with them in the fire fight. For everyone involved you are dead and your family safe. There is no-one on your team who would want to switch sides with you is there?”

    “No, all of my fellow Jaffa are loyal to the false Gods.”

    “Then it's settled, that will be the plan unless you have a better one?”

    “I don’t Bond.”

    “Ok, then first lets untie and wake up my teammates. Second the name isn’t James Bond, real name is Brandon Malley. Third, since we will be working together, your name is?”

    “My name is Teal’c.”

    Long time is update but I was trying to figure out where I wanted the story to go. Finally realized alot of the stuff I wrote could be inserted throughout the story, (mainly more raids and such), so no need not to write the next point the ACTUALLY moves forward the story.
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    Chapter 16 Brief Interlude, Teal’c Plan


    With the defection of Teal’c to the cause of the SGC, an information windfall occurred. The SGC did not need to only play mindgames with the captured Jaffa for information, playing the Jaffa’s own loyalty for one Goa’uld to get information about another. Teal’c free gave information about all Goa’uld and anything else asked. This information was cross checked against what was already known to ensure that Teal’c had in fact decided to help the SGC.

    Teal’c status within the SGC was more suspect. Colonel Malley was asking for him to join SG-1, while other personnel saw him as a liability still because of his recent defection. Others saw a potential loss of a valuable information source with the possible capture of Teal’c. The decision was made that Teal’c could join SG-1, but with SG-1 only going on missions to worlds not controlled by Apophis until a decision is made otherwise. This compromise was thought to limit the risk of betrayal by Teal’c or his capture.

    It took 3 weeks of 8 hour debriefing before it was decided that Teal’c had been thoroughly debriefed.

    SGC Briefing Room

    “Greetings” said Teal’c “I have asked for everyone in this room to come to discuss the fight against the false gods and the freedom of Jaffa people.

    I have been on your world for many days, seen your people in action and I truly believe that your people hold the hope of freedom for all Jaffa. But your people lack the number of warriors needed to destroy the Goa’uld. Your people lack the ships to defend worlds from bombardment from the sky. While I cannot directly help with the second problem your world faces and can propose a solution to the first. I wish to begin recruitment of fellow Jaffa who feel like I do about the false gods and to wage war against them.

    It will not be an easy task to recruit enough Jaffa to overthrow the Goa’uld and their empires, I know of only a few Jaffa, mostly in the ranks of Apophis, who doubt the powers of the false gods. But with the help of the Tau’ri that number can swell until to numerous to be held down by the Goa’uld. After the toppling of the false gods, the humans and Jaffa of this galaxy can live free from oppression.

    So I ask for help from the people of the Tau’ri for freeing the Jaffa. I ask for support for the operation named by Colonel Malley, Operation Big Jaffa. This operations will have involved the seeding of many Jaffa worlds with your video recording devices and transmitters to watch Jaffa villages. With the monitoring of these settlements potential warriors can be observed and later contacted. I also wish to contact my previous teacher Master Bra’tac, he was the first Jaffa I knew that questioned the will of the Goa’uld. ”

    “Teal’c” general Sheridan started “I must point out potential problems with this plan so that they can be resolved. Your plan actually sounds a lot like something that has recently happened in Earths history.

    South of our border is the United States of America and back in the 1980’s they decided, for their own reasons, to help a country fighting the United States’s own enemy of the Soviet Union. Now they gave money and weapons and training to these people and eventually drove off the soldiers of the Soviet Union. Now the country of Afghanistan was utterly wrecked by this war, but the United States saw that their enemy was defeated and cut funding quickly after that. This cause Afghanistan to fall in back in farther and will probably cause problems in the future for the world.

    Now if Afghanistan had people who understood about infrastructure and how things worked the problem wouldn’t have been so bad. But no one in Afghanistan knew anything about keeping the country running anymore, so they slid back down into chaos. Now Teal’c, from your own accounts Jaffa don’t know how Goa’uld technology works and how to repair, build or improve it, is that an accurate assessment?”

    “Indeed general Sheridan that is accurate.”

    “So removing the Goa’uld without a plan for what happens afterwards for the Jaffa is a recipe for future conflict. Until Jaffa are able to live free from the Goa’uld, and that also means without symbiotes, we are setting are selves up for disaster. So until a plan is delivered that addresses that problem I cannot authorized Operation Big Jaffa.”

    “Indeed General” Teal’c said showing more emotion then he ever has before.

    “Now Teal’c, the plan does show merit and any plan that weakens the Goa’uld and strengthens our side should be considered. I would like you to talk it over with other people here on the base and begin making a plan for after the Goa’uld are defeated. Do not rush it Teal’c, we are expecting 30-40 years before that idea becomes a reality. Also I will have an SG team observe this Bra’tac and if so we think he can be trusted we will approach him. While it is not advisable to start rocking the boat to much at this stage we do need to start looking for allies in the fight against the Goa’uld.”

    “Thank you General, Master Bra’tac often kelnorimes in a secluded spot on Chulak known only to myself and him. That location would be the best location to approach. I recommend that I be with the team when they approach Master Bra’tac, it would make you claim and offer much more appealing.”

    Several days later

    “Alright Teal’c we found the clearing and your Old Master is there. SG teams 2, 4 and 5 have it surrounded and are armed with deployed Zat guns. When we get there we will fire all around him to show that he is surrounded but that we wanna talk. Then you head out and try to talk him around to our side. Remember; you can’t mention Earth, Tau’ri, or anything that would specifically direct Bra’tac to us.” Colonel Malley recited the speech to Teal’c.

    “We will be far enough away so that he cannot see us clearly and to give you guys some privacy and cover. Try to bring him into the plan but don’t expos yourself to much.”

    “Agreed Malley, I will stay attached to the predetermined course of action.”

    “That’s ‘stick to the plan’ but close enough.”

    What Teal’c also had hidden on his persons was a remote transmitter and microphone to allow Malley to listen in on the conversation. This meeting was a test of Bra’tac as much as Teal’c and any sign of betrayal by either Jaffa would be dealt with swiftly.

    “Alright lets move out Teal’c.”


    “MASTER BRA’TAC” Teal’c yelled into the clearing after the firing of 12 Zat guns around his old master, who was scanning the trees for any signs of his captors. “I AM COMING INTO THE CLEARING.”

    Teal’c began walking out into the clearing towards his stunned master at hearing a voice from the dead talking to him.

    “Teal’c! You live, you were thought dead when you disappeared after your patrol was found dead here on Chulak.”

    “No Master Bra’tac, I am far from dead. I am free, the first of many free Jaffa in this galaxy. I am not serving the false gods anymore.”

    “You have walked away from the Goa’uld then? From Apophis?”

    “Yes, as I know you wish to do and as deep down all wish to be free of the Goa’uld. I come with an offer from help from the people who surround you.”

    “The ones that fire on me from the shadows?”

    “The ones who do not kill you with those shots, only use them to keep you from attacking foolishly. They look at overthrowing the false gods and will help in freeing the Jaffa under them. I know that you believe as I do that the Goa’uld are not gods.”

    “You speak much that would get you killed Teal’c. But you also speak the truth; who are these allies of yours that have turned you onto this path?”

    “They are a small world that right now cannot withstand the Goa’uld. That is why they do not show themselves to you. Until they know they can trust you, as I trust you, they will not risk their worlds discovery.”

    “If they do not show themselves how can I work with them?”

    “In the beginning you will work with them through me. Once they trust you, they will work directly.”

    “And these allies wish for me to rise rebellion within the Goa’uld ranks, one lone Jaffa against the might of empires?”

    “Nothing so hopeless, master Bra’tac. They are cautious and patient, they realize that the Goa’uld will not be overthrown today or tomorrow but eventually. I have told them of your influence amongst the Jaffa in Apophis ranks. They wish you to find the Jaffa who feel as we feel about the Goa’uld and to protect and them.”

    “That is it?”

    “No, once everything is ready to begin the fight against the Goa’uld more will be required. First a base and proper training must be prepared for these Jaffa. I will admit, while the Jaffa are better warriors in close battles, these allies and their tactics are much better at waging war with weapons. Once a sufficient number of Jaffa are on our side, they ask that you prepare them to disappear as I have done. Group them into patrols so they can go through the Chappa’ai, or onto Tel’taks.

    Make them disappear, to worlds I tell you about. After they have ‘died’ they will be reborn, given training so they can take each Jaffa can take on 10 warriors and survive. They will be taught how Goa’uld technology works, how to fix it without help from Goa’uld. These free Jaffa will begin the free Jaffa Nation.”

    “You do not think small my dear friend. You speak of overthrowing a system of empires that has reigned for thousands or years. This path may lead to death but I will die free. Do you wish for me to tell your wife of your safety and new found life?”

    “I want to, but the needs of our people need her not to know of my life. Once the plan is ready the families of those involved will be relocated to safety. This should help with the creation of the Free Jaffa Nation.”

    “As you suggest my friend, now if your invisible guardians will allow me I must return to the settlement. My absence any longer may be noticed.”

    “Go then Master Bra’tac and sow the seeds for our people and their freedom. I will be back in 20 days to this location to discuss things further.”

    Teal’c turned around and waved to the forest to signal that he was finished talking to Bra’tac. Without a further word Bra’tac got up and left back towards the village. Several minutes later Colonel Malley walked out of the forest and approached Teal’c.

    “And the verdict” Colonel Malley asked already knowing the answer “Is he with us or not?”

    “Master Bra’tac has indeed decided to join our cause Malley.”

    “Well I am still going to have SG-2 watch him to see if he tries to flip our deal.”

    “A wise but unnecessary precaution Malley, Master Bra’tac is a warrior of his people. He will do what is right.”

    “Let’s hope so, because if he doesn’t the entire fight against the Goa’uld might have taken a step back.”
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    Chapter 17 Approach, Disclosure and Result

    January 2, 1995
    Vauxhall Cross

    “Sir, the Canadian Ambassador is here for his 9 o’clock appointment.”

    “Yes, yes, send the bloke in will you please, Ms. Penny.”

    What do these Canadians want to talk about that is so cloak and dagger. No explanation, no aides, no general areas of discussion. I could not get a word out of them onto the subject of this meeting. Quite a set of tight lips over this meeting.

    The director of MI6 rose to greet the Canadian Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The ambassador was a slight balding man who held himself with and air of confidence larger then his size or position would dictate. The director had never met the ambassador before and rarely communicated at all with anyone in the Canadian government, since the Canadians were small regional players in a region were the United States dominated.

    “Ahhh, Mr. Ambassador now what do I owe pleasure of this meeting.”

    “Well director I coming to ask for a meeting two week from today with a high ranking intelligence officer at an undisclosed off-site location. The meeting is of the utmost importance and should be kept completely secret and off any records either official or unofficial.”

    “Mr. Ambassador what you are asking is a very unusual request. Can I inquire into the reason for the meeting?”

    “Director I am cannot tell you the reason behind the meeting because I myself do not know. I am merely the messenger, I do have a signed letter from the Prime Minister himself asking for this discrete meeting. If you decided to have someone attend expect the meeting to last at least 18 hours, and some small traveling will occur.”

    “Very well Mr. Ambassador, I believe I can arrange for someone to be available.”

    “Thank you director, that I shall tell my superiors of this. Good day.”

    And with a curt nod the Ambassador left the office less than 5 minutes after he had arrived. He had a phone call to make from the embassy.

    Around the world two similar meetings were being held in Taiwan and Australia.

    Two Weeks later
    Undisclosed Warehouse in East London

    Alec Emerson was nervous about the entire situation he was in at the moment. The Canadians had never been this cloak and dagger about anything with the British Government. He had arrived at the assigned location and then immediately frisked for listening or tracking devices. After he was pronounced clean he was whisked away to this warehouse in East London. He only hoped that his security detail had been able to keep track of where he was.

    “Mr. Emerson, I am Colonel Malley Canadian Forces. If you would follow me we have just a little more traveling to do before the meeting.”

    “Of course, I must say you Canadians are really taking this meeting seriously. I have never seen you people so paranoid about a security leak.”

    “Well Mr. Emerson, once you have had the meeting you will understand why the security was necessary, and we have arrived at our destination and departure point.”

    “Departure point? Where are we leaving to now? How much more travel is there involved in this meeting?”

    “Just a small step.” Colonel Malley said with a smirk as he nodded to another man standing near a control panel.

    Suddenly Alec was surrounded by hovering rings of metal and a bright flash of light. Before he could yell to ask what was going on it was over. Feeling no different but taking a second to pat himself to make sure everything of importance was there and in the right place it took Alec a few seconds to realize he was not in the warehouse anymore.

    “What the bloody hell was that!!!!”

    “Mr. Emerson, that was a set of transportation rings. They scanned you and I, sent us over the Atlantic to an identical set in Canada, and THAT is just the tip of the iceberg on what this meeting is about.”

    “Now I see why you had a billiard up your bottom about security. That is incredible piece of technology you have there.”

    “It’s just the beginning, if you will follow me we must meet the general.”

    Walking through the SGC the deputy director of MI6 looked like a kid in a candy store.

    “Colonel, if I may ask, where are we?”

    “We are in a Canadian Forces base.”

    “Yes but where?”

    “In Canada of course, I already told you that did I not.” Colonel Malley smiled “Now, Deputy Director, I know you are trying to figure out where you are, but until we know the position of your government on certain things, this base and its exact location shall remain secret. That’s why no one on base has any watches on, no meals are being served and no outside weather gear is seen. Any possible signs that could give away its location, even in general terms has been removed. All will be explained after disclosure.”

    Walking on for a few more minutes in silence Alec still tried vainly to find sign of where he was but failed to find anything leading to any general location. Finally arriving at the meeting room, Colonel Malley formally turned towards the Director to begin introductions.

    “Deputy Director, may I present to you the commanding officer of this base, General Sheridan. General, Deputy Director of MI6, Alec Emerson.”

    “Thank you Colonel, welcome Mr. Emerson if you can have a seat we can begin this discussion.”

    Mr. Emerson sat down across a wide wood table from two other men who looked equally surprised about their surroundings and situation.

    “Now” the General began “You all know me, but might not recognize the other individuals around the table, I think it would be advantageous for everyone involved to if they knew who else is at the table and who they represent.”

    “I am Deputy Director Alec Emerson, MI6, representing her majesty’s government of the United Kingdom.”

    “My name is Teo Ching-Kuo of the National Security Bureau, representing the Taiwanese government.”

    “And I am Robert Casey of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, representing the people and government of Australia and its interest.”

    “Very good, now I ask for quiet and no interruption while I talk because I have a lot to explain and little time to do it. You are all aware of your own travels here to this base, and the suppose impossibility of the means which had you travel to Canada from your own separate nations less than 30 minutes ago in the span of a few seconds.

