The 2nd Cylon war - Open Round Robin

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  1. detail, details, be ahhpy its moving as fast as it is
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    NaH I´ll leave it with you. I set you up for a spectacular entrance.:)
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    Nope, I have all the Cylons pull back already and self-destructed all the ones that can't jump. There is no more wartargets for you. In fact, your fight is late because be the time you posted it, my Cylons were gone.
  4. ok saddly i must go to work now so for the next 7 to 10 hours im going to be history, so if anyone wants to pick up BSG 82 they can But i have plans for BSG 86 and 109, so hands! (growls) have fun adn take care
  5. minor thats ture but there in a flashback of a kind so stop nit picking
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    WTH? John F Kennedy class carriers?
  7. buddy this is a BSG fic not SAAB, so change that to mercury class and your fine and hammerhead to vipers, but later once i get back form work since i do this form my phone, me and you can tag team the cylon group.
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    The Second Cylon War, Compilation. Chapter 1-5

    Dr. Giaus Baltar nodded to his vivacious young woman as she left, but turned back to his work. He was currently working on the navigation software for almost any standard space capable warship.

    He had his computer unplugged from any network, per regulations and safeguards. He'd already showed the current plans and this was the final build, finished just ahead of schedule. His bonus was secure.

    He was sipping his coffee when he realized that he'd forgotten to re-add the fallback module for dead-stick flying.

    Marcus Tyler was going to totally blow a gasket about it when he did discover that it wasn't included.

    He reuploaded the patched file and compiled, twenty minutes after his latest bonus deadline would have failed.

    Luckily, he knew a backdoor and could hack the date-time stamp.

    The Second Cylon War
    Chapter 1

    Outer system - BSG 82 battle group

    The Battlestar Omega, a new Mercury class battlestar and her gourp of 4 other batlestars, 10 gunstars, and 17 combatstars, were cruseing threw space when on there long rang dradis, they picked up a group of fighters incoming.

    The commander of the gourp Commander Rosan, ordered battlestations and all alert fighters to launch while still wondering what the unknown fighters were doing in Colonial space. Then the Radiclogical Alarms went off...

    BSG 78 Battle Group - On Alert Status patrol near BSG 82 and the outer system of the fringe colonies & mining district.

    "Alert! Alert! Call to Battlestations!! This is the CIC, Admiral Leelin to the CIC. Battlestations! All hands, Battlestations!!! " Cried over the speakers.

    Crewmembers of the Battlestar Deltacron, another Mercury class battlestar, rushes to Battlestation as well as her escorts of four other battlestars, Six Gunstars & ten Combatstars launch their vipers in CAP formation and form up their capital ships in combat formation.

    "This is the Admiral!" As she rushes to the CIC, "What's the alert about!?"

    "Admiral, BSG group 82 reports multiple Dradis reports of Cylon Basestars and raiders heading toward their position. The configuration of these Basestars differs than the ones that we faced in the first conflict but it they are adhering to the standard Cylon wave strike as before."

    "Get the Fleet into formation, Commander Seelan! Once we get further SitRep from Commander Rosan's battlegroup, we'll jump our entire group on top of those toasters and jump them with all guns and missiles blazing at their rear formations!"

    "Roger that, Admiral!!! Comm!! Give me a SitRep report from the rest of the taskforce, NOW!"

    "All Ships reporting in! All Warships ready for Jump and waiting for coordinates, Sir!"

    "Wait for it and maintain our CAPs!" shouted the Admiral among the klaxons blaring.


    "Dr. Baltar, We are now on High Combat Alert! It appears that the Cylons have started their attack run."

    "Yes, all the Screens are showing massive activity targeting all of our military installations and warships.

    "Yes, but the screens shows that it appears that they are sending almost eveything they got at us. "

    "Let's concentrate on the matter on hand. This is a big fracking war we got and at least what I had work on for the Fleet will bear fruit"

    'I hope what I created for the Colonial Fleet will help defeat this Cylon Invasion or I'll be dead like the rest of humanity' thought Dr. Baltar.

    Battlestar Pegasus, Scorpia system

    “Stand down blue watch.” Barked Colonel Fisk. “Alright people, time to get some sleep. Black watch, the show’s all yours.”

    “Ahh great Colonel, just what I always wanted.” Lietenant Trey grinned as she assumed command. “My own Battlestar. Its just docked up and powered down with no one aboard.”

    “Better than nothing Lietenant.” The large officer huffed. “First step in the chain of command. Night shift or not, the ship is yours.”

    “Aye sir.” She said formally, accepting command. “Pleasant dreams then.”
    “You can bet on it, tomorrow we all get leave.”

    “Amen to that.” Trey nodded as the Colonel left.

    For two hours very litle happened with the night watch simply running scans and making sure the ships stores and systems were in order.

    “Here’s something.” Lieutenant Hoshi piped up. “Thought I saw something jump in.”

    “What? Where?” Trey asked.

    “Not far from Scorpia, pretty small, and I’ve lost it now.”

    “Sensor glitch?”

    “I just ran a check, I don’t think so.”

    “Well we’re in dock, not much we can do about it.”

    “I’ll pass it on to Scorpia command, they can get a Viper up there or something.”

    Trey grinned. “I almost wanted to wake the Admiral.”

    “She’d take your head off.” Hoshi said. “I mean literally.”

    “I’ve only seen her twice, never spoke to her.”

    “You’re new right?” Hoshi asked.

    “Fresh from the Andromeda two weeks ago.” Trey confirmed.

    “Well you’ll be fine, Cain is by the book but she knows her job. Stay on her good side, don’t screw up and you’ll do great.”

    “Hey look, that blip.” Trey pointed.

    “I knew it was real.” Hoshi grinned. “DRADIS has a lock, huh, doesn’t match any of our profiles.”

    “New civilian ship?”

    “Pretty small, I guess it must be…”

    Before he finished the whole room lit up like a firework display.

    “What the hell is all this?” Trey gasped in panic. “What did you do?”

    “I didn’t do anything!” Hiroshi defended loudly. “We’ve got ships jumping in system!”

    Trey ran to a DRADIS screen. “Five, six, gods seven ships! where are they coming from!”

    “No IFF, they aren’t ours.” Hoshi said. “Okay, I’m sounding general quarters!”

    “At this time of the night? What are you, nuts?”

    The conversation was becoming a little surreal. “This could be an attack.” Hoshi threw the master alarm and at once klaxons began ringing.

    “I don’t know whats worse.” Trey said. “Whether its for real or whether we got tricked into waking the Admiral.”

    Several doors away a groggy mass of black hair turned over in bed and shot a hand out to grab a nearby phone. “CiC, this had better be so good.”

    “Admiral Cain, it’s, it’s Lieutenant Hoshi.”

    “Make your report Lieutenant.”

    “Ma’am, seven unidentified vessels have entered the system, big ones.”

    “How big?” Cain frowned.

    “Bigger than an old Cylon Base star.”

    “Have we got a DRADIS match?”

    “No Ma’am, I… wait, Admiral she’s launching fighters!”

    Cain was out of bed in a heart beat. “Spin up all batteries, crash start the engines and I want Vipers in tubes in five minutes!”

    “Ye, yes Admiral.”

    “We’re under attack, warn the other ships and make sure point defences are active.”

    “Yes Admiral.”

    “You did the right thing Hoshi, now hold it together, I’m on my way.”
    Helena Cain dropped the phone, grabbed a jacket and bolted through the door.
    So much for shore leave.

    BSG 82 - Battlestar Omega (Caprica outer system)

    "Commander!" LT Goin's called out to her Ageing CO

    "Report Lt." He responded coolly not taking his eyes off of the Dradis Display, now showing his own Battlestar, the Omega. The Omega was a brand new 3rd generation Mercury class Battlestar, and her 4 older sisters of the 2nd Gen recently upgraded Battlestars, the Battlestar's Justice, Avenger, Umbra, and Titanis were moving into a Vertical diamond formation around the Omega. His 10 Gunstars, The Lunaria, Kinston, Levi, Marlboro, Fateless, Valor, Arda, Alexander, Ottman, and Westinghouse were moving to the front of the formation to best use there large amount of CIWS fire nearly Equal to a Battlestar's and large spinal mounts, with the 17 Combatstar's moving inbetween the other ships to cover there blind spots.

    "Sir, BSG 78 has responed to are Emergency call, and wants to jump in on top of the Cylons to catch them in a cross fire, Sir!" She called back

    "very well, prepair to feed them the location of the Cylon Group as soon as we engage them."

    "Aye sir"

    As the clock keep ticking, the Cylons perhaps unaware of the newly upgrade Rail guns, continued to close until they were within 400,000 Km. The Cylons were now well inside of his 650,000 Km Range, but he wanted to keep that his secret for now and give these fraking Toasters a little peace of his mind for dareing to attack on his little girls Brithday!

    The range was still closing, and the Cylons where confused as to why there backdoor weren’t shutting down the colonial battle group, but they continued nonetheless.

    When they reached the 400,000 Km mark, what should of been the max range of the Colonials, all hell broke lose. With shots that where still hitting where they thought were long range, the first of the 5 basestar's blew form the damage. The Cylons now knew there was a big problem since there virus to shut off the colonial fleet where working, they knew this was going to be a long and hard war... but for the moment things where going form bad to worse for the tin cans as they saw BSG Group 78 jump out 200,000 Km behind them.

    On board the Deltacron things were heating up.

    "Admiral, we got telemetry from BSG group 82."

    "Feed all info to our Taskforce units, tell them to get ready to Jump on my mark"

    "information is sent and all ships reporting in as ready for the Jump. Sir, CIC reports that All CAPs are returning to all warships as per standard orders, Admiral."

    "Good, Now, ON MY MARK .... JUMP!" shouts the Admiral.

    The entire Taskforce jumps to the specify coordinates that Admiral Leelin ordered. It was perfect.

    "Admiral, we're 200,000 KM behind the Cylon Taskforce that is facing BSG 82's battlegroup, there already one Cylon Basestar destroyed."

    "Launch all Vipers into attack mode. Destroy those Raiders. All Gunstars, follow the Deltacron to that rear-most Cylon Basestar! The Rest of the CombatStars and the Viper CAPs, keep those Raiders off our backs!"

    The surprised Cylon Basestars tries to trigger the backdoor program in the taskforce coming from the rear but had the same result. Nothing happen.

    Battlestar Deltacron and her Gunstars fires all her Combat Batteries and Radiologicals and shattered the targeted Cylon Basestar. The formation of the Cylon Strike force was heavily disrupted.

    "Admiral, this is CIC, I'm getting a very strange signal from the Cylons, it appears that they are trying to hack into our secure Network but it appears that it is failing due to the firewall that Dr. Baltar had installed a few years back."

    "Damn Toasters, Dr. Balter did mention that he had suspected something to the effect that they might try something like this... Are our emergency cut-off to the network system ready in case they do hack into our system?" inquired the concern Admiral as she watches her Taskforce and BSG 82 slowly grind the remaining Cylon Basestars between them as their raiders and the colonials' vipers grind each other in a hail of explosive fire.

    "Yes, CIC reports that they are ready just in case, I have sent off a warning to the rest of the Taskforce of the attempted Hacking."

    "All Taskforce ships report ready to dis-engage from the network in case of Cylon penetration into the network."

    "Good, Rack up one for that haughty Dr. Gauis Baltar."

    'Bloody Fracking Cocksure geek, always showing up with his lady friend everywhere he goes. At least his software is keeping the Cylons off our network for now.

    But the Admiral celebrated too soon. "Admiral, All Cylon Basestars in the immediate vinicity have been destroyed, our vipers and CombatStars are continuing to eliminate the rest of the raiders from our field of fire. Beg to report, one of our CombatStars was destroyed when it was on fire and it rammed the last Basestar."

    "Yes, I saw THAT! I'll recommend Cmdr. Short and her crew a merit of honour for her ship, the Firefox. CIC, what is the la ..."

    "ADMIRAL! This is CIC, we are getting an alert call from Caprica! They are under Cylon Attack! They report Twenty-three Cylon Basestars heading in."

    "Damn!! Ready our ships! Recall our CAPS! Those remaining Toasters & their Raiders aren't worth the time right now!!"

    "Admiral, BSG Group 82 is giving us the coordinates for the next Jump."

    "Are all our CAPS back?"

    "YES, Admiral!"

    "Then to all Ships, JUMP!" ... 'Damn Toasters' thought the Admiral as her Taskforce BSG 78 and Commander Rosan's BSG group 78 goes to Caprica's rescue.

