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  1. Tazered

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    Well, he has that nifty holographic camouflage generator. Why not crash the party as Godzilla?
  2. GundamChief

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    I think you all are confusing a Holofield Generator for a hologram projector of Star Trek proportions, and/or complete invisibility. It's not.

    It's basically Super Memetic Armor, and the higher the level, the more able it is to work despite my movement speed or the damage it takes.

    At the level it is right now, I could run at the Hunter's full speed, not the SMS, running, and it would be as effective as ComStar's Camo-system/Memetic Armor.

    I don't know why they called it a holofield generator instead of something like Holoarmor, or optic-camo or even just mimetic armor, but they did.

    Sorry if for the confusion.
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  3. goergorion

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    Maybe ROB will make Mecha-Gozilla + fake Gozilla skin on the buy list. The first one was pretty weak with the fake skin on since it couldn't use its alternative weapons. Maybe a Rent function added to the buy menu?
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    You know, I wonder if the Spheroids have caught on to the fact that after each appearance, you get more tricks, you have more surprises, and just generally, you become more dangerous. It'd be nice if we can peek in to their speculations on how you are becoming a continually escalating threat.

    Of course, you can give the impression of a predictable increase in danger level. Then when they think they have a handle on you, or set a trap that can finally catch the Stig, you pull out something completely beyond expectations.

    I've watched Pacific Rim a couple of times, so maybe you could, I dunno, lead them to an ancient abandoned base... which turns out to be a Shatterdome, with an operable Jaeger that can be piloted by a single guy. Wouldn't that be a kick in the balls. :p
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  5. Norgarth

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    so more like a Predator alien's camo system than a holographic projector.
  6. GundamChief

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    I don't have a Jeager Licence :p

    but I have thought about that, and the next story post would in fact sorta cover that. I was also gonna start putting in more such "reaction" posts alongside my normal journal posts as well.

    Yes. I have pointed this out as well, the predator camo part :p
  7. LONE WOLF 666


    How about a giant realistically looking Zeratul gear?. Uncloak then scare the crap out of them, then disappear again.:p
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  8. edukated

    edukated Can confirm, have lost it.

    Where do you keep your mech when not using it? Do you live in it? can you store it in Hammerspace? If yes, store it, and go in something small, fast, and disposable.

    If no hammerspace, consider attaching several dud ICBMS or spacelift rockets to your mech. Then buzz the base while dropping emp bombs and subversive literture. Then GTFO.

    For example, donate several thousand copies of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" for lols.
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  9. goergorion

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    Its a little late to talk more about Godzilla but this image....
    Its not the Stig, but it is the Stig's radioactive cousin.
  10. Rodon

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    You know, I suddenly had a thought today about where our Stig is going to go.

    *Miyra ignores the shuffling of news paper behind her, while billions see the Stig behind her seat calmly reading the paper as the Jumpship prepares to leave the system.*

    "He's WHERE!?"

    "-snuck past us-"

    "-we ripped that dropship apart where is-"

    Stig sign language: *Are you a blushing bride to be, or a newly wedded wife, Tomoe Sakade. People want to know!!!*

    "-Theodore is there something you wish to tell me-"
  11. Typhonis 1

    Typhonis 1 Sick Little Monkey

    You do realize he has a holoemiter correct? Can it make the Kuritans think the Heavy Gear is a car? If so make em think it is a car, make it look like Joe average is drving it and drive past them. If you wish to troll em while driving past them...James Bond in a Jaguar.
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  12. Mizuki_Stone

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    No, no it cannot (It would be awesome if it could). Gundam Chief already told us it's limitations, and basically all that emitter does is let him pull optic camo on par with Predator. It can't make distractions or even do much beyond change his paint job.
  13. Threadmark: Entry 30

    GundamChief Newtype Cybernetic Super Soldier Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    2:30 PM local time, April 1st 3019, Nowhere, Pesht District, Draconis Combine.

    Entry 30

    I’ve come to a new decision. Instead of trying to be all strategic about this...I’m gonna dare to be stupid...then be smart.

    I’ve been watching and listening to what the group of mechs had to say about thier mission. It seems they are on a mission from god to smite me. More than that though, they have a vendetta against me personally.