    To bring the reason for this meeting right to the front, the Canadian government has discovered an alien artifact, called the stargate, which can be used for travel between planets through an artificial wormhole connecting two such devices. Starting last February the Canadian government has been sending teams through this stargate to worlds populated by humans taken from earth by an alien society named the Goa’uld.

    These Goa’ulds, a parasitic creature that takes control of other sentient creature, use the humans as slaves and host for their empire. The Goa’ulds take on the persona, or created the personas, from the gods of ancient mythology and have the humans and a their warriors, called Jaffa, worship them as such. The first Goa’uld encountered held himself as Ra of Egyptian mythology and when he learned that our Stargate was again accessible immediate began to plan for the enslavement of the Earth. Our contact team killed him to protect Earth and to keep its existence secret.

    Since that mission teams of Canadians have been using the stargate network to visit other worlds to look for allies and technology in the fight to defend Earth from the Goa’uld and other potential adversaries. Current plans call for a globally deployable defense grid that can protect Earth up to LEO from Goa’uld ships up to Al’kesh size, roughly bomber equivalent. Using a system of ring transporters and stolen weaponry the systems updated completion date is 4 years from present. Our current inventory for combat against larger ships is 45 space superiority fighters, also taken from the Goa’uld. Currently 16 are based off-world to allow for practice and evaluation of tactics.

    The Goa’uld currently do not know that the stargate on earth has been rediscovered, but that could change and at present earth is not prepared for an invasion from space.

    The Canadian government has come to the conclusion that no single nation can defend the earth from the threat posed by the Goa’uld and any other Galactic empire. The Canadian government invites the nations here to participate in the stargate program with the eventual goal of uniting the planet under one democratic world government. I now am open for questions.”

    “Why was this not made public earlier? Or even privately to certain governments such as the ones here now? Why wait almost a year?” Alec Emerson asked being the first to overcome the shock of what he had been told.

    “The general public is not ready for what the stargate represents especially with the disadvantage Earth is when compared to the other powers in the galaxy. To why the stargate was kept secret for a year is simple, power.

    Canada is not a large nation in strength when compared to others on this world, but still has the desires to control what is ours. If we disclosed the stargate before we had a strong position in the program, we would be shoved aside by larger nations. That is why the nations present here have been asked to participate. With the possible exception of the United Kingdom, no nation here would have a large voice in a stargate program run by any other single nation.”

    “You mentioned a single world government. Is that really necessary? Could the program not be run through an organization similar to the United Nations?” Teo Ching-Kuo asked the general Sheridan.

    “If we wanted the opinions of dictators and the efficiency of a circus funhouse, then yes we could run it similar the United Nations. And then lose the Earth because of these points.

    The Earth cannot be run as little empires and self interest groups for their own interests. Our enemies are too large and to dangerous to be left to decisions by these groups. From our intelligence we believe the Goa’uld control 20,000 worlds, with half a billion soldier’s current under arms with a slave population in the area of 150 billion. A fleet strength measured in thousands of capital ships and millions of smaller ships.”

    “That many.”

    “Yes sir, that many and that is just the Goa’uld. We do not know what else is out there yet. Now a global government is many decades away, but the Canadian government wishes to begin the process with the nations here. Start to standardize training programs and laws. Reduce trade barriers between involved nations and prepare other nations for inclusion.”

    “Alright, now what is the proposal being put forth by your government, exactly?”

    “First, total disclosure of abilities of each participant. No hidden military or research from each other. Canada has taken the first step by disclosing the biggest secret this planet has known. If we are to fight united we need to know what we have to fight with.

    Second, an integrated armed forces. Combatants can keep their rank in their respective national armed forces but will be as given that rank or equivalent in the global Terran Commonwealth Armed forces. There will be no national units, no single nation ship everything will be fully integrated together.

    Third, resources and funds. Each participating nation will be required to pay for bases located on their soil as well as give resources and funds into a general fund used for off-world bases, research, shipbuilding and other global level projects. Also the use of national level organizations; intelligences, current space assets, anything.

    Finally, the agreement not to disclose the program to other nations or individuals without approval by everyone involved.”

    “And for this price what do we get.”

    “Simply put, equal partnership. Equal access to all off world technology acquired, participation in the Terran Armed forces, full access to everything and a say in how the program is run. This is a very fair deal for everyone involved. If you decide that you could get a better deal from public disclosure, you are welcome to try. Canada will see this as a betrayal, and work to ensure that the bare minimum of access is given to your country. The Canadian government has trusted your nation, it will remember any slight. The choice is yours.”

    Really the choice was already made, take the deal or get nothing. Everyone at the table knew it and knew their choice. But the deal was fair and could not be faulted.

    The Terran Commonwealth had been started.
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    Chapter 18- Intro, Meet SG-1, SOP

    SGC Briefing Room
    Two Weeks Later

    "Welcome everybody to the SGC at CFB Origin. You all come from your respective nations as the best your country has to offer. You have all been trained to defend your countries from external threats. Today you will expand that role from country to the whole of humanity of the Terran Commonwealth. You will be needed to protect the TC's interest throughout the galaxy and in multiple roles.

    You have all been briefed on what you are being asked to do here at Origin. You have all be informed of the enemy that we are covertly waging war against. Your intelligence officers tried to impress the situation we are in but most have never been off-world and in combat so they cannot truly known how extreme the missions will be. I have asked that Colonel Malley give his debriefing report for his last mission and a personal explanation of the situation. Colonel, if you would be so kind."

    "Yes sir." Colonel Malley walked to the front of the briefing room to address the assembly.

    "For those who don't know me, I am Colonel Brandon Malley of SG-1. I would first like to start with a description of life here at Origin.

    "Everyone here is more than just a soldier, pilot, or engineer. Because of the secrecy of this base you will be expected to help out with everything from maintenance to cooking here on the base. With a schedule of 2 months on-duty with 1 month off, you can expect to be off-world 4 out of 7 days of the week. While off-world you might be doing reconnaissance on planets, strikes against targets generated from intelligence and reconnaissance or helping out at an off-world base doing whatever is required.

    On missions not to off-world bases, you can expect combat against a numerically superior foe at least every other mission. Our teams are base on 4 person elements, with 2 infantry trained individuals, 1 cross-trained pilot and one cross trained engineer or technician. Each member is expected to be proficient at the tactical level of combat that will be encountered. For recon missions only one SG team is sent in to observe the target, in strike missions the teams are combined to overwhelm the defences of the target quickly and with minimal casualties.

    My last mission was too a planet 35,000 light-years from earth designated PX-0032-95 codename MEDIATOR. A temperate planet which would remind many of you of the coast of British Columbia, in fact most planets will remind you of some place on earth. This mission was a strike mission against a Goa'uld weapons manufacturing plant specifically the Goa'uld heavy weaponry called a staff cannon. SG-1 along with 4 other SG teams assaulted this site against a defending force of 150 Jaffa guards along with 1 orbiting Ha'tak warship. We can attack and win against targets with such numerical superiority because of tactics, weapons and tactics. With these points we were able to defeat, with no casualties, an enemy numerically superior and steal 20 heavy crew served weapons called staff cannons as well as 30 staff weapons.

    Our missions are always designed for fast, hard hits. We do not allow for any survivors who have seen who we are and our tactics because those survivor could mean possible discovery of Earth. While as soldiers we can take on Jaffa 10, 15 to 1 and win with minimal casualties, we do not have anything that can beat a Goa'uld Ha'tak. When a Ha’tak is present in orbit around the target planet we bring small telescopes to track and predict the orbit of the Ha'tak. We must strive for complete defeat of any Jaffa we encounter; failure would mean the discovery of earth and the possible enslavement of everyone on the planet. When possible, read when not under threat from orbital bombardment, some of the killed Jaffa will be 're-inked' to show them in the service of other Goa'uld. We hope to promote internal strife within the Goa'ulds.

    After this mission we left through the stargate and went to the planet Abydos. Direct travel to Earth is restricted to keep the gate co-ordinates secret from the Goa'uld, with only the commanding CO knowing the gate address for earth. Once a better planet is discovered a more secure jump off point will be established for all recon and strike missions. When traveling to Earth you must first send a coded radio signal through the wormhole to open the iris and alert the defences to friendly inbound travelers. This signal is sent along with a second signal from Abydos to verify the SG team signal. If only one signal is received the Iris will open but the defences will still be on alert. This debrief and a short stand down and then 2 days from now I am back in action doing a reconnaissance of another world.

    Your weapons will be modified Goa'uld staff weapons. The pulse rifle is two modified staff weapons designed to fire either together or in an alternating pattern. In the alternate firing mode the pulse rifle will fire 120 rounds a minute of plasma, each shot being the equivalent of half a dozen standard armour piercing rounds. When set to fire together the fire should damage a Goa’uld deathglider. This means each team has limited anti-air capabilities and should be able to defend themselves from a small air attack.

    These weapons do not need to carry extra ammunition, are durable and best of all every single Jaffa army uses them. When we attack no evidence is left to show us as anything other the Jaffa. We also make ourselves look like we have twice our numbers in attacking force. Currently the boys and girls in R&D are trying to make an improved version, the mk. 2, that incorporates the zat gun but the mechanisms for combining them are taking longer than expected. You will also carry a back-up, emergency only 9 mm. I stress emergency because if you use that weapon, Earth's cover might get blown. Once available in sufficient quantities each member of an off-world team will also be given a shock grenade, unfortunately right now there aren't enough to go around.

    Every team member will be equipped with their own signaling device, called an 'OS' standing for 'Open Sesame'. When returning from a mission at least one team member must put in their personal code and a rating for the level of opposition for the transit, or the Iris will not open. Opposition ranges from 'unopposed' to 'under fire' and with a second bit stating various things from 'medical alerts' to 'priority item'. These are used to warn the destination about they should expect. Don't forget or you will find out first hand what happens when a bug meets a windshield.

    Now while your combat training is tempered to the finest of point everyone in this room also may be called upon to represent the TC in a more diplomatic setting. You represent both the sword and the olive branch of the Commonwealth. Do not go into an unknown situation itching for a fight, Earth and the Terran Commonwealth can't afford more enemies. Respect cultures no matter how different from your own, at least until the situation can be understood and the best course of action determined. That means you might have to play nice with slave traders, fascists and other groups you might find unsavory. You do that for Earth and its people.

    We will steal anything from the Goa'uld that is not tied down, we do not steal from anyone not officially designated an enemy force. Your roles with any other group you may encounter is to begin relationships for trade and mutual defence from the Goa'uld. We hope for a technology trade but will settle for information, material or anything we can get our hands on.

    Next, Earth is off-limits, I repeat off-limits. No travel to Earth from anywhere other then Abydos at this moment. No treaties will be negotiated here, no trade meetings, no meetings whatsoever. Future allies can be told about Earth in general terms, but no location unless deem ABSOLUTELY necessary. Eventually when earth is in a more secure position we will be giving out our address to allies and partners but until then no one from outside those absolutely necessary will know where Earth is. The reason for that is simple; while we have tactical advantage in ground combat because of better training it means little if the Goa'ulds arrive by ship. The various Goa'uld empires are thought to control tens of thousands of capital warships that could wipe the Earth clean of life in hours. Remember that when you think about discussing Earth. Loose lips sink ships as our British brethren would say.

    Now the situation does have some have benefits. With the constant infighting between the Goa'uld 95 percent of those ships are stuck on picket duty, unable to threaten the Earth. That is why we must keep then Goa'uld fighting among themselves. We also have two different off-world allies at this time. First are the Abydonians; while not as technologically advance as us, they are good soldiers and once trained will provide the defence for an off-world mining site on Abydos. Also once enough have been trained, the Abydonians have asked to participate in combat against the Goa'uld so that means more firepower in the future. Second we currently have a Jaffa ally who is looking for more Jaffa within the ranks of Apophis who do not see the Goa'uld as Gods. Once we have found enough we will help them set-up a base of operations against the Goa'uld.

    That is the end of this briefing, I now suggest everyone find their individual SG teams and get to know each other before you make your first transit through the stargate."

    Colonel Malley left the podium and began walking towards the rest of SG-1. Before reaching his team, he already saw a member of the Taiwanese Special Forces talking to them.

    “You must be Lieutenant Lee Ying-jeou, Taiwanese special forces.” Malley said to the small Taiwanese man trying to get a complete sentence from Teal’c.

    “Yes Sir, or simply Lee. I will be taking Major Everett Davis’s spot as your second in command as he moves to form up SG-16.”

    “Alright Lee, if Teal’c can stay quiet for a few minutes let’s hear your background.”

    “I do not think that will be a probable for Teal’c, sir. First I have been in the Taiwanese military for 15 years, mostly in the Special Forces preparing to infiltrate mainland China if hostilities broke out. I am certified both for scuba and parachuting as well as considered an expert marksman.”

    “Your specialty Lee?”

    “Infiltration and demolition Colonel.”

    “Ahhhh fine choices, I am glad to see they sent someone with a more ‘explosive’ background then I first feared they would. So you heard my blabbing up their a few minutes ago any questions you have at this moment.”

    “One Colonel, when do we get started and go through the stargate.”

    Colonel Malley just smiled, instantly liking both the professionalism and personality of the newest member of SG-1. With the addition of Lee, SG-1 had a strong strike and recon profile for a single SG team. 3 members trained in combat; Malley, Lee and Teal’c. 1 cross trained engineer, York and a pilot of Goa’uld technology in Teal’c, there would not be many targets that SG-1 could not assault.

    “All in go time Lee, all in good time, we first need to be get you up to date on our next mission. Teal’c its time to go home.”


    “Colonel you didn’t tell me how sudden the trip was going to be.” Lee said as SG-1 started through the forest towards their destination.

    “Lee, how do you expect someone to be able to describe traveling thousands of light-years in seconds? You just can’t explain something that freaky.”

    “Fine, so why are we meeting this guy again.”

    “First, we are not meeting Bra’tac, Teal’c is meeting him. We just ride shotgun to make sure that no one disturbs the meeting. Second, we are here to find out how his investigation are going for the recruitment of Jaffa for rebellion. Third is any to gather any intel that Bra’tac has on the going of the galaxy.” Colonel Malley said to the newest member of SG-1 as they walked towards the clearing.

    Chulak had become a dangerous place to visit place to visit. With Apophis’ ongoing war against Olokun, the stargate of Chulak was being used almost hourly by the forces of Apophis. Because of the risk of discovery while in transit, a camera and transmitter would be placed to watch the gate of Chulak for activity. If no Jaffa were present in the immediate area the SG team would travel through. If not the gate would be deactivated and the address dialed again.

