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The Universiad, Thread 2

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by gideon020, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. gideon020

    gideon020 CASEVAC Inbound

    Okay people, while I continuing working on Chapter 9, now with 100% more YandereShinji to cheer Lilithium up, here's a new thread for you.

    Try not to fill this one up before I post at least two chapters in here.

    Now then, the Important Stuff:

    The First Thread, in case you feel nostalgic.

    The Index, for handy reference

    A list of chapters, completed and planned, so you know just how long this will take:

    Completed or In Progress:
    -Chapter 1: The Rain
    -Chapter 2: A Few Things You Should Know
    -Chapter 3: Make You An Offer
    -Chapter 4: Training Day
    -Chapter 5: Induction Week
    -Chapter 6: Graduation Test
    -Chapter 7: Vacation
    -Chapter 8: Baptism of Steel
    -Chapter 9: City of Blades
    -Chapter 10: The Black Crown

    -Chapter 11: Nobody Dies
    -Chapter 12: New Arrivals
    -Chapter 13: Getting to Know You
    -Chapter 14: I Am (Not) Ashamed
    -Chapter 15: Hard Knocks
    -Chapter 16: BFG
    -Chapter 17: Friendship Is Conversion
    -Chapter 18: The Day The Sun Fell
    -Chapter 19: BETA-Max
    -Chapter 20: ATLAS Shrugs
    -Chapter 21: The Question
    -Chapter 22: The Answer
    -Chapter 23: Broken Lands
    -Chapter 24: The Old One
    -Chapter 25: One Last Step
    -Chapter 26: Homecoming
    -Epilogue: Legacies
  2. Lilithium

    Lilithium Argh, why are some people so cute?


    Home. yandere shinji

    <««««««« mfw
  3. I'm wondering: is Sensha-dō popular in the fleet?
  4. Conjured Blade

    Conjured Blade Want some Popcorn?

    It's got a following, we've been to universes with practictioners. I've televised a few rounds occasionally.
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  5. Lilithium

    Lilithium Argh, why are some people so cute?

    a flash of lols

    kaiju barny works as a child caretaker, takes great offense at gendo and his treatment of shinji


    kaiju barnybarny is enough for profit.

    Edit: Looking at this comment I just wrote, I am fairly certain that I went full crazy.
  6. gideon020

    gideon020 CASEVAC Inbound

    Considering what you just recently watched, that's understandable.
  7. Lilithium

    Lilithium Argh, why are some people so cute?

    also i just now crossed the line three times with this avatar.

    i may just keep it for that same reason.
  8. WarpObscura

    WarpObscura Grumpy Big Stick

    And... ART!
    Use your imagination to fill in the blank space on the left with an appropriate foe.
    I think it's the way your username is spelt. Makes it look like it should be "bryght/bright" when you presumably meant "bite".

    EDIT: Finally posted it in the right thread.
  9. Lilithium

    Lilithium Argh, why are some people so cute?

    me trying to hug all the ponies.

    no one ever plans to be hugged by a Lilithium. Even if you want the hug, you never get the hug you thought you would.

    It's best to just let it happen naturally.
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  10. meh, I see Lilithium's post as a Kaiju spike. It preserves my sanity.
  11. gideon020

    gideon020 CASEVAC Inbound

    THat's not Spike, that's Barney.
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  12. Lilithium

    Lilithium Argh, why are some people so cute?

    kaiju barnnnneeeyyyyy
  13. It's spike and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise. SpaceBattles shall not have what sanity remains to me.


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  14. Lilithium

    Lilithium Argh, why are some people so cute?

    if it makes you feel better

    i made a quest about it. he is in nge.
  15. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor That guy with the thing over there at the place.

    Two threads ladies and gentlemen! I didn't think that this would have become what it has when I read Gideon's first snip but here we are!


