(STORY) Sleeping with the Girls: The Third Lightning

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by AdmiralTigercla, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Obligatory opening page:



    Sorry, wrong channel...

  2. UberJJK

    UberJJK Solidarity Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    ...Last time I checked wasn't it a new thread at 5k not 2.5k?

    Also, first.

    edit: To the person who mentioned Hellsing. I just can't see poor Walker surviving that long. There is really only two characters he could wake up to; Seres Victoria and Integra Hellsing, both of which I would consider an instant death sentence.
  3. 20 pages now, in order to keep the server from asploding. Twice!
  4. I've only scene a few episodes of Dr. Who, but that video was still hilarious.

    By the way Admiral, I've been trying to identify the song you used in your opening. What is it called and who it is by? 'Cause frankly, I'd like to hear some more songs like that, it's pure aural win! :D
  5. Jonen C

    Jonen C F.M.D.G. Arbiter

    Or .5k (that's 500) posts. Remember not everyone views the same number of posts per page.

    @Toon: This?
  6. Darth Sonic

    Darth Sonic The Purple Muse!

    It's an original composition by ATC himself :p
  7. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Just perused some tracks by SEAL.

    Try the following

    My vision
    Bring It On

    My Vision might be good enough for a title sequence.

    TSUNAMI: "Hello. Wonderful things are about to happen. All your wildest dreams are about to come true."


  8. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    I wish.

    That's just a lot of editing to CRAZY by Seal.
  9. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

  10. BobTheNinja

    BobTheNinja Beast of Possibility

    I read the latest chapter of Volume II. Man, that sucks so much ass. I guess the plot armor wasn't strong enough to save Rhett. :(
  11. 00Zy99

    00Zy99 In winter, is Zeong

    Hmm. Food's listed twice. Also, we need to ensure that at least some hilarity ensues from Walker flubbing the difference between Belkan and German.

    "I am a jelly donut!!" "My octopus flying sex bong want's domination tonight!!" "Yes, an Ekranoplan has been hiding in my shorts, why does she Ask why I am banana?"

    Nobody responded to these statements, so I had to post them again.
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  12. Oseng

    Oseng Moderator, Educator Moderator

    I really have to agree with 00idiot on that. It would be quite funny, and I just really dislike the concept of a modern day language being spoken exactly or even near the same by an ancient space-going empire from another dimension.
  13. Or the old classic, "My hovercraft is full of eels!"
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  14. Thanks for the recs, Admiral. I'm just randomly listening to some songs I like on Youtube (currently listening to "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" by The Offspring, which ironically, could probably be about Walker, if you think about it ;)). I'll check out those songs after I get some Metallica and Megadeth into my system first. :D
  15. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Pitching some plot idea around. Thinking about hilarity vs feasability.

    One thing I keep thinking of the Rainbow Crystal as because of its shape, is a Chaos Emerald.

    Given that people here think the doc would keep his world and give me the crystal back. (He's not heartless, just crazy)... I have a concept for how to really screw up.

    When I get the crystal back, Its right after I pretty much vent obscenities at the doctor for not keeping his end of the bargain after I just (un)willingly helped his whole capture vivio plan.

    Because I was yelling, Cinque, feels the need to put her hand on my shoulder to make sure I don't try and jump the Doc. (Thus forcing her to have to stop me.) At the same time, she's got one hand on the rather energetic, upset Vivio to keep her from running. And Vivio has 'kitty' (Luna) in her arms since that's the only thing keeping her from bawling her eyes out.

    I get the crystal back, and the first thing I do is jokingly go 'CHAOS... CONTROL!' Just because the idea popped into my head. (Shits and giggles.)

    Unfortunately, one should never make like they're using a spell with a mind reading power glove, and a high energy magical power source on hand. The glove, previously sitting on a dead battery, gets an almost instant recharge. (The red glowy lines fill up almost immediately.)

    And the glove attempts to duplicate the idea that was in my head.

    There's just enough time for me to realize it's spooling up a 'spell' before the glove casts its version of 'Chaos Control'...

    It generates a momentary time bubble (which quickly makes me want to puke) and promptly attempts to teleport myself, and everyone in my chain of contact.

    I pass out, dimensional jump ensues.

    Granted, this adds Cinque to the tag-along list. But thinking about it, having Cinque in tow makes it more effective to befriend her long term than just some stockholmish affection.
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  16. 00Zy99

    00Zy99 In winter, is Zeong

  17. ThySelf

    ThySelf Just one more thing, good sir...

    Interesting... I would leave Cinque behind, however. No need for 3 extra passengers, two from the same universe. Unless you really want her to come.
  18. Oni

    Oni Devil Tiger

    :wtf: Workable I suppose, but you do realize that this will have the affect of you showing up in the girls beds with not only one but two lollies? Methinks there will be a few unpleasant questions... :eek: Not to mention crowding.
  19. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Of course there will be unpleasant questions.

    But I have a foolproof answer.

    "You don't want to know."

    Mind you, I still have on passenger getting towed on the Mitoto Express from UNKNOWN who will end up at 'mission control' with Washu.

    So that's
    - Luna
    - Senbei
    - Vivio
    - Cinque

    Of which, Senbei will be dropped off. And Unknown will take the Mitoto Express.
  20. ckk185

    ckk185 Solidarity

    Hmm, but wouldn't the combined mass of all of them be more than what you can carry while jumping between dimensions or was there no limit? Because I seem to recall a limit somewhere.
  21. 00Zy99

    00Zy99 In winter, is Zeong

    One can never have too much numbers. Have you cuddled a combat cyborg today?
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  22. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Single objects in my mass ratio of 1/2.

    I'm 180 lbs. Give or take.

    Cinque is rather tiny, and would be right in the borderline of the mass limit.

    Individually, none of them exceed the mass limit. And that's the important part.
  23. ckk185

    ckk185 Solidarity

    Oh, I thought it was the total mass that is supposed to be half, not each individual object.
  24. 00Zy99

    00Zy99 In winter, is Zeong

    IIRC, Combat Cyborgs are heavier than their size suggests, due to the whole Robo-skeleton thing. Cinque is only barely going to make the cut. Still, more Cinque love!! The numbers are like the sisters I never had.
  25. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    I could get away with carrying a total mass a bit higher than my own by dispersing it across numerous objects. However, I've only so many places to put that much stuff.

    Still mulling on this. But it just seems like a few hours with Cinque just won't be enough, and I'm finding it real hard to figure out how Vivio would plausibly be in contact with me when I drop off to sleep.

    It makes more sense if Cinque's holding on to Vivio to keep her from running amok, holding on to me to keep me from mauling the doctor, and for me to trigger an unexpected event. Rather than to try and figure out how to arrange it so I'm half asleep when Vivio pops up.
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