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    GundamChief Newtype Cybernetic Super Soldier Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Ahem...entry one.

    Well...another one for the Meat Grinder.

    Hello there SB. This is GundamChief. You can call me Chief or Gundam, I prefer Chief.

    You know the drill. A Rob got interested in what was happening at SB and saw all of the people who were giving such “entertaining” shows to his/her fellow Robs that He/She just had to join in. I am. To start with, I was at home in Alaska, just finished a day of working in the yard. Doing prep for the winter to come, and the upcoming five month vacation to Florida when suddenly...I black out. Just like that. One moment, reading, next, waking up in the middle of a forest.

    Naturally I was calm....

    (He wasn’t, he was panicking like a frightened fawn :D)

    After I took a deep and careful look at my situation, I realized that either I was dreaming or I had...well...let’s be honest, I’m more open minded to the possibility of weird shit happening then most so it wasn’t a stretch to say “I wasn’t in Alaska anymore”. The question was where?

    I’m still not sure even now, but it didn’t take long after that to find the root cause and what I was in for. I started walking along the forest, looking for landmarks, hills, sounds of water, etc when lo and behold...I find this.


    Yes. I can take pictures. I’ll explain that in a bit. I find this machine and was in awe...and inwardly felt more than a bit of my inner fanboy squeal. That’s when I noticed the large container to the left of the machine and saw a letter. Allow me to quote.

    Ahem “Comrade Captain ChumBucket. Seeing that you found my little gift, I won’t waste too much time explaining. This machine as you may well know is called a Heavy Gear. The model is famously known as the Hunter and is pretty much the first combat Gear ever made. Along with this is a lot of stuff in a box. Most of it is tools so you are self sufficient and allows you to do your task more efficiently. What’s your task? cause Destruction, Mayhem, and make a grand nuisance of yourself to everyone you come across. Sounds simple doesn’t it? heh. Well....we’ll see if it is or not won’t we? In addition to all of the crap in the box and the machine I’ve decided to make it a bit easy for you to start with. Instead of making you learn how to use all of this stuff, I’ve implanted the necessary knowledge into you. Only the basic knowledge though. You want to be better, you gotta work for it. Also don’t be too scared when you meet the locals. Their rust buckets come from a golden age long past. ’on that note....’Sayonara, don’t let the dragons bite’ >:3”

    ...There’s emphasis on that last sentance for some reason, and I don’t like that.

    Anyways, so here I am with a Gear, and a box of equipment. and no clue to where the hell I am in the world. If I’m even still on earth.

    Well...I’ll start with what I have learned so far after the letter. I looked at the gear and it was pretty much brand new from what I could tell. Not used or anything. Looked fresh from the factory. It was fully armored and fully equipped. Weapons and everything. So I got my Autocannon rifle, a rocket launcher, grenades that are gear sized hand grenades, anti-personnel grenade launcher, and a vibroknife. I haven’t gotten inside yet so I can’t give a status report on function, but I’m gonna assume it’s functional since...Rob’d be lame if he/she gave me a broken Gear.

    The Container is made to be placed on the gear to like a backpack, so I can carry all of my stuff with me. The stuff inside is mostly survival gear on and off the battlefield, but there’s some electronics in there. One of which is how I’m talking to you right now. In addition to knowing how to use the gear, I know how to use my stuff. the item I’m using right now is a “Field” class Dataglove. Comes from the Heavy Gear universe. Pretty much a glove that covers your entire arm and acts like a Pipboy, only with functions to interact with other machines and computers via wireless, is in fact a personal computer and with a variety of other function.

    This in addition to another item, an Electronic Transcriber, is allowing me to dictate this to the Dataglove and send it to you.

    I’ll just give a list of what I have and be done with it. If you guys have the books you can find them easily enough.

    “Field” Dataglove
    Electronic Transcriber
    Audio Reciever
    Audio Recorder
    Information Pad
    Personal Assistant (PDA basically)
    Trivideo Recorder
    Trivideo Receiver
    a Wrist Watch :)/)
    Medical Belt & Scanner
    Drug Packet (contains all sorts of stuff.Painkillers mostly, though I got some sleepers and euphoric drugs too)
    Medical Kit
    Personal Hygiene Kit
    Load Bearing Equipment
    a Tent
    Water Condenser
    a few survival Blankets
    Water Purification Tablets
    a Field Stove (love this thing)
    a Backpack
    a few flashlights and flares
    a few weeks of field rations (M.R.E.s......Meals Rejected by Everyone :p)
    a Mechanical kit for maintenance and modification
    a tech-rig for basic repair work on...everything really.
    WEP Army Omnitool
    a gun Cleaning Kit
    an entrenching tool
    and a Gear Pilot suit/helmet

    Now we get to the toys.
    A "Pexton Collins" 13mm Magnum Revolver with 15 boxes of rounds. Each carries 20 rounds. so I got 500 rounds for this baby. Hellboy...move aside :p

    and a bunch of them too.