    “Alright Teal’c” Scarlett said “this is where we split, remember to get Bra’tac to speak into the recorder so that we don’t miss a word of intelligence he might have to say.”

    “I will indeed Corporal Scarlett. The wisdom that Master Bra’tac has should be recorded for the sake of his years of experience.”

    With that Teal’c continued walking into the clearing where Bra’tac would meet him, while the other members of SG-1 continued to the observation point. Teal’c patiently waited until Bra’tac made his appearance some 30 minutes later.

    “Tak mal tiak Teal’c, I see your mysterious friends have not come out of the forest yet.”

    “Tak mal tiak Master Bra’tac. They still do not wish to expose their world to the bombardment of a Ha’tak, a wise decision, so they remain hidden. They watch and wish to record your words so that nothing of value will be missed or forgotten.”

    “Very well, I bring news of three Jaffa from the legions of Apophis who I believe have seen the error of worshipping the Goa’uld as Gods. Moac of the Cordai Plains, Shaq'rel of the Deep Valley and Chu’wat of the River’s Bend, in these three I see the flame of doubt.”

    “I know of these 3 you speak of, they are a wise selection. I will relay my support of these choices to our allies, have you approached and confronted them with the truth and the choice of freedom.”

    “I have in general terms. I have not said the proposition outright but I have tested them to see their devotion to the false god Apophis. It is easy to see that they do not truly believe in the Goa’uld as gods, but see no other choice.”

    “We shall give them that choice. Do you have other news for our cause?”

    “With the war against Olokun, Apophis has sought allies with other Goa’uld powers, minors Goa’ulds mostly. I have been sent to cooperate with the Jaffa of these other Goa’ulds by Apophis. I believe some might be useful in roles such as I am doing, finding Jaffa who see the Goa’uld not as gods but as oppressors. More then just the ranks of Apophis must be used to create the Free Jaffa Nation. Also there is talk that Morrigan will enter the battle between Apophis and Olokun on the side of Apophis. If this happens Olokun could be defeated and lose his spot on the High council of the System Lords.”

    “That cannot be allowed to happen, Master Bra’tac. If Olokun is defeated and removed from the Council, the council will become less divided in action. That would not be beneficial for the galaxy. I will suggest action towards preventing such an occurrence.”

    “See that you do Teal’c. That is everything I have for your forest friends, I must be back in the settlement soon.”

    “Goodbye old friend.”

    “Goodbye Teal’c” Bra’tac said as he began walking from hiding where he kelnorime’s. While he had not gotten his mediation in, he did feel at peace.
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    Chapter 19- Vacuum Diagram

    SGC Gate Room

    “SG-19 you are clear to depart to PX-0074-95” General Sheridan said to the assembled team as the gate began its dialing processes. This would be the first mission through the gate by a team lead by someone who wasn’t Canadian, a British lieutenant named Richard Shanks.

    Sheridan could tell that lieutenant was feeling anxious about his first trip. While a simple reconnaissance to a Jaffa world recommended by Master Bra’tac, it still was a mission with a team almost entirely new to the stargate and how the galaxy worked out there. Sheridan only hoped that their first mission was an uneventful one.

    SGC CO Office
    27 hours later

    “Sir” Sergeant Mariam said after entering the General’s office “SG-19 is 3 hours overdue for their schedule check in on Abydos.”

    “Alright prepare SG-1, 5 and 12 for a further recon and potential hostile extraction. Have them depart within the hour for PX-0074-95.”

    “Yes sir” Sergeant Mariam responded as he immediately left to begin calling teams to the mission briefing room. He was hopeful that SG-19 as just unable to reach the gate and not captured.


    “Corporal York, verdict time. Is SG-19 caught and on the planet, caught and off-planet, or just plain free but on strike from using their radios.”

    “Well sir, I can’t get any signals on SG-19’s emergency beacons, so they are either off-world our not active. Teal’c did the recon of the settlement with SG-5 and it looks like ‘business as usual every day stuff’, so that seems to say they weren’t captured. There is no sign of them anywhere near the gate, no locator beacon and no sign of a struggle, so they didn’t appear to go back through the gate.”

    “In other worlds Corporal, you have no idea” Colonel Malley cut off the Scarlett before she could continue reciting facts that didn’t really help.

    “Actually sir, my opinion is they didn’t even come through the gate. Every SG team is suppose to leave a marker beacon near the gate to show which way they went and to mark the gate for their return. No marker means either they didn’t come through the gate or came through and were quickly attacked without being able to radio back to the SGC or drop some type of signal for us. But there are no signs of a firefight so I think we are at the wrong planet or gate.”

    “Teal’c, would the snakes had but another gate on a planet.”

    “If the first had become lost to them, yes the Goa’uld would put another stargate on a single planet. But anyone arriving through the stargate would arrive at the stargate with the dialing device. All travelers would arrive here.”

    “So no second gate probably, another planet maybe?”

    “Malley, the symbols for each stargate address only go to one planet.”

    “And you have never heard of something like this happening.”

    “Never Malley.”

    “Alright Teal’c, so recap on the whereabouts of SG-19, we have decided they are not captured, they are not somewhere else on this planet and they are not on some other planet. So we do what? Label this the work of pixies and go home.” Colonel Malley said becoming more and more irritated as he continued.

    “Sir, we don’t have any information to move forward on.” Lieutenant Lee said “I recommend at the minimum we have one team report back to the SGC what we have. Have SG-5 and 12 stay and complete the mission assigned to SG-19 as well as continue looking for clues as to where SG-19 could be.”

    “Good call Lee.” Malley responded “SG-5 and 12 will stay continue the search and recon. Corporal York, dial us to Abydos.”

    As Corporal York began dialing the stargate, it began to light up with an incoming wormhole.

    “Sir, we have incoming, all teams to the sides of the gate, and prepare for defensive fire!” Scarlett yelled as the wormhole formed and the vortex shot outwards.

    The SGC had decided that the best place to defend an incoming wormhole when caught off planet was from highly oblique angles, ideally almost parallel to the gate and with a few shooting from angles behind the gate. Since Jaffa had been observed not worrying about securing these locations they make for the safest locations to attack from. Before anything came out of the stargate Colonel Malley’s radio crackled to life.

    “SG-1, this is the SGC. Your team, SG-5,12, 38 and 40 are to return to the SGC immediately, direct approach has been granted for the next 30 minutes. If unable to reach gate in that time direct approach is rescinded and redirected via original route. SGC out.”

    The stargate quickly disengaged, with the SGC not bothering to get confirmation from any team member for receipt of information. As was standard, while in the field and SG team was not to use radios unless absolutely necessary and all conversations had to be designed to mask numbers and locations. With the technological edge that the Goa’uld held over the TC, no assumptions could be made about the security of radio transmissions.

    “Wow direct approach, must be significant” Lee said to Malley as everyone gathered in front of the gate once more.

    “Yep, going to be an interesting briefing, no doubts about that. Alright everyone lets try this again. Since it’s a direct approach, security procedures are in place. I’ll dial the gate, everyone else in front of the dialing device looking outward. Anyone tries to see the symbols you’re on Abydos guard permanently.”

    SGC Gate Room

    “Summoned I have arrived General, now what’s so important.” Colonel Malley said as he came through the gate and saw the General waiting for his team.

    “We have found SG-19.”

    “Really, what planet did they gate to?”


    SGC Briefing Room

    “SG-19 was intercepted roughly 3 hours after you left hiking towards the base by our outer patrols. After verifying who they were we let them in and contacted you to see if your teams had any problem. They are SG-19 and apparently have been on Earth for the last 5 years trying not to mess up the timeline to much.”

    “Sir, if I understand you correctly SG-19 left a little over 1 day ago to travel to PX-0074-95, and ended up here on Earth 5 years in the past in CFB Halifax.” Colonel Malley said to General Sheridan as SG-1 sat down in the briefing room.

    “Yes something about that particular trip caused them to travel through time. SG-19 has a general theory based on 5 years of thinking.”

    “Oh this should be good.”

    “SG-19 has eliminated problems with the gate since we have used it with no effects like this on hundreds of transits and from Teal’c’s accounts the Goa’ulds have been using it even longer with no known occurrence, so the problem isn’t with the gate. And with your successful transit both to and from PX-0074-95 it cannot be the gate on the other end. SG-19 believes something occurred during that time that directly affected the wormhole itself, based on the fact that the wormhole looped back both in space and time to Earth, something specific to the between the transit geometry between Earth and 74-95.

    For 5 years SG-19 have crunched the problem and has shown that at the time of travel Earth, the sun, and 74-95 were in almost a direct line. The sun cause this form of time travel somehow.”

    “Alright sir” Malley began “if that is the case, what are we going to do about it? We don’t know what happened so how do we prevent it.”

    “Well Colonel, I have some of the scientists and astrophysicists at TFB IRON RING looking for a more precise reason but right now I am putting a stop to any stargate travel that puts the wormhole within 1 arc minute of the sun, if we absolutely need to go to a planet we will transit through Abydos first.”

    Everyone seemed satisfied with the answer given their limited understanding of the problem. The first to speak after trying to wrap their mind around the temporal mechanics involved was Scarlett York.

    “Sir, what exactly was SG-19 doing for those 5 years when not working on the problem?”

    “That corporal brings us to an interesting paradox. Lieutenant Richard Shanks of SG-19 knew he was going to go back in time.”

    “WHAT!!!” Malley yelled as he looked over at Lieutenant Shanks as he entered the room. Shanks sheepishly nodded a confirmation to the previously uttered statement and explained his claim.

    “When I was brought into the stargate program we were shown all the data every possible on the stargate including the original notes left by Dr Jeremiah Rogers. Except that those notes about the operation of the stargate, how the dialing works and the seven symbols address idea weren’t in the chicken scratch handing writing of the Rogers. They were in my handwriting. Now at the time I didn’t understand how that could be, but after we arrived in CFB Halifax, I realized that I was meant to go through the gate to leave those instructions on the stargate.”

    “Lieutenant Shanks is the reason that we did not need 5 years to decipher the stargate and its operations, and the stargate is why the Lieutenant was able to arrive in Canada and decipher stargate in the first place. What he did represents an informational paradox and a violation of the laws of conservation of information, if such laws even exist.”

    Now the reason I wrote this chapter was two fold. One, I wanted to address how a scientist from the 1940s could have made all this research into the workings of the stargate and allow the Canadian, now Terran, program to develop so quickly. Two, I wanted a storyline that was done in the show that wasn't really solved. The SGC doesn't know how it happened right now, other than it has something to do with the Sun, and SG-19 lost 5 years of their lives. Trying to keep the story more realistic were not everything ends perfectly for the good guys.

    Bonus Points for anyone who know where the title is from.
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    Chapter 20- Robin Hood Missions

    PX-0037-95-codename LITTLE JOHN

    Robin Hood missions were easy missions to get new personnel familiar with Jaffa tactics and the problems of operating through the stargate. Though easy they provided a necessary source of weaponry for future combat teams and the defensive array being created in TFB ORIGIN. A Robin Hood mission targeted a Jaffa training planet for infiltration. When training a batch of new Jaffa each planet was home to 400 odd Jaffa trainees and some 50 Jaffa masters, each needing a staff weapon, zat gun, and a single shock grenade for the final trials. Also included were enough intars to equip every person on the planet, sometimes with more than one intar. The lethal weapons were sited in secret caches around each base and rarely guarded so cleaning out all the weaponry was a simple task. Usually not a single shot was fired in these missions.

    Unfortunately to clean out an entire planet of its weaponry was not always possible because of the need for secrecy. With how prolific small arms were in the Goa’uld and Jaffa society, training base were considered of no value and were almost never attacked. This meant to attack or even just infiltration and clean out the weapon caches would cause a lot of suspicion. The SGC realized the answer was not to be greedy. Teal’c explained that in every training cycle as many as 40 Jaffa warriors would be executed for perceived failures to their God. This meant taking 20-30 of each weapon was easy to hide and was often the SOP for Robin Hood missions.

    The mission to PX-0037-95 was not to follow SOP. LITTLE JOHN was the training world for the Goa’uld El, a major Goa’uld controlling several worlds and aligned with Olokun. El was hoping to gain enough power and influence to make the jump to full System Lord with the alliance. While not fully committed to Olokun’s war with Apophis, El did provide some support with legions of fanatical Jaffa, most trained on PX-0037-95. While removing a support source for Olokun would weaken his overall position the true meaning for the strike was two fold. To remove the threat of a Goa’uld with the most fanatical warriors and 2 long range communication devices situated on the planet. With two communication orbs Earth could be in contact with Abydos without using the stargate to send, freeing the stargate for other uses.

    The mission had been planned to strike before the final trial where the Jaffa would be divided and pitted against each other in a war of extermination. A war where only a quarter of the Jaffa were expected to survive and thus become part of El’s army. It would also mean most weaponry in each base would be intar based. While still dangerous for overall mission effectiveness, an intar did not kill a person.

    “FUCK those aren’t intars!” Colonel Malley yelled as another staff blast flew past his head.

    “They are not Malley, those are Staff weapon blasts. It would appear that the final trial has begun and true staff weapons have been issued.” Teal’c replied returning fire with his pulse rifle as another screaming Jaffa crested the small hill between SG-1 and one of the Jaffa bases.

    Teal’c was becoming quite attached to his pulse rifle as a weapon. While it did not possess the style and history of a staff weapon, it did provide firing accuracy that would allow actual targeting of a specific side of a building. It did nothing for close combat with a Jaffa, but with the pulse rifles rate of fire and range meant close combat wouldn’t occur, unless swamped by the enemy, a situation rapidly developing.

    “I’m open to suggestions here people. We can’t stay trading shots all day.”

    “Colonel we only have 8 teams! We don’t have the fire power to take on 400 screaming Jaffa. We have already 2 KIA and another 2 wounded.” Corporal York screamed without taking her sights off of the hoard of Jaffa closing in on their position. Not yet dangerously close but eventually they would begin scoring hit through something other than luck.

    “Alright, all team fall back. Take the wounded and dead and head to the rendezvous point. Leave nothing behind.”

    Retreating under fire, the surviving SG team members began carrying the dead and wounded while others fired back to cover the retreat. While not the most coordinated retreat the SG personnel eventually broke contact escaped the Jaffa.

    PX-0037-95 codename LITTLE JOHN
    Several hours later

    “Well, this is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Cut off from true retreat and safety 2 dead, 2 wounded and surrounded by 400 odd Jaffa. How do we fight are way out of here without leaving a trace to follow?”

    Colonel Malley was ranting about the situation in a meeting with the other CO’s and XO’s of the mission. While the commanders and their seconds were figuring out their next move, the rest were furiously digging defensive positions should they be discovered.

