(Story) Sleeping with the Girls: Fifth Wheel

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    Continuing random discussion of the previous thread.

    Too lazy to link it right now.

    Going to bed.

    Praying I don't wake up next to Ayeka and Sasami... Or any of the others.
  2. Vulpine Fury

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    Bah coulda been "A Fifth of Johnny Walker"

  3. Sea_Leon

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    Admiral, I have to ask, under the rules of Walkers plane shift, what if he was dumped into the magical land of Equestria. (assuming he is post series or future AU version of himself)
  4. ShadowDreamer

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    He would probably open his eyes, turn his head, look directly into either Twilight Sparkle or Applejacks eyes, and go What. The. F#CK.!!!!
  5. AdmiralTigercla

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    I'd likely wake up next to Sparkle, start in Japanese, but once I realize it was in English, fall back.

    And chances are, there'd be a god-princess on-site after feeling the 'wrong' that echoed from my appearance.

    Anyway, to kick things off. Last thread had a comment about the TSAB having the tech being able to follow the Juggernaut across the dimensional level I hop at.

    Answer is, they can't do that yet.

    Remember, I'm moving across universes using the same mechanic Mihoshi and Mitoto have in terms of their luck powered randomness. Mainly Mitoto's. With the resources I have, and the expertise of a number of goddesses, the devil, and a super computer AI, we can very easily put two and two together and build a Probability Drive

    In order to duplicate this, you need a few things.

    1: You need to have my jump data that washu has been collecting.
    2: You need to have Control Data, which is Mihoshi and Mitoto's data on their 'random' events.
    3: You need something or someone with the expertise and knowlege of how to relate probability data into magic format and able to manipulate it via a magic engine. Senbei.
    4: You need a high tech magic manipulating dimensional engine mechanism. The TSAB and the Cradle have these.

    Looking at that, the TSAB only has one piece of the puzzle.

    If they had all four, they would be able to build the device needed. But they don't. So the only ship that will have a working 'Probability Drive', is the Cradle (Juggernaut)

    So the TSAB cannot immediately give chase. They'll know Via data collecting from Uno when she's captured, what the doctor found out about me, and thus, will know enough to start research on higher dimensional travel. But it'll be some time before they can crack the secrets.

    However, throughout the situation, there WILL be TSAB reps on board in the form of Nanoha and Vita. And at some point, I have to take them home. Their observations of me in the time they're stuck with me after going out-of-verse, will be very important in the eyes of the superiors. Who's only knowlege of me is a warning broadcast to get the fuck clear of the ship because the engines are lighting.

    And they're going to see a me at the point in which I'm mentally exhausted and emotionally depressed. Spending half my time locking myself alone in various rooms onboard-ship where I can just stare off into space. And the other half of the time, just going about working on things with the other girls in an almost robotic fashion. Like making the strike on the Dark Kingdom. (I recognize I have an engineers personality thanks to school. I solve problems at an almost obsessive compulsive level.)

    Vita of course, knows what happened, because she was there. But she doesn't know what all lead to me being at that level of mental and physical fatigue that said event was able to 'break' me so easily.
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  6. Probability Drive? or Improbability Drive?
  7. AdmiralTigercla

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    Honestly, they're the same thing.

    Improbability is just the numbers that oppose the probability. The share a direct inverse relationship.

    If I have a thousand to one odds of probability.

    Then I have one in a thousand odds improbability.
  8. Well, of course. But one is a Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy reference and the other isn't.
  9. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    I think anyone who's read the Guide will pick up on it whether its a direct refference, or an IMPLIED refference.
  10. Valiran

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    At which point Nanoha stops worrying that you're a potential psychopath and asks what the hell you went through to beat you down so badly. After a description she likely gets in bits and pieces over the course of the trip, her sympathy for you skyrockets and her worry shifts from "is this guy crazt?" to "how do I fix this so he doesn't go off the deep end and commit suicide?".
  11. Terrace

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    Walker's starting to remind me more and more of the Doctor.

