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    We haven't been using those sets... for a while now.

    It is freeform sheet posting these days, mostly.

    At any rate, a simpler Servant for the same collection I've been putting together this month.


    True name- Ledo.
    Class- Rider.
    Alternate classes- Archer.
    Alignment- Neutral Good.
    Source- Suisei no Gargantia.

    Grail War- Fifth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki.
    Summoner- Illyasviel von Einzbern.
    Catalyst- A musical instrument crafted from the tooth of some giant beast.
    Wish- Undecided between a selfless wish for peace and understanding among the scattered branches of mankind or a selfish wish of a considerably more personal nature.


    Strength: D.
    Agility: D+.
    Endurance: D.
    Mana: C.
    Luck: C.
    Noble Phantasm: B.

    Stat-wise, Ledo is frankly underwhelming, which is kind of the point seeing that his legend-worthy deeds were accomplished through use of vehicles and that Riders are generally supposed to kind of suck in personal combat. He has a nice Noble Phantasm, though, and his relatively low energy requirements are advantageous when it comes to using it.

    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance (D): Protection against magical effects, sufficiently high to cancel Single Action spells. Since Rider didn't encounter the supernatural in life, he only gains this modest degree of protection as a feature of the Rider class.

    Riding (B-): He can make use of all vehicles with a high level of skill, but may use only purely mundane animals as mounts and even that with below average skill.

    Personal Skills:

    Bravery (B): Courage that grants resistance against various forms of mental interference, including pressure, fear and confusion. With his skill level, subtle forms of mind affecting magecraft are essentially useless against the Servant.

    Guardian Knight (B): Skill which increases defensive power when protecting others. Ledo's defense effectively becomes twice as powerful when fighting to defend something dear to his heart.

    Independent Action (B-): The ability to remain in the world without the prana supply of a Master or a valid contract. Rider's skill rank allows him to survive two days.

    Noble Phantasms

    K6821 Chamber: Heroic Machine Caliber
    Type: Support/Anti Army
    Rank: B+


    K6821 Chamber is a Machine Caliber, a humanoid warmachine created by humanity in the distant future and mostly controlled by the inbuilt artificial intelligence that usually answers to the name of Chamber. In spite of being created through purely mundane methods, the advanced materials and construction techniques used in its creation make it competitive with ancient mysteries of great power, and although ownership of this Noble Phantasm qualifies Ledo for the Rider class, its great durability and vast array of offensive and defensive weaponry make Chamber more fortress than mount.

    To be more specific, the machine is flight capable and can operate in extra-atmospheric, atmospheric and underwater conditions (although underwater fighting results in a decrease of the range and power of his energy weaponry). Its weaponry includes energy projectors of variable power, gravity manipulators, rocket launchers and more, all of which Chamber can control with exquisite accuracy. Defensively, it can supply its strong armour with potent energy barriers, predict enemy attacks for dodging or interception.

    In this form, when first summoned Chamber has enough energy for an hour of combat operations. However, Ledo's low energy requirements allow him to transfer most of the prana received from his Master to his Noble Phantasm, allowing him to slowly increase the energy reserve up to a maximum of a day worth of energy. In Ilya's case, Ledo can provide Chamber with approximately two hours worth of prana every day. Rider can also use the energy from his personal reserves to provide a respectable, albeit short-lived increase in combat capabilities through use of the Neuroplus system, although this boost is inefficient and potentially harmful for the Servant if used for too long.

    It can also be used for support purposes, since Chamber's databanks contain a great deal of useful information, its scanners can be used for mapping and tracking, and the AI is capable of manipulating modern technology for the benefit of its operator in ways that magi can scarcely conceive.


    Ledo was trained under a paradigm that heavily emphasizes the advantages of overwhelming power. Though not underhanded as such, Ledo finds the notion of fighting fair honestly bemusing and will generally activate his combat Noble Phantasm in any situation in which he can. If forced to fight without Chamber's assistance, Ledo can use an energy sidearm of moderate power with decent accuracy, although he prefers not to do so.
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    Shouldn't she also have Imperial Privilege?
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    Hmmm... then what about these missions in the index? They look mostly inactive, but then I wonder why they are still part of the index itself.

