Szass Tam vs Wizarding World

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    Szass Tam out of Toril finds himself in Wizarding Britain charged by a ROB with eliminating as functional entities or dominating all Wizarding governments on the planet. Tam is under 3.5 rules and has access to a loregem with all spells that he had available in Thay. He also a bag of holding with components for any spell that doesn't require components over 500 gp in value and his phylactery. Can he succeed and if so how long would it take?

    Note: dominating a government doesn't require him to be the visible ruler. If he can subvert all key positions and keep his puppets in place then that counts.
  2. Sidewaysvision

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    Fairly trivially.

    Last I checked, Szass Tam was something on the order of 29th level, a full spellcaster, and a lich.

    Against him, the options Harry Potter wizards have is pretty much "surrender" or "die."
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    Can they do anything? Admittedly, I have an exceedingly low opinion of HP wizards but I'm putting Tam against everyone and I've deprived him of his home nation. The collective wizarding gov.'ts and various beings meddling in them *cough*Dumbledore*cough*Riddle* cough* should have a hope in hell of identifying a new player and trying to defend themselves even if they are poorly equipped to actually kill him.
  4. Tam should win, he most assuredly has the ability and it is his fight to loose.

    If you gave the HP forces maximum competence they could win, but it would require a near total restructuring of the wizarding world.
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    I've got a few guesses but what are some of the measures that would be necessary to give them a chance?
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    Te potterverse can win is tam is infected with thier stupid or they all happen to be dosing with felix potion
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    So this isn't actually Szass Tam vs the Wizarding world.

    This is a level 29 wizard played by a spacebattler vs the Wizarding world (ie: reliant on game mechanics/absurdly powerful)

    the actual Szass Tam, using feats from fluff and not game mechanics would be a much more interesting fight.

    But basically he just makes the sun go supernova or throws the moon at them.
  8. Aside from the game mechanics, Szass is equal to Simbul. And she's a better at it then Elinminster. Szass is also chosen of Mystra. And going by the fluff, there is very little the wizarding world can do to stop him.

    If Voldermort was by chance in the DnD world, the abilities he can learn to possess alongside his own would make him utterly unstoppable. It's disappointing though, considering that would never come to pass.
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    Kerrus: More it's Tam prior to the Spellplague screwing Toril to hell in a handbasket. I'm willing to see fluff based or mechanic based as long as none of it is post the death of Mystra. I'm refusing to acknowledge the existence of 4E and any fluff related to it. All else is good.

    Nischal: Err, when exactly did Tam receive Silver Fire? Sammaster did but I'm not involving him.
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    Timecloning, the Luck spell, and borrowing nuclear weapons.

    I suspect they will then lose against RADIOACTIVE LICH! but it's worth a shot.

    The terrible thing is that Szass Tam is quite capable of dropping epic spells on the wizardly bunch, and those are going to be murder incarnate.

    The other problem: the traditional Harry Potter aces(unforgivable curses) are going to be worthless.

    Avada Kedavra: Oh, wait, undead. Lich, in fact; immune to death effects.

    Crucio: Oh, yeah. Undead. Welcome to "pain does nothing!" again.

    Imperio: Mind-affecting effect. Again, undead. Also, Mind Blank. Also, resistable by sheer force of will(note: level 29 epic wizard. Epic will is Epic.)

    FiendFyre: Dispel magic, antimagic shell, Disjunction, oh, and his body is just a shell.

    Frankly, Szass Tam could win this duel without ever meeting a wizard face to face. All he needs is a safe location for his phylactery and Magic Jar, and he could just body-hop wizards at-will.

    Not to mention that if he really just decides "Oh, screw it!" he can incorporeal undead-nova the world.

  11. It would be interesting to see the world develop technology alongside magic...
  12. Sidewaysvision

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    To put it bluntly, Voldemort isn't really that impressive when it comes to UNSTOPPABLE VILLAINS of epic DnD scale.

    Szass Tam is basically a more successful, more powerful, more effective Voldemort, AND he's living out Voldemort's dream(effectively): ruler of a magocracy.

    Potter wizards are strictly lower-end firepower compared to DnD wizards; this is not necessarily a terrible thing(DnD wizard: "I think I'll reshape the universe to my whims today) but it's how it rolls. DnD magic is way more oriented on hurting people and killing things, as well.

    To be fair, if you lived in a universe with Illithid you'd be all about magic to blow up those squid-faced bastards too. :p
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    ^ seconding this.

    The reason this is Tam vs the world instead of Tam vs Riddle and followers is that the only particularly impressive things Riddle has compared to any FR lich is a spell with no known mystical block (that also happens to be useless against undead) and a couple extra phylacteries. Potter style magic might interest FR liches but Riddle himself hasn't accomplished much anything that dozens of others haven't done better.
  14. Only because the magic system in the hpverse isn`t as varied as DnD. It`s still impressive nonetheless, that Riddle at his young age accomplished becoming immortal at the age of, what? 15? Splitting his soul and tying it to powerful objectssimilar to a Lich is impressive, considering there is no such thing as Liches in hp world.
  15. Daniel2112

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    Szass Tam is quite likely the closest thing to a truly competent character in DnD. He's powerful, evil, and knows precisely who to avoid and who to curry favor with. While other Red Wizards waste themselves trying to take down power houses like the Simbul of Aglarond, he basically ignores her entirely in favor of schemes that are unlikely to piss her off. He's managed to talk Larloch, a lich far, far, far more powerful than himself, into actually creating artifacts for him. If he were to ask Elminster for help, the old goat would actually consider doing so simply because having Szass as the top dog in Thay means there's a certain amount of stability in that otherwise clusterfuck of a country.

    Meanwhile, HP Wizards could likely be outsmarted by the fucking Teletubbies.
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    They're not that bad.:)
  17. Yes, small children enjoy watching the Teletubbies...

    sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    And young adults like reading/watching Harry Potter.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself either.:D
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    Some young adults also enjoy Twilight, so...
  20. Yes. Yes they are.

    Say it with me now; the inhabitants of the Wizarding World can be outsmarted by Teletubbies.
  21. Pretty sure any verse can be outsmarted by Teletubbies.
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    Teletubbies are some of the more inoffensive of Lovecraftian horrors, but make no mistake, they are Lovecraftian horrors!