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    The First Thread, and the Second Thread, in case you feel nostalgic.

    The Index, for handy reference

    A list of chapters, completed and planned, so you know just how long this will take:

    Completed or In Progress:
    -Chapter 1: The Rain
    -Chapter 2: A Few Things You Should Know
    -Chapter 3: Make You An Offer
    -Chapter 4: Training Day
    -Chapter 5: Induction Week
    -Chapter 6: Graduation Test
    -Chapter 7: Vacation
    -Chapter 8: Baptism of Steel
    -Chapter 9: City of Blades
    -Chapter 10: The Black Crown

    -Chapter 11: Nobody Dies
    -Chapter 12: New Arrivals
    -Chapter 13: Getting to Know You
    -Chapter 14: I Am (Not) Ashamed
    -Chapter 15: Hard Knocks
    -Chapter 16: BFG
    -Chapter 17: Friendship Is Conversion
    -Chapter 18: The Day The Sun Fell
    -Chapter 19: BETA-Max
    -Chapter 20: ATLAS Shrugs
    -Chapter 21: The Question
    -Chapter 22: The Answer
    -Chapter 23: Broken Lands
    -Chapter 24: The Old One
    -Chapter 25: One Last Step
    -Chapter 26: Homecoming
    -Epilogue: Legacies
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    OOC: Shoop da whoop, first story post.

    Feline Eating Habits.

    Awkward does not begin to cover things. Perhaps I'm dreaming.

    Because, here I am stark naked along with my lover and right in front of us was one of Gideon's chosen. A Lone Wolf. Some of the nastiest operators in the fleet. With a bit of reflection, I realise that I might have blown her cover and jeopardized her operations. Not to mention introduce technologies to the natives that they were unprepared for, blown the nature of the fleet wide open and boned a mad scientist. Killing me and then killing me again would probably be the first thought on her mind.

    With any luck, I can salvage this. I held Tabane closer in a hug, not to reassure her, but to reassure myself and calm myself down. I whispered into her right ear. "Keep quiet and let me do the talking. Do not make any sudden movements unless I tell you to and we might get out of this alive. When I give you the signal, run out and get as much help as you can from your sister and her friends. I'll distract her and buy you time. Bring them to the arena with the dead Mantis."

    She didn't respond to me verbally, instead she grabbed my right hand and squeezed it, her free hand picking up her mecha rabbit ears amongst our pile of clothes. I kissed her for good luck. Before I could say anything however, Stanovich, if that was her real name started to laugh, before breaking out in speech.

    "All are prey, all are tools. Kings have bowed to me, Generals have waged wars on my whispered words, and the greatest minds have spoken their secrets to me even as they worshipped me like pagans. The shadows are mine to command, the light reveals that I wish to see. Little pup, you have disrupted much for your desire of heroics, but even in this, you serve The Fleet, and serve me. I must thank you little puppy, your barks have revealed them, and so I shall make your death quick." Dramatic Pause I assume or maybe she needed to breath. "Once I have amused myself with your ruined body."

    I did not know that all OSR Majors were required to major in drama or something. Gideon really must have some kind of budget for this sort of thing. The sheer amount of ham in her speech could probably feed the Imperium of Man for a day or so. I did not need to hear this bullshit. She wants a fight? I had better start putting on my pants and boots then.

    I nudged Tabane a bit, so that she would let me go, while I put on my pants and boots, while I was doing that. I replied to the Stanovich.
    "Cut the dramatics. I want to speak to your boss. Now."

    I focused on putting my clothes on while she decided on what to do next, I ditched my shirt and wore my flak vest instead. Tabane, having decided that putting on her dress would take too much time, took my shirt instead to make herself decent.

    After a bit more on her end, she finally spoke.

    "Hmm, I'm sure he will be." She stopped to think of the appropriate word to use. "Interested, to know what a spectre is doing interfering in Project Blue Wire, but why should I do such a thing? Perhaps I should kill you, kill the little rabbit, and wipe this planet clean. I will still have an IS core to give to The Colonel. Once again, she segues into deep thought, attempting to decide what to do, "No, he wanted..."Once again, she tries to think of the correct word to use. "Discretion for this operation and I have been forced to forgo my usual amusements in order to finish hacking the core I am bonded to."

    A giggle filled the air, "Very well, I shall allow you to use my communications equipment. If you can amuse me."