    Battlestar Galactica

    The offending device next to his desk beeped incesantly and Adama looked up in annoyance from being distracted from the final paperwork that would officially bring Galactica into retirement. A retirement he neither wanted nor asked for and as Adama thought on the matter neither would she. Grabbing the phone off its mount Adama spoke calmly.

    "This is the Commander."

    "Sir this is Lt. Gaeta on midwatch were recieving a priority one alert and sir its being sent in the clear." Adama sat bolt upright his earlier irritation forgotten. "In the clear...What does it say?"

    "Attention all Colonial fleet units...Cylon attack underway this is no drill." Adama paused for a heartbeat. "Im on my way"

    While Adama was making his way to CIC throught the decks of Galactica the crew were conducting their routine of cleaning the decks and conducting last minute maintance something which struck them as odd since the ship would soon be handed over to a caretaker force in Orbit over Caprica when they got back.

    "Action stations Action Stations set condition one through out the ship this is not a drill repeat. Action stations, Action Stations, set condition one throughtout the ship this is not a drill."

    "Not a drill they cant be serious!?" Prosna shouted as he picked up the mopp bucket and ran to the nearest janitorial clossest to dump it.

    "Sounds like it to me!" Cally said next to him.

    Galactica CIC

    "What do we got a shipping accident or something?" Tigh asked as he entered CIC stumbling slightly from the drink in his hand. Adama just handed him a printout which the Colonel had a great deal of difficulty reading in his drunken state.

    "This is a joke." Tigh dismissed "The fleet is playing a joke on you, its a retirement prank come on!"

    "I dont think so." Adama responded with a pointed look. He took the main handphone and depressed the trigger, instantly the Tannoy came to life causing all activity ship wide to cease.

    "This is the Commander. Moments ago this ship recieved word of a Cylon attack against our homeworlds is underway we do not know the size or disposition of the Enemy but all indications point to a massive Cylon assault against Colonial forces. As we speak Battlestar groups 82, 77 and 78 are heavily engaged against Cylon forces. A Cylon attack against Picon fleet headquarters was thrated at the last minute by the timely arrival of our own Battlestar Group 75. It is my intention to linkup with BSG 75 and commence operations against Cylon forces immeadiatly." Adama looked to the crew seeing the nervous and trepid faces of unseasoned officers about to go to battle for the first time.
    "You´ve trainned for this your ready for this. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow ship mates and we´ll all get through this. Further updates as we get them." Adama ended the announcement.

    "Tactical begin a plot of all contacts in the system friendly or otherwise."

    "Aye sir."



    "We´re in a shooting war we need something to shoot with." Adama emphasized.

    "Ill start checking munitions depots" Tigh caught on quickly.

    "Dee send word to our fighter squadron. All ships are to return to the Barn immeadiatly." Adama knew he would need them.

    "Yes sir." Dee set about her task.

    "And get Kara Thrace out of the brig." Adama ordered. He knew he´d need every pilot he had.

    Galatica Port Flight Pod

    "All right I want this deck clear for possible incoming. Cally, Prosna double time it! Hurry!." Tyrol looked around at the greenhorns moving almost on the verge of panic

    "This better be for real."

    BSG Group 82 - Battlestar Omega

    "Commander, the last cylon basestar is down, and theres less then 30 raiders left." Colonel Jackson told his CO

    "Very well, XO, whats the Status of the Fleet?" Commander Rosan Asked

    "No damage beyond a few marks of the panit on are battlestar's, all Gunstar's are also at 100%, sir, However Combatstar 365, the Sabre, was destoryed by that last baseship, and 2 others have light damage." Johnson wincingly told him

    "Very wel..."

    "Commander! We are getting a emergency call for help for BSG 72 over Caprica, they report 23 basestars, they have lost 2 Battlestar's already, with 2 more damaged, and most there Escourts are ether out of the fight or dead!" LT Goins called out in shock as she heard it over the wireless

    "Fraken Hell!!!!! Order the vipers back to the strips, all ships, are to plot for jump to Caprica ASAP! Inform Admrial Leelin of are in tensions." The now spitting mad commander Rosan orderd

    "Sir we are getting a hail from the old Galactica, she's going to lick up with BSG 75 over picon." Major Kells reported

    "Order are 2 damaged and 2 other Combatstar's to link up with her, and transfer have there Ammo stock to her, then escort her till she links up with BSG 75." the CO ordered

    "Sir the fleet is ready to jump!" XO Barked

    "Very well, JUMP!" He yelled, looking for blood. His little girl was on a school trip to orbit of Caprica today, her birthday

    Just as BSG 72 was about to be wiped out from the Caprican sky, the most amazing and terrifying sight any of the ever saw happened. BSG 78 and 82 both jumped right in front of the Cylons but a case of extreme bad luck hit the Battlestar Umbra. Umbra she jump right in front of her 2 damaged but surviving sisters of BSG 72 and took the 49 nukes meant to finish them off, and not even the mighty mercury class battlestar could take that and walk away, she died a large fiery death.

    As the 2 Mighty and already blooded Battlegroups came out of there jump, the Omega rocked as it was hit my several stray Rail gun shells, and secends later and mssive shock wave.

    "WHAT the hell was that!" Demand Commander Rosan

    "Sir! the Battlestar Umbra has been destoryed! It looks like she took the Death shots ment for Whast left of BSG 72!" Major Kells report form his Tactical readout

    "These Fraken Toasters are Going to pay for that! All ships lunch all vipers! ordered the Titanis and 4 Combat stars to cover BSG 72, all remaining ships lock target Master 18 and FIRE!" Commander Rosan barked with fury at losing more than 2600 people on that Battlestar and the combatstar earlier in less than 2 hours of war.
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    The Second Cylon War
    Chapter 2

    Battlestar Pegasus
    Scorpia Fleetyard

    “Sit-rep Commander?” Admiral Cain strode onto the command deck like she had built it herself, an aura of supreme confidence surrounded her even in this panicked and confusing time. She took a stand beside the central console and looked at the map of the local area.

    “Admiral, we have seven unidentified capital ships in system and closing hard.” Commander Slater rattled off, the tall slim officer already immaculately turned out in duty uniform.

    “Anything on where they came from?”

    “No Admiral but they’re shedding fighters, all of them are on an attack vector, intercept in two minutes.”

    “Why aren’t we moving Colonel?” Cain demanded.

    “We’re still latched onto the fleet yard Ma’am.” Fisk returned.

    “Not my problem, all ahead full, we’ll fix the damage if we live past the next ten minutes.”

    With a tearing whine of metal the Pegasus began to move, bending and twisting the docking latches still clamped to the hull. The girders and struts twisted away leaving barely a mark on the warship but doing some superficial damage to the station.

    “We’re clear.” Fisk stated. “Clearing our firing lines and beginning DRADIS sweep.”

    “Load forward guns and begin plotting a firing solution.” Cain ordered.

    “We gonna let them fire first Admiral?” Slater wondered.

    “Like hell!” Cain scoffed. “Fire as soon as we hit range, target the central point and don’t stop until everyones dead.”

    Ultimately the choice was taken out of her hands.

    “Radiological alert!” Trey yelled. “Lead enemy ship is firing nukes!”

    “Point batteries free, fire at will!” Cain ordered sharply. “All turrets load flak rounds and engage at will!”

    The Base star sprouted Missiles, launching dozens of white trailed darts at the fleet, most of which was still stationary. Pegasus met the strike with a massive barrage from its guns, the heavy arsenal turning space red with explosions and tracer rounds. The other ships in the fleets had at least brought most of their guns online and added to the carpet barrage.

    “Silver squadron in the tubes!” Slater called.

    “Launch Vipers, get the rest out as soon as they’re loaded up!” Cain ordered. “Put us in front of the station!”

    “Admiral, that’s going to give every enemy ship a clean shot at us.”

    “We can defend ourself, the rest of the fleet can’t yet.” Cain stated flatly. “Move us into position.”

    The Pegasus altered course and cut across the front of the enemy fleet, putting itself in front of the still powering up Battlestars docked at the yards.

    “Enemy fighters locking on!”

    “Deploy our squadrons to the flanks, keep them out of our firing solutions.” Cain stated.

    “All weapons free, engage targets of opportunity but watch for nukes.”
    Vipers blasted out of the bays, dark grey arrows that rapidly side stepped and rolled out of the way as their massive parent ship unleashed full broadsides down range at the enemy. Every gun that could bear spat fire, white rounds trailing wisps of smoke burst open amid enemy squadrons, fast tracking light guns stitched the darkness with silent chains of red hot lead.

    In return the Cylons concentrated their missile volleys on Pegasus, the deadly weapons meeting the wall of flak and fighters.

    “Blue lead, watch your flanks.” Captain Taylor spoke coldly. “Enemy fighters closing hard, intercept and destroy.”

    The elegant grey MkVII’s snapped their noses around and accelerated, pushing their pilots back into their seats. Up ahead the pilots got their first true look at the enemy, scimitar winged fighters knifing through the void with a purity of purpose born from programming.

    “Alright people, pick a target and attack.”
    Taylor wheeled around and lined up a hostile, watching as it slid into his targeting sights. With a faint smile he fired, streaming red tracers into the jet. The first few went wide, but his second burst severed a wing in a brief flash of flame.

    “Blue squad, more on six! Break and attack!”

    “Confirmed.” Taylor replied, the sky filling with hostile craft. “New targets, intercept and destroy.”

    A pair of missiles slipped through the net bursting on Pegasus’ hull with a jolt.

    “Our defences are getting saturated Admiral!” Fisk warned. “They’re starting to get through!”

    To emphasise the point the massive Battlestar rocked again as a brace of anti ship missiles crashed home.

    “What about the other ships? We need to buy them more time!”

    “Cerberus is on the move, another minute until she’s active.” Slater called. “Hydra is still powering up, but she’s firing.”

    “More fighters joining us from the planet.” Fisk read the data. “But we’re still outmatched.”

    “Once the other Battlestars are moving we’ll go on the offensive.” Cain stated. “Until then hold station and keep firing!”

    Several more missiles struck the warship as the Cylons jostled for a firing position, battering the Mercury class ship with everything they could throw, yet the Beast of a Battlestar clung on and hit back, its flank washed in orange light from explosions erupting at point blank range. It took every gun just to keep surviving, but it wouldn’t last forever and the Cylons knew that as well as Cain did.

    As the battle heated up, more Colonial units came on line.

    "Get my ship out of this dock now!" Commander Kyra Delmino ordered, pacing the deck like a caged lioness. Pegaus was getting showered with missiles from the advancing Cylon Base Stars, but so far she was holding her own.

    "Thirty seconds till we get engine power. Weapons are spinning up for, and Alpha and Delta Squadrons will be ready for launch in two," Colonal Val replied from her station. All around the CIC the sounds of a warship coming back to life filled the air. The vibrations of powering engines and the faint rattle of auto loaders kept everone focused on the tasks at hand. This attack had coem out of nowhere, but they were reacting jsut as their Commander had drilled them.

    "Once we launch bring us up in support of Pegasus. We need to take some heat of Cain, not that she needs our help though from what I've heard of her."

    "She's a legend, but even legends need a helping hand sometimes," Lt. Dallis said as she manned the DRADIS console. "Enemy fighters closing on the Pegasus. Hydra is leaving dock."

    "Well let's not get left behind. Engines at full and target main guns on the closest Base Star. Salvo fire on my mark!" Kyra ordered.

    "Yes mam, clearing dry-dock now," Colonal Vaul reported.

    "Excellent, now let's bag us some toasters!"

    As Cerberus pushed her way out into open space Vipers began emerging from her flight pods, forming up around their mothership.

    "All right people, we've got seven Base Stars inbound with a double scoop of raiders moving in right along with them. Alpha and Delta Squadrons, target the forward group of Raiders. The other squadrons will join us as soon as they launch," Dara Kalreo of Alpha Sqadron said. "This is what we've been training for people. Stay together and don't lose your heads. Remember these toasters are just machines; use your instincts and you'll beat 'em every time. Now let's do it! Weapons free!"

    The Colonial Vipers broke off into pairs as the first Cylon Raiders came into range. Three sent missiles zipping at the sleek, silver and grey hulled Vipers, who replied with coordinated fire from their own weapons, detonating the dangerous munitions before they could impact. Then the Raiders were on them. Two Vipers were taken down as the furball began, the Raiders using their numbers to box them in and blow them apart.

    "Frak!" Dara cursed as she took down her first Raider with a double burst through its main body, sensing the two halves spinning off into space. "Keep it together people! Cerberus is about to give us som backup. Draw as many Raiders as you can towards the ship."

    "Roger that Boss," Arther Dren or Delta Squadron replied as he cut a Raider in half as it was angling for a shot at Delta Three. "Watch your six Couger."

    "Watch your own, I had him," Couger joked. "But thanks all the same."

