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    Yes, I was going to go with that. If the Dothraki dictionary I found is correct, Valandil`s nickname will become 'Neak Loqam', which is translated to mean ''Long Arrow''. Anyone have any better suggestions?

    Speaking of steel-bow range, I was trying to figure out what would be an appropriate range for them. An English yew longbow had a range of 200-300 yards, so what do you think the range of a Numenorean steel-bow would be? 400-500 yards? 600 or more?
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    Apart from an implied love-at-first-sight crush, that whole raping of women and murdering kids business in the village of the Lamb People could possibly make him go 'Fuck that noise' and take on Drogo, or at very least make things very tense.

    Either way, I don't see Valandil standing by idly and just accept it without doing something.
  3. That would be the fight of the century right there.
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    From what I can recall, Numenorean steel bows had fucking RIDICULOUS ranges in fluff. Like... miles.

    Even lowered for the local fantasy, the Numenoreans are slightly superhuman, larger stature, and with ridiculously powerful bows.

    Wikipedia says that a longbow archer with flight arrows could hit targets at 400 yards.

    Maybe 600-800. Strider is a bit beyond human, and has had time to practice with his bow to be able to hit things at such ranges. His shots should be bloody impressive.

    Moreso at close range, where even plate wouldn't avail against a Numenorean bow; they'd be like a powerful crossbow at such a range, if they could fire with a nearly flat trajectory.
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    What kind of armour penetration could a Numenorean archer with a steel-bow expect at maximum effective range as compared to point blank? By point blank, I mean when the archer is firing on a flat trajectory.
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    well a longbowman like Simon Stanley does some pretty impressive stuff, the Steelbow with Valandil wielding it has got alot more power. <--- Simon Stanley

    Point Blank - Judging by Simon Stanley's Longbow, a Steelbow will go thru 2 or 3 people in armour, and keeping going.

    Max Range - on the Steelbow no bloody clue, but given that Robert Hardy - Renowned Longbow Expert - says the Longbow at it most powerfull kills a Horse at 300 yards.
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    So would a better demonstration of the power of Valandil's steel-bow for the Dothraki be watching it shoot through three people at close range, or watching it hit one person at an absurdly long distance?
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    Valandil by culture and morals will hate rapists, the Lhazareen village would provide a target rich environment, the only issue is Khal Drogo's reaction to Valandil Slaughtering his men.

    there is a scene that's used alot in Westerns, the bad guy gets to ride away then comes the "impossible shot" bad guy becomes dead bad guy.
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    I was thinking of a failed assassination attempt on Daenerys while the horde is on the move, the assassin manages to elude the Dothraki guards and starts galloping away, gaining headway on his pursuers, then he is felled by one of Valandil's arrows from some ridiculous distance.
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    Dothraki Guards finally gets there and see that the arrow has gone through the rider and his horse and is buried half-way through a treestump.
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    Be even more impressive if he dose this while atop of Velo. If I recalled correctly, horseback hunting was a favour past-time, or am I wrong?
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    You're right. Quoth the Good Professor:

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    So a, 1km killshot that goes thruogh the Assassin, his horse and a treestump further away.
  14. Range would be more impressive. If it can kill at range then it has the momentum to kill up close, but having the power doesn't mean you have the accuracy. And really, what is most fearsome about a bow is its ability to reach out and touch somebody.
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    So, for you guy's interest and benefit, I've put together some information about House Elendil, including some facts about their history, relations with other houses and cultural aspects of their presence in Westeros. This is written based on the model of the Wiki of Ice and Fire, an excellent online encyclopedia about Westeros. If you are unfamiliar with any of the events in Westerosi history I mention here, I recommend you consult it.

    House Elendil
    Motto: Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien. Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta!
    Region: The Realm-in-Exile
    Seat: Annuminas
    Title: Lord of the Realm-in-Exile
    Lord: Elendil, son of Amandil, Lord of Annuminas
    Heir: Isildur, son of Elendil, Lord of Minas Ithil

    Unofficial Mottos/Sayings: Death Is Our Gift, A Dunedan Never Forgets

    History: Ten years after Aegon's Landing, a great storm of unusual size and fierceness wracked the whole western coast of Westeros. On the wake of this storm, nine white ships from the West land twenty miles from Lannisport in the Westerlands. Contact is soon made between the Lannister lords of the region and the newcomers, who call themselves Numenoreans. They speak a language similar enough to the Andals that they can be understood, but amongst themselves they speak another language, completely alien to Westeros.

