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  2. Given that the Cradle is likely equal to Forerunner tech? I would say yes.

    Not that that has any bearing in SWTG. The only universes here with spaceflight are Tenchi and MGLN. Once he get's the cradle it becomes a "Hello, I'm in space, I can now shoot you and you can't shoot back. Have a nice death Befriending." With the possible exception of SM and AMG/OMG. As they have magical powers that may or may no let them return fire, or at the least tank anything he can throw at them. Since the cradle lacks the AEC it doesn't even have hacks, it's just rather powerful.
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    Could the Cradle be equipped with an anti-magic defense system like what the Hückebeins had? Assuming Walker had read Nanoha: Force by then, that is.
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    Was Force even out when this started, let alone that far along? (And besides that, Force is carpfeed.)
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    Well, we know that the Cradle At the very least has internal AMF fields, and I would imagine it has at least some capability in projecting an exterior AMF as well. Depending on who is attacking, that would at least dampen the power of incoming magic attacks.
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    Nanoha Force started in April 2009.

    Of course, the less said about it the better.
  7. Force? Nanoha ended at StrikerS. ViVid is a spin-off/side story.

    Force does not exist. I deny its existence.
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    I can see Walker giving a little rant on why he does so good against the Numbers in the drone battle.

    Walker: All those maneuvers I did that left you flabbergasted were literally textbook tricks for aerial fighter combat. You guys? You don't even have access to the textbook. You're all rank amateurs in that field compared to me, and therefore easy prey. I'm not even a professional combat pilot, just someone who's very good at fighter combat video games.
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    Ok, I don't know how much you know, but with the exception of dimensional travel, the cradle is FAR below the forerunners.

    The cradle uses magic and technology, meaning that the creators of the cradle likely bypassed specific scientific issues.

    And, going by ATC's rule of non-magical world objects/people are unaffected by magic (exempt for the byproducts like heat created from a fire spell.) any magical attacks that the cradle has, will not work on a pure tech world war ship, aka Forerunner warship.

    And any other tech that the cradle can bare to muster would not even take out an eight of the forerunners shielding let alone pierce the hull.

    Then there is the fact that the cradle uses magic to make the insides bigger the the outside.

    What if the cradle gets hit? Where do you seal off to prevent gases escaping into space?

    Also, dose the cradle even have shields?

    Pure tech, once it is in the high AAA or S ranks, will beat the shit out of magic any day.
  10. Is it even meant for combat? It could have been a tactical weapon, not a front line weapon. It might not even be a proper warship. It could have been the ceremonial royal ship turned super-weapon.
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    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    Then there is the fact that it is SMALL and SLOW when comparing it even to the UNSC in halo.

    Edit: Case and point, the largest ship the UNSC ever made, the Phoenix class ship, featured in Halo wars.
  12. And the fact that it needs to go to a sweet spot in orbit to use the cosmic power of the universe or whatever ambient magic to fully power the thing to use as a super-weapon.

    I think its a diplomatic weapon. Once they put it in that sweet spot, they can threaten them at gun point. It might even be strong enough to shoot across stars and threaten them with bombardment.
  13. There again depends on the calcs you take for MGLN. High end has them rolfstomping anything short of old ones/ancients/etc. Low end has them losing to nearly everyone else.

    Though it is likely they would get defeated by Halo come to think of it. *Sigh* Star Wars and Halo really need to stop pretending they are high tier and go back down where they belong on the scale. And Mass Effect needs to be higher. *shakes fist* stupid canon numbers, messing everything up.

    Note with Halo I mean the UNSC and MACs, everything else is where it belongs.

    Personally I like to use mid to high end calcs for the MGLNverse. It's much more fun that way. Also using MGLN tMt1st for combat scale (excluding the super Starlight Breaker) makes MGLN jump to crazy awesome levels in combat.

    If ATC was using movie scale then by StrikerS they would be utterly terrifying.


    That's the best I could find on youtube. And that does not do their fights justice. Also the music sucks. *shakes fist*

    Also, why are we talking about Halo here?
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    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    Ok, first off, you said forerunners, not UNSC in your original post.

    We are talking about Halo because you brought it up.

    Unless your talking about a different set of Forerunners.

    Also read the halo books, mostly the newer ones. They (the forerunners.) are that high of tier. Politics were their fall.

    I do agree though that Mass effect is a high tier then the UNSC, but not the forerunners.

    Star Wars is definitely not there, they only have big boom sticks, fast travel, and the force. For the same reason why I think the Cradle is inferior, the science of Star Wars is muddled because they use the force in most of their science.

    Edit: Quote:
    Originally Posted by LurkingGoblin View Post
    Given that the Cradle is likely equal to Forerunner tech? I would say yes.