    By the way, your Servant is pretty interesting, though I don't know the series.
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    Mostly because the guy who opened this thread no longer visits it (as far as I'm aware), and so it can't be edited.
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    True Name: Yoda

    Master: Dan Blackmore

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Class: Saber

    Alternative Class: Caster

    Crossover: Star Wars

    History: One of the greatest Jedi Masters that ever lived. During his life, he taught countless the techniques and teachings of his order and became one of the most famous members of said order. His talent in the use of the force was said to be unmatched for a very long time and it was only through the appearance of a couple others that he found his better. Yet, when it comes to the knowledge, he is far superior to all but the oldest jedi and sith.

    First and foremost, he was and remains a teacher. He gifted past generations with his knowledge and continues to do so even now. Due to special training that one of his students discovered, he has achieved a state comparable to inner peace, becoming one with the world itself after death and observing creation from a place that cannot be reached.

    He has no real interest in the grail and only wishes to see the world, but he also considers the war as a kind of duty of his because he accepted the call and will try to stop any deaths.


    Strength: D+++

    Endurance: D

    Agility: D+++

    Mana: A++

    Luck: B

    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance (D): Saber has an unusually low Magic Resistance level for a member of his class. He makes up for this with his knowledge of the mystical arts.

    Territory Creation (C): Although bad at the more pragmatic forms of magecraft, if summoned as a Caster, Yoda can recreate the exile he chose in his later years to some degree. This creates a powerful cave of dark energy to counter his energy and a strange swamp filled with beings far from normal.

    Item Creation (D+++): Never noted for his skills as an engineer or creator of artefacts, he is still able to take care of his lights word and of any items he possesses. At the same time, he is known as one of the few jedi that have the capability to create a jedi-holocron in his time.

    Personal Skills

    Clairvoyance (B+): This allows for short visions of the future during battle and gives the user an edge in high speed fights. It has similarities to Instinct, but where Instinct is an innate skill this type of Clairvoyance was acquired through training.

    Instinct (B): The ability to "feel" the best direction in battle. This is a skill inherent to these with natural talent in battle. Bonus effect of reducing penalties for obstructed view and hearing by around 25%.

    Presence Detection (C+): Saber had the ability to find others whereabouts and discover their identities through mere concentration of his force senses. The effective radius of this skill is around 300 meters. But this skill also betrayed him a couple times during his life.

    Enlightenment (A): Owners of Divinity and Protection of the Faith gain their powers from their parents and their belief in themselves and their god respectively. Enlightenment is bestowed upon these who can both identify and accept their position in creation. It is an effective counter to the former skills and strengthens the connection to all living things.

    Noble Phantasms

    Forgotten Grandmaster Unseen but Known (B Rank, Support): Saber managed to hide from his enemy for many years and only showed himself when he wanted. Stories of his disappearance were told for years, yet nobody knew how he looks. This was due to a combination of his skills and the circumstances of his exile, yet it became a mystery. This Noble Phantasm blocks the Master sight unless the Master is personally on the battlefield. This means that only these he meets in person gain any information on him. It blocks both the connection to a familiar and modern technology. In addition, it creates a mental split between the Servant Saber and the Green Creature, making it impossible for anyone to connect the two beings unless it is pointed out by a third party or Saber draws his blade. This would make it essentially impossible to identify him outside of battle, but it is made less effective due to the lack of alien species on the 20th century earth.


    Form IV Ataru Size Matters Not (A++ Rank, Anti-Unit): While Saber is a master of many lightsaber styles, his favourite is Ataru. It was a style he took on to make up for his small size and great age. It became a Noble Phantasm due to a famous sentence that was remembered in history. Whenever he uses this style his physical strength and speed will increase strongly. The greatest weakness of his form is the need for much room to use acrobatic movements and jumps. The basis of this Phantasm will heighten the Strength and Speed stat by 100% and give another bonus if there is only a single opponent or if it is bigger then Saber. This Noble Phantasm is sealed when summoned as Caster


    The Force The Embodiment of Life (B Rank, Support): A Number of abilities ranging from: Feeling the deaths of allies, Telekinesis, Mind reading and manipulation, Energy absorption and manipulation, the strengthening of his body and the ability to see future events. Should he be summoned as a Caster, this ability would be of A++-Rank. In addition his ability to reinforce his physical capabilities with this Noble Phantasm would lower somewhat.
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    Class: Savior
    Alternate Classes: assassin, caster
    True Name: Unknown, remembered only as the Sage of the six paths
    Alignment: Good
    Crossover: Naruto



    Strength: A
    Agility: A
    Endurance: A
    Mana: EX
    Luck: B

    Class Skills

    Personal Skills

    Mystic eyes: A+

    Noble Phantasms

    Rinnegan, the Saṃsāra eye: A+
    The pinnacle of Dojutsu, this Noble phantasm cammands the seven heavenly paths of the world, which at the center lies Akasha. The animal path allows him to summon the beasts of the land and even people he has associated with. The Asura path allows the sage to augment his body with mechanical parts. The Deva path gives power over gravity itself, allowing the sage to pull or repulse people and objects. This path even allows for the creation of new heavenly objects by pulling massive amounts of material from the surrounding area and compressing it. The human path involves the taking of the soul and knowledge. The Naraka path calls forth the king of hell for interrogation or the restoration of bodies. The preta path absorbs the enemy's prana in both their bodies and their attacks. The final path, the outer path is the domain of life and death through which the Sage can return anyone to life. The eyes also allow the sage to view all forms of energy though he may not understand them.

    Jinchuriki: A
    The sage of the six paths is the first Jinchuriki for the primordial entity, the Juubi. This boosts his mana levels to heights unmatched by any living mortal. It replenishes his prana levels fast enough, he is counted as having Independent Action: A.
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    First: For the character sheet; by all means Caster was doomed to a fate of dying a horrible, painful, excruciating death: wasting away from disease as her very body was wracked with pain. Instead, she traded bodies with a poor sap and got away with taking said sap's life without any negative repercussions; when by all accounts, she should've been punished. Fate didn't want a positive ending for her; fate wanted her dead in a ditch, but instead she got away scott clean

    On luck: Say what you want, that's what the stat is described in canon; how much you've defied your fate and changed the world. The actual term of luck is also applied, but that's the Nasu version of the Luck stat last I checked. Saber saved her kingdom and won 12 impossible battles, Gilgamesh defied the gods and made Uruk a truly great kingdom, Iskander conquered and almost reached Oceanus; conversely, Cu Chulainn willing embraced a fate of eventual demise and did nothing to change it, Diarmuid was brought to ruin by his love spot and was doomed by his lord, and EMIYA is bound to the will of Alaya and is unable to rebel against it.
  9. Heaven Canceler

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    But Saber was fated to unite the lands under her from the very start. She was "The Once and Future King". You can say what you want, but she did exactly what fate said she would do, and then she died exactly as fate decreed. She was certainly awesome, but one could easily argue that much of that comes not in spite of fate, but because of fate. Gil is a similar case, he was unable to save Enkidu (Who's death was decreed by a divine Spirit, the nearest equivalent of fate short of a prophecy.), one of the few things he really cared about and also didn't get that herb of immortality. I am sure he would have happily exchanged all of his weapons for saving that one friend. Iskander is probably the only guy that goes on and says. "Whatever, we will just do it better next time." Though he does feel sadness over the loss of his kingdom. Gil was also destined to rule over the world, hell, the gods specifically made him so that he would unite them and bring the under their control. (Though I do accept that he refused them and ruled them by his own will.)

    Iskander is also not such a really good example, because there were never any prophecies that stated he would or wouldn't acchieve that I believe. Without actual prophecies/divine interference it is actually nearly impossible to know what fate a person had. It is possible that Caster was destined to have a shitty life, until that girl Shows up and then get a great life. Destiny is not a one-trick horse. Saber got years of a good life as the king of camelot before everything went to hell, why couldn't it be the other side around? Why do you think fate cares about whether the villain wins or not. It just decides on someone and that is it. On the other hand, she has divine/demonic support from that weird thing, so that may count as a higher being giving a bonus to fate? Still, that makes me think about Casters Master from Fate/Zero. He killed so many People.. and when he got killed, he liked it. Does the guy have Servant Level luck or what?

    By the way, Oceanus as Iskander thinks of it doesn't exist as we learn in Fate Zero. The world is an orb, there is no ocean at the end of the world. It only exists in his head/heart.
  10. EnderofWorlds

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    The point I was making with that sheet was; last I checked Luck in F/SN=Defying Fate. I looked at the story Caster came from and decided that it was a picture perfect example of defying one's fate, so I gave her a really high luck rating. Even if we go by the standard definition of luck; she still had oodles of it to pull off what she did.

    I seriously don't see the problem here; unless you're complaining about Nasu being Nasu.
  11. Heaven Canceler

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    Nah, I have no Problem with that, it was just the description that bugged me. If it had said luck, I would have just shrugged and gone of, but I just Kind of saw no explanation for the fate thing. (No gods, no prophecies, no higher powers etc..) And yeah, Nasu is confusing like that sometimes. I should probably stop the discussion. It isn't like there is any definite answer on where fate applies after all.
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    Random ideas:

    Ivaylo the cabbage, who rose a army of peasants to defeat the mongols (who wrecked the best armies in Europe and Asia) twice. Beheaded the Bulgarian Emperor with his own weapon, married the old empress, then defeated the Byzantines twice and the mongols once again, before abdicated so a civil war didn't eat his country. In exile he actually talked to the great khan himself, and was later beheaded by a Assassin.

    Did I mention that he was a swinehearder before this all happened? Why the heck is he not a servant?

    Also, Harald wartooth, a man who went into battle unarmored and came out unharmed. Who was said to talk to Odin himself, united most of the vikings, invented the wedge formation, was said to be immune to fire and steel. Apparently lived to be 150, was the grandsire of Ivan the Boneless, and gained his sobriquet because he lost some of his teeth in battle, and instantly grew them back.

    Also, despite being 150, he died in glorious battle under a mountain of bodies... best Beserker, or best Beserker?
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    That first one is awesome. I read about him in Badass of the Week some time ago and loved that guy. He certainly deserves a place. Not sure about the second guy. Though I am really unhappy that George Washington doesn't have much of a Profile anywhere I can see. I mean, he was apparently immune to bullets and survived a hail of them countless times. He had a habit of changing horses because they were shot out from under him. His cracked Story says it all. He was either crazy lucky, or a wizard.
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    This one Is old, and is really crappy (along with being intentionally overpowered), but I might as well post it.


    Class: Caster
    Alternate: Saber
    Alignment: Evil.
    True name: Xemnas
    Wish- To gain the X-blade

    Magic-EX (See: Independent action)
    Luck- EX (As a person that doesn't exist, he is entirely outside of fate)

    Class skills

    Territory creation- A - Given sufficient space, Xemnas can create a castle, if necessary, he will make space. The castle is required for his phantasms, and for most of his combat potential in general, for the castle houses his armies, his laboratories, and other things required for him to work to his fullest.

    Summoning- C- Xemnas can bring in his minions. But stronger ones take time, and he cannot bring in any unique Nobodies (twilight thorn being the exception). But they have to have prana sources... alternatively he has to have corpses. The cost of summoning them is negated on the grounds of his castle.

    Personal Skills

    Nobody-A- Caster does not exist, caster has no heart, ironically, these are his greatest strengths. Xemnas is immune to things that target the heart, poison, and things that effect emotions. But he has a weakness to holy attacks. Grants Battle Continuation at C, and Independent Action at A.

    Mobility-B- Xemnas can defy gravity with impunity and can teleport. (given that teleporting and flying in combat are pretty rare in the Nasuverse, I figured his ability to do so would count as a skill, needs a better name though)

    Magic-C- Xemnas can create doppelgangers and barriers, and blast opponents with ‘nothing’. Along with the aforementioned teleporting abilities (eh, magecraft is a skill, so I figured this would count as well)

    Nothing’s blade-?- a blade carrying the concept of 'nothing'. It can pierce any defense magic defense, and he can summon any number of them. Leading to a blade spam the likes of Gate of Babylon.


