The Boy with the Magic Notebook (Scribblenauts/Multi)

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    Hey guys, this is me just trying to blow off some stress and decided a simple quest with an absurdly overpowered character was just what the doctor ordered.

    They'll be drama of course, and conflict Maxwell can't just poof away with his notebook, but for the most part, this is going to be a relaxed quest where Maxwell tries to do good in a variety of worlds.

    A few things to keep in mind however:

    Maxwell and Lily are young children. Puberty is nowhere near him so his interactions with the fairer sex are going to be colored by his age, a time when fart jokes reign supreme. So don't try anything too weird.

    Don't try to instantly write in overpowered things. Going into a warzone and slamming in a black hole is kind of boring (though if consensus agrees with the overpowered option because it's just so much fun, I'll go with it).

    Try not to make Maxwell a total dick. Maxwell is no longer the brat tossing out rotten apples to strangers! He's matured, so he'll try to be a good kid. He'll be up for jokes and pranks though, but at his core he's a very nice person.

    Be creative! It's a notebook that can write in any adjective or noun. While there will be limits on its power, for the most part you've got what amounts to a supercharged Green Lantern ring.
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    Bored. Bored. Bored.

    Maxwell sighed as he sat back on the lawn chair. It was summer break right now so school wasn’t something he had to worry about. Mom and Dad had gone on another trip, something about a magic castle that had linked the East and West or some such, and had taken along Tots and a few of his other brothers with him. His older siblings were all at their own homes doing whatever work they needed to do.

    Leaving him alone with Lily. Not that it was a bad thing of course! He liked Lily a lot. His only sister and he got along very well, especially after all of their adventures. It was just that, well, there was nothing to do. You could only argue about comic books or heck, just about anything for so long after all.

    Maxwell shielded his eyes for a moment as a flash of yellow light slammed down in front of him and faded, leaving his sister smiling in what had been the center of the beam.

    “Hey Lily, did mom and dad like the lunch?”

    “Yeah, the Manhan Quanxi went down great with the ghosts there. They couldn’t really eat it, but you know, they appreciated the thought and opened up another level of the castle for them,” Lily answered.

    She gestured to Maxwell for a seat of her own. Maxwell obliged her by flipping open his magic notebook and carefully penned in ‘Rocking Chair.’

    Lily sat on the new bit of furniture and appreciated to slow rocking for a few moments. “Did you eat yet?” she asked.

    “I had a grilled cheese.”


    The silence went on for a few more minutes before Lily asked “So who do you think would win? Undead wolfman or cyborg monster hun-”

    “We did that last week Lily. The monster hunter won remember?” Maxwell sighed. That had been an anti-climactic night. Lily and he had gone to an open field for the summoning and saw the monster hunter drop his silver tipped arrows and shift his arm into a laser cannon that had taken the wolfman off guard. With its limbs moving jerkily from rigor mortis, it had been a one-sided fight.

    “Wanna go Starite hunting again then?”

    Maxwell thought about that for a few moments. Yeah, Starites… that did sound pretty cool. He’d never really been all about philanthropy and all that stuff before his dad turned Lily to stone, but seeing people’s eyes light up with joy when he helped them accomplish their goals… that was nice.

    “Where do you want to go?”

    Lily’s smile grew bigger as she giggled. “Remember how we went to Gotham City?”

    Maxwell suddenly had a sinking feeling.

    “How about we go to another place like that? We’ve got tons of places to choose from. We can always sneak a peek at some of the manga Shadow keeps in his closet, and Poindexter has tons of cool stuff we can use to go there.”

    Gotham City. When Lily and he had decided to try to see who the coolest hero was, that had turned into an adventure he hadn’t planned for. I mean, it was super cool to fight with the Justice League and all, but Doppelganger had been a real pain… of course, Doppelganger was a good guy now since Maxwell had given the clone what he’d wanted most. And it wasn’t like he was going to make that mistake again!

