(Story) Sleeping with the Girls

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by AdmiralTigercla, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    All the recent '-for you' threads got me thinking about the weird possibilities of a combination Fish Out of Water and Self Insertion incident scenarios.

    As I'm prone to do right before I go to sleep, I let my imagination run wild.

    A scenario that keeps running through my head in particular is not your run of the mill 'sleep with the girl' (sex!) scenario. But rather odd: "You wake up, and you're just lying there. Nothing's happened... You definately slept in the bed though... OH SHI-"

    So I decided to start a little short. The premise is simple. One day you (Or rather, I) go to sleep, and wake up someplace that should for all intents and purposes, be a lovely little fantasy scenario for a hormone filled mind.

    But let's explore it, with characters IN character. And the hapless author come self insert operating on his own real life stats and decision making process. There are no character shields, the powers are real, and I'm just a mundane human from earth who speaks English.

    God help me... I am so screwed.

    Sleeping With the Girls
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  2. Jim Starluck

    Jim Starluck CO, ICS Vanguard

    Heh. Well, it's off to an... interesting start, at least.
  3. mkire

    mkire Lee-ko is adorable

    I have added this to my alerts list. it is a very interesting character piece.
  4. MrEmperor

    MrEmperor Librarian

  5. Xon

    Xon Cabal Arm Commander Staff

    Kinda amusing when you consider the Holographic principle (aka reality can be described as a 2d structure painted onto a boundary), and self-insertions.

    Especially when you consider "multiverse" scale stuff.
  6. Barricade

    Barricade A Perfectly Elegant ZA WARUDO!

    Its probably a very very wise thing your SI didn't 'look up' when mentioning certain other timeless beings, while first glancing at Washu & then at Sasami. Outing Sasami & Washu is one thing, as they're pushing the limits at times with credibility on hiding what they are. Revealing Tokimi out of nowhere would likely have all kinds of hell suddenly descend upon the house as instantly everyone that can, goes Chousin.
  7. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    I didn't indicate it clearly, but this is post OVA 3 for the Tenchiverse. There will be more unfortunate beds to wake up in... (The next one is going to be even less pleasant.)
  8. Xon

    Xon Cabal Arm Commander Staff

    It probably would be amusing for the SI to be confused one exactly which varient of Techiverse the setting is :p
  9. Jim Starluck

    Jim Starluck CO, ICS Vanguard

    ...he's going to start bouncing from universe to universe, always waking up in bed with one of their females, isn't he? :p
  10. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Yes, and much hilarity will ensue. (Not for me though...)

    Now, be nice. 'He' is technically me. It's SI to the most accurate degree. Like I said, the ' _____ for you' threads were the inspiration. It wouldn't be a good experiment if I made the character start behaving like a character instead of how I would behave if I were chucked into the situation.

    I'm using my experiences in life, my knowledge, and my skills.
    And man, being accurate to yourself without embellishing is not easy.
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  11. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

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  12. Shockz

    Shockz Red like roses

    Aw, why not take the physical enhancement? I would. Yes, potential awkward explanations and all. Especially if I didn't know when I was going to get home. (Though admittedly, that's a bit less of a problem in the Tenchiverse than with most fictional universes.)
  13. Jonen C

    Jonen C F.M.D.G. Arbiter

    Personally, I'd probably not go for physical enhancement either.

    What I would do, is ask for something to boost up my immune system.

    Instant fitness, souped up strength, and clinical immortality - these things are overrated.
    Permanent good health, preventive "maintenance" and graceful aging, on the other hand...
  14. Barricade

    Barricade A Perfectly Elegant ZA WARUDO!

    Hell, what I'd do is have asked Washu to put a tracker/tracer on me so I can get yanked back at a moment's notice. I might still be jumping around between dimensions (and ending up in -far- too much trouble, although in at least a few cases I'd wake up and 2 seconds later have a grin you couldn't take away with a nuke to my face), but at least I'd have an 'anchor' universe I can fallback on.

    Although I imagine that if you run 'him' into the MGLNverse, and then one or more of the Chousin show up (Tokimi first in chibi mode, to look utterly harmless, and then goes full Chousin upon someone getting uppity), it should make for a hell of a time. No wait, Washu. It'd need to be Washu. Just her CLOTHING would be considered Omega level WMD Lost Logia 'Capture/Destroy At All Costs'. Hilarity Ensues as MGLNverse freaks, especially upon finding out about her lab (oh shi...), and tries to follow her back.
  15. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    I'd have definantly gone for the enhancement, i'm already pretty physically fit and any physical differences in muscle tone could have easily been played off as "gym time". The language might be harder to explain, but that is easily solved by simply not speaking it around people you know until after you buy a copy of Rosetta Stone for Japanese and then claiming you learned it from that. By far the hardest thing to explain would be the perfect eyesight, but that is only situationally difficult, as I for instance don't wear glassess (and increased eyesight wouldn't be that noticeable for my job, as I already consistantly score 40/40 on qualifications).
  16. Barricade

    Barricade A Perfectly Elegant ZA WARUDO!

    Well the problem with the enhancement is once it's active - it's active. You have to train yourself HARD, so not to be using it. REmember Seina Yamada's problem after he got enhancement as a teenager (rather then as a child, which is when it's normally given)?? Yes he's bad luck personified, but he had two of the ladies around at that moment and it nullified things. Still, he barely tried to lift himself up off the ground and launched himself straight up to the ceiling at least 20ft or so up. Then ended up ping-ponging all over the room until the gravity was set so he'd stop.

