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Tea Party to Republicans: Shut Down the Government, or You're a Sellout

Discussion in 'Whitehall - The SB Politics Forum!' started by TK99, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. TK99

    TK99 Me Use Spell Check Now

    I kinda feel for the Rep. in the video, he is desperately trying to explain to Republican district why there is essentially no hostage to take.
  2. The Next

    The Next Lack-of-Context Solution


    They reaped what they sowed.

    Are we supposed to feel pity? All I feel is a great big guffaw.
  3. Translation: The Republican head is in danger of being consumed by its Tea Party body.

    We already knew that when Lugar and Specter were pushed out.

    There presently seem to be three parties in America. Democrats, Republicans and Tea Partyists saying they're still Republicans. With libertarians hanging around, having dreams of national relevance.
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  4. Q99


    They do realize even a government shutdown won't stop Obamacare, just delay it, and it's not going to end with the Dems caving on Obamacare, right?
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  5. Aaron Fox

    Aaron Fox Supreme Commander of the Terran Starship Command

    With the occasional holdouts of the Nazi party waiting in the shadows... also having dreams of national relevance and hoping that some Great Communicator figure comes to their doorstep.

    Seriously, the US needs to change now or die. I'm not going to die.
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  6. Perhaps the "mainstream" Republicans are starting to regret using all the extreme "Obama will ruin us, and will utterly destroy this country if he is allowed to do anything" talk. Because that's kind of blowing up in their face.
  7. Aaron Fox

    Aaron Fox Supreme Commander of the Terran Starship Command

    With the subtly of a nuke...
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  8. The Dark Gods

    The Dark Gods Lord Of Madness

    More like a god damn Cobalt Bomb.
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  9. southdakotaboy

    southdakotaboy Bursting liberal bubbles

    Let it burn! The state governments will keep order in the streets and a shut down is for nonessential services anyway. Obama and the left went on tv and literally claimed planes would fall from the sky if we passed sequester. Guess what it didn't happen along with all the other doom and gloom that was forcast. The same thing will happen with the shut down. As an added bonus the Republican party held its own in the last shut down. They lost a few House seats (around 6 but kept the majority) and gained Senate seats (2).

    So again let it burn and the sow the place with salt and rocks!
  10. Apollyon1184

    Apollyon1184 Evil Porcine Liberal

    Just post this every time SBD tries to argue with you.
  11. LoofahBoy

    LoofahBoy Maximum roadkill

    ...so in other words, these guys want to bring the Confederacy back.
  12. The Next

    The Next Lack-of-Context Solution

    Uh, wow.

    You want it all to burn?

    Okay then.

    There gonna be some charges of treason against certain GOP members if anything like your vision comes to pass I fear.
  13. The Dark Gods

    The Dark Gods Lord Of Madness

    Anyway, can someone add Anarchists to the list of terrible things the GOP is?
  14. Aaron Fox

    Aaron Fox Supreme Commander of the Terran Starship Command

    Which is a nuke that is made into a very dirty weapon.

    Most likely. Self deluted, stubborn, fools...

    Probably the leaders who go with this getting high treason if that comes to pass and the dust settles. Their names would go down in history as some of the worst traitors in history. Personally I would put them in front of a firing line and gladly fire the killing trigger.

    Then cut their heads off and put them on pikes for public display as a testament of their foolishness. Probably install a monarch just to be sure that we can survive until either civilization is wiped off the map by nuclear war or until full unification of mankind.
  15. The Dark Gods

    The Dark Gods Lord Of Madness

    Deference between a gun and a GAU-8.
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  16. Aaron Fox

    Aaron Fox Supreme Commander of the Terran Starship Command

    True... but then nukes can blend together at times.
  17. Damar

    Damar They hate if you're clever and despise a fool

    So the Tea Party basically wants to do this? Like again after the debt thing?


    How can an organisation like that even be relevant and not be scorned and mocked and ignored?
  18. Aaron Fox

    Aaron Fox Supreme Commander of the Terran Starship Command

    A Person is Smart. People are Stupid. Get enough People together and they're like Sheep awaiting orders from a Herder and his collie...
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  19. Okay so why does the Tea Party matter now beyound being a bunch of loudmouths going you are not doing what i want hissyfit again. Even Homer Simpsons Gravy Boat party was saner and they wanted this


    Still hopefully the Republicans might take their own party back and kick out the Tea Party cuckoo from their nest.
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  20. CallingCthulhu

    CallingCthulhu His smile and optimism: gone.

    go home Joker.

    Batman beat u up.
  21. Atlan

    Atlan Doofcat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

  22. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Dark Lord of Shadows

    so....republicnas want to burn things - and somehow this makes them better?
  23. CallingCthulhu

    CallingCthulhu His smile and optimism: gone.

    Well, Dragons like burning things. Republicans like burning things. Therefore Republicans are dragons.

    Dragons are pretty cool.
  24. Atlan

    Atlan Doofcat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    They also think you taste good with ketchup.
  25. I'd like to state the nonpartisan and independent nature of the dragon community as a whole.

    we generally are single issue voters that is pro-treasure and pro-napping :p.