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  1. Basic premise: The SpaceBattles forum has become an inter-dimensional fleet. It travels through the 'world between worlds' that we call The Broken Lands. The ultimate goal of the fleet is to return to the earth that all of the SpaceBattlers once called home.
    [ ]= a personal comment from me on the chapter.

    Need to know info, suggestions:
    Rules for contributing Sidestories to The Universiad
    Character creation format
    Ragnarok RP character inclusion
    Want to post stuff other than side-stories? Here's how.
    Qualifications for special programs

    First Contact Protocol
    How the Beacons work
    Forbidden Substances

    Main Storyline By Gideon020
    Chapter 1, Part 1: The Rain
    Chapter 1, Part 2: The Rain
    Chapter 2, Part 1: A Few Things You Should Know
    Chapter 2, Part 2: A Few Things You Should Know
    Chapter 3: Make You An Offer
    Chapter 4, Part 1: Training Day
    Chapter 4, Part 2: Training Day
    Chapter 4, Part 3: Training Day
    Chapter 5, Part 1: Induction Week
    Chapter 5, Part 2: Induction
    Chapter 5, Part 3: Induction
    Chapter 6: The Graduation Test
    Chapter 7, Part 1: Vacation
    Chapter 7, Part 2: Vacation
    Chapter 7, Part 3: Vacation
    Chapter 8, Part 1: Baptism By Steel

    Tech Profiles
    CCS-II Class Cruiser
    Hammer-Class Heavy Battle Tank
    M808G Scorpion Light Battle Tank
    Type C Orbital Frame 'Thoth' (Custom)
    Forum-Refit Mars-D class Heavy Cruiser Redemption, CA-138
    Type C Orbital Frame Horus (OSR Limited Production Standard/Elite Model)
    M-145H 'Rhino' Mobile Artillery Assault Platform
    CSO-II Supercarrier
    Q-TIE 'Cutlass' Space Superiority Fighter (Cutie)
    VF-19/P Excalibur Patrol
    M-66K Mammoth Super-Heavy Assault Tank
    Invader-Class Super Heavy Battle Tank
    Lawmaker Mark 9 Heavy Pistol

    Notable Ships of The Fleet, Part One
    Notable Ships of the Fleet, Part Two

    Universiad Social Profiles
    Mental relief and social competition, Entertainment in the Fleet
    The Fruit of Knowledge, Science in the Fleet
    The will of government, politics in The Forum
    Smoke and Mirrors, Magic in The Fleet
    The View From Below, the life of citizenry in the Fleet.
    Articles of Justice, the Laws of the Fleet.

    Organizations of The Fleet
    Soldiers of Hope and Despair, The Puella Magi Corps

    Universiad Personal Records
    Pistol Witch of The OSR, Captain Lilithium


    They ate all the Grey Poupon
    The copies of Lilitium's Log
    Danmaku in the fleet
    Fuck you Murphy. Fuck. You.

    Meet Yamamoto Yohko
    Part 1: Wherein it was clearly just a routine inspection call
    Part 2: In which I meet interesting new people in the most dynamic way possible
    Part 3: In which things take a turn for the nostalgic
    Part 4: In which awesome things are probably happening off-screen
    Part 5: In which I wished my life had radial dialogue options
    Part 6: In which I probably needed a new pair of pants
    Part 7: Wherein I am reminded how human people can be
    Part 8: Wherein I am told that it handles just like Freespace
    Part 9: Wherein we talk about upgrades and I feel inadequate with myself
    Part 10: Wherein we get ready to get dangerous
    Part 11: In which copious amounts of Michael Bay is applied

    Spacebattles Forum Girl Yohko Yamamoto
    Part 1: Goodbye Future

    Pure Devastation, The Song

    Conjured Blade
    Fury of the Nanoswarm
    Part 1 - Let me make you an offer...
    Part 2 - Getting to Know You/Briefing

    Einherjar of Shavarath stats

    A Day in the Life
    Origins of the Testament, Part 1

    First Incursion
    Chapter 1, Part 1: New Guy
    Chapter 1, Part 2: Introductions
    Chapter 2, Part 1: This is Your Stop
    Chapter 2, part 2: The Beacon
    Chapter 3, Part 1: Discovery
    Chapter 3, Part 2: Drinking Buddies
    Chapter 4: Alarms and Announcements
    Chapter 5: Bugs, Blue people, and Surprises.
    Chapter 6: DYNAMIC ENTRY!
    Chapter 7: DYNAMIC ENTRY part 2! The actual Entry part!
    Chapter 8: Rescuing The Damsel (Kind Of)
    Chapter 9: Heavy Combat
    Chapter 10: Meeting New People