    By now a hundred Raiders were moving to cut down the small group of Colonial fighters. Just as they launched missiles however, the Vipers jumped away and the Battlestar Cerberus launched a full volley from its flak batteries. Space seemed to explode as the densly packe Cylon Raiders were cut apart by the massive number of shells. Red and orange detonations marked the death of Raider after Raider. Within thirty seconds all that remained was debris.

    "Now that's how it's done in the Colonial fleet!" Alpha Two shouted.

    "All right people," Dara sent out over the comm. net. "Cerberus just got orders from the Admiral. Form up alongside Pegasus and prepare for a hard drive into the Cylon line. Time to show these toasters just how big a mistake they make!"

    A chain of fire leapt back and forth along the hull of the Pegasus, ripping into the outer armour but fortunately failing to penetrate the thick hide of the beast.

    “We’ve got action!” Hoshi called out. “Cerberus us on our flank, taking some of the heat.”

    “Hydra is also on her way.” Colonel Fisk stated. “She’s got fighters in the sky and is accelerating hard.”

    “Alright, that’s the job done.” Cain grimaced. “Hard about, present minimum aspect and stand by salvo fire!”

    The grey ship made its turn, lining up with the other two Battlestars in bringing its bow to point at the Cylons. The splayed enemy ships kept firing, but now many missiles continued past as they found smaller targets to hit.

    Fighters whipped past, engrossed in their own fight for survival amid the duelling capital ships. Vipers dodged in and out of the clash hunting Raiders while the Cylon craft tried to get into nuke range of the Battlestars. One managed to hit the Hydra, a massive flash of Nuclear energy washing over the cylindrical hull of the Valkyrie class ship causing fortunately superficial damage.

    Cain kept her balance as the floor beneath her rattled with the exertion of the engines.

    “Time on target, all forward guns lock on and concentrate fire.”

    “Solution plotted for presumed base ship, opening fire.”

    The rim turrets tracked forward and in conjunction with the fixed forward guns began a vicious salvo fire at the first enemy ship. Two dozen armour piercing rounds cored through the base ship in a shower of sparks and molten metal, hurling debris in a twisted hail away from the hull. The entire central core was lost in boiling flames fed by the barrage.

    “Shift course ten degrees to port.” Cain ordered concisely. “Co-ordinate with the Cerberus and start picking off ships in the centre. Bring Hydra up to provide final barrier cover on our flank.”

    “Yes Ma’am.” Slater nodded. “Enemy ships are advancing.”

    “Let them come.” Cain sneered. “Closer they are the harder we’ll hit them.”
    The trio of battlestars were throwing up a massive curtain of defensive fire, with all three vessels interlocking their defences it was virtually impossible for the Cylons to get hits. Any fighters that tried a run were swiped out of the sky in an instant, and those that hung back became prey for the dozen squadrons of elite Viper pilots.

    “New solution locked in.” Fisk stated.

    “Open fire.” Ordered Cain. “With two to one odds I doubt this will last much longer.”

    Admiral Leelin's own Battlestar among with her Four other Battlestars and remaining Gunstars and Combatstars start their missile salvo at the unsuspecting Cylon Basestars in the Rear and Astern portion of their strike force.

    Their first realization that something was wrong was the immediate destruction of Three Basestars in their rear formation.

    Four Basestars from the middle formation started to turn toward the new enemy formation when suddenly, Caprica's Planetary Defense systems lighted up and suddenly struck the front lines of the -~- within-Colonial firing range -~- Cylon Basestars. Two Cylon Basestars shuddered under a hail of massive railguns and radiological missiles, forcing them out of formation.

    Looks like a whole new Triad game, Toaster heads, thought the Admiral as her own Taskforce continues to tear into the slightly dis-array Cylon Formation.

    Battlestar Galactica

    "Incoming fighters identified as hostile all hands standby for battle maneuvers." Colonel Tigh announced over the ships tannoy.

    Adama studied the Dradis display intently tracking the the squadron of Cylon raiders bearing down on the defenselss Galactica. Well almost defenseless, While Galactica had no ammunition to engage the Cylon ships she still had an ace in the hole...albeit a very old ace in the hole but an ace none the less. Adama listened in on the wireless traffic from Boomer and the twenty plus vipers that comprised Galactica´s last remaining active airwing, but they were still too far away.

    "Launch Vipers." Adama ordered. commiting his only reserve.
    "Vipers clear to launch"

    In the port launch bay vipers roared out of their tubes and formed up ahead the closing squadron of raiders preventing them from taking the shot at Galactica. The Vipers immeadiatly enganged the Cylon raiders, the venerable mark 2s had seen heavy action more than 50 years ago in the first Cylon war and Adama had had some reservations in deploying now. A fear that seemed to be justified when the the first 2 ships to disapear from Dradis were mark 2 Vipers. The Vipers rallied and continued to press the attack doing everything possible to keep the Cylon raiders away from the defenseless Galactica.

    Port Launch bay, Battlestar Galactica

    "Viper 214 Navcon green...thrusters...check...wait..standby.." the voice of shooter came over Kara thraces helmet speakers. She grimaced and bit her lip in fustration. She wasnt sure she could stand another abort.

    "Thrusters fluctuating abort takeoff."

    "Copy that Viper 214 power down to safe."

    "Roger viper"

    "FRAK get me out of here!" Kara shouted feeling every nerve in her body tingle; she so desperatly wanted to be out there and as she listened in on the comm chatter realized she was needed.

    CIC, Battlestar Galactica

    "Take the shot take the shot! Wait I got Miss!" Adama listened in concern as the nimble cylon raiders continued to elude the Galactica´s vipers.

    "ETA till Rippers return?" Adama asked about his CAG´s squadron.

    "10 minutes out sir." Duella replied instantly.
    "Well got on the net and tell him to hurry the FRAK up right the FRACK now!" Tigh Bellowed.
    "We need to buy us some time in order to get spencer here." Adama said quietly to Tigh.

    Admiral Leelin’s taskforce jumps into Caprica space far from Commander Rosan's own Taskforce.

    "Admiral, we jump too far to support the other taskforce and it looks like they lost another Battlestar!"

    "Damn, Frackking DAMN!! CIC, Give me our status and location and launch all Vipers and strike ships out at those Toasters!"

    Vipers and strikeships head out toward the mayhem of combat occuring near Caprica.

    "Admiral, This is CIC, we are nearly astern to the Cylons' Strike Force, they don't seem to have responded to our jump yet."

    "What! Tactical, give me a Dradis report! NOW!" shouted the Admiral as she sees the tactical screens show the positions of the Colonials & the Cylons.

    "This is CIC, We are astern of the Cylon strikeForce and there is no apparent response from them from our JUMP!"

    "Damn! We can Flank and strike at their rear!" "TO all ships, form on the Deltacron!! Let's take them and KICK their TinCan asses!!!"

    The mark 2 viper shot out of the tube into the stary blackness of Space and Kara Thrace was free. This was what life was all about just you and the stars. Sadly for Kara this wasnt a joy ride and as she brought her Viper about the firt Cylon raider came into view. With a vicous smile on her face Starbuck depressed the trigger and was rewarded by a steady thrum of the kinetic cannons firing. the Raider dodged attempting to get out of the line of fire but Starbuck stayed with him finally moving into his six and with a steady grip on the trigger removed one more cylon from the uiverse.

    "Bow up half. Ahead full." Adama ordered trying to put some distance between the Duelling ships but no matter how hard he tried or how hard the vipers tried it was to no avail. The raiders were still closing in.

    "Engines reporting ahead full." Tight confirmed. But it wasnt enough a pair of Cylon fighter managed to break through and were being straight down on the defenseless Galactica.

    A steady beeping eminated from Duella´s console one not heard in anything short of a battledrill in over 50 years. It chilled Adama to the Core.

    "Radilogical Alarm." Duella stated in a weak voice.

    "He´s got nukes." Tigh whispered.

    The Cylon raider fired off its salvo a stagard spread of 3 missiles designed to tag the Colonial warship along her port flight pod.

    "Come on!!!" Starbuck shouted a warcry as she brought the target reticle on the raider and fired. Red Tracer fire erupted from the viper and bore uneringly into the Raider destroying it in a small fireball and red spray. Starbuck didnt wast anytime she immeadiatly put the aimpoint on the nearest Missile and fired a steady stream and suceeded in knocking down the first missile. Not having the time to congragulate herself she immeadiatly put the reticle on the second missile and squeazed the trigger. She stayed with the missile firing all the way, eating up ammo but more worried about the survival of Galactica than ammo reserves. A brief explosion marked her sucessful hit of the second missile and just as Starbuck was about to lock onto the third one it was racing past her and moving at increadible speed to the Galactica. Starbuck knew instantly that she couldnt stop and instead called over the wireless.
    "Galactica you´ve got an inbound nuke. All vipers BREAK, BREAK, BREAK!" Causing the flight of Vipers to disengage from the Cylon raiders and scatter as the nuke bore eneringly on the Galactica.

    In CIC Adama watched the Dradis display intently with a sinking feeling of dread and anticipation in his stomach."Brace for contact my friend." He said quietly.
    "Havent heard that in a while." Tigh reported dryly.

    The missile detonated against the port flight pod the impact enough to send crew and equipment to the deck in a blinding flash of light.


    A model six watched as another fire in the sky died. Even the light of day could not mask the battle over the Caprica capital city. The humans around her cheered, they rally around media screens to catch a glimpse of the satellite feed broadcasting the battle, live. The Six was disgusted by these animals but she couldn’t let that show. Her brothers and sisters were being slaughtered and she celebrated with the slaughters.

    The back door planted in the colonial network failed completely. Still, the Cylons came prepared for just this scenario. The Cylons never completely relied on their sabotage of the colonial network to win this battle. They had another plan.

    Through the connection she shared with the other Cylons she received the signal to begin phase two. “It’s time,” the voice of the consensus intoned. The model Six gave these humans one final look, they were too distracted to pay attention to her. The Six slipped away without anyone the wiser.

    A pickup truck suddenly came to a dead stop while the Six tried to cross the street to her apartment.

    “What’s the hurry, my child?” asked the man in side. He was an older gentlemen, clean shaven, wrinkled skin and a fading hair line marked the man’s facial features. He was a priest complete with black shirt and white collar.

    The model Six recognized the driver. “Cavil, what are you doing here?”

    “Get in,” the priest told the model six. A priest picking up a young beautiful woman in a scantily clad dress, oh the scandal it would cause. The priest loved every moment of it. “The others thought you might need a little help on this one.”

    “What about your assignments?”

    “That’s being taken care of. Security in the building was lighter than we thought it would be.

    The six slammed the door shut as she climbed into the passenger seat. Together they drove away from the capital city.

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    All over Caprica, the lights suddenly went out. Businesses relying on electricity suddenly shut down. All over the globe every computer not protected by Baltar’s firewall locked up even as malicious code began to wipe out everything databank. The systems regulating city traffic came crashing down and the sound of metal colliding with metal resonated across the planet. The broadcast of the battle stopped as the citizens of Caprica wondered what was happening. Were they being attacked? Did the Cylons break through? Panic rose and women screamed.

    BANG! Bombs went off simultaneous across Caprica. The Cylons had taken great pains to plant bombs in every part of the infrastructure. Police buildings, government offices, major business centers, Hospitals, waste disposal facilities and transit stations, nothing was spared. It had taken months of tedious slow work as to avoid detection and now, with a press of a button, Caprica was on fire.

    Colony after colony, worlds after worlds, the process repeated itself.
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    Minor WMD +2 SelfPreservingSuicideUnit

    The Second Cylon War
    Chapter 3


    This has to be a joke, Colonel Kirstin Kronus, executive officer and of the Battlestar Perseus, thought as she read the message printout, she had been handed. However, even if it was a joke, it was her job as the most senior officer in the combat information centre, to notify her commanding officer of the message contents. Picking up a phone from its cradle in the side of the table-like command station of the CIC she punched up the commanding officers quarters. “CIC to the commanding officer,” she stated calmly.

    “Go ahead,” Commander Thomas Archer acknowledged after a moment.

    “Sorry to disturb you, sir. We just received a priority one alert message from Fleet Headquarters. It was transmitted in the clear.”

    “In the clear?” Archer asked darkly, unknowingly echoing another Battlestar‘s commanding officer. “What did it say?”

    “Message reads: ‘Attention all Colonial Units. Cylon attack underway. This is no drill.’”

    “Go to condition one,” Archer said curtly. “I’ll be right there.”