    Sorry, I just came back from watching Iron Man 3. Good movie.
  16. Lilithium

    Lilithium Argh, why are some people so cute?


    i hope it wasnt as soul crushing and heart breaking to watch as rebuild three was?
  17. Arythios

    Arythios The Snark Shark

    Iron Man 3 isn't out over here. Don't spoil it for me.
    marcoasalazarm likes this.
  18. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor That guy with the thing over there at the place.

    Nah, just the usual Robert Downy Jr. snarking and dry humor. Always the best things about Iron Man movies.

    Hmm...now I'm wondering what a Tony Stark-esque Shinji would be like? Minus the alcoholism of course.

    Spoiler: Explosions happen. Lots and lots of explosions.
  19. Arythios

    Arythios The Snark Shark

    Daaaaaammmn yoooooooouuuuu.........
  20. Arkalest

    Arkalest Shadow Cabal Human Resource

    Group hug?
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  21. Ginger Maniac

    Ginger Maniac Subject to Gravity

    Call that a spoiler? THIS... is a spoiler: I haven't watched it either. Stupid America with their everything coming out a month before in does in Britain.

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  22. Arkalest

    Arkalest Shadow Cabal Human Resource

    Here, in the country of Columbus, Dante, Boccacio and Manzoni...it comes out tomorrow!
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  23. Ginger Maniac

    Ginger Maniac Subject to Gravity

    Lucky bugger.

    That said, I don't really know when it will be coming out over here, so my above comment could be correct or I could be talking out of my arse. I don't really follow superheroes.
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  24. That could be a good subject for a fic (length doesn't matters)... or at least an SB Quest.

    Or we could make a snippet about finding one and recruiting him for The Forum. Always a good idea to recruit more scientists and power armor pilots... even if they act a little crazy sometimes.

    Can you imagine a Tony Stark-esque Shinji walking up to one of those broken-the-hell-down-by-EOE or Rebuild Shinjis and giving them a Bright Slap? Because that's what could happen if they met, I guess.
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  25. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor That guy with the thing over there at the place.

    Slap? Nah! He'd snark the hell out of them!

    "You know, I used to be just like you..." Shinji started smoothly while sitting next to his alternate the day after the boy woke up from killing his first angel via berserk EVA 01.

    "No, nevermind. I'm nothing like you. I mean, let's look at this objectively." Shinji said while making vague gestures with his hands.

    "You're the son of Gendo and Yui Ikari. Two of the most brilliant and terrifying minds in their fields. Two people who had resolved themselves to save the world even if it meant destroying it...and then went ahead and did so." The boy turned to his alternate and raised a brow.

    "Yet here we are. Your mom is dead. Your dad is...well, Gendo Ikari. And you? What are you anyway?" He asked with a tilted head, making the other Shinji glare at him.

    "I watched my mother die! My father thinks I'm some sort of disposable pawn for his plans!" The other Shinji snarled at him. That's the spirit.

    "Yes, and? The same things happened to me. I almost walked down the same path you did, you know? I was very close to it too. Then someone asked me something very important that changed my life." Shinji said with a smug smile. His alternate simply glared at him but otherwise remained silent, a bid for him to continue.

    "You are Shinji Ikari. Son of Gendo and Yui Ikari. Pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. What can you do to make things better?" Shinji asked himself with a smile.

    "I don't know..." The other Shinji answered with a shake of his head.

    "Then I'll give you the same answer she did..." Shinji trailed off before standing up and offering his other self his hand.

    "Let's find out, shall we?"


    Shinji then proceeds to design custom armors and weapons for Unit 01. He defeats Zeruel by using a EVA-sized Proton Cannon powered by the S2 organ of Bardiel he ripped out after saving Touji.

    Evangelion 01 sorties are now signaled by rock music being blasted by giant speakers all over Tokyo 3. All the Rei clones want him...he seems mildly disturbed by this and distracts himself with making more armors and weapons for his EVA.

    The MP Evangelions didn't know what hit them.
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