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  1. TK99

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    If the US military is 20 to 40 years ahead of everyone now, what level will the World (China, EU, Russia, rest of the first world, third world) be at military in terms of capblites?

    What level will the US be at in terms of capblities too?
  2. Nonite

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    Everyone? Perhaps in quantity of quality, but in tech, europeans are atleast on par. Dunno about the Japanese, but russians and chinese seem to be quite a bit lower.

    But the thing is, the gap between US and China cannot really go much wider. US can not refine and better their equipment all that much, them being near the pinnacle of current tech possibility, while the chinese can refine theirs to the current US point relatively quickly.
  3. MJ12 Commando

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    The US might have sentient AI controlled military forces, as well as battlesuits, tactical laser weapons, smart ammunition, nanomedical systems...
  4. Muad'zin

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    Or the US military may be a shadow of its former self as current spending levels can no longer be maintained due to fiscal deficits.

    Meanwhile if the Chinese can avoid civil war/unrest, going to war over Taiwan for the next decades and keep up current economic development they could go very far indeed. Lots of ifs though.

    What happens to the EU is anyone's guess. India is probably a major power in waiting to watch.
  5. Jupiter

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    powersuits, early model shields, wide spread use of combat drones and probley some orbital weapons. Ya know all the cool stuff thats currently still in the planing stage or well we'll have it working right by 2020 stage right now
  6. Rah

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    Very unlikely.
  7. Vendetta

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    Not at all.

    If you told the British in 1900 that in 50years it would no longer have the biggest navy in the world and control the largest Empire ever, youd be laughed at.

    If youd have told me in 1985 that the USSR would collapse and the Berlin would would fall in 4 years, I'd have laughed my arse of at you.

    Anything at all is possible
  8. PaRappaTheRappe

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    I think China and India are so massive in population they'll have a disparity beween the wealthy and the poor even more severe than we have in the US. And that, my friends, is a dangerous position for a country to be in. Geopolitical superpowers, economically vital to the global economy, with internal instability... hoard your gold jewelry.
  9. Es Arkajae

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    US solider whose friend is wounded in WWII: "Medic!, we need a medic!"

    US soldier whose friend is wounded in 2050: "Shrink!, I need a shrink!"

  10. WWI- "Take cover!"

    2050- "Take a Prozac!"
  11. MJ12 Commando

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    WWII soldier: "Lives are cheap! Ammo isn't!"

    2050 soldier: "Ammo is cheap! Lives aren't!"

  12. TK99

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    Well many on the board are presicting the US's econmic star to fall, though anything is possible I think that it will depend on econmics in terms of 21st Century warfare, ie can a nation afford to go to war.

    This only applies to the first world since the 3rd world dicatrships have no such problems.
  13. Es Arkajae

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    Well the people of America will become decadent, they will become almost wholly reliant on cheap Hispanic labour.

    Plagues will ravage the continent, greatly diminishing the tax base and along with the cheap foreign labour ruining the economy. The Southern portions of the country will be worst hit.

    The electoral process will be undermined and State Governors and Senators will lead armies in civil wars to claim the Presidency. Starved of tax revenue and with the people no longer interested in state service the military will increasingly be made up of Hispanic and foreign troops.

    Finally the last of the truly great Presidents Conrad Stanley Tenez (known as 'the noble') will split the country in two and establish a new capital named after himself on the site of the old city of Chicago. The Southern half will keep their capital at Washington.

    The Mexican and other Hispanic hordes smelling weakness will invade in a mass migration across the border, overrunning the Southern USA bring an end to its existence, the last puppet President will be assassinated in Washington and several new Hispanic states established on the ruins of the former Southern USA.

    The Mexicans will establish their state in the former areaa of Pensylvania and Virginia, and also Southern California. The Cubans in Florida under their immortal leader Castro. The Nicaraguans will invade Texas, Arizona and reaching Colorado pushing its former inhabitants into the Rockies where they will take up archery and develop an unintelligible dialect that no one understands.

    The Northern USA will attempt to reclaim the south under President Justin and his great general Barry de Salle but with its own problems from the Canadians and the supposedly American people in the Hispanic dominated south will be unable to do so.

    The Northern USA will become to be known later on as the Chicagonine Republic.
  14. Dragannia

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    Hmm...facinating, truly facinating...:D
  15. Vendetta

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    You cant listen to economic predictions. Even the economists admit that their month-ahead predictions are dodgy and they're the experts.
    USA may fall, EU may break up. On the other hand, in 70 years the EU and USA may become a huge union.
    It sounds bollocks, but anything really is possible.
  16. Es Arkajae

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    Yeah England may even start beating Australia at sports.... okay maybe thats going too far:p
  17. Vendetta

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    Aye, keep it realistic eh Es ;) :p
  18. An Ancient

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    Well, no, some EU countries are at the same average tech level. (Some systems are worse off than the US, some are actually better).

    I think that without a major fixed enemy to build up arms against (like the USSR) the US will gradually decrease the size of its millitary but increase the quality until it will be a very tough force indeed, but will have more problems projecting force in terms of major invasions (like Iraq). Afganistan level ops will still be easy but full scale invasions may stretch the US Army etc to the limit.