    The lord of these people was a man who called himself Elendil. Together with his sons Isildur and Anarion, he travels to King's Landing for an audience with Aegon the Conqueror. He explained to the King that he and his people have come from an island kingdom to the West, known as Numenor, and that his people are seeking a new homeland after Numenor was struck down by their God, Eru Illuvatar, for the sins of their King. Aegon, a survivor of the Doom of Valyria, felt sympathy for Elendil and the Numenoreans, and he offered them a deal: If they would swear loyalty to him and the Iron Throne, he would give them a land of their own in Westeros.

    Reluctantly, but without any other choice, Elendil agreed, and he and both his sons swore fealty to the Iron Throne. In return, Aegon granted them a region of their own in the North, consisting of all the lands west of Torrhen's Square and east of the sea, between the Saltspear and Sea Dragon Point. Sparsely populated, and far away from the major population centres of the south, it would serve both as a home for the Numenoreans and a way to keep them from threatening the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Aegon would become known as King of the Andals, the Rhoynars, the Numenoreans and the First Men, and Westeros became known as the Eight Kingdoms with the addition of the Realm-in-Exile.

    In the months following their Arrival, many other white ships would arrive on the western shores, bearing more Numenorean survivors who joined with Elendil. For the next thirty years, the Numenoreans largely secluded themselves from the rest of Westeros, busy building cities and ports and towns in their new Realm. They did not take part in the Faith Militant Revolt after the death of Aegon I, nor did they ever adopt the Faith of the Seven, or the Old Gods, preferring to keep what the Andals would come to call the Faith of the One, of Eru Illuvatar. It was in this period of seclusion that Elendil would construct Annuminas, a great port-city on Blazewater Bay, the White City. His sons each built a mighty tower-fortress to protect the approaches to Annuminas: Isildur built the Tower of the Rising Moon, Minas Ithil, while his brother Anarion constructed the Tower of the Setting Sun, Minas Anor. Their seperate fiefs within the realm were named Ithilien and Anorien, each centered on one of the two towers.

    Fifty years after Elendil's landing, something strange began to be noticed by King Jaehaerys and his subjects: Elendil himself did not seem to be aging, nor did Isildur and Anarion, nor did any of their people. Distrust and suspicion of these apparently ageless people began to sweep across Westeros, while the influential Maesters decried the Numenorean arts as magic. Despite these prejudices, many Andals moved to the flourishing Realm-in-Exile, adopting the Numenorean languages, called Quenya and Sindarin, and the Faith of the One. Many fantastic tales, believed by only a few outside of the Realm-in-Exile, began to circulate about the world that the Numenoreans had come from: Tales of immortal creatures called Elves, terrible monsters named Orcs and Trolls, and the great evil that was Morgoth and his servant Sauron. Naturally, most Andals took these stories as entertaining legends and nothing more.

    By 128 A.L., Elendil had become known as "Elendil the Longlived", though some thought it would be better to call him "Elendil the Immortal". Many noble families attempted to marry their way into House Elendil, but the Elendili preferred to only wed other Numenoreans, courteously rejecting the offers of innumerable great houses, and making many resentful enemies, especially the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, who had been most persistent in their attempts to marry into the Elendili bloodline.

    When the Dance of the Dragons began, to Elendil the choice was clear: Though he had always been disgusted by the Targaryen practice of incest, and viewed their dragons as vile, evil beasts, he kept the oath of loyalty he had first sworn to Aegon over a century ago for the sake of his people, and Rhaenyra was the heir of King Viserys. For the first time in the history of the Eight Kingdoms, the Host of the Realm-in-Exile marched to war. 15,000 Numenoreans, or Dunedain as they had started to call themselves, came to the aid of Rhaenyra, quickly bringing the war to a decisive end in her favour. The Numenoreans employed a terrifying weapon that the Andals had never seen utilized before: The Numenorean steelbow. Almost half of the Host of the Dunedain was archers, and they employed their steelbows to deadly effect, killing hundreds of Aegon's troops from distances of half a mile or more. In sufficient numbers, Numenorean archers could even wound dragons. It was in this war that Elendil would immortalize himself in the legends of Westeros by his greatest deed: He slew a dragon singlehandedly, decapitating it with the sword Narsil.