  12. Filraen

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    If Vivio is avaliable, she can present a good case for Walker in Nanoha's eyes, much like Ryo-ohki (sp?) did the first time he was in the Masaki household.
  13. iamnuff

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    a sleep deprived, cranky, violent, trigger happy, nuclear-heat packing doctor?

    i dont see it.
  14. 00Zy99

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    Soulgazer posted on the last thread but it didn't go through so I'm posting here:

    Is Nove the one with the fuckhuge gun? If so, that was 2nd to last episode, she was with Quattro, who, after she leaves, goes into Sociopath mode and derides Nova for being a weak loser.

    No, that was Dieci.

    Also, it's Nove not Nova. Deed not Dido. Banpei not Bunpei. Motoko Aoyama not (insert numerous facepalm-worthy misspellings here). Makoto Kino not (insert numerous facepalm-worthy misspellings here). (just correcting all the misspellings I keep finding on these threads)
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    You forgot the last most important component;
    5: A strong hot cup of tea
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    What kind? Chamomile?
  17. Jonen C

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    Please. It's impossible to get a good, strong, hot cup of tea anywhere in space.

    Hell, just look at what Admiral Mom Lindy Harlaown does to hers to make it palatable.
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    Clearly, the only Tea strong enough would be Mr. T.
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    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm confused.

    When in the story is this? I thought you were going to be dragging along Cinque and Vivio during the 2nd-loop-Nanoha to 3rd-loop-Tenchiverse transition. So when did Nanoha and Vita come into play? And what do you mean Vita was "there"? Are you talking about the EoE part? I'm kinda lost here.
  20. Terrace

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    He's talking about the end of part three, when he hijacks the Saint's Cradle (with Nanoha and Vita aboard).
  21. Rule179

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    I think I see where the Admiral is going here.

    Okay, fine. Walker gets the Cradle and gets to use it to Nuke Metallia and the Dark Kingdom to blazes. This happens *after* Walker loosing it and going first on a rampage throughout the Geofront in Evangelion during the 2nd loop, btw. He'll be carrying around the scars of killing a lot of Section 2 people in that rampage, along with whatever damage to his mental well being from bein chased around by Rei (in an EVA probably) before making his escape (however) into the next to last world.

    Things will be coming together but will be something of a hell for Walker in the 3rd loop, by the look of it. He'll get his Quests done (including the new one thrown into his lap with the EOE), which'll be just a bit MORE stress for him. Almost too much on his plate, maybe.

    Yep, he'll get things done but I do think that in the process of that something (or a lot of somethings) go VERY badly along the way for the guy, pushing him to the limit once Vita and Nanoha finally go and catch up with him.

    AFter ALL, by the time Walker returns to the EOE setting the Admiral had said his mental state wasn't exactly the best in that Walker wouldn't be up to doing anything like commanding the overall battle scene. More like lending a hand with the Cradle and a bunch of Drones and such and leaving the BIG stragety to TSAB and a few others. Or at least that's what I recall and do not feel like digging right now to confirm or disprove.
  22. AdmiralTigercla

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    More like this:

    I've been through a month from hell. I've been "killed" three times.
    I've stressed myself beyond the limits I could hope to tolerate.
    I've lost the best friend I got in this whole mess who doubled as the emotional crutch.

    Blasting metalia is effectively my Fuck You statement, fulfilling my promise to help.

    After that, I'm spent. That's it. I've run out of drive.
    "Leave me alone while I sulk."

    That's what Nanoha will see. She'll see a brief, grief and stress driven SAN failure before I simply burn out. Think of how asuka was near the end of Evangelion. Just, a little less self destructive.
  23. 00Zy99

    00Zy99 In winter, is Zeong

    SAN? Please clarify that bottom line.

    Wait, you're not killing Luna, are you?
  24. Retsof

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    On the second statement. I realize many stories require a gut punch, but please, that would be more like a sledgehammer.:(
  25. Rule179

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    That . . . hm.

    I don't like the thought of Luna dieing but that would fit. I just wonder whether or not Sailor Moon will be able to rez Luna after the battle with Metallia. And if not . . .what happened to make it not doable if the Rainbow Crystals get all gathered and all that.