    “We have Jaffa on both sides of us, but they don’t know we are not Jaffa. For all they know we are the other teams Jaffa. I say we play the middle against both sides. Small little raids attacking both sides. Until no Jaffa other then a one big black Jaffa remains.” Morrison of SG-2 pointed out to the crowd.

    “Or we sit tight and let them fight amongst themselves. If they don’t know where we are and don’t know who we are just sit here and take the spoils. Teal’c says that only about a quarter are expected to survive, we can take out 100 Jaffa a lot easier then 400.” Countered Captain Quan Tin Shi of SG-22, being the voice of caution in the group.

    “But we wait and hide to long we miss the weapons and communication devices we came here for. You know that once this round of training is over that they ship out immediately. We let 100 fanatical Jaffa out into the galaxy to rape and pillage in the name of El.”

    “Alright enough” Colonel Malley said, cutting off the beginning of a debate before it could begin “first thing; we set up a solid defence here, I want the Jaffa to bleed if they find us. Next we send 2 people back to the stargate and watch and wait for the activation and tell the SGC the status. Don’t send the recovery teams yet but check in again in 48 hours. Also to get 2 Tel’taks moving towards us for emergency evacuation if necessary, it will be tight but we should be able to get everyone in.

    After that, small raids, targets are the masters training the new recruits. If we get rid of them the rest should fall nicely. We also don’t want them calling for re-enforcements. SG-2 and 4 will each take a base and begin sniper detail. If you think you can pick off the target without exposing yourself take the shot. Start whittling down their numbers; I want those weapons and communication devices. We didn’t lose two people just to come back empty handed. See to your teams and report back in 4 hours.”

    Malley left the group and walked back with Lieutenant Lee to where the remaining members of SG-1 were digging in. Connecting slit trenches would not provide much protection from an enemy with indirect fire support but would against the Jaffa with their limited off-axis attack capability. Slit trenches provided protection from staff weapons that no known armour could.

    “Well Corporal York, what’s the situation?”

    “If the Jaffa find us and want to rumble, we can take anything they can deliver short of orbital bombardment.” Corporal York said confidently “Might be old techniques, but something about digging slits makes me feel good.”

    “Probably because of all the time you spent digging them back in training. Now you get to play in a different world’s dirt.

    Anyways once we get these trenches dug we will begin operations against the Jaffa here. 4 teams stay here to provide a base while the rest will go off and attack. We continue this until the enemy is gone.”

    “Yes sir.”

    PX-0037-95 codename LITTLE JOHN
    2 Days later

    The attacks had gone well with no casualties and only a few injuries, most not even related directly to the attacks. But every attack caused problems for the SG teams stranded on the plant. No Jaffa attack could cause these casualties and not have a mountain of their own dead. One Jaffa master finally called a stop to the trial and when another attack occurred it proved that another force was in play. The two camps had begun sweeping patrols of the surrounding forests, looking for the real enemy force.

    “There down to 140, 150 Jaffa now with 40 Jaffa masters” Colonel Malley began “Not great odds at 6 to 1 but a lot better than the 16 to 1 it was. Question of the day is how do we get rid of the remainder, get the weapons and escape before either a Ha’tak shows up or they get reinforced through the stargate.”

    It was a group meeting with almost every SG team member in attendance. Only 4 members weren’t present, with 2 monitoring the stargate for activation and another 2 watching the approach paths for Jaffa intrusions.

    “We can’t stop a Ha’tak from showing up but we can stop reinforcements from coming through the stargate. We just need to time our attack with a dialing in sequence from Earth. Next dialing we tell the SGC the plan and when to dial. We then have a window of 38 minutes where the Goa’uld can’t get reinforcements. We attack with the plan and beat them into nothing. If we aren’t done in 30 then everything is lost already.” Lee said.

    “Alright, the attack will begin at 0000 hr local time.”

    PX-0037-95 codename LITTLE JOHN
    0000 hr local time

    Because of casualties sustained the attack was down to 7 effective SG team. With one tasked with securing the gate, only 3 teams could be used to attack. 12 trained SG personnel against almost 100 Jaffa at each base. In a fair and straight-up fight the result would already be a forgone conclusion. But the SGC personnel saw no reason to fight fair.

    Each attack was timed to begin at the same time and strike with the same objective. With three SG teams moving through each base striking down Jaffa where they stood but never wavering from their objective. The SGC had 12 professional soldiers leapfrogging in groups of 2 towards the central command tent against Jaffa attacking individually. Never slowing their advance but always having at least 6 soldiers stationary and scanning for threats. Jaffa appeared and were quickly dispatched by accurate fire from at least 2 positions, some never even firing a shot against the SG members, while most firing wildly without success.

    Colonel Malley knew that the one chance they had for success was in taking the communication devices and preventing a call for help from any nearby Ha’taks. Once those devices were secured the Jaffa would break themselves against the firepower of the SGC, constantly attacking in wave upon wave of Jaffa warriors. While the SG teams were at risk when attacking from Jaffa, on defence they knew little could harm them unless the Jaffa changed tactics. The attacks played out in exactly the same fashion in both bases.

    It took 10 minutes of constant combat to secure the communication devices and for counter attacks to stop. Another 15 minutes was spent eliminating holdouts either through rifle fire for fighters or zat fire for non-fighters. In under half and hour each base was secured from threats.

    “Grave robbing protocols” Colonel Malley said over the radio “if it is of value take it. Remember that the little snakes could still be alive, work in teams and double zat each body just to be sure. Also SG-2 and 4 get all the communication gear back to Abydos ASAP. Corporal York report to me immediately for special detail in the communication tent.”

    “Yes Sir.” Came the voice over the radio as a figure began jogging towards the communication tent.

    “You bellowed Sir.” Corporal York said as she arrived at the communication tent.

    “Yes, I found something of interest here. From what I remember it looks like a Goa’uld recording device.”

    “Yes Sir, a Vocuum. A good find for us, this could advance human holographic technology hundreds of years.”

    “Yes it could, but we’re not taking it. I am enacting the Gaia plan with it. I need you to figure out how to record a message. Once ready get me Teal’c.”

    “Understood, sir.” Corporal York immediately went to work trying to decipher how to reprogram the Vocuum to accept new messages.

    Several days later when the training world had failed to report in on the progress of the final trials a group of Jaffa were sent to investigate. All they found was a cleaned out bases with dead Jaffa without symbiotes. The symbiotes after further investigation were found staked to the ground around the Vocuum, all dead as well.

    The Vocuum when played displayed a single Jaffa in full armour with head deployed repeating in both English and Goa’uld the same message over and over again.

    “Abandon hope...All Ye who enters into the realm of Gaia. Despair and Death await those who defy the power of Gaia. The worst is yet to come, fear the wrath of Gaia.”
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    Chapter 21- SDC Meeting, Interlude, Weapon Trial

    SDC Meeting March 1995

    The first SDC meeting after the raid on PX-0037-95 had a somber atmosphere, with the members from the newest countries realizing the fight that they were in. The United Kingdom and Canada had both lost members in the raid and would be attributing them to peacekeepers lost in the conflict in Bosnia. While the raid had been successful it showed that the pace of operations and size of operations could not continue at there current pace.

    “The raid was successful against a vastly numerically superior force.” The Taiwanese council member stated “Against a force that outnumbered ours 16 to 1, and our forces only suffered two casualties. In any military school on earth, that would be considered a rounding success.”

    General Sheridan just shook his head at the council member. While true that the losses were minimal compared to the gains and the inflicted losses, the scale of the conflict showed had the Terran Commonwealth on the losing side of the equation.

    “Shin, you must understand that 16 to 1 are low odds that we will face. As an example if every single person in the military of Earth was to fight the against the combine armies of Jaffa, Earth would be outnumbered 34 to 1. With just the countries currently involved, we are out numbered 2000 to 1, and with just the resources allocated to this command the ratio is too one sided to show. Then, the Goa’uld outnumber Earth in capital ships, fighters and every other measure of military fighting force. The Goa’uld lose over 19 million Jaffa a year and are still fighting 5000 years later.” Sheridan said spelling out the facts for the new council member.

    "It is purposed that the focus of operations shift to fewer strike missions and more reconnaissance missions. This will allow for larger combat teams to be created and for more planets and targets to be investigated. With the recent Robin Hood missions, the near term needs for small arms is satisfied and future missions should Focus on heavy weaponry and space craft technology or ‘grand theft spacecraft’.

    Focus for weapon development will be shifted to the refining of the mk. 2 pulse rifle and the SIDEKICK projects to develop the force multipliers needed for the fight against the Goa'uld through stargate combat missions. Strike missions will be limited to once every 2 months until all planets identified by intelligence have been investigated and rated for strike value.”


    Stargate command spent two years mapping out the political and military boundaries of each Goa'uld 'God' and their main holdings. Each world was rated for value, what could be stolen and location and threat for the SGC. Another listing gave most likely Goa'uld to attack each planet, to be used in framing Goa'uld for SGC attacks. Throughout that time the SGC only did 10 strike missions against the Goa'uld, for staff cannons, death gliders and Tel'taks. Small arms were still stolen but specific missions were not undertaken, rather a portion was taken from fallen Jaffa on other missions

    The new mandate by the SGC to focus on reconnaissance put a greater pressure on the SGC’s supercomputer to correct addresses for stellar drift. While missions could be undertaken form Abydos, and many were, it was deemed necessary to be able to dial any planet from Earth directly. With a single planet taking 4-5 days to calculate its new position the SGC sole supercomputer could not keep up with the demand and was limiting the planets being surveyed. This required each participating country to invest in their own dedicated supercomputer to help with the calculations. With four computers working on drift calculations a new planet was calculated every day for missions.

    Each planet was investigated with 3 SG teams, 2 for scouting purposes and one to watch the stargate for activity and to transmit any messages from the SGC. With the average mission lasting 5 days each team would be off world for 3 missions for a total of 15 days unless helping on Abydos or on a strike mission.

    Strike missions were up rated to have a minimum of 15 SG teams involved, with another 3 on standby for support or combat through the stargate based on Earth. Additionally when possible a Tel’tak was on standby to retrieve the team if cut off from the stargate. With such overwhelming force used against such poorly defended planets, the SGC did not lose another soldier for 18 months, an Australian SAS corporal from Alice Springs. Two years spent hiding from the Goa’uld, stealing resources and looking for technology. Two years of waiting.

    January 1997

    The indoor firing range was packed for the demonstration of the various projects finally out of development and ready for deployment against the Goa’uld and Jaffa. Two years of engineering and scientific development had brought forth a multitude of redesigned Goa’uld weaponry. While the technical understanding to create a wholly Terran equivalent was years from development, a more thought out designed would work suffice.

    The Mk. 2 advance pulse rifle as a weapon was little more than a refinement of the mk.1, made for better sighting and balance. The big break-through was its ability to integrate the various weapons from project SIDEKICK. With a universal attachment point for the various weapons, SGC teams would have more options directly available without having to change out weapons. A selector on the side of the Mk. 2 was used to switch the trigger between the dual staff weapons or the added secondary weapon.

    “First up is the Mk. 2 with attached zat gun” a technician from the base said as he began passing the weapon around the assembled group “common trigger with a rate of fire of 60 shots per minute, this attachment makes for easier sweeps strike missions involved a mix of combatants and non-combatants or hostile environment snatch and grabs. Just remember that second shot kills when you’re using the zat gun so don’t shoot someone twice or you’re losing the purpose of the zat gun.”

    “When are you egg heads going to fix that?” Colonel Malley asked “I hate the idea of not know if I have waited enough time between zat shots.”

    “We’re working on it sir. Near as we can tell its because of the cumulative effect of the zat guns electrical discharge…”

    “AHHHHHHHHH” Malley cut off the technician with a raised finger “I don’t need a physic lesson I need a zat that won’t kill you.”

    “Yes sir, sorry sir. Moving along is a Mk. 2 with shock grenade launcher. The grenade launcher uses modified shock grenades that can fit and be launched through the grenade launcher. Unfortunately with this modification we reduced the effective range of the shock grenade to 4 meters from its regular 8. Each modified shock grenade has a separate gas cartridge for launching purposes, max range of 200 meters. A small exhaust valve allows for simple control of the distance shot. To launch the shock grenade you set the shock grenade to one of 6 settings and load into the launcher. Remember to do this or your grenade won’t be that effective.

    The modified shock grenades can still be thrown by hand if need be and are redesigned to have the ability to flash on impact, remote activation from a range of up to 200 meters, and finally have a time delay of 30, 60, 90, or 120 seconds. With this modification the shock grenade can be launch much farther and with greater accuracy. The hope is to modify Tac’s to much the same ability to create over the horizon strike capabilities for SG teams, but this is a more difficult task. Large concentrations of Jaffa or slaves can be neutralized with these shock grenades.”

    Another technician demonstrated the grenade launcher by dropping shock grenades on a series of targets at various distances from 25 to 200 meters away. All fell within a meter of the central bulls-eye, with some set for impact flash, some 30 seconds afterward and some remote activated by a small universal remote that would work with any shock grenade.

    “Next on the showcase; the Mk. 1 Intar rifle.” The technician lifted up a slim, meter long rifle with scope and attached bipod. Looking very similar in shape to a classic Model 70 Winchester bolt action rifle, the Intar rifle was a dull black with the red crystal hidden underneath a covering.

    “This will be the primary long distance rifle when needing to remove the threat from sentries or high value targets. While not lethal, this weapon allows for a quieter take down then a zat gun or staff weapon but with a lower rate of fire and requiring ammunition. Easy to use since no correction for bullet drop or wind is necessary, just point and shoot. Each SG team will have one member carrying this as a secondary weapon on strike missions.”

    The technician stepped down from the podium to field a few questions from curious personnel as another larger weapon was being assembled and targets were being set up farther down range. Dull black like all the rest of the displayed weaponry, the weapon had obviously been derived from a Goa’uld Staff Cannon but shortened and made thinner. Colonel Malley, the main proponent of the weapon stepped onto the podium to explain its purpose.

    “Ladies and gentlemen I give you project SHORTBOW, the first of Goa’uld derived crew serviced weapon. Officially called the Mk. 1 CSW, I shall henceforth refer to it as ‘the thumper’. The thumper is based on a redesigned Staff cannon and is made to give heavy fire support to teams by a weapon that can be broken down and carried by two people. With simple iron sights the thumper can be manually targeted against moving targets and should burn through a Goa’uld personal shield in 4-5 shots. The second mode of fire will now be demonstrated against the array of targets behind me.”

    Malley turned around to face the thumper and pushed a large button on the back of the weapon. Malley quickly jumped off the podium as the thumper started to rotate on its base and fire at the sheets of steel place on the firing range. In 10 seconds on 15 different plates each steel plate had 2 neat scorch marks placed one above the other. With the demonstration of the thumpers capability done Malley got back onto the podium and turned off the weapon.