    Replacing the phone in its cradle, she glanced over the half dozen banks of forward facing consoles just in front of the command station laid out in three neat rows either side of the CIC just like on the Mercury-class Battlestars. This ship though, was of the original design, but unlike her sister ship and flagship of BSG-75, the Galactica, she had been refit with a modern computer network during its service life extension refit, and the CIC reflected that fact. The only holdover was the positioning of the helm console directly behind her. After a moment, she directed her gaze to the officer operating the small podium console to her left. “Action stations; go to condition one.”

    Flight Pod (Port Side), Perseus

    “Action stations! Action stations! Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill. Repeat: Action stations! Action stations! Set condition one throughout the ship. This not a drill.”

    Down below in the port side hanger deck, the deck crews shot each other startled glances as muted red lights high up in the ceiling began flashing in time with the blaring sound of the action stations alarm.

    “Gods damn it!” Chief Anton muttered. He'd just banged the back of head against the underside of one of the ships new Mark VII Vipers they had taken on board during the recent resupply. Clambering out from under the small fighter, he forced himself to ignore momentary pain he was feeling and glance around his hanger deck. It seemed as if everyone had frozen in shock. He knew the action stations alarm was the last thing they had expected to be hearing. After all, they'd only recently completed their post refit shakedown cruise. He raised his voice. “What the hell you all standing around for! Lets get the deck ready for action.”

    CIC, Perseus

    “Commander on deck!” Archer heard the marine sentry say as he stepped into the CIC and headed at once for the command station. He was pleased to see that even as his command staff acknowledged his presence, the didn't stop what they were doing.

    “Sitrep,” he asked glancing up at the main DRADIS displays.

    “Sir,” Kronus looked up from the table where she had been slowly plotting out the positions of and identifying all the military units in the system. “All decks acknowledge; condition one is set. All Vipers are in the tubes. Awaiting order to launch.”

    Archer nodded. “Launch Vipers one through twenty. Have them form a CAP”

    “Port flight deck,” he heard his communications officer say. “Launch Vipers one through twenty for CAP duty.”

    No sooner was the launch order given than was the young officer at his side and handing over a message he'd just printed out. “Priority message, sir.”

    “Thank you,” Archer said taking the printout and scanning it. A moment later, he picked up a handset from the side of the command station and activated the ship-wide channel

    “All hands,” he began. Throughout the ship, his voice could be heard coming from every speaker and in the helmets of the Viper pilots he'd just had launched into space. “Minutes ago, we received word that the Twelve Colonies are under heavy Cylon attack. The reason for this attack remains unknown and for the moment the reason is not important and does not matter. All that matters now, is that we are now at war. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow crew mates and we'll survive this war to live again in peace. I now have our operational orders. 'BSG-75 is being reformed. Battlestar Galactica is being re designated as the flagship for BSG-75. We are requested and required to head at best possible speed for their position and engage and destroy all enemy units encountered.' That is all.”

    The Cylon force over Caprica were reeling form losing 9 of there basestars in minutes against what they learned were 2 very well commanded and pissed Battlestar Groups, and the Caprica Defence grid. Even as the shockwaves form the Explosions on Caprica died down, BSG 82 was sending a little gift to the Cylons in the Form of nearly 100 nuclear missiles covered by vipers and CombatStar's. What was left of BSG 72 was trying to get out of the way so save the 2 remaining badly damaged Battlestars, 3 Gunstars, and the single remaining Combatstar, that could move.

    Unluckly for them the cylons had other plans as a group of nearly 130 raiders and 17 heavy raiders closed in on them, all with at least one nuke...

    37 Secends later at nearly the same nano-secend both the colonial and cylon Nukes blew.

    All of the remaining BSG 72 was gone... but so were 8 more Basestars and most of teher fighter cover.

    BSG 82 - Battlestar Omega

    "Sir, the toasters are taking a beating all over the system, and... Sir the Caprica Defence Grid is coming online now and fireing, BSG 78 is lunching missles and charging there flanks!" Major Kells Reported

    "about time something went right to da..." Commander Rosan was cut off when the data mesh form Caprica cut off and the display showing the capital of the colonies went white with the flash of multiple explosions on the surface. "What the Frake JUST HAPPENED!" he demanded

    "Unknown sir, i looks like all non milatary systems on the planet just shutdown and a lot of explosions just went off all over the planet, SIR!" Major Kells Stated shocked as his family was down there

    "FRAKEN HELL! XO arm the Nukes, we going to make these Tin Cans pay for this!" the CO Barked Pissed beyond words

    "very well arming nukes now, si..." The colonel was cut off by LT Goin's

    "Sir, we have reports of similar Attacks now coming in form Picon, and Scropia... now Tauron too!" the young Lt yelled out in shock witch most of the CIC quickly joining her.

    Admiral Leelin grinned as another Basestar fell.

    "Admiral, We've either driven or totally destroyed all the Cylon Basestars away from Caprica but the planet itself is silent and Dradis and Comm reports that massive fires and explosion is occuring all over the planet. And there are similiar reports from our orbital and military installations of the same thing happening to the other Colonies." stated the once happy but now crushed CIC officer.

    "Damn, I though we had those blasted Toasters beat." she watches the screens as the last of the Cylon Basestar almost escaped but was taken out by Nukes while the process of jumping.

    "All right, We DID good, folks. We drove the Cylon Toasters out of our system. Let's get Some SAR crews ready for those from our destroyed warcrafts and let's see what we can do for our civilian folks down there."

    She watches another screen as it shows major fires and patches of smoke bellowing from planetside from the major cities.

    "How's the military installations from all of our Colonies, are they still intact?"

    "CIC reporting, the one from Caprica are reporting in, the military installations are reporting of attacks from civilians against their hardened sites but that they are beating them back."

    "WHAT!? Damn, What is the Frack is going on here? Cmdr. Seelan, go ready a platoon of our best Marines and prep two Raptors for ground and capture assaults against these ... these infiltrators."

    "Admiral, do you think these folks are fanatics or maybe ... maybe Cylon infiltrators?"

    The Admiral thinks on that for a long time.

    "If it is, than the Cylons got a legup on us on this level of warfare, these ... these infiltrators might either been brainwashed, duped or maybe Cylons themselves."

    "Put the rest of our taskforce on High Alert! Again. Tell them that we might have Cylons pretending to be like ... like humaniform cylons. Skinjobs. Whatever! Have our Marines guard all important installations and the engine room."

    "Well?!! Let's get to work and start kicking the Cylons back!!"


    “The Lord has made everything for his own ends, even the wicked for the evil day.”

    The model Three wondered about the Brother Cavil next to her. “Having second thoughts?”

    “Nah, lets just nuke the poor bastards.” The brother placed his hands in the water, with his mind he willed the basestar to jump. The Cylons never expected to achieve complete victory with their first strike, even with the Back Door planted into the Colonial Networks. A war of attrition was inevitable and as such they planned accordingly. The first step if the sneak attack failed was to do as much damage as possible, that means taking as many military targets in the confusion as possible. The first group of Cylons was suppose to serve as a distraction for the real attack.

    The basestar battle group appeared over Picon in flashes of light over the dark side of the planet. In the night sky no one noticed there were suddenly a few extra stars in the sky. By the time anyone on the surfaced looked up, the lights from the Cylon jump drive had already faded.

    “Those poor bastards have no idea what’s going to happen,” the Cavil observed the planet from above. The planet was completely dark save for the fires that burned the cities. Even if someone saw them coming they wouldn’t be able to warn the Naval Base on the other side of the planet. “My complements to you Threes, sneaking up behind them while they’re blind was a stroke of genius.”

    “Don’t get your hopes up just yet.” The Three warned. Indeed, their infiltrators had done a wonderful job of disabling the Picon power grid. Without power there were no communications, and without their communication technology the humans were helpless. Yet another reason why Cylons were superior to humans, the Cylons are always connected to each other.

    “Arm the nukes, let God’s judgment be a merciful one.”

    = = = = = = = = = =

    Ellen Tigh never saw the end coming. She pushed and shoved, screamed and bargained for that one last seat in that one last transport to get off Picon.

    “I’m the wife of Colonel Tigh, you will let me get on that transport if you know what’s good for you.”

    “Sorry lady, you’re not on the list.” The soldier pushed Ellen back.

    “Now you look here…”

    Everything was gone, the spaceport, the city, the Fleet HQ. Without power and their attention focus solely on the battle in the sky, the military never noticed the Raiders with their nukes coming in from the other side of the planet. Colonial Fleet HQ disappeared in a mushroom cloud.

    = = = = == = = = = == = =

    "Sir, no cylons are left anywhere in the Caprica system, the planet other then hardend militray sites is quite." Lt Goin's stated looking to all the world like a kicked puppy

    "very well, lunch all SAR birds and moves us to the far side of the planet so we can cover it." Commander Rosan Stated tiredly "then get me a full report on the fleet, and will someone please find out what is going on in this system, we havent heard form fleet HQ for some time and thats not normal"

    "Aye, Sir." Mayor Kells stated "Sir there is alot of civvies out there that need help, with caprica Traffic control down, Sir."

    With wary eyes the CO looked at him "order all civilian ships into low orbit behind us, warn them we may have to leave in a hurry if another attack happens, but for now we will defend them as best we can."

    With that BSG 82 tried to reach Picon HQ only to get static back, but the fight was far form over with more than 2/3's of the colonial fleet left in fighting shape, it was just starting.
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    Minor WMD +2 SelfPreservingSuicideUnit

    The Second Cylon War
    Chapter 4


    “DRADIS contact!” Lieutenant Blackwood announced suddenly. “Strike that! Multiple DRADIS contacts! I'm reading five Cylon Baseships... they're launching raiders.”

    “All batteries,” Kronus said into a handset. “Stand by enemy suppression barrage...”

    Damn! Archer thought looking up at the the DRADIS screens. That's too many. “Launch Vipers!”

    “Vipers, you cleared for launch!”

    “Helm,” Archer commanded, his eyes not leaving the DRADIS displays. “Roll us along our axis, twenty degrees port. Bow up one quarter.”

    “Commander,” Kronus looked at Archer who was watching the data on the displays change as the ship maneuvered. “I know what our orders say. But, taking on five Cylon Baseships alone is suicide. We should FTL out of here and join up with Galactica.”

    “That's exactly what I intend to do,” Archer agreed. “But we need our Vipers as a screen while we calculate the FTL jump co-ordinates.” He raised his voice “Enemy suppression fire – all batteries execute!”

    “All batteries, commence firing!” Kronus commanded, phone in hand.”

    “Communications,” Archer said. “Instruct our Vipers to engage Raiders only. We'll handle the Baseships. Navigation, calculate an FTL jump to take us directly into Picon orbit. Galactica should be there by now.”


    Beyond the hull of the Perseus, space was being lit up like a fireworks show. Colonial Vipers and Cylon Raiders were ducking it out exchanging weapons fire with one another. In one moment A Viper would take out a Raider, then in the next, a Raider would take out a Viper. This was rapidly turning into a fur ball.


    “Navigation,” Archer asked. “Do you have an FTL plot yet?”

    “In ten seconds,” a specialist said. In the heat of the moment, Archer couldn't remember his name.

    “Bring our birds home.” Archer said. “And standby to execute jump on my command.”


    In the two bays, wave after wave of Vipers came in hot; they're landing skids coming down mere instants before each Viper touched down indiscriminately wherever there was a large enough of space to do so. Every time one hit the deck, the thud could be heard below in the hanger decks where the deck crews winced with each landing. Combat landings, they knew, were hard on the Viper's undercarriages.

    The flight pods started to retract the moment the last Viper slammed into the deck, colliding with another.


    “All Vipers aboard,” the communications officer announced.

    “Flight pods retracted and secure.” Kronus said studying a status display.

    “FTL,” Archer commanded ignoring the shuddering of the deck as missile fire from the Cylons began to hit the ship. “Execute jump!”

    For the briefest of moments, the Perseus floated drifting space amongst the wreckage of Vipers and Raiders that had been destroyed in the fur ball as missiles sped through the wreckage and on towards the Battlestar. Then, just an instant before any more missiles could detonate against the hull, the Battlestar disappeared in a flash of light…

    …and reappeared in orbit of a blue green planet of Picon.

    “Jump complete,” the navigations officer announced. “We appear to be in orbit of Picon.”


    “Single contact!” Blackwood reported. “Cylon Baseship, they appear to be heading away from us.”

    “Frak,” Kronus muttered, then smiled, as she realised the Cylon Baseship would not have been expecting them to arrive in that position.

    “All forward batteries,” Archer nodded and smiled viciously. “Open fire, full attack mode.”

    A moment later, the Perseus, began to pound the Basestar until it popped.

    “Commander,” the communications officer announced suddenly. “We're just picked up a priority one alert message from Fleet Command. Time stamp indicates it's thirty minutes old.”

