(Story) Sleeping with the Girls, The Sixth Sense

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by AdmiralTigercla, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

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    Celestia: Got'cha.

    Alternate idea for the mitoto sidestep into MLP.

    Show up at a completely unimportant time, still showing up in that dirty, run down castle. But nobody's around. Take a little while to relax. The only odd thing that happens is a flash of light from a nearby room. Let the girls rest while I go to investigate, only to find... A medium sized white 'horse'... Starring contest ensues with the confused 'animal' as we glance at each other curiously. Nothing happens. And I note the horn and the ornamentation. When nothing happens, turn around and leave the room.

    "It's nothing, just a unicorn. ... (I can't believe I said that with a straight face.) Five minutes and we're out of here."

    No real conversation, no interaction. Essentially a 'blink and you'll miss it' cameo. And the only reason the 'horse' (Big C herself) even showed up was to investigate the weird magic sensation Vivio gives off.
  2. ShadowDreamer

    ShadowDreamer Wearing a Red Shirt

    Funny :p

    I have a question, if your going to do several stops on the mitoko express, aside from MLP, what other places are you going to cameo?

    This works
  3. Barricade

    Barricade A Perfectly Elegant ZA WARUDO!

    Somewhere where a Towel is a virtual requirement?

    Somewhere he might learn the ability to dodge rain (granted, the 'rain' is more a rain of explosive spells)?

    Somewhere where it's way too damn crowded and he most certainly isn't 'The Law'?
  4. iamnuff

    iamnuff Unapologetic

    just a unicorn, ha, you crack me up
  5. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    After seeing gods, goddesses, demons, monsters, magical transforming catgirls and everything on the power scale of the supernatural up to and including running from an Eva... My amazement at incredible things will have been desensitized.
  6. Only later when you see MLP:FiM for the first time you realize where you were at during the short rest point.

    Just think of the insane face Walker will have at that point.

    Epilogue event of course.
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  7. Terrace

    Terrace Insane Slacker

    Let's play Cat and Mouse!

    "No way that abomination will fit in here..."


    "But I forgot it could rip the ceiling off! Run!"
  8. Stormseer88

    Stormseer88 Vice Hecto-Commander

    I thought there wasn't going to be any MLP stuff sneaking in here other than as an omake...
    Why, oh why, would you willingly poison this magnum opus with such nonsensical crap?

  9. Naw, if its just a cameo it'll be fine in the main work; think of it as a rip on the Hitchhikers Guide. It'll be a nice little "and then a bunch of wierd places showed up, like the . . . " style montage reel
  10. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Now, Storm. You know how I write. What makes you think I would let it be 'nonsensical crap' ?
  11. Hmmm, I guess theoretically one could make a Cameo to nearly any newer series like that. Depending which one you pick, the reaction from the readership would probably be more amusing then the actual short cameo event. ;)
  12. Jonen C

    Jonen C F.M.D.G. Arbiter

    A towel is never a virtual requirement, but is always a good idea.

    Dodge charms.

    Pfft. He'd be robbed naked and thrown in the bin for public indecency faster'n'you can say "sausage inna bun".
  13. Stormseer88

    Stormseer88 Vice Hecto-Commander

    Well, I guess you have a point!
    I just have a hard time taking MLP seriously, but as long as it is a low-key omake or something non-canonical in regards to the storys main timeline I guess you could make it work.
    I mean, of all the awesome things out there, why choose MLP?
    Do you think your multiversal travels are getting a bit too grim-dark and wan't to lighten it up a bit?:D
    Or do you plan to go pony hunting with AM-rounds?;7
    But to answer your question fully; It's MLP, how can it be anything but 'nonsensical crap'?:p
  14. Terrace

    Terrace Insane Slacker

    A stopover in Ankh-Morpok.


    "I am seeing an orangutan in a library. Welcome to Discworld."
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  15. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    If you stop and think about it. Instead of going 'its a kid's show'. Think about it from the perspective of the story.

    Rather than being some silly kid's show, it's 'just another in a long list of universes out there'.

    In MLP-verse. It's just a planet where Equines are the dominant life forms. Magic for them is a part of life, and things happen.

    Now let me remind everyone about a mechanic of the universes I have in the story.

    The 'fictional' universes are a byproduct of the combined potential of sapient life forms such as humans. Remember that if enough people focus their mind on the same thing, the combined potential of reality alteration available to the human mind is enough to push over the threshold and create a universe.