    It terms of tech, battlesuits, new tanks, a mix of AI and human aircraft (like 1 pilot with 3 AI wingmen) will be the order of the day. A lot of peacekeeping stuff can be done with a single human inhabited command ship and many AI units. Basically a place where there are a few humans with lots of AI backup.

    If they do find an enemy to square up to then the smae thing will happen, but the US armed forces will be larger. (ie, instead of 1/3rd the men and lots of SI it may be 1/2 the men and lots of AI).

    The tech balance will be interesting, places like India and China with lots of manpower will not see the need to commit so much to AI beyond UCAV's and drones. So expect a lot of the 'faceless hordes' to characterise their units.

    In the EU, I'll take the strongest millitary power there, the UK, compared to the US the UK will probably be closer in strength than today (though still not as strong), mainly due to advances in AI, the Royal Armed forces may even be more heavily dependent on AI than the US (think 1 pilot and an AI squadron). The RAF will likely have lethal arm of aircraft as fighters, fighter-bombers and ground attack, but with the carft being larger, and slightly less numerous, but more capable. This is a neccessity of the UK's smaller budget, the US, with its vast manufacturing capability will have a few 'Silver Bullet' elite craft but many, many, many almost 'disposable' swarming craft as standard.

    On the ground battlesuits and drones will be the order of the day, with expendable T-1 style robots as supporting units. Handheld weapons will be a lot stronger. Tanks will either dissapear or become absolute terrors, depending on tech development.

    At sea, the UK forces will likely be dual-role ships, capable of fully submerging, the US will likely have dedicated surface and sub fleets. The UK will have sub forces as well, possibly bigger than their surface forces. Again the UK will have slightly larger more capable multi-role units as a whole while the US will have swarms of deidicated units for each role, with a few really large units as force flagships. The UK human to AI ratio will probably be 4:1 to 6:1, the US human to AI ratio will likely be 3:1 or 4:1.
  19. Bryan

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    When the Chinese catch up to the modern US the modern US will be 20 years further ahead once again.

    They're behind, and they rely on foreigners to produce some of their more advanced shit. Like the Sovernmy destroyer. Or you could pit a US M1 against a Chinese MBT and see the M1 come out on top.

    The Chinese probably wont be able to catch up significantly. Maybe a few elite units with advanced technology, but not their whole army like we are doing. It costs too much and the Chinese are looking towards being the regional super power, not a world super power like the US. IMO.
  20. An Ancient

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    Hmm, probably more like, 10, as you pointed out, the Chinese beg/buy/steal a lot of their advanced stuff and reverse engineer it, this saves them devlopment time and costs, so they will likely close the gap to the point defined by the time between a new unit making its debut and the Chinese aqquiring the blueprints (probably 5-10 years).
  21. Bryan

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    I doubt the Chinese will ever be within 10 years of the US on a general scale. THey may be in some places due to foreign purchases, but they lack the infastructure like the US has for a true "21st Century fighting force"
  22. MJ12 Commando

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    The Japanese will use giant robots in 2050. :p

    Which, somehow, are much better than tanks of equivalent tech level, even though all considerations would make one believe that the tanks would be better. :p
  23. Othello1020

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    IF I may interject

    I agree that the EU may be on level with the us for now. But We thrive on this industry and have for the past few decades. MY opinion may be Biased but as a Member of the United States Navy I do not believe any one will be on level with this nation, Militarily speaking, for a long while to come. As it stands One ballistic missle submarine is the third largest Nuclear power in the world and I believe we have at least 17. WHo needs tech when you can clame that. Now of course some of those are already becoming antiques as new classes in developement put them to shame. Like the some what new(well really redesigned) SSGN which does away with the nuclear aspect without geting rid of that ever important 75,000 tonnes of on the spot diplomacy.

    Guess I KInda Deviated. Well the Europeans If the union last will be a force to be reconed with(but not too much) Their power projection may rival that of japan in the early 40's.
    THe Chinese will have stepped up nuke production and be on par with maybe half the current sub fleet.
    North korea will have been annexed and be called Ft. korea No threat there.
    The middle east will probably cower at the feet of the Israelis having lost palastine altogether and the saudi oil fields after a short but bloody conflict, started by one last arab attempt to win palastine her liberation.
    As for Japan, Who knows Maybe they will finally take the obsession with mecha to the next level but won't be able to do anything with them due im part to a watchful eye in the sky.

    As for My beloved Nation we will have reestablished our space program and having built that long awaited lunar hq, will be as always ahead of the curve.

    How was that?
  24. TK99

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    One flaw, if the Japs build their giant robots the US will buy them and Tawin and SK will make most of the electroic compents.

    Genral Motors, Beoing in collabration with Westhouse/General eletric will build the frames and M$ will write the OS.

  25. An Ancient

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    Pretty good round-up, no-one is likely to be able to challenge the US millitarily even in 50 years time, some of the more advancd countries may have one par tech, with AI especially the UK, which may close the gap a bit, but overall the US will still be on top.

    (Presumably if you remian in the USN until 2050 you might make Admiral, what ship/fleet would you envision yourself commanding? :) )