The Hunted (nBSG)

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  1. The Hunted

    An original work of fiction set in the reimagined universe of Battlestar: Galactica

    By Stephen T. Bynum

    I make no claim to BSG or to any of their work; this is a piece of fan-fiction not intended for publication or for monetary reward. It is just a story that I am writing for your enjoyment. And I hope that you do enjoy it. And I hope that I write this story without upsetting too many canon apple-carts.

    Episode I: Homecoming

    “Commander on deck!” the Marine posted in CIC barked as Commander Mathias Lorne entered the Combat Information Center of the Battlestar Scorpia. The ranks of officers and men straightened slightly, but only those without essential duties turned to face the Commander, and Mathias silently nodded his approval.

    “As you were,” he said, stepping up beside the central console and his executive officer. “Colonel Jayne, is the ship ready to proceed with our scheduled FTL jump?”

    Thomas Jayne—a native of Tauron with the dark skin and hair that colony produced in abundance—nodded in the affirmative with a relieved smile. “All compartments have reported as ready to initiate jump Five Nine Nine, Commander.”

    Mathias—a good half-foot shorter than his tall XO and stout where Jayne was whip-cord lean—smiled wryly back. For two years now, Scorpia had been absent from the colonies; dispatched by the Quorum and Fleet Command to observe a very rare stellar phenomena in a distant nebula . . . the birth of a new star condensing from the gaseous clouds. Although the Quorum had been concerned about the sheer distance involved—it had taken Scorpia six months to reach the system, far, far past the Red Line for a single safe jump—the fact that it lay in the opposite direction from the Cylons had led them to approve the mission; if they had not quite conveyed that fact to the general population.

    Six months there, a year observing the nebula and the birth pains of a new star—which Mathias had, over the objections of the scientific research team, christened as Ishtar after the Goddess of Love, Sex, and War, second only to Dionysius in reverence by the people of his native colony of Scorpia, he thought with a smile—and now six months back home. It had been a very long voyage for the Valkyrie-class Battlestar, just one of many cruisers and Battlestars that comprised the Colonial Fleet. The choice of Scorpia on this assignment had struck him as a strange one at first; after all, at 1151 meters in overall length she was just four-fifths the length of the old Jupiter-class, just 64% of the length of a modern Mercury-class vessel. Needless to say, she was also far tighter on internal space than those two ships, and while she had more than enough room to fit aboard the research team and their gear, the long duration of the mission had eaten into her fuel tankage, provisions, air, and spare parts storage relentlessly.

    But Mathias understood the need for it; after all, the Valkyrie-class formed the lion’s share of the Fleet. One simply could not take one of the larger and more closely watched Battlestars and send it off for two years without someone noticing—but the Quorum, the President, and the Fleet hoped that it might be possible with Scorpia.

    She was long overdue for a refit at the Scorpia Fleet Yards, Mathias thought. On the bright side, the engineers will have worked out the glitches and bugs in the new Command Navigation Program upgrade he had heard rumors about just before his departure. It would be nice to have a tested system installed for once instead of being the lab rat that suffered to prove whether or not a new concept worked—or didn’t in many cases.

    “Very well, Colonel Jayne, set coordinates for Typhon Station and start the clock,” Mathias said as he laid his hands on the table in the dimly lit CIC and leaned forward.

    The Colonel picked up a radio-phone and switched it to ship-wide broadcast. “All hands, this is the XO—prepare for jump. Engineering bring FTL Engines One and Two on-line, Navigation start the jump clock.”

    “Starting jump clock for Typhon Station,” reported Captain Joan Danis from her station, “coordinates set, two minutes until drive activation.”

    The Colonel listened to the phone for a moment and then racked it. “Engineering reports all systems in the green, Commander.”

    Mathias just grunted. If this voyage had done one thing it had proved that the Colonial FTL designs were capable of operating far beyond what the engineers thought their limits were. So far, Scorpia had logged five hundred and ninety eight jumps—and still the primary and second drives were functioning smoothly. He looked up as a shadow fell across the table. “Doctor Sarris,” he said with a warm smile at the head of the stellar sciences team embarked aboard the ship, “after this jump we have but one more before you are returning to Caprica in a heroes’ welcome with your data.”