    I got five of each type that exists in the Gearverse.

    I have 5~

    Jamming grenades
    and Gas grenades which are divided into three types. Smoke, Tear gas, and Nerve gas.

    with all of that in mind...I put on the pilot suit, strapped on the revolver and the gun harness that came with it and took a few grenades (2 frags and t2 flashbangs) and looked around.

    That brings us to where we are now. I can see a hill about 12 miles away which rises up about 500 feet or so. It’s pretty flat on top as well and not steep so I’ll be able to see all around me from there. If I can find a town or something maybe I can find out where I am and what world I’m on.

    Chief signing off for now.


    Canon Chapters

    Entry 1
    Entry 2
    Entry 3
    Entry 4
    Entry 5 and 6
    Entry 7
    Entry 8
    Entry 9 - Part 1

    Entry 9 - Part 2
    Entry 10
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    Entry 13 - Part 1
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    Entry 22
    Entry 23
    Entry 24
    Entry 25
    Entry 26
    Entry 27
    Entry 28
    Entry 29
    Entry 30
    Entry 31
    Entry 32
    Entry 33 - Part 1



    April fools :p
    Rise of Melissa Steiner Heterodyne
    It's a METAL GEAR!! , and the aftermath...sorta :p
    Rex Unleashed
    Space Pirates?
    Bad Rolls

    Other Fics/Stuff

    Trololo Tropes Page
    Mech Quiz - What mech are you?
    The Multiverse is a Bitch!

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  2. Bunga

    Bunga Swedish Member

    See if you can change the colour of the text being sent back to SB, I couldn't read that unless I highlighted it.
  3. Well, it looks like some unlucky Mechwarriors are going to learn what the term OCP means up close and personal. Maybe you'll get lucky and get to blast away some Pirate Scum...
  4. ...They might be able to take you out by carpet nuking the area, but in Mech vs Mech action you are OCP that could only be surpassed by a fucking Orbital Frame.
  5. Are not Gears rather small compared to Mechs from BT like they would be protomech size so unless a Gears weapons and armor are much better than BT ones I do not see how a good BT mech (with an regular 4/3 polite) could be threatened by him much.
  6. VhenRa

    VhenRa MechWarrior

    Eh. Isn't that thing basicly a deathtrap. Mostly because its armor is total shit compared to a Mech and your guns simply won't put down a Mech fast enough? From what I recall is... a Hunter's armor is pretty comparable to a T-72. As in, a tank thats obsolete on Earth today. As in, the damn thing could probably be killed by a Medium Laser, in one shot.
  7. Best to treat the Hunter & its weaponry as being the same as heavy Protomechs & their weapons to avoid too many issues.
  8. LordsFire

    LordsFire Internet Wizard

    He's at a scale disadvantage; tech comparison isn't really known, but one place he will have an advantage, is maneuverability. Heavy Gear move like humans; Battlemechs don't. Considering how clunk everything except for Lights and humanoid Mediums are, this is a crushing advantage in urban and forest combat.

    The most important factors:

    Determine era he is present in.

    Determine location.

    Find the least antagonistic faction he can to connect with. Sooner or later the Gear will take damage, and you don't want it to eventually be brought down in hostile territory. If he's lucky, he's post 4th Succession War, pre-Blake Jihad, or shortly pre 4th Succession War.
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  9. Well, ROB did mention dragons so I assume he's either in the Draconis Combine or near it. ROB also mentioned that he gave him the knowledge to maintain & potentially build Heavy Gears.
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    GundamChief Newtype Cybernetic Super Soldier Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Entry two, day one.

    Well, I got a few things to say.

    First...this machine is made of awesome. It’s like driving...I don’t isn’t like any feeling I can verbalize. Power, ability, freedom, control, etc. Too much to describe.