    “That is the second mode of fire, burst programmed remote fire. Since the plasma fire from a Staff cannon is not affected by gravity or wind, the weapon is simply point and shoot. An IR laser is attached to the thumper and used to sight the weapon. When the IR dot is on target press the remember button and the thumper remembers the target, actually it remembers how it is pointing, but that is not important. Up to 20 targets can be remembered for one firing burst with a selection between 1 and 5 shots per target.

    Used against stationary targets the thumper can spit out 30 shots in 10 second, try to fire more than that and the weapon might explode, so don’t. Requiring a 5 minute cool down afterwards this is only useful for that first strike and when the target is stationary. Effective range is 1 kilometer with 360 degree range of motion and 60 degrees up or down. Another weapon with remote firing capabilities, just program in the targets and press the remote, freeing up SG teams for other jobs during a strike. My favourite idea is taking out death gliders on the ground before they can launch. Any questions about little thumper here?”

    “What’s the biggest game we can go after?” a British SAS asked the back.

    “Well we know from Teal’c that a Staff cannon can take damage an Al’kesh, so that is probably the biggest we want to try for. Maybe one of those troop carrier ships but I won’t guarantee a kill on one of those. I should also point out the SGC plans on putting eight of these things in the Gate room programmed for continuous fire to defend the gate should we ever need to evacuate. And that ladies and gentlemen brings to an end our weapon showcase. All weapons are free to use for evaluation and trial purposes and I recommend you try some. First ring service back the to TFB ORIGIN is in 6 hours.”

    I did this chapter to explain some of the weaponry I was using and to synch up the story with the SG time line (as near as I can figure it). Next chapters will deal with more familiar SG stories and characters.
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    Chapter 22- Invisible Dragonfly

    TFB ORIGIN, March 1997

    “This is the pre-mission briefing for the mission to PX-0103-97. Planet was suggested by Teal’c and his past experience as first prime of Apophis.” General Sheridan said to the assembled SG teams.

    After 2 years of reconnaissance against the Goa’uld most of the important planets under Goa’uld domain had been visited. With the help of Teal’c examples of most common pieces of technology had been recovered for study back on Earth. More unique and esoteric items, such as the hand ribbon, could not be taken for fear of discovery by the Goa’uld. Ships larger than Tel’taks had not been taken for the same reason, but wreckage of an Al’kesh had been found and salvaged.

    “Indeed General Sheridan, I have travelled to this planet while in the service of Apophis. There are many worlds throughout the galaxy that contain technology that the Goa’uld seek. This world is heavily forested with the gate residing in the only open space for many kilometres in any direction. Apophis sent me and a contingent of Jaffa to this world to obtain an example of a local creature. The creatures of this world had the ability to render themselves completely invisible. When the Jaffa I was leading failed to capture one of the creatures Apophis had two of the Jaffa I was leading executed for our failure.” Teal’c explained to the rest of SG-1 without inflection or emotion.

    “A natural example of invisibility would help in developing our own version for use. The tactical and strategic benefits of such technology are obvious and make it worth the mission. SG-1 will do the recon with SG-3 watching the stargate and acting as relay between SG-1 and the SGC. You’re scheduled for departure at 0400 local time tomorrow.”

    0400 HR LOCAL

    “Corporal York, what exactly is in that?” Lieutenant Lee Ying-Jeou asked the corporal as she entered the gate room with a large camouflaged bag. Around her neck hung a large cylinder looking much like a kazoo musical instrument.

    “Well since no one else seems to be a hunter I took the liberty of brings the right equipment for this outing. Some large hunting blinds, a variety of scents and pheromones, some fake decoys and the essential part of any hunting outing…. Could I get a little drum roll please.” York explained with Colonel Malley dutifully providing the drum roll as Teal’c and Lee looked on with a stoic and confused look respectively. York leaned into the rest of SG-1 to whisper and hopefully not have the gate room microphones pick up

    “Beer, but not just any beer, priority shipped directly from the brewery, Creemore Springs urBock. No preservatives, no additives and following the Bavarian purity laws for purity, the urBock is more than just a simple beer but a complete drinking experience.”

    “York” Colonel Malley began, with York cringing against the expected verbal assault “you seriously plan on turning a military mission to another planet into a redneck hunting party. Leave the beer and let’s get through the gate before I change my mind.”

    “Fine, but you’re buying me another 2-4. That stuff doesn’t keep long.”


    “I’m going, I’m going.”


    SG-1 left the immediate gate area and set off travelling directly away from the stargate and into the forest. With two hunting blinds SG-1 split into two groups to cover more ground and increase the chances of bagging one the invisible creatures. With the blinds up and various decoys emplaced the two teams set in for the long wait. Teal’c had explained that the creature was had the characteristics of a large hummingbird in that in flew and hovered with it being most vulnerable when hovering. Corporal York had been over ruled on using the scents and pheromones on the basis that extraterrestrial creatures would be more afraid of a new scent than aroused. With the ground work completed the waiting began. For days no animal life of any kind was seen and the dart guns had went unused, until on the third day York caught sight of movement and signalled to the rest its location. Lining up the shot with the dart gun, York remember her practice to allow for shot drop, the pulse rifles really spoiling a shooter with its ease of use.


    Before York could finish her shot a plasma shot flew up and scared the creature into invisibility.

    “Alright who was the wise guy playing hillbilly and shooting off their pulse rifle.” York growled into her radio frustrated that her shot had been spoiled.

    “Wasn’t us Corporal York. We have Jaffa heading away from the stargate being lead by a Goa’uld, Teal’c it appears to be Apophis in command.” Lieutenant Lee said over the radio.

    “New plan” Malley cut in over the radio “everyone fall back to the gate, mission is scrubbed until the Goa’uld and Jaffa leave. Leave the blinds, they won’t expose earth and will only slow us down, double time people lets move.”

    With Apophis cutting off the direct path to the stargate, Malley and York had to take a looping path around the Goa’uld and Jaffa. The need for stealth limited their movement to a crawling pace; being careful not to alert the Jaffa and have a possible orbital bombardment called down on their position, if there was an orbiting Ha’tak.

    “Sir” Lieutenant Lee said as Malley and York were getting closer to the clearing with the stargate “we have a big situation at the stargate.”

    “Define ‘big’ Lieutenant.”

    “The stargate is gone sir. No sign of it anywhere in the clearing.”

    “Teal’c, would the Goa’uld take a stargate like that?”

    “Apophis has never used such tactics Malley, the Goa’uld do not meddle with the stargate in such as way. I also fail to see why Apophis would move the stargate on a non-hostile planet, he does not know of any threats on this planet.”

    “How do we find the gate?”

    “The Goa’uld possess devices that can locate the stargate Malley. Apophis would no doubt have one in his possession.”

    “Teal’c we are not taking on a System Lord for a homing beacon. Next suggestion.”

    “Sir” York interjected “The only other possibility is to shadow Apophis and follow him to the stargate, hopefully it is still on the planet. If Apophis had it brought onto an orbiting Ha’tak we will have to wait for the SGC to send a Tel’tak to pick us up. Though that is unlikely, considering we would seen a Ha’tak landing this close to our location to retrieve the stargate.”

    “Fine, time to play follow the leader. But next time we are putting a beacon on the gate and that is going in my report. Also Teal’c you are ordered, for as much good as it will do, not to be seen or engaged by Apophis.”

    “I will obey Malley.”

    SG-1 rendezvous at the clearing where the stargate was last seen to hide their extra equipment before setting off to trail Apophis and his entourage. Shadowing Apophis with Malley and Teal’c following, Lee and York proceeding , SG-1 watches the attempted capture of the local fauna for Apophis’s serpent guards multiple times with they same end result. A serpent guard would catch sight of movement in the forest, whether real or perceived, and fire in general direction with staff weapons hitting nothing.

    “You know, the serpents could at least use zat’s instead of staff weapons.” Malley said as another blast of staff fire flies into the forest and a Jaffa disappears after to see if the creature has been hit. “You know, at least have a chance of getting it alive and reasonable uninjured. Teal’c I don’t mean to insult your schooling but I am, Jaffa training is awful.”

    “Malley it was correct enough to capture your team when you visited Chulak.”


    “Sir, we have a development up front here. We have locals in the area and if Apophis and his Jaffa keep following this path they’re going to run into their little village in about 90 minutes.”

    “How many locals?”

    “By the size of the village, say 4-8. Maybe village was a bit generous, perhaps huts is a better description.”


    “We either evacuate the locals or get Apophis heading in another direction. I don’t think I want to see what happens if Apophis gets hold of one of these people. Apophis will probably try to convert them or kill them when they can’t produce one of these animals.”

    “Alright Corporal, see if you can get those people to move. Teal’c and I will start a plan B.”

    “Understood Sir.”


    Corporal York and Lieutenant Lee approached the village with weapons hung off the shoulder to present as non-threatening an image as possible. The few members of the village they had seen appeared at the hunter gathering stage of development. All of the inhabitants of the village seemed to have twigs and leafs incorporated into their outfits and even in their hair giving them a strange look to any culture seen on Earth. All the inhabitants looked young for such a grouping with only one looking what would be considered middle age.

    “Excuse me” York started politely as the inhabitants stopped in front of her and Lieutenant Lee “Do you understand me?”

    “Yes, we understand you.” The eldest looking individual said looking between York and Lee with equal portions of bemusement and wonder. The children meanwhile looking interested were slowly inching closer to York’s side staring intently on the pulse rifle hanging there.

    “Well that will make it easier. My name is Scarlett York and this is Lieutenant Lee Ying-Jeou. I am here to warn you about an approaching danger and suggest that you evacuate your village until the danger is gone. There are Jaffa and a Goa’uld heading towards your settlement here.”

    “I am Anteaus, and this is Ohper, Lya and Nafrayu of the Nox. I thank you for your warning and concern but I do not see any problem. These Jaffa and Goa’uld will not harm us; we have done nothing to deserve such action.”

    God, they’re sure of themselves aren’t they. York thought looking at their faces that seemed to blend a sense of smugness with a naivety. It was obvious that Anteaus believed his own words, yet York’s own experience said that they could not escape unscathed.

    “I do not think you understand.” Lee said as began explaining the facts to the Nox “The Goa’uld and Jaffa do not care if you have not wronged them. They will threaten you and harm you solely because you do not follow them. They will kill you for not worshipping them as gods and not bowing down before them, I have seen it happen before. I ask that you follow our suggestion and leave your village until they are gone. Homes and possessions can be remade, lives cannot.”

    The passion and conviction in his Lee’s voice surprised even York and it was obvious that it had an impression on the Nox, but even than the Nox refused to heed the suggestions of York and Lee. York and Lee left the settlement to link up with the rest of SG-1 to try plan B to save the Nox, even if they didn’t want to save themselves.


    “So what’s the plan Sir?” Lieutenant Lee asked as they watched a serpent run into the forest after another attempt to capture the invisible creature.

    “We need to divert Apophis and his Jaffa away from the village, simple as that. We can’t kill them because it will just bring more Jaffa down on these people, and I bet the Apophis has a shield so getting to him would be tough. We attack Apophis and the Jaffa and then begin falling back in the direction of where the stargate was. Once we get close to the stargate we melt back into the surroundings and disappear. If Apophis continues his quest for this creature he will more than likely go in a different direction. If not we reapply until they do. Remember we also have to attack like Jaffa so aim poorly and fire wildly.”


    “JAFFA KREE” Colonel Malley yelled in his best impression of a Jaffa first prime as he began firing towards Apophis and his Jaffa, more for effect than accuracy.

    The rest of SG-1 joined in on the firing of Apophis, again only for effect, with no shots actually hitting anything of value. SG-1 was firing at a reduced rate to pretend to be a smaller Jaffa patrol that had stumble upon Apophis and his contingent. The return fire by the serpent guards was equally inaccurate but not for lack of effort.

    “JAFFA KREE.” Colonel Malley yelled after a few minutes of back and forth firing, the prearranged signal to begin falling back towards the opening where the stargate was.

    York and Teal’c began laying down covering fire as Malley and Lee fell back with the pattern reversing itself to allow Teal’c and York to move. The speed was kept low to ensure that Apophis and his Jaffa would continue to follow the retreating ‘Jaffa patrol’. With staff blasts heading back and forth between the two groups, it looked like an intense running battle to any observer. Only SG-1 knew that one side was pulling its punches and dictating the battle more precisely than Jaffa would think possible. Occasionally a shot would hit Apophis and his shield to further enrage him and to keep the Jaffa following the retreating SG-1.

    “Right we should be far enough away from the village to keep it safe. Teal’c, York make a run to the other side of the clearing and we will fade away. Lee and I will hold here until you’re on the other side.” Malley said into the radio as he placed a shot between to running serpent guard causing them to dive behind trees for cover.

    “Roger sir.” “Indeed.” York and Teal’c began running for the opening as Lee and Malley doubled their rate of fire to hide the disappearance of half the member of SG-1, causing the attacking Jaffa to hunker down and hide from the withering fire being applied. The fire held off the serpent guards for 2 minutes before the bolder of the Jaffa started to find cover to fire from.

    “Sir, we have another development.” York radioed in to the Colonel “the Gates back!”

    “DIAL US TO SECONDARY AND SIGNAL WE ARE COMING IN HOT.” Colonel Malley yelled into the radio as he and Lee began a full speed back to the recently discovered stargate.

    With no return fire the Jaffa, with Apophis in tow, began chasing the remaining half of SG-1 towards the gate, shooting from the hip with even less accuracy. Only 100 or so metres behind the Jaffa could see Malley and Lee in full retreat.

    Malley and Lee emerged into the clearing as the gate activated with a connection to Abydos. Teal’c had already went through the stargate to keep Apophis from seeing him and ruining his fake death. York, waiting at the dialling pedestal began laying down fire into the trees as Malley and Lee continued running towards the gate. Without stopping Malley and Lee ran through the stargate as York began retreating up the steps toward the stargate backwards as she continued firing at the incoming Jaffa. York shot a final spread of staff fire and letting the pulse rifle hang off her shoulder threw a one signal salute before jumping through stargate and traveling 15,000 light years to Abydos.


    “…So it is likely that Apophis now knows that a group of humans not controlled by a Goa’uld is using the stargate network and attacking Goa’ulds.” Malley wrapped up his debriefing to General Sheridan. After arriving at Abydos, SG-1 continued onto Earth to give the debriefing to General Sheridan personally.

    “Thank you Colonel Malley. This is an unfortunate development, but at least Apophis does not know the address for Earth.”