    The group of mechs consists of two lances, or rather one lance, and three extra mechs being called a lance.

    The lance with the missing mech? It happens to be Yamamoto’s unit. Yes, the Yamamoto whose Dragon I removed from action via dismemberment. They are on a quest to restore their honor, their dignity, to restore Yamamoto’s honor, etc, etc, etc.

    They have alot of reasons. They would likely fill a whole page if I listed them. Suffice to say, I’ve pissed them off something fierce. Despite that however...they are really looking forward to facing me. They say the least.

    Anyways. I found out about the mechs being arrayed against me.

    4th Mixed Lance

    1. STK-3F Stalker – 85 Tons
    2. LNC25-02 Lancelot – 60 Tons
    3. ARC-2K Archer – 70 Tons
    4. VL-2T Vulcan – 40 tons

    5th Mixed Lance

    1. AWS-8Q Awesome – 80 tons
    2. DRG-1N Dragon – 60 tons (Yamamoto’s unit – Disabled)
    3. PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk – 45 Tons
    4. LCT-1V Locust – 20 Tons

    I don’t know the compliments of the other six Lances on nowhere (I’m not counting Chou’s lance as it’s out of commision currently), but I do know what they basically consist of.

    From The chatter, I have learned that these two lances are mixed units that are the unique ones. The two lances are pretty much the only ones on Nowhere that actually have mediums, lights, heavies and assault mechs in the complement.

    Three of the other Lances are all heavy lances, and the last three lances each have three heavy mechs and one light mech acting as a spotter and scout.

    So Chou’s unit was likely a true blood recon unit, or taken from other units, thus allowing there to be three all heavy lances.

    I’m only guessing here though.

    In any case, the mechs aren’t getting here fast. neither are the infantry or vehicle forces for that matter. So I actually have a day or two to plan before I worry about them. It’s the aircraft looming overhead I have to worry about. I haven’t seen any yet, but I can hear them. this is where my Holofield will come in handy...and I just know it’s gonna be shown on the show when I use it.

    So anyways...where am I going with this?

    Oh yeah.

    Here’s my idea. Being spotted would allow all the forces in the area to converge on me right?

    Well....what if I did it on purpose? By pranking, trolling the shit out of those two lances?

    Think about it....they are all gung-ho, bravado about defeating me. they are green warriors who think they are great warriors who need a chance to prove themselves. They have a chance to the ENTIRE INNER SPHERE. They are in parade colors to boot. Led by Vets who would give me a challenge, and I am a challenge to.

    There are so many things I could do to them, and so many reasons I should.

    Plus the points...oh god the points.

    I’m already thinking of ways to piss them off.

    Oh...the bugs bunny level of antics I can pull...

    Yeah...I’m doing this now. Screw asking for advice. I’m doing this. Here I come Ready or not!

    End Entry
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  14. Mizuki_Stone

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    Inflatable stig balloons! Propped up cardboard or wooden cut outs! Decoys! Decoys with sign and word bubbles! Decoys with tape recorders taped to them to make annoying quotes!

    You know you can! You know you must! Give into the crazy side, we have Cheeze!
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  15. So Blues Brothers combined with Smokey & the Bandit plus Bug Bunny...
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  16. Ghoohg

    Ghoohg Lazy Reaper.

    Mech sized water balloons.
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  17. Hazard

    Hazard Stop poking already

    Good luck Chief, don't get yourself killed.
  18. Paint. Lots & lots of paint.
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  19. bugs bunny stunts.. oh. is it wabbit season already?

    elmber fudd is going to have ghost pains from what happens to them isn't he?
  20. antagonist

    antagonist Chant of Victory

    Oh god, you're going to blueball them. And when it finally bursts out of them, it'll be an eruption the likes of which haven't been seen since Pompeii.

    I can't wait.
  21. GundamChief

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  22. captain melgar

    captain melgar learn the words

  23. Ghoohg

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    Oh I get it now, you're going on a very enthusiastic walk.
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    Thank you for reminding me I still need to watch the other half of Hellsing Ultimate in English. Because Crispin Freeman Is A God.
  25. GundamChief

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    In my case, a very enthusiastic Drive. >:3

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