    Amuse her? Oh, fuck. It's going to be one of those bored to tears Wolves. Those are bloody hard to deal with. I did not want to pick a fight with a OSR Major, especially not one with a IS at her disposal. Perhaps I could reason with her.

    "You know, the little rabbit," I pointed to Tabane. She gave Stanovich a little smile. "Could just give you a blank core. Not to mention that I have another Core stashed somewhere if you want it." And maybe a bit of humor, try to get on her good side. "Or if that's not good enough, I could break out my stash of Knock Knock jokes?"

    A very big and nasty grin showing too many teeth appeared on Stanovich's face.

    "Oh, I would love to hear them, but I have something more physical in mind."

    IS Activation Warning. A pulse of bright light. All my instincts going off at the danger. I grabbed Tabane and dove for cover. Just as a metal slug flew by where my head was and took out an entire wall. I messaged Tabane over our communications. "When I start my distraction, run and get help. I don't care what happens. You run and you run and you RUN. Do not stop to look, nor do you turn back to check if something bad happens. Once, you get help. I'll need you to run support for us."

    I got a reply. "B-but, what about you? She might be able to kill you permanently!"

    Stanovich chose to interrupt at that point in time. She had the Mastodon on partial deployment. A pair of coil guns mounted on the shoulder pods. She practically screamed her reply.

    "Entertain me! FIGHT ME! I have sealed this place so that my hunt shall not be interrupted! Bleed me! Cut me! HURT ME! I have lived amidst the chatter and gossip of children! Unable to sate my lusts because they would reveal me! You are a blessing to this bored, lonely Wolf, so come little puppy! FACE ME!"

    There was no time for this. "She's not going to kill me. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. Run and don't look back."

    She hesitates and looks at me once me. I had no choice. I shouted at her.

    "You stay here, we both die. GO!"

    She turned round and ran. Stanovich sensing a easy kill trained the two cannons at her.

    "Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run, don't let the wolf shoot you with her gun, gun, gun~"

    Before she could fire them off, I tackled her as hard as I could, sending both of us flying through a wall. Before she had the chance to pry me off, I backed off and flung a flashbang into her face. Once the flash clears, I could tell she was trying to find me in the room. I see no way that I can win against her in my current state. She wanted to be 'entertained'. Perhaps I could convince her not to use the IS.

    I moved out of cover and put my hands up. "I don't think you would be entertained by creaming me with your IS." I threw my gun on the floor. Putting up a standard CQC guard stance, I spoke further. "You want fun? How's 'bout we start off with a good old fashion slow dance and work our way up from there?"

    She smirks and a sudden flash of light took her place, when it subsided, her IS was gone. She took the bait.

    I crooked two fingers on my left hand as a challenging gesture. The smirk on her face grew into a grin, before she moved fast enough to barely register on my optic sensors. One moment, she was ten meters away.

    The next, she's right in front of me, launching a vicious knife hand strike at my guts. Not to be outdone, I sidestepped her attack and grabbed hold of the leading hand. Before I could do anything else, She manages to twist around, breaking my grip on her arm, her spin continuing around into a vicious side kick aimed at my ribs. I blocked the attack with my right forearm.

    There was a loud crack.

    A simple kick just cracked the armor plates mounted in my arms. The external plates currently mounted on my frame were made from scrap salvage from IS armor. Thankfully, the endoskeletal structure of my body was made from Alien Alloy, I could still function.

    Pressing my arm outwards and downwards, I had managed to grab hold of the offending appendage of my opponent. I reared back to hit her with a vicious headbutt, intent on splitting her skull wide open. Just as I went forward with the motion, her free leg kicked upwards, intent on removing my head from it's place on my shoulders. I was lucky enough to have the kick miss. Just as quick, she manages to recover before I could and manages to free herself from her predicament, before leaping backwards to gain some distance.

    She must have misjudged her distance and timing, as I raced forward to deliver a nasty haymaker to her guts. The punch connected and send her flying into a wall. I willed the Hurricane back into my hands and unleashed a barrage of gunfire, intent of ending this quick. Before she hits the wall, she manages to orientate herself so that she lands feet first against the wall. She bends her knees and kicks off the wall towards her right, aiming at another wall. Once again, she bounces off that wall towards the ceiling, gunfire following her all the wall. Just as the gun overheats, she leaps off the ceiling once again, intent on engaging me in close combat.