    So the SGC doesn't get to see the coolness of the Nox.
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    Chapter 23- Alliances of Practicality


    Agent Smith was briefing the assembled teams SG teams on the intelligence gathered for their next assigned mission. With the unofficial combination of the various intelligence agency of each involved country into Terran Intelligence Corps the SGC had a large experience base to pick from for agents to run the Earth side of operations, with Agent Smith controlling operation at the SGC. Terran Intelligence Corps ran the interrogation, information analysis even the counter intelligence operations through Earth controlled territory.

    While a significant amount of the missions were now run from intelligence provided by Bra’tac and his slowly expanding web of Free Jaffa, the majority of intelligence was provided by captured Jaffa on strike missions. If Jaffa were taken during a strike mission, at least 3 individuals captured to help in verifying the information obtained.

    With the sighting of SG-1 by Apophis, the SGC had adopted a ‘catch and release’ policy for Jaffa. Any Jaffa that was zatted on a mission could be brought back to Abydos for questioning provided that they did not see the Stargate address. If the Jaffa provided useful intelligence on another Goa’uld’s holding, they were never asked to give intelligence on their own Goa‘uld ‘god’, they were zatted again and transported back through the Stargate to the another planet. Depending on how cooperative the Jaffa had been, they would even wake up with their armour and weapons still with them.

    The Jaffa caught in the catch and release program were completely isolated from all contact with the outside world expect their intelligence handler and a selection of guards. Isolated in a natural cave system found near the Stargate, each Jaffa was completely cut off from the outside world. A Jaffa caught during a strike mission would never see the outside world, would never know the type of world they had been incarcerated in, would never even see the sky. Non-Goa’uld technology was always hidden and only English and Goa’uld were spoken in front of a captive Jaffa. The biggest point was Teal’c could never been seen by any Jaffa taken, over the entire Free Jaffa Nation could be at risk. Complete isolation kept Earth and Abydos safe from reprisals by the Goa’uld or the Jaffa under them.

    “From one of the latest Jaffa brought to Abydos” Agent Smith began “we have learned of a planet Lord Yu has plans to strike to wipe out a small group of Goa’uld. Lord Yu has agent inside this group who is feeding him intelligence on their location and bases of operation. Apparently this group mostly concerned themselves with Ra, but with his ‘disappearance’ have branched out and started to do more attacks on other System Lords. Yu plans on striking within the year against their base, but is holding off because he hopes to get more information on their agents within the System Lords ranks and do a massive purge of his domain and sell off the identities of the agents in the other System Lords territory.

    While a division like this is good Earth, Yu wiping it out this group is not. He would improve his position relative to the rest of the Goa’uld System Lords and use the knowledge to further strike at his opponents. It has been decided that the SGC will strike first to deny Yu this advantage and to get the intelligence that this group has on the other System Lords.”

    A strike mission for intelligence purposes had not been tried before simply because Jaffa usually knew very little individually. Jaffa usually had very wide knowledge but usually limited in depth, making the better strategy to have a constant supply of Jaffa to create a better overall picture and to fill in the blanks with the SGC’s own reconnaissance. But with this latest information a strike to get hard data on the higher goings of the Goa’uld was worth more than any amount of weaponry.

    With Agent Smith’s portion of the briefing completed General Sheridan took the podium to deliver the operational side.

    “SG-1 will be leading the mission and doing the reconnaissance outside of the immediate area around the Stargate. SG-2, 4 and 6 will secure the Stargate with SG-3 doing a threat sweep in the immediate area of the Stargate and reporting back to the SGC via the Goa’uld long range communication device on Abydos. The intelligence says the planet is mostly desert with the base hidden underground in a series of tunnels. SG-1 will be issued a 2 hand held ground penetrating radars to scan for the hidden base and a UAV similarly equipped.

    Now if SG-1 can find the base finds it to be a target that we have the firepower to take SG-10 through 25 are on-call on Abydos. Since the expected conflict areas are underground in tunnels only 3 thumpers are being issued for the strike teams and all teams will be issue the zat attachment to the pulse rifle. This means only hand thrown shock grenades for this mission, one for everyone on the strike mission.

    Now additionally because of the need for firepower superiority I am also authorizing the deployment of 1 HIGH GROUND prototype with full war load. Unless there are question, everyone is hereby dismissed, deployment in 3 hours.”

    PX-0145-97 codename ENGIMA

    With SG-2, 4 and 6 providing gate coverage and SG-6 doing am immediate sweep of the area, SG-1 was free to begin setting up the UAV for reconnaissance. Even with the UAV and spare batteries to power it the search for the hidden base was going to take many hours on a world devoid of features except sand dunes. The only fact that even remotely started to limit down the search area was that every society located their settlements following the exact same standards. The closest settlement to the Stargate, whether military base, village or mining outpost, always followed almost the exact same bearing directly away from the Stargate. Distance from the Stargate would change but the direction to within a few degrees would remain constant.

    “You know” Malley said as they continued walking with Teal’c and Lee scanning for threats while York worked the remote for the UAV “If this mission is as long as I think it’s going to be, I feel everyone should get a turn driving the plane.”

    “No way sir, you are not going to break one of my favourite toys just wanting to try a barrel roll.”

    “Come on, just one little half roll.” The Colonel whined as they continued walking Lee snickering to himself softly as Teal’c once again kept to himself any thought or emotions.

    “Sir, you have your own toy” York said gesturing to the hand held unit “you could help out and use that one for searching. Make it worthwhile that you lugged it all the way across 13,000 light-years.”

    “Yeah but mine doesn’t fly and have the ability to do barrel rolls unless I place it in a barrel and roll it down a sand dune.”

    Before York could response a staff blast flew into the sky and destroyed the UAV as it finished a banking turn for another sweep. SG-1 stood there in awe that any Goa’uld or Jaffa could actually hit such a moving target with a staff weapon.

    “It would appear that Corporal York’s does not have the ability to fly anymore either.” Teal’c said flatly as the rest of SG-1 started to regain their composure and started scanning for threats.

    BACKLASH, BACKLASH, BACKLASH. SIR WE HAVE HOSTILES MAKING THEIR WAY TO THE GATE. NUMBERS UNKNOWN. REPEAT HOSTILE INBOUND TO GATE NUMBERS UNKNOWN.” Lieutenant Morrison screamed into the radio, with staff blasts being heard in the background.

    “Morrison bailout, repeat bailout. Fall back to secondary through roundabout route. We will go to ground and make our way to home plate through Omega route. Insure Netwon's Law is informed.” Colonel Malley said as he continued to scan for threats.

    Acknowledged, bugging out now.

    “SG-1.” Malley said addressing the rest of the team that had formed up into a defensive position around him as he replied to SG-2 lead “We might have overstayed our welcome. Let’s make for the gate and get out while we can still get out.”

    SG-1 started to retreat to the Stargate still without seeing any threats. Constantly scanning for the enemy and finding nothing was the most disturbing thing not just for SG-1 but the success of the SGC. If Goa’uld began using proper tactics the success of the SGC strike and recon missions would fall dramatically. SG-1 made good time towards the Stargate and was about to dial to the first of a series of planets to lose and followers.

    That was when the zat shots came.

    Several Hours later

    Teal’c was the first to wake from the zat blasts SG-1 had taken as they tried to escape through the Stargate. While a symbiote provided many benefits the affect of getting zatted was doubly painful. Teal’c began searching for a doorway out of the crystal room but finding nothing to indicate a door.

    “I bet the Goa’uld enjoy hangovers too.” Lee grumbled as he began lifting himself into a sitting position “Only a bunch of sadistic bastards would make a weapon that lethal which doesn’t kill you.”

    “Indeed.” Teal’c helped Lee to his feet as Malley and York remained unconscious on the floor.

    “Teal’c, where do you think we are? I do not recognize the décor.”

    “It does seem familiar to me. Lieutenant Lee during the mission briefing neither the General nor Agent Smith informed the group in attendance of the name of this group of Goa’uld. Do you remember this piece of information?”

    “Tokrie…. Toker… Torka… Something like that.”

    “Tok’ra. These Goa’uld are called the Tok’ra. A group from legends, said to be fighting to overthrow the Goa’uld System Lords and to free the galaxy of their reign.”

    “I really don’t care what they are called.” Malley said as he lifted himself from the floor and began helping York up. “They shot me and that is not nice and those zat blasts aren’t getting any easier to take. How do we get out?”

    “Sir we have no equipment, no way of knowing where we are relative to the Stargate or even if we are on the same planet. We need intelligence…. And I believe we might have some.” Lee said as a doorway began appear through one of the crystals walls.

    After the doorway had formed a single woman, flanked by two men with drawn zat guns. Lee peered beyond them to the sight of another two men waiting at the doorway also armed with zat guns. Always staying well out of reach from any member of SG-1 the woman simply observed SG-1 until Teal’c broke the silence.

    “You are Garshaw of Belote? The most hunted Goa’uld in the Galaxy?”

    “I am, but I am not Goa’uld.” The woman said eyes glowing and voice much deeper than normal for a woman.

    Colonel Malley was not swayed by her words. “You know, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck… it’s probably a duck. Same things with snakes in the head. Goa’uld.”

    “WE ARE NOT GOA’ULD.” The woman said more forcefully.

    “FINE. Say I believe you, about not being Goa’ulds, prove to me you’re not. All signs right now say you are a snake. What makes you different from the other snakes in humans that have glowing eyes and deep voices?”

    The woman remained silent for a few moments and bowed her head to the floor. When she raised it again she spoke with a voice one would associate with a human.

    “Perhaps I can explain, I am Yosuf the host of Garshaw. I choose to become a host and that is what makes a Tok’ra different than a Goa’uld. Every human you see before you has chosen to blend with a symbiote and if we every changed our mind we could stop being blended. The Tok’ra represent the good of a symbiote, the Goa’uld the evil.” Tilting her head down once again the symbiote took control to speak.

    “Which Goa’uld do you serve? Apophis perhaps judging by the Jaffa among you.”

    “We serve no Goa’uld.” Corporal York began “We are independent and fight to remain so, we will not bow to any Goa’uld whatever they may call themselves.” York said pointedly with clear indication of what other names she meant.

    “The Tok’ra ask for no such thing. To suggest so shows your ignorance to our cause. The Tok’ra wish to rid the galaxy of the Goa’uld and allow its people to freedom to develop.”

    Colonel Malley was not impressed with the Goa’uld… Tok’ra’s speech.

    “Let’s say I believe, which right now I don’t considering we are prisoners; that would mean we are working to the same ends. We should work together towards our common goal.”

    “An alliance? You wish to blend with a symbiote”

    “Yes…. Wait alliance to you means us getting a snake in our heads.”

    “What kind alliance can exist among Tok’ra and non-blended humans?”

    “Uh… common goals. We share intelligence, plan joint strikes, share technology that sort of thing.”

    “We are infiltrators; we can only use technology that is Goa’uld origin. But I will bring you’re proposal to the Council of the Tok’ra.”

    Without waiting for a response Garshaw and her accompanying guards left the room with the wall forming again as they left. Again trapped in a door less, windowless room SG-1 had nothing to do but wait.

    “Sir, shouldn’t we be trying to escape or something.” Lee asked as Malley sat down and pulled down his cap, seeming to get ready to sleep.

    “Lieutenant Lee, no rush. These Tok’ra will be back soon to discuss the rapidly changing situation.” Malley said smiling as he shut his eye for some sleep.

    SGC Communication Room

    General Sheridan was not happy. Having SG-1 captured and at risk of exposing Earth’s secrets his hands had been forced.

    “Are we sure that SG-1 is still on the planet?” General Sheridan asked over the Goa’uld long range communication device to the operating officer on Abydos.

    “Reasonable certain sir. We have been dialing constantly to keep the gate connected. For the last 2 hours we have always been able to make a connection. So unless they were moved by ship SG-1 should still be.”

    “New plan then. Newton’s Law will be ready and in position to assist in 3 hours. In 2 hours 45 minutes you will send through every available team to secure the Stargate. After the disconnect the SGC will dial and send through 2 remaining teams with heavy weaponry to help secure the Stargate. The SGC teams will deploy with one Global Defense Howitzer and 2 Auto-Pulse Cannons. The GDH and APC’s should deal with airborne threat to the beachhead around the gate with the thumpers taking care of ground support. Newton’s Law will be the trump card.”

    “Yes sir. I have deployment at 13:45 SGC Local. Abydos GC out.”

    “SGC out.”

    PX-0145-97 codename ENGIMA

    The Tok’ra had been watching the gate active gate for the last 30 minutes and were preparing to try another dialing sequence when suddenly a large volume of staff fire became coming through the Stargate. Not hitting anything but forcing the Tok’ra for cover they failed to stop the initial storming the Stargate by SGC personnel. With only 20 Tok’ra armed mostly with zats to protect the Stargate the 100 SG personnel that swarmed through the Stargate quickly gained control of the Stargate through tactics and sheer volume of firepower.

    The SGC realized that control of the Stargate was key and for two years had every SG member practice gate crashing techniques. In the first few seconds of any hostile gate crashing the most important aspect was seizing the initiative from the defenders. Field of fire were quickly established, with initial members firing constantly and successive SG personnel filling in the coverage with more accurate fire.

    The net affect was the Tok’ra being quickly pushed outside of effective weapons range of the Stargate to allow for the heavier GDH, APCs and thumpers to be deployed. With such overwhelming firepower the Tok’ra retreated back into their underground base to hide and plan their actions, after confronting SG-1.

    “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE.” Garshaw yelled as the door reformed into SG-1 cell.

    “Why Garshaw” Malley said innocently as if he did not know what could possibly had changed her calm demeanor. “Has something happened? Have you bitten off more than you can chew? Do you a strange feeling in your stomach? Maybe dread?”

    “You’re people come through the Chappa’ai like a plague of pests. Shooting whatever moves.”

    “They come to wipe out a threat that has shown itself. I next predict a message over my radio asking for my status.”

    On cue Malley’s radio could be heard outside the cell

    SG-1, Stargate controlled, state status.

    “They are going to want a report. Just press the button and try to talk your way out.” Malley gestured to the radio with smugness in his every action. Knowing the route this was going to go, Malley signaled for the rest of SG-1 to sit down and prepare.

    “This is Garshaw, remove yourself from our planet, or will be forced to kill you and your fellow we now have.”

    Sorry Garshaw but you harm SG-1 we glass this entire area from orbit. Nothing bigger than a bug will survive, a demonstration perhaps. Newton demonstration round 500 meters east offset from Stargate.