    Omake: The Defeat of Saren

    History 1.1
    A Not-Suicide at a Party

    A View From Home
    Fleet V-Cards
    Curbstomp: Theft
    Curbstomp: Admiral Hackett
    Diplomatic FUBAR: A talk with Gladius
    Babylon: The Starkiller

    Ginger Maniac
    Meet Maniac's Marauders
    Chapter 1, part 1
    Chapter 1, part 2
    Chapter 2

    Machina Malefica: Chapter 1 In which the Directorate of Field Operations really should take more care identifying their swag…

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8

    During the First Incursion
    Curbstomp: Aftermath
    Curbstomp: Party
    Diplomatic FUBAR: Really, Really Good Ryncol

    Deep Cover Incursion Kharak System

    Dear Log~
    Entry 1
    Entry 2
    Entry 3
    Entry 4 (fuck this queen bitch)
    Entry 5 [WTF?]
    Entry 6
    Entry 7, the first

    "Why do you even care?"
    "imscared its cold"
    Merry Christmas

    Madork Gunna
    Skies on Fire, part 1

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2

    Families Old, and Families New
    Prometheus, Part 1
    Prometheus, Part 2
    Prometheus, Part 3
    Prometheus, Part 4

    Archives of the Archives, Part One

    FTL Gun Test

    Fan Art
    Commander Ayanami
    The Forum
    Standard dress blue + Applejack
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    The Universiad Tvtropes page

    Universidad Opening
    AEON Emblem

    Universiad Tech Profiles
    The Technology of Sins of A Solar Empire
    The Technology of the Sword of the Stars
    The KappaKloak
    OSR Morphing Technology
    M-267C Variable Individual Assault Weapon/Bullpup (VIAWB)
    Cherry-Popper Breaching System
    Melee Weapons of the Forum

    Universiad Vehicle and Ship Profiles
    M9G 'Super Wolverine' Mobile Anti-Aircraft Tank
    Blackwind Stealth VTOL
    CC-6E Pitbull Light Assault Vehicle
    3.5th-Generation Alpha-Synth
    BoomTech M-19 'Harridan' Attack Helicopter
    Forum-Refit Mars-D class Heavy Cruiser Redemption, CA-138
    Morrigi (Pocket) Leviathans
    The Grey Ghost
    (F)AC-304 Destrier Fleet Assault Cruiser
    KappTek 'SkimRay' Gravity Racer
    Trader-Class Corvette
    Stonewall-class Dreadnought
    Delphinus class Frigate
    Ragnarov-II Titan
    Ankylon-II Titan
    Fires Of Retribution-class Battlecruiser

    Universiad Social Profile
    Duties of a Senior OSR Operative
    Psychic Rankings
    Liberty in Mind and Body, Augmentation in the Fleet
    Binary Battleground: Digital Warfare And The Fleet
    Forum Wildlife Profile: Colossi
    Broken Lands Geography: Mount Horizon
    More Than Meets The Eye: Cybertronians in The Fleet: Part 1, Part 2
    Zeon Mobile Snacks Fishery
    On Forking
    The Blue Ring Scar, or Hoopers in the Fleet
    MILCOMM Threat Classifications
    Times of Great Importance, Fleet Holidays
    Filthy Lucre: The Finances of the Fleet
    Source Bounties
    The Men in White

    Universiad Personnel Records
    The Consuming Void, Arch-Magi Louise Valliere
    Alice Liddell
    Profile: Atreidestrooper
    Profile: Azamaria Bles
    Profile: Barricade
    Profile: BlackRaptor
    Profile: Conjured Blade
    Profile: Fallenworldful
    Profile: Firefinder12
    Profile: Frostbyght
    Profile: Ganti
    Profile: GhanjRho
    Profile: Ginger Maniac
    Profile: Gladiusone
    Profile: HopelessDiamond
    Profile: Jemnite
    Profile: Kinglugia
    Profile: Norgarth
    Profile: NotAlwaysFanfic
    Profile: Shibosho
    Profile: Shiki Emiya
    Profile: Silver Sun 17
    Profile: Spencer1519
    Profile: spudman
    Profile: Verthantine
    Profile: WarpObscura
    Profile: Warpcy

    Organizations in The Fleet
    Military Groups in the Fleet And Their Purposes
    Close Air/Orbital Support Task Force
    Havoc Teams
    The Special Hazard Recovery Task Force (SHAREC)
    The Deconstructors Task Force
    Aggressive Extraction Force
    Arachnid Squadron

    Universiad Main Story (Gideon010)
    Chapter 8, Part 2: Baptism By Steel
    Chapter 8, Part 3: Baptism of Steel
    Chapter 9, Part 1: City of Blades
    Chapter 9, Part 2: City of Blades
    Chapter 9, Part 3: City of Blades