    Both of us have different advantages, Stanovich was a lot more nimbler that I am, while being a lot faster. I had reach and in theory, better reflexes. Both of us were tied in strength. I could however take hits that she couldn't.

    I sidestepped her once again, before grabbing one of her legs and spinning her round and round. I flung her at another wall and sprayed her with another burst. This time, she connected with the wall and when the bullets entered the dust cloud, there wasn't the crack crack crack of bullets hitting concrete. There was no impact noise.

    She was wearing a combat body suit underneath her school uniform.

    "Aww, I thought you wanted to dance, boy?" She teased me. If she could taunt me like that, she should be fine. I should finish her.

    I materialised a IS grade rifle and opened fire in her general direction. Bright flashes of light occurred with every impact on her energy shields, as I struggled to handle the recoil of such a big weapon. When the flashes of light stopped and the gun clicked empty, I leaped to the side behind some lockers, sensing danger.

    The next moment the loud Thunk Thunk Thunk from a pair of auto cannons rang out, peppering my previous position with craters and pock marks. "You wanted to show me your guns? How about I show you mine?"

    I rolled to the right, just as the shells landed at my previous position. The fire stopped as soon as it began. I leap to my feet and look around, Stanovich was to my right, I raised my gun to her. This time, she literally disappeared before I could shoot at her, before appearing directly in front of me. She grabs the hurricane and manages to hit the clip eject button, before twisting it out of my hands. She rolls in between my legs, ending behind me and spins around in a lightning fast leg sweep. I leaped upwards to avoid the sweep, only for her to throw a cross at my guts. I would not survive the blow, so I activated the shields which stopped her strike cold, but sent me flying into a bunch of lockers. I extracted myself from the twisted pile of metal and prepared to defend myself.

    Stanovich was leaning against one of the lockers, looking rather nonchalant about the whole fight to the death situation. She was filing her fingernails. She sees that I had recover from her blow and starts to talk. "Come on, I promise I'll be gentle! I'll even just settle for breaking every bone in your body! Whaddya say? Deal?"

    I smirked. "No Deal." We charged each other and fought hand to hand. I had no doubt that anyone unaugmented would be unable to follow the fight. It was a fury of blows, all lethal and all dealt out at speeds beyond mere mortals. Eventually one of us had to slip up. She did. I had managed to grab her by her right arm and crushed it in a very tight grip. Rather than anything fancy this time around, I reared back and punched her repeatedly at full strength. That sick grin stayed on her face.

    I grabbed her by the hair and ground her face into the walls, before throwing her to the ground and stomping on her repeatedly. That grin did not disappear from her face, despite her missing quite a fair bit of skin on her face.

    Just as which I was thrown back by some force emitted by her.

    She stands up and starts walking towards me. Her broken arm somehow capable of moving. The skin on her face slowly growing back.

    She has a Regenerator mod. OSR standard, it seems, since her arm went from crushed in a vice grip to capable of moving at full capacity. A great flash of light heralds the materialization of her IS. I start running towards the agreed upon ambush zone. Behind me, I could hear a sudden loud burst of laughter, followed by a bloodcurdling wolf howl. I dropped to the ground and rolled left. Armageddon had begun, at least to my auditory sensors anyway.

    The air above me was magically replaced by tungsten and steel. Before she could aim directly at me I rolled into an open classroom, before plowing my way through the walls.

    As I pretended to be a bulldozer whilst running away from crazy bitch, turns out she was match speed next to me, running next to me outside in the corridors, when I had noticed her through the windows, she taunted me. "I see you~"

    She orientates herself and flies side wards, the two coil gun barrels pointing towards me. A soft whine could be heard.

    "Reach out and touch you!~" I managed to roll before the guns could fire. Before I recovered and continued on my impression of a bulldozer.

    I had registered several missile locks on sensors. "Boom boom boom boom!~" Just to see several missiles flew towards me. I doubt I could evade them.

    I turned on the hyper sensors and overclocked my processors. I registered five missiles locked onto me and coming. Turning around, the sensor feeds provide enough data to the fire control systems, enough for a quick burst from my hurricane to take down all five missiles. Switching off the hyper sensors and setting my processors back to normal, I continued running to my goal.

    Eventually, before reaching the Arena itself, I was struck from behind by a tackle. Landing in the arena, My opponent grabbed me by the legs and started pounding the ground with me.