    “Colonel,” Archer absently said as the ship lurched beneath his feet. The ship had just taken a hit from a missile that had gotten through their flak barrier. Thank Gods that wasn't a nuke, he thought breathing a sigh of relief. Raising his voice, he looked over to the weapons control stations. “Weps, switch to armour piercing rounds. I want that Baseship out of my sky now!”

    As he gave the order, Colonel Kirsten Kronus returned from the communications station bearing another printout. “The message, Commander.” Kronus prompted, feeling the forward batteries resume their firing upon the Baseship.

    “Read it,” Archer said, glancing up at the DRADIS displays, noting that the Baseship was trying to get away by going into a faster and lower orbit. Good, he thought. That means we're hurting it. But, why hasn't it launched Raiders?

    “Message reads: 'Galactica is falling back to Ragnar Anchorage for replenishment and repair operations. Galactica will link up with Colonial units upon completion of replenishment operations. All units in the vicinity are requested to linkup for regroup and counterattack and are to acknowledge on same code and signal.'”

    “Adama,” Archer thought aloud.


    The Baseship lurched suddenly forcing a Number Three, Six and Eight to grab the side of the table-like interface that dominated the centre of the Baseship's control room.

    We've lost weapons,” Eight said. “Should we not request cover from a Raider squadron.”

    “I think it's too late for that,” Six said. “The reactor is going critical-”

    She never finished her sentence as everything went white and then dark...

    ...only for her to regain vision in brightly light tub of gelatinous goo surrounded by several other humaniform Cylons.


    “Commander,” Blackwood said. “I'm reading massive detonations. The Baseship has been destroyed.”

    “Yes!” Archer growled punching the air. Around him the CIC suddenly erupted in rapturous cheering and applauding. “Still, I wonder why it never launched Raiders.”
    “Commander,” Kronus said, shaking his hand as pleased as the rest of the officers and crew in the CIC. A moment later, she picked up a handset and dialed up the ship wide. “All hands, please submit damage reports and casualty lists to the CIC.”

    Hanging the handset up, she looked again at Archer. “Should I have a hyperlight jump to Ragnar plotted?”

    “Yes. Acknowledge the signal and plot the jump.”

    Once again, the ship was closing up, as though spinning a cocoon for itself. Deep withing the engineering sections, massive gears began to power up and drive magnetic sequencers that slowly began to retract the port and starboard flight pods into the main hull. When they were finished, the ship looked decidedly leaner and more dangerous; as though ready to pounce on some unsuspecting prey. Which in a way, it was.

    Walking around the CIC, Colonel Kronus was making final checks.







    “Flight ops?”






    Pleased, Kronus reported to Archer: “All boards green, ship reports ready to jump.”

    “Very well,” Kronus said looking up. “Mr. Blackwood, take us to Ragnar.”

    At his station, Blackwood hit a switch on his console, activating the ship wide. “Attention, all hands. Standby for immediate FTL jump.”

    At his station, he removed a key with two blow glowing prongs from one slot on his console and placed it in another; twisting it ninety to the right as he did so. “Clock is running...” he resumed his ship wide address. “Jump in ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... one... jumping!”

    Once again, the the mammoth ship disappeared in a flash of light, only for it to reappear over the gas giant of Ragnar.


    the fires had long since been put out but not before it had costed the live of over 85 people. As Galactica´s command staff took stock of their situation and plotted their next move Galactica´s Viper squadron had finally returned.

    "If we hold our course here we might be able to slip past this Cylon patrol here." Adama considered looking at the updated chart of the Syranus system.

    "Possible sir, but at last reports Battlestar groups 44 and 31 are heavily engaged over Virgon and its been reported that the Cylons have trippled their patrols in that region. I see it as unlikely that we´d be able to slip past them."

    "Even on sublights we´re looking at a 2 day journey not to mention whats left of the Cylon assault fleet would be between here and there. We´d never make it." Tigh groused in disgust.

    "What about Scorpia fleet shipyards?" Adama asked.
    "Sir at last report a Cylon assualt hit the Shipyards a few hours ago. According to the report at least 2 Battlestars were heavily engaged possibly more."

    "Which ships?" Adama asked

    "Pegasus and Cerberus have been confirmed but there reports of other colonial fleet units as well, possibly another Battlestar."

    "Great that options no longer open to us!" Tigh growled in Fustration. quickly coming to the conclusion that Cain would strip the Shipyard bare of any available materials.

    "What else is on the table?" Adama asked.

    "Well there´s Ragnar Anchorage." Tigh considered. "Acording to this listing they should have all the ammunition we need."

    "Verify that."

    "Already done." Tigh countered to which he recieved an appraising look from Adama. "All we gotta do is get there."

    Adama smiled thinly tipping his hand to his XO who new exactly what he had in mind. "You dont want to do this."

    "We trained for this." Adama countered.

    "Yeah training is one thing but if our calculations are off by a degree we could end up in the middle of the sun!"

    "Mr. Gaeta Lets update your chart and plot a hyperlight jump to Ragnar Anchorage. Dee send a priority message back to fleet command. Message begins; Galactica is falling back to Ragnar Anchorage for replishment and repair operations. Galactica will link up with Colonial units upon completion of replenishment operations. All units in the Vacinity are requested to linkup for regroup and Counter attack and are to acknowledge on same code and signal."

    "Yes sir." Dee replied then set to work.

    Minutes Later Galactica made her hyperlight jump into the Orbit of Ragnar Anchorage and made the painstaking trek to linkup with the station and replenish her depleted armament.

    BSG 85 - Battlestar Freedom

    Colonel Goodspeed was releaved to have gotten contact with a higher ranking Colonial officer but not happy that he wouldnt be getting reinforcements, and that he would have to jump to Leobeon. with his damage battlestar, 3 Gunstars and 1 Combatstar that was all that remained of the once mighty BSG 85 but hed take what he could get, plus there was no ponit staying here since the mining station was all but destoryed in the crossfire that the battle here had coused.

    "Mr. Fry, order all are remaining ships to plot a jump to leobeon and tell all the civvies in the area to head to Caprica there are 2 BSG groups there gurding the place, so they should be safe." The colonel stated, still thinking of the titanic battle that had cost them 2 battlestar's, 7 gunstar's and 8 Combat stars... but they didnt go with out one hell of a fight. the first wave they engaged in the outer system was just 2 baseships, and easly won, but the secend battle around the station was far worse.

    when they heard the cry for help, they did what any humen and colonial officer would do, they ran right into the fight. when they jumped out they where just a few hundred Km form the cylons adn both sides froze for a few secends, but then all manner of hell broke lose as missles, both nukes and non, along with rail shots flew in every direction. It's well known that the close the range the better the chance the colonials had in a fight with the cylons, but at this range the 6 baseships and the BSG battlegroup litterly just tore each other apart with sadisdic glee. it was something he never what to see again.

    "Aye sir, plotting jump to leobeon now, Cooms pass the word to the civvies." Major Torn said

    "Aye sir." En. weds replyed "sir fleet is ready to jump."

    "very well, JUMP!" the newest CO of the Battlestar Freedom Ordered his crew

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    A second Cylon Base Ships fell to a combined salvo from the Cerberus and Pegasus. By now the skies were rapidly being cleared of Cylon Raiders and the Vipers were forming up for an attack run on the furthest Base Star.

    "Keep us level with Pegasus, and lock main batteries on the central Base Ship. Fire when ready!" Commander Delmino ordered.

    "Main guns targeted and, firing!" Colonal Val called out gleefully as the heavy rail runs tore into the armored core of the Cylon ship. Great orange detonations soon erupted from within as the Colonial guns found and detonated her missile magazine. "Sratch one Base Star!"

    "Good, now target the next one. I don't intend to let Cain outscore me."

    "With pleasure m'am," Val replied, sending a wave of high explosive death screaming out into space and into the heart of the Cylon vessel. She started to turn away and the rounds, instead of gutting her middle, tore away two of the arms extending from the upper hull. "Target damaged but still moving. Firing again!"

    Before Cerberus could finish the Cylons though, Pegasus sent a flight of missiles into the Base Ship's core, detonating the ship in a massive fireball.

    "That kill still belongs to me!" Val claimed.

    "How many more are left?!" Asked Commander Delmino.

    "Four, but the Pegasus and Hydra are already angling for the central two," Lt. Dallis replied.

    "In that case target the Base Ship to our starboard side, fire main guns as she bears."

    "Aye Commannder!" Came the reply as the Cerberus moved towards one of the final remaining Cylon ships. Already Cain's target was listing, and with the three Battlestars combining their defensive fire none of the missiles were getting through.

    "Cylon Base Ship in range. Fire main guns?" Val asked, knowing the answer already.

    "Do you even have to ask?" Delmino replied with a smile.

    "Firing main guns." A wave of fire thundered out of the Mercury class Battlestar, impacting the Cylon Base Star with devestating effect. Armor was punctured and the interior of the ship opened to space. "Cylon ship disabled, not reading any power activity."

    "Contact the Admiral. Tell her we reccomend that Base Ship be salvaged and analyzed. Maybe we can recover some data about why they chose to attack now and their plans now that they're getting their butts kicked out of the system."

    "Responce coming in. Admiral Cain replies 'request denied. We can't risk leaving a Cylon ship unattended, even a disabled one. Finish it off and prepare for jump.' Message ends," Dallis replid.

    "Oh well, it was worth a try. Fire main guns!"

    "Firing!" Came the reply. The targeted Base Ship was torn apart as her abused superstructure failed to hold up under the tremendous pounding she was taking. The ship didn't explode so much as break up, leaving smoldering debris as the only evidence of its existance. "Target destoryed. The other Base Ships are jumping out! Scopes are clear."

    "Then prepare for jump. Has Cain sent us coordinates yet?" Commander Delmino inquired.

    "Confirmed. The Admiral is going after the Cylons who jumped away," Lt. Dallis replied.

    "Then ready for jump!" As the alert klaxons began blaring Commander Delmino allowed herself a small breath of relief.

    "Jump in ten seconds!" As the countdown continued Kyra thought about her husband. He was on Caprica with their two daughters. If they had been killed in the attack...No, she wouldn't allow herself to think that way!

    "Jump commencing!" As she Cerberus performed her jump, she left behind a field of broken Cylon ships and the debris of those who had fallen to stop them.

    “They’re running!” Trey called out. “The survivors are running.”

    “Very well.” Admiral Cain acknowledged. “Good job people, well fought.”

    “Damage reports filtering through.” Commander Slater said. “Mostly superficial, but we are five Vipers down.”

    “Understood.” Cain nodded. “My compliments to Cerberus and Hydra, order them to spin up their jump drives and stand by to pursue.”

    “Admiral, it’s virtually impossible to track targets after the jump.”

    “We don’t need to track them Commander, I know exactly where they are running to.”

    “Cylon space?” Trey wondered.

    “Cylon space.” Cain confirmed with a sideways glance.

    “Admiral, message from Admiral Nagala on the Atlantia, it reads ‘Massive Cylon assault underway, this is not a drill.’ Lieutenant Hoshi stated. “Its time stamped an hour ago, must have been lost in the jamming.”

    “That’s our confirmation.” Cain nodded. “Reel in the fighters, and I want Black squadron from the Yards here too.”

    “Black Squadron?” Slater frowned. “Ma’am they aren’t ours to command.”

    “The delta’s on my collar say otherwise Commander, I’m using my authority as Admiral to commandeer that squadron to replace our losses. Then every ship in this system will load up and join us in launching a counter attack.”

    “Yes Ma’am.” Slater nodded stiffly.

    “We’ve got a major battle at Virgon.” Fisk said. “Over thirty Battlestars and more on the way.”

    “We’re not going to Virgon.” Cain said. “We’re going into enemy territory, over the Armistice line.”

    The CiC regarded her with total shock.

    “Admiral, no human has ever crossed the line, we’re heading into unknown space.”

    “Heavily defended unknown space.” Fisk added.

    “It won’t be heavily defended when I’m done with it.” She replied coldly. “It’ll be burnt Cylons and twisted metal after we get there, am I clear?”

    “As a bell Admiral.” Fisk said, Slater was less convinced.

    “Admiral, shouldn’t we concentrate on defeating the enemy incursion first?” He said with concern. “These three Battlestars are a hard force to stop.”

    “And that’s what we’ll teach the Cylons.” Cain stated. “With a Valkyrie and two Mercury’s they won’t know what’s sending them all to hell.”

    “Admiral, I…”

    “Commander Slater,” Cain cut in firmly. “Plot jump coordinates. I want every ship in the local area joining us, I also want every round, missile and semi flammable item in the fleet yards loaded on a supply ship and heading to our jump coordinates in one hour, we’re going to need a lot of ammunition.”

