Tesla vs Einstein vs Hawking

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  1. A ROB decides to go all-out with crazy superscience, and grabs Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and ramps all them up to total memetic status, so

    -Tesla has devastating control of electricity, lightning, wireless charge, electro-power-armor, and has an operating version of his death ray (which for this we will assume was really responsible for Tunguska)
    -Einstein can bend time and space, and can master teleportation, in addition to being able to reset himself to a few seconds back in time in the middle of fight.
    -Hawking's wheelchair has full antigrav status, and he can throw micro-black holes at his enemies, in addition to manipulating the pull of gravity itself. In addition, he can open a hole to an alternate universe and pull out an AU version of himself if he gets desperate.

    In a three-way throwdown, who comes out?

    If you want, you can also apply the memeticness in your own way to change up their abilities...
  2. It's Called Borrowing ze~

    It's Called Borrowing ze~ An Ordinary Magician

    Einstein wins. He retcons the other 2 out of existence.
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  3. Blissful Lightning

    Blissful Lightning Holy Denier of Canon

    Science has no concept of "older is better". The newest innovations are always the most powerful.

    For that reason, Hawking takes it. He already studied the discoveries of the other two scientists and would be able to counter and surpass them.
  4. Schrodinger's Cat

    Schrodinger's Cat Experiencing a significant gravitas shortfall

    Tesla doesn't stand a chance. Einstein freezes him in time and Hawking destroys him with black holes.

    I want to say Einstein wins, because I like him more, but honestly Hawking can do ever thing he does only better and can do more.
  5. Tzauri

    Tzauri SB's Only Sanguine x Slaanesh Shipper

    Einstein beats the crap out of them.

    Then, assuming that he is allowed to keep his powers, goes trolling with Yukari Yakumo.
  6. Time control beats lightning and a fancy flying wheelchair. Einstein just steps out of the "normal" flow of time, and whilst the other two are seemingly frozen (whilst he runs around giggling at normal speed) he pops a cap in each of their asses.
  7. jo demon

    jo demon Teamwork

    clearly this is settled in a rap battle between tesla and einstein.

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  8. Schrodinger's Cat

    Schrodinger's Cat Experiencing a significant gravitas shortfall

    Einstein doesn't win that easily. Hawking has black holes, which are basically magic.
  9. YUIOP10

    YUIOP10 Burn brightly.

    Einstein wins, but Hawking has the most destructive force.
  10. Einstein controls time and space. That analogous to having your hands upon the tablecloth that the Universe is laid out on. And then in that case, Tesla is playing with a fork and Hawking has the pepper.
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  11. Number3124

    Number3124 of the Ahforgetit Tendancy...

    Hawking has better weapons, but Einstein can just hit the reset button until he wins.

    As for the rap battle Tesla won. Better rhymes. Better flow.
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  12. El_Shamro

    El_Shamro Master of...something...

    Einstein being able to bend time & space takes this. He can use that ability to replicate and surpass Hawking's micro black hole powers, and he can always surround himself with a time dilation shell to make it virtually impossible to ambush him. Throwing in teleportation and the time reset powers on top of that makes him impossible to beat.
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  13. YUIOP10

    YUIOP10 Burn brightly.

    That was Tesla vs Edison.
    There's one with Hawking Vs Einstein, and I think Hawking won that one.
  14. Hawking: Because Your Standing Over the Rancor Pit.
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  15. Number3124

    Number3124 of the Ahforgetit Tendancy...

    I was talking about the Vs first. The second line was about the rap battle that Jo posted.
  16. YUIOP10

    YUIOP10 Burn brightly.

    I was only addressing the 2nd line :p
  17. Scots Dragon

    Scots Dragon Mad Scottish Solidaritarian

    Truly the only proper result of this is for Hawking, Einstein and Tesla to not fight at all; they should team up and use their new powers fight the forces of evil FOR SCIENCE!