    The error warnings and the damage readouts don't look good.

    After one last hit, she tosses me into the ground hard and steps on me. I could not move nor could I do anything meaningful to oppose her. She kneeled down and leaned forward. Her face was right in front of me. She was panting and I could feel her breath hitting my cheeks. It smelled of tuna and eggs. The pressure increased bit by bit as she asked a question.

    "Any last words before I end you? I'll be sure to pass it along to your lover before I have my FUN with her." Fun. That sounds ominous.

    Just as that, I had a message from said lover. I replied "Yes".

    Then, I made a reply to Stanovich. "Yea, don't have words for her. But got one for you, siew jie."

    She laughs. "Going to beg for your life, puppy?"

    I smiled. "Nope." I paused for a bit, waiting for the rest of the players to get into position. While she paid attention to me, she wasn't paying attention to the omni tool assembling the barrage of tech mines that I am going to use.

    The next message appeared. I made my reply known. "The word is 'GANGBANG'!"

    A look of confusion forms on her face "Wha-"

    I detonated the Tech mines, scrambling every single sensor she had on hand. It wasn't going to disable her hyper sensors like the oversized stunners that I had used on Chifuyu. It was distraction enough however for every other IS in the arena to pummel her silly with gunfire and energy blasts.

    I took my opportunity to slip away as my reinforcements moved in to deal with the Wolf.

    I decided to break off and think of a strategy. I ran and hid somewhere where I could still see the fight without being seen myself. I decided to get unit specs on the Mastodon.

    So, I asked Tabane to check it out. "Hey bunny, you got unit specs on the unit the bitch is using?"

    "Uh huh, one moment while I work my magic."

    A minute later, she sent a text file. In the space of that one minute, Stanovich manages to hold her own against nine combatants easily. She holds off their melee specialist by parrying their strikes with her coilguns, with them breaking off to avoid nasty ripostes from her autocannons. Before they can recover and close in, she fends them off with flamethrowers. Everything else is suppressed using a combination of coil gun fire and attacks by automated gun drones. While she could fend off her attackers in melee. Majority of the ranged attacks came through to striker her barriers.

    Holy fuck.

    "Is this a joke, did you send me a munitions lists for an entire company of IS units?"

    "No, no, no. That's the unit's weapons listing." 'You idiot' was implied in the message. Not my fault.

    Two heavy duty Coil gun pods, each with integrated missile launchers, the Mastodon Tusks. Rapid fire, capable of firing different types of ammunition.

    Main hand carried guns, two combination forty mike mike autocannons and flamers. Mastodon's teeth. Capable of firing multiple ammo types, with ammunition fed straight from storage.

    Four support drones packing several Anti Infantry machine guns.

    Two back mounted Heavy Missile pods named the Granit, each either storing multiple micro missiles or a single anti fortification munition.

    Assorted other ranged weapons from other companies and ISes may be used as well.

    A special FCS capable of coordinating all of the weapons in use at one time. Omni sense.

    In addition to all of that firepower, damn thing had the biggest battery supply found in any third generation unit. The shield generator was almost twice the size of the one found on the Schwarz Regen. Not to mention some kind of secondary defense system, called the barrier curtain generator. A very crude and primitive Hardlight shield system.

    This is not a competitive IS. This is a Army Killer. Meant not to fight other ISes but to go up against entire battalions and wipe them out to the last man. The Russians who made this apparently decided that anyone who wanted speed and maneuverability, along with fancy new systems are a bunch of fucking pussies, that Manly man, should fucking do it with more weapons and armor. The government probably agreed to it after their last failure, Moscow's Deep Mist. Currently in the possession of Tatenashi, who had to bang up the rest of the IS herself.

    It's slow and unmaneuverable compared to even a second gen.

    But in the hands of a pro, you could last forever in the damn thing.

    "What can you do to impede the operations of her IS?"

    The fight wasn't going Stanovich's way. Ichika and Chifuyu had several close calls in hitting her. Rin is starting to figure when she will use those coilguns to parry her guan dao. Tatenashi's water has managed to deal with several of her support drones, despite the flamethrowers being used to evaporate her water control. Houki had managed to get several lucky hits with her swords. Laura, Cecilia and Charlotte were starting to get free reign in ranged attacks as Stanovich starts to pay more attention to the melee instead of them. Kanzashi was completely ignored in favor of everybody else, to her advantage as she was preparing an alpha strike using her missile launchers.