    “As you wish Admiral.”

    I read three cruisers at Scorpia yards, and three more near the moon. Inform their Captains they are now part of Battle Star Group 62 and will accompany the supply ship and as many Vipers as they can fit in their holds to the jump coordinates just beyond the Armistice line.”

    “Sending orders.” Hoshi said.

    “Cerberus and Hydra are already jump prepped.” Fisk reported. “They’re reporting ready to jump.”

    “Then lets not waste anytime.”

    “Admiral, shouldn’t we inform fleet command?” Slater questioned.

    “Not until we’re sure our comms are secure across those distances.” Cain replied. “This is
    a surprise attack on our part, show the toasters how we do it for real.”

    “Coordinates confirmed.”

    “Thank you Lieutenant.” Cain nodded. “You’re new?”

    “Yes Ma’am, transfer from the Andromeda.”

    “And your name?” Cain asked

    “Trey.” The blonde answered. “Gina Trey.”

    With a flash, the three Battlestars exited the system and made for Cylon territory, their escorts an hour behind.
  12. Minor WMD +2

    Minor WMD +2 SelfPreservingSuicideUnit

    The Second Cylon War
    Chapter 5

    Battlestar Atlantia, Virgon Sytem

    The metal ruler bounce doff the table and hit the floor with a clang as the might vessel was pushed physically backwards by the Cylon attack

    “Lords, they’re really not happy to see us.”

    “Make a real report Colonel.” Nagala barked.

    “Yes sir, enemy missiles impacting across the bow.” Colonel Cathay stated.

    “What happened to our screen?”

    “That last nuke salvo Admiral.”

    Nagala sighed. “Fine, alter course, set guns for battery fire.” He grabbed the phone by his table. Groups Eight and Forty, drive forward and begin engaging ships near Virgon. All fighters watch for the crossfire.”

    A pair of Valktries advanced to the flank of the huge Atlantia spewing missiles and flak rounds, hundreds of Vipers raced like bullets between the ships firing at anything crossing their path but still the Cylons attacked.

    Scores of Basestars kept up a constant volley of missiles, trail after trail arced through the tangled ships on their paths to the Colonial vessels.

    “Main batteries have a solution!”

    “Then fire damn it!” Nagala ordered.

    The Atlantia shuddered as her bow guns shook into life throwing munitions down range. The massed Cylon ships were easy targets but were throwing out as much fire as they were taking. Massed Raider attacks swept over the Colonial defences, getting shot down in droves but still surviving long enough to do damage.

    The closest Base star began falling apart unfer the intense fire, one of the Valkyries moved to aid the Atlantia and together they flayed the armour from the vessel and turned it to scrap.

    “Nukes!” Cathay shouted.

    “Brace for contact!” Nagala ordered in return. “Get the fighters clear!”
    a pair of nuclear tipped weapons pierced the forward flak cover and exploded on the Atlantia’s bow blinding sensors and immolating several hundred tons of metal. The plates split apart along seams releasing streams of gas and atmosphere which was instantly ignited.

    Nearby three unlucky Vipers and a squadron of Raiders caught the blast alongside the Battlestar, and they were destroyed in an instant.

    The Atlantia’s bow was wrecked and crumpled, a black mess of torn steel and bent plates, but the ship herself was holding together, only just.

    “Return Fire!” Nagala demanded, coughing in the smoke of the bridge as consoles burned around him.

    “Bow guns are gone!”

    “Drop the nose and use broadsides then!” Nagala yelled. “Just continue firing!”
    even as he spoke more missiles slammed into his ship shredding the starboard viper tubes and causing yet more damage to the flagship.

    “More Cylon ships are jumping in.” Cathay warned. “Wait, sir new Battlestar just entered the area, the Triton!”

    That was good news, the Mercury class Triton immediately made an impact shattering a wounded Base star and taking some of the heat from Atlantia.

    “Redress the line!” Nagala spoke. “Get us some interlocking cover and find me some new escorts!”

    Even with the spectacular light show from the Triton the Colonial fleet was still in a bad shape, with most ships damaged and at least two burning from stem to stern.

    Weary Viper plots took a moment to rest as the Cylons reacted to the new threat, then once again throttled forward and fell into formation.

    The lull was brief, and as the Cylons assigned assets to pin the Triton the rest of the fleet resumed its barrage of the main Colonial force.

    “Here we go again.” Cathay grimaced.

    This time the Battlestar Solaria went up in a titanic explosion as a trio of nukes tore it apart, massive slabs of burning hull flying away from the doomed ship.

    The violence of its demise stunned the Colonials, but only for a moment, then they hit back even harder as the battleground on.

    With the general melee that was happening over vrigon, both sides taking massive damage, nukes flew like cheap confetti. The last thing the Cylons needed were more Colonial units jumping in but that’ss just what they got in the form of BSG's 82 and 85 coming in from ABOVE the field. The two battlegroups combined firing a massive salvo of more than 250 all aimed at 3 of the 41 attacking Baseships, needless to say they didnt make it, nor did 2 of there friends that were to close

    "Exalent, Commander to the fleet, All ships, full speed, full weapons free, drive right threw them!" Rosan ordered with fire in his easy at seeing more that a dozen dead battlestar's and over a 100 burning smaller warships "BSG 85 is move to screen the Atlantia ASAP!"

    The massive and terrifying sight of 4 Battlestars 7 Gunstars, and 11 combatstars racing at full speed into a hellish amount of firepower gave the Cylons a moment of distraction form Negala's main fleet. They suddenly realized that 3 second delay was going to cost them badly as both groups of battlestars and there escorts threw everything they hard at them, making a wall of Rail cannon fire, and more than 1000 missiles racing into them.

    But the Cylons weren’t dumb and fired back with all there remaining missiles, and the only thing both sides knew for sure was this was going to hurt.

    = = == = = = = = = = =

    "Commander Seelan, is your two Marine Combat groups ready?" inquired Admiral Leelin.

    "Yes and the Two Raptors are prepped and ready with six Vipers as escort." stated the commander.

    "Good, I will leave you two Battlestars, the Lightning Rod and the Lightning Razor as your support.

    I'm taking my ship among with the Battlestars Sharpe's Edge and Zeus' Light among with all six Gunstars and the remaining nine CombatStars to follow BSG 82 on their jump to Virgon.

    They are having a hell of a time fighting the Cylons there."

    "Alright, take care of yourself and get me some prisoners from those frackking infiltrators, Commander!" yelled the Admiral.

    "Yes, Sir, Admiral." As the two Raptors and six Vipers launch off the BSG Deltacron, the Admiral calls on her Taskforce ...

    "Alright, to all ships, ready to jump on my mark .... JUMP!"
    Taskforce BSG 78 leaves Caprica Orbit and later on, enters the Virgon Combat Zone.

    "Fracking Hell!!"

    Destroyed and mangled Battlestars among with shattered hulks of Cylon Basestars litters the battlefield.

    "Alright, form up on the Deltacron, Let's start this right away!!!
    Weapons Free and fire at those Basestars!!!"

    Admiral leelin's TF BSG 78 heads into the cauldron of brimestone and fire near Virgon.

    BSG 82 - Battlestar Omega

    The massive and powerful mercury class battlestar and her 3 sisters along with there escourts chraged the cyclon fleet even as the massive hellfire of nuclear weapons blew taking 15 more baseships and 8 more battlestars along with 41 escourting ships strait to hell.

    The remaining 21 Cylon ships now knew they were in trouble as they faced 27 battlestars and more than 100 escourting ships. Seven more baseships took moderate to heavy damage form the charge of BSG 82 and 2 died quick deaths at the hands of a massed missile strikes from 4 battlestars. Things didnt go all BSG 82's way ether, as they lost 3 more combatstar's and a Gunstar, but mainly since the cylons now knew the Battlestar Omega it got speacil attention and took so heavy damage form them.

    "REPORT!" yelled Commander Rosan as he picked him self up off the floor

    "Sir, Ventral main turrets destoryed, surpresstion batterys down to 60% on the port side, Main Engine number 3 is destoryed, sir! we're still in the fight but we cant take much more of this!" yelled back Major Kells over sparks and explostions all over the ship

    "KEEP FIREING! Bring us About and take us Back to Negala's main fleet!" The CO of the Mighty but heavly Damaged Battlestar Barked Back!

    "AYE SIR!" was his answer

    As the damaged remains of BSG 82 were headed back to join the main fleet, BSG 85 was taking the heat off of Negala's Flag ship and gave the admiral the chance to move his flag to the battlestar Orion Pax even as the once mighty Atlantia used what was left of her power to race right into a Cylon Baseship.

    When this was happening, Part of BSG 78 Jumped in and started to add there fire to the fight, but just secends later another 19 Baseships jumped in as well adn whats worse they were right behind BSG 78.

    "Admiral, Dradis reports Cylon Basestars jumping behind us!!" cried the CIC.

    "Fracking Hell!!! How many contacts!!?" yelled the Admiral.

    "At least Nineteen Basestars!!" shouted the CIC.

    "Turn the Taskforce, Let's ram them down the middle!" retorted the Admiral.

    Both BSG 78 and the 19 Basestars veer toward each other in a dance of death.

    Nukes and Railgun fire from both taskforce peppers both combatants.

    "Admiral!, We've lost both Battlestars' Sharpe's Edge and Zeus' Light but they together took out three Cylon Basestars and gutted another two." coughs the CIC as smoke and radiological alerts blare across the damaged Battlestar.

    "What's left of our support ships." yelled the Admiral as blood pour from a cut above her left eyelid.

    "We've only got five CombatStars left, All the Gunstars died in an exchange of fire with at least three Cylon Basestars to their tally. The remaining CombatStars killed two more Basestars."

    "Frack This!!! Get the other Five CombatStars to form up on us!! Let's take the rest of these bastards with us to HELL!!!"

    Admiral Leelin's last surviving Battlestar and her 5 CombatStars charges the remaining Nine Cylon Basestar.

    After a roaring slaughter-fest of Nukes and RailGun fire, only Four Cylon Basestars were left as Admiral Leelin's BSG Deltacron flaming wreck smashed into her last Kill.

    The crew battled for there lives they watch and prayed for the souls of BSG 78, as fellow Warrior's, and since this crap started their partners in war. Still, they couldn’t spare time now, for now they had to hold there ship together and kill cylons before anymore of there friends died today, as they looked at Virgon, witch was little more than a glowing reck, form all the hits it took.

    "Holy lords... she took 15 basestars down with just 3 battlestars and a handful of escourts..." a stuned Colonil Jackson wispered but the whole CIC herd it

    "She was a Fine Officer and she sold herself dearly, so lets not let her down and join her today... lock Baseship 11 and order the group to fire!" Rosan yelled with his voice full of rage and sadness at losing another friend today

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    Basestar 17 rocked as another rail round bounced off its armor.

    “Well, so much for divine judgment.” A Leobon remarked snidely at the Cavil beside him. He gripped the water sink to steady himself when another round exploded near the command center.

    “Are we questioning God’s will here?” the Cavil glared.

    The tide of battle had turned against them. Virgon was out of their reach for now. All the Leobons knew this. They had lost their numerical advantage and their element of surprise was long gone.

    “I’m just suggesting perhaps God intends for these humans to on a little longer.”

    “No, God intends for them to die. Today.” The Cavil insisted.

    “It makes no difference whether we kill them today or a hundred years from now. We are machines, we are eternal.” The Leobon pointed out. “We did enough damage to put them into a permanent defensive posture.”

    “Fine, but I’m not leaving until we put at least one nuke on that planet.”

    “If that’s what it takes. Retask one of the remaining Raiders still carrying a nuke. Have them jump on top the planet.”

    The Cavil grinned. “Done.”

    “Spin up the FTL, we’re leaving.”

    = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    The Raiders engaged in battle suddenly turned around and headed for the safety provided by the Basestars. The Vipers chasing them wasn’t about to let them get away, most Raiders were shot down as they ran. The Vipers chased down the Raiders until suddenly they disappeared in flashes of FTL.

    “What ‘da frack.” The same words echoed across com of every CIC

    With the Raider’s screening suddenly gone, every last Viper charged into the Basestars. They had a clear lock. They had tone. They pull the trigger and fire. Hundreds of missiles streaked toward the remaining Basestars. At last moment, the Basestars were gone too. They jumped out even as the Raiders jumped in around Virgon.

    Admiral Leelin’s Battlestar clashed with a wounded Basestar. Both were nothing more than flaming wrecks. But of the other Basestars, they managed to escape via FTL. In that moment of confusion many on the Colonials side thought the Basestars had been destroyed in the Kamakaze attacks. They were wrong.