    At the end of the Dance of the Dragons, it was Elendil who proclaimed Rhaenyra as the new Queen, naming her 'Tar-Rhaenyra', the first time that the Numenorean royal prefix 'Tar', meaning 'High' had been applied to a Targaryen monarch by the Dunedain.

    Over the years, the Elendili proved their loyalty to the Iron Throne again and again, proving crucial to Daeron I's successful Conquest of Dorne, and the loyalist victory over the Blackfyre Rebellion. People began to call Elendil the "Kingmaker" for the power he had to affect who sat on the Iron Throne, however the Numenoreans still preferred to avoid the court intrigues and politics of the other squabbling houses. The Elendili became close friends with the Starks, and enjoyed friendly relationships with other houses, but always sought to remain free and clear of politics.

    Despite this, a rivalry began to grow between the Ironmen of the Iron Islands and the Dunedain, over fishing grounds, and over pride. The Ironmen considered themselves the finest sailors in Westeros, yet they were rivalled, and some would say exceeded, by the Dunedain. To alleviate these tensions, Elendil met with the Lord of the Iron Islands of the time, Rauron Greyjoy, and together they swore an oath: That no Greyjoy nor Ironman would harm Elendil, his family or his people, and that no Numenoreans would ever spill Ironman blood in anger. It was a solemn oath, one Elendil took very seriously, and one which would have grave consequences for the future of House Greyjoy.

    Annuminas grew to become the second largest city in the realm, the Jewel of the North, exceeded only by King's Landing, and the Dunedain multiplied and thrived, exploring distant lands and trading extensively with the rest of Westeros and the Free Cities. They were mighty in many arts, but known best for their work with stone, metal, their seamanship, archery on foot and horseback, and their handling and raising of fine horses. Despite all this, there was still lingering suspicion over Elendil and his family's extreme longevity, and much distrust of the Numenoreans, often encouraged by the Maesters.

    Over the years, Elendil had strove to maintain his honour through loyalty to the Targaryen Kings. However, in two hundred and fifty years of service, Elendil had seen much of the Targaryen depravity. The incest in particular digusted him, the rule of brutes such Aegon the Unworthy and Maegor the Cruel struck him as unworthy of kings. He had a great sense of honour however, and reluctantly he continued to serve the Kings of the Eight Kingdoms. It was the reign of Aerys, the Mad King, which would finally break the loyalty of Elendil's house to the Targaryens.

    Elendil was a friend of the Starks. He had seen countless generations of Starks grow from childhood, live out their lives, and die. Of all the men of Westeros, Elendil loved the Starks best. He had been a close friend and paternal figure to both Rickard and Brandon Stark, and when the Mad King had them killed, something broke inside Elendil. When Jon Arryn, Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark rose the banners of the rebellion, they expected the Host of the Dunedain to descend upon them and annihilate them as it had annihilated the armies of every previous major rebellion in the history of the Eight Kingdoms. Instead, Elendil did nothing. He stood by, and watched as the Rebellion came closer and closer to King's Landing. When Aerys sent ravens to Annuminas, accusing Elendil of treachery and summoning his armies to fight, Elendil sent a short and famous reply:

    "You have sullied the Seat of Kings. May Eru have mercy on your soul"

    Despite his father's choice to stay out of the fighting, his eldest son Isildur felt could not stand by. With his father's permission and blessing, he took a small company of the Ithil Guard and rode south to join with Robert's Rebellion. Isildur had been a friend of Robert and Eddard since their childhood, and fought beside them in many battles, winning great renown for his martial prowess and tactical cunning. At the Battle of the Trident, he duelled with and disarmed Ser Barristan Selmy, but spared the Knight`s life, and watched as Prince Rhaegar was slain by Robert.