    The situation changes slightly, Stanovich starts moving a lot faster than she was in the beginning of the fight. She drops the Tooths in favor of using her claws in hand to hand combat. She grabs Ichika and Rin by their wing pods and flings them at Kanzashi, who is forced to disengage, lest she be struck by the impromptu projectiles. She parries Chifuyu, side swing with a coil gun barrel and forces her to back of by firing the other at close range. She grabs Tatenashi's spear by the haft and head butts her. Sending her flying away. She picks up the two Tooths and resumes shooting at the ranged combatants pecking at her. While her coilguns are focused keeping Houki from getting close to her.

    Thermal sensors show that her body temperature is two times above normal. Her eyes are bloodshot. While she seems to be moving faster and hitting harder, she seems to have great difficulty doing so, as if she was in pain. She's redlining her Augs.

    I had an Idea. "Can you use the IS to lock her in place?"

    Tabane was confused at my request. "Yes, but I can tur-"

    No time for second guessing. "Get them to back off and do it. Trust me, bunneh. I got a plan."

    "Everybody! Step away from the elephant and you will see why the Great Shinonono Tabane is a world renown Genius!"

    All of the units back of from Stanovich, who proceeds to chase after Houki. She stops moving all of the sudden. There were several loud wet cracks as Stanovich crumples to the floor, screaming in agony as all of her limbs were broken due to the sudden stop.

    One thing about the X70s, they may provide you with the power to bend armies, but it doesn't give you the same resilience to withstand that sort of strength applied to you in a certain manner. Stanovich basically tore herself apart trying to move when her IS could not bulge.
    It's the same principle as holding on to a fixed pole tightly, then running off in another direction, applied with force capable of shattering armored vehicles.

    Seeing that the threat was currently screaming herself hoarse in pain, I had decided to go down and ask her nicely to use her communications device. The rest were approaching her, with Chifuyu and Ichika moving in first, to see if she was alright.

    Upon seeing me walking towards her, she stops screaming, instead she starts to laugh. At first it was giggling, barely heard by the others, then she started laughing, which spooked the people approaching her. Then, she burst out in full maniacal laughter as she stood up while she and her unit emitted visible arcs of electricity.

    Everybody wisely backed up.

    "Oh, shit. This is bad." I muttered to myself.

    Someone made a comment. "What is happening, this was not in her unit specs!" Probably Chifuyu herself, she probably knew each and every personal unit.

    Houki, who was next to me, heard me mutter to myself. Naturally, she figured that I knew what was going on and decided to ask me what is going. "Do you know what is happening? What is she doing."

    I have only heard the rumors. OSR X series implants often involve femtotech, along with some kind of unreplicatable material. Naturally, they did a fair bit more work on the femtotech, with rumors of actual Jain tech being used in the construction of some of their nastier bits. What I think I'm seeing is an Assimilator Implant, something that I have heard that was still on the drawing board.

    There shouldn't be a working prototype, even by now. I could be wrong, the sight of armor plates and electronics fusing into her flesh tells me that I'm right. Tabane's dirty little tricks will most definitely not work if she has the chance to rewrite the coding, given how now the IS is an extension of her body. Given the fact that she is a regenerator and that her X-70s might apply to the IS itself.

    We are boned. Unless...

    I gave the order to open fire with everything we could. "Ope-" Before I could finish, A high pitched wail coming from Stanovich echoed through the arena. Ichika gets struck by Tatenashi repeatedly before he could react, his IS activates the absolute defense, shutting his machine down. Kanzashi guns down Cecilia before she could move and launches an alpha strike at Charlotte, shutting the both of them down.

    "Sarashiki. What are you two doing?" Chifuyu asks, dodging a spear aimed at her midsection. The others expressed their shock similarly as well. The Student Council president does not reply, she merely attacks the teacher repeated without stopping. While Kanzashi continues to attempt to gun down Laura and Rin with her particle beam cannons. They moved with precision, looking barely human, behaving more like machines."

    Behaving like machines. She had the chance to brainwash the two of them.

    "The-" Something stopped me from speaking out loud. "Oh come now, did you think I would let you spoil the surprise?"

    Stanovich looks at me, smiling. She dashes forward, with a series of quick strikes using all of her appendages, she manages to bring Houki down on the ground and pins her there by stepping on her.