    Side-Stories [Series]
    Curbstomp (Gideon010, Gladuisone, GhanjRho)
    Curbstomp: Theft
    Curbstomp: Party
    Curbstomp: Aftermath
    Curbstomp: Admiral Hackett
    Curbstomp: Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
    Curbstomp: Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus Part 2

    Spandex (Gideon010, Gladuisone, Verthantine)
    Spandex: A Night on the Town
    Spandex: Gotham (K)nights
    Spandex: Front Page News
    Spandex: My Night With Lois
    Spandex: Fear and Leering in the Watchtower (and elsewhere)
    Spandex: Press Conference, Part 1
    Spandex: Press Conference, Part 2
    Spandex: Dinner and a Show
    Spandex: New Day Dawning
    Spandex: New Day Dawning Part 2
    Spandex: Logistical Security
    Spandex: New Day Dawning Part 3
    Spandex: Power Girl in the Sky with Diamonds
    Spandex: The Show Must Go On
    Spandex: Why Taunting Murphy is Bad
    Spandex: Recovery
    Spandex: Meeting the Family
    Spandex: Clearing the Air
    Spandex: Tidying Up
    Spandex: Tidying Up 2
    Spandex: Full Circle

    Value of a Question (Gladiusone)
    The Value of a Question
    The Value of a Question: Going in Circles

    Centre (Gladiusone)
    Centre of Intrigue
    Centre of Attention
    The Center Cannot Hold
    Centre of Gravity
    Centrepoint: Part One
    Centrepoint: Part Two

    Spacebattles Forum Girl Yohko Yamamoto (BlackRaptor)
    Part 2: Masquerade Ball (Snip 1)
    Part 2: Masquerade Ball (Snip 2)
    Part 2: Masquerade Ball (Snip Final)
    Part 3: Black Angel
    Standalone Snip: One Year On
    Part 4: Like a Child without a Mother (Snip 1)
    Part 4: Like a Child without a Mother (Snip 2)
    Part 4: Like a Child without a Mother (Snip 3)

    First Incursion (Frostbyght)
    Chapter 11: The Diplomat
    Chapter 12: A Discussion
    Chapter 12: A Discussion Part 2
    Shadows in the Night
    Chapter 13: Meet the Crew (Part 1)

    Ishimura Incident (Fallenblades643)
    Bad Day for the Dead
    Corpses to the Morgue
    Which Corpse Goes Where?

    My adventures in World Of Warcraft, Or “How I Came to Wield a Sword of Eternal Death” (Frostbyght)
    Part One

    Machina Malefica (Ginger Maniac)
    Chapter Two: In which hostile contact is made, and I find myself a long way from home…
    Chapter Two Point Five: In which a desperate battle is fought against an implacable foe…
    Chapter Three: In which I assess the damage and make contact…
    Machina Malefica Chapter Four: In which I have an informative conversation, and discover my timescale is rather tight…
    Chapter Five: In which the action starts up again…
    Chapter Six: In which it is darkest before mid-morning…
    Chapter Seven: In which the Forum strikes back…
    Chapter Eight: In which we bid a fond adieu to the Arcadian Imperium…

    Diamond in the Rough (Firefinder21)
    Diamond in the Rough
    Diamond in the Rough (Chapter 2)
    Diamond in the Rough (Chapter 3)

    Havoc in Vegas (Norgarth)
    Havoc in Vegas (Part 1)
    Havoc in Vegas (Part 2)
    Havoc in Vegas (Part 3)
    Havoc in Vegas (Part 4)
    Havoc in Vegas (Part 5)

    Doing it Right (Gladiusone)
    Doing It Right
    Doing It Right Part 2
    Doing It Right Part 3
    Doing It Right Part 4
    Doing It Right Part 5

    Back to School (Gladiusone, Norgarth)
    Back to School: Part 1
    Back to School: Part 2
    Back to School: Part 3
    Back in School: Urban Adventures
    Back to School: Urban Adventures Part 2

    Heroism (Gladiusone, Gideon010, GhanjRho)
    Heroism: JLA Vs OSR, Round 1
    Heroism 2
    Heroism 3
    Heroism 4
    Heroism 5
    Heroism 6
    Heroism 7
    Heroism 8
    Heroism 9
    Heroism 10
    Thus Rides the AEF: A Heroism Side-Story
    Heroism 11

    I Spy (Norgarth)
    I Spy (Part 1)
    I Spy (Part 2)
    I Spy (Part 3)
    I Spy (Part 4)
    I Spy (Part 5)

    Orientation Day: OSR

    -Reminiscent- (Part 1)
    Prayer Of The Fallen Puellae
    All-Environments Suit MK 12 (Includes defenses and weaponry)
    - A P.O.E.T.'s Apprenticeship: First Failure-

    A Prayer to Madoka

    Get the Hell outta Dodge
    Cannot Go Home
    SAO Incident
    Red 2
    Mr. Myxlplyx


