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    I can't believe the fickleness of my muse. I never should have jumped on that bandwagon in the first place. Now a one-off ficlet expanded into this. Granted, it's still going to be fairly short compared to the plans of my other project, but...

    Again, no update schedule, since this is rather silly. I'll probably be alternating between this and my other project, so please bear with me.

    This is a ZnT crossover with elements of SD The Great Battle and OG Saga.

    Table of Contents:
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    The Hero of Void
    Prologue: The Summoned Familiar


    "Mama, tell me a story!"

    "Hmm, very well, little one. Which do you want to hear tonight?"

    "Uhmm... I want to hear your favorite story, Mama!"

    "Oh, then I know just the one. It's something my own mama once read to me when I was your age... here we are. Dear me, I nearly forgot how old this book is..."

    Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there ruled a kind and noble sorcerer. His kingdom was prosperous and his subjects praised his benevolence far and wide. In his life, he had gained everything a man could wish for--fame, power, wealth, and love. Yet despite it all, his days were haunted by a feeling of dissatisfaction.

    "What plagues me so? What am I missing?"

    Every day, he questioned the emptiness within him. His years spent seeking the answer that eluded him so.

    One day, a traveler arrived in the kingdom. Hearing of the sorcerer's plight, he sought for an audience.

    "I know what plagues you, noble sorcerer," he said.

    "What is it?" The sorcerer begged to know.

    "The answer you seek is Wisdom," said the traveler. "Fame, power, wealth, and love. All these can be found and lost through a man's life. But Wisdom is eternal. A man's Wisdom can only grow."

    "But I am already the wisest in my kingdom."

    "Do you have the wisdom of the Hunter, full of knowledge of the wild forests and plains?" asked the traveler. "Do you have the wisdom of the Priest, and his communes with God and Heaven? Or the wisdom of the Mother, who senses the feelings of her children through a single word?"

    "I do not," admitted the sorcerer, and the traveler continued.

    "A single man can never truly be the wisest, for there are far too many things on this world that cannot be experienced within one lifetime."

    "Then how? How can one man claim all the world's wisdom?" asked the sorcerer.

    The traveler smiled, and said, "The answer you seek lie within the Darkness."


    He felt his body being torn apart, the alien energy of this realm ripping through him. The pain ravaged him, his mind unable to even defend itself as he gazed at the cascade of spiraling colors with wild, unfocused eyes. A scream, edged with madness alerted him, and in a corner of his mind, he realized it was his own.

    "Kouta! Get a hold of yourself!" he heard a distant voice speak. Kouta... that was his name. Kouta Azuma... Who was speaking to him? He struggled, clutching his head, and he screamed again as his focus was lost. It hurt! Ithurtithurtithurt!

    Roa watched his young charge's writhing, feeling at a loss. The strange, alien dimension overwhelming the sanity of the boy, whose three-dimensional mind could scarcely comprehend the higher layers of this realm. It should never have been an issue. The Roar Armor was designed to protect the wearer in their journey between worlds. It had never failed in their travels before--Roa himself had journeyed through dozens of realities in his quest--and yet it couldn't protect its wearer on this involuntary journey.

    But then, the origin of this journey wasn't the normal, let alone controlled, circumstances that Roa was used to. He recalled the amoeba-like entity that had consumed the Kaiser. How in its death throes, it had overloaded the Overgate Engine, the multidimensional generator tearing open the fabric of reality and swallowing one of their comrades. He recalled with pride as Kouta bravely dove into the rippling portal, again proving his worth as the inheritor of the Roar Armor.

    And then the screaming began. Roa felt his helplessness grow, watching Kouta's grip on his life and sanity slipping away. What could he do? As a bodiless spirit, his options were limited. Another scream ripped through him, taking with it his hesitation. There was one chance, if he were able to...

    Movement startled him, and Roa spotted a chance at salvation. A portal, held open by a runic circle. A chance to escape from this hellish dimension. He didn't know where it led, nor did he care. Once they were out, he and Kouta could plan on how to rescue their comrades and return to their world. Possessing the armor briefly, Roa flung himself and Kouta through the portal, feeling his young charge's relief as the pain lifted...

