The Hunted (nBSG)

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  1. No. Murdering Shaw would not do anything useful, a trial and execution on the other hand...
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  2. Great update MA! The think the next couple of updates are going to be quite interesting! First we have how Scorpia TF will fit in under Admiral Adama's command, specifically both Pegasus and SMF. Also important is how the Fleet's culture will change, specifically how it will view both bioCylons and Zoe-Cylons and how they will deal with prisoners, discipline, politics, among other things. Wonder who will be elected President and VP, though I think I know where MA going to go, with how he's been putting Zarek in the last chapters. Another thing is how the civilian fleet looks to the military fleet and how the military fleet is viewed by them.

    Expecting some people in-story to get VERY pissed off in the coming updates, specifically Lorne and Scorpia crew, as I still believe Adama is going to blatantly tell Lorne they need ALL military personnel still remaining, even the Pegasus crew, though I also believe he will say something to the extant of ANYTHING major and all bets are off and point them to Astral Queen. I also believe he may start transferring personnel around, specifically to get Pegasus more under the Fleet's control. That would be interesting to see, though I do not yet know if MA will have it happen or not. If it does, I fully expect the fleet to treat members of pre-reunion Pegasus as pariahs at best.

    Oh and let us not forget oh lovable Bultar and sweet Roslin (sarcasm!). Wonder what will happen to them and the election. Not forgetting the Quorum either. All in all, VERY excited to see all the updates in the coming days!
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  3. Mathias descended the ladder to the lower portion of the hanger deck, Lee Adama trailing in his wake.

    “FORM UP!” Colonel Jayne bellowed to the serried ranks of pilots, deck hands, and Marines below as the three elevators began to descend. Mathias marched across the deck and Jayne—clad in his full dress uniform—bellowed, “SHIP’S COMPANY . . . STAND AT ATTEN-TION!” With a thunder that echoed throughout the bay, every man and woman (except those deck hands assigned to secure the Raptors) snapped to attention.

    He saluted crisply. “Sir, company is present and accounted for, ready for Presidential Review.”

    Mathias gravely returned the salute. Jayne lowered his arm and the XO turned on his heel, followed by the Commander and Lee Adama taking a place beside him—the other members of Lee’s Raptor mission were already standing in ranks.

    “Bosun,” Mathias barked, “prepare to render Presidential Honors.”

    The elevators slid easily into their wells and came to a halt. The deck crew rushed forward, locking the skids in place and wheeling up ladders—with handles—to the wings of the Raptors, before scurrying away once again.

    Mathias stepped forward and the first hatch opened.

    Behind him he heard Tom Jayne bellow, “Color guard, present the Colors!”

    And Mathias nodded to the Bosun who keyed in a sequence in a control pad against the hanger bulkhead. From speakers throughout the hanger deck, the Colonial Anthem began to play, and five Marines in dress uniform marched forward; two bearing polished and bayoneted rifles—the remaining three carrying flags. Three flags, one for the Colonial Government, the second for home Colony of the President (in this case Caprica), and finally the standard of Battlestar Scorpia. They halted in front of the company, and then, in unison, lowered all three flagstaffs to a forty-five degree angle.

    An Admiral stepped out on the wing of the first Raptor, and Jayne barked out, “SCORPIA, RENDER HAND SA-LUTE!”

    And three hundred men and women saluted at the same exact moment, each stomping their boot heel on the deck at the exact same instant.

    Laura Roslin emerged from the Raptor, and Mathias could not tell if she was stunned or simply shocked that anyone had bothered.

    He marched forward to the base of the ladder and held up one hand to assist the President down, and she was followed by Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh, and several civilians.

    Mathias stepped backed and he offered a crisp, slow, and perfect salute as the notes of the anthem reverberated from the bulkheads.

    “Welcome aboard Battlestar Scorpia, Madame President,” he said. And then he stood there unmoving.

    Bill Adama leaned forward, and he whispered in Laura’s ear. “You are supposed to return the salute, Madame President with your right hand over your heart,” and she smiled at him and did so.

    Mathias released his own salute, and so did the company which stomped the deck yet again.

    “The Ship’s Company is prepared for inspection, Madame President,” he said—but Bill could see a twinkle in his eyes. By the Gods, he was teasing the President! And he almost—but not quite—burst out laughing.

    “Perhaps later, Commander . . . Lorne.”

    Mathias nodded. “Madame President, Admiral Adama, on behalf of the officers and crew of the Battlestar Scorpia, I beg to report that on this day, we rejoin the Colonial Fleet with five thousand four hundred and forty-three souls in our care. Let no one, man or Cylon or Lord of Kobol himself, say of those who it has been my honor to command, that they have not done their duty.”

    Laura blinked and she didn’t say a word, she just grabbed Commander Lorne’s hand, shock it, and she stepped up and hugged him. And a massive cheer went up from the assembly.
  4. And the bitch still continues to piss me off:mad:. She has shown herself to be stubbornly and wilfully blind on this to the point of intransigence:mad: :rage:.

    Someone needs to pound into her that the Replicants ARE NOT MACHINES they are flesh and genetically engineered, mass-cloned humans as Sidewinder pointed out to her, what will it take to make the bitch acknowledge this fact:rage::rage:!
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    Yeah I noticed it and mentioned it above in one of my posts. I like the tip of the hat to oBSG using references MA has periodically made in this story. :)

    Well the meeting has gone smoothly enough. So far. But it initially did with Pegasus too after all before shit hit the fan. Now the drama starts.

    It was quite amusing seeing Roslin not knowing what to make of a full dress reception with all the trimmings. Out of her depth there but I suppose what with all the running there's been little time for such ceremony to crop up. Apart from the meeting with Pegasus that is. Think I was inwardly chuckling along with Mathias on that one. :D
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  6. MA, if you're looking a good nBSG theme i've just found something better:):

  7. Mathias lost 21 crew (not yet reveaed pilots/deck hands/engineers/ECOs/etc) in that attack. That leaves him with 5,443, including Sidewinder and Kaboose. At this time, the RTF has 49,579. Total puopulation is thus . . . .55,022. The totality of know survivors of huamnity.

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  8. MA, I bet Helo is hopping from foot to foot impatient to be reunited with Sharon:);) so I suppose they'll be reunited in the next part:)?
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    MA, not actually what he asked. He asked what ships there were etc, not numbers of crews/survivors
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    Oh wow Tweeky that was great. That's been mixed with new footage quite well. Always loved the old theme tune. Majestic sounding.
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  11. That is simple. Pegasus, Galactic, Scorpia, Aurora, and Anubis, in descending order of size and power (although technically, Anubis is a Battlestar and Aurora isn't). No other ships were part of the Colonial Fleet during the Cylon Attack. Plus a grand total of 63 civilian ships (including the four that Scorpia was escorting).

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    That's a decent collection of ships. Let's hope they can use the nebula to their advantage. Gods knows they need a productive and morale boosting break after the shit they've been through.

    How about fighter, shuttle and raptor numbers?
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  13. If they can spend a year or two in the New Caprica system or whatever they decide to call it, aside from letting the civilians stretch legs and get fresh air (Of sorts) on its' surface, the Battlestars and the Bezrek-class spacecraft can use that time to make all the repairs replace Galactica's missing armour-plates and upgrade/upgun it and the Aurora while also properly training new crew to replace their losses too..
  14. Would they have the capacity to manufacture more nukes or would they need to get that from the biocylons? Will they allow the biocylons to hide in their nebula?
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    My only worry is finding the raw materials in there to do it all and if there are enough trained people to make it happen. Getting the civilians organized and motivated to help out would assist in that plus raise morale in terms of aiming for something other than just the search for Earth rather than allowing nihilism to take over.

    That's a good question. Seems the biocylons have jumped elsewhere. Would take a lot of trust to allow them to know the fleet is in the nebula. Risky. So perhaps handing over some nukes or agreeing to jointly help manufacture them would be a sign of good faith if the fleet doesn't have that full capability.
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  16. WAR


    What about those Two old Defender type ships with the Flight Pod hanging under the ship. If they stay in orbit for a good period of time what would be the chance of seeing those Old Defenders rearmed? And Maybe adding some light guns to the Prison Barge turning it to a Anti-Fighter Gunship?
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    Any second now, somebody's going to find a derelict spacecraft carrying egg-like things....:p

    MA, there are many possibilities with that particular crossover. However, seeing Ellen Ripley tear Starbuck a new asshole would be great...
  18. Nothing encourages sincerity than helping arm your former enemy with nukes.
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  19. In order to manufacture new nuclear warheads they need access to nuclear materials such as weapons-grade Pu-239 and weapons-grade U-235 (also known as Oralloy) along with Li6D (Lithium-6 Deuturide) for a thermonuclear(TN) warhead's secondary's fusion and Tritium (in an equi-molar mix with Deuturium) for hollow-boosting of nuclear-warheads and TN-warheads primaries. What they could get from the Replicants (after some serious bargaining) is access to salvaged nuclear-warheads (preferably in their missiles) from the hulks of the CDF Battlestars or at the very least access to nuclear materials. I don't know if New Caprica has much in the way of Uranium ore deposits but if it's like Earth but much younger then it'll have sizable deposits of it but after mining and refinement it will need to be enriched, probably using the colonial version of AVLIS and MLIS. Plutonium needs to be manufactured in a breeder nuclear-reactor.
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    Yeah, they'd need to asteroids in order to build Vipers, give Galactica more guns and armour, or enact my earlier plan:

    Which I still think would be a decent plan.

    Just had another thought: If they're making armour for Galactica, they could internally armour a civilian ship's bridge, reactor, FTL and maybe a "bunker" for the crew, well enough to stop raider cannon fire, for less than the investment it takes to make ONE Battlestar armour plate. Since at the moment a single raider has a fairly good chance of crippling a civilian ship- that seems a sensible investment. It makes them much more resistant to raids, especially if combined with my above plan.
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    Methinks that museum-flightpod would make a wonderful place for a breeder reactor.
  22. Can one even be made that small?
  23. Forgothrax

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    This is SB. The laws of physics bend so that we might have our nukes and dakka.
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    Probably, would have to sacrifice a LOT of safety measures, but theoretically it could be done. Mind you, I wouldn't want to be on the Galatica in the unlikely event something goes awry...
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    Aren't the Galactica's flight pods larger than Nimitz supercarrier? That isn't enough space for a breeder reactor? How big do they have to be to operate safely?
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