Sub Vs Sub: Seaquest Vs Seaview

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  1. For a more down to earth (really underwater) SF conflict, how would the submarine from the 1990s NBC series "Seaquest, DSV" do in battle against the submarine Seaview from Irwin Allen's old 1960s series "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"? Despite coming out later, the only futuristic weapons I ever saw the Seaquest use on the series were those interceptor torpedos. Not so futuristic, particularly since the Russians invented REAL antitorpedo torpedos back in the same decade, the 1990s. Admiral Nelson's Seaview, on the other hand, had a built-in laser in at least the later episodes. I think Seaview would win, but that's just my opinion. Any takers?
  2. Seaquest's main weapons were E-Plasma torpedoes that seem to have a dail a yeild capability. I don't know if they ever went into detail exactly how powerful they were but probalby more powerful than anything the Seaview carried except for her Polaris Missles.

    I think the Seaquest has a greater crush deapth because it's discribed as a Deep Submergance Vessle. It's also a lot bigger so I would have to give it the edge in damage absorbtion. So unless the fight started at a range where the Seaview could use its SLBM's my money would be on the Seaquest.
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    Seaquest. Easy.

    Plasma lasers, interceptor torpedoes, plasma torpedoes, nukes, organic hull, and the ability to mve far faster than any 'conventional' sub. Oh, and Lucas. Lucas is just as deus ex machina as Wesley Crusher, he's just not as stupid a character.

    But I nominate a third-party.

    The USS Angelus.

  4. Seaview did have Admrial Nelson. He pulled enough Deux ex Machina stuff over the span of the show. Especially in the last season were it got really stupid. With the monster of the week, Kolwolski and Paterson trading off who got possessed, and poor Chip Morten getting taken over every week.
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    And that son of a bitch Kowalski just would not die!
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    Is Ryan Hunter Related too Rick Hunter? I mean they have the same last name and both of thier fighters have a jolly roger painted on thier tails.:wtf:
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    Nah, Ryan's doesn't transform into uber mecha of doom.

    It CAN, however, travel in excess of mach 1 uner water.