    And returned as an explosion caught their landing.


    Not... as planned...


    Louise coughed softly, waving away the cloud of smoke from her face, her expression stoic even though hope and disappointment warred within her lithe frame. Did I do it? She wondered, trying to peer into the smoke. A pained groan answered her, and her heart skipped with elation. I did it! I summoned a familiar! I used magic! Though she was mildly disappointed that whatever it was did not sound like a fierce and powerful magical beast, she could not fight back the smile of triumph at her first success.

    "Itetete... Are? Koko wa doko...?"

    Her smile fell as she finally got a good look at what was in the summoning circle. "Who... are you?" she asked, slowly taking in what she saw.

    Sitting amidst the smoldering result of her summon, it appeared to be human. A boy about her age--if she were to hazard a guess--with wild black hair, and odd, almond shaped brown eyes frowning up at her in confusion. There were bandages wrapped over his forearms, though he appeared uninjured, while his clothing were a foreign fashion, and made of a coarse material she could not identify. Looking over him, she noted his athletic build, and felt a light blush spread across her cheeks before common sense kicked in time with a startling realization.

    A commoner, she despaired. She had summoned a commoner.

    She grimaced, bracing herself for the expected laughter. It came slowly at first, a restrained giggle that soon cascaded to jeers and taunts.

    "What is that?"

    "A commoner! She summoned a common human!"

    "As expected of Louise the Zero!"

    "Subete no mono o itte iru?" The boy asked in confusion, his hoarse question lost or ignored in the crowd's laughter.

    "Sh-shut up! This can't possibly be my familiar!" she yelled back. Of course it couldn't be! A human familiar was simply unprecedented. "This is a mistake! I just messed up a little!"

    "Just a mistake?" tittered Kirche, "Aren't you always like that, Louise?"

    Louise fumed, her fists clenching. "I'll fix it! I'll just summon another one."

    "I'm afraid I cannot allow that, Miss Vallière," chided Professor Colbert, who was scrutinizing the commoner thoughtfully. Louise gaped, stuttering out a plea, but he cut her off with a raised hand. "The Springtime Familiar Summoning is a sacred rite," he reminded sharply. "I cannot allow you to 'fix it', Miss Vallière. Now please, complete the ritual."


    Kouta pulled his gaze away from the balding, older man, noting that the group he had landed in had settled down. The strawberry blond girl had a resigned look on her face, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

    "C'est une occasion rare pour un roturier comme vous," she told him harshly. "Vous devriez être reconnaissants."

    "I can't understand a thing you're saying," he grumbled ineffectively, listening as she began a melodic chant in her language. He tensed as he felt energy gathering around her, centered upon a stick she held in her hand, and his eyes widened in surprise as she straddled him, her peers responding with catcalls even he could recognize through the language barrier.

    "Hey, hold on, what are you--!" She cut his protest off, grabbing his face with surprising strength, and planted a soft kiss upon his lips.

    Gah! What the hell?! He sputtered in disbelief, which she apparently took with offense.

    "Congratulations, Miss Vallière. You completed 'Contract Servant' in one try," the bald man praised, and the girl seemed to hold herself a little higher despite the jeers coming from the rest of the group...

    Kouta did a double take. Wait, I understood them?

    The oddness of suddenly understand a foreign language was interrupted by a sudden sting in his left hand. He hissed softly, the smell of cooked flesh hitting his nose as he looked upon the strange markings that appeared.

    "This can't be good, Roa..." he muttered, gazing at the runes engraved on the back of his left hand.

    Silence answered him.