    Second, I got to the top of the hill within 15 minutes and looked over the terrain to see what I could. It was forest as far as the eye could see...until you spot what appears to be a city near a mountain in the distance to the west. The sensors read the distance as about 83.68 km.

    I never really liked using the metric system, but I think that’s about...50..ish miles away.

    Going at half speed so I don’t crash, I can reach that in about an hour and...20 or so minutes.

    I’ve read what you guys have written, and...dang. Battletech. Makes sense...and the emphasis on the whole dragons and ‘farewell’ in japanese makes sense. Especially since I turned on the radio when I got on the hill and started searching for broadcasts on the AM/FM frequencies.

    Right now I’m kinda listening to some lady speaking japanese about...something. I know only a few words in regular conversation so I’m lost really.

    So...I guess I’ll head over there, but stay on the outskirts and away from the locals until i can stash this machine somewhere. Then I’ll head into town and see what I can learn. Find out where and when I am, though we know it’s in the Combine. That’s one thing I can confirm now that the lady just said “Draconis Combine” a few times.

    Also...just so you guys know, I’m in a 4.1 meter tall robot. It’s basically protomech sized. So I don’t know how I would be OCP. This thing when it comes down to it is a less explosive, more reliable, and cooler looking Armor Trooper (VOTOMS). As far as taking damage....yeah...don’t want to test that at all really. I can say for certain however that I can actually take hits from the weapons of this verse and survive...but I have no idea how well that would be. Not gonna test it if I can help it.

    Well...might as well get going.

    End Entry.
  11. Just remember the DC of just about all eras do not treat non Japanese looking people very well.
  12. VhenRa

    VhenRa MechWarrior

    Sorta incorrect. Non-Combine Culture, sure. There is alot of Caucasians and Africans in their territory who assimilated into their culture. I mean, FFS. The Director of ISF in 3068 is Shakir Jerrar who is Black.

    Now, WOMAN on the Other Hand. That is where they are a bunch of total bastards.

    Edit: You had also get used to using Metric. Most Sci-fi settings are entirely metric. If you use the old systems in say, BT most people will look at you like you have grown a second head.
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    GundamChief Newtype Cybernetic Super Soldier Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Third entry, first day.

    Okay. Good news and bad news.

    Good news. I know why Rob gave me all of the electronic equipment. More important, I know where I am, and most importantly I know when I am.

    Bad news. I know where and when I am, and already I got attention of the locals.

    Tell you what happened. First I got to the outskirts of the city but stopped a mile away in the forest. Long walk but better than being spotted. I didn’t want to take the chance of being seen however so I took the local flora and used it as makeshift camouflage for the machine. I already have survival training in real life so I was able to cover it well enough. It’d be hard to see it unless you were 100 feet away. Even took the time to cover it up from being seen from above.

    I then put on normal clothes and covered the Data-glove up a bit and took my PDA and Info-Pad. I may have needed them (and I did). It took half an hour to get to the outer area of the city before I was able to walk in. I was rather wary though as I noticed how modest most of the casual wear people had. Me…I was loud. I was wearing what I had on at the time I was “abducted” by Rob. I stood out as much as Naruto Uzumaki in a serene forest. Didn’t help I was wearing an “Orange” zipper hoody either to fit the image.

    Seeing I was getting too much attention, I got out of the main drag and took most back alleys that I could and started looking for anything that looked like internet access. I saw nothing. Hell, they had payphones that used coins and had a dial wheel. So this place wasn’t quite up there technologically as Luthian would be. I looked for Libraries, stores, anything that could give me a clue. News papers were useless because it was all in Japanese, and I could read less of the language then speak.

    I finally hit pay dirt though when I found what looked like a café. I looked inside and saw that it was…exclusive. Business people. With how I dressed…no chance of getting in without being ousted. But it didn’t matter. They had computers, and my Data-glove and Info-pad could access them via wireless. It occurred to me that they may not have wireless…but then again they could. One computer did, and I broke into his/her system. So glad Rob gave me the knowledge to use this stuff. I couldn't muck up anything without giving myself away so I merely did something that wasn’t obvious, and that was look at the time and date at the corner of the screen.

    March 25th, 3019.

    So…yeah. I’m in the Draconis Combine, during the third succession war. Not good on many levels. The guy then started to do stuff because he was accessing a military database and it was…online…or something. I don’t know what BT has for Internet.

