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The Rebuild of Nobody Dies

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

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  2. Sucal

    Sucal Bored with Insanity

    Or 'Unit One holds a grudge and refuses to work for that bitch'
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  3. SCC


    I've had ideas for a couple of scenes for this (Or something inspired by this), one makes Toyko-3 cooler the other is Shinji discovering the new group action figure/something set
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  4. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    No, no. Unit-01 works fine for Yui. It's just that, the one time there was danger of an actual Angel attack, it refused to start up. It's very easy to find footage and PR stills of Yui piloting Unit-01 during the 2010-2015 stretch of NERV's PR demonstrations of Evangelion technology.

    Rather famously the 'Run' short movie NERV commissioned, where Unit-01 quite demonstratably achieved Mach 1 on land in a straight run across the Gobi.
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  5. You ma
    You may wanna mail or PM those to Gregg first-he may use them, he may say that it's interesting and tell you to post them.

    You may never know.
  6. Cyrus 21

    Cyrus 21 Kamen Rider/Spirit of Chaos

    So Unit One can use anyone, as long as their Sync score is high enough, and if said Eva likes them enough.

    I wonder if Gendo and Yui are looking for anyone who could act as backup pilots in case Shinji gets hurt?
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  7. Dirtnap

    Dirtnap SLEEP.

    Ichi does want to keep her mommy safe after all (if Ichi is the giant robot appearing in this movie fic)
  8. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    So many ideas...wait, can Unit 01 run fast enough to water skeet?
  9. SCC


    One of them contradicts what we have as cannon for R!ND at this point
  10. RadiantPhoenix

    RadiantPhoenix Might Makes Left

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  12. Dirtnap

    Dirtnap SLEEP.

    Or the fact that one of the Ree is The Hammer of Tokyo-3.
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  13. Carrnage

    Carrnage Solidarity

    Ichi likes Shinji much less in this version then?
  14. Yui is Ichi's Mommy. Shinji hasn't acknowledged her as a sister... yet. Maybe there will be something in the future, after they do bond and stuff, where Ichi doesn't want Shinji to pilot for fear of him getting hurt?

    Of course, this all assumes that Ichi is the AI/whatever we're calling them this week inside Unit 01 in RoND like she is in original flavor ND.

    And of course, w00t for updates to ND of any kind (even if I'm a day late and a dollar short to the party)! Especially glad to see that something may be done with vanilla ND this summer. I was a little worried after one TVtropes page said that Gregg had "left the fandom." Should I hunt down and remove that note?
  15. Sucal

    Sucal Bored with Insanity

    I think its safe to assume that nothing from the original ND is canon until its revealed otherwise. Hence my joke about Unit 1 refusing to work with Yui and forcing her to put her son at risk, rather then fight the angels herself.
  16. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Timestamp: January 1, 2013, 1355

    Section 2 note: Ayanami Birthday Lunch

    The camera jerks as the view rises, from the restaurant and arcade outside of the domed superstructure of See Squared, and towards the floating, undulating form which resembles a large jellyfish.

    Past the commotion and screaming of the person holding the camera, there is the sound of alarms blaring and warnings coming over the speakers in several different languages. The creature- which they had not identified at the time, but later confirmed to be named Rogziel- parts its eighteen tentacles and folds out a lance from its larger body.

    The sky darkens. A lensing effect, mainly due to the brightness of the activating weapon, and it fires off a beam towards the restaurant.

    Glass shatters, and flames erupt. Buildings around the restaurant crack and the streets erupt in fire and water as fire hydrants are shattered from the force. But more than that, the beam itself falls to make impact.

    Mainly due to the floating, completely flat octagon hovering over the restaurant itself.

    The image goes static, and refocuses on a building mounted camera. It focuses on the girl at the center of the ducking and cowering children. She can see Suzuhara covering both Horaki and Aida with his body. She can see Section 2 covering the children.

    More importantly, she sees Rei; twelve years old, eyes glowing red- not just her normal red, but glowing- and tears streaming down her cheeks, and staring directly at the Angel.

    She raises her foot and brings it down. The children and Section 2 are sent scattering by the blast wave. Where there was Rei, there is a crater. The video shifts again, turning back to the Angel. Or, more particular, the Angel shrieking before it's brought down.

    “End playback.” The video shuts off, the floating screen distorting and disappearing. Yui turns, sitting behind her desk, as the door opens and Gendo enters.
  17. Cyrus 21

    Cyrus 21 Kamen Rider/Spirit of Chaos

    I bet Rogziel died screaming.
  18. SCC


    Gregg, this sounds like it belongs to Vanilla where Rei somehow used the third Angel to pair up Touj and Hikari but that didn't happen in this time did it? I mean isn't Hikari currently paired with Shinji?
  19. What exactly is Rei crying about, though?
  20. Retsof

    Retsof Why does bad look so good?

    the angel crashed her party.
  21. Carrnage

    Carrnage Solidarity

    her birthday party was ruined.
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  22. Dio212

    Dio212 It works cos' I SAYS it works!

    I think her birthday party was ruined.


    Double ninja'd.
  23. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Angel appeared out of nowhere, and tried to kill her and all her friends.

    That shit don't stand.
  24. Dio212

    Dio212 It works cos' I SAYS it works!

    Erm. That too.
  25. Dirtnap

    Dirtnap SLEEP.

    So...the illusive 3rd Angel was Ctuhlu-lite? Or giant squid/octopus?
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