    Isildur acknowleged Robert as King, publically proclaiming him "Tar-Robert". Robert sent a raven to Annuminas, asking who Elendil was loyal to. Again, Elendil provided another short and famous reply: "I am always loyal to the true King"

    Six years after Robert became King, the Iron Islands rose in rebellion. Elendil was planning on avoiding participation in the fighting, offering Robert's host supplies and transport and nothing else, on account of his oath to the Greyjoys. However, the Greyjoys it seemed had forgotten their oath, and a terrible fate intervened. When the Greyjoys raided the Lannister fleet at Lannisport, a single Numenorean ship was attempting to leave harbour. This ship bore Lady Aerin and Lady Firiel, the wives of Elendil and Isildur, who had been travelling in the South and attempting to return home by ship. The Ironmen were not merciful, their ship was sunk, their men killed, and they were captured. Great cruelties were perpetrated upon them by the Ironmen, they were raped repeatedly, and finally murdered.

    The wrath of Elendil was great, and the anger of his people burned hot, for Aerin and Firiel had been loved by their people. The Dunedain were unleashed upon the Iron Islands. The White Fleet of Annumimas sailed south and met the Ironmen off the island of Harlaw. As the two fleets faced each other, Elendil stood forth at the prow of his flagship, and he held aloft his personal standard: The white tree and seven stars of the Dunedain, in silver mithril which glinted in the sun against the black field. Elendil shouted aloud, in a voice so loud the entire Greyjoy fleet could hear him clearly:

    "Hear me Traitors! Thou shalt be the last Ironborn, and if I prove mightier than thy treacherous King, this curse I lay upon thee and thy folk; to rest never until you are redeemed, and to dwindle and linger and come to naught while your dishonour stains you. For my people shall endure through years uncounted, even after my death, and this curse shall endure until you are summoned in our hour of need! The Ironborn will never again grow and prosper, but will dwindle until the last of your children's children fade and pass into the shadows, reviled by all honourable peoples. Then these islands shall stand desolate and barren and even the names and deeds of your people shall be forgotten! Even death shall not release you from your oath. You shall find no rest and your shades shall wander the seas. And so you shall remain forever, lest in some future time you find a way to fulfill your oath to me. This doom do I pronounce on you and all your descendants unto the end of time!"

    The Iron Fleet was completely destroyed in the Battle of Harlaw, only the flagship of Balon Greyjoy managed to escape to the fortress of Pyke, but Elendil and the Dunedain were close behind. They laid siege to Pyke, reducing it in only three days, and slaughtering nearly every Greyjoy and most of their bannermen. Elendil personally drove Narsil through the heart of Balon Greyjoy. Only the young Theon Greyjoy and his sister Asha escaped the destruction of their House, for Elendil took pity on the children and took them into his protection when he found them, the blood of their traitor father still fresh on his sword.

    The Iron Islands would pass to Anarion, whom Elendil considered the wiser of his children, and whom he recommended to Robert to replace Balon as Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands. Despite his new station, Anarion would continue to dwell in Anorien, and govern the islands from afar, visiting them only when necessary. Theon and Asha were held as wards of the Elendili for a time in Annuminas, before Theon was sent to be raised by the Starks and Asha to the Tullys. A feeling of dread and fear began to encompass the Islands, a cursed feeling, and rumours began to circulate the mainland of a ghostly fleet seen at night, sailing near Harlaw, with all its phantom sailors looking to the north towards the Realm-in-Exile.

    In the quiet years of peace after, neither Elendil nor Isildur would take a wife again, instead immersing themselves in their work as Lords of the Realm-in-Exile, and the love of their surviving family.

    Family Tree

    So, thoughts?
  16. Wonderful man, I do wonder how Asha turned out living with the Tulleys.

    Was Euron already gone at this point? Or did he get caught up in this as well.

    If he was gone, did the curse apply to him as well?

    If he ever returns then I smell rallying point here.