    Just as the final Basestar left the area, the final Raider appeared over Virgon. Seconds later, the main city of Virgon was nothing more than nuclear fire. The Raiders did not survive long though. They turned straight into the fire of the avenging Vipers and Battlestars. None made it out alive.

    = = = = = = = = = =

    The damage to the ship was bad and according to reports still coming in at least a 3rd of the fleet was gone. And he just got word that during his transfer, Negala's raptor was shot down, and for the most part the Cylon where out of the system. A few baseships where still near Picon and Ragnar, plus skatterd all over the system, but even as bad as it was for the coloneys losing more than 50 battlestars and 380 or more escourts the cylons lost more than 200 Baseships and that number was still rising. but for now somone had to take command.

    "Send this to the Fleet,” Rosan spoke. “This is Commander Rosan, until higher ranking Officer is located; I’m taking Command of the Fleet. BSG's 21 and 37 head to Leobeon, BSG 61 and 58 to Caprica, BSG 69 and 74 to scopia, all remaining battlestars that are have Moderate to heavy damage are to stay over Virgon for Emergency repairs and Sar of the Battle field and planet, All none Asigned battlestars are to begin potal of the System, with Extrem Perjudus aganist all cylon craft, Message ends" Commander Rosan Stated looking out over the field of battle, and he say what was left of the once powerful BSG 78, and Battlestar Deltacon "send our SAR birds to the Deltacon, see if theres anyone to save... we owe the Admiral that much."

    "Commander..." His XO quietly called him "Sir, the ships are heavily damaged and burning we don’t think she can be saved, Sir." He reported sadly. The ship shook form another massive internal Explosion

    "Very well," The CO replied thinking of his lady, his ship, as she still cried out in pain around him. "Order all non-essental personal to evac the ship, transfer the flag to..." he paused looking at the field on his Dradis display, " to BSG 87 The Excaladur Group they only just jumped in, and are still mostly intack"

    "Aye Sir." Was his Answer

    BSG 87 - Battlestar Excalabur

    "Sir, we are getting a message form BSG 82. Commander Rosan, has ordering us to take command of the fleet here until a higher ranking officer gets here, and he ask we pick up his survivors, his ship isn't going to last much longer"

    "Very well, Confirm those orders and began pick up of the Omega Survivors" Commander Rock answered looking at his XO and wife

    = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    The last Cavil of Basestar 77 coughed up blood as he prayed himself off the dead Six under him. A long rod of steel pierced his lungs, through his chest and into the Blond Six’s heart. The Cavil looked into the dead eyes of the woman beneath him. She was dead. It hurt like hell but the brother Cavil pushed up just enough to grip the metal impelling him and the dead Six. The rod was slippery, coated with both his and her blood. The Cavil tried a few times to pull the rod out of the dead six until finally it came off with a clang as the other end toppled over. The Cavil coughed up some more blood, he was on his last leg and he knew it. Still one last thing to do.

    With one arm, the Cylon grabbed the part of the rod jutting out from his back. He pulled, gritting his teeth even as the metal tore away more flesh. Finally, he was free. His wound bled freely but it mattered little, for his covenant with God insures that there will be a next life. Weakly he plunged his free hand into the water vat, which served as the Basestar’s control terminal. His blood mixed with the still water but he had a connection nonetheless. He felt the Hybrid, still alive but barely.

    “Execute, self-destruct procedure…” he told the Hybrid, then he told succumbed to his wounds.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Some might call what the Hybrid experience as insanity and their babbling the uttering of madness. But to the Hybrid, such words were meaningless. They see the universe as it truly is, they see the will of God. The Hybrid’s mind reached out and touched the resurrection ship. As per procedure for this mission, the Hybrid ordered that all databanks erased and the navigation logs destroyed. The remaining Sentorians all experienced the same memory whip as the did the few remaining Raiders. Her work done, the Hybrid said only one word.


    All across the system, Basestars too damaged to jump destroyed themselves rather than risk falling into the hands of the enemy. Their reactor cores overload, taking out everything in the immediate vicinity. The vipers unlucky enough to be caught in the explosion never saw it coming, one brief moment of exhilaration for their victory and they were dust.

    The Cylons had retreated far away from the pursuit of the Colonials, not only over Virgon but every system they attacked. A few places like Picon and Virgon took major damage from the nuclear weapons used and fall out was just the beginning of their problems. Caprica and some of the other colonies faired better but not by much. It would be sometmie before these worlds recover from the devastation wrecked by Cylon infiltrators.

    For the Cylon agents, they remain hidden in colonial society, waiting. Waiting for their time in the sun. Wait for revolution. Of course, if that doesn't happen they just have to help it along.
  13. Entilza

    Entilza Supreme System Lord

    Armistice Line:
    Three flashes of light marked the arrival of Admiral Cain’s small fleet at the border of the Armistice line which for so long had marked the edge of Colonial territory and the known reaches of Cylon space.

    In the CIC of the Battlestar Cerberus, Commander Delmino braced herself as DRADIS sensors reached out, searching for enemy targets. “Anything out there?” She asked, her own eyes scanning the DRADIS readout.

    “Nothing on DRADIS,” Lt. Valiss replied as she glanced at a report left on her station just before jump.

    “Launch a recon patrol, and keep DRADIS on maximum gain. If anything moves out there I want to know it before it does.”

    “Yes mam.”

    “Signal from Pegasus!” Came a call from across the CIC.

    “I’ll take it here,” Commander Kyra relied. Grabbing the phone from her console behind her she held it to her ear and spoke, “Commander Delmino here.”

    “This place looks to be empty, but I don’t think it will stay that way for long," came the voice of Admiral Cain. "We’re right between Colonial and Cylon space and if any of their damaged ships tries to limp home we’ll be there waiting for them.”

    “Understood Admiral; we’ll be ready,” Delmino replied as she returned the phone to its hold. “Tactical, the moment you get a DRADIS contact align our bow guns and prepare to fire.”

    “Yes man,” Mr. Bortea replied eagerly.

    For several long hours no Cylons showed their chrome faces, but Admiral Cain knew they would. With their defeat at the 12 Colonies they would certainly regroup before a second strike.

    Commander Delmino knew the Admiral was right. She had a feeling in her gut that this day wasn’t over. As she paced around the CiC she couldn’t help her mind turning to her family on Caprica. Her husband Michael and their two young daughters Kara and Elizabeth had been in Caprica city when the Cylons had attacked. If something had happened to them…

    “Everything all right Commander?” Colonel Val asked as she stood beside her Commander. “You seem a it distracted.”

    “My family,” Kyra replied “were in Caprica City when the Cylons attacked. Kara was supposed to see a doctor about her cold today. You know the Cylons bombed all hospitals as part of their covert strike. I just can’t help but wonder if they’re even still alive.” As she spoke Kyra she felt her sadness threatening to rise up and overwhelm her, but she couldn’t show weakness in front of her crew.

    “I’m sure they are,” the Colonel replied. “And when we make it back to Caprica-”

    “DRADIS contact!” Came the warning. “Six Cylon Base Ships just jumped in. They’re defiantly coming from the Colonies; three are heavily damaged and I’m reading less than a hundred Raiders between them.”

    “Message from the Pegasus Commander,” Lt. Dallis called out. “She’s ordering a full charge straight into the Cylon line.”

    “Then let’s do this,” Commander Delmino replied, grinning slightly. “Fire main guns at the closest Base Ship. Coordinate our fire with the Hydra. Target the Base Ships with the most damage first, then move onto the next in line. And if possible, disable the FTL of one of those ships. If we can get aboard we can get intel on where these ships were going.”

    “Understood Commander. Weapons range in ten seconds.”

    “Time to take the fight to them,” Kyra smiled.
  14. Lightning Count

    Lightning Count Suggester of the Peace Arbiter


    “Admiral I’m reading a build up in those Basestars.” Colonel Fisk stated. “I don’t think they’re going to hang around for the show.”
    Cain grimaced. “Fine, load armour piercing and get me just one of them. I want one Colonel, go for the source of the build up. Should be the FTL.”
    Beside the Pegasus the two other Battlestars were already firing, shredding one of the nearby Basestars. The Cylons were launching fighters but Cain decided not to.
    “Locked on!”
    “Fire main guns.” The Admiral ordered. “Suppression fire on those fighters.”

    Even so far away the recoil of the guns could be sensed through the deck. Pegasus had some of the best trained gunners in the fleet, Cain demanded nothing less, and the first rounds b;asted through the core of the Cylon ship.
    One a bright flash one Basestar made its jump, a second intact vessel close behind.
    “Make it fast guns.” Cain prompted. “We’re running out of ships.”
    A third basestar fled along with its raiders, while the one the Cerberus was engaging began to break apart.
    With a final shudder a sabot round speared one of the heavily damaged ships severing main power. In an instant it went completely dead.

    “Last active Basestar just jumped.” Slater reported.
    “We’ve got two lame ducks.” Fisk stated. “One of them looks like its about to blow.”
    “Self destruct I bet.” Hoshi stated.
    “Order Cerberus to finish it off.” Cain said. “Then get Lieutenant Thorne to assemble a team, lets see what we’re up against.”
    The Basestar wheeled lifeless in space while its sister was reduced to glowing embers by the Cerberus. At best they had a half hour in Cain’s estimation to try and learn something from the wreck before help arrived. She had no intention of being here when it did.
  15. Entilza

    Entilza Supreme System Lord

    “Almost there! Hang on to something!” Kaya “Hotshot” Antice yelled to the marines clustered in the aft section of her ship. Out in space the last enemy fighters were being slaughtered by Raptors from the three Battlestars pounding the Cylon fleet.

    The docking port looked ahead, jammed open by damage. As the Raptors flew in Kaya got her first look at the inside of a Cylon Base Star. A huge mound of metal with a glowing red core occupied the center, but Kaya angled for what looked like a landing pad, setting down and opening the side hatch. “Good luck!” She called.

    “Thanks,” replied Lt. Thorn as he led his marines out into the interior of a Cylon Base Ship. For safety they were a wearing their space suits, and each man trained their rifle on a different part of the large oval opening around them.

    “Which way sir?” Asked a man with the rank insignia of a Corporal. As he panned his rifle around he whistled at the size of the ship around him.

    “This way,” Thorn replied, pointing to a passage which led down and to the right of their landed Raptor. Even as they moved other marines were landing and making their own way down other corridors. “Stay tight and keep on guard. We don’t know how many Centurions we’re facing. Move out!” He ordered, taking the lead as he led his team down into a dark corridor. They flicked on their rifle mounted flash lights and moved slowly, ears straining to pick up the metallic rings of metal feet meeting deck plate. The floor however, appeared to be made of something organic. “Glad I have my mask on or I’d probably be gagging,” he remarked to himself.

    As the team progressed deeper into the Base Ship the walls and floor changed from soft tissue to more familiar grey metal. Lights flickered on and off as the Base Ship’s power went down.

    Without warning a pair of Centurions rounded the corner, twin cannons extending from where their hands should have been. “DOWN!” Thorn yelled as his team hit the deck, bullets cutting through the air less than an inch from his head. Training kicking in. he put a round into the head of each Centurion, the high explosive rounds shattering the toasters’ heads and sending them crashing to the deck. “Thank the Lords for daily drills,” he said. “All right, let’s move. The other Centurions will have heard that!”

    “Sir, I’ve got something here!” One of the marines called out as he scouted ahead. He was dragging an unconscious woman by the arm, her limp body trailing behind. “She was just lying there.”

    “What in the Lords names would the Cylons want with a human?” Thorne asked. “She could be a collaborator. Deris, Hyrack, take her back to the Raptor. The rest of you, let’s keep going. I want to find the core of this place.”
  16. Lightning Count

    Lightning Count Suggester of the Peace Arbiter

    Cylon ship

    Thorne waved his hand gesturing for the squad behind him to halt and spread out. The suited up Marines weren’t at their best in full environmental suits, however it beat the alternative of perhaps asphyxiating.
    There was a low rhythmic clang, like an archaic steam engine without the hissing and it was getting closer. Thorne checked his rifle, made sure of the safety, then made ready.
    Three Centurions rounded the corner, one of them exploding in a second. The other two managed a few seconds of fire, enough to wound one of the Marines before the team finished it off.
    “Karson’s down!” called a Sergeant.
    “Get him out of here!” Thorne said. “Rest of you, on me and move!”

    More swiftly now the team advanced using the waypoint broadcaster from the Pegasus to keep their bearings in the alien ship. They had no real idea where anything was but guessed following the corridors would lead somewhere.
    “Sir, another human.” A corporal called. “Dead one sir, but definitely no toaster.”
    “Alright, keep moving.” Thorne said.
    “Maybe they’ve taken hostages?”
    “Won’t do them any good.” The Lieutenant stated. “Okay, room ahead. Standby to breach.”

