The iron giant vs gypsy danger

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  1. sauron117

    sauron117 Holy American emperor

    The iron giant vs gypsy dange
    Iron giant is in attack mode

    Who wins
    Battlefield is New York City modern day
    They start off two hundred meters away in manhattan

  2. I would say Gypsy danger gets turned to molten slag by the Iron Giants Main weapons, but I was also kind of drunk when I watched Pacific Rim, so I might be forgetting some of his better feats.
  3. sauron117

    sauron117 Holy American emperor

    If I remember right they both took a nuke to the face
  4. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka I'm back. Hooray and stuff.

    Gypsy's wasn't to the face, and had to anchor itself to the ground with that sword to not be sent flying.
  5. The Dark Gods

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    The Iron Giant has the mobility advantage here, what with the power of flight and all, not sure if he can use it in his war-mode though. His array of weapons are also good, some sort of magnetic field thing that can crush 1-3 tanks in a single shot (been awhile since I've seen the film), he also has that long range nuclear chest cannon that left a fucking mushroom cloud after hitting the water.
  6. Wetapunga

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    Iron giant weapons:

    -three lightning type weapons on tentacle mounts, seem powerful enough to kill tanks

    -right arm cannon, powerful enough to send a tank flying

    -left arm, go the fuck away cannon. Can delete a chunk of metal as big as a M60 tank

    -Spinny disk thing. Rapid fire, accurate with multiple targeting ability.

    -Chest cannon. Creates massive explosion on the horizon, at least as powerful as a nuke. Possibly a big version of left arm weapon.

    -Eye lasers, can melt right through a bus leaving meter wide holes.


    -ignores tank rounds, 16inch battleship shells, survives head on impact with a speeding train with only dislocation of limbs. Survives contact detonation of nuclear weapon with parts being scattered

    Iron giant is going to get knocked into pieces after a few blows in melee by Gypsy Danger...but at range its going to shread the Jager, either the go-away-gun vaporises a limb, the spinny disk thing hits the eyes incapacitating the crew, or it just chest cannons Gypsy into oblivion.
  7. uju32

    uju32 Mad Doctor

    Iron giant stomp.
    The mobility advantage is massive, and it equips a variety of high yield close and long range weapons, and is artificially intelligent, with AI decision making.
    Gypsy Danger is a melee fighter crewed by squishy organics.
    Gypsy gets slagged at range, from the air if IG feels like showing off.
  8. Iron Giant stomp what exactly is Gypsy Danger supposed to do in the face of the Dakka machine that is IG who can also fly.
  9. Wetapunga

    Wetapunga God Of Ugly Things Amicus

    Watching the video I posted closely i noticed that we see the go-away-gun (left arm) hitting several buildings. Each hit was erasing a spherical chunk about 4-5 meters in diameter irregardless of material, brick, metal, wood.

    Can Gypsy Danger survive taking a hit to the head or joints that erases a chunk 2-3 meters deep? Im thinking its going to severely fuck up the Jager, one or two shots on the chest reactor and suddenly its powersource is dead
  10. Q99


    Only two-tree meters deep? Gipsy is BIG, it can take many shots from that. Most of the time it'll just hit armor or other non vital components.

    It's only the main gun that seems *really* threatening.
  11. The Next

    The Next Lack-of-Context Solution

    Chest cannon is an unknown, can't count it.

    Looks kinda like the left cannon (in that "hey green stuff"), but doesn't make sense if that's the case because the blast radius would have engulfed the IG too (although given the deleted scenes, the IG doesn't care about self-preservation at all). Also, no massive teleportation of water...basically it's unquantifiable.

    The left hand cannon also takes some time to charge (at least initially). GD can win this simply by breaking IG in melee and throwing each piece really far. Yea, IG will eventually come back together, but it's a win for GD pretty much,
  12. Kamin 989

    Kamin 989 Anti-Pseudointellectual

    Iron Giant can fly, can't it?

