(STORY) SWTG: Eight Ball

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  2. pluto is stuck at the time gates i think
  3. gideon020

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    Eh, until she actually tries something, Pluto's a non-issue in my mind. Hell, figuring out what tracks to use for the ending songs for this and the second season rank higher right now.
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    Honestly, I just want an ending where he's beating down responsible parties at the end and we just watch the poetic justice unfold.
  5. Can someone remind me what the plot of this story is?:confused:

    Every time I check in on it, more characters from more anime series get thrown into the mix and most of them I've never even heard of.:(
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    Uhm... No. Not since the conclusion of the First Loop... well, except for the fact that the 'Mystery World' was revealed to be Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    But really, if you're honestly that far behind, then get ye thereforth to fanfiction.net and start rereading from Chapter 1, Vol. 1.

    As for the plot... pretty simple. R.O.B. takes a totally mundane dude and, every time he falls asleep, sticks him in the bed of a girl he happens to fancy in anime. At around 4am local time. Every time. He loops through different worlds in a round-robin manner. Thorough deconstruction, so don't expect sunshine and rainbows.
  7. Blackraptor

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    Will Walker point out that Pluto is no longer considered as a planet to Sailor Pluto if she ever makes her presence known at a most inopportune time?
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    HA! Hilarious.
  9. gideon020

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    Let's not forget the very solid staff she carries shall we?
  10. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor The guy with the thing over there at the place.

    And the fact that she's a very grown woman who wears a magical girl outfit based on a sailor-fuku. If Luna, Vivio, and/or Cinque are still with Walker by then, I would expect some rather directly innocent yet awkward questions sent her way. Cue Walker facepalming once again.
  11. Vehrec

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    She's probably amused that it was ever classified as a planet anyways-dwarf planets have senshi too you know. And there seems to be no link between planet's size and the power of their senshi.
  12. AngrySasquatch

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    All I have to say is... holy crap.

    I wish I had a fourth of the dedication you have, Admiral.
  13. Hmm... When will Walker explain to Marler that he wakes up next to her because he happens to like her...

    For that matter, what will Hild do when she finds out...
  14. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor The guy with the thing over there at the place.

    Troll-Ship by Hild between Walker and Marler?
  15. AngrySasquatch

    AngrySasquatch Can you really let it end here?

    It seems like the only way forward, I fear.
  16. 00Zy99

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    Just felt the need to add my two cents. To paraphrase our great lord ATC, the SM timeline is like a VHS. Pluto has fast-forward and rewind capabilities from her seat in the future. Walker is like someone switching tapes instantaneously without her knowledge.

    Also, definite troll-ship by Hild, as well as an actual possible Hagall-ship.
  17. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor The guy with the thing over there at the place.

    And Hild will obviously use Troll Logic to try to pull that off.

    "Belldandy has a human lover here on Earth. Clearly, in order to level the playing field, Marler should have a human lover as well. Thankfully, we have one right here~!"
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  18. I thought it was more like Walker, coming in at a dminesional level even higher than hers (she being a 3rd dimensional being in like a 5th dimensional space), looks like he has always been there. It isn't so much that he is switching films its more that he's edited himself in to point that from Pluto's perspective he was, is, and always has been there.
  19. Wade Wilson

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    I can't wait to see walker play off why he disappeared in front of urd. Also WASHU talks to HILD.
  20. Yeah, I could see Hild trying to play matchmaker between Walker and Mara, especially after she
    him. Of course, given that the setting is a romantic comedy, things won't work out exactly.

    I think that this got lost after the switch between threads:

    Really though, I'm putting my faith in the Admiral to figure out his own strategy. He continues to throw off my expectations with startling twists, and I won't presume to know how Walker's journey ends up.
  21. 00Zy99

    00Zy99 In winter, is Zeong

    This too (I thought that that was what I was saying, that he looks like he's always been there).

    Also, it was brought up that Hild will give Walker Hagall to get her out of the way, and further ties. Giving him Mara as a girlfriend isn't as effective, although that certainly won't stop her from joking about it.
  22. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor The guy with the thing over there at the place.

    It's Hild. She'll probably be able to do both without anyone realizing it.
  23. 00Zy99

    00Zy99 In winter, is Zeong

    Give him Mara AND Hagall?

    Won't Hagall get jealous?
  24. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor The guy with the thing over there at the place.

    I'd be more concerned about what Walker's reaction would be...not to mention Luna's.
  25. 00Zy99

    00Zy99 In winter, is Zeong

    Luna, used to these things by this point, will just facepalm.

    Walker will be too... occupied... by Hagall, and other girls (possibly including Tre, Uno, and Quattro), to react all that much.:drevil:;7