    Anyways, this is how I learned of the world I was on. Nowhere. I was on a planet called “nowhere”. At first I laughed at the absurdity of the name. Then, using his net I accessed something that allowed me to find a map of the inner sphere. It turns out “Nowhere” is on the ass end of the combine on the border of the periphery. As far as from Earth as I’m ever going to be. It’s also in the Pesht district. I dunno what that entails exactly militarily speaking but it was the DC…so obviously it mean there was gonna be some military presence.

    That’s when things started to go south for me. I disconnect and start to leave when I find myself facing down 4 men and 1 woman. They were all dressed in…I guess what acts as fashion for gangsters because that’s what these were. They were all wearing their “colors” and looked at me like a piece of meat.

    One started to swagger and speak in what seemed to be an intimidating accent, it was lost on me though since he spoke in pure Japanese. It was obvious to him as well since the lack of my reaction and look of “wtf?” He then spoke English, asking me what I was doing. I merely said I was tying my shoes and he gets into how he doesn’t appreciate the fact that I, an “ochiba” thought I had a right to get on his gangs turf. I don’t know what the word meant but it was obvious he thought I was a member of a rival gang as he went on.

    He got into my face…and promptly got pistol whipped. He went down and I pointed my revolver at the others. This, for some reason, was strangely unexpected for them because they backed right off. In hindsight, I think it wasn’t due to my attacking, but the fact that I had a gun. I wasn’t about to question it though, so I promptly kicked the guy, and then back out of the alley and then ran off, putting the gun away as I was in the street and seen by most people.

    That wasn’t the end of it though. I got a few blocks before I was assaulted again. These people knew the streets better than I did so of course they’d catch up fast. The guy I hit was really pissed off, and bleeding, and was the primary attacker of the bunch. I was able to defend myself though since I have a Red Belt in Tang-Soo-Do, and it turned more or less into a martial arts brawl. Fortunately I was the more skilled of everyone, with bleed face as the only other skilled one. Like any fight though, it escalated to weapons with knives.

    Then it got worse. As they surround me ready for the kill, I hear a siren, and in comes the police. Wearing Red and white striped uniforms they call in on a radio and start talking in fast Japanese in authority and start to move forward. It seemed the ones surrounding me were about to back down when without warning 8 more of the Greens (gangs color that was trying to kill me) jumped in and on the cops. Then it comes back to me. Seeing things were going from bad to worse…I said “Fuck it” and pull out a flashbang.

    Grenade came as a shock to them, which became panic as I pulled the pin and dropped it into the group and covered myself. The bang was painful despite covering up. It served my needs though as I kicked the closest people away and helped the staggering cops back to the alley, prompt dropped them and ran as fast as I could back to my Gear. It was a good thing I ran at that moment as well since it wasn’t 10 seconds later that I heard more sirens and saw what was an IFV pass me by. The DCMS was called in.

    Well…that was my time in the city. I realize how much I may have just fucked myself just so you know. Hopefully the consequences aren’t too great for me to handle.

    Oh. Looked into that “Ochiba” thing. evidently it means “Fallen Leaves”. Turns out my Hoody is orange and that’s the gang color of the Fallen Leaves Gang. The gang that attacked me were called the Green Spiders. “Midori Kumo”. So that explained that.

    Note to self…wear less conspicuous clothes.

    End entry.
  14. Next city you go to, make sure to not only change your clothes but also wear a disguise. Your face might have been recorded. Get a machete or a sword so that you'll be less conspicuous. Next thing is to go to the HPG station & get yourself registered as a merc with Comstar then find nearest spaceport in order to hitch a ride off-world most soonest. Hopefully, you'll be able to sign on with some mercs or if worse comes to worse, sign on with a tramp freighter as security. If you can't find a ride off-world, you might have to sign on with a local bigwig as a temporary measure until you can sign-on with a merc group or merchant. See if Uncle Chandy has a local corporate branch.

    Edit: You should see if you can't disguise your Hunter as a loadermech. Industrial mechs are relatively common & come in ultralite packages.
  15. VhenRa

    VhenRa MechWarrior


    Well. Thats just great. I think the 6th Pesht Regulars are based there between 3025 and 3050... so they might be there now. On the Plus Side... they are a Green, ass end of supply lines, never actually see any action in any sourcebook between 3025 all the way up to the Jihad. On the downside? They have a Regiment of Mechs, a Wing of Fighters (Drac Wing, meaning 36 Fighters), 2 Battalions of Tanks and a Regiment of Infantry last I remember.