    Ichika struggles to move, it seems that he couldn't deactivate his IS as well. He screams his defiance and Most importantly. He shouts for his friend being pinned down. As much as she could struggle underneath the Mastodon, Stanovich merely has to apply more pressure before she stops squirming around and starts screaming in pain.

    I materialised a simple blade and found that I couldn't move. Fucking hell. She has the backdoor codes to my systems. I couldn't do anything at this rate.

    "I had enough of you for now. Stop moving while I deal with the pests."

    She brings the coilguns to bear on Laura and brings forth a barrage of metal, while the Sarashiki sisters prevented the German from taking effective evasive Maneuvers. Eventually, she was brought down to the ground.

    Ichika shouts at both sisters. "PRESIDENT, KANZASHI, WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING? SNAP OUT OF IT!"

    Neither of them replied and merely proceeded to assault Rin and Charlotte. Instead the Wolf herself started laughing, when she stopped, she replied, "I broke the both of them and made them my loyal slaves." She smiled when Ichika screamed at her, telling her to give them back. She shrugs, "Why should I? They make excellent pets after I house broke them. Sure, both of them resisted to the very end. All that screaming, all that kicking, then when they realised that resistance was futile, they started to beg for each other, asking me to let one of them go." The grin on her face was psychotic. "I had my fun with Tatenashi first, forced her sister to watch me violate her precious older sister. It was hilarious, how quickly she audio changed. From screaming in fear to moans of pleasure. All while little Hairpin over there begged me to stop" She paused? "Oh, Don't believe me? Here's the a recording I made." Sure enough the recording was disturbing.

    It was as fake as her performance. Needless to say she was bluffing and that torture or rape was staged after she had brainwashed the both of them. I wish I could have exposed her lies, but I could not move, nor could I talk.

    "Yes, puppy. Let me use my major in theatre here and convince the Director that it wasn't a waste of OSR bullets."

    "Then I made Big sis pleasure little hairpin ove-" She was interrupted by all the other active combatants attacking her in a berserker rage.

    She grabs Chifuyu by her blade and proceeds to throw her blade first into Rin, taking her out of combat. She then re materializes both Mastodon's tooth and pointed them at Houki, who was still pinned under her. The pilot lights on her flamers turned on. She shouted at the top of her lungs.


    I knew that we had already lost and decided to comply to her demands. "Tabane, come down. It's over, we lost. Come down. I'll vouch for Stanovich. She's not going to kill your sister."

    There was no reply. Instead the cruel smug smirk on the Wolf's face says it all. Tabane was making her way down to us.

    I had to know. "You are not going to hurt her, are you?"

    The Major shrugged. "I just plan on putting a leash on your fuck toy. You two have cost the OSR five years of hard work. Not to mention the shit that you pulled. She's a native, she gets away with a mindwipe and maybe an attitude adjustment by the Pistol Witch at worse. You on the other hand, the Director will deal with. What were you thinking? Please don't tell me that you helped her because you wanted to fuck her."

    I had no response to that question.
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    I still don't get the joke behind the title though. Unless it involved...huh, maybe I do get the joke now.
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    Cats have the tendency to play with their live food before killing them.
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    Ah, there we go.
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    Shoop de doop, first loreplay post


    Ouch, OSR. That's....Unpleasant, to say the least. Necessary, but....Unpleasant.
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  7. If I didn't know it'd earn me a 'heresy' stamp, I'd call 'overkill'.

    As it is, I'll just say awesome fic, ckk.
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  8. Gideon, Lilthium, do i need to void your codes to my special stashes and brain bleach the bunny memories for letting a nut like that through the vetting process again?
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    There is such a thing as overkill. It involves spending too many resources on things that really don't need them. OSR has a division dedicated to preventing it, no doubt.
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    That and overkill tends to not only blow up your target, but tends to cause absolutely massive secondary damage to the very items that the OSR has been trying to recover. Needless to say, 'bored' OSR agents with hair-trigger tendencies, and who don't understand the term 'subtle', tend to fall into two categories:

    1. Those smart enough to keep it just low key enough that Gideon/Lithium don't bother to rein them in.
    2. Those dumb enough not to do #1, and end up 'irritating' Gideon/Lithium.