    Its one thing to get bumped up to peak 'standard' physical condition for a joe-blow human. Even Olympic level athletic physique might be allowed/brushed off as you suddenly went gym/health nuts. But all it takes is a single mistake with the full-up enhancement, and remember - Washu's was even STRONGER then that - and you might not just have an accident, but you might end up flipping a car over, ripping a door out of its frame, or killing someone by giving them a slap on their shoulder/arm/back of the head. To say nothing of what might happen if you were actually in a mood to do damage. Hell, the author for the series said Seina could likely stand there and take the entire ammo box from a LMG and only have bruises.
  17. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    Hmm, I was under the impression that this enhancement would simply make a person "peak human" and not superhuman. Exactly what are the limits of this enhancement? Are we talking olympic athlete or max-outed Agent from Crackdown? Either way though, i'd still probably take it, superhuman abilities far outweigh the difficulties in explaining them, exspecially if you have the time to get used to them (and as of now, he has at least a week in theory, and potentially much longer depending on how long it takes Washu to figure out his PoO).
  18. Firethorn

    Firethorn Cleric, Church of Weber

    I have to agree, but I'd ask if she could give me a strong endomorph body - picture the far east 'strong men', or the guys in the strong man competitions. They're still rather 'fat' for what us westerners consider fit.

    I wouldn't want an Atlas body, but a strong layer of muscle underneath the still existing fat.

    Picture trading half your fat for muscle. Also, with the souped up strength, if she can cause it to simply be denser...

    You still look the same, but are like 3-4x as strong.
  19. Barricade

    Barricade A Perfectly Elegant ZA WARUDO!

    If going by the Manga 3-4 versions.

    1. Its you, only you're not going to get sick ever again unless its something weaponized, and it fixes any flaws you had (eyesight, bad back, etc). No bonuses.

    2. Peak Human. The level Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and top level Olympic athletes are at (especially gymnasts, marathon runners, decathlon participants, and ice skaters). Also has the potential of reaching Einstein levels of mental genius.

    3. GXP/Galaxy 'bog-standard' enhancement. Able to do a lap around a standard track & field oval in 2 seconds (no, I'm not kidding), can jump upwards on an average of 30-40 feet, reflexes good enough to catch thrown knifes/arrows/etc out of the air, edge on, dodge bullets (can actually see them coming). Pretty much most of what you see in the first Matrix movie, or a good chunk of Ranma 1/2. Also your body gets fortified to handle these enhancements to the point you can take 20th century light firearms to the chest/neck at point blank range and only have minor bruising at best.

    4. Washu Special. This is to the 'bog-standard', what the 'bog-standard' is to peak human. Tenchi had it done to him during one of his 'examinations', and it also happened to his brother. A very good example of the sheer difference is that Seina Yamada (with the GXP upgrades) was on a bicycle, racing Tenchi, who was on foot, and Tenchi won. Easily. If going by the manga is any clue, he could give a few of the X-men a run for their money in a strength contest. And no, that's without him tapping into his LW/Chousin powers.

    There's also probably several intermediate steps between 2 & 3, and 3 & 4. However 4 is so drastically higher then anything else, that you simply are NOT going to be able to find more then a handful (as in look at your hand and count with fingers, and the thumb doesn't count) of people in the galaxy at large that can perform it with any degree of safety to you, let alone even have the lab on hand to do it. At most you might get is a 3.2 to 3.3 boost. 3.5 or higher is just not going to happen unless you ran in Kagato and he was feeling generous that day with his experiments, or you happen to know a crab-obsessed super-genius living on Earth as part of the most overpowered harem in the history of anime.
  20. HawaiianOnline

    HawaiianOnline Macross Fan Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Is this what really happened to Tenchi? For some reason I thought that the whole Seina Bicycle thing mystified everyone because Tenchi had no enhancements at all.

    In any case, nice start here.
  21. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    How's this for an idea; everytime you go to sleep you wake up in a different bed in a different universe?
  22. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla Naughty? Bracket and fire for effect.

    Exactly what I have planned actually.

    Not that "I" know that of course. :drevil:


    Let me come back to comment on Seina's training after his enhancement.

    What occured was a phenominal boost of physical strength. But this strength boost is so sudden, your motor skills aren't tuned to compensate.

    Seina's motor skills were tuned to give a signal of 1 for 1 motion. One unit of input, for one unit of output.

    With the strength boost, Seina's skills were suddenly dealing with a 1 for 50. What had previously been the amount of force perceieved as needed to push himself off the ground was now operating on muscles that were fifty times more powerful. The command to 'stand up' is applied as 'contract at this rate'. The muscles contract at that rate... but with fifty times more strength, that 'rate' is now enough energy to pull a grasshopper.

    Seina had to undergo physical therapy much the same way people who recieve spine and neck injuries have to undergo therapy to regain accurate control of their movement.

    In order to resume normal function. Seina's therapy would last until he was tuned as 1/50th for 1.

    Imagine having to go through that... and you're all nice and able to blend in with people. And then someone pisses you off so badly you punch them full in the face. Trouble is, you could have knocked them out easily with a 'tap'. Instead, you end up cavitating their skull and pulping their frontal lobe.

  23. Barricade

    Barricade A Perfectly Elegant ZA WARUDO!

    I believe the exact translation from Japanese would be 'No DETECTABLE enhancements'. She's that good.

    Thus, Washu is the grand mistress of all sciences and medicine and you will kneel and worship the ground she walks on, or hovers over on a red cushion.
  24. Go for four but have Washu put in or show you to setup a power level limiter to you have full control over your self.

    Also their the side effect of travel From a very low mana world to very high mana world there going to be side effects
  25. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    I rather doubt that. Assuming real life = no mana at all I fail to see how traversing from a "high mana" to a "low mana' setting would make any difference at all. Hell, he might be more odd because he was mana-null than anything else.
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