    Not that that has any bearing in SWTG. The only universes here with spaceflight are Tenchi and MGLN. Once he get's the cradle it becomes a "Hello, I'm in space, I can now shoot you and you can't shoot back. Have a nice death Befriending." With the possible exception of SM and AMG/OMG. As they have magical powers that may or may no let them return fire, or at the least tank anything he can throw at them. Since the cradle lacks the AEC it doesn't even have hacks, it's just rather powerful.
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    @Goblin's Video - When the HELL did Fate get Dios Logche ‘Titano-ktonon’?
  16. Actually I was responding to someone in the last thread. Though I did say that the Cradle had tech to match the Forerunners. As I believe the high end calcs put them at that level, even the low end oned have them as being rather advanced, maybe not Forerunner, but very, very high, to the point that within a magic universe they would stop a tech race, even on the lower end of their calcs.

    I'm fully aware that the Forerunners are on the top scale, I just realized my problem. *facepalm*

    I'm sorry I got Ancient Belka and Al-Hazard confused. Nvm Cradle likely lacks anywhere near the hacks to do jack against Forerunners.

    The movie apparently.

    It was when they decided they wanted to make MGLN as awesome as it could be. Then they decided that it was just a documentary IC and not to use it's version of events, even though it's version was better.
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    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    True, but by following ATC's rules, its not even a competition. Any magical attacks would not work.


    Because the Halo world is a non-magical universe.

    It would be like walker (Physically fit, and with goodfellow rounds to spare and a overshield that makes the MC's look weak.) fighting a magic user.

    Both can kill the other, but the magic user will have to get VERY creative before walker decides to boot stomp them, out right murder their ass, or knock them out of the fight.
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    Actually, it depends strictly on what the magic attack does.

    If the magic attack happens to cause a brief signularity that crushes eveything inside its event horizon... Well, suchs to be whoever gets hit with THAT.
  19. Tsjoat

    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    Ok....so non magical things are still effected by gravity magic.

    I also assume that any magic that causes a by product (Like 80% of all elemental attacks) baring most electrical elemental attacks, (Why? Because the electrons in your body will not react to the magic that is trying to excite them) will work on walker.
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    Look at it this way.

    Magic cannot directly hurt me, not by itself.

    In order to be able to have an affect on me, there must be a byproduct of that magic in the form of one of the fundamental forces.

    Strong, Weak, Electromagnetic, and Gravity.

    - A fireball spell produces heat. The magic doesn't have to do a thing, the energy still burns me.

    - An Ice spell would have no direct affect on me. However, close proximity to such a spell is extremely dangerous. As the air and objects around me may be subject to the spell's effects, and drop in temperature. For me, this would be like standing next to, and getting splashed by liquid nitrogen.

    - A lightning spell can go either way. It depends on the core mechanic of the spell, and how it induces electron flow. If it's via direct particle manipulation, the spell itself won't hurt me. (The electrical discharge however, will still cook me.) If it's via electromagnetic force and electromagnetism on the fundamental level, I'm fair game.

    However, the immunity really holds up against more, exotic, condition effect spells. Transformation/Transfiguration type spells such as turning Luna into an alarm clock. Magical life draining, and magic poisoning... Those have no effect because you can't translate such things into regular physics as we know it.

    Effectively, the simpler the spell, the higher the chances of it actually working. Because as it simplifies, it gets closer and closer to just doing what physics does via a different method.
  21. I have been watching to much Gunbuster and Nadesico, but I have to ask this question, how would Walker react if he woke up next to Noriko or Ruri? (or any other character in those verses.)

    And also how much fun would it be if you could take the Gunbuster or the Nadesico with you instead of the Cradle, and how would it change your approach to things?

    Just a thought I had. :p
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    In layman terms: A magically enhanced kick to the 'nads, if it connects, is still a kick to the nads; is that correct?
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    Uhhh...what? Since when did SW ever use the force in their science at all?
  24. Tsjoat

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    I take into account the books, movies, and games.

    The sith used the force crystals in Jedi outcast two (I think, I may be wrong.) to give the force to people. Before hand it was considered impossible to just GIVE the force to anyone. You had to be born with the ability. They got this done though the force.

    It was the sith, with the force, who made the light sabers what they are today.

    The Holocrons are made via the force. And they are considered a science, hologram, recorder, and AI all wrapped into one.

    Most of the dooms day armies (Except for the clone and droid army) use weapons that work against force users. Edit: And how do they find out what works against force users I wonder?

    Any scientific discovery made thanks to the force is a sham, because they took a short cut, and I bet that is a lot more then you would think.

    Its a sham because they most likely have not studied the achievement in detail, allowing some sith later in life study it further and use it to nearly destroy life as the people as a whole know it long after its been discovered.

    And why is that? Its because everyone been doing it for years, just the sith found a new and interesting way to fuck everyone over by studying old ideas.

    Edit: Knowledge is power, and only those who seek knowledge properly will become the most powerful. The sith try this, and fail because while they apply the 'new' found knowledge to great extent, they fail to use it properly, thus falling on their collective asses.
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    Also, Hyperdrive involves traveling through the Force... Or something...

    Damn Rakata...