    “Yeah! Great idea Lily!”

    He and his sister eagerly rushed up to their brothers’ rooms, grabbing any book or game that looked interesting before meeting up again in the den where the family kept the TV and a computer.

    Some looked more interesting than others. Soon, Maxwell and Lily had narrowed the list down to a few select series.

    “So we can go to…”

    [] Warhammer 40K

    [] Mahou Sensei Negima

    [] Mass Effect

    [] Marvel Comics

    [] One Piece

    [] Final Fantasy ?

    [] Write-In (May or may not be accepted depending on subject matter and familiarity of series in question)
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    You are Maxwell. A very bored little boy with a notebook that can make anything. And you've decided that you and your lovely sister Lily (that's her down there)​
    Are going to save the omniverse (well, more like go inside it and make people happy using your magic powers).​
    Are you a creative enough dude to spread joy across the universe?​
    Table of Contents
    Universe 1 (Worm)​
    Conception 1.05
    Conception 1.06
    Conception 1.07
    Conception 1.08
    Conception 1.09
    Conception 1.x (Interlude; The Director)

    Inscription 2.01
    Inscription 2.02
    Inscription 2.03
    Inscription 2.x (Interlude; Taylor)
    Inscription 2.04
    Inscription 2.05
    Inscription 2.06
    Inscription 2.y (Interlude; Battery)

    Perquisition 3.01
    Perquisition 3.02
    Perquisition 3.03
    Perquisition 3.04
    Perquisition 3.05
    Perquisition 3.06
    Perquistion 3.07
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    Heaven Canceler Too late, too late, I am too late!

    [X] Mahou Sensei Negima

    And there is going to be another cute Little kid with a fanbase.
  5. Krein

    Krein Have hope.

    [J] Berserk


    [X] Worm
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  6. [X] Mahou Sensei Negima

    We can swap notes with Paru.
  7. Malbutorius

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    [X] Worm

    Because it's Grimdark, lets lessen that Grim-Darkness shall we? Like just randomly wandering around and helping people with difficult problems. But, first order of business, Give yourself and your sister the Immortal Prefix, because it's just too useful and you need it just to be sure, and probably make a friendly dragon to rid around on.
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    It's 2 and 2 so it looks like we need a tie-breaker. I'll give you guys... 1 hour and 45 minutes. If consensus is not achieved, I'll pick between Negima and Worm myself.
  9. Malbutorius

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    I don't even know anything about Negimia.
  10. [X] Worm

    Prefer Warhammer 40k but someone has to break the tie.
  11. Double post
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    Well, this is going to be fun, we should go to a fantasy setting next, like The Forgotten Realms.
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    [X] Worm

    “Worm,” Maxwell muttered, trying out the name. He’d never heard of it. Unlike the other stuff he and Lily had collected, this ‘Worm’ didn’t seem to actually exist in a tangible manner. There were no games, no action figures, not even a comic strip! But for some reason, Poindexter had typed out pages upon pages of stuff about this internet book he’d found. Weird stuff like poems and his own stories about it where another Poindexter was in the story and beat up bad guys before smooching some girls. Yuck!

    Lily flipped through Poindexter’s writings while Maxwell went on the internet to see the gist of Worm. It was about Superheroes apparently, which sounded good because hey, Maxwell fought alongside the Justice League, the most heroic heroes ever! It wasn’t going to be too hard right? There wasn’t an actual Wikipedia article he could find and the story was waaayy too long for Maxwell to go through in a single setting unless he used a time machine to try and stop time. A longshot considering how finicky the things could be.

    For all the power the notebook had, Maxwell’s control over more complicated objects such as ones controlling space-time were more limited than more mundane objects like stealth bombers or robot dinosaurs.

    “Huh,” Lily said. “Apparently the story is about a girl named Taylor who wants to be a superhero. But a lot of stuff happens and she turns into a supervillain.”