    I am guessing there is no Damphair, nor Victarion.
  17. Damar

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    I think you need to tone down those numbers and lethal effectiveness, or else any Westerosi army of any size being any real threat is utterly laughable. How about instead of such vast numbers of Dunedain, most or at least their force is made out of their native Andal levies, and the archers only generally kill hundreds instead of thousands?

    Also I don't find any record of half a mile ranges for Numenorian bows. According to the wikies and my copy of LOTR: Weapons and Warfare, Numenorian bows only reached as far as 250 metres during the Battle of the Last Alliance, and Elvish reached 300(I don't know how much that is in yards).

    I can only assume he slew it when it was on the ground and no longer able to fly. No doubt this also gave some lingering Targaryen resentment against Elendil for murdering one of their beloved creatures that might present itself in people like Aerys and Viserys.

    This propably would make the Elendili more hated than the Tyrells in Dorne, as the Martells pride themselves on never being broken and it requiring them being treated as equals and a marriage for them to become part of the Iron Throne.

    This sounds too much as Isildur-wanking, however justified it is, especially with him just softening up Rhaegar for Robert instead of Rhaegar and Robert having a fair fight. How about instead Isildur fought someone else like Barristan, Darry or Lewyn Martell?

    Or for a dramatic turn, Robert straight up executed the defeated Rhaegar, perhaps dragging him to the stream and drowning him while screaming Lyanna's name, after Isildur beaten him and who wanted his surrender, but was willing to let it go and accept it as Robert overtaken by emotion.

    And what about Elendil and Isildur's reaction to the murder of Rhaegar's kids?

    I can't help but feel this could have easily been a Lannister ploy, knowingly sending the wives into harm's way in order to provoke the reaction from the Numenorians, make them more open for another marriage attempt and simple petty revenge.

    Overall good, but some elements of Numenorean superiority have to be toned down. It's not like they already have massive advantages over the Westerosi.
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    I do agree and disagree with Damar.

    1 yard = 0.9144 meters.

    a RL Late Period Longbow, probably comparable to an Elven Bow Kills a Horse at 300 yards/274 meters according to an Expert on the RL weapon, Elven Bowmen can apparently "reach out and touch somebody" up a quarter of a mile away, about 400 meters. Granted this was apparently done by Legolas, a bowman with at least 2000+ years of age which considering the Elves means he's quite young, during the Battle of Helms Deep as the Dike was being overrun.

    The Steelbow is far more Powerful, by the very nature of it's construction, this is comparable to the difference between a Crossbow and an Arbalest.

    Dragonslaying, would not have earned Elendil points no, well actually it does earn him points with everybody but House Targaryen.

    I personally, disagree with the wording of the Curse, "And you shall be summoned"
    I'd say "Until you are summoned", which is closer to the curse lain upon the Hill-men of Dunharrow, also kind of makes it more....Everlasting

    so I Disagree with alot of Damar's analysis, Numenorean superiority is not evident, they are at best playing support in the Dance of Dragons, and in the Baratheon rebellion the focus is on Isildur's accomplishment with Elendil and the majority of the Host staying well out of it, If your saying that Isildur makes that huge a difference, Robert Baratheon would not have beaten Rhaegar Targaryen in canon.

    Greyjoy Rebellion, again they have Bowrange and Shipcraft on the their side, but it's not going to be a onesided slaughter, Elendil will lose people, Numenorean ships are not after all immune to Fire Arrows.

    I Agree with Damar on the point that it is overall good.
  19. Damar

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    I would not call obliterating thousands of soldiers with just archer volleys or being the Kingmaker of several Targaryens just 'support'.

    Keep in mind that compaired to earlier Middle-Earth where the Numenorians even as a shadow of their former selves could still marshall a 100,000 men with the same numbers of the equally over-the-hill Elves and 50,000 of the never really fertile Dwarves, Westeros does not have the same numbers to throw around. Even the Tyrells have like 60-70k at best at their peak.

    You miss my point. If Robert could not take on Rhaegar without Isildur softening him up, that makes Robert appear weak, and the same with Rhaegar as Isildur was holding back and thus saying he could have easily killed him at any time, which makes the both of them look bad instead of the epic clash between the Prince and the Storm Lord that ended with the Ruby Ford.