    Conjured Blade
    A Gift
    Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
    52 Pick Up

    False Origin

    Orientation of a Sorts
    What Happens When you go Missing
    A Peculiar Ghost
    An Eye for an Eye



    A Walk on the Beach
    The Testing Range
    The story of me, an Eldritch, and pranks
    Operation Sucker Punch: Part 1: Plans

    Unnamed Snip
    Ganti's Gundams Character Sheet
    Warning Lables

    Overthrow: Message

    Techno-babble plus the Arrival of the Alicorns
    Madokami versus TCB-Celestia

    Ginger Maniac
    Some Background to the other Marauders
    Kicking In A Nonce
    Assisted Deicide
    First Flight
    Just Another Maniac Monday
    Original Flavour
    Putting on a Show
    Cue the Benny Hill Music
    Staying Human
    Monsters, Aliens, and the Scariest Thing in the Omniverse...

    Mercenary Years: Aggressive Requisitioning
    Chivalry isn't dead, but it can be deadly!
    I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire

    Video Log: Vacation in Ikebukuro

    'LILITH' FILES: Number 1
    'LILITH' FILES: Number 2
    Untitled Snip

    Zoo Historical Archive
    Zoo Snippet: Border between morality and scientific curiosity.

    Getting Medieval on their Asses
    Bad Memories

    My Son, Part 1
    The First TCB: Madness and Sorrow
    That Feeling

    Welcome to...Oh #$%@!

    Silver Sun 17
    Silver Star Technologies

    Differences between Invulnerability and Invincibility (Part 1)
    Differences between Invulnerability and Invincibility (Part 2)
    Becoming a Star (Part 1)

    Shiki Emiya
    Techinical Difficulties: Hole Basket of eggs
    Unnamed Snip 1
    Wave Theory: Track 0-Replay Function
    Technical Difficulties: Like a B(o/a)ss (out of water) (Part One)

    Unnamed Omake

    Tachikoma's Uncle
    Fresh Fruit, Part One

    Verthantine's No Good Really Bad Simply Terrible Day

    Orientation (Too)
    Insane Ramblings

    We're an apathetic family

    Gamma Squad (Part One)
    Gamma Squad (Part 2: 1st Mission)
    Reflection: Bad Choices
    Happy Holidays
    No Escape

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    Universiad Tech Profiles
    Boomtech's Cameron line of products
    MA5 Series Individual Combat Weapon System
    Psychic Dominators and Psychic Amplifiers
    The Technology of Armored Trooper VOTOMS (mecha)

    Universiad Vehicle and Ship Profiles

    The Yowling Dust (Ship)
    Archangel II-class ‘Gabriel’ (Borderline Security Company custom build)

    Universiad Social Profiles
    Laws of the Fleet: The Authorial Fiat Act of 3272 PA
    'Normal' Worlds

    Universiad Personnel Records
    Digital Doom
    Lone Wolf 666

    Organizations in The Fleet
    1st OSR Covert Action and Recovery Team
    Hellfire Department

    Side-Stories [series]
    Heroism (Gladiusone, Gideon010, GhanjRho)
    Heroism part 12
    Thus Rides the AEF part 2

    Centre (Gladiusone)
    Please Insert Appropriate Centre-Related Joke Title Here

    Back To School (Gladiusone, Norgarth)
    Back to School: Urban Adventures 3

    Curbstomp (Gideon010, Gladuisone, GhanjRho)
    Curbstomp: Welcome to the Citadel
    Curbstomp: One of Those Days
    Curbstomp: It Never Rains
    Curbstomp: But it Pours
    Curbstomp: Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus Part 2.5

    The Prisoner (Kelgar04)
    Bad Day
    In Enemy Hands
    Clean up and Targets
    Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot
    Darkness and Rage
    Fire and Fury part 1

    ROB'ed (Filipinosberman)

    Valkyria Chronicles

    Arrival (Romantic_Kaiju)
    Pt 1
    Pt 2

    Vengeance Sign (Barricade)
    The Boundary Between Sorrow and Joy

    Boarderline Missions (filipinosberman)

    Mission 1: The Hunt is On

    Borderline Working Vacation (Filipinosberman)
    Sh@!te mate…
    Sidestory: Starcraft, Schmarcraft

    Another Day
    Death or Something Like It

    Digital Doom
    A Letter Home

    Fortitudo Mentis
    The Interview
    Borderline Musings pt 1
    My Immortal or, How I Won the Vlad Tepes Awards

    Ginger Maniac
    Aaargh and Dee


    Blood Matters
    New Blood
    Memories pt1

    Rob'd: Fire in the Sky
    SCP Report
    It's a Kind of Magic (Non-canon Omake)

    Becoming a Star pt2

    Shiki Emiya
    Technical Difficulties
    Internal Affairs: Life at 44g
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