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  1. Shukuen

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    Steel Babylon - B5/SRW Fusion

    A Babylon Five fusion with Super Robot Wars (Mostly OG, but references to the other games). I originally started it at Warringer's Maximum Addventure, but it got way too complicated.

    My knowledge of B5 is rather limited, so I hope I did the series justice. If someone is willing to beta read to fill the gaps of knowledge, I will appreciate any help offered.

    Updates will be sporadic, but I will try to keep put up at least one new chapter two weeks after the previous not let this idle too long.

    Table of Contents:

    Episode 0: Contacts
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  2. TimeDiver

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    Wow. I haven't seen anyone attempt a serious SRW: OG+any series crossover in... well, almost ever. Not without making that much headway into it, anyways.

    So... does this push up the timetable for Bian Zoldark's plans for the Divine Crusaders? Or did this contact just throw out (partially, or completely) any of the events in the Original Generation(s) timeline?

    I don't think these ships are Aerogater/Balmar forces; maybe they're Centauri? Unless my memory is completely and totally shot due to staying up too late...

    And for that matter, what of the major SRW original factions? Do the B5 powers (Centauri, Minbari, Narn, LONAW races) essentially replace them, or are they more in the background... say, on the opposite side of the galaxy from the Orion sector? The Zuvorg are probably the second group I'd worry a lot about, aside from the Balmar... or the Fury, or even worse, the Database.

    Well, whatever the response, this is definitely interesting. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

    If most of the OG characters are present... I shudder at the unholy terror that will spread among alien fighter pilots, once they've had the (mis)-fortune of encountering some very particular Personal Trooper pilots.

    Don't think I need to name any names, just yet.
  3. VhenRa

    VhenRa MechWarrior

    Its The Centauri, IIRC the Centauri first contact was about this point. Hell, I am not sure PTs even exist at this point for space combat.

    Though, The Mimbari will probably fear the later PTs.... ohhh the Super Robots ohhh the Super Robots... Poor Aliens, Poor Aliens..... Artifical Gravity..

    Wow, Everyone is going to be like "WTF" These Humans have AG before even leaving their own star system... Hell, in OG 2 they had Anti-Grav Generators large enough to lift PTs in MASS PRODUCTION...
  4. TimeDiver

    TimeDiver Herald of Dis Lev're right. Main plot of OG1 doesn't start until 186 or 187SE, 7 to 8 years after this opening. Only thing even resembling a personal trooper is the Giganscudo, and it's currently in it's space-fighter form rather than bipedal robot mode.

    Meteor 3 also has to crash-land on Aidoneus Island at roughly the same time, to give birth to the Extra-Terrestrial Over-Technology Institute (EOTI), which later leads to the Divine Crusaders.

    Looking back, it's akin to the time skip in between the original Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam... though without any Operation: Stardust equivalent here (not really, anyways).

    By that time, though, assuming the timeline follows the GBA/PS2 games... aliens, be afraid. Be very afraid. Mainly of Elzam von Branstein, and anything he pilots, PT or capital ship.

    Mainly 'cause he's the OG counterpart of Maxmilian Jenius, and can make just about anything dodge... though maybe he's not quite as broken as Max.

    Honorable mentions go to the soon-to-be-formed ATX Team, or any other PT unit lead by former Aggressors team members.

    And then, yes, any and all Super Robots. In particular: I'm looking at you and your Granzon, Shuu Shirakawa.

    Black Hole Cluster, anyone?
  5. VhenRa

    VhenRa MechWarrior

    Not Quite as powerful as Max is still in the whole "HOLY SHIT, HOW THE FUCK DID HE DODGE 1000 Nuclear Tipped Missiles" catagory...

    Still, I would be more scared of the Cybuster... Mainly because its pilot has an annoying tendency to show up anywhere...

    Hey, Think PTs would be able to travel through JumpSpace? Or would one need a Super Robot to do that? (As in get between systems in it).
  6. TimeDiver

    TimeDiver Herald of Dis Lev

    Depends on the unit, it's power source, life-support capabilities, and the destination point.

    Opening the jump-point alone takes a tremendous amount of energy... that rules out everything short of super robots, or hybrids like the Cybuster, which have downright funky energy sources.

    Original Huckebein, with its black hole engine, might be able to do so, if it's life-support systems were very heavily upgraded. Same for the Tronium-powered Mark III, but that's at least a year after the events of OG1.

    Grunt-version Gespenst MK-II M's would definitely not qualify, nor any mass-produced real robot design early on. Not too sure about later ones, other than the Huckebein series.
  7. VhenRa

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    I wasnt going about opening its own Jump Point. USing a Jump Gate I was intending.
  8. TimeDiver

    TimeDiver Herald of Dis Lev

    Even so, there's no real information given on the average PT's life-support capability, or their maximum propellant supply for their thrusters.

    Assuming that non-Project Terrestrial Dream mecha have reasonable acceleration figures, say at least 10-20g's sustained burn from their main thrusters (for hours at least), it becomes an endurance test for life-support systems + the pilot's own constitution, as well as risking running low on thruster propellant.