    Blame inaccuracies on Google Translate. If someone can offer corrections, I'll be forever grateful.
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    Looks like it falls upon me to actually comment on this... says a lot about the lack of SRW: OG fans in general, but especially on

    Er, more? Well, given that this is a side project of yours, it'll probably be a while before any kind of update, but here goes:

    1. CompatiKaiser totally bought the farm, not being recovered along with the SoulGain and Persoenlicheit? Hello!! So, Sanger never showed up to finish the giant amoeba off in time? No mention of Axel & Alfimi? What happened to Shouko/Emi in the aftermath?! Repercussions abound for the OG(s) Earth in the mean-time/long-term? Gilliam Yeager can't be happy with the implications one bit, that's for sure.

    ...and looks like Endless Frontier: EXCEED's plot also just got immensely de-railed from the start, if a certain battle couple never showed up in time...

    2. I'm surprised that Kouta doesn't at least place the spoken language as vaguely European, if not outright French (lack of actual comprehension is completely understandable, however), given how cosmopolitan SE-age Earth culture tends to be (and most seem to speak some kind of unified language by that point); but then again, he just might not be the type to pay attention in classes, or something like that.

    ...that's all I've got for the time being. There's probably more to nitpick on, but I'll save that for after Chapter One shows up.
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    Since it's not going to spoil too much, I just want to point out that Kouta was not around to see the aftermath, so it was kind of unnecessary to show Sanger's Big Damn Heroes moment and Shouko mourning her brother's apparent death. The events more or less happened as detailed in the drama, and Axel and Kouta's last action were to rescue Alfimi, who was swallowed by the dimensional tear.

    Now, what actually happened during their jump to the Endless Frontier was canonically left vague, but the implications were that it was traumatic enough to give Axel and Alfimi both amnesia, and Kouta was spared the same fate by something Roa did to protect him.

    Oh, they're around. It's just not likely he'd pay attention to them when he's being mindrapedbyCthulhuspace. We'll see them later on when [REDACTED].

    Translation convention. It's really a more archaic french, especially compared to what someone who comes almost two centuries into the future would be expected to learn. Also, while there certainly is a unified language of sorts, it's unlikely to be the same language that is spoken in Tristania, let alone Halkeginia.

    No, please. Nitpick some more. I enjoy a good critique. They're fun and sometimes inspirational.

    As an aside, a brief romp of SD The Great Battle had Battle Force visit a
    kingdom floating in the clouds
    . Imagine how that affects this story.
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    Good to know. Thanks for clearing up those points.

    Fits in with what happened in EXCEED, although just why
    Kouta spent all of his (brief) time in the Endless Frontier stuck in Fighter Roa form... we also might find out here down the line?

    Yeah, don't answer that. Not outside a PM anyways. :D

    Hmm... Kouta himself being unable to spare the time/concentration to even think about the other two makes sense, but Warrior Roa? Guess he doesn't really consider the two trustworthy enough to spare concern for, or is really the 'focus on your own/parter's immediate survival, then everyone/everything else's well-being' type.

    Logical enough. Looking it over, given that there may or may not be a Latin-equivalent precursor tongue for Tristain's current lingua franca to develop from... it really shouldn't be recognizable in the slightest, I concur.

    But then again, too many elements of Halkeginia indicate an
    extremely-temporally distorted parallel version of Earth
    , from my fairly spotty recall of the ZnT novels (the few translations I've actually read, anyways), so who knows?

    Try as I might, there's just a tad too little material to really comment/nitpick on at this point; I was pretty much limited to what I posted earlier.

    I've visualized the images of both
    Albion having been reluctant/unwilling hosts/spectators to a Battle Force visit at some point in the recent/far past
    Chrono Trigger's Kingdom of Zeal doing something incredibly stupid, resulting in gaining Dark Brain's attention in the course of their Lavos research.
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    The latter. Warrior Roa is a disembodied spirit more or less "haunting" his old armor. There's really a limit he can do when Kouta is his only tie to the physical world. His mindset was to make sure Kouta remained intact to do the actual rescuing.

    Well, if the little fairytale at the beginning of the prologue is any indication...
    There's a grain of truth behind it.

    I should stop before I give too much away.
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    As another member of SB's pitifully small Super Robot Wars fanbase, I second the request for MOAR! Wish I knew more about Kouta though, my only direct experience with SRW games is EF and the first two OG games.