    “Dang,” Maxwell scowled. “So should we try and turn her into a hero again? How does the rest of the story go?”

    His sister shrugged before poking her twin brother. “A lot of monsters apparently. Like, giant stuff that attacks cities and serial killers with superpowers that do bad things.”

    Serial killers? Giant monsters? That was just the sort of thing people needed help from! This sounded perfect!

    Maxwell shut down the computer quickly before grabbing his sister and started to drag her out to their backyard.

    “Wh-what are you doing Maxwell? Shouldn’t we get some more information!?”

    “We’ve got hero stuff to do Lily! You think Superman would bother with all of this when he can just punch through the problems?”

    “Yeah. We met him remember?”

    “Completely different in this case,” Maxwell dismissed. “Come on, we’ve got people to help!”

    Maxwell hesitated for a moment before opening up his notebook.


    “Let’s tie these around our wrists so we don’t get separated. You didn’t fall too far off when we went to Gotham but you still got hurt remember Lily?” Maxwell said. Seeing his sister nod, the young boy smiled.

    “And just in case…”


    “There!” Maxwell exclaimed. Adjectives applied to him and his sister were tricky things and had a tendency to vanish at random times. While erasing adjectives was easy, and he had no problem applying them to other people, he and his sister reacted differently to the words when applied directly to them. In terms of time anyway. But the word would apply to them for the next few hours at the least. If push came to shove, he could always rewrite the word.

    “You got your globe?”

    Lily answered by holding up her own magic artifact. She and Maxwell shared grins before Maxwell flipped his notebook to a new page. His tongue stuck out to the side of his mouth as he carefully jotted down


    The magic of the notebook and globe resonated with each other and with a flash of light they were off to another universe. One darker than they ever imagined.

    The beam of light ripped through dimensional walls as though there weren’t even there before punching down through the atmosphere of a world designated Earth-Bet, and slammed into the docks area of a port city.

    Lily and Maxwell blinked simultaneously before taking in the sea air.

    “Yuck! That’s disgusting. It’s like garbage and rotten fish mixed together.”

    Maxwell coughed in agreement with his sister before conjuring up some gas masks for the duo.
    “Are we in the right place?” the boy asked, his voice muffled through the thick mask.

    “I dunno, we should be,’ said his sister. “Gimme a jet pack or something so we can make sure.”


    Maxwell adjusted his rooster helmet before strapping on his own new jetpack to fly up above some buildings.

    “Whoa,” he said as he looked at the flooded and wrecked streets of the city he was in. “Sure looks like what happens when a monster goes through.”

    “Yep, I guess this is the place. What do you want to do?”

    “…We should-”

    [] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!
    [] Find that Taylor girl!
    [] Look for the local heroes!
    [] Write-in!
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    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!

    First things first after all.
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    Insufficient Dakka I'm back. Hooray and stuff.

    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!
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    Heaven Canceler Too late, too late, I am too late!

    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!
  17. kinglugia

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    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!
    ...*sigh* SB, why must you go to the dark and edgy places.
  18. Malbutorius

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    It was either that or Negima, and I know shit about Negima.
  19. kinglugia

    kinglugia Zzz

    I know shit about Worm, except that it is a grimdark land that has ROBs literally intervening to stop people that want to make the world a better place.
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    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!

    Let us begin... Huh. Wonder how dark this'll go.
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    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!

    Post-Leviathan, soooo... shit, what the hell, let's fight Mannequin!
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    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!
  23. Polokun

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    Dont forget that Maxwell technically has the power to CREATE ENDBRINGERS. So don't count him out as succumbing to grimdark so fast.

    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!

    But yeah, at some point, we gotta make Cthulhu :p
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    Look man, in the climactic mission of Scribblenauts Unmasked, when faced with Sinestro's Yellow Lanterns, Maxwell can summon any other corp to fight for him including White Lanterns and Black Lanterns. When you can power through just about everything with enough creative words, grimdark ain't a problem.

