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  1. would personaly prefer luna titanium over phase shift my self as it no sells most projectile hits and dosnt drain the mechs power to do it
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    The problem with 00 is that everything flies. That doesn't work too well in BT.
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    Okay, let's recap.

    One, the pirate attack was thwarted.

    Two, the remaining pirates surrendered.

    Three, the local Lyran's are mighty pleased at not having to clean up a major pirate attack. Plus scoring a semi-shot to pieces Rifleman and a Hunchback made them even happier. I gave them the dropship too, and told them if they could fish the others out of the sea, they'd be the owners too.

    In return I essentially got House Steiner owing me a big favor. That might come in handy down the road a ways. You never know.

    The Lyrans were might interested in the Gouf. Boarding a dropship in mid flight was something no one had ever conceived of, unless under the influence of far too much alcohol. I got offers of jobs and employment as soon as I stepped out of the mobile suit. But I waved them off, simply saying I was a good Samaritan who couldn't stand by and watch pirates run amok.

    I got back on the Midnight Fenrir as fast as I could and we started heading away from the planet.

    Now I got to go check to see what I had to work with.

    And, surely enough, ROB had paid me.


    Defeated Pirate Attack on Icar!: 100 points

    Destroyed 2 Leopard Class Dropships: 100 points

    Disabled 1 Hunchback: 10 points

    Got House Steiner to owe you a favor: 30 points

    PULL OVER!: 10 points

    Made an Enemy of Redjack Ryan: 15 points

    Total: 1630 points.

    Make a purchase?

    Okay, I had points to work with.

    What to do? Buy the mobile suit at 1600 or save up the extra 400 and get the last one?
  4. phase shift + reactor = total immunity.

    tack on an I field and the mechs is effectivly immune to all BT weaponry

    if we count turna? then the turna gundam.. moonlight butterfly quite literally RESET civilization.

    edit: I'd say save up for the 2K mech, the curiosity for what it is will kill me if nothing else (even if i suspect its a Jager)
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    Okay Raven I have to ask this. In your opinion which gundam is the strongest? Not counting any from G Gundam.
  6. im betting the most expensive one is probably a Jager.. or possibly even better

    if we get the 1600 itll be either a kampfer, some gelgoog variant (such a commander type or cannon), possibly a standard gelgoog, or an efreet

    well assuming we only have access to stuff from OYW

    1600 could be a gyan too, but id bet thats more 1200 territory, since its armaments are total junk

    if we count turna? then the turna gundam.. moonlight butterfly quite literally RESET civilization.
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    I would wait until I could splurge.
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    Need I say it? Turn A Gundam.

    It can wipe out ALL technology in the solar system if you push it too hard. When people talk about the 'strongest' gundam, they're really talking about which one takes second place.
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  9. Nightblade

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    Not Turn A Gundam or any from that series.
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    I'd save up for that last one, personally.
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    Okay then.

    You kinda have a toss up between the Victory 2 Gundam (20gs of acceleration, wings of light, etc), the Wing Zero (ZERO system, twin buster rifle, Gundanium alloy) and the 00QuanT (TRANS-AM, HUGE FUCKOFF BEAM SWORD! Multiple remote weapons, etc), Strike Freedom (Multiple different weapons, Phase Shift Armor, Beam Shields, possible METEOR support) and for the hell of it, the Unicorn Gundam (NT-D system, Beam Magnum, I-Field generator, etc).

    It's too close for me to call it.
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    Wait does not the zero system drive its users utterly mad?
  13. thought you still had points left over from truth lol nm thought you would have receved more points for that mission

    the zero system is only slightly beter then the exam newtype emulator, less evil though
  14. depends on the pilot. Heero could handle it, but quattro couldnt
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  15. Can the Gouf use the Zaku's bazooka? I forgot it's exact mm but roughly it was something that battleships would have.
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  16. it can use all of zeon's non beam weapons , the 880mm might be a bit heavy and slow him down though but the zakus 280mm and the older dom 360mm should work
  17. well, if we do use the bazooka remember.. the things have jack accuracy at range, especially when AMS gets involved
  18. Thats why pilots use it for big targets like ships. And at close range.
  19. i imagen he would use the bazooka in ambushes at fairly short range

    as for buying a ms im not sure, if he buys now he might get something decent but 400 isnt much more to go
  20. SotF

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    ZERO 1.5 would work, though that doesn't have the same capability of the base system, and was the design used by Quattra and Dorothy to handle Mobile Dolls. The 2.0 leaves the user in even more of a psychotic state than the baseline one (Gundam Lucifer), but 2.5 would work for nearly anyone (MP Gundam Seraphim and its custom version). 3.0 is another level upgrade but doesn't really have much of its capabilities known and is from Gundam Snow White and Epyon White in the MC stuff.

    2.0/2.5 are in Tiel's Impulse and set between the end of Wing and before Waltz. 2.0/2.5 were developments to make the ZERO system safe for anyone to use, and the 3.0 was designed for Zechs and Heero (originally) for their upgraded systems and for mass distribution, all mobile suits are equitable with the 2.5 by that point.
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    Just get some gear for yourself. Mobilesuits are to expensive. If you must have another get a space capable one so your not helpless in space.

    Rick Doms are nice.
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  22. the dom funf is better as it can switch form space to ground combat easy

    the standard dom was ground only as was the dom trop
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    Which dom was strictly ground type again?
  24. If you want to save points you just can buy the luna-titanium armor that was mentioned a while ago to extend the life/durability of your current ride. Though see if you can get a gun mounted on your base jabber so you can have some air support.
  25. he has that allready , it was one of the first things he bought
  26. Ok. Though never saw it being mentioned that he bought it.

    Edit: Never mind, found it.