    Considering that Stanovich pretty much was shooting wildly at various points in that fracas, which could have easily killed Tabane, the very resource (CREATOR no less) that the OSR probably wants, as she does know how to make more IS likely to cut Stanovich absolutely no slack with Gideon. On the other hand, ckk185 was being something of an overly paranoid dumbass (aka: thinking with his 2nd head, and not the one with the braincells in it) and auto-assuming Stanovich was there to rip his head off and silence everyone, without pushing to get a hold of Gideon, immediately (which he did do at the start of the whole mess....and then both of them screwed up), is not likely to cut him any breaks either.

    That, and Stanovich was pretty much acting recklessly, overconfident, and pretty much incompetent. Had her head been on right, she'd have wiped the floor with everyone present in seconds, slapped stasis fields on all of you, nano-cloud fixed the area, and then hauled ass back to her OSR rendezvous/pickup point. The sheer fact she had to fight off half a dozen ISs, a SpecOps trooper, and Mad Rabbit herself, without picking them off in rapid order pretty much demands she get dumped back into a training evolution (or three...dozen) ASAP that she's back in Fleet proper. If nothing else then to beat the hell out of her until she stops monologuing and just does the job like ordered.

    Stanovich better be one hell of a smooth talker, and have built up one hell of a lot more of a tech/data cache, to offset that clusterfuck. At least in my humble opinion.
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    In case you didn't realise, she had everything in the bag already at that point, with an ambush that I wasn't even expecting. She more or less knew that she could wipe the floor with all of us at once, but decided to have a bit of fun at our expense before getting to work.
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    Stanovich is good at her job. She just gets bored easily. Besides, she already secured an IS Core, Shinonono was a target of opportunity alongside neutralising Phantom Task.

    Besides, she was the only one who can pull off a high-school student look when using Polymorphite.
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  13. OK, maybe this is the wrong thread to ask, but anybody here has any idea of what's the thread limit now? Seems to have changed.
  14. gideon020

    gideon020 CASEVAC Inbound

    It's now restricted to 100 pages.
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  15. W.T.H.
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  16. gideon020

    gideon020 CASEVAC Inbound

    Latency issues.
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  17. WarpObscura

    WarpObscura Grumpy Big Stick

    OOC:Huh. You joined in 2010... weren't you around for the days we were limited to 20 pages a thread max? :S
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  18. Gideon, i'm pretty sure OSR has people that can resleeve without issues and that UNSC flash cloning can produce a teenage biomorph fast enough to be useful.
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  19. ckk185

    ckk185 Solidarity

    You know, you be questioning the guy who is in charge of the secret police. I'm pretty sure that if he wasn't that patient, he would have your company nationalized and your assets seized if he felt like doing so.

    Not to mention that clones and etc, despite being 'trained', are rather lacking in field experience and still require somewhat in the lines of decades to gain the said experience. Not to mention things that you can't directly program into a clone without it turning into a mindless meat puppet, like loyalty, determination and etc.

    It takes a lot of stuff to make Major in the OSR, mind you.
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  20. Being honest, I don't think I was. At least, that I can recall.

    Wow... three years, already? Time passes quickly.

    OK, on a different note... X-COM: what stuff did we gave them and what stuff did we obtained from them? (After an Incursion or five where things happened, which probably included being captured and interrogated by them once or twice).

    I can guess we gave them weapons tech and they... huh.... maybe some drones (HWPs and SHIVs) and psionic technology (although we had to remove the tracking and listening bugs that came with them).
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  21. ckk185

    ckk185 Solidarity

    Elerium generators, which we still use today. Those things are pretty damn nifty.
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  22. Do you know what resleeving is?
    and gideon has always been open to legitimate criticisms as long as your not an ass about it. part the reason why he's stayed in command so long.
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  23. ckk185

    ckk185 Solidarity

    I assume it doesn't have anything to do with playing cards.
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  24. lets say that after your back at the fleet post your IS adventure and your current body is undergoing renovations again by Tabane using the best fleet hardware she can get her hands on; you can temporarily resleeve into a body built or grown for the purpose. UNSC flash cloneing would allow for the body to made in days rather then years normal for biomorphs. heck Tabane may get a stasis module installed in her lab to keep a biomorph for you in for your off-duty periods where she has you to herself.
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  25. ckk185

    ckk185 Solidarity

    I keep multiple bodies, mind you. Considering how often I change and yes, I do have one made primarily of meat that I use when I stay in the fleet.

    Then again, not everybody is crazy enough to convert ninety percent of their brain into hardware.