    Maxwell's a kid out to do good. He'll make places bright and happy even if he has to drag them kicking and screaming into the sun.

    Anyway, writing now.
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    Sorry for the delay guys, Spacebattles lag is killing me... It's still lagging in fact. Just not as severely.


    [X] Go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!

    "...We should go look for injured people and start cleaning up the city!" Maxwell asserted.

    Lily nodded in agreement as they both began to scan the ruined streets of Brockton Bay. A lot of water was evident, but Maxwell decided against putting in drains to get rid of it all. He'd have to watch the water run dry before erasing the drains, not possible when he'd be jetting around the city looking for more people to help.


    With that little detail established, he and Lily flew high to see the city before taking out a set of binoculars to see where there was smoke or the most ruins. From what he could tell using a compass, the most damage appeared to the east. A few isolated spots looked okay but for the most part, the entire place was a wreck.

    Maxwell pointed out the spot to Lily before the two dived.

    "How's your globe?"

    Lily held up the now invisible globe, carefully stroking it in thought. "We can jump around but just like last time, we lost a lot of power. We'll have to build it up through Starites before we can go home again."

    That wouldn't be too difficult, Maxwell thought. Despite all the power the Starites had, they could be easily created and fused to work their magic. At least for him anyway.

    " do you want to fix the city?" Lily asked.

    It was a good question. The roads were craked. The power lines were cut. Buildings were demolished. The list of things that had gone wrong already seemed endless and the twins hadn't even seen a person yet!

    Fixing it would be easy though. Why he could just write in-

    [] Experts (Electricians, Construction Workers, Bulldozers, Cement Trucks, etc...)
    [] Adjectives (Fixed, Repaired, Functional, etc...)

    GM's Note: This decision will decide Maxwell's preferred inital method of problem solving. Though the players ultimately has control over all major decisions, and can interrupt at any time they like to better fit Maxwell's immense power, this will establish Maxwell's go to selections for minor choices.

    With that settled, Maxwell slapped on some x-ray goggles to look for people. He and Lily found dozens of people huddled together over the remnants of a crate that looked to have supplies. Many of them looked tired. Few had blankets or any conveniences at all.

    "Hiya," Maxwell said.

    Instantly the people around the crate drew close together while some of the stronger looking people drew makeshift weapons such as nailbats. Two in particular drew battered pistols.

    "Maxwell, we're still invisible remember?" Lily hissed.

    Oops. Maxwell instantly removed the INVISIBLE adjective around him and Lily to let the people see him.

    "What the hell-"

    "A kid? Can kids even be parahumans so young?"

    "That's a jetpack and some fancy headgear. Gotta be a Tinker."

    Maxwell ignored the mutterings to see if there was anyone that looked to be in charge. A stern-faced woman with a gun edged closer to him.

    "What do you want?" She asked warily.

    Maxwell shrugged. "Just saw that you guys look like you needed help."

    The woman let out a harsh laugh. "Look kid, you're a bit too young for this you know that? I don't give a shit that you're a parahuman or whatever, but if you're here to shake us down, you're looking in the wrong spot. We've already got Regent sniffing around trying to get us to sign up with him. We don't need another."

    Confused, Maxwell shared glances with Lily before asking the woman again "Yeah but if you need anything, what would you guys want?"

    "A medium-rare steak, roast potatoes, sparkling water, oh, and some freaking doctors and power for the buildings here," the woman spat.

    That's easy! You'll give her...

    [] Food
    [] Medicine
    [] Power
    [] Write-in

    GM's Note: Now is your first chance to actually interact with someone! In true Scribblenauts fashion, be as creative as you can, but try to be fitting! Something like a firebreathing duck is cool yes, but not something hungry people would appreciate. Do you want to go for 'Wow' points? Give them the bare minimum? Your decisions will shape the future of this arc...