    Hence my proposing either Isildur fighting someone else like Lewyn Martell, or taking Rhaegar seriously and defeat him before handing him over to Robert.

    I don't have problems with the Greyjoy Rebellion, I just mentioned it might be an idea for the Lannisters to have purposefully caused the wives to be killed as it's an aweful coincidence with the noted old animosity of the Lannisters and especially a man like Tywin.
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    In regards to the steelbow: 250 meters is about equal to 250 yards, which seems too short to me. English longbows of the Middle Ages were capable of ranges of 300 yards, and those were made of yew wood and wielded by normal people. The steelbow, being made of steel and drawn by the superhuman Numenoreans, should have far greater range and power. To give you an idea: A regular crossbow has a range of 200 yards or more. An arbalest, which uses steel for the bow, could be accurate at 500 or more. The Numenorean steelbow should, likewise, be far superior in performance to wooden bows, but with the drawback of a far slower firing rate due to the immense strength it takes to draw it.

    I also made some edits based on your guys' suggestions. Let me know what you think.
  21. TheLunarWolf

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    7500 archers the new Nerfbatted number loosing we can assume 6-8 arrows in a minute, as opposed to the traditional longbowman top speed of 12-15 arrows a minute.

    Wow, Damar's suggesting means that the Numenoreans are blind, or alternatively that the Steelbow is not powerful enough to penetrate armour.

    I'll let you know what I think, I think that Damar should do the math before suggesting that kill-ratio's be nerfed. If we consider that each man had between 10-25 arrows, when each man has loosed his 8th arrow regardless of the frequency at which he does it, 60000 arrows will have been fired.

    Now you have them starting at a great distance and loosing essentially "Fist of God" volleys. If it's half the army of archers thats 7500 arrows a volley, to kill "hundreds" in a volley your looking at each man dead being hit with at the very least 8 arrows.

    so Thousands is far more realistic.

    15000 men is a very good and believable number and i'm not contending with that point, but, as far as i recall EricD said he wants he wants these suggestions so as to aid in producing a realistic story, totally understandable, but Damar, before you bitch about numbers being too high to be realistic.

    Do some math.

    love the new family tree.
  22. EricD

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    I replaced the family tree with a clearer version, this one in MSPaint image form, showing the family tree of Elendil's house, including his eight grandchildren, their spouses, and his ten great-grandchildren.
  23. Sidewaysvision

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    What about having Isildur fight Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning? He was accounted the finest swordsman in Westeros, was he not?

    Have Howland Reed, Isildur, and Eddard Stark fight the three Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy. Arthur Dayne might even have left scars on Isildur; Stark and Reed came with six companions to the Tower of Joy, eight to three, and only Reed and Stark survived.
  24. You know, I wonder what Melisandre and the Dunedain would make of each other.

    All I can think of is that SPARKS WILL FLY!!!!!!!!
  25. Damar

    Damar They hate you if you're clever and despise a fool

    Who the fuck pissed in your cereal, TheLunarWolf?:wtf:

    I'm just giving out personal suggestions and observations to try and preserve a balance in this crossover, to prevent it becoming a one-sided affair that never work other than in intentional bash-fics.

    I'm also not bitching about math, I'm bitching about psychology. Westerosi soldiers aren't Orcs with a Dark Lord pressuring them on, they're levied peasants who will freak the fuck out when suddenly thousands of their comrades are instantly killed around them, with not even shields providing protection, and I don't see them managing to close the gap fast enough to enage them with horse or infantry before they are so badly mauled that they will rout before inflicting a single Numenorian casualty.

    Any hoo...what about Oberyn Martell? Depending on what EricD thinks of the Dornish resenting the Numenorians for their part in conquering their land, you could have the Numenorians appearing as Lannister pawns who exterminated an entire great house and their bannermen over the rape and death of two women yet could not give a single tear about their Elia.

    As a response, I was thinking Oberyn had brought over the mercenary company he raised in the Free Cities, and made them specialize in using crossbows and long spears, both poisoned, in order to fight Numenorians if it ever came to it whilst acting as his personal guard.