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    This thread is for the Pokemon section of the Infinite Loops Fanfiction series.

    Here are the basic mechanics of the series, copy pasted from the fifth MLP loops thread

    One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.

    There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.
    The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.

    To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)
    The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.

    Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.

    Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)

    Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.

    There are 3 main Pokemon Loops:

    The Anime: Anchor is Ash's Pikachu, with current Loopers being Ash, Misty, Brock, Charizard, Corsola, May, Max, Professor Oak, Delia Ketchum, Dawn, Tracey, Mewtwo, Gary Oak, Gary's Blastoise, and Infernape.

    Pokemon Special, the Manga: Anchor is Red, with current Loopers (as far as I'm aware) being Black, Gold, Sapphire, Saur, Poli, Pika, and Yellow.

    Mystery Dungeon: These are a segment of Linked Loops. MD1, the Rescue Team games, are Anchored by Squirtle, with Charmander and Chikorita the only current Loopers. MD2, Explorers, is Anchored by Chimchar, with the only other current Looper being Piplup. Gates to Infinity is Anchored by Oshawott, and the other Loopers are the local Pikachu and Emolga.

    Special Exception: N is Looping from the Games and bounces between the Anime and Manga.
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  2. Shouldn't the most frequent looper be his poliwrath considering all the went through and how close they are?
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    Maybe, but, and this is just my thoughts considering I haven't read Special in forever, doesn't Pika show up more?
  4. maybe, but poli evovlved twice to save red and the second time bypassed the need for a water stone as they were fighting surge, then won
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    I thought there was Evolutionary Stone radiation in Vermillion Harbor, or a random Water Stone down there?
  6. the radiation maybe, but I don't remember any stone being used since that was during poli rescuing red
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    Oh, okay. Like I said, I haven't really read Special, so I wouldn't really know. You got any Loop ideas?
  8. well for one not pokegirls cause...yea. But on a more actual note how about ash as say kamen rider kiva, only all the transformation stuff(kivat and the like) are his pokemon, with pikachu being the main transformation mon. or red in a megami tensei game.
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    Actually, I think Brock would fit as Kiva better. He already has Crobat, so that gets around that. And anyone in a Megami Tensei game seems a bit... dark to me.
  10. well strange journeys wasn't so bad, no matter the pseudo black hole swallowing the earth. and I mostly chose ash since Pikachu is the anchor and I'm not gonna try and reconcile who the toku franchise anchors would be anywhere out of a toku loops thread if I can help it even if I have to make one.
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    Point of order, Ryotaro for Den-O Anchor. But that has nothing to do with Pokemon.
    How about a variant Loop where Pikachu is born as some other Pokemon, like an Eevee?
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    Jonnoda One step at a time.

    Why is Pikachu the anchor and not Ash? Maybe Ashes of the Past spoiled me but it does make a valid point that Ash is quite experienced at world saving. Especially if the movies are anything to go by.
  13. It could be interesting, but I doubt I'd want to read it. Also I totally agree.
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    You'd have to go check the Misc. Loop thread if you want to find the justification everyone came up with. Because that took up a LOT of pages, and I'm not reposting them all. Think of the Bandwidth!
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  15. Well I think it should be Ash too, but I just didn't feel like getting into an argument over something not even started properly yet. And in the end I don't care much as long as it doesn't limit on the potential fun and shenanigans.
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    Besides, every Loop has something weird about them. The Sonic Loops didn't have their baseline up and running until Mega Man started Looping, Mega Man himself has viruses and bugs all over his branch of Yggdrasil, the Zelda Loops have the Triforce as the Anchor, the list goes on.
  17. to make it easier, I have decided to quote the beginning parts of the relevant discussions / the debates.
    before anyone has something new to put in about how the Pokemon loops work, please read the discussion for us to bait we are had already finished any miscellaneous loops. I don't particularly care for getting into a long debate on exactly what we're going to do for the loops like we did for the Transformers loops.

    if doesn't care to back to read through the miscellaneous loops thread, here is beef summary of what we eventually agreed on.

    there are two Main pokemon loops, based on me anime and manga respectively.
    Pikachu is the anchor for the anime because we didn't want this to become "ashes of the past - omake files".
    ash starts looping fairly early on, and he is the most common looper other than Pikachu.

    red is the anchor 4 the Pokemon manga loops, and the most common loopers are the various members of his pokemon team.

    occasionally, Pikachu would loop into pokemon manga replacing red's Pikachu, and red with loop in 2 the anime loops replacing ash. not a major plot point, but it was debated on.

    all of the games, aside from Pokemon mystery dungeon, act as variant loops for both the manga and the anime. If the manga and anime loops fuse, it's much more likely to be set in one of the games.

    games like hey you Pikachu are the default safe mode servers. the hey you Pikachu loop shouldn't last long, only a month at the most. if you have any problems with hey you Pikachu as the safe route, don't write anything for it! just them in edikin and be done with it. not every universe needs its own personal safe loop, and the only reason is being considered be safe loop is because "shenanigans ensue" is a very nice way to write a loop.

    please please please! Read the discussions / debates on me miscellaneous thread before you have any argument how the Pokemon loops work. also, pokemon mystery dungeon has some sort of convoluted thingy that's being hashed out and has, at the moment, relatively little to with what we've already discussed. I completely lost track of what was being tossed back and forth on that, and debates on how Pokemon mystery dungeon should work probably should be kept in the miscellaneous thread until it is a little more clear. Thank you, and may the Muse be with you!
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    Crisis Snips for the Snip Throne!

    Wow. I was personally responsible for the first two and heavily involved with the third you mentioned.

    And a short snippet:

    Flash Ketchum grinned as the pikachu revealed from Professor Oak's last pokeball blinked and looked around in total confusion. 'Hah! Let's see how Ash handles being in my place for a Loop!'

    And then he was zapped with electricity.

    'Okay,' the human who was normally a pikachu in the Loops thought as he smoldered and fell over, 'that really does hurt, doesn't it?'
  19. Wow, Pikachu gets a taste of his own electricity...:D I like this!
  20. Mini Snippet time:

    And here he was again, trapped in an electric proof bell jar. Pikachu's eyes narrowed. He was done with being captured by team rocket. With a flick of his tail, he sliced the jar apart and gave it a push. The glass split down the center, falling on either side of the electric pokemon. Team Rocket's girlish scream echoed from the balloon as lightning lit up the sky.
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  21. And if you thought that the mayhem in the individual Loops was wild, just wait for the fused Loops!:D
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    Brock waved as Ash and Pikachu entered his gym. "Hey, how are you doing today?"

    Ash and Pikachu gave double thumbs up. "Wide-Awake and ready for action."

    Brock laughed as he walked over. That little song and dance was their way of signalling that they were all Awake. "So, last I saw you was the Loop through the, uh, Hub, right? Did you manage to find all of the games you were looking for?"

    Ash laughed awkwardly. "Sort of. I got all of them except one." He pulled a half-melted game case from his subspace pocket. Brock could just make out the words "He~ ~~~ Pika~~~" in the title. "Pikachu kind of took exception with this game." On Ash's shoulder, Pikachu growled lightly at the offending game case.

    Brock smiled. "Got to say, you looked pretty good as a human, 'Peter'. Did you pick up anything in the Hub?"

    Pikachu grinned, before pulling a massive bottle of Ketchup out of his subspace pocket. Brock blinked, before glancing at Ash.

    Ash rolled his eyes. "Pikachu discovered the joys of (Pick one: Costco/ 92 oz. containers and buying in bulk)."
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    Might want to replace 'Costco' with a generic term like "warehouse bulk purchase stores' or something (probably need to google the proper term), since not all readers will know the store.
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    How about this?

  25. Zap Rowsdower

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    That works.
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