    What's to stop it from flying circles around Gypsy and blowing it up from there?
  13. The Next

    The Next Lack-of-Context Solution

    It doesn't do this in combat against other grounded targets. Ever.
  14. Wetapunga

    Wetapunga God Of Ugly Things Amicus

    In that scene where it goes full warmode it had just crash landed after being shot down by Sabre Jets

    This is when hes still brain damaged, doesn't know how to use his abilities properly.

    His instincts taking hold he locks on and is about to destroy a plane with his eye beams, but stops himself

    So yes, it can fly, it can use its eye beams in flight when in default mode and can probably use other weapons flying when in warmode.
  15. Why would there be a massive teleportation of water from an Erase stuff beam? A lot of his weapons seem to just destroy what they hit.
  16. Q99


    Gipsy has a pair of guns and the ability to throw very large things.
  17. The Next

    The Next Lack-of-Context Solution

    If it's like the left arm cannon, the blast is spherical.
  18. Mad Luddite

    Mad Luddite Was that an attempt at humor?

    Why? The shot flew about a kilometer away before it exploded.

    The left hand cannon takes... seconds to charge.

    Yeah, but Gypsy pilots don't tend to use their guns until they've tussled with enemies in melee a little.
  19. The Next

    The Next Lack-of-Context Solution

    If the shot hit the battleships (intended target until Hogarth did the distraction), then the blast radius would have included the IG.

    Sure, seconds to charge. In that time span, GD can step over and punt IG. 200 meters is nothing for a 80 meter, fairly-fast mech.

    Gipsy is gonna literally dismantle the IG in one hit.
  20. Right, and again why does that mean a bunch of water needs to be teleported somewhere?

    It erases what it hits without causing much damage beyond the blast radius, it isn't a regular explosion.
  21. Mad Luddite

    Mad Luddite Was that an attempt at humor?

    What makes you think that a direct hit from whatever it was wouldn't mess up Gypsy?
  22. Your entire argument is unquantifiable. 'The blast radius would have engulfed IG too'? Where did you even pull that from. The Green Glow attack didn't have a 'blast radius'. And considering we didn't see the aftermath of the blast, even your accusation of no 'massive teleportation' (again, I don't know where you dreamed that up) is completely baseless.

    We know IG's weapons effect, and scaling that up for his main cannon is not some unquantifiable mystery. Same effect, bigger area of effect. It's pretty dead simple, actually. What, do you think the alien menace that made the IG is gonna give him all these cool weapons and then say "You know what... let's make his main cannon a big, harmless disco ball attack. I mean, we already gave him enough weapons, it would be unsporting to give him a big giant one like that." It's just a really ridiculous argument to make, and even then isn't even enough to help GD win, since it has terrible range and no flight.

    Since we know, for a fact, that IG can attack from the air with, at a minimum, eyebeams that cut through steel like butter, so it can just cut GD to pieces at it's leisure.

    Handily disproving this equally ridiculous argument - "Oh, we only ever see the Giant fight tanks once, and in a scenario where it had total superiority, that means it's completely impossible for it to fly and fight, despite the flying and fighting it just did minutes ago before this fight started."

    You need to consider the SCALE here. Iron Giant is, what, up to GD's knee at his best? If GD got a good run up, he would punt IG like a football. Flight and keeping distance is the only viable option here. Melee combat is not something that would even be entertained, I don't think anyone seems to realize just what a David vs Goliath fight this is (appropriate, considering the outcome as well.)
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  23. sauron117

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    The iron giant is about 50 feet tall.
    Gypsy is about 260 feet tall.... Well I feel like a dick now
  24. Don't because IG still murders GD even more so in a city scape where it can take advantage of the buildings.
  25. Wetapunga

    Wetapunga God Of Ugly Things Amicus

    Well its an automatic stomp because you put them stupidly fucking close to eachother

    200 meters seriously, IG is like two steps of the Jager from being kicked into New Jersey

    Increase the distance to oposite ends of Central Park and its a fair fight.
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