    Personal Troopers/Armored Modules just don't make the cut, in both of these regards. They don't look like they're meant for multi-day travel/patrol sessions; more likely they're limited to the multiple hours range. Pushing past that limit just isn't viable with the designs seen thus far in OGs/OGG, save perhaps for Project TD designs like the Altairlion, Vegalion, or the combined-unit Hyperion.

    Super Robots, given their much larger size (2-3 times the height, and correspondingly greater internal volume), have increased propellant/life-support systems/power generation capabilities, and thus would not find the journey as harrowing as a PT/AM unit. Still would be dependent on the pilot, though.
  9. Shukuen

    Shukuen A Wary Nice One

    To be honest, it was always bouncing around in my head. The SRW universe is full of hostile alien empires that I wanted to play around with how they would interact with semi-friendly alien empires.

    That would be telling. I will say however, OGs and OGG will be properly covered.

    The B5 powers won't be replaced, but their history will have altered slightly. I won't spoil too much, but The Zuvorg Alliance will have contact with a few of the B5 powers. They're still dipshits though. ;7

    Muhahahahah. :drevil:

    You pretty much hit it right on the nose.
  10. VhenRa

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    Hmm, So it looks like you are going to need a high end Mecha... Either the High End Real Robots or a Super Robot to even have a chance... Well, Unless they create optional parts for the standards so they can make the trip. Kinda like the Gundam Astray Out Frame's backpack with living quarters inside so the pilot could trek over the planet.
  11. ;Best thing I can suggest at this point is probably to just follow the anime-timeline since it pretty much represents SRWOG. I got the anime subs so I can rewatch it anytime. Offering my help on this thing too lolz.

    I can't want for the alien's reaction to the loli-mechas and their final attacks. ;7;7;7;7;7

    Mwahahahaha. Fear the humans. Chaos and order bow before the OG humans.
  12. TimeDiver

    TimeDiver Herald of Dis Lev

    Heh. Master Sergeant Kevin Dexter, eh? Looks like we've got an ancestor of Bester, here; piloting the Ultimate Shield, no less.

    And so the Aerogater bugs makes their appearance, as per the games... why, hello there, Ingram! Same goes to Villetta!

    Looking forward to the new stuff whenever it gets posted.
  13. Loli-mecha Loli-mecha.
    You do not mess with the loli-mecha.

    Funny thing how i tend to use them as boss-killers after upgrading them like crazy. :D :D :D
  14. This is going to be interesting. Almost feel sorry for the Centauri, now they have more then the Narn to occuby their attention.
  15. DarthMetool

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    Dang. Now I have to play those games just to see what happens in the original timeline. You have an awesome story here.
  16. SAMAS

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    One question/word:

  17. VhenRa

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    Hmm, I wonder how the Centauri would react to the Federation trying to power a the original Huckebein with a Black Hole?
  18. Barricade

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  19. Shukuen

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    I will neither confirm nor deny. ;7
  20. OmegaPaladin

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    I wouldn't put it past the Granzon to be capable of actually opening a jump point and traveling in hyperspace. The thing is capable of making black holes at will, and that kind of power is something the normally only the damn Triad can do. I would not put hyperspace beyond him.

    I think the Excellence units from OG2 could go just about anywhere, along with the Zweizergain. Inter-dimensional drives are fun. I really think a later sequel of this should include Vindel Mauser and company joining with the Shadows. They have the same philosophy, and damn near have the same name. You seem to have your eyes on the later OG stuff anyway, so this is just a thought.

    Bian Zoldark might also meet up with Mr. Morden. That would be very, very bad for the galaxy.
  21. Shukuen

    Shukuen A Wary Nice One

    Well, while I have nothing planned, let alone written down, there was a little tribble bouncing in my brain... a spin-off story with the Shadow Mirrors (or those affiliated with them) popping up in Canon-B5.

    Nothing is written yet, and probably won't be until this is done. ;)

    Oooh, yes, that would be very bad. It's a good thing Morden doesn't get involved with The Shadows until... oh, 100 years from the current point in the story. Is he even born yet? :eek:
  22. Shukuen

    Shukuen A Wary Nice One

    Just a note I forgot to add. I revised the prologue for consistency. There's no need to reread it, but if you do, this was a warning if it seems different from the first draft.
  23. Still interesting. :)

    Maybe a bit more on the developing Earth/Centuri relationship?

    Heh. An E/C Alliance could be interesting, once Earth stops being a minor power.
  24. Speaking of the Centauri, they will have to be informed of what Earth knows of the enemy if not the asteroid impact, and the tech gained from it. Even then, some info will come out at some point.
  25. Shukuen

    Shukuen A Wary Nice One

    The truth will get out, though not for some time. At the moment, the Centauri are benefactors, not allies.

    Since it has only been two years since humans have gotten that tech boost, they have met a few of the other spacefaring races and learned the need to keep things closer to their chests--especially given that they are currently the smallest stellar power at this point in time. If certain races notice them now, there's really nothing they can do to prevent being stomped. They don't have the tech, numbers, or resources to compete with any of the other powers.

    I won't reveal too much, but next chapter, Earth will be forced to admit how ill prepared they are to play with EOT. :eek: