Systems Alliance (Mass Effect) & Drows (Drowtales: Space Age)

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    This is for one of a few ideas I have that I want to make it into a fanfic. Mass Effect universe is fused with Drowtales: Space Age universe.​
    Discussions in the thread are regarding to tech and weapons comparison (infantry, vehicles and warships), military strength, ground and space battle, military tactics and strategies, culture differences, diplomatic relationships (Drows and Human Alliance, Citadel Council, etc), what kind of impact that the Drows would give and get after their entrance into the galactic stage, and so on.​
    Regarding to military engagement (ground and space) by both sides, it is set in 2178 CE; prior to the ME1 events.​
    Systems Alliance

    I put this particular image (female Drows wearing Miranda and Tali outfits) above either just for fun or motivational purposes. :D

    Also, you can use these links (my story ideas regarding ME-Drowtales) below as templates.
  2. Brellin

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    I'm going to go with the side that apparently has magi-tech and viable large scale and infantry scale DEW. But then the Reapers show up and the Drow lose. Hard. The end.
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    It seems as if a few of these questions would be better asked in sci-fi technical, and others in Creative Writing.
  4. The Humans from ME would probably be 10 times as effective as the ones in this thing.
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    This turns into porn. Quickly.
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    No Drow will ever be better than Commander Shepard. Period. :p

    Can someone summarize Drowtales's space capability briefly? Thanks to a certain unmentioned someone's thread, we know that Drowtales gets crushed by SMAC factions on Planet repeatedly.

    Granted, the Systems Alliance isn't quite that good technologically but they seems at least somewhat competent.

    Hmm...what if the SA went exploring and discovered Chiron and the SMAC factions one fine day? Anyone run with that as a fic idea? :)
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    There are many Vs. threads that have questions relating to sci-fi technical and sci-fi-related politics, just so you know.
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    "The ones" that you meant are the "Dirt Humes" from Drowtales: Space Age? :p

    In case if the readers don't know, "Dirt" is another synonym for "Earth". So when the Drows found out the name of Humanity's homeworld, this is what they said in the comic:
    "Who in their right mind would call their homeworld the same word as -Dirt- anyway!?"

    "Humes" is a Drows' pejorative term for "Humans" in the Drowtales: Space Age setting.
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    I thought I was being helpful, sheesh.
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    Hey, at least you're informed. ;)
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    Which porn are you talking about? Sexual Porn or Tech Porn? :wtf:
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    Sexual Porn. Drowtales: Space Age is a pay-to-view pornographic spinoff of regular Drowtales that exists to support the main site.
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    I know. Too bad Chapter 1 is the only chapter that is free to read.

    Fortunately, someone (a payer-reader) manage to copy and post the entire pages of (at least) Chapter 2 to 4 to a particular website. He haven't post Chapter 5 yet.

    However, due to SB's rule regarding to the prohibition of posting "certain" links to the thread, I can't post that link here. Sorry. :/
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    So it's porn...vs a sci-fi universe. Ok...
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    Or more elaborately: Soft porn Mass Effect universe (half-nude, nude, soft sex scenes, asari dancer) vs. Hard porn Drowtales: Space Age universe (nude, hard sex scenes, group sex, tentacles). :p
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  16. Q99


    Though by 'magi tech,' it works a lot like normal tech, it just uses mana-flow instead of electricity.

    Their use of DEW is an advantage.

    Also they've got big mecha, which helps. And the occasional really big ship.

    There's multiple human factions, which is part of the reason. The colonists almost got the Drow to go to war with the wrong one, when they were the strongest, had more military might, and were the ones who attacked.

    And once the drow hooked up with the Earth government, the Colonists successfully pushed them out of Earth space to split them up. The colonists have got those big giant motherships with huge railguns too.

    Single main heavily inhabited system (though there have been colony attempts in others, they're small and not very important), but has big space stations, colonized moons, outposts in other systems and such. Small defense satellites are common for defense.

    Total space forces unknown, but fleets are in the dozens to low hundreds, and there's multiple fleets.

    See that ship in the pic? Looks to have room for maybe half a dozen, a dozen decks? That's a normal, low-to-mid sized cruiser. Large cruisers can have probably two dozen decks (and sorry for using 'decks' as a size, but it's the best indication I've got), with similar height-to-length ratio. The big flagships (probably singular or close to it for each side) are huge, hundreds and hundreds of decks and absolutely dwarfing the above. Like giant, many miles-long mobile bases.

    Weapons, they use big mana beam weapons primarily (sometimes missiles), or in the enemy's case missiles (likely nuclear), lasers, and railguns. There's a giant enemy ship that can one-shot normal drow cruisers with it's railgun, so powerful enough focused kinetic blows can pierce through the shields quite well. Even the Drow flagship's shield can only deflect it's aim.

    Firepower, hard to tell, not super high end. Though the humes do note that their railguns are more effective for their power than nukes, so at least nuclear weapon level.

    FTL, follows various 'paths,' but seems pretty flexible (i.e. if you know there's a planet, you can find a route). Takes some time to travel between systems, but the two main systems are pretty darn far apart by implication so it's hard to tell how fast.
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    Aww man.

    I'm most certainly interested now.
  18. Regarding the Drowtales FTL, you mention "paths" is this something like hyperspace lanes or like the jump points in Wing Commander?
  19. Q99


    More like the former, but they don't seem very restrictive.

    It came up in context of chasing a ship through FTL- you can tell what path it goes and follow it.
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    Which part are you interested? Group sex? Tentacles? Both?

    Riiiiight..... :D
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  21. That sounds kinda like slipspace from Andromeda.

    Also regarding the drow here, they're cannibals or something right? They, or at least the ones in fantasy comic, will eat other sapient beings like humans right?
  22. Q99


    Yea, I think so.
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    On a more serious note, after reading a few chapters, it's a fairly interesting universe. The humans being lesser creatures is most certainly interesting. As I can tell, the Drow would be similar to the Asari, albeit much more attractive to humans imo. They seem like any other race. They wouldn't add much to the galactic stage diplomacy wise, and tech wise I am still too ignorant to know.
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    Unfortunately, pay-to-view cuts down on alot of accessible information available for those of use who haven't paid to view Drowtales so we're going to have to depend on the word of people who do have such access. :p

    Sounds sort of like maybe a match for late human Interstellar Alliance from B5 although they don't have captial ships on that scale.
  25. Such information is widely available on the internet. You can find the archives someone posted in a matter of minutes, if you had the impetus.

    Not that I would recommend anything from it besides the art. If you want 'Space Elf' stories, there are countless better ones.