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    But then, he hasn't unlocked it yet.

    For all we know the Garenceries is only carrying Zaku Is or that weird Zeon equivalent of a Ball (forgot their designation, but they showed up in Igloo).
  2. How about the beam gatling cannons it has in storage on board ? Would they be any good in BT ?
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    Actually, those weapons the side 'turret' was using was a Gouf Gatling Gun. Along with a crapton of bazookas.

    The top weapon was a Skiure. A big mobile beam cannon platform.
  4. They had beam gatling guns. But they equipped them on the Unicorn's shield.
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    Entry Twenty Seven

    Okay, I've been busy as hell lately. But I managed to get this typed out for you guys.

    The ship that showed up is not the actual Garencieres. I think. I believe its a copy of the ship that shows up in Gundam Unicorn, but I wasn't arguing. It was a ship that could get me off world where Liao could chase me and I wouldn't get civilians killed.
    It landed on four outrigger legs which extended from the hull to the ground. I'm not sure if the original ship had these or if they were added by the ROB to let it land. Ether way, I wasn't arguing.
    I informed the locals that the ship was friendly and not part of Liao's forces. I moved the Gouf forwards, cautiously, but made it to the side entrance where the doors opened for me. I had the Gouf climb inside and park itself in one of the four bays for the mobile suits. So, like the original, this had provisions for four mobile suits. I scanned with the Camera and found the top lift, which led to the upper doors on the dorsal side of the ship.

    I had a Skirue, that big mobile beam cannon. It was fixed to act like a top turret on the ship. I'd still have to use the Gouf to aim the thing but hey, I finally had a beam weapon to deal with big targets. That was good.
    The other thing I noticed was a Base Jabber. Now this was I really happy to have. It was a flying platform to let my suit fly, which would be really handy to deal with Aerospace fighters if I got into a shooting match with one. It was however lacking the underside Mega Particle Cannon, which slightly annoyed me.

    But overall, from the look of the hanger, I'd have a better time now that I had a ship.
    I climbed out of the Gouf and was surprised to not see any crew around. What had the ROB provided for me? I carefully made my way up the ship, towards the bridge.
    I found the crew quarters, which were empty. Then I was standing just before the bridge doors and I pushed the button to open them.
    I poked my head inside and asked,
    “Uh...hello?” A very high pitched series of voices answered me,
    “Hi Boss! Hi Boss!” I froze as I stared. The dozen or so Haros stared right back at me.
    I blinked. Then I closed my eyes for about five seconds and opened them again to watch. The bridge of the ship had been gutted. It no longer had the controls for humans to pilot, but rather multiple sockets for the Haros to dock.
    I got it then. The ROB had been watching Gundam 00. In that series, the Haros serve as support units for Celestial Being. One of them often rode around in Lockon's Gundam, acting as a co-pilot. So I guess get a dozen or so of them together they could run a ship.
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    ...the horror*?

    I was half-expecting some rather pissed-off Sleeves/Neo-Zeon personnel to interrogate our protagonist on 'WTF was going on here' and 'just where the hell was "here" anyways'?

    Also, Haros make for horrible MS repair personnel if not under micro-gravity. So either they've got some kind of heavy lifting/support frames aboard, or you need to recruit some humans as well.

    That, or do all of your MS maintenance/repair work while in the deep, black void.

    Now that being said, this begs the question of just what kind of JumpShip analog that ROB has provided, 'cause using one of the IS's/Com*'s? Yeah, real funny.

    That, or that Garancieres has a compact core-type, or even more evil(ly), an nBSG-style FTL jump drive... yeah, right. Not happening, ever. That'd be too nice on ROB's part.

    * - Could be worse; they could have been the generally useless CE/SEED Haros.
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  7. Stock up on medicine meant for headaches. You're gonna need them.
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    Yay! You get Robot minions :p

    I bet they're multi-colored as well.

    See if you have the classic mint green one though, along with the orange one....and maybe a pink one.

    Otherwise....have fun with that :p
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    The second star to the right and onward to morning.
    Set it as a code phrase for a semi-random escape vector. It will drive the native spacers nuts.
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    Yeah, Haros.

    Best bet for you is to find out how many you have and if 'you' personally have the ability to build or modify them, if possible.

    Battle Damage and such.

    If you have the tech knowledge, Awesome! Then you would be considered a Genius, or Tech savy enough to modify your own Gear, saving points.

    If not, check to see if you can buy the knowledge.

    Hmm.. the bridge being gutted, the Captain's Chair too?
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    Oh... dear God... your ROB really is a evil sadistic bastard... could have been worse though... he could have given you tachikomas...
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    I take it that there are small repair robot-shells for them to plug into, to repair your suit? On the other hand, you have more than enough space to begin building up your 'Team of Honor' to right the wrongs though-out IS space... ;)

    They may be stored away right now... as your equipment has no battle damage to repair.
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    I think he needs them, honestly.. if there are local agents in place, House, Merc, Com*, the chance to infiltrate this strange ship may prove irresistible.

    How much Life Support carry with you, if you want to take others with you?

    If you want to Recruit Locals.

    Take all the Salvaged Mechs.
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    It's Skiure not Skirue
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    You poor bastard...
    still that is one way to get a fanatically loyal "crew" that does not get silly ideas about doing their own thing. Now some critical questions. What does your on board fabrication options look like and what the frak do you have for FTL?
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    No, if the ROB had wanted to be sadistic, he would have given me Zakos...
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    That'd be amazing and you know it.;)
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    ...its FTL is though the Minov Sea right? :wtf:
  19. too bad you didnt have any human crew , they could have been used as extra ms pilots in a pintch, does your ship have any manufacturing equipment? if you can make mobile suits you could try hireing mercs though reliable and trustworthy ones will cost alot,

    (can a haro pilot a mech or mobilesuit? you can probably build a haro with less fuss than hireing a human pilot

    a mod you could do of your current suit once you get some salvage would be to replace the tri barrel gun on your gouf with 2 or 3 med lasers (if it can power them)
  20. LONE WOLF 666


    At least its not crew, entirely of Navi from zelda. Otherwise you would have commited suicide, by crashing in the nearest sun.
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  21. naw im prety sure he could rig the reactor of the gouf to go nuke long before he reached the sun
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    For a second there i though you said Zathras.
  23. Even if the Haros can't pilot a mobile suit what about the Base Jabber? I don't know much about Gundam but everything that I could find seemed to indicate that that thing was controlled by the pilot in the docked suit. If you could have the a Haro drive it that would be great for fast evacs when the ship can't make it.
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    Oh well it could have been tachikomas.......
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    Tachikomas make excellent anti-infantry!