    A brief pause as the instruction travelled to an overhead Tel’tak. Terran naval personnel loaded a single item onto the ring platform and stepped clear and the rings engaged and transported the 225 centimeter long object out into the space below the Tel’tak. The Tel’tak moved quickly away as the object orientated itself towards the area specified by the SG commander and lit its single stage rocket motor, pushing itself towards the ground. From a height of 500 km the tungsten rod continually accelerated, Glowing red hot from reentry. While almost half of the tungsten rods vaporized during its 30 second reentry the remainder struck the ground at a velocity close to 45 km/s. With a force of 182 tons of TNT the blast wave travelled through the air and knocked over some of the SG personnel guarding the Stargate, even swaying the Stargate somewhat.

    The effect in the Tok’ra tunnels was even worse. The closest tunnels collapsing entirely from the pressure of the kinetic strike trapping several Tok’ra under heavy crystals while the rest felt the blast up to 1 kilometer away.

    “What was that?” Cordesh asked the as SG-1 began lifting themselves from the floor where they had prepared themselves for the kinetic strike.

    “Rods from God, as we like to call them, a kinetic bombardment strike. One of many things we bring to the table.”

    “Impressive but a Ha’taks main cannon is more forceful.” Cordesh stated trying to show no fear and have no tremble in his voice, though failing on both accounts.

    “True, but that just came from a Tel’tak which is carrying another 300 rounds. They can’t hit a moving target but stationary or anything within 300 meters is toast. Compressed, dead toast. You might want to give the Colonel the radio to stop any further strikes” York informed the Tok’ra to their amazement that such a small craft could delivery such a devastating weapon.

    Quickly handing the radio over to Malley the Tok’ra looking anxious to see how the situation would end.

    “This is SG-1 actual, we are fine. We might have found something interesting here, will advise. SG-1 actual out.”

    Malley turned Tok’ra Garshaw “I believe we have much to discuss.”

    PX-0145-97 codename ENGIMA
    Several Hours Later

    The majority of the SG personnel had been withdrawn from the planet indirectly to Abydos and onto Earth. SG-1 was having final conversations with the Tok’ra Council at the steps of the Stargate ,overseen still by the Tel’tak Newton’s Law, when Malley dropped the last parting thought to the Tok’ra before stepping through the Stargate.

    “You might want to look at your members, we didn’t find you by accident. We came looking for a group of rogue Goa’uld infiltrated by the System Lords. You are going to have to clean up your house before you can come to ours.”

    Why no one every thought to use Rods from God in SG I will never know. So That was the meeting with the Tok'ra obviously a relationship built more on convience than trust since they won't have an inside guy (Jacob) or memories (Jolinar) to show how the Tok'ra are. Expect more of a horse trading alliance, Tok'ra want a target taken out, they give something to the SGC and it goes away. everyone wins.
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    Chapter 24- Tales of a Forbidden Planet and Universal Translator

    February, 6 1997

    “So Teal’c, what’s so important about this planet anyway?” Lee asked as SG-1 prepared to travel through the Stargate to PX-0204-97 codename DEEPEND.

    “I do not know Lieutenant Lee, I only know that all Jaffa are taught the Stargate symbols to this world to ensure that no Goa’uld ventures onto that world, it is forbidden. It is believed that something transpired on this world that severely affected the Goa’uld.”

    “And that is why” Colonel Malley said as he finished he final checks for “we are checking this world out. Anything that can have the Goa’uld that scared must be worthwhile.”

    PX-0204-97 codename DEEPEND

    SG-1 emerges from the Stargate in a clearing. After securing the immediate area and scanning for threats they venture towards the only object not directly associated with the Stargate. A large column topped with a hammer stands directly in front of the Stargate.

    “Not exactly snake-ish don’t you think?” Malley said as he kicks the base of the column with his boot. “Needs more gold and pomp.”

    “If the Goa’uld do not want others to travel here, it is likely that the Goa’uld did not build this monument, Malley. Another power perhaps that rivals the Goa’uld, one the Goa’uld cannot defeat.”

    “The Avengers?” Corporal York chimes in after setting up the gate beacon hidden near the Stargate. After the mission to capture the invisible creatures on PX-0103-97 went awry, standard procedure now was to mark the Stargate location with a beacon in case of difficulty. The rest of the team stares at York for her comment, with Teal’c asking the question.

    “Who are ‘the avengers’?”

    “It was a joke Teal’c, the hammer on top reminded me of Thor’s hammer, a fictional superhero that used it to banish and defeat villains and bad guys. You have to learn these things Teal’c, when I get back I will show you ‘Star Wars’.”

    While Teal’c seemed satisfied with the answer Colonel Malley and Lieutenant Lee renewed their shocked expression. SG-1’s attention is drawn to the monument once more as a loud humming noise begins to be emitted from the hammer on top.

    “That can’t be a good sign.” Lee says as a beam is emitted from the hammer and lands on Colonel Malley. Stopping briefing Malley began shielding his eyes as the beam moved onto Corporal York and then onto Lieutenant Lee. The pattern broke when the beam rested on Teal’c, first shining on his head and increasing in volume and pitch. Moving down towards his stomach the noise intensified and was matched by the screaming coming from Teal’c himself.

    “Teal’c get out of the way!” Malley yelled starting to run to push Teal’c out of the beam.

    Malley got to Teal’c second as Lieutenant Lee tried to spear tackle Teal’c out of the beam. While the jumble of body parts that was Lee and Teal’c flew sideways the beam continued to track them. Just as Teal’c was about to hit the ground the two disappeared in a flash of light with the beam cutting out and the noise subsiding.

    “Corporal, dial the Abydos right now! I want every available SG team here within the next hour.” Malley said as he turned from the sight of Teal’c and Lee’s disappearance to the perpetrator of the disappearance.

    “Sir, we have no idea whether that hammer will strike again.”

    “It only went after Teal’c. It looked at all of us and only went after Teal’c. That thing is sensitive to snakes, it’s the only thing that makes sense. Everyone we bring should be find.”

    “Sir we don’t even know with they exist.”

    “We don’t know they DON’T exist. I don’t believe for a second that thing killed them. It was to clean, to sterile. Even if they were vaporized there should be something, cloud of smoke, ash, anything. My guess is that beam made them go away somewhere. That’s why we need everyone we can to find them.”


    Teal’c and Lee continued their fall towards the ground after Lee’s tackle hitting the ground inside a cave. After untangling themselves from each Teal’c helps Lee to his feet.

    “Are you alright Lieutenant Lee?”

    “Think so, you?”

    “I am indeed uninjured.”

    “We better not be dead, because heaven sucks if this is it.”

    Teal’c and Lee begin taking stock of their situation and location. A hologram of a Viking warrior appears behind them. The hologram begins to speak.

    “I am Thor, supreme commander of the Asgard fleet. The high council of Asgard has designated Cimmeria a safe world for developing sentient species, by unanimous decree era 40.73.29. The Goa'uld system lords were so informed. You were warned not to come here, under pain of death. For the crimes against the living host, and all those you have murdered and enslaved, the sentence is death. This is your prison. Your technology will not function here. There are no luxuries, no worshippers, no slaves to do your bidding, only basic sustenance and time. When you tire of this existence, go to the Hall of Mjolnir, and face the Hammer. There is no escape. Only the host can leave this place alive.”

    The hologram of Thor disappears and the cave is left dark. Teal’c and Lee continue to stare at where the ‘Thor’ was for a few seconds, as reality of their situation sets in Lee remembers the last part of the message.

    “Thor said only the host can leave. That means there is a way out of here, this ‘hall of Mjolnir’ place. We have to find this hall before anything else.”


    “Alright we have rations for a couple of days, our pulse rifles, back-up 9mm’s and combat knives. Flare guns, signal mirrors and radios for communication.” Lee listed off as he went through his survival training.

    “I do not believe that our pulse rifles will work Lieutenant Lee. Thor stated Goa’uld technology will not work here. Our pulse rifles are derived from Goa’uld technology.”

    “One way to find out, watch out Teal’c.” Lee said as he raised his pulse rifle and took aim down the cave, lining up his sights on a torch 50 meters down the tunnel. Pulling the trigger the pulse rifle did nothing. See this Lee lowered his rifle and pull out his back-up 9mm. Again taking aim on the same torch the 9mm barked once as Lee fired and knocked off the torch from the wall. The sound inside the confined tunnel was deafening and it took several seconds for Teal’c and Lee to hear each other again. Elsewhere the sound awakens a creature had not moved in many days.

    “Back to old times then I guess. We have one clip in the gun and a spare as well. Hopefully we won’t need them.”

    PX-0204-97 codename DEEPEND

    The search for Teal’c and Lee had yielded little results for the SGC. The writing on the monument was indecipherable to everyone on the teams making the chance of finding the off button remote. SG-5 had found a village nearby filled with humans of Norse ancestry. A woman named Gairwyn told SG-5 how all Etin who came through the portal were taken away by Thor’s hammer. Only one woman was said to know where, according to Gairwyn. Kendra had been found wandering the mountains 10 years ago after being transported their by Thor’s hammer. The remaining members of SG-1 and SG-5 were following Gairwyn to meet Kendra in the hopes that she could lead them to Teal’c and Lee.

    Kendra was not enthused about the suggestion when Malley suggested it to her.

    “I will not help a Jaffa, he is as guilty has the Goa’uld he serves.” Kendra yelled as Malley broached the idea of rescue to her.

    “Actually they are prisoners just as you were. Without the symbiotes, the Jaffa die. The Goa’uld control the source of symbiotes, through human priests I might add, and thus they control the Jaffa. Everyone in this galaxy is trapped by the Goa’uld in one form or another.”

    “Regardless, your Jaffa will not pass through the hammer with his evil intact. Let it be his penance for serving the Goa’uld.”

    “Look I don’t really care what you think of Teal’c right now. Lee is as human as they come. Help me find him at least, after that you can bugger off we will find a way to help Teal’c.”

    “Let it be as you say.”


    Teal’c and Lee after hours of searching have found the hall of Mjolnir. The hall looks empty with only a single doorway leading onward. Before either can step through footsteps are heard behind them.

    “Jaffa, I am Unas, the first one. Why do you ally yourself with a slave? Kill him and we shall feast together.”

    “I no longer serve the Goa’uld in any fashion. I die free.” Teal’c raised his pistol and emptied the entire clip into the chest of the Unas, staggering it back. Roaring at the pain Unas charged forward, tackling Teal’c into the hammer. Both began screaming as the hammer held them as it battled to remove the symbiotes from the host.

    “Teal’c get out of there!”

    “It….is… the… only…way. I die free” Teal’c struggled out the words.

    “You die stupid thinking that way.” Lee reached in and pulled Teal’c off the Unas. As Teal’c fell to the floor Lee raised his own pistol and shot the Unas for good measure. Eventually the Unas to fell as Thor’s hammer stopped.

    “It’s dead right.” Lee asked Teal’c

    “I believe so. Unas are said to have great regenerating properties, without the symbiote though the injuries should be to great.”


    “I am uncertain Lieutenant Lee, Unas are suppose to be myths. Legends to scare small children.”

    “Well let’s make sure that it is dead shall we.”

    Standing over top of the Unas, Lee emptied the remained off his 9mm ammunition into the Unas from point blank range. Alternating between head and neck shots to ensure both Unas and Goa’uld were dead.

    “Well that’s one problem solved onto the next. You obviously can’t leave, but I think I can. I will leave my supplies here and head back to the Stargate. I will bring back an egg head to get you out.”

    “I shall remain here Lieutenant Lee. Until such time as you return.”

    Stepping tentatively through the doorway Lee made his way outside. Using the Stargate locator beacon Lee began walking in the direction of the Stargate, unsure how long the trip would take. The trip ended rather quickly as 15 minutes later Lee ran into Kendra and the balance of SG-1 and 5.

    “Lee! Good to see you where’s Teal’c?” Malley said as Lee stopped to talk to the rest of SG-1.

    “Sticky situation Sir, trapped behind a De-Goa’ulding device. How far are we from the Stargate?”

    “Probably 4 hours, direct approach, why?”

    “Well, sir I have an idea but we are going to need to talk to Teal’c before to see if it would work.”


    Arriving back at Teal’c’s prison Lee questioned Teal’c to see if his plan would work.

    “Teal’c how long could you survive without a symbiote in your gut?”

    “Many hours, I believe Lieutenant Lee. No more than 3 days. Even so I will lose strength quickly without a symbiote and would not be able to perform actions without assistances.”

    Turning to Colonel Malley and seeing that his idea was not understood, Lee explained.

    “I first thought just to blow up the hammer and free Teal’c but that’s irresponsible to the people on this world. Saving Teal’c is not worth exposing them to the Goa’uld and possibly also pissing of these Asgard. So really the only difference between me and Teal’c with why he can’t leave is a symbiote. He takes the little guy out of his gut, and he walks free. Meanwhile the SGC has symbiotes being studied at the SGC. We gate to Abydos and order one symbiote for delivery. Teal’c gets a new snake and everything goes back to the way things were.”

    Kendra who had been silent up to this point decided to speak.

    “You cannot be serious about allowing this Jaffa to leave. They cannot be trusted and will kill and enslave your people if given a chance. I have seen what they can do. In another time I have ordered them to do just that.”

    “Kendra” York began “If Teal’c can leave this place without a symbiote would that not show the evil is the Goa’uld not the Jaffa.”

    “I suppose.” Kendra conceded.

    “Well” Malley said clapping his hands together to and smiling “Now that it’s all figured out let’s get to work.”

    Turning towards SG-5 Malley began giving orders.

    “SG-5 double time it to the Stargate and get Abydos and Home up to date and have a symbiote ready for when we get there. Teal’c get ready to take junior out. We will give SG-5 a 2 hour head start to make sure the snake is waiting for you on Abydos. Remember to fling that snake as far into the tunnel as possible Teal’c. I don’t want anyone else in this hall in case it tries anything funny. SG-5 you are dismissed get going.”

    A chorus of ‘Yes, Sir’ met Malley’s decision with SG-5 taking their leave. Two hours later Teal’c walked out of the Hall of Mjolnir free of a Goa’uld for the first time since his childhood. Quickly losing strength the rest of SG-1 had made a stretcher to carry Teal’c and began the trip towards the Stargate and a new symbiote for their Jaffa teammate.


    Teal’c after receiving his new symbiote lies in bed in the base infirmary recuperating from the stress of not having a symbiote for almost 8 hours. The rest of SG-1 had left Teal’c on doctors orders, leaving Teal’c to watch television alone.

    In other news the British government in conjunction with the British Archaeological Association announces a new 40 million pound project to catalogue and link all historical languages on Earth. A spokesman for the BAA said the project will be used to track the evolution migration of human culture through the use of language. It is hoped that by cataloging past languages and see how languages are related a deeper understanding of Earths past can be used to help with the present and Humanities future.

    Turning off the news channel, Teal’c picked up the video York had left with him before her departure.

    Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
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    Chapter 25- Old McJaffa had a Goa’uld, E I E I O

    Previously on Stargate Arctic Circle:

    “Actually they are prisoners just as you were. Without the symbiotes, the Jaffa die. The Goa’uld control the source of symbiotes, through human priests I might add, and thus they control the Jaffa.”

    February 24, 1997

    The planet had been in Ra’s domain for centuries but showed no signs having ever been visited by Ra or any other Goa’uld in any modern scale of time. Because of its estimated location near earth the SGC had taken interest as a future base for defence of the Solar System. Eventually when Earth began serious colonization of the galaxy the planets closest to earth and close together would make for the best defensive position.

    The SGC had set up a single base nearly 1 kilometer from the Stargate near on the shores one of the many lakes on the planet. The preliminary expedition base was the definition of bare bones, with only tents for barracks, a small backyard size telescope to survey the local solar system for resources and oncoming Goa’uld ships and two half-kiloton demolition charges one for the base and one for the Stargate dialing pedestal. A typical expedition base which the SGC used before on multiple planets during the surveying stage.

    SG-1 had arrived on planet for a verdict on whether to establish a base on PX-0225-97.

    “Dr. Strathford, your preliminary findings?” Colonel Malley asked after approaching the British scientist bent over a microscope. The doctor, already skittish from his first trip through the Stargate nearly jumped out of the tent from Colonel Malley’s comment.

    “Don’t sneak up on me like that Colonel.”

    “Sorry, SpecOp training and all.”

    “Well from a resources point of view very little. No Naqahdah, no trinium, little heavy or precious metals. Might have deposits farther away from the Stargate but I doubt it. Usually if Naqahdah or trinium is present anywhere on the planet you find traces of it at least in the soil, makes for easy surveying and that’s really the only reason to set up a mine, everything else we can get from earth easier and cheaper. Up there” Dr. Strathford said has he point to space “could be the same story in terms of resources but the system set-up in promising.”

    Pulling out a piece of paper Dr. Strathford began sketching out the system for the visiting SG-1.

    “First you have the primary star. Small, yellow dwarf, an ideal candidate for long life and light in the visible spectrum. Next a narrow but dense asteroid belt, probably cause by both a collision between planets and being inside the Roche limit for the star. Then is PX-0225-97 where we are right now. Another asteroid belt wider than the first but less dense so probably the same amount of matter. A large gas giant afterwards, followed by a third smaller asteroid belt and a final gas giant with an unimpressive Kuiper belt rounding out the system.”

    “Alright where does that leave us Doctor?”

    “Colonel, assuming that this system has a similar make-up as Sol plus a little Naqahdah and trinium thrown in for good measures, this would make this solar system is one giant orbital shipyard. Asteroids can be mined easily because of their low gravity and the system has already divided up the material. Need heavy elements go to the first belt, lighter elements the third belt, mid-range elements middle belt. Volatile organics? Kuiper belt is where you find them. Basically the star in this system has sorted out all the elements you need. Pair that with massive Lagrange points for both Gas Giants and you don’t have a forge world you have a forge system. Also with how many asteroid belts there in this system you could hide a couple of fleets without trying too hard.”

    “So in the future this world is going to be useful.”

    “Yes Colonel, I recommend denial protocols be enacted.”

    Denial protocols were designed to hide a world for future use. The SGC did not have the resources or personnel to use or maintain every promising world they encountered, so worlds not needed at the current time were to be placed in Denial status. The Stargate was buried to prevent use and the dialing pedestal was removed by Tel’tak. Once the world was needed the Stargate was unburied and reconnected to the pedestal. Thus far only one world had been given denial status, a tropical world located on the far side of the galaxy relative to earth. PX-0105-97 aptly codename LOCKED had denial protocols enacted to test if the Goa’uld would realize such an act had happened intentionally and to have a working dialing pedestal to study back on Earth. Test dialed every month confirmed that the Stargate remained buried without sending a Tel’tak there with its long travel time. A tropical world, it was earmarked to become the site of a major colony in that sector of the Galaxy, sometime in the next 10 to 50 years.

    “Alright I will take that under advisement, where are the rest of your team Doctor?”

    “Doctor Hofstadter is with Mr. Cooper taking mineral and atmospheric samples further in the forest. Doctor Wolowitz and Doctor Koothrappali are near the lake taking water samples.”

    “Alright, Teal’c you and Lee go locate the two in the forest. Doctor Strathford, myself and York will get meet up with the ones at the beach. Also find where SG-5 is, they’re suppose to be riding shotgun on the eggheads, no offence doctor.” Malley said straight faced looking at doctor Strathford.

    “None taken knuckle dragger.” Doctor Strathford said in equal seriousness.


    “Teal’c you have arrived, and I see you have found our wayward SG team.” Colonel Malley said as Teal’c appeared from the forest trailed by SG-5 and the

    “Indeed Colonel Malley, Lieutenant Samuels and SG-5 were overseeing Dr. Hofstadter and Mr. Cooper in the forest during their atmospheric testing.”

    “Sammie, you know you’re suppose to watch BOTH groups of scientist when they wander off and forget they are on a hostile world.”

    “Sir, I failed to realize the extent and distance upon which the two groups had been separated, Sir.”

    “First, stop with the sir all the time Samuels. Second, next time just split the team or call for another team if you don’t feel comfortable losing the firepower.”

    “Yes Colonel, I will follow suggestion, sir.”


    A tree falls nearby causing SG-1 and 5 to fall to the ground, searching for hostile threats. Scanning the tree line a single figure is seen darting away from the SG teams, not trying to mask his escape.

    “Teal’c, Lee go find out who or dare I say it what that is. Stalk and follow, don’t shoot unless you know it’s hostile. Goa’uld immediate termination. Jaffa, Teal’cs choice. The rest of us will stay with the civies and await your report.” Teal’c and Lee disappear into the forest without acknowledgment of Malley’s orders.

    “Sir” Lieutenant Samuels begins “A larger team should be used to track the hostiles.”

    “No Samuels, Teal’c and Lee are two of the best shadow fighters I can think of. Our job is to make sure the civilians are safe. My guess, the guy running away is a former Goa’uld slave who thinks were snakes. No harm there.”

    “Yes Sir.”

    “Colonel Malley” Teal’c interrupted before Brandon could respond to Lieutenant Samuels continual use of the world sir “the creature appears to be an Unas.”

    “You mean like the Goa’uld on Samaria.” York asks into the radio

    “I do not believe so Corporal York. I believe this Unas is not a host of a Goa’uld symbiote. It appears primitive, having no signs of technology.”

    “Alright fall back here then. If we have Unas on the planet odds are the Goa’uld have been here at least once. That means we are understaffed here.”

    “Understood Malley. Lieutenant Lee and I will return to your position.”

    Turning back towards the scientists being chaperoned by SG-5, Malley saw looks of apprehension from the scientist. Though not always up to date on the missions of the SGC, these scientist had obviously read about the Unas from Samaria along with the subsequent autopsy and threat asset for an Unas.

    “Colonel” Mr. Cooper began with a slight tremble in his voice before calming himself down “is it wise to stay on this planet with an Unas on the loose?”

    “Mr. Cooper, despite the best attempts by the other egg heads that wrote up the autopsy report, an Unas is not invincible. Lee took out one with a single clip of a 9mm. I think 6 soldiers going full auto with pulse rifles on the thing would have even better results. Not to mention this one won’t have the help of a symbiote, according to Teal’c.”

    Before the inevitable response Mr. Cooper dropped to the ground after being hit by a zat blast. Two of the other scientists closer to the lake where hit by zat blasts as SG-5 and the stay behinds of SG-1 fell to the again searching for targets.

    “Teal’c, Lee” Colonel Malley yelled into his radio “Our position is under fire, double time it back and flank these guys. I think they are only armed with zats.”

    “That is unnecessary Malley. Lee and I already near your position. There is no one else nearby.”

    “REALLY? Then who is firing and gunning down our egg heads.”

    “Lee used his zat’nik tel on Mr. Cooper and Dr. Hofstadter, I myself fired on Dr. Strathford.”

    “I assume there is a reason for this not so accidental blue on blue fire? Other the you and Lee HAVE GONE INSANE.” Colonel Malley yelled clearly agitated at the actions of the hidden members of SG-1.

    “Lieutenant Lee saw a Goa’uld symbiote jump from the water but from his angle could not see which individual it had entered. He thought it a wise precaution to use our zat’nik tel’s on everyone and to resolve who had the symbiote, at a later more secure location and time.”

    “This is going to hurt isn’t it Teal’c?” Colonel Malley asked knowing the direction that this conversation was going and not liking its ending point.

    “Indeed Malley. I have made Lee promise not to enjoy it too much.”

    “Small victories.” Colonel Malley said before standing up to be easily targeted by the hidden Lee and with most of the SGC personnel following suit and being zatted in turn. Even Lieutenant Samuels rose from his prone position, years of training being overcome is hesitantly.


    “So he got a snake in him huh?” Colonel Malley asked peering through the glass at the restrained individual in front in the containment cell built originally to hold aggressive Jaffa, now holding a possessed member of the SGC.

    “We cannot even figure out when it happened. From the debriefings he was one of the farthest away from water. He might have been possessed for days or seconds. There is no way of telling.” The on duty doctor replied watching as another fit of anger shook the restrains and the Goa’uld tried to free itself from the bed restraints.

    “Is there any chance of removing it? He might be disagreeable at times but he does deserve to have control of his own body.”

    “Well, we are going to wait a little longer and see if he regains control of his body again. About 2 hours ago we had a few moments where he appeared to be in control. If he does again we will give him the options.”

    “Did Teal’c give any reason as to why a snake would give up the keys to his new ride, for even a brief moment?”

    “Teal’c had two possibilities. One that the symbiote is part of this Tok’ra fraction we’re putting out feelers with. Two the symbiote is not fully mature and cannot effect control all the time of the host. The educated guess it that the second option is more likely, given that a Tok’ra would allow more contact with the host, according to their profile.”

    “And the options are?”

    “Medical sedation until such time as we find a better way to remove the symbiote, attempted surgery with current practices, chemo-like treatment or exile on a planet with the Stargate unavailable for use.”

    “Some options, you’re giving him. And if he doesn’t choose the rock or the hard place? More than likely because he can’t get control back long enough to talk.”

    “Then we sedate him until we are confident enough that the symbiote can be removed without damage to his body.”

    “Thank you doctor, please keep me informed” Malley left the observation room heading towards the Abydos briefing room. The debriefing for the second mission had begun already as Colonel Malley walked into the room. General Sheridan was present through the Goa’uld long range communication device.

    “Colonel Malley” General Sheridan said through the communication device “how is our prisoner/patient.”

    “Not good sir. The doctor doesn’t give good odds of any meaningful type of recovery in the future. Best options are a medical coma or a risky surgery. What were symbiotes doing in the water anyway.”

    Corporal York, who until this point looked almost asleep, spoke up with just one simple phrase.

    “They were living in their natural habitat.”

    “Come again, I didn’t quite hear you right. Or at least I hope I didn’t.” Colonel Malley said unwilling to believe the words York had said.

    “This is the Goa’uld home world. Their planet of origin, it is the only answer with the facts. One” York went into explanation mode, ticking off her point on her fingers as she listed them.

    “SG-2, 4 and 12 went back and took a deeper look into the bodies of water on the planet, remotely of course. They are literally teeming for Goa’uld; queens, spawns, the whole lot. A lot more than we have ever heard on one planet let alone just within walking distance of the Stargate. Two, wild Unas; the Goa’uld for all their amazing abilities can’t move around or control things that easily, the entire opposable thumb issue. This means that the planet they came from had to have a source of host, and we know that Unas were used before humans as hosts and are called ‘the first ones’ probably because they were the first hosts. Means they evolved on the same planet.”

    “So I guess the planet is off limits?”

    “For a planet side base? Yes. We can’t base on a planet with wild Unas and Goa’uld symbiotes trying to take us down. We can still eventually use it for a shipyard and fleet base considered how close to Earth it is and how nicely the system is set up. But this planet is still key to defeating the Goa’uld.”

    After this proclamation by York and the blank stares returned by everyone with the exception of General Sheridan, who already knew of the plan and approved of it, York continued her lecture.

    “We have a planet, unknown to the Goa’uld that can be used to destroy them and their empires. For there to be so many symbiotes on the planet, there has to be a lot of Goa’uld queens. We capture the queens and bring them to a new world. They breed like usual and we have a new source of symbiotes for the Jaffa to use. Teal’c has said that a Jaffa needs a new symbiote every 20 or so years. I figure a single queen spawns about 8000 symbiotes a year with a two thousand surviving long enough for implantation. That means every queen we capture can support 40000 Jaffa. Find 20 or so queens and you have enough to sustain a large population of Jaffa. When the Goa’uld reaches maturity we take them out of the Jaffa, replace it with another one and drop the old one into the waters of PX-0225-97 for it to live out the remainder of its natural life. Teal’c this could free your people. We could begin hiding away the beginnings of a true Jaffa nation.”

    “Indeed Corporal York, while I dreamed of being free of the Goa’uld entirely, to breed them and use them much like the Goa’uld have used everyone else has an appeal I cannot deny.”

    “And really this is just a first step, to free the Jaffa of the control the Goa’uld have over them. We eventually hope to remove the dependencies of Jaffa on symbiotes entirely. All we need is a planet and the queens and we can give it all over to the Jaffa. We don’t need to control the process; the Jaffa will do the farming and upkeep of the Goa’uld breeding ponds themselves, with some suggestion from us on how to increase the yields. We have all the experience they need from industrial fish farming.”

    At this point Malley raised his hand to signal a stop in the rousing speech that York had been giving, slowly rising in volume and passion as she continued to speak.

    “Slight problem with your plan. How do we make them breed? I know the Goa’uld are evil and all but a forced breeding program of a sentient species is getting to evil villain-ish for me.”

    “Sir, the symbiotes themselves are not sentient. Only when they bend with the host do they gain sentience, mostly at the expense of the host. To the embarrassment of these Tok’ra, a symbiote can only think of a few things. Eat, look for a host; and if it is a queen, breed. The actual symbiote is like a computer hard drive. A lot of memory and all the programming you need but without the processor, in this case a host, it is pretty much useless.”

    “So all we need is a planet?” Colonel Malley said.

    “Yes Sir, and eventually we will find one. Or we might just move a Stargate from another planet. Either way we have half of the things needed to free the Jaffa and in turn bring down the Goa’uld.”

    Sorry for the delay. Hadn't really thought about the story much. Why they never did this.... I don't know.

    Bonus point to those who know where most of the names for the scientist came from. Amazing meaningless bonus points.
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