    “I hope not,” the Picon answered in apparent horror, with his crisp accent. “Imagine if our children are inspired to strive for the sciences instead of the military—oh, such wailing and gnashing of teeth will result and you, good Commander, you will be to blame.”

    “I was just following orders, Doctor Sarris. The President and the Quorum approved this mission.”

    “Quite right, Commander, but that will not matter. They cannot allow themselves to be blamed for the situation, so they will look elsewhere. And the Fleet Admirals are too highly connected—but you? You are but a lowly Commander of the single Battlestar. A good and capable ship to be certain,” he added hastily, “but you are just one Commander out of nearly two hundred. You are expendable if it means that they get to keep their jobs, yes?”

    “I hope not,” Mathias replied with a chuckle.

    “Twenty seconds to jump,” reported Danis.

    “Take DRADIS off-line,” ordered the Commander.

    “Shutting down DRADIS,” another officer answered and the screens flickered and died.

    “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, JUMP!”

    The sensation of Faste-than-Light jump was something that you never quite became accustomed to. One moment the ship existed at a discrete coordinate of space and time; in a fraction of an instant, it felt as if the ship and all within it compressed to that single point before vanishing and expanding in a burst of light at another which may be many light-years distant.

    “FTL Jump complete, Commander,” Danis said.

    “DRADIS coming back on-line . . . now,” reported Tom Jayne.

    “Contact,” sang out Captain Paul Cook from the tactical console, but then his voice fell. “I am reading no transponders.”

    “Say again?” Mathias asked.

    “No transponders—Colonial or otherwise; no emissions from the target . . . it is Typhon Station, Sir, but they are not emitting on any frequency.”

    Mathias took the phone. “Open a channel.”

    “Channel open.”

    “Typhon Station, this is the Battlestar Scorpia,” he broadcast but only silence and static answered him. “Typhon Station, Scorpia, respond.” But there was no response.

    “Could their comms be down?” Mathias whispered to his XO.

    Tom frowned and he shook his head. “It is possible, but the transponders are on a different system—both down at the same time?”

    “Any other contacts within range?”

    “None, Sir.”

    “This is damn peculiar,” Mathias said softly. He lifted the phone again, “CAG, Scorpia Actual.”

    “Go ahead, Actual,” the voice of the Commander of Scorpia’s Air Group replied over the intercom. Major Jon Banacek, known by his call sign of Rambler among the crew, was in the flight operations center two decks below, at the junction of the thick struts connecting the two flight-pods to the main hull of the Battlestar.

    “I want a Combat Air Patrol launched immediately and prep two Raptors for a look-see—with escorts.”

    “Aye, aye, Sir. Launching the ready Vipers . . . now.”

    Scorpia bucked slightly as the six longitudinal launch tubes—unique to the Valkyrie-class—fired in quick sequence, sending a half-dozen Mk VI Vipers into space. Not the most modern of fighters in the Colonial Fleet, Scorpia was scheduled to replace her complement with Mark VIIs on return to the Colonies; but while they may not be the latest generation of fighter, the Mark VIs remained capable and lethal. Mathias watched as their icons appeared on DRADIS. “Colonel Jayne . . . set Condition Two throughout the ship and warm the guns.”

    His XO sucked in a breath and he nodded his agreement. “Aye, aye, Sir,” he lifted his own phone. “This is the XO, set Condition Two throughout the ship; secure all air-tight doors and compartments. Tactical, begin warming procedures for primary, secondary, and point-defense batteries—do not arm. Confirm.”

    “Warming main turrets One through Fourteen, secondary turrets Fifteen through Forty, and point-defense batteries—safeties remain in place.”

    “CIC, CAG. Launching recon-sweep now.”

    Again Scorpia quivered as she launched four more Vipers and two Raptors took off from the recovery deck of her port-side flight pod. Mathias checked the clock and he smiled. The deck gang was on the ball today—they had spotted the second launch of Vipers in under two minutes . . . and the pair of Raptors.

    “Tom, remind me to tell the Chief well done,” Mathis whispered.

    “Don’t I always?” his XO answered—but despite the grin he too was worried. The Fleet knew that Scorpia had been scheduled to return today . . . and yet no one seemed to be home. And while Typhon was an older station dating back to before the Cylon War, it should have had at least a skeleton crew—that had been the plan at least before he departed. At the very least a message buoy should have been left floating in orbit. Instead, there was nothing.

    Scorpia, Sidewinder,” hissed the voice of the lead Raptor pilot from the intercom, “the station appears cold and dead. I am detecting no power sources, no emission of any kind—looks like the airlocks are open to vacuum and there is no internal heat. No signs of weapon scoring on the outer hull; no hull breaches except the open locks.”

    Mathias shook his head. “This makes no sense, Tom. Even if they decommissioned the station, someone should be out here to greet us. Nothing on DRADIS?”

    “Just the station and our own pilots, Commander,” Danis replied.

    “Sidewinder, Scorpia Actual,” he spoke into the phone. “Are the docking bays obstructed?”

    “Negative, Scorpia Actual,” the pilot replied, and his voice held an element of surprise. “The shuttles and Raptors are gone.”

    “Maybe the Fleet forgot we were out here,” Tom growled. “If so, I am going to kick the ass of someone at Picon Command.”

    “Sidewinder. Dock with the station and search the command deck; I am sending over a team of Marines and engineers.”

    “Roger that, Scorpia Actual.”

    “What is our current tylium status, Colonel?”

    “Down to 22% on all tanks; damn good thing we stored those extra reserve tanks in the cargo hold on the outward voyage, otherwise we would be running on fumes. We have more than enough to make the last jump, Commander.”

    “Not yet, Tom. I want the engineers to see how much fuel Typhon has—and we will dock and transfer what is left if they can get the pumps on-line. And whatever other supplies she still has aboard—I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

    “Aye, I know that feeling well,” Tom answered. “Quickly, I presume?”

    “As quickly as we can—I don’t want to get caught with our pants down around our ankles docked to the station if something has gone wrong.”

    “But what?” asked Dr. Sarris. “I just cannot believe that someone isn’t here—the Quorum and the Science Council would have sent someone to greet us at the least.”

    “I don’t know, Doctor,” Mathias said. “Tom, I want to keep us at Condition Two for now. Have Rambler launch another flight and get an outer perimeter established—and hold another six Vipers in the tubes for launch.”

    “That’s almost a third of our Vipers, Commander.”

    “I know. Consider it a drill if it makes you feel better—and I want the Raptors that are ferrying the Marines and technical crew to augment the outer perimeter once they make their delivery.”

    “Aye, sir,” he said as he turned back to the phone.

    And Commander Mathias Lorne tapped his fingernails against the surface of the command dais, a frown of worry upon his face.
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  2. [​IMG]

    I am using this version of the Viper Mk VII seen late in the series as the earlier Mk VI. It is shorter than the Mk VII and probably lacked some of the electronics, although it carried three KEWs just like the latter Viper. I know that it is (in canon) technically just another (different) look of a Mk VII, but I am having it as Pegasus turning out the "simpler" Mk VI once their stocks of parts for the Mk VIIs start running low.

    And here are some images of the class of Battlestar Scorpia belongs to.





    More Views Here

    This is what little data I've got on here:

    Overall Length: 1151 meters
    Crew: ~1500 (including 100 Marines and 120 flight crew)

    Air Wing (at full strength): 60 Mk VI Vipers, 8 Raptors, 4 Shuttles (30 Vipers, 4 Raptors, and 2 Shuttles per Flight Pod)

    Armament: 16 Twin Heavy KEW (Kinetic Energy Weapons) Turrets (for ventral), 2 Twin Heavy KEW/Missile Launch Turrets, 28 Twin Light KEW Turrets, 60 Point-Defense Batteries (4 guns per battery), 6 VLS Missile Silos, 6 forward firing torpedo tubes.

    I am not a Battlestar Galactica geek by any means. I watched the shows, but I am no expert. So if you see something wrong; tell me. I don't mind advice.

    And the Clean Story Thread is up as well.

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  3. Ha! It seems the plot bunnies are attacking MA most fiercely ... Looking forward to seeing where this takes us! Looking great so far!
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    Very nice, looking forward to seeing what you do here.

    I think that's one of the things that bugs me so much about nBSG they had such a great set-up, so much potential which they seemed at least IMHO to have wasted.
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    those are some bigass frigging guns on the side there.
  6. Yep, the ones on the side of the forward main hull? Those are the combination KEW/Missile Launcher Turrets, showing here:


    Some folks say that ALL of her big guns should have that capability, but (to me) those two turrets look bigger than the ones under her chin, underneath the flight pods stern, or atop the dorsal of the main hull and the flight pods.

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    Yep. Those ones./
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    Where are her missile tubes? IIRC we saw them fire when Adama zapped the StealthViper.
  9. On the very first image of the ship, that rectangular place on her back, just in front of the dorsal cannons? That is the hatch covers for her six heavy missile silos. Anti-ship and planetary bombardment missiles. The two side turrets on her forward structure fire smaller missiles (bigger than Viper missiles, but much smaller than the silos). That was what Valkyrie used to shoot down whats-his-name in the episode Hero. (I think.)

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    Hm, looks like a promising story. ETA on the next part?
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    Very intriguing so far....

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    Chapter 44c - Hudson&Vasquez, Hicks, BishopWords, Gorman, Burke&Facehugger, Ripley&Newt, RipleyFires, BOOM!, RopingDown
    Chapter 45a - Hamish&Jester, Tamara, Xenomorphs, Hundreds, Bishop, FIRE!, AcidBloodATK, Rescue
    Chapter 45b - RaptorInSpace, Prince&Jester, XenomorphClinging, Racetrack, Bishop, Batteries. HardCrash
    Chapter 45c - HellsMaw, OneWhines, Caprica&Boomer, CavilStillWhines, D'Anna, ZoeHunts, CavilOnesWhimpers
    Chapter 46a - IncomingFreedPOWs, Raptors, Adama&Elias, OneTrueGod, WomenSuffered, Novachek, Bulldog, Anger, Cottle
    Chapter 46b - Hicks, BishopTranslation, Caldwell, TwelveColonies, Gorman&Burke, Ripley, EARTH, ThirteenthTribe
    Chapter 46c - Hicks&Bishop, Gorman&Burke, Hudson&Vasquez, Flashmemory, SnakeOilSalesman, MySoul
    Chapter 47a - Saul&Ellen, Adamas, Lee&Lorne, Tory&Laura, Galen&Starbuck, BrotherCavil, Memories, FRAKYOULaura!
    Chapter 47b - Hamish&Sam, Terrans, ParticuleBeams&DEWs, FTLComm, NittyGritty, AdarDrukenSnake, Corman
    Chapter 48b - ColonialOne, ICC3s14, Mathias&Evensun, Tory, Maya&Isis, Hera, Lampkin, CrossTsDottedLines, FRACK
    Chapter 48c - Laura&Lampkin, PrivilegesDenied, Greene, Hera&Maya, LauraPunched, Madsen&Von, InHack
    Chapter 49a - Bad2Worse; Saul, WHAT?!, Adama, LauraSurgery, Going2Bed, MathiasHack, Lee, President?!
    Chapter 49b - Ripley&Hicks, Headache, Caldwell&Gorman, ZoeCylons, Bishop&Sulaco, Burke, ParticleBeam, JUMP
    Chapter 49c - BattleThrone, Zoe, CavilTheMad, GuardianCylon, Intel, DanielGraystone, Arrogance, SummonTheFleet
    Chapter 50a - Guests, Adamas&HeraIsis, Ripley& Caldwell, Elis&Zarek, Burke&Gorman, UAA, TWE, CAC, FEU, PAC, Hicks, Bishop
    Chapter 50b - GormanPeeved, Burke, BishopInBrig, ColonialsObsessed, Hudson&Vasquez, Hicks, StillBar, Blah, DrunkenAsleep
    Chapter 50c - Brig, Bishop&Guard, D'Anna&Cavil, SyntheticAP, EARTH!?! ThirteenthTribe, EarthReligion, CavilDigs
    Chapter 50d - Ripley&Newt, Burke&Bartender, Zarek&Ideas, Adama&Saul, BurkeSitRep, ForTheFleet, ForZarek
    Chapter 51a - PegasusBrig; Mathias&Adama, WantsJustice, GetsPegasus, ChangeOfCommand, Transfers
    Chapter 51b - CloudNine; Reporters, Roslin&Lampkin, Baltar, LauraResigning, LeeAnointed, EarthFound
    Chapter 51c - Pegasus; UnHappyShip; Sam&Mathias, ReorganizationFighterGroups, Adama, Taylor, Digger
    Chapter 51d - Ripley&Adama, YourStoryWhyUHere, BurkeScum, LifeIsProblems
    Chapter 52a - Mayne&Hamish, Hudson&Hicks, StiffDrink, FlatFaceBurke, Vasquez&Ripley
    Chapter 52b - BeowulfSys; Adm.Hayes, Adm.Bao, CommodoreMorton, Adama&Gorman
    Chapter 52c - Jenna, Zheng&Edward, RailCannons, Kurisaka&Hainan, ICC, Alistar, Vipers
    Chapter 53a - Bewowulf; Lee&Zarek, Adama&Hayes, BurkeDrunk&Complaints, Sinclair, ICC&Fees, Royalties
    Chapter 53b - CavilWhines, Adamas, Boomer&Caprica, Shares, GinaBroken, MustSurvive, Bishop, TerranGenetics
    Chapter 54a - Headache, Burke&Danes, WYB, You'reFired, Info2ICC, GotCaught, Gun&Cartridge, Hatch, BAM
    Chapter 54b - Pilots, Helo&Starbuck, Drunk, Feldercarb, Anders&Tigh, Love&Bitterness
    Chapter 55a - Thedus; JudithKerns, DeepWhine, oCenturions, ImperiousLeader, ZoeTheFlayer
    Chapter 55b - Adm.Adama, Sinclair&BishopWeyland, Rights&Responsibilities, ColoniesLost, Payment
    Chapter 55c - Zarek&Lee, Adama&Lorne, FTLengines, Fusion&Tylium Fuel, Ripley, options
    Chapter 56a - Mathias&Sam, Cain'sBackupTapes, SixtySeven, Arrested&Brig, JAG
    Chapter 56b - PegasusBrig; ColonialPrisoners, Adama&Mathias, Lampkin, 15or12Years
    Chapter 56c - PegasusHall; Mathias&Zahn, YoungBrotherInBrig, GUN, BANG
    Chapter 57a - MichaelWeyland, Lee&Zarek, Sinclair, Compromise, FTLengines, Haggling
    Chapter 57b - Lee&Bill, LorneShot, Zarek&Lampkin, ZahnArrested, TighPromoted
    Chapter 57c - Sam&Tigh, PegasusCIC, ShipsHaveSouls, Honour&Pride, CONTACT!, 18, IDieAColonialOfficer!
    Chapter 58a - ImperiousLeaderZoe, 005Centurion, FatherDaniel, ThirteenthTribeFleet, 6000Raiders
    Chapter 58b - Adm.Jenna, TGCS23, GordonKirk, 6000Inbound, BaoGroup, Hammerheads, CyberATKs, SynthCounterATK
    Chapter 58c - Constellation; TerranPCs&AIs, SyntheticsCyberWarriors, Guardians&Zoe, Rook, Daniel, LogicBomb, Retreat
    Chapter 58d - Raiders, Bao, Battlestars&Geminis, Digger&Hope, Cougars&Bearcats, TerransSpamming, HammerTime
    Chapter 58e - Saul&Sam, Bill, Wishbone&Gemini, CylonShuttles, ChangzhengKIA'd, Kincaid, Beowulf
    Chapter 58f - OneWhines, Caprica6, D'Anna, Boomer, Leoben&Doral, Hybrid, JumpIntoBattle
    Chapter 59a - BeowulfOrbital; GuardianCenturionCmdr, DRADIS, SpaceMines, GammaRayStrength, FTR&SAMs, Ground2Ground
    Chapter 59b - Adama&Shaw, Galactica, Gaeta, AnubisBlasted, LongBow, Scorpia, Jayne, Nukes, Nagato, Losses
    Chapter 59c - GunneryGrant, Marines, GuardianCenturions, APCs&Air, Col.Chantham, 7thParas, Bagpipes
    Chapter 59d - Gen.Cabot, M.Weyland, Facility&Sidearm, 173thMech, Randolph, Rodney, Governor
    Chapter 59e - Centurion M; Centurion Gary, Land-Rams, RamsDecimated, RequestingTransferNextLife
    Chapter 60a - Requiem; Weyland&Morton, SyntheticFacilities, NUKED, Cabot&Benning, Weyland, Thad, BattleBeowulf
    Chapter 60b - CallyPeeved, BoomerScorns, ChiefTyrol, Shaw, Hadrian, Tempers, Brig&Spat, Briefing
    Chapter 60c - FLASHBACK; PlayaPalacios, JamesMcManus, Joyita, Tory&Tigh, Ellen&Anders, Laura&Bill, Daniel
    Chapter 61a - Boomer&Galen, Tigh&Ellen, Adamas, Greene, LorneWheeled, Sinclair, Resurrection&Zoe, CavilWinces
    Chapter 61b - Zoe&Centurion, EnergyWeapons, Daniel, Anomaly GaryCenturion, ColonialBattlestars, Replicants, Yelling
    Chapter 61c - BrotherCavil, MathiasWheelchaired, Anders, Caprica&Natalie, One&IdiotSavant, Hecate, FrakZoe, Honour
    Chapter 61d - Natalie, ResurrectionShip, One&Mathias, FuelTankers, HecatePurrs, Boomer&Caprica, Tigh&Sam, HadesVsGuardian
    Chapter 61e - Sam&Saul, Hoshi, Natalie&Caprica, Lorne&Hecate, Zoe&Commander, UnityRevolts, ZoeFooshed, GaryWins
    Chapter 62a - Epilogue; Sam&Kara, Saul&Mathias, NataliePregnant, Adama&Laura, Sarris, DIC Kobold, Porter, Hicks&Ripley, GaryTincan

    Author's StoryThread Only .
  12. antagonist

    antagonist Chant of Victory

    Is that a spinal gun?

    They're in for one hell of an awakening BTW. I'm actually surprised they haven't noticed the elevated levels of radiation left by the nukes the cylons used to sterilize the colonies yet.
  13. SpaceDoge

    SpaceDoge Shadow Cabal Dogmonaut

  14. VhenRa

    VhenRa MechWarrior

    How? Pretty sure its implied this station is in a system OUTSIDE the colonies.
  15. Correct. They are still one jump away from the colonies.

    That rectangular shape at the bow? No. The class does has two heavy chin turrets (ala the Mercury-class, i.e. Pegasus) but that rectangular structure (and the booms) are part of the sensor and comm systems.

  16. Radek

    Radek Promethean

    A great beginning, Master Arminas. I will be watching.
  17. Working on call-signs for the pilots. Right now I have got the following:

    Angel, Arclight, Axe, Backfire, Banshee, Blaster, Bones, Breaker, Buster, Candyman, Chainsaw, Chutes, Cocktail, Digger, Doghouse, Dutch, Eight-Ball, Firefly, Ghost, Gremlin, Hardcase, Hard-Six, Heater, Jester, Juggler, Juice, Jumper, Kaboose, Mace, Maddog, Packrat, Pancake, Pappy, Poacher, Rambler, Ratchet, Rattler, Razor, Redeye, Reverend, Ripcord, Ruffles, Saint, Scorch, Shaft, Sidewinder, Skids, Slapshot, Spitfire, Sweets, Tally, Tassels, Thumper, Thunder, Torch, Trigger, Vandal, Voodoo, Whiplash, Wrongway, Zapper, and Zipper.

    EDIT: Removed Jammer and Showboat; both were used aboad either Galactica or Pegasus. Added Hardcase and Gremlin by Antagonist. Added Banshee, Buster, Jumper, Ratchet, and Zapper by Centron. Added Juice (instead of Steroid) by QQ.

    Now, I've got 60 Viper Pilots, 8 Raptor Pilots, 8 Raptor EWOs, and 12 Shuttle crew to get call-signs for. That is 88 in total. I've got 62, so I need another 28 (at least another 28; Commander Lorne and Colonel Jayne are former pilots as well and there are others among the crew as well). Any suggestions? Any that you hate? Any not fit the universe? No duplicates of ones from BSG, Razor, The Plan, or Blood & Chrome, please (and let me know if I duplicated any). :)

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  18. Zerodius

    Zerodius Baffled by existence

    So... what's the plot bunny behind this particular story?

    I assume that they're extra survivors from the Cylon attack (survived because they were out there rather than at the colonies at the time of the attack) right?
  19. antagonist

    antagonist Chant of Victory

    Ice, Hammer, Hardcase, Corsair, Deadeye, Spectre, Gremlin, Nail, Avenger, Panther...

    That's another ten, though it's been a while since I watched the show + movies, so I can't be 100% sure there aren't any duplicates.
  20. Centron

    Centron ... --- ...

    Great start with a promising story looking to come here. Always know if it's an MA fic it'll be worth the read. Consider yourself having another subscriber to this one.

    As for callsigns here's a variety of good and bad-

    Ambush, Banshee, Buster, Chaser, Crosshair, Dodger, Elite, Flasher, Gyro, Hatchet, Iceberg, Jumper, Killer, Lancer, Maniac, Nightmare, Ogre, Player, Quasar, Ratchet, Slayer, Stealer, Twister, Tiger, Ultra, Victor, Wolfhound, Xenon, Zapper.

    Hopefully no duplicates but no promises!
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  21. Silveraith

    Silveraith Argentum Phasma Phasmatis

    I'm liking this a lot. Is this before or after Galactica has left the Colonies?
  22. SpaceDoge

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    My old CO's callsign was Steriods.

    Use that.
  23. Lieutenant (junior-grade) Michael Jamussa (known the pilots and EWOs by his call sign of Kaboose) knelt beside the window in the Raptor’s hatch. “Looking good, Sidewinder,” he said to the command pilot (and senior Raptor pilot aboard Scorpia) Captain Stefan ‘Sidewinder’ Greene. “Two more meters . . . back a nudge . . . good, good, CONTACT!” The EWO toggled a switch beside the hatch and there was a dull thud. “Hard dock, Sidewinder. Magnetic grapples secured and locked.”

    Scorpia, Sidewinder,” the pilot broadcast. “We are docked with Typhon and are opening up now.”

    “Roger Sidewinder, report in at five minute intervals. ETA on Marines and tech team four minutes.”

    “Copy, Scorpia,” he answered as he unbuckled his harness and carefully made his way back into the small troop/EWO bay. “Ready, Kaboose?”

    “If I said no,” the EWO answered sourly, “would you wait on the Marines to arrive?”

    “That’s a negative, Kaboose.”

    “Thought so,” he answered as he drew his sidearm and chambered a round before sliding the weapon back in its holster. “Well, in that case, Captain Sir, we cocked, locked, and ready to rock.”

    “Open her up, wiseass.”

    “By your command,” Kaboose said in a monotone voice reverberating into his helmet.

    The hatch opened outwards without a sound in the vacuum. Sidewinder took the lead and he jumped across the one-meter gap between the Raptor and the open hatch, and he bounced back into the air on the far side. “Internal gravity is down, Kaboose. Watch your step.”

    Scorpia, Sidewinder. Emergency lights are on in power conservation mode—batteries must be low. Negative internal atmosphere and gravity—en route to command deck.”

    “Roger, Sidewinder. Watch yourself,” the radio broadcast.

    “What? No kind words for me?” Kaboose lamented, and a chuckle came over the radio. “Kaboose, Scorpia. Nope. Not a one.”

    “I get no respect at all,” the EWO muttered.

    “Respect is earned, Kaboose,” Sidewinder said as he swept the hand-held battery-powered torch he carried down the corridor. “You haven’t so far,” the pilot paused. “Is that what I think it is?” He asked as the torch illuminated a rust-red smear along one bulkhead—and a matching icy pool on the deck.

    “Frack,” whispered the junior officer. “Is that blood? Frozen congealed blood?”

    “And bullet impacts on the bulkhead,” the pilot said slowly. “Scorpia, Sidewinder. Signs of an internal firefight—no bodies. We are at the access ladders and climbing to the command deck.”


    Colonel Jayne shook his head. “Smugglers? Could the Fleet have decommissioned the station and then criminals had a fire-fight? Even scraps of supplies could be valuable—let alone the tylium stores and munitions.”

    Mathias nodded. “There are no indications of kinetic or missile strikes on the exterior—Typhon was only lightly armed, but any hostile ship should have alerted the crew and there would be some evidence of a fight. There is another possibility, Tom,” he said quietly.

    “Mutiny,” the XO snarled.

    “It is not unknown,” the commander answered. “Sidewinder, Scorpia Actual. Try to find the station logs when you reach the command deck—they might be in the commander’s quarters on Deck Four if they are not in CIC.”

    “Roger, Scorpia Actual.”


    The two pilots slowly made their up the core of the station along the access ladders—steeply sloped stairs as civilians referred to them. They passed more blood stains on the way and in the dark cold interior, the sound of their breathing was thunderous.

    “All this blood, and not a body to be found,” Kaboose said in a quavering voice. “Where are the bodies?”

    “Easy, Lieutenant,” Sidewinder ordered. “Someone policed the station afterwards; no way they all got sucked out to vacuum.”

    “But what happened?”

    “That’s what we are here to find out.”

    “Sidewinder, Arclight. I am docking at the port bay with a team of Marines and techs; Jester is delivering a second team to engineering.”

    “Roger, Arclight. Scorpia, we are at the command deck.”

    “Sidewinder, Scorpia. Confirm you have reached the command deck.”

    The command deck was as silent and lifeless and frozen as the remainder of the station had been—but there were a large number of patches of blood-red ice on the deck and bulkheads and consoles. Sidewinder approached the engineering console and he scrapped off the ice with his gloved hands. “Scorpia, Sidewinder. Power plant and environmental controls were manually shut down from the command deck. I have emergency power only—batteries at . . . 8.7%; we have the juice for a system restart. Request instructions.”


    “Sidewinder, Scorpia Actual. Fuel status?”

    “Tanks read seventeen thousand five hundred and forty-four tons of processed and refined tylium, Scorpia Actual. Just over 13% of her total capacity.”

    Mathias exchanged a look with Tom who nodded. “That would top off our tanks, as well as the reserve storage for the Vipers and Raptors, with some to spare.”

    He lifted the phone. “Fire her up, Sidewinder. Warm the tanks to reduce the slush and have the engineering teams check the status of the fuel transfer pumps and lines—when everything is on-line we will bring the ship to dock and transfer fuel.”

    “Roger that.”

    The commander adjusted the dial next to the phone. “CIC to Chief Sinclair,” he broadcast, and then waited.

    “Go CIC.”

    “Chief, I want a team assembled for fuel transfer and a second to inspect any spare parts and munitions aboard that station—bring over everything we can use, and what will fit in our holds. If the Fleet did decommission Typhon, I’m not about to leave ordnance sitting out here for criminals to get their hands on.”

    “Our magazines are over two-thirds as is, Commander. We won’t be able to fit all of it aboard if Typhon has a full load.”

    “Understood, get what you can, and get it safely stowed.”

    “I’ll get a crew cracking on it Commander.”

    “Sidewinder, Scorpia Actual,” he continued as he switched the phone back to that channel. “Any progress on those logs?”

    “Affirmative, Scorpia Actual. Final entry was . . . seven months and ten days ago. Shows a Fleet shuttle arriving in system with cargo for the station. Nothing after that. No mention of the Fleet mothballing the station either, at least none that I can find.”

    “Get the logs back here ASAP, Scorpia Actual out.”

    Mathias racked the phone and he shook his head. For several moments he said nothing and then he nodded. “For now, Tom, we are going to concentrate on getting those pumps working and the fuel piped aboard—as well as whatever supplies and spares we can salvage. I’ll be in my quarters—dock the ship once the Marines and engineers complete their sweep and the pumps have checked out. Once that operation is complete, we will jump into Cyrannus and find out just what the frack is going on.”

    “Aye, aye, Sir.”
  24. antagonist

    antagonist Chant of Victory

    Cue a message sent by the Cylon worm, notifying every basestar in-system of the Colonial battlestar docked with the station. Right?
  25. kclcmdr

    kclcmdr Kai The Kmpire! Amicus

    If so... will it be the newer Cylon Basestars w their Scimitar Fighters or the old Basestars with their Raiders ...... hmmmmmm.....