    The Marines professional formed up on either side of the corridor and dropped two grenades through, before the echo of the explosion had dulled they were in.
    “Looks like a command deck.” The Sergeant stated.
    “Possibly, but I’m not seeing much we can use.” Thorne shook his head. “Just grab whatever you can see and fill your pockets.”
    “Sir, more bodies, human again!”
    “In the control room?”
    “Yes sir.”
    Thorne shook his head. “I don’t think they’re hostages, must be collaborators.”
    “All dead sir, hard to get an ID, they took the brunt of an explosion.”

    “They’re dead now, it doesn’t matter.” The Lieutenant said.
    “Strike team, strike team. This is Pegasus Actual.”
    Thorne raised his hand for silence. “Go ahead Admiral.”
    “We’re reading a power fluctuation, looks like the Cylons are rerouting power.”
    “Understood Admiral, shall I try and stop it?”
    “Negative Lieutenant, we’d be blind trying to figure it out. Evac now, it’s time we were moving.”

    “Roger that.” Thorne started moving. “All teams report to Raptors, we’re bugging out.”
    Careful and quickly they began to collapse back, rifles sweeping left and right on the way.
    “Contact!” A Marine shoted before firing a burst, his shots returned by a group of Centurions.
    “Fire in the hole!” Thorne warned and threw a grenade, bouncing it off a wall and into the midst of the Cylons.
    With a sharp crack and billow of smoke the device exploded, and at once the Marines were moving, putting bullet into the two surviving toasters.

    They backtracked at a run, fleeing the ship which was beginning to rumble and pulse almost like a living entity, it was deeply disturbing.
    “Raptors up!” Thorne yelled as they filed into one of the launch bays. “Get on and go!”
    The Marines piled in with the Raptors lifting off before even the doors fully closed. Thorne was the last in as the small craft ran out of the ship, silent flickers of fire starting already to seep through the Base star hull.
    They were halfway home when the ship self destructed, taking with it most of its secrets and combat data.

    “Raptors coming on board.” Fisk reported.
    “All ships ready to jump.” Cain ordered. “Make for the rendezvous, we’ll gather our strength and begin recon flights, unless the team brought something more specific.”
    The strike teams returned to their battlestars, scraping sparks from the deck as they landed and the parent ships made the jump to obscurity.
    “Set up a perimeter.” Cain said. “We should be safe here in the middle of nowhere but stay vigilant. Maintain comms silence until further notice.”
    “Yes Ma’am.”
    “I’m going to see what we brought back.”
  17. adm-frb

    adm-frb B5/BSG/ST Writer

    The Battle of Ragnar

    [FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]BATTLESTAR PERSEUS, (BSG-75)[/FONT]​

    [FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]CIC[/FONT]​

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Jump complete... flight pods extending.” Blackwood said. “We appear to be in geosynchronous... incoming ordinance!”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Emergency enemy suppression barrage!” Kronus said grabbing the far edge of the command station. “All batteries fire!”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Sitrep!” Archer said as he felt the deck shudder from the recoil from Perseus's heavy weapons. Glancing up at the DRADIS displays, he realised exactly what had happened as he saw both friendly and hostile contacts on them. “What we facing?”[/FONT]

    [FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Blackwood studied his displays. “Three Baseships and fifty Raiders. I'm also reading three contacts with friendly IFF...”[/FONT]​

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Who are they?” Archer demanded feeling the deck heave beneath him. Good, he thought. Looks like we're taking some of the heat off of Galactica.[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]It's Galactica and two civvies; Colonial Heavy 798 and Gemenon Liner 1701.”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Communications,” Archer said picking up his handset again. “Get me Galactica Actual.”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Stand by to launch Alert Vipers,” Kronus said after picking up a second handset.[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Your on,” the communications officer said.[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Galactica,” Archer said. “This is Perseus Actual. Looks like we arrived just in time.”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Commander Archer,” Adama it seemed was not in a good mood. “We're transmitting jump coordinates to you now. Execute after the last civvies are away and our fighters are on board.” As Adama gave his orders, Archer saw Gemenon Liner 1701 vanish from the DRADIS display as it jumped away.[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Receiving jump coordinates.” Blackwood said.[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Understood,” Archer said grabbing the side of the command station as the Perseus rocked from a direct hit. “We've just received them.”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]That is all,” Adama informed him. And Archer hung up a moment later.[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Fleet status?”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Last civilian ship away...” the communications officer announced. “Galactica just ordered her Vipers home.”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Standby to jump.” Archer said. “Retract the pods.”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Commander,” the communications officer said. “We've got three of Galactica's Vipers heading our way. They're too far from Galactica.”[/FONT]

    [FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Archer nodded. [/FONT]​

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Galactica's away...” Kronus observed, her eyes were fixed on the DRADIS displays also.[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]The three Vipers are aboard!” Blackwood said. “Pods secure.”[/FONT]

    “[FONT=Tahoma, sans-serif]Cease fire and execute jump!”[/FONT]
  18. adm-frb

    adm-frb B5/BSG/ST Writer

    Could someone please update the current overall strategic situation? With particular emphasis on the situation over and on Caprica.

    I know what Galactica, Perseus and the 60 civillian ships are doing. It's everything else I'm wondering about.
  19. Overall this is a good story but someone needs to clean up the grammatical and spelling errors in this fic, it really does detract from it. And by the way missiles equipped with nuclear or thermonuclear warheads aren't "Radiologicals" they're nuclear tipped missiles, "Radiological" is the term to indicate when the battlestar's sensors detect a missile equipped with such a warhead.
  20. whasts left of bsg 78 and 2 others are over caprica
  21. adm-frb

    adm-frb B5/BSG/ST Writer

    Thanks Katar

    Is Negala still the senior officer? or is he dead. Of so, who is the SO? I have a couple ideas. But, need this info to work them out
  22. Negala is dead and senor officer, there is none right now since the only to admirals left are the 2 im writing and there still not back in system, so for now it falls to the most senior local commader or the guy with the most intact and bigest ship
  23. if you have yahoo messager im me well talk about it buts its very late for me right now i dont think ill post today, my yahoo id is the same as here
  24. Lightning Count

    Lightning Count Suggester of the Peace Arbiter

    Beyond the Armistice line

    The two guards opened the door without a word of command, a look from Admiral Cain more than sufficient. With a wheeze the door retracted allowing access into the interrogation room, a small grey room with no windows or decoration, just a table and two chairs.
    Three people were already in the room, a Marine stood at the back, Lieutenant Thorne to one side, and a the desk the prisoner from the Cylon ship.
    Cain settled in the seat opposite and examined the dark haired female, a few cuts and scrapes on her face.

    “Have we met?” Cain squinted.
    The prisoner made no answer, her eyes darting left and right.
    “You just seem familiar.” The Admiral pressed. “Something about your face.”
    “I… we…” the prisoner began.
    “Speak up.” Cain said curtly.
    “We haven’t met.”
    “Well in that case introductions, I’m Helena Cain, Vice Admiral of the Colonial fleet. You are?”
    “Sandra, Sandra Blanch.”

    Cain nodded in acceptance. “You had no ID on you, but I’m happy to call you that.”
    “Where am I?”
    “We better answer my questions first.” Cain stated. “Why were you on a Cylon ship?”
    “They were Cylons?”
    The Admirals stare was like ice. “How did you get aboard?”
    “I don’t know.” Sandra answered. “I was on caprica, and we were attacked, a remember a blast and falling unconscious.” She sighed heavily. “They must have taken me.”
    “Why did they take me?”
    Cain continued staring.

    “I don’t know, I guess they wanted to learn something from me.”
    “Such as?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “What did they ask you?”
    “So they took you to learn something, but didn’t ask questions?” Cain raised an eyebrow. “That’s odd don’t you think?”
    “Well yes.”
    “Cylons are machines, logical, direct. Not odd.” The Admiral continued. “What do you do?”

    “I’m a machinist, for a textile company.”
    “Hardly a position of power in the Colonies, seems strange to kidnap you.”
    “They must have wanted to learn about ordinary people, maybe psychology or anatomy.”
    “We made the Cylons, they already know all that stuff. We haven’t evolved in fifty years.” Cain paused. “I wonder how the Cylons have changed?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “You don’t know much.”
    “I’m not an Admiral.”

    Cain smiled widely, it was not a warm smile. “I’ve got it, I remembered you.”
    “Oh?” Sandra’s eyes widened.
    “D’anna Biers, you look just like her.”
    “Oh her, yeah I get that a lot.”
    “It’s almost uncanny, you could be her twin.”
    “Don’t mistake accusation for a compliment.” Cain cut her off. “Several other humans were found on the ship, on it’s version of a command centre.”

    Sandra shrugged. “I don’t know about that, maybe they escaped and tried to take over the ship.”
    “Unarmed civilians taking a warship? With Centurions running around? No.” Cain shook her head. “Incidently, why weren’t you in a cage?”
    “I escaped.”
    “I see, how?”
    “An explosion blew off my cell door, killed the guards, so I ran.”
    “Interesting, how did you know where to go?”
    “I remembered passing through the corridors when I was brought aboard.”
    Cain grinned. “You said you were unconscious earlier, that you woke up on the ship. Now you remember the journey?”

    Sandra didn’t answer, her eyes betraying panic.
    Cain stood from the chair, walking around the table and perching on the end with a folder.
    “Do you know the penalty for treason?”
    “I am loyal to my people!” Sandra protested.
    “Really?” Cain took a photo from the folder. “This looks like you.”
    She dropped a black and white image of a woman.
    “Security footage from Caprica, minutes later a bomb killed a dozen police officers right here.”

    “It wasn’t me.”
    “It looks like you. Try this one, another bomb on Virgon. How about this, or this, or this?”
    She layed photo after photo showing the same face on the desk before Sandra.
    “According to the expedition we also found someone very like you on the Base ship bridge, dead. You must have come from a very big family, identical septuplets.”
    “I don’t know what this is, but I am not a terrorist!” Sandra wailed. “This isn’t me!”

    Cain looked at her squarely. “No, no it probably isn’t. You can’t be in five places at once.”
    “I just, I’m just confused. With the battles and nuking Virgon…”
    “Oh, you heard?”
    “yeah, it’s terrible.”
    “But your ship came from where? Caprica?”
    “it was on the news…”
    “Of course it was.” Cain nodded. “Do you want some food?”

    Sandra nodded. “Please, yes.”
    “Put your hands on the desk, we’ll take off your shackles.”
    Sandra did as she was ordered, laying her hands palm down. In a sudden blur Admiral Cain brought something flashing down, a knife from her ankle sheath, and with it impaled Sandra’s left hand to the table.
    With a screech the prisoner grabbed for it, only for Cain to punch her hard, sending the prisoner off her chair and down to the steel floor, hand still nailed to the desk.
    “I hate it when people lie to me.” Cain said conversationally, stepping around the wheezing person. Behind her the Marine kept his rifle trained on the prisoner. “it hurts me, and I like to transfer the pain.”

    “You bitch!” Sandra snapped back. “I have rights! I’ll see you in jail for this!”
    “This is my ship!” Cain snarled. “And we are at war with billions of lives at stake! I will do whatever has to be done to achieve victory!” She knelt down. “And so will you, whether you like it or not.”
    Sandra spat blood onto Cains uniform. The officer smirked, then back handed the prisoner and stood.
    “I don’t know what you are.” She pulled out the knife letting the hand drop free. “But you aren’t one of us. That makes you one of them.”
    She waved to the guard to open the door.

    “Lieutenant Thorne,” She said over her shoulder. “That ship came from somewhere, a staging world. Odds are it was heading back there.”
    “Yes Ma’am.”
    “She knows, whatever she is, she knows.”
    “yes Ma’am.”
    “They are nuking our cities Lieutenant. Millions may already be dead, hundreds of ships destroyed, dozens of Battlestars. I’m not letting that happen anymore.”
    “No Ma’am.”
    “Get me those coordinates, I don’t care how. Don’t care what it takes or what you have to do. Get me the Cylon staging world in this sector, and get it quick.”
    “I understand Admiral.” Thorne nodded.
    “Whatever it takes.” Cain finished then left. She had made a decision, a brutal one, but she did not doubt it was the right thing to do. They were now at war and she intended to win, whatever that needed from her to achieve.
  25. sharpe

    sharpe future bsg/sdf CO

    dang, what is it with LC and powerfull women. first Jha'dur and now admiral Cain.
    words just fail me how beautifull yet ruthless he portrays them.