    No heart
    Rank- A++
    Designation- Anti-city/small country
    Requires that Xemnas summons his castle. The top part breaks off and forms a dragon. The Dragon itself has a large arsenal of attacks both magical and physical, and a good deal of raw power, but the real kicker is that Xemnas assumes a greater form and gains all sorts of new elemental powers, and A rank strength and agility and the Deepest Darkness weapon. Unfortunately, he is locked in place at least until the dragon is defeated. He can, however, activate it without the dragon to gain mobility instantly.


    Rank- A
    Designation- Reality marble
    Pulling out all the stops, Xemnas brings his opponents to his own personal dimension, created in a place between light and darkness, existence and void. He is returned to full power, whatever wounds he had vanish, and he gains new tricks (really just his same ones kicked up a notch). But the real power is that even if he is defeated in the marble, his opponent is trapped in it unless they can break dimensions/ their master uses a command seal to help them escape. The ultimate ‘screw you’. Even if it succeeds though, Xemnas will be left weak and tired afterwards.

    I had intended him to be (fittingly) a final boss type for a fifth war, he was summoned by the serial killer, who he then killed, and then waited out the rest of the war, with the intent of killing the sole survivor. Then dug out a cavern and placed his castle in it, and spent the rest of the time summoning/making nobodies and doing research on lay lines and magecraft. Yeah, this was really stupid.
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    Ah...maybe you should flesh it out more.
    And the pics can be smaller.
    But I liked it.
  16. reading king

    reading king Dragon-slayer.

    Alright, fixed the pics, now how do I flesh it out more?
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  17. kinglugia

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    Never played KH.
    So can't aid you.
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    Have been working on a Ryner Lute sheet after the last LotLH sheet I did, but working out the kinks of his kinks (Am using Madness Enhancement EX to approximate the Alpha going berserk, and High Speed Casting for his insane 'overtake someone halfway through casting a spell he's never seen before' shtick, for example) is a little difficult. Here's what I've got so far, but not really happy with it. If anyone else knows The Legend of the Legendary Heroes and would like to point out anything that could be improved, I'd appreciate it.

    Also, spoilers.


    Class: Caster
    Alternate Classes: Berserker, Assassin
    True Name: Ryner Lute
    Alignment: Chaotic Good/Insane Evil
    Crossover: Legend of the Legendary Heroes
    Bio: Frequently appearing to be lethargic, sleepy, and unmotivated, Ryner is naturally talented in magic, hand-to-hand combat, the arts of assassination, ancient lore, languages and symbols, and is a bearer of the Alpha Stigma. He was known as "The Greatest Mage of Roland" within the military by the age of thirteen, after defeating Kuwonto Kuo, who previously held that title. However, because of a lack of intention to kill, he seldom fights at full strength.


    Strength: C
    Agility: B+
    Endurance: B
    Mana: A+
    Luck: E

    Class Skills

    Madness Enhancement EX: Unlike standard Madness Enhancement skills, this variation does not improve the Servant’s parameters, nor does it interfere with their speech or Noble Phantasm usage. However, it changes their alignment to Insane Evil and makes them only care about the destruction of the world around them. It can be activated through a Command Seal, witnessing overly traumatic events, prolongued usage of certain Noble Phantasms or simply activated at will by the Servant. While under this skill, the Servant also gains the ability to use destructive magic on the level of True Magic as single-action spells.
    Presence Concealment C+: The servant's skill in stealth has reached the point where they can blend into the background, appearing to be utterly unremarkable. While concealed this Servant can prepare an attack, though obviously the act of attacking breaks their cover.
    Independent Action B-: Capable of remaining in this world for two days without an established contract.

    Personal Skills

    High Speed Casting A+: The Servant is capable of using spells that approach the level of Sorcery, and can cast High-Thaumaturgy-level Magecraft at the speed of Single-Action spells. Their spells cannot be negated except by A rank Magic Resistance. They can witness someone half-way though a single-action spell and start and complete their casting of the same spell before the other can finish.
    Disengage C: The Servant can reliably break off from heated combat. Also has the ability to return an unfavourable battle to the first turn and return technique stats to their defaults.
    Mystic Eyes EX: This Servant possesses Mystic Eyes that are powerful enough to effect the world, and are such a significant part of the Servant that they are simultaneously a Noble Phantasm.
    Innocent Monster C: This Servant is tainted by the stories around his abilities and Noble Phantasms. Those who witness his Noble Phantasm gain distorted and incomplete information about both Servant and Phantasm.