    As for Language, a fairly decent amount of Dracs do actually speak and read English. Its actually fairly rare in the Inner Sphere and Near Periphery to find a place where it isn't spoken, even if badly.

    Really bad idea, you are in the Combine. Home of the worst hatred for Sellswords (As they call it) in the Inner Sphere.
  16. Technically, the 'death to mercs' idea didn't come about until after 3025, I think. At this moment, the Dracs hire a lot of mercs whom they try to Company Store them so GC needs to avoid long term contracts with the Dracs.
  17. Hellfire1

    Hellfire1 Hell's Black Aces

    Your pretty much fucked. Almost any crew served infantry weapon is enough to take out a gear. Your at least lucky they don't have access to any of the high end personal weapons that.could do the same thing. A hunter vs 20guys with plasma rifles would not end well except maybe in an open field.Your best bet is to sell the thing to a reputable manufacturer as another prototype ultra light mech.
  18. Chris O'Farrell

    Chris O'Farrell Peace, through Pizza. Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Anyone know any ROM recognition codes to throw at the local HPG to draw on ComStars accounts to hire a Jumpship/Dropship to get you the frack out of the DC into the Lyran Commonwealth?
  19. Technically, plasma rifles haven't been invented yet. All he has to worry about with regards to infantry weapons are flamers, MGs, squad lasers, infantry SRMs...
  20. Bunga

    Bunga Swedish Member

    And IEDs.
  21. Nah, they have anti-mech mines available to them. IEDs are used by mercs & guerrilla forces who don't have access to proper supplies.

    Considering he was able to access a secure military channel & browse the military main frame's contents without being detected, I think his pipboy could actually hack Comstar's accounts with no problem. Needs to be tested though before he risks it. Try hacking the local bank records & transfer some funds.
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  22. And Manpac PPC but the SRMs and Support Lasers are the real killers he need to watch for.

    I would do this ASAP ether to LAW or if you can get to the FS NAIS.
  23. LordsFire

    LordsFire Internet Wizard

    If he's looking for a ride off-world, breaking a bank's electronic security is a much better idea than trying to break Comstar's. Right now, Comstar has the best E-war, though Hanse Davion will be competing with that shortly.

    Best plan I can think of is something like the following:

    1. Hack ATM, take funds, or if you are sure you can, hack the bank to create an account from scratch with large amount of listed funds; only do this with a bank that's multi-world, your account will be explained as originating at one of the off-world branches. Either way, you need a lot of money, not obscene amounts, but a lot.
    2. Find roster of incoming/outgoing transport vessels.
    3. Locate landing field out in ass end of nowhere.
    4. Store all your Gear's weapons in that big ol' storage crate.
    5. Hire small dropship to come out and pick you up from remote landing field, just as they're heading outsystem.
    6. Follow transport chain out to either Fedsuns, or Lyrcom. Either way, it'll take you most of a year to get out, especially if you ride along the periphery. The Third Succession War is in the process of dying out now, and in 3020, Katrina Steiner is going to try for peace. It won't work, but it'll be a part of the TSW finishing up; by 3022 it'll be effectively over, though not completely until 3025.
    7. Through this, with weapons concealed, you should be able to pass your Gear off as a Loadermech designed for hostile work environments, like rescue operations around volcanoes, etc, etc. You can at least try.
    8. Get yourself to New Avalon and Hanse Davion. He's a big tech-head, and showing something as unique as your Gear might even get your a personal audience. At the least, you'd be able to get a hell of a lot of pay in exchange for letting them just study the thing. He's even enough of a believer in personal rights, that he won't try to seize the thing just out of hand. (Though if you tried to take it to Takashi Kurita or Mad Max he'd stop you.)

    Best plan I can think of just now.
  24. Dude, they take one look at the Hunter they'll laugh at it. As far as the average Spheroid is concerned, its an ultralite & they consider ultralites not being worth anything in combat. I doubt you could even sell it as anything but a replacement mech for a very desperate mechwarrior. They don't realize how versatile it is cause they haven't encountered the Clans yet.
  25. Chris O'Farrell

    Chris O'Farrell Peace, through Pizza. Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    NAIS might be encouraged to play with it and look for a Niche use of some kind, and find some cool technology inside worth far more to them then the Gear in of itself.

    Oh, and if you DO make it up to a House Lord, don't forget HELM HELM HELM HELM. Ask for a 5% cut finders fee and you'll be f*#(king set for life.