    In essence, we are GOD in the sense. (Which, in a way, lines up with the biblical idea that God is within' the hearts of every man, woman, and child. Only this is more literal.) But at the same time, beings like Tokimi, Tsunami, and Washu, who were born of these universes, are themselves capable of reality altering potential.

    This establishes that we are the creator, but we are not more powerful than the choushin. It establishes a mutual heirarchy in which nobody is 'greater'. This is how Washu can realistically be so incredibly powerful and godlike in every intent of the setting, but still be just a book to me. This is how I link them to our reality without making our reality 'superior'. This is how I make realities connect.

    Now, look at the basic rule. Fiction is a facilitator of universe creation. Enough people focus on something, the combined power births a new universe. Now look at MLP... It hs a giant, highly creative fan following.

    Do you know what kind of potential that's released?

    A universe is born. It is filled with cutesy magical talking ponies.

    Sure, that's a girly universe... Or is it?
  16. roots lord

    roots lord Gruul trade unionist

    Now we have to troll MLP fan with your fic, it's now a MLP crossover after all.

    More serioulsy, I like your idea. It's a nice way to do the cross without disrupting the story flow.
  17. Walker & Co. visiting Ankh-Morpork? If there is any wiggle room in Walkers "schedule" I am obligated to beg he visits.
    So much potential:

    Death (and Death of Rats) having a chat with Washu via communicator
    Walker, himself curious at what would happen next, agreed to Washu's request. As Walker handed the communicator over Death of Rats, not wanting to be left out, leaped from the table onto Death's robe. After it had settled in Death, lacking ears, held the communicator to the side of his skull.
    For a time Death stood still. The Grim Squeaker chittered a few times. Suddenly, the flaming pin-pricks in the eye sockets flared bright.
    I. . . SEE.​
    Granny Weatherwax chatting with Walker about the power of stories, while desperately avoiding Nanny Ogg's flirtations

    Vimes and crew interrogating them for suspicious behavior and malicious loitering

    Vetinari, anything Vetinari

    Professors of Unseen University, massive feast + bickering

    At least meet the Librarian in L-Space!

    So does this mean you are (in a roundabout way) the ROB who's been chucking you between universes? Is Walker going to be punching out ROB!Walker?
  18. Stormseer88

    Stormseer88 Vice Hecto-Commander

    Hmmm...,if you put it that way it acctually starts to make sense.
    After all, proof of that fan-potential is already starting to make itself felt*:
    *I am now convinced that MLP is actually either; a. A sentient malicious terror-meme; or b. A greater daemon of Tzeentch.:p

    I would still prefer a discworld de-tour, however, but that doesn't fit due to the fact that it hasn't been animated or translated into comicform as far as I am aware.
    But if you are determined to go the MLP route, then it had better be very awesome indeed to succeed.
    Not that I'm unconvinced of your ability to pull it off, you have done a stellar job so far after all.
  19. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-Cultist Vagrant

    Why would he punch out the Nostalgia Critic's brother?
  20. 1Coltsguy

    1Coltsguy that invisible guy

    I see people do crossovers with MLP all the time. (My favorite is still The Doctor.) Why the hell not? Although, a Doctor cameo would be downright AWESOME!
  21. Dakkan Sall

    Dakkan Sall Random Encounter

    Perhaps at the last moment, just before transition, Walker ends up hearing something along the lines of "What was that about?" from the alicorn and but jumps realities before anything can be investigated.

    There have been *checks wikipedia* at least 3 comics, 4 video games, a GURPS expansion book, 2 animated cartoon miniseries, and 3 live action miniseries.
  22. Baladar

    Baladar Mad Scientist In Training

    I imagine that when Walker is back to his old life and logs into SB to find ponies everywhere, he'll season 1 and smile.

    Then plan on to there with his interdimensional spaceship next Tuesday!

    (I assume he keeps the ship and/or retains the ability to "walk".)
  23. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Med School applications are hell.

    Now, not going into the whole MLP thing (since I hate it with a passion), does that mean that the WAAAAHHHHHHH of enough "original world" humans could overwhelm and destroy the god tier beings?
  24. Raneko

    Raneko Defender of the newbies

    Aren't virgins the only the one who can see unicorns? Funnier if you just ignored it. Untill it talks!
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