    Noble Phantasm

    Alpha Stigma, the Cursed Eyes (A+)
    Support, Anti-Army
    These cursed eyes that allow the Servant to analyse most magic instantly when used. While unable to analyse Reality Marbles, True Magic or Noble Phantasms, almost any other magic will be completely understood with a glance, to the point where the Servant can see someone begin casting an unfamiliar spell, analyse the entire spell with a single glance and then, with High Speed Casting, complete their version of that spell before the original caster. However, this Noble Phantasm is also the cause of the Servant’s unique Madness Enhancement skill. Using this power for too long can automatically activate the Madness Enhancement skill, in addition to other possible trigger conditions. Unlike other Alpha Stigma bearers, this Madness Enhancement can be decativated, either through a Command Seal, or having a close friend of the Servant get close enough to the berserking Servant to physically close their eyes. There is also a very slight chance that the Servant can overcome the Madness Enhancement themselves once it activates. If the Servant suffers a mortal wound while this Madness Enhancement is active, he immediately heals and unlocks his true Noble Phantasm.

    The Solver of All Equations (EX)
    Support, Anti-World

    A power greater than that of the world-overseeing Goddesses, the being known as All Equations is able to birth a world from nothingness or return it to nothingness in an instant. As the Solver of All Equations, this Servant is the incarnation of one half of All Equations. This Noble Phantasm can only manifest if the Servant dies during the Alpha Stigma’s berserk state. If this occurs, the Servant is restored to full health and his Madness Enhancement Skill is permanently sealed, in addition to the other effects of this Noble Phantasm.

    When this is awakened, the Servant’s Alpha Stigma passively improves to the point of being able to analyse the “equation”, or form, of everything, even things the Alpha Stigma cannot analyse from non-magical objects to True Magic. This is only a side effect of the powers of All Equations, though, as the Servant can now ‘solve’ any ‘equation’ they can see with a thought, completing and erasing the existence of whatever All Equations wishes from the world. This is not limited to ‘physical’ equations, and can effect everything from inanimate objects to mana to thoughts and mental constructs to the world itself. However, precise use of this ability is impossible for mortals, and while it can be controlled enough not to destroy the world, if this is used to solve something then any magical construct or living being before the Servant’s eyes is also ‘solved’ and erased collaterally. In his first true use of this power, he collaterally erased two armies approximately a million strong, and since then has avoided using this power whenever possible.

    In addition, if both the Solver and the Weaver of All Equations are devoured by someone who has reached the Root of the World, that person gains all the abilities of All Equations, and both Weaver and Solver are doomed to eternal agony while the new All Equations lives.


    AN: Missing The Solver's Soul Sacrifice thing, but I don't know the exact mechanics so left it out. Also, the Solver is pretty much as broken as it sounds, except Ryner is a hilarious pacifist and would let himself be killed rather than kill others (though he is willing to kill to protect his friends, with himself as being saved collaterally). Also, given how he's likely to take the position of Caster there won't be many people for him to learn steal spells off when using the Stigma pre-berserk and pre-Solver.
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    The independent action you included as a skill was actually a part of the 'being a nobody' skill, you should remove it and add the ability into the nobody skill. Also the NPs are really vague and hard to understand right now.
  20. The pink cloth he wears around his arm negates ALL magic effects. This is canon btw...
  21. Zap Rowsdower

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    What? Hax, Ribbon is near-universally a female-only item...
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  22. Silver W. King

    Silver W. King The King of Adventures

    The Ribbon negates any and all status effect.
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  23. No, it's only a female only item in the Tactics games. Mainline series the ribbon is almost always available to anyone. In FF1, FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFVII, FFIX, FFX International and FFXII anyone can equip the ribbon. It doesn't show up in FFVIII, or the original Japanese and American releases of FFX.

    Edit: Besides, Cloud is well known as a cross-dresser anyway. In Final Fantasy Tactics he could wear the ribbon types. Couldn't wear the perfumes, but that would have really been hax.
  24. Arieth gave it to him before he died.
  25. Zap Rowsdower

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    I'm hoping you mean 'she' there, unless there was a rather surprising plot twist I missed.
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